Carlton Gebbia Taken to Hospital After Falling Unconscious At Nightclub

RHOBH Carlton

Carlton Gebbia was taken by ambulance from Beverly Hills nightclub, Bootsy Bellows in the wee hours of Saturday morning according to multiple sources.  It appears that Carlton was at the club alone to see a performance by Rick Ross. According to TamaraTattles sources, Sean Combs was also at the club to see Rick Ross.

A club employee was seen tending to an apparently unconscious Carlton as the party seemed to go on around her unfazed. The apparent cause of her unconscious state was excessive alcohol.

This was not the first time this has happened to Carlton. Click here for the details of the last time we know that this occurred. 


Carlton GebbiaBravo’s The Dish claims to have spoken to a representative for Carlton who said, “She was feeling fine and at a photo shoot yesterday following an allergic reaction to some medication which led to a brief hospitalization Saturday night as a precaution.”

It appears she spent the night in the hospital on Saturday night and was released in time for her next “photo shoot” on Sunday.

Carlton has been doing a lot of “photo shoots” on her Instagram and posted a photo of herself yesterday appearing as though she has made a full recovery.

I must say the “allergic reaction” excuse is a bit more original than dehydration and exhaustion.

In case you were wondering, Brandi Glanville was not with Carlton. She was at a Guns and Roses concert or perhaps recovering from the one the night before. Currently she is at the Malibu Wine Safari with some new dude and another couple. So we can’t blame this one on her.


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16 responses to “Carlton Gebbia Taken to Hospital After Falling Unconscious At Nightclub

  1. DalaiMama

    Good lord, that is scary!

  2. Too much of the devil’s nectar.. how embarrassing to know she has children at home. I am sure it was quite scene.

  3. Microop

    Ummm I think she has a serious problem. People don’t get hospitalized unless they go wayy too far. She was alone on top of it. I hope she gets help.

  4. Kari

    Is it normal for a 50+ woman to act this way? Not buying the allergic reaction

  5. DP

    I hope she gets well soon!

    I like Carlton – I think she was a victim of the ‘bad edit’ on her season of TRoBH. I’d love for her to return – her house was amazing; she’s definitely ‘really wealthy’ as opposed to some who pretend to be that way; and I love her quirkiness.

    • Microop

      I don’t think she got a bad edit. She was nonsensically nasty to Joyce, and harpy with Kyle. Given that she’s been hospitalized twice for excessive alcohol consumption I have a feeling she got a good edit.

  6. Too much booze and not eating. This happened to her last year at a restaurant with friends. Funny how all these women get every surgery and beauty treatment imaginable to look young, but drink like fishes. Alcohol really ages you.

  7. Sheba

    I don’t think it stops any of them. Maybe while filming but the old saying where there is smoke there is fire, I believe goes to a few housewives off screen incidents. The others make comments but are asked not to say what happened. Wouldn’t housewives be so much more fun if we saw the behind the scenes instead???? We could also support the ones who need it!

  8. Jrleaguer

    I guess mixing booze and meds is now considered an “allergic reaction”….I thought it was just stupidity.

    • Lu

      Agree, and don’t they know that cameras are always there? Pure stupidity. And they are supposed to raise kids and setting no example!

  9. Lindsay

    No MYSTERI here. Her DESTINY was to get CROSSeyed in da club.

  10. T D

    Over imbibing increases gravitational force by pulling one’s legs right out from under them. Rich folk call it exhaustion.

  11. JustJenn

    I didn’t think this happened to people after their 21st birthday? Get act together, Carlton.

  12. Those huge boobs on that skeletal frame are plain scary! She looks awful in that photo – should have stayed in her sex play room – at least if she collapses there it won’t make headlines. Might be time to eat a little more, drink a little less and take better care of herself.

  13. Shellbelle

    I saw GnR when they stopped in Atlanta a few weeks ago. They played 3 hours of awesomeness.
    Is Carlton still married? Why was she alone at a club? Odd.

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