60 Days In: The Second Wave



It’s time for phase two of the program in the Clark County jail. Eight new undercover inmates will be sent in to see how the changes they have begun are working.

Dion (24) is  a criminal justice major. He’s adorable. Dion says the criminal justice system is biased against lower class. He is a Master’s student in criminology.

Ryan (27) is a former Army Reserve Medic. His first comment was, “This may be one of the only opportunities I get to go to jail.”  Um… okay. I thought he was stupid, but he seems a bit over educated. He is going to have to really dumb down his vocabulary or he will be in trouble. I’m worried about this one. He wants to be a homicide detective. He seems arrogant. He starts a lot of sentences with things like, “What most people don’t know is…”

Monalisa is the mother of a daughter who was incarcerated when she was 18 and remains incarcerated. She wants to know what her daughter is going through. She has no respect for the judicial system and thinks the entire system is corrupt. Her daughter was arrested for armed robbery. She was a drug addict. She is serving a ten-year mandatory minimum sentence and her mother is still crying after three years. She wants to be a voice for prison reform and she has set up a group for parents with incarcerated children. She has no respect for police.  Her daughter was on the dean’s list when she was arrested. Really? I thought she said she was doing armed robberies because she was a drug addict?

Brian is an attorney with the Department of Corrections. His job is to go after corrections officers who commit job related misconduct. He is there to get a better understanding of the day-to-day issues that COs face. He has some second thoughts when it comes time to leave.


60 Days In Quinton


Quinton is a retire police officer who wants to look at the other side of the system. He is in the process of divorce. He has three daughters. Sadly, on the tell your family and say goodbye part, Quintin was alone eating ice cream. I already have a soft spot for Quinton. Who is going to take care of his dogs?

Ashleigh is a recovered addict and mother who started drinking when she was ten! She wants to help other addicts in the jail. She is Zac’s wife!  Zac is going to have to deal with a three-month old baby alone.  He’s nervous. Ashleigh cries a lot when she leaves. There were only two weeks between when Zac left and Ashleigh went in.

Chris has a brother who was incarcerated for four months. He says that when his brother came out, he didn’t communicate with him anymore. He came out a completely different person. Ryan has had trouble getting himself together since he got out of jail. Chris wants to understand what happened to him.

Sheri is a former corrections officer in a maximum security prison. She’s a mother of three. She loved being a CO. She had to quit when her husband was deployed to be home with the kids. Sheri should be great at this. But we thought the same thing about Tami. And Sheri is ready to bail on day one, hour one.

D Pod

Brian goes in first. He is a hot mess, dropping stuff out of his bedroll, setting it on the table. They are on him the minute he enters the block.

Ryan goes in and someone calls him a bitch before he has been in there five minutes. Ryan talks about how much smarter than he is than the people in jail. Yet he screws up his cover story right away.  He’s 27 with eight years in the military and a four-year degree.  They don’t think the numbers add up. They would if he would have said he was a reserve. The inmates pegged him as a plant immediately.

F Pod

Sheri goes in to F Pod finally and the open bed is on the top-tier. The sheriff seems to think she can just ask someone to move upstairs so she can be down. He tells us that the veterans are usually on the top-tier and there has never been a participant on the top-tier before.

Sheri couldn’t remember a four digit pin? She wrote it on a piece of paper and stuck it in her bra. She could not find it while searching in front of the phone. The inmates think she snuck something in to the pod in her bra. They think she has heroin so they are all thinking of jumping her. The Sheri blows her cover story and changes it.

It looks like Sheri gets jumped day one!

Mona Lisa hasn’t even made it to F Pod yet and she is already causing problems.

Is it me, or do things seem a lot worse than when the first group went in? I am totally sucked into this already.

Who is watching with me?


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33 responses to “60 Days In: The Second Wave

  1. GayFriendInYaHead

    Monalisa is my boo, I’m here for her this season, I like Ashleigh but girl don’t be showing your goodie snacks to them tricks. All in all the cast is good and I’m looking forward to a great season.

  2. Cat

    Wow. I wish I could watch this. It’s right up my alley. I love all the forensic shows, true crime, and am fascinated with life behind bars.

    I never want to go there, though. I wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

    Looking forward to recaps.

  3. LA_in_KY

    Love this show! It does seem more stressful this time. I am so scared to see what happens with Sheri next week. It seems like there is more violence and unwanted sexual situations.

  4. Daintyfeets

    I’ll be watching this season. I missed last season, but read the recaps. Now last season is on also, so I’m watching that in reruns to be able to place the recap blogs with faces. I’ve gone back in the archives to read your recaps of season 1 also. Ryan is a goner. He is so self-involved he can’t or won’t tone down his arrogance. He did say he doesn’t have an abundance of emotional intellihence and that is abundantly clear. I can’t stand Mona Lisa already. Her displaced anger annoys me. Sherri is in trouble. She should have known better, especially since she’s a former CO.

  5. Brittany

    I’m watching! I have caught the first half where the cast gives their back stories. In the previews where the inmates ask Ashleigh to show her ass….I’m thinking that is not a good idea. And poor Brian is already getting picked on. Ryan is such a Robert, but a little less obnoxious. I hope Sherri pulls it together. I have a soft spot for Quentin as well. I hope he helps some people. I really like Dion right now. He seems very educated about the law, but not in an overbearing way. He’s pretty good looking so he might want to be careful too. I think Monalisa is a little unfair about the judicial system. She seemed to make excuses for her daughter because she was on drugs. Either way…I’m all in. This is one of my favorite shows.

  6. Jen

    Glad to see your recap. I am definitely freaked out for Brian and Sheri. I thought Sheri would be a bit tougher, but like Tami, it is obviously hard when all you know is the other side. So they say the “classification” pod determines their crime and where they should be placed…how does a white collar insurance criminal end up in D-pod?
    Definitely gonna be a good season :)

  7. SashaV

    Is this show really real? What if you get assaulted while in there? It seems crazy to want to be on it. Plus don’t the current real inmates know they are on the show? Relatives tell them there are plants for the show there? I obviously need to Google this!

    • lori

      They were all told that it is a show covering what jail is like for first timers. The way they did it, the inmates had no idea, because the show also interacted with other inmates. We just don’t see that because the show isn’t about them. TT put up posts after last season with links to a real inmate who was on the show and explained a lot in youtube videos. I don’t know if those videos are still available, but if so, you should definitely watch them.

  8. Ryan reminds me too much of Robert from season one

  9. SabrinaToo

    I kind of think it ends up being Sheri’s drugged up cell mate that gets jumped. It seems like they are coming down on her for telling Sheri that they wanted to jump her in the first place. Who knows though. This show always surprises me!
    Dion reminds me of Isiah with his quiet mannerisms and demeanor. And just like Isiah he has a really nice smile. I see him fitting in since he grew up in Detroit and seems to know how to act around thugs. I think Monalisa is going to have a hard time. I feel like it would be common sense that the “Emergency” button in her pod is for emergencies. Not to complain that the phone doesn’t work. But maybe not! This season should be interesting!

  10. Suzanne

    I am definitely into this show. I watched all of season one and this season two is getting off to a great start. Tamara, I love your recaps and I read your blog daily.

  11. Blondesense

    I am watching with you Tamara! They moved younger inmates into the filming pods to give a more realistic view of gen pop this season. Did you catch the ‘where are they now’ special? Jeff’s brother is HOT. I thought he was hosting the show at first.

    I really like Quinton, but he just seems like an implausible plant to me. I think his cover story should be taking a charge for his kid.

    I was surprised as well that Capt. Scottie expected a newbie to seize a ground floor bunk, mind you / didn’t Tami and Barbara turf a depressed girl out of the good bunk where you could see the tv? I’m also surprised a former CO in max didn’t think fumbling around in her bra would be a problem.

    So glad you are recapping this!

  12. Lindsey

    Love this show! I’m so glad to see you recapping.

  13. tripleOGpearl

    I’m in!

    First and foremost, as a California Correctional Officer that is directly impacted by that Prison attorney from California I am watching with a very close eye. I am personally invested in his POV .

    Mona Lisa can kiss my ass. Her daughter did an ARMED ROBBERY yet she is the victim of the system? Miss me with that nonsense. Mona Lisa needs to recognize that her sense of entitlement while behind bars is precisely what defines letting the time do you vs you doing the time. You don’t get locked up and then expect folks to just jump to your beck and call because you are uncomfortable. Outside of the basic necessities you don’t have shit coming. Everything extra is on THE OFFICERS TIME BECAUSE YOU ARE IN JAIL, NOT THE HILTON.

    I hope Zac’s wife is just as successful in the program as he was. I like her.

    • Blondesense

      Wow Triple, can we pick your brain? Are your colleagues watching? Is there buzz about this show in your industry? Can it make a difference outside of Clark County? What do you think about inmates having electronic tablets? why do you think a bunch of COs quit because of the show?

    • lori

      Yes to what you said tripleOGpearl. I couldn’t help but think, if an armed robber came into Mona Lisa’s house, I’ll bet she wouldn’t have any issue with them being put away for 10 years. She’s annoying and totally comes across as thinking everyone owes her something for some reason.

  14. Heidi

    I have this episode on TiVo, so excited to watch it when I get some time!

    I can’t wait to see how Zac’s wife does. Her backstory makes me think she’ll be a believable inmate and actually give useful information to the head guys. When we found out that Zac couldn’t get a job because of her accidental discharge of his service weapon I was so upset – and his job interview where he made the lady cry! OMG! I know that was from a while ago but I just watched it recently. Had to get that all off my chest.

    Monalisa needs to be brought down a few pegs. It’s not any police officers fault that her daughter is in jail. It sucks but she needs to get over it.

    So freaking excited for this season!!! Thanks for recapping it Tamara, love your insight :)

  15. lori

    This season looks sooooo good. I definitely thought that season one looked too easy. This season seems way more realistic. They seemed to have moved very tame inmates into the filming pod last time. My heart was pounding watching the first episode, and that didn’t happen once last season.

    Quinton seems like he screams “cop” to me. If I were in line behind him at the food store, I think even I would think he was a cop. His stature will definitely help him out though.

    From the looks of it, they must not have implemented the changes yet, because it looks like there’s a lot of drug activity going on. We hardly saw any last time, which is part of the reason it seemed so tame and unrealistic to me as to what really goes on in jail.

    I can’t wait for next week.

  16. fash1984

    Hi, is there anywhere I can watch this in the UK? I work for the probation service , and it sounds fascinating, I was hooked to your recaps of the last season, and would really like to be able to watch it

  17. BaybeK8s

    I’m right there watching with you TT. This season is going to be so much better than season 1.

  18. StubbyG

    I love this show!! I am a little weird, but would love to be a participate too. But, as usual, love the recaps T and you are always the only place I go to read recaps, etc.

  19. tamaratattles

    Fash, maybe some of my UK readers can help you out? Have you tried Youtube if you can get that? I know there are things Europeans do to be able to see things, but I’m not sure how it all works.

  20. tamaratattles

    Can I just say, I love the random related posts under this topic? They are all really good if I do say so myself. lol

  21. fash1984

    I’ve found it! (watchseries) Have started binge watching season 1! My aim is to catch up with the current season, so I’ll stay off of the recaps until I’ve caught up. I’m obsessed. I can’t stand Robert, but I would so love to do something like this but you’d never get away with it over here :(

  22. Huned p

    Hands down Quentin is the funniest MF on this show. “What the Hellll is going on here”.

  23. Chenichen

    It comes on in the UK sky channel crime and investigation

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