Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Tie The Knot


Pump Rules Tom Kate wedding


In other things I have been too busy sleeping to blog about news, Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney got married last Wednesday. The ceremony took place in Cromberg, CA at an outdoor wedding venue. Cromberg is a long way from Beverly Hills so I imagine most everyone opted for a flight to nearby Reno, NV rather than an 8 plus hour car ride each way.

Lisa Vanderpump was the officiant.  Stassi was not just in the wedding, but the maid of honor!  Followed by Brittany, Scheana, Kristen and perhaps one of Katies real friends. What? No Ariana?  On the groom’s side, Sandoval appears to be the best man, or perhaps co-best man as Jax was right next to him.  Tamara Tattles spies report that Ariana was actually a groomswoman on Tom’s side. Because, weird.  There is some sort of storyline about how this all gets played out.

Pump Rules Kristen wedding
I love the fairy tale forest setting. I love Katie’s dress even though she is getting some slack over the veil, or the train or something with the back. I love that it has sleeves and is tasteful.

The simple white netting tied between two trees with the ceremony near the river with wooden bridges and other beautiful settings for photos, make it one of the more chic weddings by Bravo ever.

Pretty much all of them snapchatted and Instagrammed the hell out of the wedding. So if you want more photos they won’t be hard to find.

I’m still not over Ariana standing on the boys side. I have not yet seen photos of that.

So, what do you think of the wedding?



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30 responses to “Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Tie The Knot

  1. Char

    Maybe she finally gave it up?

  2. JoJoFLL

    It looks so lovely and Katie looks stunning.

    Very tasteful.

    I love it!

  3. PJ

    I think that Arianna will get the villain edit this year and basically be the odd girl out of the girls. Katie will opt not to have her as a bridesmaid because Arianna isn’t getting along with any of the girls, they aren’t really friends anyway, and Arianna doesn’t smile enough. Sandoval will likely cry about this while shirtless and wearing super skinny jeans. Then Schwartz will offer to let her be one of his groomsmen so she won’t be left out. Schwartz and Katie will have a big fight the night before the wedding because of it but then make up because it literally makes no difference to anyone.

  4. Laura

    Any clue why this wedding was in the middle of the week?

  5. SJ

    My daughter had a male bridesmaid because he was her best friend. I don’t think it matters as a gender specific division anymore.

    • Matzah60

      I remember watching Tamara Judge’s wedding and she her male best friend, now her mortal enemy, as a groomsmaid. I guess anything goes now. I was married back in 1976 by a Justice of the Peace and never went through all this stuff. I guess there are no hard and fast rules anymore. The book of etiquette on what can and can’t be is kind of dead because we define relationships in so many different ways now that I don’t think it matters much.

  6. Twilly

    Looks beautiful as does Katie. Congrats! I hope Tom grows up.

  7. Allison

    I think Katie is one of the few who actually has good taste. I thought the setting was simple and breathtaking and she looked stunningly beautiful. Not garishly overdone-she did a really great job. I’m not in love with the bridesmaids dresses, good thing I was too busy that day to be a bridesmaid (haha) but well done, Katie.

    • Matzah60

      Like many others, I love the bride’s dress. I am not a big fan of brides in strapless dresses with their boobs hanging out. It’s not about being prudish, but I think if you go to the trouble to make your day memorable in so many ways, a nice tasteful dress will always be in style, even looking at a picture of the bride in that dress 20 years later. It’s not a date or a weekend getaway…it’s your wedding!!

      The girl’s dresses are nothing special, but that dress is wearable by many different women of varying heights and weights. I also think most bridesmaid have to buy their own dress, so the simplicity of style may have made all them much more affordable.

    • In retrospect, my bridesmaids dresses were hideous – I had four women in my party-two who were borderline anorexic skinny and two who were 50-70 lbs over- weight. Try finding dresses that looked good on ALL four! In those days, the bridesmaids all wore the same style – I much prefer when they wear variations on a style that look good on each figure.

      After my wedding reception my mother turned to me (my husband was seated next to me) and said, “Next time you do this, you want to get a better band”.


      • Matzah60

        Lol….what a great story!! My mother would have made a comment like that!!

        I know what you’re saying about the new dresses. They are all the same color, but can be worn in a variety of ways, sort of like Jenny on Flipping out. Zoila as her bridesmaid and she wore the dress very differently than the others. It’s sort of like a convertible dress, if you will!!

  8. Diane

    All the pictures I have seen have been stunning. Love Katie’s gown. She was beautiful ! Thank the Goddesses that it was not a halter top ugh

    Loved Tom’s green jacket! Really edgy!

    The venue was gorgeous.

    Congrats to them!

  9. Heidi

    Is that Schwartzie running away in the picture with Katie and Kristen? Seems fitting.

  10. Aerin

    Obsessed with this wedding. Surprised at the maid of honor choice though! Maybe it helped sweeten the pot contractually. Been checking out pictures and it seems like one of her bridesmaids is her business partners, and one is that dutch woman from mr. Robot.

    • Re’ your comment about having Stassi as maid of honor, “Maybe it helped sweeten the pot contractually”
      Who knows but if so, what a world…..Katie is obviously one of those girls who’s dreamed of her wedding all her life. Would she pick a maid of honor based on money? I’d hope not but I guess there are bill to be paid?

  11. OmgOmg

    When I begged my husband to watch one episode of VPR I said , “wow isn’t Ariana pretty?” And he said, “you mean the gay one?” I was so surprised!!! Then at the reunion she pretty much said she’s bi. So groomsmen /woman I think maybe she comes out this season? I saw a photo of her riding equestrian. I don’t know what is more surprising — being bi or that she’s a rich kid!!

  12. WTH

    So Ariana is still holding onto the “I’m a cool chick / bass a$$” crap. Not a fan, but I love, love Katie’s dress and agree with TT love the sleeves and very tasteful

  13. Miguel

    Congratulations, Katie & Tom!!! Beware the reality TV curse on marriages & get out now, as I’d like Katie to have her long-sought happily ever after!

  14. These are the only photos I’ve seen but the wedding looks amazingly gorgeous! Good job, Katie. And I’m laughing so hard that Sheana wasn’t bridesmaid (mostly because she schemed so hard to get the position).

  15. Shae

    I think Katie looks stunning and the setting looks lovely, as well. Props to them for having their wedding when it worked for them, probably saved them a pretty penny, too.

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