Sheree Shot Her First Confessional For Season Nine!

RHOA Sheree
This is Sheree’s new confessional look for season 9. I have to say, she has a new stylist named Rishawn and he is literally a miracle worker. She looks fantastic. I have no idea how he did that. Love the hair, the dress, the make-up, she’s unrecognizable from the woman with the donut on her head who showed up to the courtroom.

Still, from what I am hearing about production, Sheree has turned to the darkside and is hanging out with the THOTs for the most part. I can’t imagine what her storyline will be this season. I do know that she has been seen filming at Chateau Sheree which remains unchanged from last season.  When Kenya was renovating Moore Manor from the studs up, she has several hiccups that she talked about publicly. She solved the problems and has completely moved into to her home, where Matt has been practically living off and on for the last three months, despite his tantrums to the contrary. I don’t know what his angle on social media is all about where he pretends to be all brand new and shocked to discover cameras at the Manor.  Sheree on the other hand always seems to be pretending to be putting on the finishing touches rather than admitting all the water damage issues she is dealing with.

Talking about her building problems would at least give her a storyline. It looks like she will be pissed a Kenya for having a finished house to live in and probably pimping out Kairo who is attempting to embark on a modeling career. I think he has a decent shot if Sheree stays in the background. This will also be a good excuse for Bob to show up so they and play at their reuniting thing if necessary.

Hell, maybe she can help Phaedra plan her white water rafting classes. 

What do you think of Sheree’s new look?



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25 responses to “Sheree Shot Her First Confessional For Season Nine!

  1. Ms.Minnie

    Sheree came to slay Bitch, she is beautiful and her body is to do for. Her, Cynthia, Kenya and Nene on her good day’s are gorgeous.

  2. That’s not just styling. Her face has been surgically softened and made prettier. (In my opinion, anyway).

  3. Misha11

    Wow what a difference good hair and make up will do! Highlighting and contouring very well done!

    • Sanji Gist

      No no no actually Sheree is the most prettiest one of all the ladies. Did u see her in Jamaica no makeup? Also at Kim Fields no makeup part FLAWLESS!!!!!!!!

  4. Keya

    I’ll call that a complete makeover. She definitely has a softer look. I even think it makes her look a little younger too.

  5. Rose

    She look great! It seems she also is more serene and calm.

  6. Keya

    You know, I just had a thought. Why hasn’t Sheree pursued a career as a personal trainer? Her body is a walking ad. With all the money woes she’s had over the past years, I’d think that was an avenue she’d utilize. Especially where her house issues are concerned. It’s a money-maker. Anyway, she hasn’t. Just a thought.

    • She talked at one time about fitness videos. I think she’s much like a lot of the other housewives who begin everything and finish nothing.

      • Matzah60

        Yes, like She by Sheree. Even if she scrapes up the money to finish the house, she couldn’t afford the maintenance, utilities, taxes, and landscaping. She should put the house on the market. Some investor or flipper could come in with the money to remediate the problems with mold and water and could complete the house in a year. That house has to be bleeding her dry. Now that she has improvements on the land, her taxes have probably gone up quite a lot.

    • TD

      I recall her using the hashtag #shapebysheree a couple of times before. Well, looks like it is another typical imaginary housewives’ project.

  7. Margaret Shepard

    She does look good, not so manly looking like before. Great makeup and hair can do wonders, true dat!

  8. Microop

    Kairo is an incredibly handsome young man. I think if he has the right work ethic there is no reason why he couldn’t be a huge success.

  9. ericzku

    Good makeup and skillfully set lighting can go a long, long way.

    And they have…she appears to be about 20% less masculine.

  10. Bria

    T.T , I applaud you for giving her nice complements about her looks despite the madness she put you through in the past. I am not surprised with sheree flipping to the dark side because she’s desperate to stay in the show.

  11. Nance

    I went by Sheree’s house today, she just needs to give up on that house. She is never going to complete it. I’m surprised Sandy Springs hasn’t been on her case to finish it, kind of an eye sore on Lake Forest.

  12. T D

    An over inflared ego increases buoyancy.Phaedra should be able to phloat and phly over the whitewashed water rafting trip up pheces creek.

  13. Rach

    Can’t be surprised that Sheree is flipping to the dark side, she’s known Phaedra for years, plus Kenya went after her unnecessarily at the beginning of last season, no doubt further tensions have arisen. I love Kenya but she was downright rude in that situation. UNLESS there’s chunks we never saw, which with these shows is probably what happened.

  14. Diva Dee

    OMG, she cleans up well! Perhaps she will try cleaning the insides nxt, cause shes got some pretty gross guts…she looks so amazing & sophisticated..kudos to her new savior, oops I meant stylist, because the old Haitian auntie bun had overstayed its never offered welcome & the work-out lycra went way over its expiration date, & had been stinkin since the days of Kim Zolziack-Biermann…wasn’t hard to see she takes damn good care of herself physically (mentally is still debatable) she has the best arms since Angela Bassett portrayed Tina Turner, & she has an ass like a Budweiser Clydesdale…this would be the season she gets revenge on Bob for the nasty & childish way he acted in court, his lack of support for his children, &his inability to b an adult in any situation! Of course his dead ass eye wants her bck now, child support days are numbered, his coinage is lacking from a newly filled bankruptcy…he’s comin to the show for his on peach, & a small piece of the Bravo pie…Peter’s goin thru a divorce & livin in NC, Matt is on paper thin ice & irrelevant, Greg has been dead since episode one season one, & w/no NeNe wtf would his story line be? His venomous man-child wife, viagra, & vinegar soaks for his weekend @ Bernies old rigor mortis riddled bones…Apollo, well the obvious reason, so Todd Tucker would b the last man standing in any of these delusional ladies lives…in steps the fake Bob reconciliation bs…

  15. PeachyKeen

    Great lighting..great makeup..both can take years off…WOn’t be watching show.. but will catch up via TT..

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