The Bierrman Bunch Is Adjusting To Kroy’s New Assignment To Buffalo


DBT Kroy Buffalo bills


Last Monday, Kroy Biermann officially accepted his new contract with the Buffalo Bills. This week, the seven members of his adorable family are adjusting to life without him. While Kim already misses her husband, she has a lot of ties to Western New York.

“Buffalo is like everywhere in my life,” Zolciak-Biermann told “My parents grew up in Western New York. My dad (Joe) is from Buffalo and my mom (Karen) is from Springville. Then my aunts live in Rochester. My chiropractor, my chef, they’re all from Western New York. My chef went to St. John Fisher College.”

“My dad was born in Buffalo. My dad is Buffalo Bills obsessed to a whole other level,” she said. “If the Bills lost my dad was in a horrible mood and we were not to talk to him. That was my entire life. He still wears the zebra pants that the people wore like 20 years ago. They’re so horribly worn out. He wears the old sweatshirts. He’s a whole other level.”

DBT Kim Kroy

Kim is planning to attend every home game in Buffalo as well as at least the Miami and L.A. away games. She planning to  take all the kids with her as much as possible. She does admit that transporting the entire brood will take some effort.

The Bills have a home game on Christmas Eve so she is already trying to figure out where she can have Christmas there and hoping for a white Christmas. Kim is not sure if she will rent a place for the season, but she is planning on checking out her options.

Don’t Be Tardy had  essentially wrapped filming but it sounds like it is possible that they will shoot some new footage of the Biermann’s new gig in Buffalo and perhaps extend the season.

Kim and the kids will remain living primarily in Atlanta. Kash and KJ are both in school here and this is where all of her nannies and sitters are situated.

P.S. I almost forgot that Kim’s psychic Rose predicted that Kroy would play in a Superbowl!  Kim is sure that this is the season!

Don’t Be Tardy premieres  Wednesday, September 14th. 


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67 responses to “The Bierrman Bunch Is Adjusting To Kroy’s New Assignment To Buffalo

  1. Jane

    I don’t follow the show, but aren’t these the parents she doesn’t speak to?

  2. tamaratattles

    The obnoxious ads on the video are courtesy of BRAVO and it’s either they run automatically, or I can’t share the video.

  3. Twilly

    She’s putting on a brave face, I’ll give her that much. She’s gonna HATE Buffalo!

  4. Buffalo is supposed to be a very happening city these days. The only problem with the Buffalo Bills is their coach, Rex Ryan.

    Kim shouldn’t hold her breath of them winning the Super Bowl this year.

    • timtoodles

      Thanks Limey. Life long Buffalonian here! Buffalo has much improved over the last 3 years or so. We have finally opened up the waterfront to businesses and restaurants. It’s beautiful. For so long the waterfront was blighted by abandoned industry. There’s still a long way to go.

      • No problem, Tim. I have a relative who moved back there and was raving about it. I didn’t really believe it, but then they did a story on Buffalo on CBS Sunday Morning or some show like that.

        I hope you know I wasn’t insulting your team. Just your coach. Because as everyone knows, Buffalo is the only NY team. 😉

      • Twilly

        I was referring more to the winter weather and the Ryan Twins. No disrespect meant to your fine city!

      • timtoodles

        So if Kim’s physic predicted a superbowl win for Kroy….. and we all now how these reality shows are “scripted”….. maybe the Bills are gonna win this year!!!

      • Lindsay

        I was going to say Buffalo is very happening these days! #buffalove

  5. tripleOGpearl

    Buffalo always makes me think of RICK JAMES.

  6. Cat

    Nice that they are putting the kids and their education first, instead of uprooting them. I just hope the marriage is strong enough to withstand bilocation. It sounds like it is.

  7. Margaret Shepard

    Since his salary is likely much less than the 2 million or so he made with the Falcons, it might be time to reduce the help, just saying.

  8. I absolutely cannot stand this woman. She has fucked up her face so much yet denies any plastic surgery to said face.

    • Twilly

      She does look awful. We are the same age (allegedly) and she looks so much older due to the plastic surgery. She’s gone too far and it no longer makes her look youthful.

    • I don’t really watch this show but I viewed a video she posted the other day. I was shocked-I thought she’d just done her nose! I didn’t realize she’d done her cheekbones and lips as well..She heading towards Madame the Puppet territory…

    • RunJackieRun

      I totally agree that she looks like a weird old muppet, but that doesn’t mean she went under the knife – other than her nose, which is so obviously different I don’t know how she can possibly assume we’re all that stupid. She’s probably just using fillers/botox ala Brandi Glanville, coupled with excessive makeup contouring. Not a good look for her.

  9. Wow, she looks like crap. The cosmetic surgeries are taking their toll.

  10. timtoodles

    I live in Buffalo! The zebra pants are called Zubaz and they are still proudly worn here! Kim will love visiting here the Bills fans are crazy proud of their team!! It’s already in the news here. They refer to her as a “housewife”

  11. I live in the Finger Lakes, so we go to Buffalo for theater, dining, world class shopping, and Niagara Falls which is just north of the city We love Buffalo. Kim and Kroy will enjoy it!

  12. Sabrina

    They either
    1) Don’t want to leave the house,
    2) Don’t think they would like it in Buffalo,
    3) Don’t think they will stay there a long time, or
    4) Another issue I can’t guess, but the reason they are not moving to Buffalo has NOTHING to do with the boys being about to go into pre-K and K. It is still August , if school has started it has only barely, and family connections are far more important at these ages. The boys have not had a chance to form deeply important friendships at schools they haven’t attended, at their ages, in August.

    More likely: the other mentioned issue- KIm has a network of help for her every single need ( personal ones most important, makeup, wig handlers, botox and other filler experts, seamstress, etc. ) and she is afraid she can’t find the same level of replacement help in Buffalo . It may also be that she has a network of doctors after her episode this year who she is afraid to leave.

    This is a big change for them and not made lightly, I bet.

    That’s my guess- anybody else?

    • Twilly

      She doesn’t speak to her family so her “family connections” are just talking points to win over the locals.

    • I can’t picture Kim, in Buffalo, in January.
      (No offense to any lovely Buffalonians (is that a word?) on the page).
      I can hardly stand our NJ winters anymore.

    • rainidaze

      Agree, the helpers she has for everything would be a huge factor for her not wanting to move, but also they have to consider the amount of money they sunk into that monstrosity of a home they’re living in. I wonder if they’ll ever be able to get out of it, what they put in.

    • well

      I find it strange that she didn’t move with him. When the cats away…

    • kate62

      Her young boys are not her and Kroys only children. Ariana is in high school and has deep roots socially at that age. I would not want to uproot her in the least.

    • Myra

      I live in the Atlanta area. Our schools started August 8.

  13. Elizabeth

    I can’t stopping thinking about when we all first met Kim and she had that “big daddy” she called him…I cant help picturing an old guy with a saggy bum…Was it ever discovered who big daddy was???

  14. beth

    Jesus, I barely recognized her. Her nose looks more prominent, her mouth is different, and even her eyebrows have changed (darker, thicker ?).

  15. Margarett

    I really like Kim. She’s a hoot and has always seemed real. Well, as real as anyone on a reality show. I thought she was a bit prettier before the changes. Here’s hoping she and Kroy and the children are happy!

  16. Kim is still lying. Her father said she was a habitual liar. She doesn’t talk to her parents. It’s been 5 years . She hasn’t spoken to them since KJ was born. They don’t speak or talk to his parents either. None of the parents have seen the other three children the twins, Kane and Kia and Kash, or KJ since he was a baby.

    This is the information she put out there. Kim can’t stand Buffalo, she doesn’t know the coaches and they only know her through tv. She does nothing with the wives of the team who volunteer, have parties to collect money for college scholarships. She’s a nitwit. Troy is not making a million dollars this year at all. You can look his salary up on the Internet.

    Kim is full of it.

    • tamaratattles

      I must say, I didn’t miss your stupid uninformed opinions in your absence. . YOu might pay attention when you hate watch Don’t be Tardy this season, because you will and you are obsessed, and see who thos six adorable kids spend time with this season. Now have a seat.

    • Totally agree! Your opinions are not uninformed, they are accurate. Kim is such a liar she cannot keep her stories straight. Her nannies raise her kids, which is extremely evident & she’s a trash box.

  17. Kim doesn’t know what her parents are wearing. I really don’t believe her period.

  18. cheychey

    Can’t wait for the show to start back up. I love this family their love for each other and the kids. That being said KJ and Cach are a handful. They really need their daddy around full time. I hope Kim rethinks her decision to stay in Atlanta. The kids will be fine in school anywhere. Their family is so close I think they need to be with Kroy. I can’t imagine Kim will be very happy that far away for long. So I look forward to next season of the show with Kim and the kids in NY.

  19. tamaratattles

    It really doens’t make sense to uproot the kids. This is Kroy’s ninth year playing pro ball, His time is about up. They don’t see much of Kroy during the season when they live with him. I think Kim is right to look for a place to rent for the season to stay at with the kids when they visit.

    • Matzah60

      Totally agree. Kroy has actually had a pretty long run already. He has an incredible work ethic and I think helped him secure his contract with the Falcons last season. This is a one year contract with no promise for another year. Though Troy was totally committed to his rehab after his achille’s tendon tear, he will never be as fast or as agile as he was before his injury. I am pretty certain he can secure a position as an NFL analyst after his playing career is over.

      Kroy is the whole deal. He’s good-looking, grounded, great father and husband! I wish him much success!!!

  20. Suziezee

    How long is Kroy’s contract? Eek, I get that Ariana would rather stay behind for school, but the others are pretty young,I don’t see school as a reason to live apart for that. My take is Kim won’t leave her life(style). At first I thought they’d just a place in Toronto. I don’t know, but my kids would live in a van down by the river if that’s where their daddy lived.

    • tamaratattles

      So they should sell the house and uproot the entire family because the father/husband has a lucractive four month job? Traveling to the games and him coming home regularly is not the sensible decision in your mind? WTF does Toronto have to do with anything?

  21. Suziezee

    Oh I didn’t realize this is Kroy’s 9th season. Hmm, that’s a tricky sitch. Good thing he doesn’t play a sport with a longer season,football is over in December unless they make it to whatever the games deciding who plays in the Super Bowl are called. So, August through Dec-ish, seems manageable.

  22. PeachyKeen

    I like this show…
    Not for Kim so much …Kroy and the beautiful kids.. Kroy the voice of reason.. Breile needs to fly the nest.. Maybe too late…for her…Think Kim needs to know what the word budget means. and stay away from plastic surgeons.

  23. Nila

    What we saw of Kim’s parents, they were assholes. I remember the interview her mom did where she said what kind of person has three kids to three men? Her daughters read that and were crying, I would never speak to my parents again either.if she has made up with them, good for her if she hasn’t, I don’t blame her. I haven’t followed rhoa so I only know bits and pieces about Kim but I loved that she chose Kroy and I love how he treats her daughters and you can see how much they love and adore him. This family makes me smile which is a nice break from the shit show families on Bravo.

    • PeachyKeen

      I agree..her Mom is a case…fame seeker…I remember the junk she pulled at Kim and Kroy’s wedding…
      Maybe time heals …I doubt it.

  24. Lindsay

    Oh man I might actually go to a bills game this year, I hope I see her!

  25. I wish them well, I believe they have a strong, loving family unit, the only thing I know for sure is my daughter uses the same Gynocologist Kim does. Lol

  26. Cat

    I don’t care what the haters say. I think they are making the right decision.

    Yes, maybe she doesn’t want to give up the house. So what? It’s her “dream house”. They put a ton of money into it. Why start over? Besides, this is “home” to the little ones. Why uproot them? They have plenty of money to travel back and forth.

    Nannies and a staff? Again, so what? If they can afford staff…why not? 6 kids, that young….I imagine they can be a handful.

    I think you bitches are jealous.

    I wish Kroy, Kim, and the kids well. They sound like a great family, to me.

  27. Nila

    I agree with Cat! I would never move my family for a four month job stint, period. It wouldn’t make any sense and how much “off” time does Kroy have during football?

  28. LauraJo

    Wow. TT. You must be a fan. Kim Z owes you royalties. It’s a little gross.
    I’ve never seen you respond so often.
    I’m just happy to see some laughs on Bravo.

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