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Catish Candic


Well this is new, the pumpkin walls are starting in the hotel room on this episode. Was this filmed for the last season? Because watermelon is the new pumpkin. Also, we know the hotel would not let them paint the walls, so this is either a weird coincidence or proof of the CGI.

Candic is 27 and she pronounces her name just as one would if their parents were aware that it needed an ‘e’ on the end. I imagine people called her Can dick or Candy dick all through middle school. Thanks mom and dad!  Candic is married and met Titus through “a retail app she uses for work.”  He was shopping for a handbag?? And oh hey! He lives in her town and yet they have never met or spoken on the phone. She’s been married for seven years and has a four-year old daughter.

She is ready to meet the guy and then she will tell her husband about him. Unless, you know, he is really cute or something. She is an idiot. As Max says she should just stop talking to Titus and move on with life and not put all of this on TV.

I am calling this right now. The guy is her husband and they are doing this for attention and a new sofa. Or not. She won’t let the boys come to her house because her husband is home. So they meet at a bed and breakfast with gorgeous wood walls that need no CGI. It does look like they got new furniture though.

I’ll spare you the whole long traumatic childhood story with Candic. The boys get to work doing their basic Google search investigation that any 9-year-old could do.  They carry out their investigation at a place that sells homemade marshmallows. Who knew that was a thing. I want one. Or six.

Catfish Nev


What they find out is that the guy is using a random photo of some guy named Stephen in Sacramento, CA but his app info leads them to a dead guy named Spencer who was in the army and used to live in her town.  How did she not see the Spencer name on the shopping app profile. She says she was really good friends with Spencer the dead guy.

Titus responds to Candic and says he will meet only if he can meet with Nev alone first.  Nev is not thrilled with this plan. They are going to meet at a park near a body of water! Finally back to the scary meetup locations. It’s been a while.

Oh look. It’s the husband. Shocking. Not only was this too obvious, there were no interior shots at the house. The bed and breakfast got not one but two new seating areas for the lobby. And I didn’t get to spot the computer altered wall colors other than in the initial hotel room.

This is the worst episode ever. What was the point of this exactly?

We finally go to the house. No new couch but possible new dining room table an chairs. And the wall were that grey/tan color we have only seen once or twice.


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17 responses to “Catfish Candic & Titus

  1. Angela

    Yeah, what was the point? Nev could have at least thrown the guy’s phone in the water…

    • Diva Dee

      Lmao! ur right, his phone or her overused Halloween hair dye…cute girl, but unfortunately shes not a girl she’s a 27 yr old wife & mom, w/the desire to cheat on her husband IF & only IF “the grass is 100% greener on the other side”! Definitely in my top 5 worst catfish episodes ever…the whole episode should have landed on the cutting room floor, right along w/her high school freshmen hair!

  2. Shellie

    Ah. It’s you. Then we laughed for a moment, and I said I never knew.
    That you like pina coladas, and gettin caught in the rain.
    This show gets more fake by the episode.

  3. SabrinaToo

    That was a super boring episode. When Nev and Max are at the B&B sitting together in what I think was a lobby the whole background looked so fake. Is doing everything with CGI effects cheaper?

  4. brandi

    Great recap TT I called this one at the beginning just like you did it’s her husband LOL they’re getting a most ridiculously predictable

  5. This show needs to end. It’s almost impossible to Catfish when every cell phone comes equipped with a camera and apps like Snapchat use pics and videos that you just took. Unless they focus on the olds who still use AOL with a dial up modem.

    • I can’t stand people that act like they don’t know how to use Google. Nev and Max do they same thing on every ep. Reverse search the phone # and reverse image search. That’s IT. I give the people credit who actually do do what they’ve seen on the show and still hit some dead ends. But for crying out loud it is 2016. No one should be getting catfished.

  6. I gotta call bullshit that Max said she had done nothing wrong. Max would later correct himself and say that this is “emotional cheating” and it absolutely is. Cheating is cheating in my book but I’m guessing a lot of people will disagree with me.

  7. SamT

    For my birthday yesterday, I got a cookbook from my son. And lo and behold, there is a recipe for homemade marshmallows. I also did not know this was a thing. I zeroed right in on that and I am making those puppies the first chance I get. I’m intrigued.

  8. Blondesense

    This episode? Wuh wohhh.

  9. Sue

    This was such a setup by this couple. Red flags everywhere. Cant say that Nev and Max knew, but super obvious they did it for $/exposure

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