Antwon Jackson, Emmy Award Winning Stylist to Wendy Williams, Has Died

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One of the worst parts about running a website is deciding when to post a rumor and when not to post a rumor.  For silly things, like who is sleeping around for a lease on a Bentley to drive on a reality show, a blind item does the trick. But some rumors are serious.

The Internet is knows for starting rumors that someone has died. When Prince died, I got a lot of flack for putting the information up before TMZ, because no one wanted to believe it. I continue to be a huge Prince fan, and unfortunately I had seen sufficient information to know it was true. I rushed to put it up, not to be first to share the terrible news, but because I personally needed someone to grieve with. I was devastated.

On Monday, one of my favorite RHOA sources, who I trust told me that Antwon Jackon, Wendy Williams hair stylist and “wigologist” had passed away. I believe I was told he died on Sunday morning. I investigated the source of the rumor and found it not to be one I would find credible enough to report a death. As more and more sites posted about the death, I continued to hold out hope that it was an Internet hoax, because there was no legitimate news outlet reporting the news. 

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I fell asleep again yesterday around 6 pm and woke up to the news being confirmed by Wendy Williams on her Instagram.

It is with a heavy heart that I share with all of you the death of Antwon Jackson, my wigologist. He was an Emmy winning stylist and so much more. He was my friend. He had the biggest heart and was a pleasure to work with. I will forever be thankful for your friendship and love, Antwon. Thank you for the laughter you brought into my life and your sweet smile that always brightened my day. May you rest in peace.

My heart goes out to Wendy. She has been through a lot lately. The black media dragged her over a comment that she made on her program toward the end of last season regarding Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). I felt like her comments were taken out of context. Basically what she said was, she is not sure how she would feel if the shoe was on the other foot. That is, if she were a race other than black.  The current state of racial tension in America was extremely high because the Dallas police shooting had just occurred following unjustified and illegal murders of multiple black men at the hands of white police officers. This caused her comment to receive a lot of scrutiny and rain of hatred came down on Wendy. She was accused of not knowing why HBCUs exist. She was accused of not understanding the decades of fighting for segregated educational systems.  She was accused of not being “black enough” due to her middle class upbringing and access to quality education. She was accused of denouncing the NAACP. She was traumatized. She allowed her biggest critic Roland Martin to come on her show and “educate” her about her comments. She lost a huge ad campaign with a major automobile manufacturer.

Wendy Willimans Antwon

At the end of the season a large number of her staff was fired without any warning. It’s been an extremely difficult couple of months for her.  Wendy is the most successful black, female, daytime TV host since Oprah and she continues to have to fight to stay on the air at all, let alone stay on top.

And Antwon was her closest sidekick and supporter on the show. He often filmed the aftershow with her and was on her show often. You could tell they had a very close relationship. You could also tell he was an all around kind person. The show will suffer without him.

Antwon leaves behind his beloved fiancé, Dontay Savoy, who appears on LA Hair and is also a hair stylist. The two had recently spent a week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico during their break from filming. Antwon also had a son, DeAntwon Jackson who is 25. Antwon was 44.


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19 responses to “Antwon Jackson, Emmy Award Winning Stylist to Wendy Williams, Has Died

  1. FarFromPerfekt

    To quote Florida Evans …”Damn, Damn, Damn” (smashes plate on floor)! This year has been brutal with the loss of soon much talent. 🙁

  2. Marie G

    Whilst the passing of Wendy’s friend is sad, may his soul rest in peace, the pain of losing her friend should not be linked to the outcome of her blatantly ill informed comment. It is just unfortunate that her staff had to be fired and not her. This is something she has done for years since her radio days. She’s brought shame and derogation to the life of others, and she’s proud of it. She thought she was invincible having a tv show and pandering to a subset of people.
    Regardless of what she represents, a successful black woman, the reality of life is that we are to be held accountable for our words and actions. And Wendy’s has been a long time coming.

    A black woman at her age does not know why historical black colleges exist? Her comment was not taken out of context, it was received and interpreted in the context it was meant. Are we going to pretend we do not know why HBC’ exist? Or has privilege blinded us to American history?

    • SnookumsLynn

      I agree Marie…no Wendy doesn’t deserve any passes for that comment. I had to fire her after that too, it was too much…
      this is very sad about her wigologist…I didn’t know he was engaged to that Dontay :( and these two things are very much unrelated…

  3. Beverly

    Am sorry for Wendy Williams yes she been threw a lot i watch her after shows all the time and her shows ever day me and my daughter Lemika. Love her show OMG hairstyles may he rest in peace and lots of prayers to his family love all ways for ever Bev.

  4. tamaratattles

    There really needs to be some sort of class in high school that teaches things like how to behave when someone dies. Clearly that is no longer being taught in the home.

    • Nanaintn

      I have commented several times regarding how much I look forward to your posts (always reliable), the comments (the best!), but don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how much I appreciate your sincere sensitivity and respect regarding some things. Thank you Tamara for reminding us that there is a ‘time and a place’ for all things….it’s appreciated!

    • Nanaintn

      I have commented several times regarding how much I look forward to your posts (always reliable), the comments (the best!), but don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how much I appreciate your sincere sensitivity and respect regarding some things. Thank you Tamara for reminding us that there is a ‘time and a place’ for all things….it’s appreciated!

  5. Frogarts

    Yes! That comment made me feel so icky that I had to leave for a while. This is the world we live in?!?! Sad.

  6. Margaret Shepard

    I love her show and go into withdrawal now that she is on break. I feel so sorry for his family especially his son as mine is the same age. He was a huge part of Wendy’s life as well. RIP Antwon.

  7. Guest Appearance

    One day Americans are going to wise up and stop attacking each other for having a different point of view. This year is so hate filled and divisive that we cannot see the long term damage it will do, particularly with a world war at the door step. Please don’t hate me, please don’t hurt me, please don’t kill me because I disagree with you. I haven’t met any perfect people but I have met a lot of people, like myself, that can benefit from more education and loving kindness.

  8. My condolences to his family. This is so sad.

  9. Rach

    Omg I love watching him on her after shows! So sad! RIP Antwon

  10. Antwon was a killer stylist, long respected in the New York editorial, film & tv scene. May he rest in peace.

  11. Cat

    44.….way too young.

    I must be clueless, because I have never found anything shocking about Wendy’s point of view. Different, maybe, but not shocking. Nothing worth an angry mob with torches and pitchforks.

  12. Poor Wendy, poor Antwon’s loved ones! I am sorry for the loss. I will also say that people need to back the truck up before running over WW with it on the HBCUs. It was a reasonable remark. An attempt to look at things from a different perspective. And although attending an HBCU because you’re a legacy or out of pride in its history is great and admirable, you don’t have to do it to get a good education. Your skin color will not deny you entrance to the Seven Sisters, the Ivy League or any of the respected state universities. I don’t see her comment as one that slapped a sacred cow.

    • SnookumsLynn

      as a black woman of a certain age, her comment sounded dumb, just for the sheer fact that i don’t even believe the junk that was coming out of her mouth. I’m sure there were institutions her father may NOT have been unable to attend, he’s 80 or so she says, so college in 1940 – please see a list of what was available for Black people at that time – freaking schools were still segregated…her comment was ignorant and not reasonable. in 1930 Princeton admitted and sent home their first black college student…it wasn’t so easy for anyone to be admitted to Ivy League at that time, thus HBCU’s were NECESSARY!

      HBCU’s were developed because of racism that this country produces, it was a way for Blacks to be able to attend college. it’s not a vanity project, it was necessary at the time, and why she would act as though she didn’t know that is beyond me.

      • tamaratattles

        Do you honestly believe she didn’t know the history of HBCU? Did you actually listen to what she said? She was talking about young people in this time who are not black and simply wondered how they feel about HBCUs and NAACP? She walks a fine line with a multicultural audience these days and tries to be inclusive.

        She shouldn’t have said what she said, because talking about racial issues in this country is like playing with fire. I on’t think she had any ill intentions toward anyone. She was trying to be PC. And it cost her big time.

  13. Lou

    Oh I’m so sorry… I’m sorry for Dontay too… I love him and didn’t realize they were engaged. Sad day… The man was a genius with hair

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