Flipping Out: “It’s not your fault”

Flipping Out  Jeff

I cannot believe how upset Jeff still is over losing the Living Spaces job. I get it. Life is not fair. It was not a terribly justifiable firing. It was a blow to his reputation.  But the more he talks about it, the worse he is making it. He has hired a woman named Cat who worked on the Living Spaces account with him whose aesthetics he likes  to fly to Chicago with him to try to land a new client. The new client is Walter E. Smithe, a Chicago company that deals in high in furniture.

Jeff is trying medication to keep himself calm. Oh no, wait. No he  has not. He has discovered a hilarious meditation tape that I listened to last year when it was viral.  Check it out here, Jason Healey is awesome. The meditation is called Fuck That. I should listen to it more often.

We get out Zoila interaction with Jeff via phone since the majority of this episode will be in Chicago. American Airlines lost Vanina’s luggage so she is stuck with no clothes. Zoila, who knows all, points out to Jeff that Vanina is on her period. She suggests they may need to shop for panties.  These conversations with Jeff are why Zoila gets paid the big bucks. She also takes a shot at Gage asking if he packed his douches.

Wow, Walter of Walter E. Smith is there. I’ve never heard of Walter E. Smith before, but for some reason this impresses me. Everyone important on the set is either Walter or one of his daughters. That is a lot of people for Jeff not to piss off. I sense trouble already. Plus they are shooting a commercial and Jeff hates commercials.

Flipping Out Walter
Why is Jeff saying Living Spaces nine thousand times when he is working for another client? Shut up, Jeff!

Walter is moving furniture and being extremely helpful wherever he can. We love Walter.

Jenni has to take stomach shots so of course Jeff was going to do it, but then, Cat was chosen to do it since she had some experience. Experience aside, she sucked at it. Gage hates needles, and boobs, and probably women in general. This explains a lot of the Zoila conflict. He is so jealous of Jeff’s relationship with Zoila.

I was so enthralled by the catalogue shoot that I actually gave my full attention to the show and didn’t comment. I loved all the vignettes.  This may be one of my favorite episodes. I love seeing Chicago, I lived in the burbs for a couple of years as a kid after we returned to the U.S.  I mostly remember the culture shock of moving from a Muslim country to a community with a lot of Jewish people.  At my junior high there would be Jewish holidays when the rest of us had to come to school. To me this was entirely unfair and it seemed like the Jewish kids only had to show up two or three days a week.

Every so often the flash back to Valley Vista where Zoila is happy as a clam with the boys gone. It’s very quiet. The silent lunch cracked me up.  But Zoila is starting to miss them. She doesn’t feel safe without Jeff in the house. She says Jeff plays Christmas music every morning. I would love that!

Did I mention I love Walter? Everyone loves Walter, even Jeff! Things went exceedingly well. I’m ready to move to Chicago and buy all my furniture there! Something tells me I can’t afford this stuff. It looks really nice.

Jeff and Gage got to be at the sonogram via Skype or something. It was so sweet to watch. Gage is finally calling the baby her instead of it.

Everyone goes out with Walter E. Smith III and the daughters. Things could not possibly go any better. And then, Walter says to Jeff about Living Spaces, “I knew it wasn’t you.” And for some reason I am crying. Because that is all Jeff ever wanted was some acknowledgement that it was not his fault. But why am I crying? Damn.

I guess everyone needs to hear, “It’s not your fault.” sometimes.


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34 responses to “Flipping Out: “It’s not your fault”

  1. Sali

    I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I loved this recap! Thank you, Tamara! ❤️

  2. MaraJax

    I’m in Chicago and have purchased furniture there. Really beautiful stuff, a lot is customizable, great customer service, and reasonable prices especially for the quality. I think it’s going to be a great partnership. My mom is actually furnishing her new home with some of his pieces.

  3. I had the exact same experience with this episode that you did, TT. I want to go online and buy a piece of Walter E. Smith furniture because I loved Walter and his daughters so much. It was the best episode so far. This episode defines why this is my all time favorite reality show.

    • Jim

      I can see why Walter E. Smith & Company are so successful in Chicago! The entire family were very professional and serious and yet kind and loving too. They should expand to other large markets.

  4. JR in OH

    This episode shows why I love this series. Humor, Heart, People helping Jeff deal with the shit in his life. Jeff and his friends are family in every sense of the word. Glad he’s back!

    • Matzah60

      I do believe that Jeff’s friends and colleagues that he works with are either like family or extended family. I think that is the best possible scenario one could want or have at their place of employment. People are acknowledged and in some cases loved. While Jeff can be a bitch to get along with, he has a good heart at the core. That is so evident in his relationship with Zoila. I believe you nailed it, Tamara. Jeff’s closeness to Zoila causes jealousy for both Zoila and Gage. Hell, Zoila even lives at their house. She is Jeff’s forever!!

      Great recap, Tamara! I absolutely love this show. I wish there were more shows with this type of dynamic between the characters. Even if much is contrived, there is much that rings true about their relationships and concern for each other.

      Finally, I have to agree that all anyway wants to hear is it’s “not their fault.” I cried too, TT! I think we all want affirmation for the times when we fall just as much as the adulation we get when we succeed.

  5. Elizabeth

    LOVED this episode! I know prob. mostly scripted but I some how feel that this is really what they all are like!

  6. Toni Lee Gildea

    I got teary when Walter spoke to Jeff, then instantly looked up his online furnishings. I can afford a sofa on sale, if I pick it up myself and drive it back to Michigan.
    Please correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Cat the wife of that Ring the Bell show guy? Paul Micheal Gossier or something like that?Thanks for the recap! You make my day.

  7. Jane

    Yeah, Jeff needs to let the LS stuff go. It’s not a good look. Otherwise, I love the show. It’s funny, quirky, no stupid take down fights, NO One Is SICK, and they are talented. I laughed out loud at the meditation tape.

  8. Sierra

    I too loved this episode. I too cried TT when Walter said “I knew it wasn’t you” . There is something about us perfectionist types that cannot handle rejection because we keep trying to feel like it’s not our fault, like Jeff getting fired, I think that’s why he keeps pointing it out, he feels like it’s a reflection on him, but when Walter assured him with those 5 simple words it’s like the validation from someone you respect. We like Walter ! Jeff and gage are so much like me and my husband, passive aggressive jabs all day lol.

  9. Loved this episode!

    TT, THANK YOU for putting link to that meditation CD! Been trying to find it since I watched the episode because, awesome.

    Great recap as usual! 😊

  10. Cat

    What a refreshing recap! The episode sounded very light and easy, unlike other Bravo shows.

    I LOVE Chicago! I have only spent a week there, because of work (back in the 70s, when they were opening the theme park), and I was hooked. I didn’t want to leave.

    Poor Jeff. And I mean that, sincerely.

  11. I’m with you TT, this episode was cool, I love Chicago, never been there but the houses and furniture they used was beautiful. Jeff really did look like he was going to cry when Walter said its not your fault.

  12. Latina2014

    Can’t get enough of this show! Every character adds to the Fun watch! This is the only show I can watch reruns again :)
    I too was moved by the scene where Walter acknowledges what was beyond music to Jeffs ears, I rewound that scene twice, teared up and KNOW Jeff wanted to just start crying! But it was funny how he said he wouldn’t have looked too stable bawling in front of his “possible client” Jaja!

  13. Trish

    Bravo should just cancel all the Housewives shows and just keep Flipping Out. It is so good. I cried, also, TT. It seems that this was all Jeff needed to hear to put closure on the Living Spaces debacle. Somehow, I think, it goes deeper for Jeff. How do Jeff and Gage stay together?? You are right about the conflict between Gage and Zola, TT. It all makes sense now. I just love this show.

  14. Coco

    I didn’t even know this was on this week because of the Olympics. Thanks for the recap, TT!!

  15. Swizzle

    Walter E Smith is known for their commercials. They are usually very funny and involve all three brothers who run the business. I wonder if the Jeff Lewis ones are working. People who don’t watch Flipping Out don’t get the dynamic between Jeff and Jenny.

    They are great stores. Sitting in my living room outfitted from them right now. They are on the higher end, but not crazy designer showroom expensive.

  16. I’m in NC, nowhere near Chicago & do not need any furniture, but I looked up the Smithe website, anyway, & saw the collection. I will definitely re-visit, if only for inspiration. Loved the furniture!

  17. ZenJen55

    This is Bravo at its finest! Supurb recap.
    This is going to be such an amazing season with the baby and all.

    I love how Jeff “stole” Zoila,also.

  18. SashaV

    I love love love this show. This episode in particular was so funny I watched it twice. The meditation was the best, thanks for the link. Zoila’s pronunciation of douches “doo-chez” was hilarious, as well as Jeff making her say Merry Christmas in the morning lol! Can you imagine working with Jeff? I would work for free just for the laughs! Thanks for recapping TT, you have been a busy lady lately!! I don’t know how you keep up with so much! You rock sista!

  19. Erica

    I missed Zoila saying that to Gage. One small slip up I guess. My mom and I have been saying that this season is so much more enjoyable now that Zoila isn’t being so damn nasty to Gage.

    I too looked up the website – yummy stuff! So much fun watching the creative process – and honestly, I see why Gage is part of the business.

  20. Jen

    They actually sell some of their furniture via a local partnership here in Houston, I think I remember reading that they sell in several metros this way.

    We used to live in Chicago too and this episode really made me miss it. Jenny’s wedding was the same. I can understand why Jeff is mad, they lost a lot of money and didn’t actually do anything wrong. But like he said, they wouldn’t have landed the Walter E. Smith campaign if it had not happened. And I actually feel like Jeff’s style is very Chicago so it didn’t surprise me that it went down so well.

  21. Lawstangel

    Loved this episode as well. As far as Jeff commenting on Living Spaces, he is no dummy, he realizes he has a fan base and this is most likely the only way he can get back at them. As long as he keeps it to personal experience there is not much they can do about it. While I agree it does bother him immensely, he can continue to hammer away at them and their unfairness on national tv with no repercussions. That woman was clearly inept and out of her league. I think it was a tender moment when Walter told Jeff it wasn’t him. Everyone needs validation and this came from outside his circle, from someone he clearly respects. Beautiful moment. Love this show.

  22. Definitely the best episode of all Bravo shows this season for sure! And imagine – everyone loves this episode without one drop of drama in it! Hmmm, maybe Bravo could learn something from this.

    Checked out their website, love their furniture. Wish I lived closer to Chicago.

  23. sherry

    Just watched it last night! Super good! I got all teary eyed too at what Walter said to Jeff. It was just so sweet and he really needed that. I would love to hire Jeff (if I had the money) and I would let him do whatever he thought was cool because I LOVE every single thing he does.

  24. Cdoggy

    Long time reader, first time writer….🤓

    Tamara, your last paragraph of this episode straight on hit me. “Everyone needs to hear “it’s not your fault”sometimes.” Yes ma’am. and that’s what this whole episode felt like to me


    Oh my blog isnt up to your standards? Well its sad you have to hide behind a computer to form an opinion, so go fuck yourself and I breath a “dont give a fuck breath”


    Oh cool that one made it

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