#RHOA Filming Update: Was Phaedra’s Phunction a Phlop?

RHOA Charity Event


Well, um everyone was there. And by everyone I mean the housewives plus potential housewives, Lena, Sheree, and Mallorie.  Lena is the one who had been wanting to get married on the show for a few seasons now.  It’s starting to look like this could be her year. Mallorie has been called in to film with Cynthia and support her through the divorce proceedings and her move to the new lake house. 

First, check out the step and repeat. First of all, what the hell is up with the housewives and their obsession with the step and repeat? It’s not a stand alone thing. It is a backdrop for a red carpet event that has sponsors. If there is no red carpet for celebrity arrivals, it’s just a dumb sign that makes for a crappy backdrop.  It makes even less sense in this setting since it’s just a big vinyl sign that says Phaedra multiple times and has a photo of her book.  There is absolutely nothing on the sign that mentions what the charity does.  Much like Phaedra’s Pfoundation Phlyers, it just looks like an advertisement for whatever Phaedra is selling.

Next, see that lady holding up the Phaedra shirt? I received several photos of the event and she was the sole person in each booth buying a product. From what I could tell, turnout was quite low.

RHOA Charity Event Kenya
Kenya and Cynthia both had huge booths with giant backdrops for their products. It looked to me like the lady bought a photo of Cynthia so I’m not sure what product she was pushing. Kenya had her hair care line there.  No idea what percentage of this went to Phaedra charity.

RHOA Charity Matt


And then there was Matt. I am so very over Matt.  This weekend is the Bronner Brothers Beauty Show. It’s a huge convention that used to be just hair products but has grown into a beauty show features all sorts of things. It’s a big deal in Atlanta that happens twice a year. I find it odd that Kenya is not exhibiting this year.  Kandi did purchase a booth under her entertainment brand, not sure if Bedroom Kandi falls under that, or what she is pushing or how it relates to the beauty industry.  But Matt is there to give an interview for the women’s beauty magazine Sheen. Um why?  Kenya did a cover for them not too long ago.  I am not sure what he would have to offer in an interview.  Ten steps to being a douche bag getting in shape?


So where are all the shoppers? I see lots of crew and housewives. Did anyone show up? It was not publicized very well. I just saw a flyer on Phaedra’s Instagram.  It all seems very last minute. It’s beautiful weather today. Most people who would go to something like this are at Bronner’s this weekend. That seems like a huge scheduling error to me. Unless the whole thing is fake.

Someone here said they lived close enough to go. I hope someone who went will email me all the details and I’ll update you.

Updated to add Matt’s interview look for Bronner Brothers Show.


RHOA Matt at Bronner's


Well, at least there were people there. The guy taking the photo is supposedly a “Kenya Superfan”


A Tamara Tattles can exclusively report that there was a dust up at the charity event! Because, of course there was! It seems Sheree has not gone all the way to the darkside.  Or perhaps this is the beginning of the falling out.

An attendee was chatting with Sheree when she suddenly stopped mid sentence and said “Who put that shit right there?!” She was referring to a gigantic picture of Porsha butt ass naked!! She then said “Oh Hell Naw” and goes on a hunt looking for Porsha.  She told her,  “Umm, you need to come move this shit!” And Porsha responds with “Girl, stop being petty, it’s bringing some attention to your quiet ass booth!” The start going back and forth before Bravo cameras started running over taping what was left of it!!

The source also said, as Miss Kenya, she basically wouldn’t even let you stand around her booth or product unless you were buying something.

So my question for the spy was, wait whut? What the hell could Sheree actually have in her booth? Is she selling selfies for five dollars again?  Spy said it was “some kinda healthy shit. Workout stuff.”  Sound like she stopped off at GNC on the way or something. LOL.


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30 responses to “#RHOA Filming Update: Was Phaedra’s Phunction a Phlop?

  1. Wig

    I’m not a fan of Matt’s IG rants but low key i hope he and Kenya work things out. I still think it’s fake drama for their storyline. ( at least I hope) I was hoping nene would return because I wanted to see her and Porsha go at it lol. This Lena girl smh no bravo wedding we don’t even know her …. Kenya looks great. No comment on the rest

  2. Sandra

    If the turnout was too low it probably won’t make the show when it airs. I don’t blame people for not trusting that fraud with any of their hard earned money. Serves her right.

  3. GayFriendInYaHead

    I’m here for Lena, Sheree, Kenya, Cynthia and Kandi. I’m hoping Lena does get married on the show because we need that light and fun storyline.

    However season 10 this lineup consisting of the women from season 8 gotta go, like funky dineva said there storylines we seen before over and over and it’s getting old, just keeping it real.

  4. Sandra

    I heard the turnout was good but, it still doesn’t mean Phaedra raised any money. I also heard Marlo was there and seems to have done an about face on Kenya. She was pretty chummy with Sheree and they were both throwing shade at Kenya. Someone stated “Sheree tried to came for the queen.”

    These girls will do whatever it takes for camera time and if you don’t have a peach and you come for Kenya that will surely guarentee you some.

  5. Jaded

    Maybe the afterglow from using Bedroom Kandi qualifies it as a beauty product.

  6. Why is it that Kenya & Gina (Melbourne) ALWAYS have to have their boobs exposed front and center?

    • Theresa

      her dress is up to her neck! Not a hint of cleavage. Not sure if you realize this but breasts protrude out from the body. If they are covered, they aren’t on display…. they are JUST THERE!!!

    • Matzah60

      Why do you care? Have you not noticed that Nene, Phaedra, Porscha, and Kandi also have large breasts and are more likely to have their breasts “uncovered” as @Theresa said below.

      I am so tired of people coming for Kenya without a valid reason. They defend Porscha who dresses beyond provocatively, gets in fist fights, attacks other women, and sits with a straight face saying that she was ‘provoked’…..

    • Cat

      Because to display boobs from the back would be unnatural?

  7. I AM OK NOW

    Robin…not seeing Kenya’s boobs in any of the pics..stop hating.

  8. Ms.Minnie

    Is this really the cast for season 9? 😂 what happened to Maryam? Damn she couldn’t at least get a FOH role? I just can’t understand why they test new women with this bunch and expect them to messy off the jump. No cast shakeup at all smh, one new housewife with the same boring cast for the past three seasons.

  9. bria

    Thanks , secretly i have being waiting for this recap about fake Phae new scam project.

  10. The Shadiest Grove

    Marlo knows that when it comes to RHOA, Kenya IS IT. She ain’t that stupid. Sheree’s not even confirmed as a Housewife yet. Stop reaching, if she were there and some ish went down. TT would know it and she would let us know. LOL at Kenya not letting folks come around unless they’re buying allegedly.

    • Sandra

      Since I mentioned Marlo, I must ask-to whom you are referring regarding your “reaching” statement? I saw photos of all the ladies who attended that event as well as videos of a fan who attended having conversations with Marlo, Sheree, Kenya and Lena. The person who took those pics and videos is a big fan of Kenyas and saw the incidents I mentioned. Only an idiot thinks one person has a monopoly on information. You should get out more. Smdh

  11. Minky

    Forgive me if I sound dumb, but I really think this event was just thing for the show specifically to create an excuse for drama. And if Marlo and Sheree did try to have a go at Kenya, do you truly believe that Kenya wouldn’t know how to maneuver the situation to her advantage? She’s been doing that ever since “Gone With the Wind”.

    A lot of people secretly like Kenya. The anti-Kenya folks are the most vocal ones, while Team Twirl watches Kenya choreograph the show to the song that she chooses. She’s, like, the Michael Jordan of RH. Give her a little credit.

    • Sandra

      What I understand is that Kenya gets most of the camera time so, it would never surprise me to hear that any of these women come for her, especially the FOH’s looking to snag a peach. It’s a sure way to get camera time as well as new fans and followers. We know too, that anyone who comes for Kenya gets automatic support from the viewers who hate her. The ladies are also only paid for the episodes they appear on so, of course they will do whatever it takes to get the call backs which stands to reason why Marlo would choose to stand against Kenya. There are many motivations for these girls actions along with the fact that many of them conveniently hate Kenya.

      I am a not so secret Kenya fan but when I posted the initial comment about Marlo and Sheree, I was not trying to weigh in on who could handle or out-maneuver whom nor was I trying to “reach” for anything. My comment wasn’t that deep. I simply passed along some info that I thought would be interesting to know from someone who attended the event. I am confused as to why it has inspired the finger wagging.

  12. Miguel

    This is hilarious, TT!!! Over the past six weeks, I’ve been overwhelmed with everything plus the kitchen sink (literally); and, heaven knows your blog has been a God-send!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, TT et al!!!!!!!

  13. SaraSally

    I can’t get enough Marlo, despite her not being in this season’s equation to begin with! Anyway, I hope some of us are sobered up & all back on track. Now let’s talk Mallorie’s BS storyline to prop Cindy up.

  14. Antoine S

    Lmfao at the “who put this shit right here” by Sheree. I read that in her voice and died.

  15. The Shadiest Grove

    **Marlo went by Sheree’s T Shirt stand however she was not there to film.** Reading is fundamental dear, your point is completely irrelevant. If Marlo wasn’t there to film, what on earth would possess her to shade someone who she’s cordial with and someone who has been vocal in supporting her want of a peach and has filmed with her throughout her presence on the show ?! Marlo might be a lot of things but she’s not stupid. They might come for her darling but Kenya Moore’s reign won’t let up. Those ladies know it and they will die trying. I SAID WHAT I SAID ! And it ain’t changing.

    • Sandra

      Bless your heart, I don’t care what you stick to. Your rationale leaves a lot to be desired and it would unfair to continue this chat. By the way, I am an avid Kenya fan so you’re wasting time blowing your little steam over here. Smh.

  16. The Shadiest Grove


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