Phaedra Parks Storyline For The Upcoming Season Is As Ridiculous As Usual

RHOA Phaedra fake Charity


Phaedra Parks is serious about her desire to become the next Cynthia McKinney (member her?) or that wacky Florida woman with the cowboy hats, or whatever will put her in front of a camera pretending to care about the latest media worthy cause.  That boys and girls is her storyline this year. I’m already sick of it. First she was at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (while Drama was trying to bomb her office)  trying to interview people as if she was some sort of news correspondent, only for people to realize when they went to sign the release that they had just been had by a RHOA and refusing to sign.

Now rumor has it that she is going to get involved with the flooding in Louisiana. Don’t get me wrong, that would be a noble act, but this is Phaedra we are talking about. Tomorrow, the RHOA will be filming a garage sale, excuse me, if you are a RHOA, it’s a “Pop Up Shop” to raise money for Phaedra’s newest charity. In June, coincidentally, just as filming was starting Phaedra formed a charity called Phaedra Foundation despite the fact that there is already a foundation by that name in California. Since the domain name for the website was already taken, she threw and extra ‘p’in there to register her domain as Phaedrapfoundation.  I’m not kidding. In April, before the charity was registered she was promising to set up a kids camp in Flint, Michigan because that was the big news story. I don’t believe she was ever able to set up a kids camp there. Perhaps it was because of the water situation?

Literally, the center of attention.

                                          Literally, the center of attention.

Now of course, she is going to jump on the flooding in southern Louisiana.  If she wanted kids to camp in Flint, perhaps she will have some sort of white water rafting program in Baton Rouge?

You might be wondering what happened to Save Our Sons? Well, that was never her program at all, and yet it is still mentioned on her website. You see the Phaedra pFoundation  is about working with all sorts of charities. In addition to her brilliant ideas. Anytime a black man is unjustly shot in America, you can count on Phaedra to be holding the hand of whatever grieving mother is closest to the camera. 

Don’t you just love how Ayden is thrust into the forefront of all of these photo opportunities? Since she doesn’t have Kim Fields to drag around this season,  She will just take Porsha, the other political mastermind from the franchise.


You know she is dying to get herself on camera with Hillary Clinton before the season ends.  It’s going to be kind like Michaele Salahi from D.C.  She had a foundation as well. Her foundation was called, ” Journey for the Cure Foundation.”  The key word was Journey. The Sahali’s were found to have spent nearly sixty percent of the money they raised on traveling and dining out, while only four percent was spent on charitable endeavors.  It looks like the key word in the name of Phaedra’s pFoundation is… Phaedra.

Are you ready for more political gate crashing and posturing?

P.S. I am wondering if Sheree being on the flyer indicates she may be closer to getting a peach? Then again, Phaedra clearly designed the flyer and gave her six year old top billing.  So it probably means nothing.



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40 responses to “Phaedra Parks Storyline For The Upcoming Season Is As Ridiculous As Usual

  1. Kika

    So glad I am done with New Jersey and Atlanta; but I will still be coming here to read the wonderful recaps!!!!

  2. Angel

    I’m new to this blog and really enjoy it for the most part. I’m just curious about the Phaedra animosity. Is there a particular reason? I tend to agree with most other posts/opinions but have trouble understanding this one.

    • gapeachinsc

      check the search bar for Phaedra stories and other RHOA stories. You’ll quickly discover why we are so judgemental of her.

    • More Tea Please!

      Aside from the fact that she’s a crook?

    • Blondesense

      Angel definitely browse this blog! Ms T has been at the forefront of exposing Phaedra’s illegal and immoral conduct with her fantastic journalism. (Journalism is my word – Ms T is far too modest to refer to herself as such). Search the blog for Phaedra and Angela Stanton.

  3. Cat

    What happened to her mortuary business? Is she going to travel from one disaster to another, to drum up business? She needs to leave those people alone. They are dealing with enough already.

    • Spunky2015

      Totally agree, Cat. Those people don’t need her fake sympathy.

      • Cat

        They don’t even want Obama there at the moment. They need time to take care of each other, not deal with the hassle of “celebrities”.

        If they think the President’s visit would be inconvenient, who, other than Phaedra, would think a Phaedra visit would help?

  4. Ms.Minnie

    RHOC has been bringing it this season so unless RHOA has new women since Nene is gone I wont watch and Phaedra was on Dish nation last night talking about her foundation and the new season, so I’ll only watch if Lena is on. I love how Carlos has kept filming private this season and I have a feeling Maryam didn’t make the cut, lastly Phaedra make sure you have some unavailable men there for Porsha so the can make some things pop-up to get you more money 😉

  5. Pretty low using her son as an advertisement.

  6. Allison

    I cant take her seriously. I just cannot.

  7. SJ

    I know the charity world and how careful one has to be about collecting and reporting monies collected. I would love to see Phaedra’s “books”.

  8. JennLovesAndy

    She sees herself as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson- as if they are people to aspire to. Chuckle, snort, sigh…

  9. Happy gal

    She needs to start a prison ministry. She has plenty of former housewives and househusband stop minister to and it seems w the new announcement of IRS liens the potential for even more to minister too.

    Hell really she belongs in prison anyway the least she can do is go to minister 😉

  10. Rose

    Just great now she’s pimping out Aiden. So what happened to the mortuary business? I’m waiting on IRS to come after her.

  11. swizzle

    I hate, hate, hate when celebrities set up their own foundations. So narcissistic. Pick a cause, pick an established, reputable charity and raise money for that!

  12. Margaret Shepard

    I don’t for a minute believe she knew nothing about her hu sband’s felonies and was not in on it too. I am done with Atlanta too. I will read Tamara’s recaps and wait for karma to come to her door.

  13. Phaedra reminds me of Star Jones, unfortunately.

  14. PeachyKeen

    Will check in on TT.. but for actually watching the shows.. I don’t think so… Franchises of Real Housewives is burning out. Dallas Boring;.Potomac a snoozer; New York: aging out; Atlanta: Only one I like Is Kandi; Beverly Hills: WIll wait and see on that one; Orange County: Ruined by Vick and Kelly; Melbourne: WHY?; and saving New Jersey for last….I just don’t care ZEN?

  15. T D

    Another phalse ambition from phake it till you make it. She always phails.

  16. Matzah60

    Wow, that poster for her garage sale has a really old picture of Sheree on there. She definitely looks wonderful now from the picture TT showed us in a previous post. Same with Kandi. It is before she lost all her weight. I definitely think that was intentional for both gals.

    I don’t think Phaedra is concerned about anyone but herself. All these community projects sound like scams to me. There was recently, maybe a year ago, a story about the Susan Korman cancer charity where it was discovered that the CEO was making $684,000/year and only 20% of the contributions went to research.

    I personally think P-Phaedra is going to run for some political position. I totally think TT is spot on about P-Phaedra trying to meet Hillary Clinton during the campaign/filming!!

    Great post, Tamara and hilarious!!!

  17. Bria

    great recap, when is Phaedra going to stop creating these fake new ventures every seaso ?

  18. T D

    One person phleecing the world, one phamily, one communitity’s phinances at a time? The person most in need of phixin’ is?

  19. cjbomb

    Hmmm- this is happening near me tomorrow- it’s in the industrial area of the westside.

  20. Noellemybelle

    Why does she only have Ayden in the spot light. What about Dylan aka Mr President?

  21. Beignet

    Yeh, Phaedra, I should have known you would jump on the La flood cause. But, if you are serious, get your behind down there and help clean up, not pass out water bottles… (won’t happen)… She doesn’t ever want to get “her hands” dirty. Can you imagine how many of her “stinky” face smirks we would see if filmed?

  22. I AM OK NOW

    Poor Phaedra..doesn’t she know that people are not going to trust her with charity. You have to have a good ethical reputation to create a foundation. She does not possess that. Another failed idea.

    • hannahkingrose

      I totally agree I Am OK NOW. I wouldn’t trust Phaedra with money if she was standing behind a dime turned sideways. Lol made my own self laugh at that one. She’d still find a way to do something that would be untrustworthy with all of her donkey booty in plain sight.

  23. Miguel

    What more can anyone say? The Phaedra-Porsha underground railroad keeps tooting (pun intended) down the track! Phaedra has to wipe her mouth every time she speaks – so full of s#*t!!! Bravo producers are masochists – haven’t your viewers suffered enough with the stink these two emit???

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