Real Housewives Of Orange County: Do You Know the Way To Santa Fe?


RHOOC Cast Season 11
Are you ready for this vow renewal? Because I’m not. I’m already nauseous from over caffeinating myself to try to stay awake long enough to get on a decent sleep schedule. This episode may push me over my limit.

There seem to be more scenes from the previous episodes than usual. I kept meaning to do a post on Heather’s tantrum last week, but never had the time. The short version is I don’t believe she was acting in her crying scenes. I think she was overserved. If she were acting, she would not have done the ugly cry.

We begin with Meghan and Jim trying to figure out which embryos to implant.  They ended up with four viable ones, three girls and a boy.  Of the four the boy is the least viable, because Jim’s swimmers make girls.  Meghan wants to do the most viable girl and the boy. Jim agrees and the doctor goes ahead with the double implant.

I am already tired of seeing Heather trying to cry on Botox. By the way, its not uncommon for overly botoxed women to be unable to make tears. Heather vents to Tamra about her lack of desire to ever hang around Kelly again. It seems that the Glamis trip is already on the horizon. Why was I thinking that was toward the very end of filming?

Kelly goes to visit Meghan who appears to be on bed rest after the insemination. Meghan’s mother is getting a lot of camera time. Meghan tells Kelly that she is on Shannon’s side after the things she said to Shannon.  She tells Kelly that she was embarrassed to be her friend. Kelly cries.  Kelly seems to think she was provoked. I must have missed that part. Then she tells Shannon when she has kids she will understand why it was such an issue to have  that girl say things about her that her daughter might hear.  Shannon gets even more pissed at Kelly because of the whole step daughter situation.  In the end they hug it out.

RHOOC David Shannon

It’s time for the vow renewal.

Vicki and Kelly were not invited so they go out for drinks and rehash the blowup at Meghan’s insemination party. Kelly says she is open to her advice about being a better person. I like Vicki, so I’ll let you guys take this one. Kelly talks about her relationship with Michael. She says she left him because he was too controlling.

Yay! Jenni Pulos is there. I think Jeff Lewis was there too. Maybe there will be some redeeming quality to this episode. Oh there he is with Gage and Heather immediately flocks to him as if they are BFFs!  BTW, Jim Edmonds is in town for this scene, but not the insemination?

Jeff talks to Tamra about Vicki. She says she has forgiven her and Jeff is pleased with that. YAY! Jeff is #TeamVicki !

David leaves with Shannon to propose again and the guests are moved to the ceremony venue. It’s really quite lovely. David even has their girls there to be part of the ceremony.

So everything went off without a hitch. We did not see Heather being abusive to the wait staff at the dinner.

Do you think Shannon will actually stop mentioning David’s cheating every five minutes now? Is this vow renewal on TV her final attempt to prove that their marriage is great to the mistress?  Can she just declare victory and shut up now?

Next Week: Unfortunately, we are going to Cabo for the Beador honeymoon.  Heather and Kelly have a confrontation.


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67 responses to “Real Housewives Of Orange County: Do You Know the Way To Santa Fe?

  1. Char

    Shannon is bat shit crazy and far from interesting. I don’t get why she’s still on my tv?!?

  2. Cjbomb

    Vow renewals are the kiss of death for housewives marriages. Didn’t Shannon read that in the guidebook??

  3. Minky

    Why is every RH franchise so horrible this season? NY, NJ and OC are all either extremely boring or infuriating. So annoying.

    • theartistformerlyknownasyoya

      They are all awful! And BH was terrible too.

    • AmyinLasVegas

      Please can they not do any more “demolition parties” on any more franchises. YAWN. A demolition party isn’t a ‘thing’ and will not become a ‘thing.’ There is no aisle in Party City for this boring activity.

      • tamaratattles

        This comment gave me a well needed chuckle. I hope to work “There is no aisle in Party City for this type of boring activity!” Into my daily speech as often as possible.

  4. I liked this episode. No screeching banshees. Plus limited Vicki and Kelly is always a plus.

    • Jane

      Me too! More glamming, less slamming. Wish production would have had K and V go to a spa instead of their local strip mall nail salon. We all enjoy gleaning a bit of fashion, decorating, and beauty tips from these RH, filming there was pretty lame.

  5. Arizona

    Was there an unusual calm in the OC tonite? I was thinking David might do a new ring to make up for the Valentine’s “beads”. A bigass diamond is hard to mess up, and i’m sure Heather could have steered him in the right direction.

  6. Sequoia

    I don’t blame Jim Edmonds for not going to the insimination party. I wouldn’t have gone either.

    But then, I’m gay, so…

    • ericzku

      Yeah, the only kind of “insemination party” I’d be interested in going to is…well…never mind. You get where I’m going.

  7. Miguel

    I’m still waiting for something/anything to happen, on any of the 2016 HWs franchises! Over the past year, your recaps & the comments are the only source of entertainment derived from Bravo – thanks TT & peeps!

  8. therealdeb

    Shannon is a fucking loon, she did not deserve that party. David keeps looking creepier and creepier as the season goes along, all pale a pasty and malnourished looking. Sadly Meghan was the higher than fuck voice of reason when speaking to Kelly. Side note, she should have been on valium if possibly pregnant? Someone needs to calm Kelly’s crazy, she does have a terrible temper and comes off very low class and it is amplified by alcohol. Is it possible that her husband was controlling of her because he was actually hoping she wouldn’t act like a drunken broad? Just a thought. I am not sure how much longer I can watch Shannon….

    • Miguel

      That’s Shannon sucking the life, literally, out of David, therealdeb! As she took each pound of flesh, for the affair, she drained him of his life’s blood (metaphorically, of course – wouldn’t usually write this; however, noticed some critical-thinking & sensitivity issues with a few commenters, lately).

      • I’ve been guilty of that too, but I don’t have a problem with it – these people are well paid to share their lives with us on on the Real Housewives shows, and we literally know when they have enemas, artificial insemination, and things “regular” people would do in private. With what we know of Shannon and David’s marriage, and their recent travails, I don’t think we’re being mean when we make note of how sick David looks. I sincerely hope he’s OK, and that he and Shannon have a happy future together, but I’ll (without malice) probably comment on them again if there’s something I want to share.

  9. Rach

    I must be the only one that likes Shannon. She has the best one liners and cracks me up.

    • Janet

      I like Shannon too. I like her emotional side, and I think she’s about the only one who sticks by some code of something. There’s some thought behind her behaviour at least. I’m happy for her and David. Vickie looks good this season. She’s not a favorite of mine, but she does look thinner and prettier and hopefully she’ll find her footing and get past the Brooks obsession and be better than that. Will be interesting to see if she can have any good influence on Kelly. At least she was advising her to respect her husband and appreciate what she has. Women can really influence eachother for good or evil in subtle and not so subtle ways. The worst women to me, are the ones who encourage bad behaviour ,so they can gloat, gossip and watch the person’s life implode.

    • Shae

      Me three, love Shannon :)

    • Really mortified

      I get why Shannon irritates people, but I like her too. She is real. And her tag lines for the past to years have been pitch perfect.

    • Auntie Velvet

      I really enjoy her, too. Her pursuits are kind of kooky, but she has a sense of humor about them. I’m not surprised she has some ground to recover with the viewers, because people tend to be really erratic when they’re going through what she went through last season. But I think she’s back to being a little more fun this year, despite the curve ball of Kelly.

    • M&M

      I totally have a soft spot for Shannon. I feel like there’s something really authentic about her. And she cracks me up!

    • Something Clever

      Yeah, Shannon actually tries to be real and shows us her vulnerability. And her reactions are genuine – I really believe that production told Shannon to invite Nina to that party, and that she was truly pissed at Kelly’s accusation because she wasn’t really in on the set up. For the simple reason that she is one of the few (only?) HWs who hasn’t turned this show into a popularity game for her or used it to hawk some wares makes me like her. Too bad this show will destroy her.

    • I’m a Shannon fan as well. I could do without her constant belaboring her pain and resentment over the affair. I’m more from the school of Forgive and move on or Dump and move on. Either way, no need to waste your years regretting the actions of others.

      She’s a crazy control freak, with some wacky new age health beliefs, but she makes me laugh. That being said, I was pretty icked out when David suggested they “knock a quick one out” before the surprise party. There’s no need to show that side of their relationship, thank you.

    • Jo

      I too, like Shannon and I don’t think she takes herself as seriously as the other HW do. She seemed genuinely surprised and happy with all that David had done for her. I hope it does mend their marriage

  10. You’re right therealdeb, there’s something off with David Beador. The complexion? I dunno. He always creepy-eyed (not judg-ey eyed tho’ lol) but he’s got something unhealthy looking going on – even when tan. The affair is his only redeemable quality at this point. (The whole family lost me in the costume store during the kids wet dream convo with Dads n Mumsy Beador. Some kind of weird fam dynamic right there).

    Meghan in the OC Aviva (without the leg throw or repulsive father.) Very good on her feet and very verbal. I’m glad they brought her back – even tho’ – like Aviva – I don’t like her, lol. I liked the Kelly-Vicki scene. Much moreso than the ARE YOU KIDDING ME surprise party.

    Heather is a joke. If she’s that above it all, she needs to get off the show. Same with Shannon. When it devolves into the whole “I’m not filming with her” crap, it’s the death knell for the cast. (Kind of like the vow renewal will be for the Beador marriage.)

    • Janet

      With David it could be just letting his hair go more grey, maybe lost too much weight and just getting older. His eyes look a bit like he might have a hyper thyroid, to me as well. He’s still a very handsome guy though. I have a neighbor that has looked horribly skinny with massive muscle mass loss, and I thought he was done for ten years ago, but he’s still alive. He looks paper thin and dreadful but he functions fine. It’s weird.

      • Jim

        I think David is experiencing a textbooks case of “male menopause”. The lower production of testosterone can have a dramatic effect on men’s appearance. He’s becoming feminized and his weight and muscle mass is being redistributed and/or reduced.

        I’m 52 and have had been experiencing many of the same symptoms… minus the bulging eyes. And its fucking horrible! I tried hormone replacement for a year and it felt amazing. My mood and appearance improved dramatically. Belly fat almost instantly transformed into increased muscle mass with absolutely no effort on my part. Unfortunately it also helped to quickly destroy my heart health. I’m now resigned to my (hopefully slow) transition from a masculine looking man to an asexual human. Kill me now!

      • Janet

        My husband is having this issue too, losing muscle mass and not feeling as good, but due to prostrate cancer running in his family, he can’t take testosterone. I didn’t know it wasn’t good your heart, I thought it would help that .

    • jennimer

      Well said! Plus she can’t just talk about how awuul Kelly was, she had to say her behavior was “base.” Who uses that word for that purpose anymore? Next thing you know, she’ll be talking about assignations and trysts. She may be too high a price to pay to have goofy dad Terry on the show.

  11. Coco

    Everyone is right about the vow renewal being the marriage kiss of death (Vicki, Ramona, Cynthia, Shannon…). Kelly needs to stop drinking. She always looks like a drunk mess. Not a good look! Why must Kelly always have her entire chest out? I can’t stand seeing her in that leather jacket and very low cut shirts. She looks like Rizzo in Grease. I could care less about Meghan or her storyline this year. Whenever she’s on, I fast forward through it. TT, thank you for the recap!

    • Jim

      Lol! I also fast-forward through Meghan’s family scenes. I do watch her scenes with other people though. I actually find her amusing or interesting in duo/group situations even though I don’t like her. The only other housewife scenes I fast-forward through are Phaedra’s.

  12. Erica

    I don’t know if this is the worst episode or the best episode for me to watch on a bottle of wine and the first day of Aunt Flo’s monthly visit.

    Brief thoughts.

    1) DAMN…. as much as she irritated the shit out of me last season, so FUCKING PROUD of Megan and her comments to Kelly! YAS GIRL! This gives her at least a 2 dumb ass moments pass for the rest of the season. Didn’t bat an eyelash when Kelly started the stupid cry. MIC DROP!

    2) Almost liked David tonight. His creepy eyes didn’t even bug me as much. It was a sweet plan for her.

    3) Shannon looks good without makeup. She could seriously go out with just some black mascara and tinted lip gloss. Start a trend Shannon. You are looking good, period. Not just for 52. But jeezus girl, learn to pack light.

    4) JEFF!!! GAGE!!! JENNY!!! A BRAVO CROSSOVER!!!! It only breaks my heart that Heather and Jeff are apparently mortal enemies since their over the top OCD powers should be joined together for the ultimate good for design and snark. Seriously – I love them both and refuse to join sides.

    • Shae

      Agreed on all counts! I’ve wondered if maybe David has graves’ disease (hyperthyroidism). Could be.

      I hated Meghan with a passion last season, and though I won’t say I “like” her now, she was 100% on point calling Kelly out and being direct. No idea what Kelly was babbling about with the whole “i was provoked” bit. Well, hun, you’re an adult. You should be able to maintain some semblance of self control even in the event someone attempts to “provoke” you. I cringe to think wtf she’s teaching her kid.

      • Erica

        Oh, and that “you will know when you have kids” bullshit. No, lady, giving birth doesn’t give you special powers or extra intelligence.

      • Janet

        When you think about it, Meaghen acts more mature than Kelly. That thought just struck me. Although she came across in the begaining as a kid playing house, at least she tries to act the part. She doesnt try to act like she’s single or get shit faced drunk and act a fool. She acts like a settled married woman ,so I’ll give her that. Kelly,on thr other hand ,seems like someone who’s not done playing the field, or that she knows what she wants even, despite being married with a child. She reminds me of Vickie ,when married to Donn. It’s fine to have a good time, but not at the expense of your marriage and family. And it’s not cool to try to have, IT ALL, by enjoying the perks of marriage, and sneaking around on your husband and living a LIE. I can sympathize with the temptation to do that in certain situations, but Kelly is mean like Vickie can be sometimes too. They become unlikeable to me then.

  13. Lu

    ‘Are you kidding me?’ Can someone please give Shannon a couple more one-liners! I was so over her throughout the episode.

  14. Shae

    I think it was lovely. That took an immense amount of thought and effort and I would be thrilled if my husband (if I had one lol) did that for me. Many marriages suffer infidelity, if they were able to actually come back from it and make it work, good for them. I love Shannon, cooky as she is.

    I find it hilarious when women who behave like animals: calling others cunts, getting piss drunk and making a scene, screaming insults at their friends, lying about their bfs having cancer, scamming, etc., discuss the people who have legit issues with them and come to the enlightened conclusion that “they hate us because they ain’t us”. Yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket lol

    People don’t hate you because of the disgusting things you did, they hate you because they’re jealous and they want to “be” you. Makes total sense. Get over yourselves. Your behavior is why you weren’t invited. Period. No more, no less.

    • Spunky2015

      My thoughts exactly, Shae. Vicki not being invited to Shannon’s party really took her down a peg. Being the OG doesn’t have any power anymore.

    • Janet

      I really don’t think the other ladies are jealious of Kelly and Vickie, and that’s not why they’re not as friendly with them. Although, I think women have the capacity to be extremely coniving when jealious, there has to be something that the person has,that the other woman is lacking. That’s not really there, because Vickie is alone now and Kelly seems to have a loveless marriage and a drinking problem. The other women aren’t poor either so that’s covered, and Tamra the least monyed has a happy marriage with a husband she’s very attracted to (the holy grail). It was probably said to cheer them up and that’s fine. But with women it’s a check list of things and it doesn’t add up. Not saying Vickie and Kelly don’t have their pluses, they just don’t add up to more than what the others have.

    • Yep – considering who was doing the inviting (David), I’m pretty sure it was clear to Vicki and Kelly precisely why they weren’t included. Still, maybe they make each other feel better by lying to spin it to the other girls being jealous. Sure, Heather (not Dubrow, but Heathers circa ’88).

      Vicki got in his face and called him a cheater (which he, at least, has admitted) and Kelly called him a pedophile. Even if they were friends of Shannon’s, I’m not sure they’d have made the guest list given their past behavior when there’s alcohol involved at the Beador functions.

  15. Shae

    Also, absolutely loved seeing Jeff Lewis & Co. there. They’re always great for a laugh and some charm <3

  16. Really mortified

    It tickles me when Tamra and Vicki say they are quick to forgive. When you are a dreadful person who intentionally hurts people you need to be forgiven so often that there is a quid pro quo! Shannon is holding a grudge with Vicki because she was a good friend to her, and ended up appearing complicit in the cancer scam. Vicki and Tamra cannot hold a grudge because they abandoned the moral high ground two episodes in and know they can never to recover it.

    • beauxblue

      they forgive because their job is being “friends”. These 2 have been at it so long they know their checkbook benefits by being friends.

  17. Allison

    I’m just not liking Kelly. I think she’s violent (has had a restraining order and DV charge) she doesnt handle her booze well at all. She drinks like a fish, her behavior is gross, language grosser, seemingly racist and shes worried about how her daughter feels about a rumor???

    I like Shannon-she can be obnoxious, but I’m glad for her that her marriage seems to be on the right track and she’s happy. She looks great without makeup too. I have to get this off my chest though-she whistles her S’s and it hurts my ears.

    Vicki is the Buddha and guru of the OC??? Thats a sad state of affairs! But Kelly Dodd, who has pure alcohol running thru her veins….I will say Vicki looks fantastic, she lost weight and looks great.

    When Iooked quickly, I thought Vicki and Kelly were eating at the Pig and Olive. Ha.

  18. lori

    Ugh Heather. Of course she had to make sure that Shannon knows that SHE get credit for the party within her first two sentences, as she slipped in “I was really excited to do this for you”. God she makes me sick. I wonder if Jeff Lewis overheard that, because that was totally uncalled for and would have turned me right off.

    • lori

      It looked like they were right near each other, or maybe it just looked that way because of the splice. Anyway, that would have had me already pre-annoyed and warmed up for the being rude to waitstaff.

    • lori

      And Shannon, seriously, nobody wants to hear about your vag. I was already grossed out enough that you two had to let the whole world know (or pretend) that you’re about to have sex. Yuck.

    • Really mortified

      Agree. Heather is so self-aggrandizing. No doubt she thinks Shannon should appreciate her contribution because Heather is “so busy”.

      • lori

        And I’d bet a lot of money that she managed to slip that into many conversations with guests throughout the night. And after doing so, she probably lost any further interest in the conversation.

    • God forbid that she let Shannon think that David did all of it……..

      • Shae

        When I heard the comment I wasn’t sure if heather said “I was really excited to do this for you” or “he was really excited to do this for you”, I let it go and gave her benefit of the doubt, but now that you’re all mentioning it, maybe she did say “I”.

  19. CDWASH

    I am so proud of myself…I could not do it…only saw 3 things Shannon on phone call with David, muted. Megan telling Kelly how she felt…that was actually ok and Vikki and Kelly eating…boring.
    Switched to American Pickers.Jill on Odd Mom Out is getting to me too. LOVE BROOKE.

  20. RHofND

    I am so over Shannon and David. He of the creepy eyes and the inability to get through one conversation in any episode that does not revolve around your body orfices…. so gross.
    I’m not a fan of Meghan but I do empathize over her narcissistic, uninvolved husband. Did anyone catch at the end of the episode when he made the gun to the head motion when Meghan was talking about their babies growing inside her? So shocking and sad. I hope she is ready to completely raise those babies on her own.

    • Miguel

      The gun motion was terrible, RHofND!!! I hate to say this; but, I hope TT wasn’t completely right about the anchor baby! I hope Meghan wants her child(ren), then the money. The alternative is too horrific to imagine – two parents who never wanted their child(ren). There’s a lot of hope in my statements – hope springs eternal, right???

      • RHofND

        I think she does want her own baby but is clueless on how little her husband cares for the baby…. or her for that matter

  21. Auntie Velvet

    I can’t remember all of the vow renewals on this franchise, but it seems to me they’re usually A) arranged by the wives/Bravo, probably because they sense the husband is straying, and B) are not preceded by a lot of hard work and marriage counseling.

    Long-winded way of saying this probably won’t be the kiss of death it usually is on reality shows.

  22. Ms.Minnie

    I love Kelly and that’s all there is to it, the only reason I’m watching and keeping this season interesting to me.

  23. PeachyKeen

    Didn’t watch last night..checked Bravo for Highlights? Meghan Kelly convo gave me hope for Meghan.. Kelly..behavior been there much too long to change in a season.. Did love the edit done
    by production with Kelly in her high neck black and white.. no chest showing outfit.. Is that outfit supposed to reinforce she is now contrite?

  24. Cat

    I have never understood the purpose behind vow renewals. Especially when one half has cheated. Is it supposed to be some kind of magical reset button?

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