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Teen Mom OG Cast
I was just searching for Teen Mom OG posts to pull tags and it occurred to me I never recapped this show before.  I have no idea why they felt the need to start me off with two shows in one night but I’m going to do a quickie recap of both shows together.  I just ate a big bowl of spaghetti so there is no telling if I will get through both of these without a food coma coming on.  Well, I made it through the first one, but I am going to do the second one on a second post, probably sometime later today. It’s break time.


The second we see Farrah she is showing her ass. Last time we saw her she was blessing out the producer, Larry and treating him as if he were gum on her shoe.  There was Farrah has a porta potty right in front of her house because she will not let the crew use her bathroom. You need to understand that the crew has stayed basically the same over the many years this

show has filmed. They are not strangers they are people who have been in their lives since high school. All the other girls have strong bonds with product. But not Farrah. Surely her HOA would fine her for this nonsense.

Farrah has purchased herself a fourteen carat (total weight) engagement ring. She can’t figure out why Simon hasn’t proposed to her and paid her back for it. We only see a photo of the ring, we do not see an actual ring.  And yet, Simon goes shopping with Simon for a house in LA. Farrah is going to hire an au pair to travel with her and take Sophia to school, and basically parent her.  I think this is a fabulous idea. Sophia needs a parent.

Farah has a pod cast. The caller asks Larry why he has a porn actress on Teen Mom when she such a horrible role model. Larry is such a nice guy he says positive things about Farrah. He is the one Farrah literally pushes around the set.

In LA, Farrah has her friend Jenna who is clearly in the adult entertainment business drop by for a chat.  Jenna’s face though. I guess no one ever notices that. As they are talking, Farrah has some guy styling her hair. It’s clear this is literally his first time holding a curling iron. I have no idea what they are talking about because I am waiting for him to be able to successfully wrap some hard around the curling shaft. So far, not happening.

Teen Mom OG Catelynn Tyler


I hate watching these people buy new houses. Their current house is lovely and yet Tyler wants a more open floor plan. Must be nice. If you read my Catfish posts, you would know that all last season I was obsessed with the catfish and the mark having these pumpkin colored walls. Catelynn and Tyler have them too. At first I thought they were painting them when they did the whole staging of the houses for filming to remove all the artwork and copyright stuff from the wall, but now I think it is done with computer graphics. If that is how they do it then why does everyone have the same pumpkin color?

Catelynn still has postpartum depression. Yet they are talking about having a really big family. She tells Tyler that she is going to go back to Weight Watchers. Tyler tries to point out she is currently eating Mexican takeout. Catelynn thinks that is seven points.


Nothing has changed at Amber’s where there are still dogs using the apartment as a toilet. So gross. One of the dogs peed on a producer.

Amber is still negotiating the child support she is supposed to pay Gary as well as the joint custody. Nothing has been signed. Later we hear Gary’s side of the story where he says that Amber continues to refuse to sign anything.

She seems over the fact that Matt has at least seven kids that we know of.  After I typed that, Amber and Matt take  horseback riding and Matt gets a phone call saying that another woman has come forward claiming he is the father of her child and he broke up with her when she was five months pregnant. Later Matt is hold a small baby at Amber’s cousin’s house. He doesn’t even know how to support the baby’s head.

Teen Mom OG Maci


Taylor is in the market for a ring to propose to Maci with. Taylor went to the tabloids to call out MTV on editing last season because the show made it look like Maci was pressuring him to propose. He says that is not Maci at all and she has never put any pressure on him. About that same time, Tyler was on social media saying that MTV made it look like Catelynn was pissed about the stripper at his bachelor party. He says that was fake, they both agreed that they both could have strippers at their party and there was no stripper issue.

Taylor proposed to Maci on the beach while they were in LA working on an MTV project. She got to show off the ring to all the girls at the MTV studio afterward.  Even Farrah was kind and supportive. The engaged couple seems very happy and anxious to tell Bentley who is in LA for the show. Bentley cries. Ryan seems, well like Ryan.

I will recap the second episode soon. I just need a little nap or a break or a different show to recap first.


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29 responses to “Teen Mom OG: HePut A Ring On It

  1. All these people annoy me senseless but I started to weep when Maci told everyone she was engaged and Bentley hugged her and cried ….(It’s one of those weeks..sigh..)

  2. Cgal38

    Thx for recapping this tt – am still a teen mom girl too (not literally, just a fan). My heart breaks for Amber and catelyn – they both had such terrible upbringings and their hearts seem so in the right place but their desire for a family unit is overshadowing their judgement.

    That said – I actually don’t hate Tyler – he’s super immature but he seems to love and want the best for catelyn, just maybe doesn’t know how to express himself constructively. It’s a tough thing dealing with a partners weight gain – I’ve struggled with weight for 10 years, and when my parents tried to nicely discuss it with me – I completely flipped. I’ve now lost 55lbs and have instructed my fiancé that I’ve worked too hard to get here (2+ years and a 100% lifestyle overhaul) and if I start slipping, to get me back on track. Tyler is way too young to know how to constructively do that, and he likely has no concept of the deep role depression plays in this, and there are health risks associated with rapid weight gain and obesity (she did have gestational diabetes). She may have told him off camera to keep her on track, he’s likely legit concerned about her health, but he’s an immature milleniAl and it comes out as judgey and mean.

    This may have been the 2nd episode but as a very frequent, multiple times/day legal pot smoker I applaud the liberal reaction by dr. Drew and the therapist – it’s beyond time we stop putting it in the same category as coke, and it’s a harmless way to deal with depression, anxiety, and hormones. My prescription has done wonders for my anxiety and pmdd (which I suffer greatly from). It’s helped me achieve my goals in living healthfully and I appreciate them recognizing that it’s not a reason to freak out on someone or pass judgement. That said……if she was smoking weed while driving, which she seemed to do, it’s a horse of a different color and a real cause for concern. I love weed and it’s better drinking high than drunk but I’d never get behind the wheel impaired on anything. That’s indicative of her not controlling her use, and she drives with a baby. Scary.

    Farrah oddly enough seemed nice and normal but Sophia is showing serious maturity issues. I have knowledge in this space – she desperately needs a normal life with friends her age – way too dependent on adults who baby her.

    • I actually got a different vibe from Dr Drew – He actually said that smoking pot could “Counteract the effects of the anti-depressants” that Caitlyn is taking. That’s pretty serious. I didn’t hear him expose any liberal views on pot. If anything he seemed to infer that she should not be smoking.

      I don’t view smoking pot as a, “harmless way to deal with depression” I think it’s a way, “Not” to deal with the underlying issues of depression.

      Based on what Caitlyn has shared, she is lethargic, apathetic and sleeping a great deal of the day – I don’t see how smoking pot will ease those symptoms of depression – more likely it will exacerbate them. Anyway, I like her and I really hope is able to get help and fully process the trauma from her childhood.

  3. Daintyfeets

    I’m an avid viewer of this show. Have been since the beginning. Happy to see the recap and look forward to more.

  4. Lindsey

    I try to be sympathetic towards Farrah. I remind myself that no one would be a well-adjusted adult given those circumstances– narcissistic parents, the death of a significant other, etc….

    But then she opens her mouth.

    I just can’t with her.

  5. Nila

    A portable potty..ugh, I remember her ramblings about her mom using too much detergent and how she was going to watch her water bill when she was away..she is delusional and I have a lot of sympathy for Sophia, a nanny just might save her.

  6. 25

    I think Farrah looks better than she has in the past. I’m happy to see her filming with a porn actress rather than denying who she is like usual.

    Maci. Ugh. I used to think so highly of her…but for her to act like she didn’t know she was pregnant during that proposal when her stomach was so big for her size and she’s walking around with that dumb big jacket. So transparent & such a disappointment. I can’t pretend along with them all season

  7. SabrinaToo

    I’m a die hard watcher of these Teen Mom shows since the beginning. I don’t understand why MTV keeps bringing Farrah back. Just the fact that she came out in the press months ago and accused an Uber driver of attempted rape, and then back tracked and said he was looking at her like he WANTED to rape her is deplorable. She’s made racist comments on Twitter a few times too. The show would do fine without her. And the way those two producers, Heather and Larry were kissing her ass on her Podcast was sickening.

    I also think her boyfriend Simon is hired to pretend he is dating Farrah. He always looks like he’d rather be anywhere else.

    • Miguel

      I completely agree about Simon being paid, SabrinaToo!!! Moreover, Farrah needs to stop with meeting his parents, already – it ain’t gonna happen!!!

  8. Noellemybelle

    I especially enjoyed Matt speaking about his sobriety while drinking a beer. I get it, his issue wasn’t alcohol but still…..don’t y’all forget you’re on camera.

    Random question: does Matt have dentures his teeth seem quite large for his mouth

    Simon my words of advise “run! Run fast! The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree is all I could think while watching his conversation with Debra.

    • Cgal38

      Some addicts don’t consider alcohol a slip if they weren’t alcoholics to begin with. It’s debatable for sure but I have someone very close to me who struggled with heroin years ago, got clean, and now happily sticks to weed and booze, she hasn’t touched anything else in over 10 years.

      That said, he’s clearly just full of shit. Every single thing about him skeeves me out, and amber needs to run.

      • noellemybelle

        agreed – my father battled a cocaine addiction for 20+ years, and is finally clean and sober. He will occasionally have a beer, but you never hear him brag about his “sobriety”

      • lori

        I don’t think that those people should describe themselves as “sober” though. You know what I mean?

      • Noellemybelle

        Yes I understand. My father was addicted to cocaine for 20 years, he is in recovery now, but will have an occasional beer. However, he does not boast about his sobriety while have a cold one.

        But I guess Matt is like me when I’m on a diet. Diet starts at 8am; I may slip and fall into a pint of ice cream by the end of the day, but that doesn’t change the fact that im still on my diet. Lol

        But Matt was clearly trolling in the teen mom girls and Amber was the lucky (weak, desperate, vulnerable, needy) one that fell into his trap. No disrespect to Amber

      • lori

        The guy got a clean and sober tattoo while he was drinking! I loved that the tattoo artist caught that. She was seriously busting his balls the whole time. Obviously she must have known exactly who he was. Either that, or the cameras following him around made her want to try and get his goad.

      • lori

        *Or rather while either drinking or high.

      • Miguel

        I felt like production asked her to do this, lori. It seemed a little too convenient that Matt talked about his handle; while Farrah & fam discussed “Big Stupid?” I hope Amber finally wises up – she can do better, even if nominally.

  9. Sam

    The most incredible thing about this show (and part 2) is how they keep getting pregnant. Holy shit.

  10. Amanda

    Thank you for the great recap and a place to discuss this show! I was worried you may decide to only recap Teen Mom 2.

    Amber and Matt are glued to that sofa again. They did not even get up to clean up the dog pee. Yeah, the dog peed on a producer, but I am sure some got on the wall or floor. They just laughed and sat there. I wonder how their house smells.

    I hate that Caitlyn is still dealing with depression. I know how hard PPD can be. Mine turned into major depression disorder. I understand how she feels to a certain extent. Having another baby is the worst thing for her depression and unhealthy weight right now. I thought it was odd that she started talking about having more babies as a reason to not lose weight.

    Maci “not knowing” she was pregnant was absolutely ridiculous. We could all tell she was pregnant with clothes on. Imagine how obvious it was when she did not have clothes on. There is no way they did not know. This is her third time being pregnant. You’d think she’d be able to recognize her body changes and symptoms of pregnancy. Did she purposely lie so she could continue drinking? Or maybe they were waiting on the proposal before announcing it? Why lie about your knowledge of your pregnancy when it is so obvious to all the viewers?

    • lori

      Did you see the teen mom catch up episode? They did a segment on amber and her brown couch. That really was nasty that neither one got up to clean the pee. To add insult to injury, the girl who got peed on was probably expected to do it.

      • Amanda

        I did not see the catch up episode. What did they say about it? I have always found it disgusting. They don’t even move when Boo Boo is there (Amber calls her daughter that).

        Being a producer of a Teen Mom series seems like a tough job. I don’t know how the ones assigned to Farah and Amber handle it.

      • lori

        They just said, as they showed multiple clips from the past that “one thing that never changes is Amber sitting on her brown couch”. They explained that it hasn’t always been the same couch, but it’s always brown and it’s her favorite place to be. Maybe she’ll see that and get off her ass a little or, at the very least, opt for a different color.

    • Miguel

      Well-expressed, Amanda :)
      I had almost every thought & question you did!!!

  11. lori

    It’s funny TT, because I also thought that you had recapped this show in the past. I guess it’s just because you’ve blogged about things involving them that made the “news”, as well as their participation in other shows, like Couple’s Therapy. Also the fact that you blogged Teen Mom 2. Anyway, again, I’m so glad that you’re covering it now.

    I just can’t with this Matt guy. Amber must be out of her damn mind. That guy is so creepy, and is a complete opportunist. It’s so gross. And his equally creepy, loser looking friend… ewwww (or maybe that was on episode 2? I watched them back to back so). Even he had a hard time coming up with good things to say about Matt. I’ll tell this, I would never leave a child of mine alone with Matt. He gives me a very sickly vibe. I have a really hard time believing that he could be good for Amber’s sobriety. I also found it disturbing when Gary said that Matt takes their daughter out a lot while Amber is home in bed. I think Gary had better keep a close eye on that situation.

    Farrah Farrah Farrah… oh boy. When she was giving Simon a hard time that he didn’t seem excited about her moving to California… that’s like being excited that a black storm cloud is permanently moving over your house. I used to always be devil’s advocate with her, because I believe that she operated out of pain, but I just can’t anymore. Last season did it for me. And Deb! Ugh. I was actually feeling sorry for Deb with how awful Farrah was treating her last season, but she has quickly reminded me of how equally awful she is. I thought that maybe she had changed, but I am now attributing that to editing last season. Or maybe it was just Farrah was SO atrocious that Deb looked better. What a nightmare. Poor Sophia is going to have a really hard time in life. I don’t like to talk about children usually, and it is not her fault at all, as she is CLEARLY a product of her upbringing. She is so hostile for such a young child. I actually get uncomfortable every time she is on camera. The only person who she seems to have good interactions with is Michael. I just wish that there were a way to get that child some help, and away from all of that madness. I can imagine what she is going be like in a few years, and it’s not good. Farrah had better start seeing the forest through the trees. Times what she went through by at LEAST 2, and there you go. The thought that Farrah wants to adopt a child? I can’t imagine any reputable agency placing a child with her. It’s terrifying that she can still have her own if she chooses to (as far as I know anyway).

    Things seem the same as always with Tyler and Catelynn. They both seem to be sitting on the couch 90% of the time. I guess last year (or early this year?) when they had them all on that teen mom aftershow every week and Catelynn wasn’t there, that she must have been off getting help. I hope she finds it. They have so much opportunity at their fingertips, but it’s not going to be that way forever. I don’t know what those two will do when this show is no more and the money runs out. I always loved them together, but now I think they are stunting each other. It’s so crazy that they have been together from such a young age, with both enduring such difficult childhoods. I’ve come to think that is actually unhealthy for them at this point, as they are stagnant in that, and don’t seem to be bringing out any drive in each other. Tyler likes to discuss Catelynn’s lack of drive, etc, but I don’t see him doing anything either. One thing is for sure though… they make some beautiful babies! My god, I can’t get over how beautiful that child is.

    Congratulations to Maci! I always liked her. She really impressed me when she was younger, and basically raising Bentley alone. Her crew definitely scored in getting her as their “teen mom”. Farrah’s team must be so jealous.

    Truly hoping for some positive growth for all of them.

  12. lori

    I don’t know why I’m not getting a follow confirmation, or emails for new comments on this post. I’ve checked the box every time I commented too.

    Also Tamara, I’ve been meaning to ask if you were aware that the mobile version of your blog no longer has a time stamp with comments, just the date. I really found the time stamp nice, especially for things like the big brother comments.

    • tamaratattles

      Lori, the mobile version has it’s own app that updates from time to time, perhaps that accounts for the change.

      I’ve found that anytime someone complains about the mobile version, the suggestion someone made about choosing the “desktop version” options seems to fix it. Apparently it is not really a desktop version but some marvelous other thing that I don’t understand.

      • Cat

        I have had no problems with the site on my tablet. Now and then, I can’t comment, but usually refreshing the page fixes that.

        I see date and timestamp, by the way.

        Maybe it’s the email notifications that create the problems? I don’t do those. I just bookmarked the site, and come here directly.

      • lori

        Sometimes I do switch to desktop version, but it’s not the most convenient format when using my phone (which is what I’m on 99% of the time). Lots of zooming in and out, and having to move the text around the screen when reading. I’ll make due. I’m just relieved that I got the email situation worked out. Thanks Tamara.

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