Married At First Sight Honeymoons Part 2: Shady Activities

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In case you missed part one of the honeymoons episode, click here.  The short version is Heather is going to be the bitch of the whole season. Contractually, they are required to stick it out, but I’d love it if she just left.

Tom and Lillian in Montego Bay Jamaica

Tom is still nervous about the whole “living in a bus” thing.  So far he has told her that he owns his own place and is five minutes from the beach. Which is true. But, um….Tom… you really need to prep her for this in advance.

Activity for the day: Ziplining! They loved it. They love each other. It was beautiful. Let’s get on to the bus.

Instead we get on to the hot tub for sexy time. The next day they ride horses way out in the ocean. They did their pillow talk on horseback. It was a really beautiful scene.

During their dinner, Tom and Lillian start talking about the next step. Choosing where to live. Nick says he might just fall in love with Sonia’s place. She says he won’t because it is way too far from his work.

MAFS Nick and Sonia

Nick and Sonia in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Watching Nick and Sonia eat off an ironing board in my room each week has me thinking I would have whipped out my Amex and asked the damn honeymoon suite I belonged in at this point. However, I have learned from Catfish  that when Nev and Max go to hotels in all the cities, they have to take down all the pictures on the wall due to potential issues with copyrights.  They used to actually carry a painting one of the producers did and put it on the wall in each hotel room.  The same goes for the walls in the home of the catfish and the a mark which is why I have my elaborate theories on paint versus CGI regarding that show.  I’m just saying I’d need a better room, and one with a view. It seems their curtains are always closed. By the way, what is that fruit that Nick doesn’t want to try?

Activity for the day:  Salsa dance lessons! This should be good for Nick. The instructors are showing him where to place his hands on Sonia. He seems a bit hesitant to touch her. The instructors insist on a good kiss at the end. It was cute. Then they go kite surfing. It looks super hard. They do it on a slalom waterski, which is hard enough. Nick gets up very briefly, Sonia does not. They are keeping score on every activity. Point Nick.

Later the have a romantic picnic on the beach. Sonia chooses that moment to bring up the argument from last week about the pace of the relationship.   Later in the room the next morning, Nick gave Sonia some tourist trinkets from the DR for an anniversary gift. Aww.  They head out for some ATV riding.

MAFS Derek and Heather


Derek and Heather in San Juan, Puerto Rico

These two. I mean I don’t know what to say. It seems to just keeping getting worse. Heather just doesn’t get it. She has no self-awareness. She says she woke up with a fresh attitude. I still see attitude, and it ain’t fresh.

Activity for the day: Surfing lessons.  The instructor wants them of sharks. This is the least of Derek’s concerns at the moment. I thought it was super weird for Derek to say in the pre interview that he was hoping to hold Heather’s hand. It sounded like total bullshit. Then it all made sense when Heather was splashing out to the waves with the surfing instructor hold his hand. Derek did a fake confessional where that supposedly bothered him. Derek finds a hammock to hide from Heather in. It works.

Next they go climbing in some old Indian caves. This goes a bit better as there was no one else in the cave. Derek got almost as much attention as Heather’s phone. Sadly, they both seemed to consider this progress. Most of the conversation was production driven with some sort of activity similar to “Pillow Talk.”  Then Heather hightails it out of the cave without so much as a “deuces” leaving Derek with the other tourists who have materialized.

50 ways to leave your lover
So now we fight. As it turns out there was more to the situation with the surfing instructor than just frolicking through the waves holding hands. Apparently Heather is afraid of bugs, and the instructor had a bug crawling on his chest and she swept it off of him. Heather says in her confessional that she feels like she is talking to an emotional teenage girl. She is so horrible. I can’t even discuss everything she is saying. They take separate cars home from the beach.  Heather ignores him and goes to bed refusing to do pillow talk.

Heather and Derek Skype with the pastor. Pastor tells Heather that her body language is terrible. She has he walls up. That is preacher talk for “stop being a bitch.”

Heather wanted to go to the rainforest and Derek said he was not up for it. She suggests the pool or the beach. He counters with the hot tub. She goes and refuses to get in. She keeps saying Derek is the one acting like a child. Derek is really hurt by Heather’s constant rejection. His confessions are starting to get snarky.

At their last dinner, Heather tries to get Derek to chug beer. She offers to chug her wine as long as he chugs his beer. She seems super focused on alcohol. She keeps telling us what a hard week she has had. She gulps her wine. She continues to encourage Derek to drink. Derek finds her a little more tolerable drunk. How old is she? Now she wants to go Karaoke. I hate Heather.

Next Week: Heather and Derek meet with the pastor face to face. Let us all pray that she bails.  And Tom finally takes Lilly to the bus.


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52 responses to “Married At First Sight Honeymoons Part 2: Shady Activities

  1. Barbara R

    I think that Derek is starting to look like a controlling prick. ‘Men age like wine, women age like milk.’ They both need to bail now. I don’t see any hope.

  2. Barbara R

    TT, did you watch 90 Day Fiance? – more train wrecks.

  3. Overeducatedopinion

    Derek is a dirtbag. He was the only one with strippers and just general trashiness at his bachelor party. He is insecure immature and honestly just gross. He mentioned the hand holding thing like 40 times. I don’t think he was “pretending” to be bothered. Sooooo insecure; he should never have been chosen for the show because he is just not emotionally ready. Yes she is a control freak and closed off. But if he wants her to open up and trust him maybe he could, oh, offer not to smoke as much instead of getting aggressively defensive. calling heather a bitch makes you look like a misogynist and so does letting that loathsome sexist pig comment about wine vs milk slide.

    • tamaratattles

      Heather is a bitch. That is not misogyny. Are you seriously clutching your pearls because he had strippers at his bachelor party???? HE is the closed off one? Did you not see him trying to reach a compromise over the smoking with Heather? I don’t smoke pot, but I’d sure as fuck start if I had to hang out with her.

      Do you get a different version of the show than the rest of us?

      • Jaded

        At this point I’d be up for Derek slipping Heather some edibles.

      • Diane

        Yeah I am not sure what show overeducatedopinion is watching here but Heather is a total bitch.

      • Bonnie

        Absolutely , something is wrong with Heather Seidel. She is a very cold , obnoxious , stuck up hitch.. I cannot tolerate her , and I for one think she is the immature , childish spoiled brat , who finds everything about him beneath her. I don’t know who the help she thinks she is , but she is sooooo rude and mean ! I can’t stomach her. So what if he smoked some pot and had a few more cigarettes than Princess Heather disapproved of. She is so judgemental , rude and on his back so much. She said occasionally smoked
        ing was fine. She definitely in not the good for Derek and he is NOT the cause of all the problems. Run Derek! You can do so much better than this crackpot with mega issues.

      • Bonnie

        Amen to that. I don’t smoke pot , it’s not for me and I don’t drink , although I’d like the occasional glass of wine, can’t because of meds. But my God, I’d start to if I had to spend that amount with her

      • RoadWarrior

        Tamara, did you not see the part where Derek said Heather was “no spring chicken” because she’s 32 and “men age like wine, women age like milk”? You don’t think that was misogynist? Derek is a tool. He’s 35 and can’t get out of bed apparently wtihout smoking pot. No wonder Heather is turned off. I’d be pissed off, too, if the “experts” matched me with a loser.

      • tamaratattles

        What I have seen is that there are a lot of people who have either recently added the word misogynist to their lexicon, or have been using it incorrectly for quite some time. Misogyny is a hatred of ALL women. It is not being an asshole to a woman who is treating you like shit. If that were the standard then all men would be considered a misogynist and we would not even need the term. So, no misogyny here, and the constant overuse of the term is rather offensive to me. It’s like calling someone who shot and killed a burglar in their home someone who supports genocide.

        What I see is Derek making a serious effort to work on a potential relationship with Heather. He had a physical attraction and came in with an open heart and attitude. He has offered to discuss the pot situation with Heather, he has said many times that they can compromise. He knows she said she was okay with occasional use, and now they just need to work out what occasional means. She is unwilling to discuss things with him. He has said he is aware that his past relationships failed because of his personality traits, and he wants to understand how to handle this relationship in a different way. He is willing to make changes. He wants to have open conversations. He is willing to listen to the things that Heather finds unattractive and work on them.

        Unfortunately, he was paired with someone who thinks she is some huge catch and it is her way or the highway. She drinks a lot and tries to force Derek to drink as much as she does. That is a really bad sign. She doesn’t acknowledge any of her issues. She is not open to having meaningful conversation. She belittles Derek every time she opens her mouth. She is refusing to participate in the activities from the dates where she consistently takes off by herself, to the therapists’s homework assignments. She is a bitch from the moment she wakes up hungover until night when she falls asleep except for the brief hour or two where she is drunk and oddly flirtatious.

        Heather believed that the matchmakers were going to give her the perfect man who would tolerate all of her abuse and be exactly the person she pictured in her head. She is not open to the basic concept of the show. She is not participating and needs to just go back to where she came from.

        So to answer you question, what I see is a guy who is open to the commitment that they agreed to going on this experiment, and one self-entitled bitch who is not participating AT ALL and has the personality of sour milk.

      • KC1021

        I dont know why Heather auditioned for the show. Shes ridiculously annoying & its hard to watch at times because i cant tell her what i think directly to her face.

    • Derek really tried. After days of putting up with Heather’s nasty attitude he’s finally pissed. I’d have closed off a lot sooner than he did. Too bad he got stuck with such a dud.

    • Amber

      Yeah, Heather is a bitch, no doubt about that, but she had very little wiggle room given the show stuck her with such a loser — a typical pothead. Hopefully Derek grows from all of this and learns to live a different and adult life.

    • Heather is such a cunt. She’s a drunk too. In her 30’s my foot. She’s lying through her teeth. You can clearly see she’s in her 40’s. Not classy, but straight up trashy. Drinks then acts like a ho. That ‘Resting cunt face’ is just way too much.

  4. So glad Tom is willing to relocate. But, he’s gonna have some ‘splaining to do to Lillian when they show up at his dump of a bus. Being a realtor and knowing he’s within 5 minutes of his job, she’s probably expecting a nice condo or apartment. He may build yachts for a living, but you can see daylight through the edge of one of his bus’ windows and everything is done half-assed. If they can make it through that reveal – I think they’ll be able to make it through anything. They are definitely a cute couple, but he’s made his bus a problem now by not being up front about it.

    So loving Nick and Sonia. They are so cute together and it looks like they are finally dropping their guard quite a bit.

    What is it with Heathers being bitches? lol At least on reality shows they are. I liked what the preacher said about – we find you a potential life mate, you’re on your own to make it work or not. I didn’t like the smile behind her finger when the preacher was talking about her holding hands with the instructor. That just told me she KNEW for sure what she was doing when holding his hand. Poor Derek needs to run the other way. I sure wouldn’t want to get stuck with someone like her.

  5. RENOB

    Derek is immature, but at least he is trying. He tries to explain things to her and she just shuts him down. She just doesn’t want to hear anything this man has to say. There is definitely a reason she is single. She is mean. She is also a total control freak and wants a puppet, not a man. Derek refuses to be her puppet and she hates it. They are by far the most entertaining couple to watch. Tom and Lillian are second place, they both ooze sex. Once that wears off I’m not sure they are entirely compatible. She doesn’t seem like a van by the river kind of girl. Nick and Sonia are kind of entertaining but they are so awkward at times it is hard to watch. I am not much in to romantic comedies so that is probably why they are hard to watch for me. I can’t wait to see all hell break loose with Heather and Derek! Bring on the drama.

  6. kms

    I don’t know what it is about Tom and Lillian, but I can’t stand them. Lillian is a giggly teenage girl when she’s around him, and she seems to lack intelligence when it comes to men. Her ignorance oozes from the tv. They’re clearly only infatuated with each other, and it’s insulting for them to say they’re in love. they can’t comprehend the difference between love and lust. It’s obnoxious watching them talk to each other.

  7. Tika

    Why are people bashing Derek?? I’m so confused, from day one Heather has been a bitch even at the wedding reception she had an attitude the bottom line she is no attracted to Derek and it starting show in her attitude.

  8. pc in kc

    There is nothing wrong with Derek. Just because he starts each day getting stoned. Get over it, Heather. Getting jealous of the surf instructor was a little embarrassing for him but she deserved it since she actually held his hand and flicked a bug. Everyone knows she’s afraid of bugs so something must be going on. He says she is not his type either since she is no spring chicken, is aging like milk (??) and is like a 100 in dog years. Yeah. Derek is a real peach.

    • Overeducatedopinion

      Thank you!!!!!

      • Chris

        Thank you, thank you. Have to agree to disagree with Tamara. Yes Heather has been a bitch, no doubt but Derek is just a weird, insecure jerk. I am re-watching right now and Derek has mentioned the surf instructor at least 20 times. jeez dude, total teenage behavior. Dying to see where this goes once they get back to home reality. What is his job?

  9. Cat

    Wait..wait…wait…Wasn’t there outrage last episode about Derek smoking pot? And now, people are defending Heather and her insisting he chug beer?

    What’s the difference? Is it OK, because alcohol is legal, and pot is not?

    Heck, if I was stuck with Heather, I would smoke pot AND chug alcohol. A coma would be relief, at this point.

    Derek: Run…run very fast.

  10. lori

    I had no idea it was pot that he was smoking. I thought it was cigarettes. When did they say it was pot? How did I miss that?

    • Cat

      It was mentioned in the previous recap.

      I can only go by that, since I can’t watch the shows.

      • Chris

        If you watch closely it is made very clear how they never mention cigarettes, smoking a cigarette or anything, you can see how the editing was done to keep in very vague and allow for her to just say :”smoking”. It has been verified apparently on Jamie Otis’ show but It also makes sense that it is a much bigger issue.

  11. Behoro

    Am I the only one that is completely annoyed by Sonia and her tendency to complete every sentence as if it’s a question?! That’s grounds for divorce for me! Lol

  12. I think the way Heather is handling this pot situation is wrong. I do agree with her, the pot smoking everyday while on your honeymoon will annoy me and turn me off as well. She just doesn’t know how to handle situation in a constructive way. Any man that lit up a joint in the first days of meeting each other will make me run to the hills.

  13. Arizona

    Heather is a younger version of my controlling, self-righteous, know-it-all bitchy mother. Run Derek, Run!

    “Places” that close to the beach are pretty pricey. Methinks Tom better come clean. But doesn’t everybody compromise on some rental for the 6 weeks?

    I love Sonia and Nick, but it seems like they can’t even spell s-e-x much less have it!! I am cheering for them, though!

    • Overeducatedopinion

      Do you think he might be gay? He seems terrified of even touching her. I’m starting to think waiting just sends you into the friend zone. It seems like in the past couple of seasons if you don’t have sex within the first week then you don’t have sex?

      • Arizona

        Hmmmm. Interesting. You might be on to something.

      • Observer2

        I wondered the same thing until he said something about he was hoping the attraction would come in time. I think he misspoke and said attractiveness, but meant attraction or chemistry.

  14. age isn’t important unles you’re a cheese ~

  15. lavidaLinda

    Heather has dead eyes.

  16. … Also a rather monotone conversation style ~

    and a weak chin, sorry/not sorry :)

    • Lee

      So glad you mentioned the chin on Heather. I thought I was the only one to notice. Also on the first part of the first episode, her hair was long. Weird that she cut it right during the show. It looked better long . I personally don’t like Heather but I don’t like Derek either

  17. Ellis Scarlett

    Why did heather even try out for the show?? She is absolutely horrible.

  18. Kimmie

    Heather was even snippy with her mother….I saw it coming from that point on.

  19. lowwsre

    Same here. I missed the whole pot thing and thought she was talking about cigarettes. I can see her being a bit upset about that now, especially since he had to sneak that in through customs. I generally think she is a witch just the same. She thinks she is hot shit. This show has a knack for picking really bitchy women.

  20. “Women age like milk” is mysogeny by Tamara’s definition in these comments. It is not specific to one woman.

    • tamaratattles

      Nope. Wrong again. “Men age like wine and women age like milk” (sometimes the quote is cheese) is right up there with with “black don’t crack” when it comes to idioms about aging. Women get the short end of the stick there. Men become distinguished, women get old. Take Bill and Hillary for example as this is primarily a white peoples problem. Bill is still considered attractive by many females while Hillary is constantly criticized for being dowdy. Just because you haven’t ever heard a common saying before doesn’t make it misogyny.

      I find it sort of disturbing that you are watching a show where a guy is literally beginning a woman to give him a chance and stop being such a cunt and wanting to label him a misogynist.

  21. Lee

    The thing that drives me the most nuts is Nick! No one has mentioned his controlling ways! He gives Sonia no affection, not even holding hands or a kiss! I can see wanting to wait for the sex part ( because he clearly isn’t into women, especially Sonia ( just my opinion) but he won’t give Sonia anything. She gets nothing she wants. To not even tell her she looks pretty on their wedding is just plain mean. He’s self centered for sure. I don’t think he’s attracted to Sonia one bit. And it clearly shows . Id bet has no plans to ever sleep with Sonia. His personality is like a bump on a log, boring, never laughs, just that dry sense of humor. It’s Nicks way or the highway. They have zero Communication at all. It seems whatever Nick says is law. Sonia is kinda irritating. Her fear of dogs is ridiculous and how baby like she tries to act., (don’t get me started on her voice.) She also doesn’t try to fix herself up and look nice, I haven’t seen that since the wedding. They are a total mis match. I’d take Derek any day over Nicks stuffy self. I do feel like Derek could have a bad temper and say really mean things when he’s angry though. As for Lilian, all I notice is her bald spots! Tom is clearly a bit controlling as well. Lillian and Tom are only getting along because Lillian is agreeing with Tom about every single thing! Heather is just a bitch with or without Derek, she clearly thought she was meeting Mr. 6,3, dark haired, rich, successful and charming at the alter. Sorry to disappoint you Heather, those men don’t go on married at first sight.

    • tamaratattles

      When I first started reading this crap, I was going to explain Nick to you. I was going to point out also that he had done several romantic things for her and that they have a very endearing relationship.

      But then I read your nasty comments about every single person on the show and realized that you’re just a cunt. Or maybe you are just angry for as you said Derek says really mean things when he’s angry, like “she’s not spring chicken.” You on the other hand accused someone of being gay, ridiculed someone with hair loss likely cause by a medical condition, called all the men controlling, said some’s childhood trauma that caused a fear of dogs was ridiculous and irritating, and basically just spewed vitoriol.

      So given the choice between anger and just a mean ass cunt, I’m going with the later. Please fuck off to somewhere far away from here.

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