Catfish Spencer & Katy — London Calling!

Catfish Spencer Morrill
If nothing else this episode we are going to London, and since my passport just expired and renewing it seems quite traumatic (passport photo! Hail noe!) I may be limiting my travel to the U.S. for a bit.   Oh and it looks like we will be meeting Katy Perry! So even more fantastic!

Spencer is some random dude from Tennessee. That’s all we get from him before he let’s us know he has been chatting with Katy Perry, yes that Katy Perry, for six years.  Just when you think this show could not get any more ridiculous it does. He even says that he talked to Katy once and the phone call was $270 because she was on tour in Canada on a Canadian phone.  Does this dude think 1-900 is the area code for Canada perhaps?

Not a lot of the usual CGI at Spencer’s house, but the staging people did an impeccable job with the cleaning and the colorful use of Mexican blankets. Can they CGI that couch that bright green color? Those of you who watch this nonsense with me simple to evaluate the staging of the homes , I think we should start paying attention to some of the cloth sofas. Perhaps they are not being CGIed as well?  The wall colors here are quite normal. I guess they had to save some cash staging the Knoxville house for the tickets to London.

While chatting with the boys, Spencer says that he and Katy have exchanged “I love yous” many times over the years. And that the reason he knows it is her is that she shares her songs with him before they are released. He has heard rough cuts of her songs before they were announced.  But these “unreleased songs” were published on You Tube.  So um, delusional.

Catfish Spencer
Spencer has made an engagement ring using his grandma’s emerald and he’s ready to get married to Katy Perry.

The boys are taking the case to find out who is catfishing Spencer so he can move on with his life and find a nice girl from Knoxville to settle down with.That may be even more problematic now that this episode has aired.  But he has been to London to see the Queen now.

They follow the basic phone and email trail to a pretty blond named Harriet who lives in the UK and is a big Katy Perry and Lady Gaga fan. She seems much older than the mark to me.

Back on the very green sofa, Spencer tells his brother for the first time that he has been in a cyber relationship with Katy Perry for six years and he is about to propose with grannie’s emerald. The brother keeps looking around for Ashton Kutcher to jump out, because that seems the most likely scenario. As Spencer trots off to get the ring to show his brother there is an air of “should we have this guy evaluated?” hanging in the air that no one wants to articulate. It’s kind of hysterical. Nev and Max ask the brother if Spencer has a history of fantastic tales or abject stupidity or if he was ever dropped on his head as a child.  The brother says, up until this moment, the kid has had no sign of mental illness.

Spencer says that Harriet can’t be Katy because Katy hates Lady Gaga and Harriet loves her.  Spencer says that the writing styles between Harriet and Katy are not at all similar. I finally agree with Spencer. The girl who has been emailing him writes like a 16-year-old with tons and exclamation points and hearts and emojis.  Harriet has a much or literate, adult writing style.

The next day, Spencer’s delusional schizophrenia begins to bloom to justify his fantasy. Especially these two signifiers.

  • Delusions of Reference thinking that random events convey a special meaning to you. An example is that a newspaper headline or a Katy Perry song has a hidden meaning for you to figure out because they contain signs trying to tell you something.
  • Delusions that someone, often a famous person, is in love with you when in reality they aren’t. Also called erotomania or de Clerembault syndrome.

He spent the night listening to Katy Perry songs and is now convinced that since 2010 Katy has been sending him signals about Harriet through her lyrics. He is now completely convinced that he will meet Katy Perry.  I wish they would have told us his age. Late twenties is about the time Schizophrenia starts to bloom in  men.

The guys all arrive in London and do a bit of sight-seeing. The next day they contact a girl named Amy who is Facebook friends with Harriet. They ask what she knows about her. The big news is that Harriet is “100% gay” and she is her ex girlfriend.

As Max says, “She Kissed a Girl and She Liked It.” How convenient.

Time to head to Gloucester and meet Harriet. They are staying in a convent, that sponsorsed this episode, probably along with the Gloucester Tourism Board. I’m buying what they are selling. I love this place.  Harriet arrives minutes after they do and the guys are all super freaked out and not ready.  We have spooky music playing in the garden of the old convent.


Catfish Harriet Katy Perry
Just kidding. It’s Harriet. This is very anticlimactic for many reasons. First, Instagram filters have been very kind to Harriet.  Secondly, she is just very nonchalant about the fact she has been emailing with this dude and stringing him along for six years.  Spencer says if this is the girl he was talking to, she would be happier to see him. I kind of get his point, she knew who she was talking to for six years. Even after she admits it, he still thinks he was talking to Katy Perry for the last six years. We see the incredulous production guys as their jaws drop in disbelief.  Spencer thinks that Katy Perry is punking him with this girl. And yet, still no Ashton Kutcher.

Did they really CGI the watermelon paint on the window sill behind Max inside the convent during the scene where he attempts to talk some sanity into Spencer? Is that the only CGI color they have access to?

The next day, Spencer claims his delusions are lifted.  Max and Nev talk to Harriet first to try to get her not to be such a flippant bitch about the whole thing. It seems today it’s not just Spencer who is back on his meds but Harriet as well. Would this be a good time to point out that Harriet sounds nothing like Katie Perry?

Harriet gives the usual “living in the middle of nowhere, lonely, death of a parent” speech.  They could have been so happy together except for the whole, Harriet is gay, thing.  I think that is Harriet’s excuse. Sort of like when girls tells guys in a bar they are gay to get them to go away.

At the two month check in,  Spencer says he has sent emails to Harriet, but she has not responded. Harriet says that she received emails from Spencer who was talking to “Katy Perry” again telling her how he went to England and met a girl named Harriet. And that he loves her, and by her I mean, Katy Perry.  They guys call Spencer back and he says that was just a couple of days after they came back, and he was just doing some investigating to be sure. I have a feeling that Katy wrote a new song and sent him more information in her lyrics…

Her love is like a drug
I was tryna hit it and quit it
But lil’ mama so dope
I messed around and got addicted…

~Juicy J on Dark Horse


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10 responses to “Catfish Spencer & Katy — London Calling!

  1. Allison

    That episode was ridiculous. The best thing I got out of it, was that the convent/hotel was dope. I’d stay there. I cant deal with crazy, and that guy was crazy.

  2. Lindsey

    Hi TT! I’m new to your site and I love it! Just wondering about the CGI stuff you mentioned…. Do you have a post that would get me caught up?

    • tamaratattles

      Welcome Lindsey! I started being obsessed with the cleanliness of the houses a few seasons ago. Then I noticed they all seemed to have brand new furniture. Everything has been removed from the walls that may have a copyright, etc. Last season there was a particular color of paint, sort of a watermelon color that started to pop up in all the houses and I realized they were painting as well during their staging. Then I started to wonder if they just CGIed (used computer graphics to edit the film) instead when an outdoor porch was painted and then not painted on a particular episode.

      I’m just weird. If you go to the bottom on the post and click on Catfish it will take you to all my posts and you can see my speculation about the new couches and the walls and all the other things that interest me about this show way more than the storylines. But not quite as much as making fun of the people who go on the show. :)

    • tamaratattles

      Oh, and thanks for commenting. The folks that read my Catfish posts are usually brand new people that are often shy so Catfish gets LOTS of reads and little comments. I appreciate you jumping right in, maybe you will encourage the many catfish lurkers.

  3. Demeter

    I also caught that split-second view of the technical guy’s face registering disbelief. It was a completely accurate reaction!

    There was a point where I was starting to think that the guy could be dangerous and was a little worried about anyone being alone with him.

    I wonder about situations like this. Does that guy have no outside interests stronger than spending time texting to a stranger ? For 6 years? Does he not have any reality checks to tell him Katy Perry would not be texting a stranger while dating Orlando Bloom ?

    I also noticed the couches. I think the green one was new but I don’t know why they needed it when there was the other grey/beige one.

  4. Theresa

    this came on this afternoon and I nearly died in shock. My first thought was, I gotta see what TT says about this. I am not see delusional is a strong enough word.

  5. swizzle

    I didn’t watch this, but so sad. Sounds like the guy has a mental healthcare issue.

    I know a young aspiring model whose images are being stolen off Snapchat and Instagram. The person set up their own accounts and uses all of these girls images. It’s been reported to Instagram and Twitter many times, but they do nothing. I have a feeling there are a few men out there thinking they are having a relationship with a stunning young model, when it’s probably some dope in a basement.

  6. T D

    Easier to exept the psychologiical moment that passed than six years of cruelty. Harriet is sociophagous.

  7. Sierra

    This episode was so creepy. I kept wondering how this could happen to someone, like those Jamaica scams that say they are collecting for the IRS and I think oh my, who is buying this shit?! Spencer that’s who.

  8. Blondesense

    I have been looking forward to this recap with bated breath Ms T. I was torn between the usual crazy vs bad acting of the alleged catfish victim. I had decided he was a fame whore (not sure I have seen a participant promoting the episode on Twitter to his 48 followers before) but Harriet seemed genuine to me. I have watched the episode 3 times now to watch the crew guy’s reaction. I think they avoided giving Spencer’s age because Harriet would have been a child very recently, as one might expect from a person pretending to be Katy Perry on the Internet.

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