Erika Jayne Rocks Xlsior Gay Festival In Mykonos!

Erika Jayne headed to Mykonos with ten of her closest glam squad members and backup dancers and Kyle Richards over the weekend to put on a  concert at the Xlsior International Gay Festival. Mykonos is the official gay Mecca of the Greek Islands and Xlsior is one of the largest of many summer events tailored for the gay male tourist crowd.

Erika performed on Sunday night which was the biggest night of the week long event with ticket prices of 65€, more than twice the price of most of the other shows throughout the week. Never let it be said that Erika did nothing to help the flagging Greek economy! Erika recently completed her newest video, XXpensive, in the US, but It’s unclear if she debuted her lastest dance music in Mykonos. She did begin with her trademark song, Pretty Mess and How Many Fucks was a huge hit.  The giant orgy event offers concerts around the clock for the entire eight days.



At one point it does seem that Kyle and Erika did put on clothes for dinner. No other RHOBH were on this trip.  I find that add since Eileen and Rinna are both big fans of Erika’s music. The last time I posted about RHOBH filming I noticed the absence of Eileen and Rinna at any of the public filmings. My eagle-eyed followers assured me that they were both at Erika’s birthday party and new comer Dorit’s birthday party.  I admit I don’t really keep up with RHOBH filming unless someone sends me something, but I feel like I have usually  seen more evidence of everyone filming together than I have this season. Call me crazy but this cast seems very fractured.  Rinna seems to be a bit irritated about something on her Instagram this summer and Eileen hasn’t mentioned the show once.

Meanwhile, back at #XLsior,  I highly recommend my the gay guys who read here to check out the entire hashtag on Instagram for the massive amounts of hot guys. You’re welcome.  And if you want to see some of the concert, check out a sample of the Instagram videos with Erika below.

Kyle seemed to be taking the whole thing very well posing with Erika for lots of photos. Being one of only two women in a sea of gorgeous gay men could be quite intimidating if you’re not used to it. Kudos to Kyle for her ability to handle the crowds solo while Erika and the crew were on stage.






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28 responses to “Erika Jayne Rocks Xlsior Gay Festival In Mykonos!

  1. Shay

    1. Why didn’t that club commit and name itself XLCR? LAZE!

    2. I see on the Internets that every time Rinna has a QVC show, a mob of people organization to send boycott calls, letters, emails and then they watch it pirated so she doesn’t have ratings and bombard the lines with mean calls. They are still sour about her and her kids basically saying overweight people are dumb and toothless and not worth her thoughts.

    • susan

      Best news ever

    • Toni

      Huh? I don’t remember toothless and dumb comments? I remember her daughter saying chub chubs when driving past all the fast food places…which I had to rewind a few times to get. I personally thought this said more about how the daughter was raised, cosseted in areas of extreme privilege and not venturing into “regular people” land. Any suburbian commercial area has a similar set up. Also ahowed how infrequently they visited the Rinna family, which is sad.

      • PaganChick

        That was on Rinna’s Instagram. Something about being toothless, overweight, unable to find their vag and living alone with a hundred cats. She got a LOT of flack for that. It happened right before she was doing and appearance on QVC.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh that. That was after a week or so of LVP idiots trolling both her and Eileen calling her every name in the book.

        Totally justified.

      • Erica

        I eat fast food and I AM fat – and I wasn’t that offended. The kids were right – it isn’t healthy for you!

        Still love Lisa Rinna – and I am not sure her pointing out stuff from where she grew up is a sign of the kids not going there often. I grew up in the same town my dad did. Dabble in local history through my volunteering. My dad STILL will point out stuff and tell stories of “back in the day”.

      • Toni

        It wasn’t the pointing out places where Rinna grew up, that is perfectly understandable. The daughter was shocked by all the fast food places and asked if everyone in (was it Oregon?) was a chub chub. It indicated to me that she hadn’t ever frequented a suburban commercial area. I live right outside a major city and when I travel further out into the burbs I’m often astounded at the variety of fast food options within close proximity. The daughter was shocked and judgy. It was out of her depth because she hadn’t seen it before. I wasn’t offended by it.

        The other stuff on Twitter – I didn’t see that. I can’t say as I’d blame people for not buying her products or supporting her program if they were offended by those comments. I agree with Tamara that everyone has a breaking point but you live with the consequences of your actions

        I also like Rinna. I was disappointed when she changed her storyline and turned on LVP. If Rinna had stayed the course, she would’ve looked smart and savvy. Whether she buckled for fear of backlash or because of Eileen or production is anyone’s guess. By the end, Rinna was looking ridiculous. I hope she learned from her mistakes and comes back strong

  2. Johnny

    This is interesting. Vanderpump doesn’t need to be there to surmise that Erika is now probably on her team – getting close to Kyle would be hard without also being close to LVP these days. I think she knows how to choose a winning team now Yolanda has gone.

    Off-topic, but I think all we’re going to see this season is the redemption of LVP. We’ll see endless boring scenes about her Yulin stuff, and Eileen (if we see much of her at all) and Rinna will be made to look petty and ridiculous – which sometimes they make quite easy for producers, tbh.

    It’s enough to make me miss Brandi….

    • Minky

      I wouldn’t be so sure about the LVP/Erika/Kyle alliance. LVP is probably keeping a sharp eye on Erika and Kyle’s friendship.

      • gapeachinsc

        You know she is!!

      • PaganChick

        It’s weird but watching Lisa’s interactions with Ericka last, year I thought the two of them would make great friends. I also thought Lisa was trying very hard to actually befriend Ericka and Ericka was pretending to reciprocate. There’s unaired footage of the two having fun and enjoying each other. With Yolanda gone, I don’t see any reason why Ericka and LVP wouldn’t be on the same team.

  3. Thanks for the scoop, TT. Was the trip and concert filmed for the show? Hope so.

  4. Roposhu

    Fredrik and his hubby are vacationing there too right now! I wonder if they connected at all?

  5. Toni

    Kyle looks great here! Maybe hanging with Erika has given her some much needed self confidence about her figure?

    Eileen is fairly likable but really uninteresting. She’s a working soap actress with a stable family (and even if it were unstable, she wouldn’t show that). I will not miss her on the show.

    • Theresa

      don’t think Eileen’s family was so stable last year. I remember it being mentioned here mow than once that things were shaky with Vince and he didn’t want to be filmed

      • Toni

        That’s what I mean. Eileen is unwilling to expose anything personal – I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t either…but im not on a reality show.

      • tamaratattles

        If by “things were shaky with Vince” you mean his father died and it shook the whole family then yeah, good looking out there!

      • Nila

        She also lost her sister

  6. Meg

    I wonder how the producers will put all these puzzles together again after last year fiasco. I’m pretty sure that the (negative) focus will be on LR and ED this season.

  7. Erica

    Kyle looks great! I love her mumus (sp?) but it is nice to see her show her figure off a little in something different.

    Can I say that I am looking forward to what is probably a cat-fight-less trip that will probably still be over the top?? It will be nice to see Kyle one on one with someone who she doesn’t have to either (a) take care of (Kim) or rehash old shit/prove her friendship (Lisa) and where she can hopefully let loose a little.

  8. Lawstangel

    Mykonos is such a stunning place! In fact all the Greek Isles are spectacular. I had a friend who was a pianist and worked on cruise ships for a number of years. Typically ships get into port either in the middle of the night or super early in the morning with passengers exiting from 7:00 a.m. on. When they pull into Mykonos (usually from another Greek port) which is usually around 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., they allow passengers ( usually the gays) to go into town to party if they want, they have a vibrant club scene. It’s the only port they allow people to disembark in the middle of the night.

  9. Debbie

    I was looking at Bethenny’s snap chat today and she is there in Mykonos too…strange for her to be there??

  10. Nila

    Sure is wonderful to see two women in bathing suits that look like they eat three meals a day! They look gorgeous and healthy!!!!

  11. JustJenn

    Erika and Kyle seem like a good time. I really wouldn’t miss Eileen, but Lisa Rinna is a special kind of crazy that the real housewives need. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks without being malicious and she seems to not hold a grudge so you never know where or with who she will end up. However I think if Eileen comes back Rinna will be more reserved and may hold back from the other ladies, but who knows. I’m just excited that Yolanda is gone.

  12. Cat

    I would love to visit Greece. The scenery in all the shows I’ve seen is stunning.

  13. Lisa j

    Has anyone else seen Yolusional’s proclamations of her miracle Lymeopause? Good for Erika and good for Kyle! Kyle needs some self esteem like nobody’s business. Congrats all the way around 🎉

  14. Blondesense

    Good god that woman has a magnificent bottom.i would never have picked that top pic was Kyle. She is holding her own next to Erika. I thought it was one of the random hot people Erika collects.

  15. That biffa’s body is FIERCE, do you hear me??! Good Lordamighty she’s built. Makes me want to go to the gym and take a spin class or something….ALMOST, lol!

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