Real Housewives Of Melbourne: Bye Bye Byron Bay

RHOMel Gamble dinner table


After what turned out to be a lovely wedding, (Click here if you missed it, it aired on Wednesday with no warning) it’s time for the reception and a whole lot of gossip about Gina.

But first, Lydia has to be inappropriate with Brian, Janet’s ex-husband. Jackie and Petti seem to jump into the fray with her. Brian however, is perfectly comfortable spilling all of his own transgressions. But the whole conversation was quite untoward.

Gina and Lydia are walking up an open corridor at the reception talking and walk right past Rick without a single acknowledgement of any sort. I found that quite rude. Together they are conspiring to cover up Gina’s Celebrity Apprentice party she had in her room the night before.

Chyka doesn’t seem to be very close with Gina this season. Chyka, Susie, Jackie and Janet are interrogating the guests suspected of attending Gina’s counter party. Alin, the dressmaker guy denies going to the party in Gina’s room but says that he was watching the show in his own room.

Gina goes to Gamble and straight up lies to her about the party. Gina says it was just a birthday party for the son. Everyone who was there seems to be covering for her.

The outdoor reception is cut short by a sudden downpour that has everyone dashing inside. Once inside we get very touching speeches from Luke and Rick. Gamble gives another touching speech.  You can tell there is a lot of love in that family.  Gamble says talks about how much she loves Luke and says, “I didn’t have my own son, so you’re it.” Luke with tears in his eyes says, ” I didn’t have a mum, and now I do.” Good grief it is way too early in the morning for all of this!

RHOMel Gina Drag
Just when we are getting all sentimental, Janet and Chyka confront Gina. Gina is denying everything. She leaves by telling them to go fuck themselves.

Next we are back in Melbourne, Janet and Jackie get together to trash Gina. Jackie has been queasy and Janet is starting to think Jackie needs a pregnancy test.  Janet wants to double date with her new guy, Christopher and Susie and the guy she met in Byron Bay. Wait, does the guy from the wedding actually live in Melbourne? I must have missed that part. Jackie still thinks that Janet is going to get back together with her ex.

Susie takes her son Rupert for a driving lesson. I am a nervous passenger all the time but watching a teenager drive on the wrong side of the road gives me the heebie jeebies.

There was a very sweet scene with Gina visiting her dad in a nursing home. Dementia is such a terrible thing.

Chyka and Bruce meet with their daughter Chessie who is not seeing any benefit of a University degree and wants to talk about just going to work.  When do people go to college in Australia ? She’s 21, she just got a license, she’s wrecking cars and she wants to drop out of college. This is the behavior of an 18-year-old.

It’s time for Janet and Susie’s double date. Australian’s apparently do the one cheek kiss. I would have expected two or three. (The Aussies must find my recaps and observations hysterical.) Marcello is cute but he looks older than 38. Janet lies to Christopher who was wondering why he wasn’t invited to the wedding. Why would he think he would be invited? This is like their second date!  Oh Marcello apparently flew down just for the date. Marcello sits at the table with his arms crossed unless he is scratching at his nose. He has very odd mannerisms. Janet and Susie have a signal, an ear tug, if either of them want to bail. I’m ready to bail on Marcello already and then Christopher says that he makes infant formula for babies. This date is a disaster.  It just keeps getting worse. I can’t even begin to explains all of the problems with Marcello.

Gina is cooking enough food to feed a small country. Four huge lasagnas is just the beginning. I lost count of all the other entrees, and then several sides and multiple desserts. All of this for her son’s birthday. Is this the same boy with the birthday in Byron Bay? Yes, apparently it is. Does this mean it was not really his birthday in Byron Bay? The plot thickens.  Petti and Lydia are there. Petti actually looks quite lovely!

Gina, Petti and Lydia chat about the wedding. Of course the Celebrity Apprentice drama comes up. Gina seems to be pissed that Gamble was upset with her and denied it. Is Gina is preparing to actually turn things around on the bride?

Next week: Figaro sits for a portrait, and Petti and Jackie get into a fight. I’m almost ready to be on Petti’s side. But not really.


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8 responses to “Real Housewives Of Melbourne: Bye Bye Byron Bay

  1. Gambles wedding and reception were awesome! It looked like a fun time.

  2. Sam

    I am completely bummed out there is only one other comment on this show right now. By far, this is the best of the HW franchise yet NY and OC’s stupid, manufactured storylines get all the attention. Uck.

    Gamble’s wedding was beautiful and the speeches were heartfelt and more real than any bullshit on any of the other shows, hands down. I wish them all the best.

    • tamaratattles

      I share your emotion. Since no engagements were sabotaged, and no one accused anyone of faking an illness or mocked their existing one this show is completely over looked. It’s sad.

  3. ninjapanda1

    I love this show! I’ve actually already watched the whole season but I love the recaps. The funny thing about this franchise is that they can turn on each other multiple times in the same episode…but they do it so elegantly with the accent and the constant fuck yous.

  4. I was moved when Luke held Gamble’s train as she and her husband went up to the reception. The love is real, and I’m a sucker for happy endings. The Wolfes are awesome!

  5. Jessica white

    I’m enjoying this season. Makes me really miss living in Australia

  6. Patty

    Melbourne is by far “the best” housewives franchise. I hope they come back for another season! :)

  7. lori

    To think that I almost skipped this season! I’m so glad that I decided to watch. I’m almost caught up now, with one more episode to go. This show is so much more real and vulnerable than the trash they pump out here. I find that I am actually starting to care about what happens in some of these women’s lives. Even the ones I don’t like, I still feel like we are really getting to see most of them for who they really are. Like that scene a couple of episodes back with Petti and her sister. While I may not be a fan, that was very brave to show to the world, and I appreciated it. Not like the fake ass bullshit we see over and over with the U.S. hw’s, always worried about how they will be perceived, and drama for drama’s sake so they’ll still have a job. I hope these ladies aren’t forced to start acting like that too. My current favorites are Janet and Gamble, and of course I absolutely adore Rick and Luke. I really like that Rick, since the beginning, has always been such a calm and kind voice of reason when there is drama with the ladies. I love all of the scenes when Gamble unloads the latest petty (meaning small, not the woman) issues on him and how Rick, when giving her advice seems to remind us all how easy it can be to just take the high road (genuinely). It’s like that’s that, and it truly can be that simple. What a concept! Gamble is very blessed to have found such a beautiful man and a wonderful son too, and vice versa. The wedding turned out quite nice, but I found it strange how few men were there. They also didn’t show very much of the party. I wonder why.

    I had to laugh that you mentioned that driving scene! I could barely even watch it gave me such anxiety. Lol It has never made sense to me why the side of the road people drive on isn’t a universal thing. I would be petrified to visit another country and have to do that. It may even be worse being a passenger in that situation. Are we even legally allowed to drive in a country that drives on the left side of the road when visiting? I would imagine there must be a lot of accidents caused by that if we can.

    I got such a kick out that horrible date. Lol Reminded me why I’m currently not dating at all. It’s awful. His beard with all that food stuck and dripping from it. It made me nauseous. Susie’s talking heads were great too. It reminded me of a date I went on years ago (minus the food in the beard). I still shudder when I think about that guy, and to this day I still jokingly give my sister grief about it, since she’s the one who set it up. After all of these years, we’re finally getting some good dating scenes on a hw show, and I’m loving it.

    I hope that enough people are watching to keep it airing here. Unlike the other hw shows, I’m actually happy to add to the ratings on this one. I’m worried, because if so few TT fans are watching, then who is?

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