Season 11 of The Voice With Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys Looks Fantastic!

The Voice


Sunday night after the Olympics, NBC ran a special thirty minute preview of Season 11 of The Voice and it was amazing. Two judges from last season are not returning. Pharell Williams to a season off to focus on his other endeavors, and Christina Aguilera left amid a bunch of rumors about her being a diva and having an issue with Gwen Stefani, who is now engaged to Blake Shelton after meeting on her season on the show. Apparently, Christina and Gwen were supposed to alternate seasons giving each a season off to tour and continue their other endeavors.  The rumor is that Christina felt some kind of way about Gwen getting all the media attention during her season because of her relationship with Blake.  Whether she quit or was simply not renewed, I don’t think we will see her back.

With two judges seats open, producers decided to go with two females. Christina was the only female judge ever to win The Voice but that was really only because Alison Porter picked her in the blinds. Alison was Curly Sue in the movie of the same name as was the clear front runner from her very first audition.

The producers wanted to double their chances of a female judge winning, or at the least to give Adam and Blake some stiff competition, so they brought in Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys.

The voice judges
Miley was an absolutely incredible mentor last season on the show. I gained a ton of respect for her musical knowledge and how quickly she was able to problems solve with the contestants to show off their best attributes.  She was miles above the coaches who would just suggest a key change or more or less vocal runs. She has a real depth of musical knowledge that made me realize she’s just not some girl with a good voice and a microphone.

Alicia Keys has a closet full of Grammys and is super relatable and also brings that star power.

But tonight in the first little peek,  Miley and  Alicia go after two female singers and I get the feeling there is no love lost better these two. The tagline for Season 11 is “This.Changes.Everything.”  And it sure seems like that will be apt. Miley asks to sing a duet of Jolene with one of the contestants to try to win her over. It seemed like a done deal and then, at the end when the contestant mentioned that No One by Alicia Keys was her favorite song growing up,  Alicia starts belting it out and wanders up on stage and sings a duet with the girl as well.

Miley did not care for that.  I don’t sense any “girl power” attitude between these two. Which means this season could be even more fantastic.

The best part of the show was all four judges singing Aerosmith’s Dream One on a giant outdoor stage. It was fantastic. Listen for yourself. And watch Miley upstaging everyone and seeming to block Alicia. Miley is not an idiot, she knows how to share a stage. When she wants to.  Miley has said in multiple interviews before we saw any interaction at all, “As much as the world loves to make this girl cat fight scenario, that’s actually Blake and Adam.”  I’m thinking there is a reason she started denying it early.




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18 responses to “Season 11 of The Voice With Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys Looks Fantastic!

  1. Fizz

    I missed that tonight! But, side note, Miley used to come into the bar where I worked. I never waited on her personally but, my co workers loved her. Said she was fun, smart and kind. For whatever that is worth!

  2. Erica

    I agree that the season looks like it is going to be fantastic…

    But rewatch it. I read this first, and then watched it (I’m on the West Coast, and was finishing up the Closing Ceremonies)

    Alicia and Miley weren’t NEARLY as competitive as Blake and Adam CONSISTENTLY are. Alicia didn’t pull out ear muffs, and Miley didn’t say anything negative about Alicia.

    As for Christina, she’s skipped multiple seasons before. If she and Gwen were to trade off, where is Gwen? Christina is very exacting, but extremely knowledgable and a great coach. (I’ve watched every behind the scenes interview – including the one with Oprah for the full hour – and I think Mark Burnett makes sure every coach believes in the foundations of why he created this show to be so positive and uplifting. There is a reason why they are called coaches and not judges – and if you want to say that there has been one who has had the biggest ego, I suspect Ceelo was it.

    Back to Alicia and Miley – because of your post, I was watching them and their body language (I’m going to have to rewatch to even see what Blake and Adam were doing). Their body language was fine! Alicia was the first to ask Miley what she would sing with that one girl, and encouraged her to do it. She smiled and laughed when Miley started acting the goofball.

    as for the stage performance… that was shitty camera work. Any one of them would be blocking the another at the right angle. With all that steam and explosions etc, you can bet their movements were choreographed so someone didn’t get temporarily blinded and fall off the damn stage.

    I was so excited to see this post initially. The Voice is consistently one of my “feel good” shows. I already feel like I can’t say a lot or participate in the RHONY conversations because I like and enjoy Bethenny (love her radio show!), and wish there was more with her and Carole. Can’t stand the Countess, and haven’t for the last 2 seasons.

    Blake and Adam can snipe and deride each other for 10 seasons and it is called a bromance. Miley accidentally steps in front of Alicia on a VERY active, blinding stage, and Alicia sings with the same girl as Miley (after the girl said No One was “her song”) and suddenly they hate each other or are having behind the scenes cat fights? Dammit, that do they have to do to show their girl power, scissor each other??

    • tamaratattles

      Blake and Adam are practically fuck buddies. If you take their banter, and the earmuffs and Blake’s shenanigans seriously, you don’t seem to have any concept of social interactions. Miley was fuming the entire time that Alicia was up there.

      I’ll have to disagree with your dissertation on the subject.

  3. Lawstangel

    What on earth was Miley wearing??????

  4. Miele

    I may actually watch this season because I have always loved Miley. It’s been my secret shame since her Hannah Montana days, lol. 😶

  5. Margaret Shepard

    Miley’s outfit cracked me up but I think she and Alicia will be great additions. Adam’s high note on Dream on was fantastic!

  6. cheychey

    Love the show. I kinda like that they can never get the coaches situation down pact so we get to see a lot of different stars interact with these up and coming talents. Never get rid of Blake and Adam though. Their banter makes the show! Excited to see Miley in action she is hilarious and Alicia is a brilliant musician as well as singer so she should add a lot for whoever gets on her team.

  7. A Little Birdie

    I have never watched this show but last night I saw the very first young lady We’ and I was blown away. I want to see how far she goes with Alicia.

  8. TD

    I usually don’t watch without Christina but Miley and Alicia are good. Also Christina is rumoured to release her new album later this year and the music is allegedly super dope so I don’t mind it. I’m a big Christina fan.

  9. Jane

    I adore Alicia keys and she doesn’t know my name😑

  10. JKR

    I remember watching Miley cover Jolene on Ellen and thinking for the first time that she was an amazing artist, outside of that bubbly pop Disney music. It’s still one of my favorite covers.
    I rarely seem to tune in after the blinds, but this season’s dynamic might change that. Either way, I’ll probably read your recaps first and look for your observations while watching, because my daughter loves shows like this but usually I spend more time answering toddler questions than watching.
    I’m happy to see Miley with her nipples covered.. It’s refreshing. She’s too talented to keep distracting everyone with humping, nipple tape, and pot. Time to get back to the music, she made her point.

    • Erica

      There is a Youtube video of Miley singing Jolene with Dolly Parton in Dollywood. It is awesome. (She’s Miley’s Godmother)

  11. Can’t wait! I love Alicia and Miley.

  12. ALP

    OMG, thank you for the link to Dream On, that was amazing. I did not get to see The Voice last night, I recorded the closing ceremonies and forgot it was on. I do not watch the Voice consistently but am intrigued by the addition of Miley.

    Miley’s Disney show was a staple in our house when my children were young, so I have followed her career. As others have posted above, I think Miley is extremely talented, it is nice to see her focusing again on her music and less on being the rebel. Miley’s rendition of Jolene is incredible, she also covered a Paul Simon song on the SNL Anniversary show (50 Ways to leave a Lover?) and that too was simply amazing.

    Thank you for the reminder about The Voice, I will need to set my DVR

  13. Rose

    Christina is my girl and like all of the coaches isn’t on every season so they can pursue their own interests. The coaches killed their Dream On performance! I don’t see any shade between Miley and Alicia… they’re just playing the game to get the candidate to select them as a coach. Besides, this is the first season the show has ever had two female coaches! I’ve watched this show since it came out and am so excited for that! When Miley was a guest last season I was furious (the press does her no favors) until I saw what she had to offer… now I’ll admit I’m excited to see what she brings as a coach. I’m thrilled Alicia is coaching.

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