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Well we made it through another week. I’d have to say the best show I blogged about this week was Flipping Out. It’s one worth catching if you missed it. We also had two episodes of Real Housewives of Melbourne this week. On Wednesday we saw Gamble’s Wedding, which was quite lovely, and the on Friday we saw the reception and things get back to normal in Melbourne. 

You may have noticed that I have been posting at odd times this week. I have been trying to dig myself out of the hole. I’ve found that eating properly and not drinking much of anything besides water works well in this regard. I’ve even gotten a few walks in with the dog.  However, at the same time, I seem to have developed a bout of narcolepsy. Two days this week a slept in 17+ and 14+ stretches only stumbling to the restroom and back a few times. I think I got up this morning at 4 after going to bed around 11. That means the big sleep is yet to come. And I feel it coming on now.

Hopefully I will be awake to recap whatever it is that airs on Sunday, New Jersey perhaps? I can’t peek as I have a movie playing on demand now. I just watch Straight Outta Compton and am now watching The Suffragettes. I have a feeling I will conk out before this one is over.

In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves. What have you been up to this week/weekend?  What was your favorite show this week?


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  1. I am officially done with training. This is my first weekend and I am working second shift. I was pretty terrified before going in, last night. I realized that the former job PTSD was hitting me hard. My son helped me down from my panic attack so I was able to get to work on time. There are only three techs, second shift. My boss scheduled me on the weekend that the evening supervisor works. Really grateful, because the supervisor works all departments, so he could walk me through second shift procedures. I was in chemistry, which I like, but I had a million questions. The supervisor answered every one and never lost his patience. Like everyone else at new lab, he is a sweetheart. Got through the night without any major mishaps. I am not panicking today, and looking forward to feeling more in control and confident tonight.

  2. NeverBeenJaxed

    It’s the menopause thing causing the sleeping issues. That’s what my doc told me mine was from. I can’t sleep more than an hour at a time so I’m up all damn night and get up for the day at 3am. I hate it. Exhausted all the time. So by 3 pm I’m ready for a long nap, and like you TT, my whole schedule is FUBAR.

    I’ve been looking at the #PumpRules kids IG photos of Katie and Schwartz’s wedding. I’m happy for them and everybody looked awesome as usual.

    In other news I just heard that Amber and Jim Marchese are going to be on Marriage Boot Camp. Hmmm. Interesting…

    Hope you’re feeling better TT!

    • JoJoFLL

      Have you tried progesterone creme? It worked for me.

      • Barb

        Just starting this and it’s helping me too! Virtually no side effects either. My husband calls it the happy cream cuz my moods are improving also :-)

    • RHofND

      Try Melatonin. It was recommended by my doctor. It’s over the counter. It takes about a month or so to work but it regulates your body to get on a regular sleep cycle. My friend who is a psychiatric nurse also recommended it because her patients have to be very careful about additional meds that may be habit forming and melatonin is not. It is what her staff doctors prescribe for sleep issues. Its worth a try.

      • misery chick

        My psychiatrist recommended Melatonin but to start at a very small dose (3mg). It did help me for awhile, so I’m grateful for that.

    • More Tea Please!

      Ha! They think they can fix Asshole?

  3. JoJoFLL

    The heat will certainly suck the life right out of you.

    My dear friend lost his gorgeous 7 week old daughter to SIDS on Thursday. I have been trying very hard to make heads or tails out of this.

    Between that and still grieving for my sweet kitty, it has been a tough couple of weeks.

    These olympics have been a bust.

  4. Shar Woods

    The most uplifting thing I read today was that the female New Zealand runner who helped the U.S. runner when they collided on the track received a prestigious special medal for sportsmanship. Although the news has been dominated by that idiot Ryan Lochte, we have to remember the overwhelming number of wonderful athletes who actually care about other people and do the right thing.

  5. Daintyfeets

    I liked 60 days In. Sundays are for Naked and Afraid XL. My sleep schedule is messed up also. Laid down for a nap at 4 p.m. yesterday and was up at 9:30 p.m. finally fell asleep again around 4:30 a.m. I’ve been up for an hour and feel like a nap again. I don’t understand it.

  6. I am obsessed with Danell Leyva from the American gymnastics teams. He is one HOT MOFO! There’s a viral video of him doing a parallel bar warm-up mixed with a little strip tease & Latin dancing. He’s so sexy I forget to breath…

  7. PeachyKeen

    Loved watching the Olympics….diving; track and field and the gymnasts!..Will watch closing ceremonies.. Lochte pseudo robbery….beneath his talents…and shameful..

    I refuse too take anything to help me sleep…exercise is the best..

  8. Margaret Shepard

    Tamara since you mentioned Straight Outta Compton, gotta say I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. Ice’s son is a good actor and a better looking version of him. Ditto the actor who played Dr. Dare. So sad when his younger brother was killed.

  9. Margaret Shepard

    Dr. Dre.

  10. Margaret Shepard

    Oops I mean’t Dre.

  11. Valour

    I worked my booth at the farmers market Saturday which was also my birthday. Came home out of the pouring rain and went to bed. Watched Rosemary’s Baby and streamed food network until I fell asleep. Goodness, my life is dull😳

  12. Swizzle

    Just finished a book, The Children by Ann Leary. The main character is a mommy blogger who doesn’t really have children. She makes up all the marriage and kid details. It’s not the main plot line, but it was fascinating. Made me wonder if other bloggers make up their backstory.

  13. Wendy

    Maybe TT should go Dr for a check up…

  14. Cat

    I’ve been reading a lot, and ignoring TV lately. I still have it on for background noise, though.

    This last week, I have been battling fleas. Luckily, I caught it early. Unfortunately, I discovered it when I was almost out of money for the month. So…I had to resort to home remedies.

    I tried salting the carpet. That didn’t work, although I know people who swear by it. What is working for me is a solution of vinegar and water (50%/50%).

    Unfortunately, my big male cat, Jesse, has rebelled, probably due to the vinegar smell. He has been periodically peeing on my couch. Not on the seat cushions…oh, no. That would be an easy fix. No, he is peeing on the big plush pillow-like back. This is harder to clean.

    It took me about a week to find a solution that worked. Yesterday, I finally had my couch back.

    Then, this morning, he DID IT AGAIN!

    Luckily, I was able to clean it quickly. I was mad at him, and determined to revoke his couch privileges. But then, he jumped on my lap, cuddled, and purred.

    I melted, and forgave him.

    Tomorrow, I’m going to take some money from my secret reserves, and go find some natural flea control…something that smells good. I do have an order in online, but don’t want to wait another 2 weeks.

    I need to do this…NOW.

    • Cat

      As for TV, I am really liking the old reruns of “Bones”. I get these several times per week.

      Otherwise, I am still liking “Brain-dead”. Stupid and funny.

      I was watching “Zoo”, but quit when it became hokey. “Brain-dead” is stupid on purpose. “Zoo” is supposed to be serious.

      So, I read the book, instead. That was MUCH better. And completely different from the TV show.

    • Theresa

      what did you use to clean the couch? my cat pees on it when we have house guests she doesn’t like

      • Cat

        I used a combination of white vinegar, dish soap, and water. I tried applying with a brush, but a washcloth works better. Keep changing the solution until it comes out clear. Try not to oversoak. If you can, use a blow dryer to help it dry. (I can’t use a blow dryer, because of the pacemaker.)

        Then, when it’s dry, I deodorize with a mixture of baking soda, ground cinnamon, and ground cloves. Homemade carpet/furniture deodorizer. Sprinkle it, let it sit for 15 minutes to a half hour, then vacuum.

        I’m experimenting with a homemade spray deodorizer. I’ll let you know if I come up with something that works.

      • Theresa

        thanks. do you use cinnamon and clove because they smell so awesome or are they a deterrent?

      • Cat

        I used them because:

        1. They were what I had on hand
        2. I love the smell
        3. They are listed as ingredients in not only homemade deodorizers, but homemade flea control, as well.

      • Cat

        Thanks, Valour!

        Here’s another home remedy. I’ve used this for unclogging drains, and it really works. Going to try this tomorrow.

        2 cups white distilled vinegar
        2 cups lukewarm water.
        4 generous Tablespoons baking soda
        Spray bottle (optional)

        Option #1:. Mix the water and vinegar together. Gradually add baking soda (careful, it will foam!) Pour into spray bottle.

        Blot whatever you are trying to remove. Then spray the foamy solution. Wait 5 minutes. Then blot.

        Option #2: Mix the vinegar and water as in option #1. Instead of adding the baking soda, sprinkle the baking soda over the area (blot first, of course). Let it sit for 5 minutes, then vacuum excess. Then spray with the vinegar solution. Let the foam eat the stain for 5 minutes. Blot dry.

        Option #3: Blot area. Mix water and vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda liberally. Then pour vinegar solution, and let it foam for 5 minutes. Blot and rub dry.

    • Valour

      Try DE (Diatomaceous Earth) the food grade variety. It’s a natural flea killer that you can get from Home Depot or Lowe’s and it’s pretty cheap. Safe for humans and pets buts eats the flesh of those pesky fleas.

    • Daintyfeets

      How do you apply vinegar and water? I have an environmental infestation and nothing is working. Cats (5 of them) get Frontlined every 4 weeks. I’ve tried foggers, poison in a can, organic spray, vacuum over and over. It’s becoming unbearable for all 6 of us.

      • Erica

        I don’t think Frontline worked very well for my cat. Can’t remember what the vet gave me this time – usually I don’t have to do it more than a month or two with him being an indoor kitty.

        I would also be worried that the cat would think of vinegar, after it was on the couch for a couple of days, as urine and would need to mark his territory.

        If the vet suggest another remedy, after you try that I would also get a flea comb for the cats and help the meds along. I did that last year when I realized my cat had fleas. Had to wait to get to the vet for the meds, but had a flea comb. Put a towel on my lap, put cat on towel, with some very hot, soapy water in one bowl, and a couple of bowls of warm water (for rinsing said comb). Combed off fleas AND eggs AND flea dirt, and killed the sons of bitches in the hot soapy water. I’d bathe him too – but I like my eyeballs where they are. Supposedly the flea meds given to the animals should take care of the problem (as the fleas are attracted to the cats blood first, and that kills them and the eggs)

        Oh… and maybe while you have them at the vet or something (I can take my cat to my parents – he loves it there right now, as they are in between pets), you can have your carpets steam cleaned? The steam should kill fleas and some of the eggs too. Or rent one from the grocery store.

        Oh, I also read that while you should NEVER put a flea collar on a pet – they aren’t good for them – you CAN cut one up and put a piece or two in your vacuum cleaner and hand vacs!

      • Cat

        It’s a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, in a spray bottle.

        It works, but I would only use it as a last resort. I agree, it’s probably why Jesse has taken to peeing on the couch. Another con, my apartment smells like vinegar (yuck!). And, I had to vacuum twice a day, and apply the vinegar solution 3 times a day, minimum.

        Today, I broke down and bought chemicals. 3 hours, 8 stores, and $40 later, I have proper product to take care of the couch and carpet.

        I didn’t want to put chemicals on the cats (they are old cats), so I finally found essential oils in the pharmacy at Target. I bought the one with a mix of wintergreen, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Same as what I ordered online.

        You have to dilute it, otherwise, it burns. But, I diluted it, then applied it to the back of their necks, with the eyedropper that came with the oils. They ran from the smell at first, but now, are loving it. I also put some in a small spray bottle, and sprayed their sleeping areas, and my furniture.

        As they were on my lap, I could see fleas come to the surface. I tried to comb them out, but the cats wouldn’t sit for much of that. So, I sprayed some of the diluted oils on my hand, and rubbed it into their skin.

        Now, they are not scratching or biting, and are sleeping comfortably. My apartment smells better, too. :)

      • Cat

        The flea collar for the vacuum is a great tip, and it works, too.

        I was really frustrated shopping. There is definitely a bias toward dogs. Dogs get a full aisle of flea products. Cats are lucky to get one shelf, mostly empty.

        And Frontline and other products like it are 4-6 times more expensive than the natural flea control I ordered online.

        The essential oils I bought today were only $8. Small bottle, but since it’s concentrated, a little goes a long way.

        I may try some of that on my carpet.

    • AnnaBanana

      I struggled with fleas for two years. It was horrible.

      We finally got something that works. My neighbor who is a vet tech brought over a product called ‘Revolution’. It’s a spot treatment. That you out on the back of the cats neck. It works in a matter of minutes. I’m serious. It’s amazing. I’m so glad for it.

      In the beginning, I tried a spot treatment from the supermarket and it did nothing.
      This works. Basically, once they bite your cat, they die. I saw one crawling to get away seconds after I applied it, so maybe it works in a way in addition to getting poisoned from biting the cat- but it works. I haven’t had any more fleas.

      Before that I had tried fogger sprays (the fleas didn’t mind that at all), diatomaceous earth (just left me with a lot of cleanup, the fleas thrived), flea powders (didn’t kill all of the fleas, the numbers continued to grow), even bought nematodes for the lawn (no noticeable effect), flea collars (made the cats sick, and burned the hair off where the collar was).

      I’m so glad I got the ‘Revolution’. I was almost beginning to think being flea bitten was going to be my and my cats lives from now on. Not to mention, one of the cats got tapeworm from the fleas, and they were anemic.

      Get ‘Revolution’. It will save you.

  15. Dee

    Tamara, thank you, Katie was a beautiful bride, Dee

  16. You taught me somethg abt my sleep pattern which is also erratic, I don’t knw who’s is worse mine or yours. So much if how I feel the next day depends on if I sleep more than 4 hrs & wld refuse to take a nap. Well the other day I hit a wall, cldn’t finish making dinner, it was an effort to breathe let alone think. I went to bed for abt 4 hrs & when I woke up things were clearer, but ic felt as though the ” big one was next”. Which that is exactly what happened I slept 12 hrs. I felt renewed, but it is not consistent. I bought this natural substance called lithium root ate which is supposed to help wth mental balance so far I feel a bit of a change. I know my biggest problem is lack of sleep according to maslows hierachy of needs so my focus is the hell wth housework, the hell wth dinner when I feel this exhausted I’m going to bed the world will go in.💜💤💤

  17. Minky

    I’ve been in a holding pattern of some sort. I don’t know what to do with myself. I just want work to start. All summer I’ve wasted my free time doing nothing and being a hypochondriac. I still have a pile of shit to get done and no motivation or energy to do it. Aaaaaaaaargh!!!

  18. Ellie E

    What ever happened to Miss Maisey? I loved her candid input. Hope all is well.

  19. Coco

    Once again, I worked all weekend (the Pirates are in town and got swept by the Marlins — UUGGHH!) so I’m living vicariously through everyone. The only thing I can comment on is the cooler weather in the East. Thank you, Jesus! I love when the kids go back to school. The weather gets cooler. Sometimes… Happy Sunday!!

  20. Coco

    Congratulations on making it through training and starting your new job, Lisa! You’re going to make it in your own!!

  21. Coco

    Oops! That should have been *on*. Little keyboard, fat fingers.

  22. DP

    I used to find ‘Flipping Out’ annoying, until I taped a good five or so hours worth of episodes to watch doing the ironing (there wasn’t anything else worth taping).

    Bravo has recently launched in New Zealand, and all the old episodes are airing at 5:30pm weeknights, with newer series playing late on Monday nights. It’s the old episodes that I’m really enjoying – around the time when Sarah (who is such a sweetheart!), Trace, Joe and Jett were all on it.

    I can really understand where Jeff is coming from with his demands … I would describe him as more of a perfectionist than someone with OCD. He likes things to be done right, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I think the people who have worked with him at various times throughout their careers have been exposed to some invaluable training that they’ve no doubt been able to utilise in their own businesses.

    I know Sarah and Trace are about to get fired (Joe did a few episodes ago), so I’m not looking forward to that.

    It’s interesting to see how different the office dynamic was when Gage wasn’t there (it was better!). I feel sorry for the workers though – their desks look really uncomfortable and I can’t imagine working in such a confined space. It sounds like Jeff works them really hard too – in one episode Sarah said that he didn’t like them eating dinner, but they were often there until 9pm.


    So, The Real Housewives of Auckland premiered in New Zealand tonight (well, last night – it’s 1:04am on Tuesday as I’m typing this). Dare I say, it’s awful. The women are all driving cars that were loaned to them from a dealership … their properties are theirs, but I’m not sure what else is a facade (probably a lot!). In my view there’s only one decent one among the lot, and that’s Louise Wallace, who used to be a newsreader, a game show host (The Weakest Link), and actress. She’s also an heiress, so independently wealthy (as opposed to most of the others who married rich). Louise’s husband is a big wig in one of Auckland’s top advertising agencies.

  23. JKR

    The sleep issues get me, as well. Unfortunately I have to adhere to a toddler and work a ridiculous amount of hours a week to get us by.. I keep telling myself at night- I’m going to sleep early, waking up early, and working out. It will help. It will make me feel better. I will feel better about myself. And then I hit snooze until I’m on the brink of being extremely late and have to rush the baby out the door…
    In other news, I just watched a commercial that said “Taking notes? What is this, 1993?” I’m not even thirty, still in school (having kids young will extend that process..) and I take notes for everything. I didn’t think I was getting old, but… Now I’m feeling fat AND old. Lol.

  24. lori

    Tamara, I’m just sitting here watching the first two episodes of teen mom, and I was wondering if you’re going to be blogging this season? I hope you do. I don’t know how I got sucked back into this franchise, but I did. I watched the 16 and pregnant shows and then the first season. Then I somehow lost most interest, and would only watch if I happened to catch it on tv. Now, for the past year (or two?) I watch religiously, dvr and all. Did this show get a lot better than it used to be??? Anyway, I’m dying to hear your commentary again this season. Top of my list is Matt.

  25. Help! I need some encouragement. Today is the first nice day in a month so I am trying to do some fall cleaning and get rid of stuff that I don’t need. It’s starting to give me a panic attack. It just seems so overwhelming. I come from a family of hoarders so it’s ingrained in me.

    I already did a yard sale and got rid of a lot of stuff and what’s left over I need to sort through and take most of it to the thrift store. I won’t do another one for a year. But I want to get rid of more stuff now.

    I already did sheets and linens. That was easy because I have no emotional attachment to that. Clothes I will work on when it’s time to change clothes for the fall/winter season. Except for socks. I have way to many socks and most of them are brand new because I have a friend who keeps getting them for me even though I yell at him not to get me anymore. I sorted through them, but now I have an insane fear that if Trump becomes President, the economy will tank so bad that I will be wishing I had kept them.

    I keep sorting through books, but I love them. But they take up to much space.

    Anyway, what do you guys do to get in the mindset of throwing things out?

    I think this was one of my New Years resolutions to get rid of everything. I have only 4 months left to accomplish it.

    • lori

      As someone who also has a hard time letting go of things AND loves socks (I don’t know why, but I do), I am the worst person with helpful hints in this department. Well actually, I know a ton of “tips”, I just have a hard time implementing them. There are some good books on amazon about how to get rid of things/hoarding (because another book is exactly what you need, right? Lol). Just getting rid of a few things a day is better than nothing. That’s what I’ve been trying to do lately. Good luck, and I’d be interested to know how you make out.

    • I visualize how much space and air there will be without the clutter.

    • JKR

      I feel you on the hoarding, Lime. I keep my house clean, but my bedroom is a stock pile. I’m a compulsive shopper, but I have a bizarre attachment to clothes. And paperwork. Add in a few court battles and yo-yo dieting after my daughter was born, and I’m drowning in both. I started sorting through things yesterday, and found myself making excuses to keep things I couldn’t fit one foot into without going back to preteen hips and a couple body lifts.
      I try to sort into piles first- have to keep, want to keep but not using/useful, and should not keep/won’t use/useless. Put away the things I use. Reconsider the size of my want pile, re-sort between the two piles I have left. Eventually my useless pile gets bigger.
      Then, when it comes to bagging (I donate a bunch, keep things I could sell in my want pile) I tell myself how much more someone else in need could use the things I have. Maybe a struggling mom like myself. Try to recognize that the things I am attached to are material, not necessary for survival, and could be replaced. Bag it up, drop it off, and repeat that someone else could use it better than me.
      I wish you luck. Anxiety is a bitch. Sorry for the novel.

  26. Thanks, guys. :)

    I feel like an idiot for posting that, but it helped me calm down. I’ve decided to work on books. My goal is to get it down to two bookcases and maybe one day to one book shelf. (cook books have their own shelves and will be dealt with another day.)

    I’m going to get rid of books that I can easily find again and will run across at a yard sale or something. I’m going to keep the odd books that I like and most likely won’t ever see again.

    I’m going to throw them in those heavy shopping bags and take them down to the used book thrift store. They won’t give me the hairy eyeball for bringing so many in.

  27. JKR

    Also, binged the entire season of animal kingdom in under a week. Anyone else watching? I’m obsessed.

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