Bethenny Frankel Called The Regency To Speak To The Bartenders!

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Despite having the finale to recap tonight and a new post just today on Bethenny’s relentless attacks on Luann this season, I feel the need to post yet another piece on the vile nature of Bethenny Frankel’s behavior this season. She has spent the summer giving multiple interviews about RHONY this summer about how she doesn’t want to do anything related to RHONY this summer. She bemoans how the show (i.e. her nasty behavior) has been bad for her brand and she needs to rethink some things and does the usual lying about perhaps not coming back next season. Yet, don’t get your hopes up boys and girls. I’m afraid we are stuck with this wench.

Luann and Tom have moved past his indiscretion with the “former Playboy model” who has to my knowledge kept her name out of the press. Luann is far more disgusted with how Bethenny went about sharing her private investigation into her life with the world. It the information had just fallen into Bethenny’s lap, she should have handled it off camera. But as the facts continue to come out, it seems Bethenny was actively seeking out information on her relationship to inflict pain.

Luann shared new information with People.

“It was disgusting. Her handling of the situation – and I go over this at the reunion – was terrible. She could have went to Dorinda, who introduced us, and said ‘Look I have this.’ [But] she was like the cat who got the canary. Does a good friend do that to you? Someone who has your best interest in mind? No.”
“It’s not authentic,” she continued. “It’s made for television. And that’s what she is.”




I don’t think anyone ever believed that Bethenny was a friend to Luann She was particularly brutal this season, attacking anyone in a relationship. She spent a lot of time this season making accusations about Dorinda and Luann’s significant others, seemingly trying to cause a rift in their relationships. She also mercilessly mocked Jules eating disorder during a time when she was have serious issues in her marriage.

“She should’ve talked to me first,” says de Lesseps. “Not the other women, not tried to call Tom, but talk to me. I find that very bizarre. It’s terrible. That’s not somebody who has your best interest in mind – that’s someone who has their own agenda.”

The People article revealed that Bethenny called the bartenders at the hotel bar and interrogated them about Tom’s activities. She must have done this on the night of the engagement party on the yacht. While everyone else was celebrating the engagement, she was likely in her bed at the hotel in Miami slurping her swill and drunk dialing the bar.  What kind of bartender would give some random woman the scoop on the actions of one of their regular customers? That is hardly good look for The Regency.

“Bethenny said I fell in love with the attention she’s spent her whole career getting. Who got married on TV? Who treated their husband like s— on TV? Who’s been trying to get divorced for longer than she’s been married? She’s the biggest media whore that ever lived. And she talks about me?”

It’s about time Luann takes the gloves off. She has been way too tolerant of Bethenny’s insults all season. It’s about time she gives something back.

Bethenny also has made very public comments about Tom’s finances. Finally, Luann addresses that situation.

“Tom’s richer than all of us put together – including Bethenny,” she says. “He has no interest in the fame or being with a Housewife. He fell in love with me, poor guy.”

Luann went on to say that Bethenny is an extremely unhappy person who continues to attack her cast members out of jealousy. I agree, and would like to add, she is probably also very, very hungry.


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217 responses to “Bethenny Frankel Called The Regency To Speak To The Bartenders!

  1. Jaded

    I don’t think anything about Bethenny is authentic unless it’s negative. Poor little Beth, go back to crying in the corner no one is stupid enough to think this information just fell in her lap.

    • Lu’s life isn’t about Bethenny it’s about Tom. To ignore his repeated DISCRETIONS is to court a second divorce. The Countess needs to forget Bethenny and Tom or her friends and family will also fall away.

      • tamaratattles

        Please share these repeated “discretions” with the class, you seem to know a lot more than we do about the situation. P.S. I don’t think that word means what you think it does. I’m also curious where you get this insight about he lack of loyalty on the part of Lu’s friends and family. I’ve seen her family from her mother to her children completely embracing Tom. Curious as to where you get all this knowledge that is contrary to public knowledge.

      • Tom left the woman he was kissing the night Lu met and grabbed him – to leave and then go out with her. Not odd at all? And so the sordid affair with him dating her while going back to fiddle with Sonja later began. True love in later life, actually, more like two people who know they can count on each other’s lack of discretion.

        As to Lu’s family and friends you badly missed the point. Another “open marriage” winner like Tom would, should, make them back away from believing in any kind of future Prince Charming for Lu and wedding gifts should only be given if they are also returnable.

      • Ktina

        Lu seems to be just fine traveling all over the world with Tom. She’s a big girl and can do whatever she wants. Good for her for sticking it to Bethenny. Bethenny is an awful creature.

    • Mary

      I agree with you… Bethany is such a miserable ugly jealous person. Bethany can’t stand to see anyone happy.

  2. Beignet

    Can’t stand Bethenny. Hope all the pain she has inflicted on others comes back to haunt her.

    • Bethenny’s sordid “open marriage” rumor has caught on like wildfire. Bethenny came up with that rumor when she first met the countess because the count is European. And since Bethenny is an expert on European marriages, she jumped to the conclusion that Lu and the count were swingers. Because in Bethenny’s expert ignorance all Europeans have open marriages. Of course, Bethenny wouldn’t know a European if he fell on her (I’m sure many have but she was too busy rifling through their check books to know). Anyway, Bethenny is at it again–this time with Tom. And the uninformed and not too bright repeat her stupidity like a Myna bird. I’m sure Europeans would be delighted to know that they’re swingers–especially the husbands. I just love it when people take Bethenny’s musings as gospel. It’s similar to Bethenny’s ridiculous pronouncement that Jules came on the show to get divorced. Yes, Bethenny. That nugget of wisdom makes perfect sense. And which waiter gave you that intel?

      • Saltskin

        I guess you missed the scene in the Berkshires where Luann admitted she and Alex had an open marriage. And again, when she said it on the boat ride back from the sandbar. And the repeated clips of her saying it? Wow. Bethenny certainly gives people a lot of ammunition to use against her, but let’s not overlook what actually happened.

  3. Sarah L

    I love Luann with the gloves off! And all warranted, her comments about B are spot on.

  4. Dee

    Oh this is so good! Bless you! She just told someone on Twitter she didn’t do this in private because she’s on a reality show. If that’s true where is her personal crap? Sorry, so over her!

    • Liza

      I agree! You would think we would know more about her divorce. I was never excited about her coming back. I’m just not a fan. She’s to abrasive for me

  5. Amy

    Woah. B. This is crazy crazy behavior.

  6. Margaret Shepard

    For Bethany or Carole to mock Jules. eating disorder is insane. All three of them would blow away in a really strong wind. Once again kettle meet pot. Luann should know by now, B ethanny is not now nor ever was a good friend.

    • Saltskin

      We must be watching a different show, because I never once saw Bethenny or Carole “mock” Jules’ eating disorder. The definitely discussed it and made comments, but none of it seemed mocking or even mean spirited to me. I guess when you want to hate someone, that will color your view of absolutely everything they say or do. If anything, I saw Bethenny being very keyed into the seriousness of Jules’s eating disorder based on what she grew up with. She may not be a warm and fuzzy type, but come on, folks. She never even mentioned it to anyone else until Jules revealed it herself.

  7. gapeachinsc

    It really is sad when a grown woman is so consumed by jealousy she has to attack another woman. I hope Luann does take those gloves off…she has been far too kind. Come to think of it, she has handled herself with more class than Bethenny exhibits. And I agree with you, T. – she must be starved!!

    • At this point, Lu should probably just ignore Bethenny and live her life. The time to go off on her has passed. I know Lu didn’t have all of the information she has now, but Lu will just be setting herself up for more ridicule. I think it best Lu stay silent and let Bethenny destroy herself like I’m hoping she will.

  8. Lolita

    Bahahahaha…a carb-less life, with only booze as fuel, tends to make for one HANGRY brawd. I should know, it was me for years ( mixed with some Xanax, which was liberally handed out by doctors in the 1990’s). Now, 75 pounds later, menopausal, and mom to a 9 year old, I can’t get any doctor to give me ANYTHING….when I need it the most. This lady is horrible. Karma is a bitch…goodbye Skinny Felicia

  9. Ramona and Sonja have been behaving liken dogs in heat…and Bethenny by the second rips the cast to sheds…she announces she is dating a “technically” married man…and gives interviews about her integrity! she is a POC that had her hate filled face in every episode at least 10 times.

    I can’t believe how many times Bethenny made her rounds in front of a camera …to her friends..on vacation..the cast..and now we hear inspecther clousseque (sp) interrogates the bartenders…and continue to lies to everyone..uggh…truly happy ..Bethenny is not my friend..who needs friends like this?

  10. tamaratattles

    Here is my latest theory, because no decent bartender would narc out a regular. Bethenny got the information from the owner or a manage who gave her photos pulled from the surveillance camera. That is how she has the times and was told that the “kept making out for two hours” The owner/manager was told he would have the bar mentioned repeatedly on the show in exchange for this information.

    Think about it, “The Regency” has been mentioned at least two dozen or more times this season by Bethenny and Ramona and Carole…


    I think Bethenny being caught doing this and called out by Luann is the horrible lies that damage her integrity that gets brought up at the reunion.

    • Kika

      I sure hope that she reads this! She MUST have heard of you, LOL! I am sure all of Bravo has heard of TT!

    • Wow. Can Bethenny go any lower? I guess we’ll find out next season. Damn, I wish she’d get fired or quit.

    • Jaded

      Here we are again at Beth. No worries, if it is not believed she is looking for problems. Problems will look for her. Tis the way of the universe.

      • Amanda

        I can’t stand when people call Bethenny “Beth”. Just a pet peeve, I don’t know why it bothers me so much.

    • I wonder if the Regency is happy about the publicity it is getting today? No one will forget about it having been mentioned repeatedly by this group of women.

      Now the Regency will be known for giving out private information about their clientele. Way to go Bethenny. You’re just as sleazy as the person who gave you this information.

      The funny thing here is, if Bethenny had handled the situation the right way – privately telling Luann – then no one would’ve known this about the Regency’s underhandedness.

      • ericzku

        The Regency gave out private information according to LuAnn. I take that with a grain of salt.

        Until there is some independent corroboration, I wouldn’t hold it against the hotel. Besides, there is no expectation of privacy in public. If I don’t want to be seen doing something, I’m not going to do it in the middle of a room full of people that is open to the public. It’s not as if Tom was secretly video-taped doing this in one of the guest rooms or something.

      • Tracey

        Bethanny said she spoke to the manager and the bartender with the beard.

      • Karen

        You mean according to…Bethany who claimed the BARTENDERS gave HER the info? The corroboration if accurate, is the time stamp info. Only someone working there would have access.

      • Minky

        Your theory sounds good TT. But why would the manager risk it either? I still believe she hired Magnum P.I. 😂 She had someone tail Tom and snap photos. That’s who she was probably speaking with on the phone. Why? Because she’s cracked her crock, that’s why.

      • Suse

        She mentioned in the last episode that she called the bartender that had a beard — she said she recognized him in one of the pictures in the background. If he is anything like the men in my life . . . anyone could call and ask his SS number and he would rattle it off. It, sometimes, takes a woman to tell them, “uhhhhh, [dummy] dear . . .”

    • SLM

      OMG, TT! You are right! That must be how she knew all the intricacies of the whole thing! Bethenny is such a devious, mean bitch. And I honestly hated the crap out of all her pretend crying when she was doing the big reveal to Luann.

      • Would a bartender have access to the owner’s video? Would he risk his job? I doubt it. It had to be the owner. And what owner wouldn’t want free publicity? Bethenny’s lying as usual.

    • Lynn

      Bethenny explains ALL of this during the final episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The hate here is so real it turns my stomach. And yes TT I can chose not to read or comment here but dammit I agree with you way more often than not……the viciousness breaks my heart.

    • That makes sense. So that’s why Bethenny first called the photo a video because it was a video–the owner’s video. Bethenny couldn’t show that so she had a clip converted into a photo. And she’s already admitted that it was a man. I found that strange since men don’t usually pay attention to other men making out and then send gossipy texts about it. Not most men, anyway. I hope Luann knows and divulges this at the reunion. My god, Bethenny needs to be exposed. And stopped. She’s a complete nutcase–a scary one.

  11. Bethenney is outrageous.
    I love the way Luann handles these girls that either aren’t getting laid but pretending they have dates and options (Ramonja) or are getting laid but not good lays (the mean girls).

    Bethenney looks worse and worse by the minute. All that evil taking a toll on her face and Luann just looks as close to aging graceful as possible.

    I was applalled when Beth talked about Tom’s finances.
    You don’t count someone else’s money.

    Bethenney looks bad all on her own and her brand being impacted should knock some sense into her.

    I don’t think she can help herself though

    • Where are the money comments? I missed them.

      • Shay 2.0

        Bethenny talked about it with her girlfriend in Miami before she joined the women in Palm Beach. At least that was one of the times. There were probably more.

      • Toni

        Yep! Bethenny talked about how all tom’s exes are wealthy and that people assume people have money with last names like Morgan or titles like countess like Luann.

    • Annie Marie

      I really like that phrase, “don’t be counting someone else’s money.”

      • Interesting that Bethenny didn’t mention Adam, living with his surrogate mommy, Carole. If any man is a gold-digger, it’s Carole’s unemployed boy toy, Adam. No one else mentioned it either. I don’t think Adam’s had a job since he worked for Lu.

      • Saltskin

        Did you not see the episode where Carole brought the terrarium over to Adam’s apartment? He has his own place, as well as family money. Next theory?

      • Suse

        Yes, onegaes — who paid for that suit?? I (and, this is gross) wonder if Adam asks Carole about birth control and then he gets confused when she says . . .”Oh, no, it’s okay!” Does he think she’s actually on the pill or something? Did he ever notice that Grandma doesn’t have sanitary items at her house? Lol, sorry . . . I just wonder.

    • Matzah60

      There’s an old saying: “Always be careful of what you hear about a woman. Rumors either come from a man that can’t have her or a woman who can’t compete with her.” Bethenny is a bitter woman who is happy to see her enemies (just about everyone counts as an enemy to Bethenny) down and out. She enjoys the process of taking them down and bringing her minions around her to help the process proceed. Ramona thinks she’s all that and she is simply a shallow, vacuous woman who is always in a quest to get laid. She only had dinner with Tom once. She has embellished the story to now 5 and 6 times. It’s just ridiculous. Sonja sleeps with many, many men, so it’s ridiculous to think that she is upset with Luann about Tom because he was a potential love interest. Sonja has a case of old-fashioned jealousy.

      I also find it funny that when Bethenny returned last season, she told Ramona she wasn’t interested in being her friend. In fact, I don’t think Bethenny is interested in being anyone else’s friend. She wants to be the center of attention and anyone that comes in the way of that mission is threatening to her. She is clearly threatened by Luann, and using Sonja and Ramona who she never had any interest in during past seasons.

      • The only woman who stands up for herself during this season and stays true to herself is newcomer Jules. Dorinda, the head nodding passive-aggressive who stirs the pot without adding anything of substance is the conduit for many back stabbing conversations. Watching Ramona try to befriend whoever has the most power is getting beyond old. Carole keeps hoping at least one of these friends will attempt to do something worthwhile with their pampered, aging lives but alas no. Bethenny is the surprise because the ethics she had when she had nothing much to lose has somehow escaped her this season. I still believe and well, yes, hope she can get it back. And Lu still believes in fairy tales. But after hearing what Tom has done I see she is the saddest of the lot because her blinders sooner or later have to come off and then how much more of her precious time has she wasted? Too much, that’s for sure.

      • CoBe

        Matzah, Bethenny doesn’t have friends, she has minions.

        Writer, Bethenny has never shown ethics. Some viewers liked her because she was “funny” and “hardworking” in earlier episodes. But even then, you see that she repeatedly burned bridges, was unlikeable, and successfully twisted knives in people’s backs behind the scenes.

        She is a perfect case of Cluster B. Personality disorders are forever.

      • CoBe, best comment of the day!!!

      • Mary

        CoBe I so agree with everything you and TT have to say. Bethany is just miserable and doesn’t know how to be happy so she will never have anything nice to say about anyone. Why she worries and talks so much about LuAnn’s life is beyond me especially when she was still married, living in the same apartment with her husband (while getting a divorce) and dating a married man. Why talk about Jules eating disorder to Carol when both you and Carol seem to have an eating disorder yourselves. Please, please look in the mirror and you will see bones looking back at you Bethany.

      • I agree Matzah.. my theory on Bethenny is that she is only jealous of those women who are in love with men who are actual peers..because no man will put up with her. Bethenny becomes green with envy when a woman loves a man and vice versa because she is so lonely and miserable. That’s why she attacked Dorinda and then Luann. She doesn’t mind Ramona this year because Ramona is only jumping in and out of bed with men and not anywhere close to falling in love. Bethenny sees Carole’s relationship with the little kid as a joke that is going nowhere (she’s right) so she isn’t jealous of her. If Ramona does fall in love with an age-appropriate man who is somewhat successful next season, I predict that Bethenny will lose her mind and come for both of them. She will hire detectives, psychic Medium Tyler Henry and a hunting beagle to follow them!

      • Suse

        She is checking the off one-by-one, isn’t she? Ramona last season. Immediately into Sonja and Luann, then bash Jules, attempted to take down Dorinda a couple of times (once with John, then the T-Lu saga . .. she didn’t even know Jules! I have always held that she will eventually do something to Carole (Carole is not one to just stand there forever and let B shine) and they will fall out (new/controlling friendships always do). She claims to be on ” reality show” so she must TELL ALL, but has spared nothing to keep her crazy past quiet (dating a “technically” married man?). I just wonder if she will manage to get the upper hand on all of them at the reunion (Thank you, Andy) — she is good for TV.

      • CoBe


        It took me many long years to understand the Cluster B group of folks. For most of my life, I thought you could love someone enough to change them.

        Nobody can do that.

        Cluster B are predators. They will take down the weakest in the group if they think they can. Bethenny went after Jules first and found that Jules had a lot of sympathy from people who are pulling for her and her struggle with food. Bethenny further said it was a trigger for HER because of HER MOTHER (completely ignoring her own admission that she, BETHENNY had gone through bulimia). Since Jules did not make an easy victim, she moved on.

        She set her sights on Luann. Why Luann? Because over the years Luann has gotten a lot of flack from viewers. People didn’t like the way she put on airs or insisted on the Countess title (even though it was legitimately hers).

        She had been demoted once to a FOH and barely made it to this season as a full-time housewife.

        So in Bethenny’s eyes, Bethenny thought she (Bethenny) would be viewed as a hero for taking Luann down. What she didn’t realize (as most Narcissistic personalities do not) is that it is best to let someone take themselves down (or, as in Luann’s case, learn and grow from their own mistakes).

        I totally understand how shocked Bethenny is that she does not have the support of the public at large when they see these vicious behaviors, She thought that people would cheer her on.

        This has been Bethenny’s achilles heel throughout her life. She believes that cruelty shows strength, and, in some circles, it does. She has surrounded herself with other predators who truly don’t understand the traits of compassion, empathy, and a helping hand.

        Reading these comments, it is heartbreaking at times to see someone defend Bethenny because of her abusive childhood. This abuse has never been corroborated and even if true, does not give her free reign to abuse another.

        It is these kindhearted people that I really hope study the habits and traits of Cluster B predators. Once I understood, it really changed my approach to life and helped me set healthy boundaries.

        Reading these comments, one also finds folks who think it is funny how Bethenny reacts or respect Bethenny for tearing down another women. These are other predators.

        If you watch these shows and read these comments with an eye to spotting Cluster B, it really helps in real life. Of course, it is important to remember that some of the actions and reactions are scripted, but if you watch very very closely, it’s possible to determine which reactions are real and which are scripted.

        Anyhow, a lot of armchair psychology that could have been distilled into:


      • CoBe

        Ha! Suse,

        I missed your excellent analysis. Attacking each person to find weaknesses and then moving on to the next.

        Carole will feel the sting at some point. She may dodge bullets for now because of her high social status (regardless of anything else, she runs in some pretty respected circles), but the time will come when she refuses to continue on this vicious road.

        It makes me sad to see Carole attack. I don’t view Carole as a Cluster B, rather as a flying monkey. I think Carole is actually very sensitive, but attacks first in order not to have to defend.

        Her recent blog was very disappointing, but I really have hope that she will realize where she is going with this and correct her course eventually.

        But at some point, she will have to make amends for her truly awful behaviors. I believe that time will come and I believe that time will be difficult for her. She has a conscience, she just isn’t using it right now.

        Wake up Carole!!!

  12. Karebear

    She is so full of hate, anger, jealousy and most likely fear. I feel for her daughter

    • Annie Marie

      Totally off topic, but Karebear is also a nickname of mine. I never use it online though. But I definitely confused myself when I was scrolling through the comments and saw Karebear. I thought to myself, “When did I post this??” Lol, then I realized it was someone else using Karebear. Haha, whoops!

  13. This is some great tea! Forget about tonight’s show. Bring on the reunion!

  14. Twilly

    Good for LuAnn. I’m glad she finally stuck up for herself. B is a shriveled, nasty shrew. She has seemingly turned into her mother. I hope she’s at least kind to Brynn, though she doesn’t seem to have a kind bone in her body.

  15. RHofND

    How Luann is even speaking to Bethenny after what was exchanged in the Berkshires, is beyond me. Bethenny certainly doesn’t need a Bravo check but she cannot live without the attention. It’s not good enough for her to be in an ensemble cast. She has to be the star and act like it is her show and control who films with whom. My only hope is that she is annihilated at the reunion.

  16. Cat

    “Made for TV.” I love that.

    Great post.

  17. Soul Sista

    Did Bethenny suffer from an eating disorder in the past? Maybe it’s just me, but I felt every time she was shown scarfing down food onscreen in Jules presence, they (Bravo) were trying to make B look better adjusted than Jules. To me that behavior was on the same level as slut shaming Luann all season. Bethenny lacked compassion & kindness this season. She needs time off for some soul searching.

  18. Tleighb

    I loved Bethenny from the very first season. I loved her spin offs. I read one of her books. I am thoroughly disgusted with her behavior this season and no longer a fan, however. Her self righteous, cruel behavior is over the top.

  19. Lynn

    Do you know who is to blame for Lu’s upset………….that would be TOM! I don’t care how the info got to Beth or how it was shared with Lu. Tom is the dick in this situation plain and simple.

    • Sorry, yes he is but so is Bethany. She should have done this in private and be the friend she claims she was being. He is total in the wrong in what HE did. She is totally in the wrong in what SHE did.

      • This focusing on Bethanny and how she told Luanne the truth is like focusing on the missing cheese instead of the RAT that ate it. In this case, obviously, the rat is Tom. Bethanny hit on the real truth in earlier episodes. Luanne doesn’t care about Tom cheating because she’s just as bad. Their marriage will consist only of the bad (Lu) and the ugly (Tom). The good can only happen when those two divorce in a year or two.

      • T D

        @Writer it seems like you are use to expressing yourself with the crayolas you haven’t gotten around to eating. Someone hide the paste!

      • Let me guess, you hired a private detective for your own man then tore up all the bad photos he showed you. Great way to go through life. Just like Luanne!

      • NYDudette that you, Carole?😝

      • I wish I was as thin, intelligent and caring as Carol. Well, two out of three ain’t bad. Hopefully you on the other hand have no female children, at least you can’t pass on your strong female hatred to them (please)…

      • NYDudette

        @WriterFirst, Carole, you are alone here. Please go to SG website to post accolades about Bethenny. You and your ghostwriter are not understanding that we all get what Tom did and it was wrong, but it is Luann’s business on how to react and proceed going forward. Let me introduce you to the concept of “Maturity”, in this case, if Luann says she doesn’t give a rats ass, who is anyone to opine?
        The issue here is the way Bethenny has behaved the whole season, she proved way earlier that she is not Luann’s friend, and savored the “information” for days, spreaded it but wanted to do the kill herself, on camera for the worl to see. She had all the details, she calls The Regency and interrogated employees, who in her sane mind does that? Why is she so interested? Why is she so vested in this? Because she is a bad, unhappy, bitter person. There is no way around it.
        So again, you and your ghostwriter STOP thinking like a 20 year old in “The Bachelor”.

      • LOL, I thought the same thing. That WriterFirst is Carole. Sure sounds a lot like her over the various blogposts.

      • Cythere

        re: “[Bethenney] should have done this in private ….’

        But then what would the show be? If you look at who benefits the most from Luann’s public embarrassment, and who is making millions of dollars from it — it’s not B. In my opinion, she is the paid messenger.

        Does this make sense: Bravo knew pre-filming about Tom’s cheating, and contracted with Bethenney that she would be the whistle-blower?

        I don’t think BF has been Luann’s friend this season, if ever. I don’t get the Bethenney hate or that she’s jealous of the women with good relationships. Who in that bunch has a good relationship? John is horrid with his Viagra talk; Michael is unfaithful and I think they all knew about his divorce even pre-filming .In this, I’m referring to something I heard on WWHL, because this is the only blog I read.

        Also, last night on WWHL, a repeat, Carole said that Luann has said multiple times that Tom’s a millionaire. Why is that a relevant thing to inform her castmates of?

        Luann acts like a teenager. Remember that Ramona had to coach her on how to write an apology note (to Carole.) Why? Because Luann wasn’t sorry one bit. She simply became aware of what a nasty, jealous old biddy she looked like, trying to destroy another woman’s (and a man’s) happiness, dragging Adam and Carole through the social media mud. I just can’t care how things end up with the cheating bastard millionaire. I felt genuine pity for her when she said, ‘I love him but I can’t put up with this.’ And I was Team Lu all the way. But her rage –which I consider misplaced — is sad and is another example of her lack of maturity.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Yes. But let’s gloss over the fact that this is true information – he made out with a woman who was not Luann for 2 hours in public shortly after proposing to her – but there is something to be jealous of in this relationship? Tom and Luann are not off to a good start. While I 100% agree that Bethenny did NOT have Luann’s best interests at heart by making a storyline of this, I can’t imagine what viewers see as “romantic” about this relationship. To me, this just proves everything the other ladies have been saying all along was right.

      • Minky

        If it turns out that Tom did that, then yeah he’s a jackass. Unless Luanne knows about it and doesn’t care in the first place. The fact that she still wants to marry him after all of this is a strong indication that she’s okay with his behavior, or that she might even participate with him, or that she has at least has moved past it and isn’t harboring a grudge.

        I don’t feel that any of the ladies supporting Bethenny were right about anything. Because I don’t believe their goal was to be right, and certainly not to warn or help Luanne, but to target and wound her because they were instructed to do so by Bethenny.

      • Toni

        Tom did do it, he is in fact a jackass. Lu forgave him, it’s on her. If he does it again (and most likely he will), it’s on Lu. Quite frankly, it’s nobody’s fucking business

        Let’s be plain, Bethenny and Carole are not Luann’s friends. They have attacked her every way they can. They are not trying to help Luann. They are working to discredit and embarrass her.

      • Miguel

        THANK YOU, YOYA!!!!!!!

    • Overeducatedopinion

      Yes but many on this site will always blame a woman, and they absolutely love throwing the ‘b’ word around. A lot of self-hate and misogyny here; I don’t know whether to be saddened, disgusted or embarrassed

      • Because it is, in fact, the woman’s fault. Did we see Tom making out with anyone on the show? No. Bethenny brought that out to embarrass Luann. Just like we don’t see footage of Bethenny’s current boyfriend bouncing between her and his wife during the same timeframe. What people do in their own relationship is none of anyone else’s business and there is nothing misogynic about it.

      • Of course it’s misogynistic. Hating other women for what their men do is the very definition of it. You don’t understand because it’s your modus operandi. Fine, but don’t spread around your hate of strong empowered women just because you aren’t one. Luann knows who and what Tom is, a philandering Neanderthal and she chooses to accept it. Fine, her low esteem is showing but that doesn’t mean other women have to go out of their way to praise it or stay silent.

        Because the way you are telling it all women should not only accept it but stay out of another woman’s lopsided relationship. What next? If we see a woman beaten up should we look the other way and act like it hasn’t actually taken place? You’ll try to tell me that’s not misognistic either I suppose.

        The facts are plain. Lu likes liars and cheats in her male companions and any woman who interferes by pointing this out is a terrible woman herself. Not true and you need to reexamine your own priorities if you think men should always be believed over another woman. Good luck with that, btw!

      • Pie

        I have had a few friends that have had cheating boyfriends and spouses, the first thing a friend does is ask how she is doing then what does she want to do about it. It is their choice and my only job was to support her decision whether I agreed or not. As a friend, I didn’t seek out proof, I didn’t gossip to mutual friends and acquaintances. You don’t go in for the jugular.

      • Miguel

        Touche, JustJenn!!!

      • tamaratattles

        Of course it’s misogynistic. Hating other women for what their men do is the very definition of it.

        For a writer, you sure do have a limited grasp of vocabulary. Misogyny has nothing to do with hating women because of something a man does. Misogyny is hatred of, or prejudice against women AS AN ENTIRE GENDER. A woman who hates another woman is not a misogynist. A man hating a woman is not misogyny. When someone chooses a side against Bethenny Frankel and in support of Luann, that doesn’t make them a misogynist. that makes them a person with an opinion. One could make a case that Bethenny Frankel is a misogynist. She has consistently expressed hatred toward almost all the women on the cast at one time or another. She is dismissive of the opinions of other women. She actively seems to harm and degrade them and has consistently done so over many years. She seems to be tolerating Carole at the moment out of necessity, but you would be hard pressed to find one other female other than her poor daughter that she is cordial to.

        You don’t understand because it’s your modus operandi.

        Again, you seem to be clueless regarding your word choices. I believe you showed up to a site that is over five years old, with an tight group of regulars and announced what a regular commenter’s MO is. Once again, you have no idea what you are talking about.

        Fine, but don’t spread around your hate of strong empowered women just because you aren’t one. Luann knows who and what Tom is, a philandering Neanderthal and she chooses to accept it. Fine, her low esteem is showing but that doesn’t mean other women have to go out of their way to praise it or stay silent.

        For someone who is so pro woman, you sure do support the misogynist while insulting two women who have been overly kind and and forgiving in the face of a lot of unfounded shit talking. Aren’t you blaming the woman for the actions of her man here? I thought you were not in favor of that.

        Because the way you are telling it all women should not only accept it but stay out of another woman’s lopsided relationship.

        I think the basic rule of decency is if you have a negative opinion about another woman’s relationship, you should keep that to yourself if you are a civil, decent human being who respects boundaries.

        What next? If we see a woman beaten up should we look the other way and act like it hasn’t actually taken place? You’ll try to tell me that’s not misognistic either I suppose.

        Your debating attempts are full of fallacious arguments. In this case, the fallacious argument is called “the camel’s nose.” Here you suggest that maintaining boundaries with regard to a friend’s intimate relationship will lead you down the slippery slope of also ignoring her being assaulted by her partner. It’s not only not misogynistic. It’s an illogical thought process.

        The facts are plain. Lu likes liars and cheats in her male companions and any woman who interferes by pointing this out is a terrible woman herself. Not true and you need to reexamine your own priorities if you think men should always be believed over another woman. Good luck with that, btw!

        The fallacious argument here is one of argument of false fact (and also hyper generalization). You stating that Luann likes liars and cheats is false and therefore so is everything after that false premise. Simply presenting your uniformed opinion as fact, makes any further argument false as well.

        So, to loosely quote NFLMama, please go find an empty stadium and have yourself several seats.

      • Mary

        Touche! Tamaratattles very well said 😊

      • Because the site isn’t letting me respond directly to TAMARATATTLES this is the next best I can do.

        What’s important to distinguish between is your, TAMARA’S statement that a woman should let pass any information she has about another woman’s man, because that is the true definition of maturity, class and fairness.

        That is where I completely disagree. I agree with others the way Bethanny got the information across was badly done, but I believe the situation and severity of the man’s indiscretion and perceived closeness of the friendship are two determining factors in whether or not the woman who was wronged should be told.

        Does anyone else agree or is this the primary reason for all of our disagreements here?

      • Minky

        OMG Tamara! Thank GOD you finally spoke up. Honey, what took you?! You said it better than I ever could.

        And you Carole! (Yes I still believe that WriterFirst’s nonsense is Carole’s asinine spew) Stop trying to sound smart! Put the bong down before you ever try to write anything again. It’s utterly obvious that you’re both deluded and baked. T D was right! Your writing does seem like it was done in crayon. Stop trying to pass yourself off as an enlightened intellectual. Your logic makes you sound like Yogi Bera.

        And stop hiding your hatred of Luanne and worship of Bethenny behind feministic jingoism. It’s people like you who make it excessively difficult for women who have truly been wronged by misogyny to have their real and serious grievances taken seriously.

      • So, I happened onto this site thinking I’d get some honest feedback about what other viewer’s think in regard to watching Luann accept bad behavior from her supposed only true love.

        Instead I get women hating other women for being brutally honest. At least now I know this is the site for treating women badly who don’t happen to drink the Tom koolaide. Good to know. THANKS for showing me why you hate Bethanny so much by acting exactly like she did in these last two episodes!

      • CoBe

        Dear Bethenny’s intern:

        Sounds like you are having a tough day.

        You state you want to know what other viewers think about “watching Luann accept bad behavior from her supposed one and only true love”.

        There are a ton of comments relating to that.

        Since you haven’t seen them, here is mine:

        Every person every day accepts some form of bad behavior from people that they love. My partner’s noxious farting in bed could peel the paint off of the walls. I accept that shit (pun sadly intended) because I love the old coot. He could stop eating cauliflower, but he won’t. I retaliate on Taco Night.

        The dude kissed an ex in a bar after drinking too much. Let’s break this down, shall we?

        Even though they are newly engaged, this is a new relationship. Tom, pushing 50 years old, has had other relationships and I’m guessing he met this girl to get some closure. Nobody really wants to hear this, but many times closure involves “Ex sex”. It always has with me. Kudos to Tom for limiting it to a kiss and LEAVING THE GIRL THERE AT THE BAR (and leaving her with the tab, which ensures she will definitely not be back!).

        Sharing a kiss with an ex is a betrayal, sure. But any good relationship will survive that if it includes honesty and true remorse.

        I recommend settling down and concentrating on your own relationship with whomever. Between the two of you, you can dictate draconian measures for every relationship misstep. I’ve been waiting for someone to bring back the old chastity belts. Fashion has been without them for far too long.

        The worst kind of misogyny involves dictating to women who they should marry, break up with, not sleep with, or be coy with. Luann is an adult woman. She can choose who she wants to be with and what type of behavior she will or will not forgive. SHE chooses and SHE faces the consequences. In your relationship, YOU get to choose and face the consequences. In mine, God help me, I have chosen and faced some indescribable consequences.

        But here is something really important for you to understand: FORGIVENESS DOES NOT EQUAL ACCEPTANCE. Sounds like a one time deal, sounds like they’ve worked through it, and sounds like it is none of any of our business.

        I have to go eat an enchilada now. I hear my old goat rummaging around in the fridge for more of that cauliflower he loves so much.


      • Mary

        I so agree with CoBe

      • CoBe

        Oh, one last thing:

        Unless you are drenched in screech-spit laced through with cheap liquor and Adderall, you have not been treated as Bethenny has treated the rest of the cast.

        You have been educated.

        You’re welcome.

    • CoBe

      It is Luann’s job to decide whether or not to be angry with Tom in her personal relationship. Likely most of us would have walked away, but she chose to stay and work it out. However they have moved past it is between them, not us.

      Viewers are reacting to Bethenny because of her vile behavior. She was not a passive receiver of information, rather someone digging up dirt and gleefully displaying it. This is the type of person that many of us have, unfortunately, had to deal with and none of us appreciate.

      There is no point in pointing fingers at Tom because he has admitted what he did was wrong and made amends to Luann in whatever way they have agreed privately.

      Bethenny, on the other hand, continues to hypocritically point fingers at everyone but herself. Since this is a pattern, nobody is surprised, but decent people want it to stop. Bethenny doesn’t have the self control so it is up to producers to get her off of a show she can’t participate decently in.

      • Writer, men and women hurt each other in a multitude of ways. Comparing a man’s drunken makeout session to a woman getting physically abused is an illogical exaggeration. As for cheating, I don’t consider a one time kissing marathon when smashed out of your mind all that egregious. Was it wrong? Yes. Is it reason enough to leave a man for a one time slip? I don’t think so. I’d be more concerned with his drinking and blackout. Smells more of alcoholism than philandering–although the two sometimes go hand in hand. Luann isn’t stupid. She’s not marrying him tomorrow. Lu still has months to see if this will work out. Branding anyone a cheater because of one kissing episode while drunk is jumping the gun. Of course if it happens again or if he had taken her to a room, that’s a different story. As for your theories on misogyny, I think Tamara said it best: you don’t have a clue as to the meaning of misogyny.

  20. I think even Carole knows B went to far with this and she is back pedaling. A little too late for me though. This was beyond mean girl. Really, I usually love these women. They are kooky, they are weird, but these last couple years there is such a mean spiritedness in the air. She has the nerve to say she is on a reality show when SHE is carrying on with her friend’s husband…separated or not. Not the kind of friend I would ever want to have. I am watching tonight yet I already have a pit in my stomach. LuAnn will be fine. She has class and dignity.

    • Ktina

      She’s only with this guy because he’s loaded. She said she wanted a partner and what she meant by that was someone who could contribute to her bank account. He’s no looker that’s for sure.

  21. Okay.. I am fan of RHOMelbourne – I decided to give RHOAuckland a go and I must say – it’s not bad. So much better than Dallas and Potomac – I was a little bored at the beginning but hang in there it gets better. They dont discuss Etiquette or Poo or fundraising, this is just normal rich married women catty stuff..

  22. Miguel

    I am so anxious for the final episodes to air; so I can put the entire sordid mess of a season behind me!!! I AM OVER ALL OF THEM – THERE ARE NO WINNERS HERE!

    Incredulously, Jules turned out to be the best of the failing ensemble! This franchise may very well be destined for the smoking heap of s#*t that was Potomac & Dallas.

    I’m going to finish what I’ve started; and barring an overhaul of the cast, I’M OUT!!! Thank you, as ever, Tamara for your time, effort, humour and wit with Bravo’s trash! You have the patience of Job!

  23. Shay 2.0

    First time commenting but I have been following you for quite some time TT. Thank you for having a great place to read your post and other viewers comments. This post says it all! Bethenny hijacked this season and has made it so difficult to watch. I hope after this season I never have to hear her voice or see her face again! From the nastiness she spewed in the Berkshires until now in Palm Beach she has been trashing LuAnn every chance she could get. The pleasure she got out of it was deplorable and made me sick to my stomach. I’ve always loved watching an episode a second time, not this year. Bethenny is a vile person and not fun to watch.
    Ramona is annoying as usual and I agree with many commenters that she is making LuAnn’s story hers. Sonja would have been fine with LuAnn and Tom’s relationship if it wasn’t for Ramona prompting her to be bothered by it. On the boat Sonja said that Tom called her and told her he was seeing LuAnn and she was fine with it but on WWHL she said she was mad at him for not telling her. Her story shifted to make herself relevant. Isn’t it interesting that Bethenny and Ramona at the beginning of the season didn’t want anything to do with Sonja but when the knew they could use her connection with Tom to their advantage they brought her back into the fold.
    What made me most disgusted was Bwthenny’s behavior in Palm Beach. She talked about Tom and the kissing event with everyone the whole time, everyone but LuAnn. That last dinner when she, Sonja and Ramona were dropping all kinds of innuendos about Tom and laughing about it was horrible. But tonight we are to believe she is sincere and upset for Lu? What a crock of shit! She is a true piece of shit!

    • Tracey

      I could not agree with you more about everything you said.

      On a side note, what interesting karma that Bethanny was planning on not inviting Lu to Mexico and the trip was cancelled. The trip they end up on was Lu’s.

  24. ericzku

    Yes LuAnn, blame Bethenny for the situation, not the fiancé who cheated on you publically. Perfectly reasonable.

    …she could have went to Dorinda…

    Clearly our dear Lu has never been introduced to the subjunctive mood. Yikes, that’s like nails on a chalkboard.

    • Minky

      I don’t think Luanne is blaming Bethenny for what Tom did. Tom did what Tom did. And Bethenny did what Bethenny did, which was to be a meanie to Luanne because she felt that Luanne’s storyline about getting engaged should have rightfully been her storyline. Luanne is upset with Bethenny for treating her very, very badly all season. Which Bethenny’s spent trying everything in her power to sabotage Luanne, and tonight’s finale episode is supposed to be the culmination of all of that bullying and scheming.

      If Dorinda is the shit-stirrer and, according to Bethenny, the village idiot, then Bethenny is definitely the shit-launcher and the village trouble maker, forever sucking on sour grapes.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I too am baffled that nobody seems concerned about Tom’s actions.

      • Shay 2.0

        I’m not concerned with Tom’s actions as of yet as we only have Bethenny informing us of secondhand information and her reasons are questionable. I am, however blaming Bethenny’s of being a nasty bitch because that is what we are witnessing every episode!

      • We watched Luanne say Tom apologized for his bad behavior with a past girlfriend at exactly the time and place Bethanny said.

        Sad to see so many women taking the cheating man’s side and makes me wonder if women who watch this reality stuff are prone to women shaming, like what they are so quick to accuse Bethanny of. I might have to stay away from this if it attracts serial men behaving badly denialists. Not a good habit to get into.

      • Sandra

        I agree that women in general do sometimes blame the woman when it comes to men who cheat however, I don’t think this is what is happening here. I don’t see anyone giving Tom a pass – I don’t see anyone denying that what Tom did is heinous or even that Lu should blame Tom and rethink her relationship. If you think about it, the consensus was very different for Michael (Jules husband). Most if not all have been very hard on him. I can’t help but mention though, that Bethany has also included herself in Jules marital/relationship problems. What is wrong with this woman?

        I think most feel that Tom is merely a blip or side note in the real storyline this season which is the relationships between the ladies and the effect Bethany’s return has had on that dynamic. That is all that has been discussed this entire season. For this reason, I do not feel it is unusual for viewers to primarily focus on the women’s actions. We’ve seen Tom all of 3 times. We don’t care about or feel any connection to Tom but we do with the ladies hence the strong opinions in their direction.

        Some of the women’s behavior toward Lu whom they profess to care about is nothing short of vicious, cruel and predatory. To add injury to insult it is all over a man. Tom may be a cheater but there is no denying that some of these women’s intentions are to wound and embarrass their “friend” Lu. They hug her and say they are happy and want the best for her while secretly wishing and/or plotting to annihilate her already fledgling relationship. AND They are giddy in anticipation to deliver and/or witness it – practically salivating. What has Lu really done to deserve that treatment? It is disgusting and inhumane.

      • Karen

        I’m not concerned about Tom’s actions because I’m not in a relationship with him and have seen…if I watched the show…very little of him other than what others have said. Luann is very much an adult and knows her man and her heart better than any of us ever will.

        Bethany started out by horrifically slut shaming Luann, then began digging for dirt. Why? Why does anything Luann or Tom does interest her so much? She runs a large business empire that should take up more of her time, and was still going through a lengthy divorce at the time of filming. Why focus so much on Luann? Because as TT said at the beginning of the season, Luann stole Bethany’s story line either knowingly or not, and Bethany was determined to make her pay for it! That’s just nasty to me and very unbecoming.

      • Minky

        @WriterFirst Stop it please. I’m not into “women shaming”, but I do believe in holding people accountable for their actions. Tom apparently admitted to doing it. Bethenny refuses to acknowledge the rationale behind her inexcusable and bizarre behavior. BTW: Plenty of women cheat too. And a lot of women do a lot of other things that are morally dubious, like being engaged to a “technically married” man. Seriously?

      • WriterFirst @ Aug 24 9:10pm (or 10 minutes into the first showing of RHONY).

        What show are you watching that you would get the information that “Tom apologized for his bad behavior with a past girlfriend at exactly the time and place Bethanny said.”

        Because at 10 minutes into the show everyone else saw, Bethenny is telling Luann that she talked to the bartenders and General Manager @ Regency. And Bethenny is telling Luann how to handle Tom. At 11 min after the show begins is the first comment from Tom telling Luann that he’s in a meeting and will call shortly.

        So, either you ARE Carole (as everyone suspects) or one of Bethenny’s minions sent to do her bidding.

      • I’m not Carol. From what I have watched she lives in both NYC and occasionally visits her home somewhere in Los Angeles.

        I live in California but about an hour outside of LA and have never met she or Bethanny.

        I like Carol because until this season she has been the calm one who doesn’t seem to promote all the drama around her. I don’t think she agrees with Bethanny’s attack mode this year but has herself been injured by Luann’s narcissism, and also she has nothing in common with Ramona who apologizes for everything but goes ahead and does it again. Her real friend Heather was outed last year so I think she associates with Bethanny because she likes strong opinionated friends, unlike herself. As to Dorinda and Jules, they seem to be their own entity so she is friendly with them but doesn’t gain much in the way of real companionship while with them. What would the three of them find to discuss when Carol is so much more of an intellectual?

        As to any “in” information all I know is what I see in some of the promo’s, which led me to say some of what I said and since they edit the show way down I am finding not all in the promo’s ends up in the final cut.

      • Ktina

        He’s not my man so I could care less. It’s how Bethenny presented the information. She did this on camera to humiliate Luann

  25. Karebear

    IF Bethenny was truly worried about Lu’s wellbeing then as a concerned friend she would talk to her outside of the show. Unless all this is story line for ratings then that is something different I personally couldn’t act all this out its way too damaging.

  26. Christi

    Lu is right about Bethenny being a fame whore. She’s also right about her being a hypocrite.

  27. Dee

    I’d love to ask Bethenney where her reality is, her divorce, daughter, new boyfriend. She has no storyline without her bullying everyone or her product placement. She is pathetic.

  28. T D

    Why is she long distance stalking someone else’s man? Obsessed with what doesn’t belong to her and that which she envys. It’s probably proper etiquette to return any gratuity received from patrons that are spied and ratted upon.

  29. Cat

    Yes, Tom may be a pig, but Bethany needs to shut the fuck up and mind her own business. Ultimately, it’s Luann’s decision on what to do about the relationship.

  30. RebeccaBartholow

    Bethenny is a pussy boil on the butt of humanity.

    • Robin

      ***slow clap***

      This may be the single greatest comment on the current RHONY season so far. I’m a fan of yours for life. I bow down. HAHAHAHHAHAHAA

      This is also a stellar post in a season of magnificent recaps. I laughed, I cried (from laughing) Thanks, Tamara Tattles.

  31. T D

    Unless the Regency serves Skinny Girl to patrons she has no business to call there excluding her compulsive insertion of her nose in everyone else’s.

  32. T D

    Frankel would make a fantastic olympic time keeper being the proud owner of a stopwatch.

  33. Babs0909

    Besides Miami and DC, will Bravo cancel any of these housewife shows? Haven’t they run this lame franchise into Middle earth already?

  34. Kari

    Bethenny is a miserable person. The whole thing is so disgusting. The fake crying, private investigation, blabbing to the other miserable hags….

    • SJ

      Old habits don’t change quickly, and I think of Southern Comfort’s Tom Ravenel’s lack of any quick turnaround even when cute babies are involved. Hasn’t LuAnne’s Tom been a playboy all his life? Can he change? Maybe but that is Lu’s problem…Bethenny somehow needed to make LuAnn’s storyline more about her than Lu. Ramona was using it to beat up Mario and Sonja demonstrated she forgot what a friend with benefits really is. Bethenny just forgot this is not the Bethenny Show and she doesn’t control all the storylines but she sure tries to.

      • Suse

        You are right on when you say MissB needed to make the story lines about her — most notably, Luanna . . . she screamed at her for dating [married] men and now perfectly single men. Forgive him? I know people (a LOT — myself included) that have forgiven worse in order to salvage a relationship. They don’t grow on tress. She is a miserable human and will not be happy until the entire world is miserable with her.

  35. Jenny

    Really TT?? I know you hate Bethany, but what would YOU do with the info?? I’m sure you would share it just the same as she did. Tom got caught and Lu has decided to look the other way, why is it Bethany’s fault?? Cause she discussed with others? So what!! It happened, for real and bad mouthing anyone but Tom, in this particular situation, is just wrong.

    • tamaratattles

      You are an abject moron. You should probably just never speak so you don’t embarrass yourself.

      • And YOU should try out for the show. Your problem is intelligent, attractive and witty women like Bethanny make you drop the caring friend routine, like she gets the Luanne’s of the world to do…really, you’re a natural.

      • Minky

        Oh come on Carole! Who are you kidding?!

        The closest thing to intelligent Bethenny has ever done is getting other people to do all the work for her. And you’re mistaking her meanness for wittiness. As for attractive: Well, if I had a lot of fucking money, as Bethenny claims to, and I looked like her, I would find a good plastic surgeon and get it fixed pronto.

        And you Carole! Go get those mighty incisors filed down for God’s sake. Maybe then you won’t look like a buck-toothed wonder sucking on a lemon.

      • Dee

        OMG! Writer, have you watched the entire season?! Bethenney has been awful, she knew what she was doing all season as she stated on Twitter after every episode. She says this is reality, just not her reality.

    • Suse

      WRITER FIRST — “Intelligent???” That is not a word I would ever use when describing the housewives. I am compiling a site with nothing but stupid, grammatically incorrect crap these “beautiful, attractive, witty women (and their mediocre men) use on a regular basis. Although MissB and Heather do tend to hang at the bottom of the list Carole (the “writer”) is vying for the top position! Watch for it soon. It’s in every show and, when in New York, Carole ALWAYS makes the list. (Carole, is that you? It’s me! Margaret!)

      I just watched the rerun of last night and loved it when Tom rang back to Luann and MissB told her — hurriedly — “go to MY bathroom (that gives me a reason for the first time to get up out of my bed and follow you . . . with the camera crew).” She actually called the bar and claimed to the bartender (seen in the photo) that SHE was the lady sucking face and because she needed concrete evidence?? Although Carole sat on MissB’s throne, I mean bed, and said, “He did that in the Regency . . .??” OMG!! Then, in MissB’s apartment, agreed with MissB that she too could not believe that Lu cared where the “dirty deed” took place.”

  36. YAAAASSSS Countess! I literally screamed: “get her!!” after reading Lu’s comment about Bethenny being the media whore. Never forget that Luann knows how to dish the nasty as best as anyone, even Bethenny! She’s just not as vile.

  37. Zoe

    I was engaged and I was the happiest I’ve ever been. But then because of fibroids I had a miscarriage and while I was in the hospistal, he cheated on me with a good friend, but I chose to stay and believe him because I’m 40 and thought we were soul mates. I wanted to get married more than anything. But then I kept hearing more n more rumors that he’s a POS who cheats and uses people. I finally left. It’s been a year now and I feel better. I have always liked bethenny and still do. I love this whole cast and hope they keep Jules. Anyways, I guess I’m in minority but I truly believe bethenny wasn’t trying to hurt Luanne. At least I hope not because I have a lot of respect for bethenny.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your situation. Thank you for sharing! I hope you are well from your fibroid surgery and just to let you know, I had numerous large fibroid tumors removed as well. I wish our health care system looked into how to prevent them, but no such luck for now.

      Don’t apologize for believing the best about Bethanny. The fact you don’t assume the worst about her says a lot about your own good soul and belief strong women can be both good and successful but not always in on the games other women play to deceive each other. Luanne is right up there in her own make believe world and attacks those who don’t want to go along with her fake life. Good luck to you!

    • Toni

      Sorry to hear of your heartbreaking loss – seriously, my heart goes out to you

  38. Karen

    It would seem to me a good bartender wouldn’t give out that kind of info without money changing hands or threat of legal ramifications. I don’t believe Bethany simply made those calls. She had a PI spread around some cash for info. I’d bet on thay.

  39. Arizona

    Oh. My. God. Bethenny and her evil minions…they are ok with Tom full-on cheating as long as its with them – well, except for Lu. So 10 years of friends with benefits for Sonia, and obvi, Ramona at the same time at some point. He didn’t put a ring on either of them.

    Not condoning, just sayin. Lu got a ring. A big one.

    So if Lu breaks it off with Tom, do Sonia and Ramona go back to business as usual with Tom??

    PS: are tiaras back in and all the rage?

  40. Lisanobiglips

    I wish my friends or so called friends told me! I support Bethanny’s decision to tell Luann but her delivery could have been different. This is why nobody says anything Luann is blinded by love or lust.

  41. CoBe

    Tom made a stupid mistake in his relationship. He has made admitted his indiscretion and made amends to the person he hurt.

    Bethenny, on the other hand, viciously sought out to harm another person. It wasn’t a mistake or an accident. She wasn’t put in a bad situation by someone else as she claims. She looked for dirt, found it, and relished the attempt at destroying another woman.

    People who would allow Bethenny to be anywhere near them are people who don’t have boundaries. When you see a woman do this to another person, any reasonable person puts up protective walls.

    This is the difference between Tom and Bethenny and why you see so many people outraged.

    Just ask yourself, what happens to the people in Bethenny’s life? Do they come away from the interaction in a better place or do they run from the relationship emotionally abused and suffering?

    • Minky

      ITA CoBe. Why is everybody focusing so much on Tom? Tom and his behavior is between him and Luanne. Period. Bethenny, Carole, Ramona and Sonja are acting worse than a bunch of jealous, butt-hurt, conniving schoolgirls.

      I asked myself what I would do if I found out that the fiancé of a friend or acquaintance was behaving like Tom. Personally, I would tell the friend privately and not tell anybody else who didn’t know already. The ONLY reason to behave the way Bethenny has is if you deliberately wanted to hurt your “friend” and embarrass the fuck out of them publicly.

      Luanne knows this. Whether she knows that Tom behaves like Ferdinand the Bull, and how she chooses to deal with it, is her business. She feels hurt because she knows that she’s being targeted by Bethenny and those who are aiding Bethenny in her quest to crush Luanne. She also knows that if Bethenny hates her this much, then that also means that her job on RHONY is hanging in the balance. That is NOT a good feeling.

  42. Robin

    Once upon a time I had grudging respect for Bethanny, annoying as she is. She’s a self-made success in business through what appears to be a combo of sheer determination, moxie, and hard work. I liked that she was a straight shooter. But she seems to have gotten too comfortable, too high up on the proverbial horse. This season Bethanny went left as hell. She’s become a flaming dumpster fire of a garbage person. Not sure if it’s her crazy upbringing, noxious divorce, obvious personal insecurities, or desperate fame-whoring, but it is clear Bethanny CANNOT permit anyone in her immediate radius to be happy.

    Carole doesn’t eat, kisses the ring, isn’t ambitious enough to exceed Bethanny’s success, and has endured the deaths of her husband and friends. I suppose Bethanny feels Carole has suffered appropriately and enough to get a pass. Carole is also well-connected so Bethanny may view this as an asset to be cultivated. I totally believe she hired a PI to follow Tom. She’s insane.

    IMHO Tom kissing another gal isn’t the end of the world. He and Lu are 50+, been around the block. We aren’t talking about college sweethearts here. Yeah, he did an insensitive and shitty thing. Should it mean the end of the relationship? Nah. The good news is Lu doesn’t give a rat’s ass about my opinion or anyone else’s. If I were Lu I’d be far more pissed and feel far more betrayed by my nosy, shit-talking castmates. They’ve been just awful all season.

    • RebeccaBartholow

      Now I bow down to YOU, Robin. Spot on.

    • Luann is nothing less than a hangers-on living in the way old days when it was OK just to be someone’s woman as opposed to having a full, well-rounded life herself.

      Nobody has much respect for her as they shouldn’t, including and especially Tom. The days of only being important because a woman can hang onto a man no matter how he treats her are gone for good. But it looks like it’s being held onto with thick, wrinkly hands around this watering hole. I’ve heard of excuses to blame the messenger for the message before but never for such a lame reason as HOW versus WHAT the messenger said.

      • Sandra

        Bethenny is guilty as charged and though the HOW matters it is secondary to the WHY. The WHAT is inconsequential in my opinion. The INTENT is the crime here – the intent to hurt and publically embarrass Lu.

        I wonder how many people defending Bethenny would relish having their fiancés/husbands affair outed, discussed and joked about with friends/colleagues before coming to them?

      • The fact you are again unconcerned about the WHAT in that TOM cheated is no longer surprising to me. You obviously choose to ignore the real news and look for irritants (like Bethanny) so you don’t have to face the truth. Just like Luann fails to. What makes you think any of these women are true friends? They are ALL forced together because they are on a reality show. That means they do what they can to be on top of the agenda. It’s not like your comparison of close life-time friends who have no financial ties and are there simply to support each other’s dreams.

        If you believe that then I want to introduce you to My brother-in-law who also can’t keep his hands off of other women, who drinks like a fish, who has been caught diddling a friend and other friends of mine and would love to marry a woman (any woman gullible enough) richer than him. Yep, a Tom (alike) in the flesh. Oh, and I promise not to laugh when someone calls you up and tells you what a lier and cheat he is.

        Feel better now? Oh, but that is so different, but no it really isn’t.

      • Sandra

        I realize these women aren’t close, lifetime friends- If you notice, I also included colleagues which might include a coworker but, does this really matter when it comes to compassion and just simply being humane? Of course I understand the dynamics of these reality shows and the competition to “be on top.” Does it make what these ladies did any less hurtful or harmful? I can’t imagine this being acceptable in any competitive environment. It is cruel. Why the heartfelt excuse for the women’s heinous behavior? The look of devastation on Lu’s face was real. Is it ok for women to hurt one another this way for the purpose of winning? It is not. Again, I’m sure no one would appreciate their partner being investigated and in the process being humiliated by a colleague in front of others. It was cruel and tacky.

        I don’t give any passes to Tom, what he did was not acceptable but, the WHAT is beside the point in my opinion because I believe this Tom story just happened to be the opportunity that was available for Bethenny to hurt Lu.
        Carole, Sonja and Ramona are shown practically salivating at the thought of her humiliation. All of these women have at some point expressed they have experienced hurt and humiliation at the hands of a man and they still had no hesitation to bring this very public pain and humiliation to Lu. Nasty.

        One other point. There is no difference to me between a man or women who marries for money. I would bet that you know a few of those women as well. We all do. To add, men AND women cheat. But no one should use that information to hurt another person and this is what some of these ladies did. In this case for me, the WHY supersedes the WHAT.

      • You make very compelling arguments about the poor treatment of women by other women. The difference is in the way we see it taking place. You say Bethenny took glee in giving Luann the news about Tom cheating. But I also saw the glee in Luann’s eyes when she told both Sonja and to a lesser degree Ramona about her being asked to be married by Tom totally and uncaringly outright dismissing their time with Tom. She repeated hurtful things like, “but he’s MARRYING ME”. Yeah, they got it, and had to hear it time and again. When a simple ‘I know you also spent time with Tom and I appreciate that and now please help me celebrate this.’ Not such a difficult thing to ask of women she calls her friends but seems to have around only long enough to use either for their homes to stay in or someone to brag to. She belittled Carol in a most painful way and shamed her with her notions about her being a cradle robber as well. Nope, not at all a Luann pittier here.

      • Sandra

        They have all had their opportunities to be catty and braggadocios – even move in on another man the other was interested in but, no one has ever gone to that level to hurt another to the point where they investigate someone’s partner, bring the “spoils” to the group and then blindside a castmate with it. I am not a sympathizer of any of these women in particular, I take each situation and storyline as it comes. I abhor bullying and viciousness that is meant to break or ruin another. That is totally different in my opinion than these women trying to one up the other in their finances or sexual prowess for the show. For example, I remember that it was quite a laughing matter when at least 4 ladies in this group admitted to sleeping with a castmates ex just a few seasons ago. Not my cup of tea but, they seemed to all have been ok with it before. This is only different because the man in question CHOSE one of them.

        Imo, these women started gritting on Lu the moment she said she was in love before they even knew it was Tom. I don’t recall Lu even knowing these women had feelings for Tom until she was already in love with him. Nor did she think there was any ongoing contact. This was definitely messy but, when Lu initially asked Sonja about Tom, she admitted they had dated, not were dating. After Lu asked Tom about SM and Ramona, he confirmed there was no relationship with either of them. Not to mention, Tom admitted to taking Ramona out and dating Sonja but, both these ladies stories have changed at least 3 times in regards to the intensity or longevity of the relationship they had with him so, it is hard to feel any sympathy for or believe either of them. To add, I don’t think they care about Tom- they care more that he chose Lu.

        Having stated that, even if two or more ladies were unlucky enough to have dated/slept with the same man, once he proposes to and puts a ring on a women’s finger that is the cue for everyone else to step back. And even if you don’t like it, respect that this man has made a choice. Also, if you aren’t the one with a ring it is now time to realize your booty calls didn’t mean any more than that. Neither of them claimed to have a relationship with him. It is ridiculous for any woman to continue spouting that she slept with said man after that. This is why Lu felt the need to respond in that manner. We’ve already made clear that these girls are not friends and I know people who are in the same circle who have dated the same guys where the first a fling, the second girl got the serious relationship. Who wants to keep hearing someone repeat on a loop they knocked boots with your fiancé? JMO.

        I know we won’t agree on this and that is ok. It’s fun to debate the shows. I enjoyed our chat.

      • I agree with everything you said in this post. Very astute and there is all the difference in the world between someone who had a “friend’s with benefits” relationship like Sonja and the relationship Luann has with Tom. I remember Sonja saying Tom told her he had met someone he really, really liked (meaning Luann) and this tells me Sonja realized Tom’s relationship with her was about to change anyway.

        Also, it seems to me Ramona was trying to convince herself she had something with Tom when it was nothing more than a couple casual dates – which is what it often takes to find out someone isn’t right for you. So, no love lost there and Ramona needed to let it go a lonnnng time ago.

        Ramona deserves the hangers on award this season for sure. And I enjoyed the debate as well and am honestly seeing the subtle differences you are talking about in terms of the HOW to communicate something if in fact it needs to be said.

      • Robin

        WTF? Who are you to suggest that Lu hasn’t had a full, well-rounded life herself? Seems like she was a nurse, a model, and a star on European television PRIOR to marriage #1. During which SHE became a mother, performed all manner of philanthropic activities, and landed a spot on another television show. She’s lived all over the world and speaks a few different languages. Raised not terrible kids. Survived a divorce. Seems a fairly full and well-rounded life to me, and I am not even a Lu fan. Who are you, who is anyone to judge the relative worthiness of another woman’s life? If a gal chooses to be a wife and mother, is she relagated to being a “hanger on”? Seems the very definition of feminism is CHOICE; the freedom to decide whatever your life will be as a woman. The woman who marries and mothers can have just as full a life as any other’s, it has ZERO to do with the behavior of her significant other or her reaction to it. Because women are not wholly and entirely defined by their relationships, significant others, or their reactions to them.

        For someone who seems so ready to call out others as “thick and wrinkly” you sure do seem to have a narrow, old-school view of who a worthwhile woman is and how she behaves. Luann has no self respect because she chose differently than you would? Oh please. You don’t know who in her life respects her. I respect her, because she is doing what she wants to in spite of the jealous bitches around her. I’m also astute enough to get that I’m seeing a fraction of the real life situation. We don’t have all the facts, we have no idea what happens between the two people in this relationship.

        There is a huge difference between the message and the messenger. Bethanny didn’t have to investigate this situation in order to twist the knife, something she clearly enjoys. She didn’t have to confide in the other women or even inform anyone on camera. Her methods were designed to impart the message as painfully as possible, while inflicting maximum damage and embarrassment. Shady AF.

        Ugh, just stop already.

      • Thanks for going so in depth to explain why you associate with Luann. Hate working women much?

        Never mind, you gave your overly long and completely inaccurate account of what Luann offers the world which according to you include her travels (for her own pleasure solely) not exactly donating her nursing time to Doctors Without Borders. And her supposed mothering skills which according to an earlier Housewives of New York episode included her leaving her kids at home with the nanny while she was out dancing and drinking (still married mind you) the nanny and her daughter couldn’t find her numerous times when her daughter woke up, asked for her and wanted to know why Luann was sending her away to a boarding school.

        Don’t equate the narcissistic Luann with yourself and other caring stay-at-home moms. It does too much of a disservice to wonderful caring moms (stay at home or working).

        Look back at the first few seasons and learn about who she really is and why Tom is her perfect match!

      • Robin

        Judgemental much? Based on a tiny portion of a person’s life shown on TV you somehow derive their value in the world? Who cares why she traveled? Are the only nurses with value working for DWB? Like I said, I’m astute enough to get that I don’t see enough to make an assessment of what Lu “offers the world”. Or her relative place in her relationships.

        I’m also astute enough not to make assumptions about a commenter’s life beyond the commentary. See, I haven’t had time to hate working women or stay at home moms or anyone else. Because I’ve been out earning my 2 graduate degrees and employed as a social worker for the 2+ decades since I left college. Been tag-teaming parenting 4 kids with my husband as he serves his country and we are stationed all over the planet. Happy to report we needed no nanny, no boarding schools, no open marriage. So I don’t equate myself with anyone on TV, stay at home moms, or narcissists because I am none of these. And I am not getting enough info about those on TV to make that determination either way.

        I did get plenty of info on Bethanny’s shitty behavior. We all did. BTW really rich that you call out a comment for being overly long. How self-aware you are.

      • You sound tired and way too busy to live your life through Luann. And as to being self-aware, please tell me with your lack of good judgement about the women in this TV series and Luann in particular’s inability to even handle raising two kids without sending them away because of her poor narcissistic tendencies – that you aren’t actually going to meddle into other people’s home situations. Protect us all from that please!

        No, you seem much better suited for writing reality TV actress’s biographies, since no one really cares if they are genuine or not.

      • I agree with one part of what you said. Bethenny could have been gentler with her communication about what Tom was doing and also, that she was not trying to help Luann as much as she was pointing out the disingenuous nature of Luann and her supposed new love.

        That said, I believe like Bethenny that Luann is the far lesser person for so many reasons I have already stated. Would I want either one as a best friend? No. Who would I want the least? Definitely Luann who so far seems to have no friends that I have seen (other than these working partners rather than true friends) and that is why she needed to rely on poor Sonja’s good nature earlier in the season. She had an open marriage, not something I care either way about except that she lied about it for years and tried to keep the ruse up until finally Bethanny called her on it.

        I can’t think of any reason to root for Luann and no one here has shown one, and I can and do hope Bethanny with the final end of her own disastrous marriage will only get better and stronger and back to caring about herself (something Luann excels at with her narcissism).

      • Overeducatedopinion

        Hear, hear

      • Overeducatedopinion

        Uh, I’m agreeing with Robin not Writerfirst (Carol, ha).

      • Cat


        I am agreeing with Luann, because it is HER relationship, and HER choice.

        Bethenny is out of line. She needs to but out, and mind her own business.

      • NYDudette

        @WriterFirst aka Carole, You really need to shut up. You refuse to understand that people here don’t condone Toms behavior but is up to Lu, she is the one putting up with it, Tom is not a housewife..Bethenny is. She made the decision of humiliating Lu on national tv and on top of that trying to make it all about her. Please please shut up and crawl back into Bethennys ass, it’s got to be pretty crowded in there. SMH

      • People like you get personal by telling me to shut up, etc. only because you are losing an argument.

        You are a lot more like the Bethanny’s of the world than you know. Stay yourself and keep saying offensive things but blame those on TV for being disgusting. It’ll get you far…

      • Robin

        Didn’t you tell me I “hated working women”, incorrectly state I was a stay-at-home-mom, and that I was “tired”? Oh, and “living my life through Luann”. Made reference to “old and wrinkly” folk here as well. And that’s just what’s been implied/assumed about me. People like YOU get personal.

      • I’m in this reality boat with you. Wrinkly applies to me as well, it’s not just about you. You were defending Luann by saying she was a world traveler (not an accomplishment but a privilege) and had a degree in nursing (a big accomplishment but which I have yet to hear she has done anything with) and that she was a good mom (which the show has shown is the opposite of true) when she leaves her to nannies and sends her away to school so she can continue her all night forays into the city and even uses her daughter to promote her lame songs having her dance and sing in the background (not a good look for either one).

        You stated you are not against working moms. Enough said, we disagree and will continue to do so about Luann and who we each think she is.

      • Good point about the women being part of the franchise and Tom being new and more of a satellite to their constellations. But being new to this site (not to the Housewives) it surprises me the way posters here look mainly at how the women react to each other and almost dismiss their reactions to outside (in this case Tom’s) influence.

        You’re helping me realize I look at all of this more like a male in that I don’t see these women as a cohesive unit but like a group thrown together trying to top each other at every turn, forming alliances (Dorinda and Jules) and (Bethanny and Carol) and at one time (Sonja and Luann) which changed to (Luann and Tom).

        Looking at it from my standpoint each alliance has it’s good and bad sides. And what you call picking on Luann I call protecting their (Bethanny and Carole’s) interests. They do not stand for phony shenanigans on reality TV and to ME, Luann and now her love interest Tom, both do. They also don’t abide by Luann’s public persona of being a countess while her off-camera self is a desperate middle-aged woman willing to sleep with anyone who crosses her path and is willing to be her bed partner. THAT is how she comes across to ME.

        Yes, it looks like bullying at times and as you point out it crossed the lines. But what I hear all of you saying is the difference to you is how often those lines were crossed and how low it was to try to include Ramona and even Sonja to make their points and gang up on her.

        YOU think Bethanny is a B—-. I think she is way over the top and will end up alone, but I think Luann is a delusional, self-righteous has-been with nothing to offer but her sad part on a TV show.

        Who wins in all this? Maybe not those of us watching.

  43. PeachyKeen

    When I did watch Bethenny say something to Lu about Tom leaving Regency after the make out situation.. I though I heard that Beth say he left with the CHICK.. not paying the check.. hearing aid time for me… Am I wrong?

    • tamaratattles

      I heard he was so drunk he “left her with the check”.

      • PeachyKeen

        Well, what woman is dumb enough to put her credit card up for the drinks?
        Tom is looking more like a wild eyed Ferret.. not anything I would even care about
        Lu is too needy for words…
        Wish her what she reaps….Her “soul mate”.. will end up with Lu being solo

      • tamaratattles

        He is a regular so he probably didn’t have to put a card up. They may have just made her pay for hers.

  44. DejaBlue53

    KCSCougar has a new cartoon of the NY housewives up on youtube for season 7! He’s back! Yay!

  45. tamaratattles

    So, gang. Have we finished playing with the rat? Is it time to kill it and toss it into the WLS?

    All in favor say Aye! Opposed, Nay!

  46. Suse

    Is it me (duhhh), or did Miss B seem to “set up court” in her hotel room — and more particularly in her bed — summoning people to present themselves before her, bring her drinks, go fetch other peons that she “needed” to rake over the coals . . . HECK, even perform a needed “spoon,” if so need be. I never thought much of Luann. I sort of thought she was a little of a big head that really did not have all the class she made out to possess. But, now, I think she truly is naive and lets MissB run all over her — and then she apologizes to her!! MissB certainly has a was of turn the situation around to make herself the victim. Even her tag line — “If you can’t handle the truth . . . ” Shouldn’t it be, “If you cannot handle BETHENNY’s truth . . . ” She started this season by telling Sonja she would never speak to her again after she tampered “with her business!!!” But, she said horrible things about Sonja’s, Luann’s, etc. She and Carole going after Luann in Dorinda’s house was so bad I could hardly watch it. Now, she and Sonja are besties! Ramona continues to be bitchy and get away with it (mostly by Dorinda), Now, along with her “horribleness,” she has made a new way to look at a BULLY. The way she has treated Jules is so atrocious, I want to slap her through the TV. She tops it off by telling all that she “just can’t be around her” because of her mother (that she hates). Really?? I don’t see that Jules is any thinner than Carole — Jules just carries it beautifully, while Carole looks like a starved horse. Luann has found someone to love (albeit a little bit of a castoff, but it doesn’t bother her!), someone her own age and, if you think about it, a man that has stayed single for over 50 years!! Luann got a proposal from this guy in less than two months? No wonder Sonja is sad (I do feel for her). Although she makes light of Tom being her “lover,” truthfully, she would give anything for him to have loved her. Bethenny’s man is married and Carole is dating a child! Ramona has nobody! Dorinda is happy with John and, let’s face it, Jules is beautiful AND kind, she will land on her feet. That will go a long way and is something Bethenny could NEVER muster- no wonder Jason gave up.

    Bethenny, you have made a terrible bed and you are gong to be forced to lie in it. You should apologize to everyone and attempt to salvage some of these relationships. It may not matter if they like you, but it does matter if we don’t.

    • Yeah. Starting to think this whole thing just a ruse to get Luann a free Bravo wedding, with groom in on it for free publicity for his fledgling printing company.

      • Kika

        Do you really think that this wedding is ever going to take place? I Sure have MY doubts!

      • I do (no pun intended).

        I read Luann and Tom made the European tour and all they talked about were the wedding plans. Who was and wasn’t invited and so on. Bravo lost two Housewives franchises Potomac and the other yawn and need to fill in a time slot.

        Bethanny’s and Tamara’s were over the top and got great ratings. Or, maybe Tom leaving her at the altar will get more mileage but I don’t see Bravo selling anything but the impossible fairytale to it’s viewers. Don’t you think it will take place? And if not what’s your take on how this will unfold?

      • Kika

        I am basing my opinion on his being 50 and never having been married. I also think LuAnn is going to come to her senses. (This was too fast and desperate on her part)

        Whatever happened to Jacques? What happened to that relationship?

      • Well, THAT lie about the Johnny Depp look alike she told (very Lochtesque) where trying to cover up sleeping with him became worse than the actual deed, apparently kept resurfacing. The celebrity rags that covered it interviewed both and said it came down to her pressuring him to get married but he got real nervous about her cheating on him and didn’t trust her.

        Again, another reason I am not part of her fan base. I know, Bethanny is horrible and there is no reason for her actions this season and blah, blah but Luann has such a bad history she lost me a number of seasons ago.

      • Kika

        Just to add I suspect that he has a problem with alcohol. He hangs around much of his time at a bar. I think LuAnn is overlooking many faults that she needs to be aware of before tying the knot, pre-nup or not. She is in love i with Love. Why is she sounding so amazed at the fact that he loves her or says that he does. She needs to re-group!!

      • Yes Kika! I can see others here getting angry with Bethanny and Carol because they disagreed with their behavior this season but to me LuAnn is the one who deludes herself into thinking she will have a good relationship with yet another man simply because he says he loves her. It’s that old saying what is the definition of insanity…doing the same thing and expecting to get different results. That’s LuAnn.

        Sonja on the other hand is my real hope in this bunch. So wonderful she stopped the drinking, seems like a shaky fawn at times and needs all the help she can get from this group but if they help her at all at least she is trying to move ahead with her recovery. The others are leery of her understandably based on her past behavior but she has a chance at least to overcome past mistakes, in my opinion. But that is not what this post is about…

  47. Arizona

    The horse is dead.

    This was really, really good!

  48. Suse

    I can’t help myself! Bethenny invites Luann to her Mexican party — then when she shows, tells her how wonderful(!!) it is to see her . . . *skip to interview* . . .” l should have know she would show up. Luann has no self respect . . .” How dare Luann not melt into a puddle in her hotel room, take Rx drugs and wash them down with wine while watching the way we were . . . Is it by calling Luann a whore and every other name in the book at Dorinda’s home, she feels that she must break up Luann’s monogamous relationship so that her theories are correct?? Now, she tells her to her face that “she feels sorry for her . . .” She did all “that detective work” so that she “knew her shit.” To be so smart — what part of “stay out of out business” does she not understand?? Carole chimes in . . “It is tragic.” (Tragic?? Really??)

    One thing I get when watching these shows with all these women and men swimming in money . . . folks is folks. They act as stupid as any hick in the sticks — they just do it in better clothes while drinking better booze.

    • CoBe

      Well, in this case, those “rich folks” are drinking far WORSE, watered down skinny crap booze. But I get what you’re saying!

      • Minky

        No disrespect to mercados. I shop at them all the time and I love them deeply. Why? Because it’s dirt cheap and they have the same stuff as any other big name supermarket. (Terrific deals on steak and roasts!!! And amazing fresh tortillas and tomatillo salsa! Plus wonderful halva or rahat lokum and other Middle Eastern products) But, at least in L.A., they’re usually in the roughest parts of town, and most “rich folks” wouldn’t be caught dead there.

        Anyhoo… The reason I say this is because that’s where I’ve seen SG liquor being sold in my neck of the woods recently. At the mercado. The bottles were really dusty, BTW.

  49. tamaratattles


    The spamming idiot has been relocated to the WLS without so much as a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels

  50. Arizona

    Too funny y’all!

  51. OmgOmg

    I stumbled upon this site couple months not realizing how awesome it is. I can’t even begin to explain how much I disagree with @writerfirst on a molecular level and how much TT’s post was spot on. And it was brilliant! I am relieved to know that I’m not the only one who knows Logic! And debate discourse! :) Sometimes the level of disgust & dismay I have with B almost makes me feel sorry for her.
    I actually like Luann, sue me. She’s actually had long-term relationships. She has handled herself with aplomb.
    Bethenny is a scary person, and I don’t Get the whole “zero fucks” thing. Like in my world — I don’t think *caring* about people makes you weak. She is like a 14 year old boy at heart, one who is the playground bully. I am so sick of seeing SkinnyGirl in every scene. B ego is out of control. My prediction is that this will have a Greek Tragedy ending. Oh how the mighty fall. Supposedly it’s already impacting her business. @writerfirst – go F yourself. I like L better than B. B is vile. I am a former fan who even read Bethenny’s stupid book. B is totally manipulative. She is really really really not a good person.

    • tamaratattles

      Well, OmgOmg I feel like you’ve always been here! In case you haven’t figured it out yet we have a special seating area for particular commenters called the Window Licking Section (WLS) where they can go an comment all they want but no one, including me ever sees it. We occasionally imagine them with their runny noses pressed against the glass watching us down below in VIP seating trying in vain to capture our attention, to no avail. :)

  52. Susie

    “She is probably also very, very hungry” explains why TT is queen of the reality show commentaries. Thanks! Another great read.

    Being hungry all the time explains why she is so mean! 👿

  53. Paige

    Bethany recently was quoted saying she is the only housewife who is putting her full life on camera, yet she hid her married [to her friend!] boyfriend! She barely talked about him and he is never shown — such a hypocrite in every way. She judges everyone but she is the worst.

  54. Karina

    I could tell just by carole’s (aka writer’s first) spewing style of writing that it was her. I’ve read her twitter feed and blogs and she never lets her grievances go.

    Even though she’s got her nose against the wall in the WLS
    .She’ll come back with another alias after hitting the bong.

    Both Tom and Bethenny look like idiots and I wouldn’t trust either one of them.

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