Big Brother Sunday Recap And Live Feed Updates: Tarred and Feathered

BB18 all cast

By Lime Brain

Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother began with the HoH competition. It was the Black Box Comp where the houseguests have to perform a task in utter darkness. This year, they had to climb through a tar pit and if they roam far enough through box of feathers to collect wooden doughnuts to stack on a dowel. In between rounds they had to stand and hold down a button.The hamsters are calling it an endurance comp because it was a two hour competition. That’s not really and endurance comp, but whatever.

While everyone was talking while holding down the button, Corey is using his long arms to find the disks.

I’m getting bored watching this. They should have had it on the live feeds. We would have had fun watching it live and then BB could put more strategy talk on the show so we know what’s going on in the rooms the don’t show us. I don’t think I’m getting my $6 worth with the feeds.

While this is going on, we have a flashback of Paulie stirring the pot before he leaves. He tells Corey and Nicole to go after Victor and James. Nicole runs and tells Natalie and James that Paul said he was going after James and Victor.  Nat is pissed. Corey had already been telling James that Paul had been throwing him under the bus. James wants to make deal with Nicole and Corey.

In the end, Corey and Natalie ties with ten disks each. It’s a tie breaker. They roll back the tape to see who had the tenth disk first. Natalie wins by four seconds.

BB18 Natalie deep breaths


James tells Natalie that  they’ve been playing both sides of house and they will have to decide which side to commit to.

Paul says he jumped the PeePee ship to be with Nat and James. It better work.

Victor says that the past 2 weeks he didn’t put Natalie on block. He hopes she takes it into consideration.

In the kitchen if front of Corey, Paul tells Natalie how proud he is of her. She walks out. Paul knows something isn’t right. Now Paul and Victor are worried they will be put up. (On the feeds she was constantly avoiding Paul)

Nicole goes to talk to Nat. Nicole and Nat make a deal. If Nat doesn’t put her up she promises not to put her up next week.  (Like Nicole would ever win!)Nicole suggests putting up Paul.

James tells Nat it’s her HoH and it’s down to seven. Do what she needs to do.

Nicole ruins the trunk in the Safari room by painting her toenails without anything at all to protect the furniture. I am sick of these tri-weekly segments of how adorable and goofy Nicole is. I’m surprised they have enough material for three days a week considering she never gets out of bed.

Paul talks to Nat and James in bathroom saying he expects Nicole and Corey to go up. He says this is the only time he will say anything. He leaves. Nat is not happy.

Victor goes up to HoH room to talk to Natalie. Corey is already there. Victor feels awkward with their whispering. Victor quickly leaves.

Victor tells Paul they stopped talking when he entered the room. Paul says something is off. Why can’t people stick to a plan?

Must you hate the winner of BB18?

Must you hate the winner of BB18?

Iit is time for Friendship Time with Paul, a montage of his monologues to the live feeders.

WIth twenty minutes left in the show, Michelle wins the  America’s Care Package  with the Co-HoH. She freaks out trying to open the box. They gave her tissues amongst the gifts. That made me chuckle.

The looks on Nicoles and Corey’s faces were hysterical when they saw the advantage. Nic says it stinks because she will probably go up.

Michelle  wants to stir the pot this week. Nat does her cutesy act saying how happy she is that she has a Co-HoH.Nat meets with Michelle. Michelle really, really wants to put up Nicole. Nat says to put up the two strongest players: Paul and Victor. Victor walks in and does his friendship routine. Paulie talked to Michelle before he left and threw Paul under the bus. She’s on board getting rid of him. They agree about Paul, but Michelle doesn’t want to put up Victor.

Corey talks game to Michelle. She says he’s a muffled voice in the background. She’s ignoring him.

They both want to get rid of Paul. Michelle says she’s alone. She has no ride or die. She refuses to put up Victor. Nat says she’ll do it. Michelle will put up Paul. Michelle is torn at this point.

The nomination begins with a red alert.  Natalie nominates Victor and says she hopes he pulls himself off. Michelle nominates Paul. She says he is a good competitor. That he’s been acting shady. He is a liar. They didn’t show where she called him an atheist. She was worried about that. After the ceremony, Paul asks Victor to get the knife out of his back.

Michelle says if one of them comes down, Nicole will go up.

I just want to add that on the lives feeds this week, Natalie said in the storage room, that Mom and Dad (and she pointed to the diary room) told her to put up Paul and Victor and she was using their words.  It pisses me off that she is such a ditz and listened. Unlike Victor who was told not to put up Paulie and he basically told them to fuck off. Maybe this is BB’s retribution for him not obeying them.

Also, since all of this took place, Paul won veto and plans on taking himself off the block. Michelle has to do the renom, and really, really wants to put up Nicole. She’s being pressured/not pressured to put up Corey. It’s looking like Victor will be the one to go this week. James is the deciding vote. If Victor does stay, he and Paul plan on taking James out next week.

And just this morning, Big Brother  made Nicole go up to the HoH room and tell everybody that she will not buy James anything after the show and left the room. James was called to the DR and came back and told everybody that he will not buy anything for anybody after the show.

Paul said that Big Brother just blew up their games.  But he and Victor were playing it very low key and dropped it. They all went to bed soon afterwards. Victor is sleeping in the have not room with James.

It could be an interesting day today in the house if they ever wake up.


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129 responses to “Big Brother Sunday Recap And Live Feed Updates: Tarred and Feathered

  1. Ms.Minnie

    Yea I’m pretty much over this season, won’t be watching anymore until the finalie. To much interference from the production and telling the houseguest in the diary room who to and who not to send home. There’s no reason for the buy back unless Davonne or Bridgette was coming back but we know production love’s Paulie 👎✌

  2. I just can’t with James anymore. He knows all about what America wants and how the game is going. He is dead wrong on everything. Natalie has HOH big head. But I can respect her reasoning and game move. Michelle can’t make up her own mind and just when I start to root for her she changes horses in midstream. Nicole is playing the don’t do anything game and it seems to be working. She keeps Corey in the bed so that her “workhorse” can save her when the time comes. Paul transformed himself from annoying into a Big Brother contender. Victor and Baldwin are worthy of their on comedy act. If Victor gets sent to the jury house I hope he comes right back ,wins HOH and puts up James and Corey. Thank you for the great

    • Megan

      I hope you are right! I would love to see Victor put up James and Corey, but I would also be fine with Nicole going up, too. I can’t stand Nicole and Corey. They stay in bed and jerk each other off all day. Useless!

  3. Oops, thank you for the great post Limebrain, you rocked it. I love tamaratattles and Buster says hi to Banjo.

  4. Cat

    I’m disappointed in James. He has no backbone, but pretends that he is a strong player. This was the perfect opportunity for him to help Nat decide who to put up. She really needed (and wanted) guidance.

    If Victor is eliminated, I hope he gets the buy back. To be eliminated twice and return twice would be funny, I think.

    Anyone but Paulie. Please.

  5. Guest Appearance

    Is Nicole going to go the whole game without being nominated? Sorry, I can’t stand her. But Marsha Marsha you are on point.

  6. tamaratattles

    I hate production too, they are always fucking shit up HOWEVER, I sort of agree with their interference this time.

    Based on all the attention they are giving Paul, featuring his talks to the feeders, and giving him extra camera time by having security alerts during filmed events like nominations and veto ceremonies, it seems they are quite fond of him. He gives great DR and is the only one that doesn’t make it obvious he is repeating what they tell him to say.

    Conversely, they seem to be PISSED at Paulie. He threatened to DOR and refused to comply with punishments. This displeases them greatly.

    So let’s assume that while they once wanted Paulie back, those days are over. So they told the idiot girls to put up Victor and Paul hoping that Victor would go out of the house and take care of Paulie once and for all and returned with more confidence than ever.

    At least I am hoping that is the plan.

    On the down side, they LOVE the Nicole/Corey showmance.

    But they have taken that just as far as they can at this point, or at least I hope that is their position.

    • My worry is that Paulie knows about the chance of returning and is well rested after being in the jury house for a week.

      Victor is on slop and hashe to sleep in a bumper car. That car can screw up his back.

      Lets hope the 3 girls (esp. Z) drive Paulie crazy this week.

      Before the feeds went to Jeff loops, Paul was in the back yard talking to himself saying that if Michelle puts up Nicole instead of Corey, it would be a really stupid move for her game.

      James came out to sit with him, and Paul was trying to get James to convince Michelle to put up Corey.

      I’d rather see Nicole up there to see her sweat, but Corey would be better to insure Paulie doesn’t come back.

    • Amy

      How on earth could get love that showmance we all are grossed out by it. I hope u right about them wanting victor back. Hope more hen they want day. Victor and the eagle are so damn funny it’s crazy. Made the whole show.

  7. Yay! Corey was put on the block. There’s a slim hope James will vote him out. He never would vote for Nicole.

  8. Amy

    James doesn’t have the balls. Hope victor comes back gets him and even though I loathe Paulie I would love to see james and Natalie’s face if he came back But james has decreed that no way is there a jury member coming back. One I hate him and Nicole and Cory and can’t believe nat now. She ruined her entire game listening to that jerkoff james

  9. Amy, disagree about James. He has been such a gentleman with Nat. He has played a very sneaky, quiet game so far, and look how far he and Nat have come together. I hope the make it, and in the real world later, I hope they make it as a couple!

    • Amy

      James has not treated her well at all are u kidding he has sat by as his co showmance trashed her! She actually got him this far he would not have had the balls to flip the house like those girls did so let’s get that right. He thinks we want to watch him play the exact same game as last time his pranks aren’t cute or funny. There is no way on earth he can possibly win Americas favorite. He thinks he actually knows what’s going on. Come on. He bet that there was no way a jury member coming back. Boy he is going to choke on those words and I can’t wait. And u think it’s ok that he and Nicole were going to give the other 3 10,000 come on I hope to god victor and Paul didn’t believe him when he said oh she wants to give all the people here gifts. I would also like to rip out her vocal cords. I think he really screwed Natalie (she let him) with this hoh and I hope they come to regret it sitting in jury. He playing game best for him. Not her

      • I have to agree. James hath no cajones. Smart as he is, as much as he hears, he does very little. Wee cajonas on that James…pffft…

  10. tamaratattles

    I got so irritated with fucking James, Natalie and Michelle trashing Paul I had to turn it off. Early it was Nicole and Natalie trashing him. Natalie has such a bad case of HOHitis and the casuals will never know a thing about her shitty behavior.

    • I agree. Especially about the HOH-itis.

      I turned the feeds on this morning and they were trashing Paul in the HOH room and Paul was sitting outside alone talking to himself/cameras.

      Paul knows that Victor is most likely going home this week. He says he will be a lone wolf then. He can’t team up with Michelle because she is too unstable and blabs to much. Nobody is giving her any info.

      He thinks she was really stupid to team up with the 4 couples. They won’t keep her. He wanted to take her to final 3. He knows he will probably be next if he doesn’t win HoH.

      So, TT, my question to you is, are you willing to have Paulie come back in and listen to his arrogance, if he teams back up with Paul and gives Paul a chance to make it to tho the finals?

  11. timtoodles

    Natalie annoys me. She uses her looks to get things and it works!. She got James to clean her sheets after she stained them because of her period. She begged Victor for the HOH win. Who does that??? Then she brags about how she is a smart independent woman. grrrr

    I am starting to like Corey better. Not that I didn’t necessarily like him before. I just never heard him speak until about a week ago or so. It seems like he is never shown in the Diary Room.

    • lori

      You’re right. We rarely see his DR’s. Maybe he just sits there with his mouth hanging open, staring out into space like he does on the feeds.

  12. Happy gal

    I have been watching the live feeds that are soon on pop tv and last night James and Natalie were insufferable. James apparently cannot stand pAul because he is actually funny as opposed to James who wants to be funny and James is holding a grudge against Victor because he did not think James stupid pranks while he was sleeping were funny the first time he was in the house and while
    James had to admit that Victor has been totally cool since he came back James just can’t forgive that Vic did not take to his pranks the first go round !

    Douch bag!!

    The fact that Vic does not wish to live in filth also seems to offer James sensibilitiesA

  13. TT, off topic but….
    Am I losing my mind or did some of our identifying snowflake thingys change colors/shapes?

  14. James, Nicole and Michelle are up in the HOH room discussing strategy for next week. The girls are telling James that he can’t throw the comp this week. He said that Corey wants him to throw it and let Nicole win.

    They made him send that he needs to win it or else Nicole or Michelle will go home, especially with a care package in play.

    For the second time in the past few days Michelle asks about what if there’s a jury buyback.

    James assures her that there isn’t again.

    I wonder if James is that stupid to be unaware that one might happen, or if he thinks there might be and that Paulie will be coming back and will hokey up with him again.

    I would think it’s the former, but all the house guests have discussed the time remaining and how many people are left and that there will probably be one. I just don’t get him being so closed minded about it.

  15. Ok, I feel old now. Michelle has no idea who Billy Joel is and she had no clue that John Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe had an affair.

  16. tamaratattles

    Meanwhile Nicole wants to work with Paul and get James and the bitches out…. That is sort of good news.

    • That is too funny. I so want to see Michelle’s meltdown when Nicole nominates her. Michelle so wanted to put her up instead of Corey.

      • Wait a minute. She wants to get James out also? I don’t believe that part. Supposedly she had a pregame alliance with James and Paulie. That’s why James has been protecting Nicole so much.

        Plus, it would be better for her to get out Paul over James because everyone will vote him as the winner if they are final two. Nicole is a snake, I think she will use Paul to get the girls out and then use James to get Paul out.

        But if Paulie comes back in, it will end up being whoever he wants put up.

      • Amy

        And dumbass james convicted them to do all this stupid shit. Victor better win the jury buyback or Bridgette if Paulie does I will commit James really is an idiot and thinks he knows this game. He is such a LOSER!!

  17. Patti

    I honestly think Nicole and James have done a great job game wise. They have made it this far as vets which I think is a big deal. That was an automatic target coming in the house. Also both being in showmances puts another target on their back. The goal is to get to final 2 and if you have to be a snake to get there then power to you. We all have our favorites and the ones we can’t stand. I truly hope Paulie comes back because he has shown what a nutjob he is and that is just fun.

    • Amy

      Nicole handsome nothing except lay in bed thinking we believe nothing going on under covers and james has thrown every single comp and done stupid pranks Change up game from season to season. No way on earth should he win Americas favorite. I wish the show would stop casting returning people with the new ones. It’s not fair. I would rather watch people learn game as they play instead of counting on veterans. Save vets for all stars

    • Amy

      And listening to Paulie degrade an entire state of women and listen to the disgusting things he’s said about people and his giant pompous head is not fun. His head was so big could be in Macy’s thanksgiving parade. His brother was a fool but he is a pig

  18. Amy

    Has done not handsome lol. Sorry

  19. Guest Appearance

    Paul is turning on some serious game play to Corey/Nicole. It’s about time someone does some thinking this week. He is trying to convince them to team up with him this week by saying all three of them will play for HOH and 1 of 2 (Corey/Paul) can win the ACP.

  20. I read that tonights endurance comp for hoh is going to be shown live on the feeds. About time!

    I hope its the slip and slide. That will be more entertaining than watching people stuck on a wall.

  21. lori

    Can anyone update me on where James’s head is at? Last I saw, the house was falling for Paul and Victor’s plan to pretend that Victor is pissed that Paul has been throwing him under the bus, and he is now afterPaul. Nat and Michelle were up in hoh using lollipops as hg’s to figure out what their best option would be, and they decided that keeping Victor was the best way to go to set them up for next week. Natalie was trying to convince James to send Corey home, but he wasn’t sure what he was going to do. Any updates anyone?

    • tamaratattles

      Last I saw, James wasn’t really falling for it the way Meech and Nat were. While they told James to vote out Corey, James secretly continues to protect Nicole by protecting Corey. He told Meech and Nat he wanted to call Nicorey up to question them and see if they could tell if they were lying about being with Paul. He also talked to Vic alone and when he pitched the I’m not with Paul anymore lie, he told him that he can’t be sure they wouldn’t just get back together as soon as they were both safe. Nicole seemed to convince the girls that PeePee was playing them. James still wanted to evict Vic as always.

      Nat and Meech are pressuring him, but he was arguing to keep Corey.

      I could be wrong and who know how things have changed, but I believe Vic is going to be voted out.

      I really need Limebrain to tell us for sure but she has a ton going on right now and we will be lucky if she has time to even recap tonight.

    • lori

      Never mind. Got my answer. :(

    • lori

      Oh wait! I’m sorry! I didn’t realize anyone replied to me. My screen didn’t update with you comments until I posted my last comment. Forget I have to refresh sometimes (unlike fb). Okay, let me read what you all had to say now!

  22. I’m here!

    These damn houseguests are sleeping whenever I get a chance to watch feeds or I get fish. Very annoying.

    I think you have a good handle on what’s going on, TT.

    It’s all up to James and I doubt he will change his mind. But if Natalie really wants James to vote Corey out, all she has to do is tell James that Corey keeps staring at her boobs. Lol!

    I’m so glad I fell asleep and missed the NY housewives last night. I should be able to stay awake now for it. I am primed and pumped to watch the hoh comp and I can type a recap while watching it. But BB will probably screw me over by going to fishes constantly or it will be over in 15 minutes like some of them last year. That’s why I’m hoping for the slip and slide. But with the returning jurors competing also, will there be enough room for all of them?

    GO VICTOR!!!

  23. Ok, I just checked the feeds. Natalie and James in a bumper car. Natalie is wishy washy and wants Victor to stay. James is now being adamant about him going.

    He says there is no way that Victor and Paul will not team right back up if he stays. That James would never put Natalie up and Corey/Nicole will never put each other up. Natalie understood that and sees that Victor needs to hold.

    James also said that Paul will be gunning after James next week and Michelle and Natalie will be safe because Paul will want to take one of them to the end.

    James also said that by getting rid of Victor, James is opening up a seat for Natalie at the final two. If he doesn’t, Z Victor will be taking one of those seats and will win.

    What James is saying is true and James knows he’s pretty much going to be a target next week no matter who goes. I think he believes it’s better for Natalies game if Victor leaves.

    At the beginning of the week with the veto, James said it’s never good to change your mind with the people who are nomunated once a plan has been set in motion. So true.

    But, I really, really, really don’t want Victor to go. He and Paul are the only two in there who can have an intelligent conversation.

  24. tamaratattles

    Can anyone explain why the idiot brigade keeps saying that Paul “Lied about fries?” It’s apparently a major bone of contention and I have no idea what they mean.

    • Paul told the house that he didn’t know how to cook. But he makes amazing French fries, so he must have lied about not knowing how to cook.

      Now Michelle is going around saying that he must own a restaurant and it is called Friendship.

      The girls are pretty dimwitted at times.

    • As if French fries are pretty hard to figure out how to make.

    • lori

      He was making homemade french fries the other night and made a statement that he’s never made french fries before. Welllllllll, according to the girls, he had JUST told them a story about him and his friend making french fries a day or two realist.

  25. lori

    Soooooo CBS announced that hoh/buy back comp will be shown on feeds tonight. About damn time!

  26. lori

    I don’t understand how James and/or Nicole don’t foresee that there is another juror coming back in. James had better hope that it’s not Paulie, because he’s definitely gonna jump right back in with his buddy Corey and by default, at this point, Nicole. Only chance James will have then is if neither of those three win hoh. Otherwise I’d be shocked if doesn’t find himself on the block at some point this week.

    • lori

      Unless he really did have a pre-game deal with Paulie.

      I’ve also been meaning to ask, did anyone else catch last week on the feeds when Paulie was on his rampage, him and James were in the bumper cars and he said that he knew that Paul was going to be in the house… that someone told him, and James days “who? Derrick?” And Paulie says “shhhhhh”, and then fish.

    • lori

      Plus, I find it almost unbelievable that production hasn’t told anyone yet. I think it was rather obvious that they told Paulie before he left to calm his ass down, but it just surprises me if they haven’t told anyone else at this point. I kind of have a feeling that James knows. Every time Michelle mentions it, he’s pretty quick to shoot it down. And if he does know that, then he must know something more to make him vote the way he is. I really wish we didn’t have to worry/guess about production interference when trying to follow game strategy.

      • Interesting thought that production might have told James, and probably Nicole also. She’s clammed up about a juror coming back, also, and I couldn’t figure out why.

        I haven’t heard the part about Paulie knowing about Paul coming in. Did they even know him? I think Paul might have been an alternate last year.

        Wasn’t Paulie at a lot of the places where they had interviews? He probably knew every person who was going to be on the show and googled them all to get an idea of their personalities.

      • lori

        Yeah, I don’t know what exactly that meant. That was all that was said and the fish came up. It was weird. The way he made it sound was like Derrick didn’t say anything positive about Paul. He was all fired up and he said something like “yeah, heh Paul… I knew that kid was gonna be here. He told me”. And then james said who derrick, etc. But the way Paulie said it was very negative. A lot of weird shenanigans go on behind the casting, especially on this show it seems. That’s the one reason that made my decision to check out the upcoming all access season. Robyn Kass won’t be the one doing casting, at least that’s what they’ve said. I’m so sick of the same demographic year after year.

  27. Guest Appearance

    Production would have been okay with Paul leaving but not so much Victor (why BBC won’t let him shave). I think with Natalie and production James is changing his vote.

  28. Guest Appearance

    Paul and Victor put on a grand show like Will and Boogie days to convince the house that they are not trusting each other anymore. Paul hung out with Natalie/Corey and Victor said to others that Paul knows he leaving so he is fllipping to other side. Natalie and Meech are buying Victor’s sob story and believe he would put up Paul for them. Last minute talk Natalie told James she wants Victor to stay. Paul and James were arguing a bit about broken trust. James said to Natalie it’s late to switch now but ok.

    • Guest Appearance

      Paul with Nichole/Corey not Natalie

      • lori

        Well that was going on last night too (I commented about this above). Did anything new happen/change since then, because James still wanted Victor gone, even though Michelle, and especially Nat didn’t. Also, last night hg’s figured that Paul and Victor were probably just acting.

  29. Omg! This 3 hour time difference is a pain in the butt! I had to turn off feeds to go have dinner and I figured that bb would be shutting down the feeds soon anyway for the show. I can’t believe I missed all this.

    GO VICTOR! Yay!

  30. lori

    On a total side note, I’ve beenmeaning to mention… anyone who watches the feeds from a phone or table, but would rather watch them on their tv screen should seriously consider buying a chromecast. (Or even if you would rather watch on tv over a laptop, as long as it doesn’t have vista or a very old OS). I bought one last year and I love it. So easy to install and use. Pretty cheap to purchase too. I’m all ready to go for the live hoh/juror buy back comp tonight.

  31. Ok, I just saw a clip on the Internet with Paul and Victor doing their act at the kitchen table were Victor says he feels abandoned by Paul.

    All I kept thinking while watching it was that those contests they had to try to make the other person laugh sure came in handy. I kepthink waiting for Victor to burst out laughing.

  32. Guest Appearance

    Before the feeds cut out this afternoon the switch was on. James National Paul argument was this afternnon. James comment to Natalie was this afternoon. Nichole made a comment to Corey saying Paul has our back so they are buying that Paul has flipped.

  33. timtoodles

    Go Paul and Victor!

  34. Guest Appearance

    Paul/Victor have put on a wonderful performance. I love it.

  35. I kind of feel bad for James, but he is the target no matter who stays or leaves.

    • lori

      He’s been so lame all season, I don’t even feel a bit bad for him. I like him and all, but I’m not impressed with his game. Especially for someone who claims that he’s giving America what they want to see.

  36. tamaratattles

    HERE WE GO! I watcched right up to last seconds. James was leaning toward sending COREY home.

    • lori

      Recently learned that they actually have to give bb their decision a bit before the live eviction actually starts, thus James’s statement a little while ago that it’s too late.

      • tamaratattles

        I know. But James is a wimp. Victor in that position would haVe just voted who he wanted. They supposedly have to tell them way in advance who they are nominating too.

        This makes all the speeches irrelevant.

  37. tamaratattles

    Paul and Victor have been AMAZING. This is the best gameplay maybe EVER. Mucho respect. These to will make this season one for the history books. Better moves than DAN even.

  38. timtoodles

    Once again….. go Paul and Victor!

    Boo Paulie!

  39. lori

    WTF?!?! My feeds are still showing old shit! Can anyone else see the comp on the feeds?

  40. Guest Appearance

    Yes. Day says she’s about to fall

  41. Guest Appearance

    Day and Z out

  42. Guest Appearance

    Corey fell off the wall

  43. lori

    Day and Zak holding hands and jumping after Day mouthed 3 times to Zak that is time to jump really makes me think that what I read about her being on the all access season is true. She didn’t look that tired to me, at all!

  44. Guest Appearance

    Paulie said to Victor that the girls gave him a hard time for 2 days. That doesn’t sound long enough to me.

  45. lori

    Everyone send energies through your screens for Paulie to fall!

  46. lori

    Bridgette isn’t looking too good.

  47. Guest Appearance

    Bridget fell. Paulie on the brink

  48. lori

    Paulie looks how Bridgette was looking! Please! Fall!

  49. lori

    James sure is doing a lot of messing around up there.

  50. lori

    I can’t help but wonder if bb is bribing the jurors with money to fall when the fish are up. Could it be?

  51. lori

    I am PISSED about these fish! This comp better come back on. Wtf?

  52. Guest Appearance

    He’s down Paulie is DOWN

  53. lori

    Wooooo Hooooo! Paulie GONE! See ya!

  54. Guest Appearance

    Victor down. He’s HOH

  55. lori

    Vic out of hoh. Come on Paul! You can do it!

  56. Guest Appearance

    I thought the last evicted person gets HOH, no?

  57. Guest Appearance

    Paul, you are my only hope. Keep me sane this week.

  58. tamaratattles

    James has said all week if it is down to him and nic he will throw it to here. I don’t think Nat is aware of this. James #1 is NICOLE not Nat.

  59. Thank god Paulie is gone! I can keep my feeds.

  60. Guest Appearance

    Nicole almost fell and they eased up on her. Paul looks like it’s pure will only, while favoring one leg.

  61. Guest Appearance

    James beginning to shiver. Good new, muscle fatigue…coming…one hour more and he’s done

  62. Didn’t James have some nerve damage in his arm from an earlier comp?

    Nicole has raccoon eyes from her eye makeup running down her face.

    • lori

      No, he was kidding around when he said it. That’s when they were trying to get someone to volunteer as a pawn, and that was his excuse for it not to be him (in a joking manner).

  63. Guest Appearance

    Nicole and James cannot stop looking at Paul. If Paul could see their face he would stand there with no problem. Nicole says she can’t get back up from the squatted position.

  64. Guest Appearance

    Darn Paul is down

  65. Paul is down. Let’s see if James throws it.

  66. Guest Appearance

    Deal talk Natalie/James…promising safety

  67. Guest Appearance

    is James going to give it to her, disgusting…

  68. Don’t trust her James! She will bounce checks!

  69. lori

    If Nicole wants that letter do bad, then that should give her the will to fight it or. She’s pissing me the eff off work her whining to James to let her win for that. James used the excuse that he can’t be a have not again. He SHOULD just say that even if she promises him, they don’t know what the care package will be so he can’t take any chances. If he gives it to her, he deserves to be back stabbed for being such a spineless fool.

  70. Guest Appearance

    Victor says they didn’t talk to Paulie for 4 days. I wonder who he slept since he doesn’t like to sleep alone.

  71. James also told her that next week might be double eviction and he won’t win hoh then. She d the better chance of winning them.

  72. Guest Appearance

    James says he’s dropping for Nicole. Shivering is why he’s dropping.

  73. lori

    What an idiot! Ugh! This makes me sick. I wish the care package WAS something that would come back to bite him. So lame.

  74. lori

    I’m done watching this crap for tonight. I can’t.

  75. Guest Appearance

    If Nicole was a nurse she would have seen the fatigue and shivering and new he would drop in an hour.

  76. Bye, James! You are gonna be nominated this week.

    And ugh! Corey and Natalie in the hoh bed all week.

  77. Paul is working on Corey right now.

  78. timtoodles

    Ugh I gotta go to bed! Thanks Limey and TT for this forum!

  79. Nicole and Corey in the bathroom talking. She told Corey that she won’t put up Jame, Natalie or Paul.

    She needs Paul for the double eviction and if it wasn’t for him, she would have fell off early in the comp.

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