Kim Richards Probation Hearing Goes in Her Favor

RHOBH Kim Horse red
Kim Richards escaped another trip to the pokey today as she successfully convinced a judge that she had made sufficient progress with her community labor and AA meetings. According to the TMZ story she went before the judge in the Target shoplifting case  He seemed to be the more lenient of the two judges in the first place.

I previously posted that it seemed as though Kim was working with a wild horse sanctuary to clock her community service hours. It seemed as though she would be going to help with the Malibu sanctuary’s move to Oregon last weekend. As it turns out, Kim simply went to say good-bye to the horses before their departure.

Also, there has been some confusing reporting on the actual amount of time she needed to serve for community labor. I looked back at the original report and the ruling was for 300 hours.  It was also reported as “30 days” which is not how the sentence is generally measured.  It is measured by hours so that the time can be measured in any hourly increments. I find the current report by TMZ to be a bit inaccurate.


Apparently the judge found enough evidence of progress to have her return to court in November for another review. She remains on probation.

As I looked into the horse sanctuary’s social media, I noted that they had named a wild mustang they recently rescued “Kimmy” after Kim Richards.

They had this to say about Kimmy, “Kimmy was sent to a wonderful mustang trainer but after several months it was obvious she was not going to be a candidate for re-homing. And now we know why !!! She is most certainly an alpha mare, which is fine here as she has plenty of room to boss and bitch at all the other girls and they don’t seem to mind at all so its fine. But she sure does kick up a lot of dust.”

Seems like the perfect namesake to me.


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16 responses to “Kim Richards Probation Hearing Goes in Her Favor

  1. Miguel

    The Kimmy bit is hilarious, TT – I made a punny! :)

  2. Cat

    I hate to say it, but with Kim being a former ? actress, she may be faking the AA meetings.

    My sister’s friend did that. She was the “star” of her meetings, dressed to the nines, and playing “hostess”. Then, she would go home, and get stinking drunk.

    Love the horse story.

    • Ruthie

      You can actually get away without going at all. It’s anonymous so anyone can sign a form. You just need a list of meeting dates and times and a set of made up initials or a first name. There is no way to verify it.

    • As I understand it. The only requirement to go to AA is a DESIRE to stop drinking/using. Also Ruthie is technically right about her not having to go there herself, but I’d hope she’d have people in her camp that wouldn’t do that for her.

  3. Jaded

    As the daughter of a horse trainer, there is no way Kim spent any time with horses any any capacity other than grooming or cleaning stalls, which I highly doubt. Ok. She still thinks others owe her an apology regardless of the fact alcoholics programs require her to make apologies.

    • I’m not sure why you’d think that? I have had no proper training and have taken care of many rescued animals from farm to domestic including horses. Who knows if Kim really did the work, but sanctuaries and rescues rely on regular people for volunteer work.

    • Jack

      Is grooming and cleaning stalls not enough for community service???

  4. Frosty

    What’s going on with Kingsley, is he still with Kim?

  5. T D

    Mr Ed looks so good standing next to Kim. The years have been kind to him because he knows and tells the truth.

  6. Lawstangel

    In California, if one is sentenced to any “days” of community service, rather than a certain number of hours, it is calculated @ 8.0 hrs. per day. So 30 “days” would be 240 hours. I found this out the hard way. I asked for community service in lieu a fine for a traffic ticket, I got what I thought was 30 hours. I worked in the kitchen at a drug rehab center. It was pointed out to me that it was 30 days, Some of my days were shorter than others, when I turned in my time, although I had 30 days, I had a 187 hours, I was sent back to do the remaining time. Regular people like you and I are not allowed to pick some non-profit they like to do their hours, we have to go through the “Volunteer Center” which is court approved, for an assignment. They do not have jobs at horse sanctuaries, I asked if I could work at the county animal shelter, Nope!!! It was sweeping, thrift store helper, Cal Trans (picking up trash on highway like Naomi Campbell dud) and kitchen help which I took. Kim, yet again gets her version of justice and is allowed to skate on some of her consequences,

    • Minky

      At least you actually helped some people. Your contributions to your community are commendable.

    • Jack

      Not sure how it works in Cali, but in MN each county and judge has their own way of doing things. Some send you through the volunteer center to get you an assignment and some literally let you loose to find whatever. Speaking from experience ive known multiple people who have been assigned to soup kitchens and such whereas other people who have worked at the local aviary and other really awesome non profits that feel more like fun than community service.

    • tamaratattles

      The Court Mandated Volunteer Center lists many opportunities to work with animals. Although the horse sanctuary was not on the list, any non profit willing to take an offender can be approved by the judge.

      Kim was given 300 HOURS, not 30 days. TMZ has reported it both ways thus the confusion.

      When all is said and done, Kim had a drunk hissy fit and then had a drunken shoplifting spree. The cop assault I don’t think was even figured in. If we put everyone in jail in LA for misdemeanors, we’d need to triple the number of jails.

      Kim is not getting special treatment.

    • therealdeb

      Here in Washington you can pretty much pick, at least in my rural area. It does have to be a non profit though. Some of my friends husbands got nailed for over limit on fish, they were actually filmed and aired on “rugged justice” and they got small fines and community service. They all volunteered with the church youth group that had a booth at a festival selling bacon wrapped scallops. They got all their hours in in that weekend.

  7. Powell

    Kimmy is definitely named after her namesake. :)

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