Ryan Lochte Is A National Embarrassment

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UPDATE 8/19  US Olympic swimmer Jimmy Feigen agrees to pay about $11,000 to charity in order to leave Brazil after robbery scandal. Ryan Lochte, who was also charged is already back in the US and will probably ignore the misdemeanor charge. Jack Conger age 21, and Gunnar Bentz age 20 were not charged in the incident.

UPDATE: It appears that Lochte and James Feigen, age 26 will be charged with false reporting of a crime. It’s a misdemeanor and the sentence is a required financial contribution to a humanitarian charity. They also want an apology to Rio and Brazil for besmirching the Olympic host. The police say that after the four busted up the bathroom breaking the door, mirror, a soap dish and more,  Loche was drunk and became very aggressive with the security guard who eventually pulled his weapon to detain him until they either paid for damages or the police came.  They chose to pay. The police say that the security handled things appropriately.  So disgusting.

I am quite furious about this Ryan Lochte situation. I saw the interview where Ryan told his tall tale about the Rio police shaking them down on the side of the road. I told my television that he was full of shit when I watched it. (See video below). I did think that the incident happened, I just thought he was trying to make himself seem like the big shot. In his lie, he says while coming from a party in a local taxi, Rio police pulled their taxi over. He states there were not lights on the police car.  So how did the cab driver know to pull over? Perhaps he was in on it I thought. What I could not believe is that Ryan was all “whatever” about having police in a foreign country hold a gun to his forehead. The other guys complied, but not Ryan. He argued with the cops and said he didn’t do anything wrong.  Anyone who lives in the United States of America knows better than to do this. You can get shot for way less than that in the US, let alone a foreign country.  His version of events made no sense, but I figured the gist of the situation was true. But it was not. None of it.

What happened was the guys were coming home from a party that they left around 5:30 am likely wasted and didn’t get far until one or all of them had to go to the bathroom so they stopped at a gas station.  Either they would not give them a key because they were not customers are they just had not problem with doing it, they broke down the bathroom door, did what they came to do and left.  In Rio, there was an armed guard at all the gas stations. They were detained. The police were called and they took off in the cab.  Either at the gas station, or after being held for questioning by police today, they paid for the door.


While the guys in Rio were terrified in a police station confessing to the real story, Ryan was on the Today Show telling Matt Lauer that it really did happen,  he just embellished some things. “We would not make this up, ” Ryan told Matt, “We’re victims in this and we’re happy that we’re safe.” What a douchebag. the Rio police tried to get Ryan to return for questioning, but that is not going to happen. Meanwhile, his three teammates are down there holding the bag and telling the truth. Those three never lied to the media or the police.

Mario Andrada a spokesman for the Rio Olympics organizing committee,  said “Let’s give these kids a break. Sometimes you take actions that you later regret.”  Perhaps for the three of them that are still in Brazil after at least two of them were removed from their flight back home, , Jack Conger age 21, and Gunnar Bentz age 20 , they have learned their lesson being interrogated by police in a foreign country. James Feigen age 26 was apparently more involved in the situation than these two.

But Ryan Lochte is 32 years old.  He is the one that told his mother the lie and she reported that to the media first. Then when NBC’s Billy Bush asked he told the lie to Billy and stuck to it today with Matt Lauer. Ryan is sitting comfortably back in the US. He should have some consequences. He is the asshole in the entire situation.

I have several other posts coming today that y’all would be more interested in, but this really burns me up. I hate rude American travelers when they are Billy Bob and Maisey from Kentucky who may not know better. Ryan Lochte was representing his country in the most formal way possible. He has 12 Olympic medals. This is not his first time out of the country. He should be ashamed.


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72 responses to “Ryan Lochte Is A National Embarrassment

  1. Its_shane

    So true. You just don’t f around In Other countries. The last thing you want to do is draw attention of authorities. I sat on a wall while waiting for a bus in China… A police officer came up and told me I couldn’t sit on the wall. I sprang up, my Chinese friend argued with the officer… I was horrified. You just don’t argue with police in foreign countries.

  2. Twilly

    Why do this? His public career is over after this.

    • Bindijean

      Please, that’s like saying Micheal Vick and Chris Browns public careers are over. We as a society forgive the most heinous shit, if it is done by a “Celebrity”.

      • not too late

        Swimming doesn’t make money like football does, so it seems different. I think this will destroy his ability to monetize his celebrity.

        Also, the aggressive jerk attitude combined with the sports performance makes me suspect steroid usage. That might not be. He could just be a natural jerk. But, it makes me suspicious.

    • Shay

      I wish I knew where he was. This is the best time to rob him:)

  3. He is a disgrace. Not happy with Hope Solo either and her nasty comments about cowards. But this guy….way over the line. I am so saddened and disgusted that this is who is representing us. Someone like him I mean. However , TT, we can be proud that someone like Abby D’Agostino is there to show that there are good Americans. I hope this young man is not rewarded in any way and now is fellow team mates are stuck there. What a fool.

  4. I saw an interview several years ago (don’t remember where) with Lochte. I remember thinking back then that he was an overgrown baby douchebag. Guess I was right.

  5. Allison

    What was he thinking??? He had to know that he’d be found out. That’s crazy to me-making a shitty situation shittier, and shitting all over your host and home countries doing it. Douche. His story didn’t ring true for me either, coming across as this tough guy. Curious to see what his consequences will be. If any.

    • Shay

      That’s because his lies were to his mom and girlfriend. He didn’t know mom would report to media. He had an out at that point, but his mistakes were doubling and tripling down. What a shitty thing to do with his friends still in Brasil.

      • Dee

        I agree, he needed money from Mommy so told her this fake story. How embarrassing!
        And…he isn’t a kid he is in his 30’s. Thanks Tamara!! Great tea! Slurp :)

      • Shay

        Dee, I think they had to account for missing time and money. They probably went to a whorehouse (they all have gfs) and you know a developing country-if they did take credit the charge reads, “whorehouse centaurus.”
        They claim that Lotche had $400 and his wallet stolen when he gave the gas station $20 seems extra suspect.

  6. WhyOWhy

    He is such a dbag. Someone should also smack his mother for running to the media. If she hadn’t have opened her big mouth, no one would have known. He only went to the police after she blabbed to the media.

    Also, I hate the media (coming from someone who works with members of the media every day)

    • Tara

      As a Mom, if I thought my son had been held at gun point, I would have contacted or said something as well. I don’t care if my child is an adult or not, I would freak out. I don’t feel this situation should reflect on her at all.

      • WhyOWhy

        Maybe contact the police, but not the media. There’s a difference between freaking out that your child was “held at gunpoint and robbed” and taking said information and running to the first reporter you see.

  7. Shae

    Unreal, wtf possesses you to do this? Embarrassment for sure.

  8. JustJenn

    Next headline “Ryan Lochte enters rehab” in 5..4..3..2..

    • Librarygirl

      How about he looses his endorsements. I don’t think that he should profit off of his success now that it has been marred by lies.

      • JustJenn

        I’m not saying that I agree with it, but it seems to be a get out of jail free card for a lot of celebrities that don’t even really have a problem. He may have a problem, but it’s the next logical move IMO

      • Meredo

        I hope Ryan gets his black Rolls Royce repossessed! What an over entitled jerk!

    • Shay

      You’re a genius. I didn’t even think of that. I thought his fate was maybe endorsements with toilet paper companies or maybe Massengil.

  9. New video out with 3 minutes missing. Maybe we should all wait until all the facts are in before we judge. Just saying 💕

    • Good to know. I agree….I do think there is something amiss on both sides.

    • tamaratattles

      Bonnie, That is RYAN LOCHTE saying that. It’s part of his NEW story that the security guard held him at gunpoint. Hes a known liar. Even if there is tape showing the security guard drew a weapon, HIS ENTIRE STORY ABOUT THE POLICE PULLING HIM OVER IS A LIE.

      • Spunky2015

        Ryan sure hopped on a plane right quick. Looks and acts like an asshole.

      • No matter how many twist and turns in this story, they should not have caused any damage or embellished the story. The truth is somewhere in the middle but all credibility has been lost. It is a true shame that both countries have been tarnished due to a few idiots. And btw, good ole TMZ has the video showing the 3 minutes missing. A total shame that anyone would say “boys will be boys” that just gives credence to their behavior! I hope all facts will be determined and displayed for the world to see – reguardless of the outcome.

      • Shay

        What?! At this point continuing to lie?! Nope. I hope they kick him off the team and take his medals. This is so unbecoming of a US Olympian..

    • Diane

      The others have told the real story. The gun was pulled because they were being aggressive towards the gas station owner. The money was apparently them paying him for breaking down a door, tearing down a sign and breaking a soap dispenser. No excuses. They lied. It is not boys being boys. Lochte is 32. Old enough. It is despicable.

      • Shae

        I don’t think taking someone’s olympic medals is appropriate for lying/filing a false report. He wasn’t doping, he earned them. Even if he is a bit of a douche.

      • Allison

        I agree-his medals are his medals, he earned them, and the medals have nothing to do with his behavior out of the pool. Maybe kick him off the olympic team, or off the swimming league or whatever it is. He’s 32, its probably his last olympics. Best way to get him is in his wallet (since its not stolen after all) and have him lose endorsements. Lets not see him on a box of Wheaties, or SI.

      • Allison

        @Jill that makes no sense, one has nothing to do with the other. Lying is about his integrity, the medals are athletic ability. He earned his medals fair and square, he competed fairly, and won them. The false report and big ole tall tale should affect his earning capacity and wallet (that he still has, apparently) and maybe he should face some legal consequences and def his reputation is shit, but the medals that he won have zero to do with the incident. Nada.

  10. Diane

    Strip him of medals and ban him forever. He just disrespected our country. No excuses. No words to say. It is more than boys being boys. That is totally despiscable behavior. Brazil has an already tainted rep and here they are making it sound like its another example of a corrupt country ( it is but). Brazil may take this further. False reports. Destruction of property. Assault of a guard? At any rate careers are gone. There goes the endorsements. Idiots.

    • tamaratattles

      The Olympics people are the ones saying it;s just boys being boys and they are the only ones who could strip the medals.

      I feel like Lochte made up the BS story to his mother and then the younger team mates were kind of stuck and just kept quiet. They all fucked up, but the huge ordeal is all LOCHTE’s fault.

      • Diane

        Agreed TT and you know Lochte is probably their idol and they are going to do whatever to be his pal and hang out with him.

  11. Margaret Shepard

    He is not the brightest bulb in the pack. His short -lived E show what would lochte do proved that. An idiot and an A- hole.

  12. Jessica white

    Sounds like a bunch of drunk asses. Just because you are drunk and need to pee doesn’t mean u are entitled to use the restroom at a gas station in a foreign country.

  13. Why is CNN talking about this Ryan Lochte crap all day today when they should be reporting and bringing awareness and help to Baton Rouge? The entire town is affected by this epic flood and people there need REAL help. CNN is one fucked up place.

    • tamaratattles

      I have not watched the news in weeks. I saw the Lochte interview on the olympics and then in the car today heard the latest crap. I have some news about a housewife related to Lousiana though but it’s just going to piss you off. I am fighting narcolepsy today so I will put it up tomorrow. I’ve tried to write it since yesterday…but it’s too disgusting for me today.

      • Shay

        If it’s about showing up at disaster zones it has to be Phaedra. (Sorry I turned your comment into a blind, TT.)

    • It is so horrible. The floods, the fires. It is heartbreaking. I can’t even watch the news never mind living through it. I can’t imagine what those poor people are going through and there is nothing any one can or will do I guess. If only the floods and the fires could meet.

      • ninjapanda1

        Where I live we’re getting burnt out from forest fires caused by idiot city people lighting fires and not putting them out, or bicyclers lighting their poop on fire. Yes, dumbasses who put on a thousand dollars worth of stupid cycling gear and ride a bike worth more than my car pull off the road, take a shit and instead if burying it, light the paper on fire, cycle away while our homes are lost. The media is infuriating for not covering the flooding in Louisiana while Lochtes lies get all day play.

  14. WhyOWhy

    From what I’ve read, they were sitting on the curb with their hands in the air, but you couldn’t see behind the camera. I don’t know, but I don’t sit on a curb with my hands raised just for the hell of it.

    That said, he’s still a douchebag and liar. But I don’t think anything is going to happen to them.

  15. lavidaLinda

    When I first heard this I was thinking that when these guys get home, he’s going to say that they lied to get out of the country. Buuuuuut. There’s video. Video. Of these idiots breaking down the door. Talking with security. Talking with the manager. Giving the Manger money. VIDEO.

    Stripping him of his metals is rather extreme. Having the entire world know that he is a complete douchebag, ensuring that no network will ever hire him for color, with the likelihood that there are couple of countries out there will deny him entry because he’s a douchebag, so even if he wants to swim again, he can’t.

    What doooooche

    • lavidaLinda

      And the more I think about it. He was calling Mommy for money and told her he was robbed to make sure that she sent all the money, and didn’t punish him for being an idiot in a foreign country.

  16. Cat

    “Kids”? Seriously?

    When I saw his interview on the news, it sounded like crap to me, too. It made me think of something someone on BB#18 would say, in order to get attention or sympathy.

    Maybe he wants his own “reality” show?

  17. Spunky2015

    Always thought he was a jerk. He did have a reality show at one time and has also been to rehab. Not excusing the younger guys, but know Ryan was leader of the pack. Hope all his endorsement deals dries up.

  18. Spunky2015

    Always thought he was a jerk. He did have a reality show at one time and has also been to rehab. Not excusing the younger guys, but know Ryan was leader of the pack. Hope all his endorsement deals dry up.

  19. Liza

    I’m always amazed by American tourists. I used to go to Mexico and see that common courtesy was out the window. My friend wanted me to speed and I said hell no they probably will take my car and lock me away. If you wouldn’t do something here why some people think they can do it in a foreign country is beyond me. He definitely I feel, had a higher standard to uphold. I dont want vandals and liars representing me!

  20. Liza

    I’m always amazed by American tourists. I used to go to Mexico and see that common courtesy was out the window. My friend wanted me to speed and I said hell no they probably will take my car and lock me away. If you wouldn’t do something here why some people think they can do it in a foreign country is beyond me. He definitely I feel, had a higher standard to uphold. I dont want vandals and liars representing me!

  21. SabrinaToo

    I know when I first read the story that it seemed pretty unbelievable that while he claimed they were being robbed at gunpoint he refused to get on the ground and then said “whatever” when he finally did. What an idiot. He has embarrassed America with his stupid story.

  22. More Tea Please!

    This is disgraceful and an embarassment. Double disgraceful for the Olympic Comittee to attempt to minimize it. A 30-year old should know better. And Helicopter Momming a 30-year old? Hell no!

  23. Rose

    He is a disgrace. I’m sure his endorsement deals will suffer and hit him where it hurts. Everyone lies in there interviews with Matt Lauer…to name a few Paula Deen, most recently Melania Trump and now Lochte.

  24. DJ

    This saddens me. We have a child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in our family, and we raise money for a WONDERFUL organization called “Parent Project MD”. Ryan Lochte has lost a family member to the horrendous disease (it is fast and furious, and life expectancy has improved as of late to early 20’s).

    Ryan is also very involved in this organization. He swims and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund research for a cure for DMD. It breaks my heart he is involved in this….

    • Twilly

      That is very sad that a charity/cause will suffer now that a recognizable face associated with it has become a pariah. Hopefully others can step in and bring awareness and funding. Sounds horrible.

  25. David Foster

    I hope the companies that might hire him for an indorcement deal should know that his embarrassment will result in a mass boycott of ALL their products. This coward shouldn’t be endorsing anything but jail time for making false claims. We will not forget this!

  26. Bridgett

    TT glad you posted about this…you are 100% on point. Ryan Lochte has always come across as the cliche “bruh”, so embarrassing. I would love to be able to afford to travel…this man not only has means and opportunity to do so, but gets to do so as an Olympian and he acts like a complete turd…bet he is horrible to hospitality employees too.

  27. They got drunk and acted like fools, normally I would give them the benefit of the doubt. BUT: Lachte is not a boy; he’s at least a decade older than his partying buddies, and they were all representing the US in a foreign country. Why didn’t he protect them as the senior guy with the most experience? Given all of his endorsement deals, why hasn’t he apologized? What in the world is he trying to prove? That he is an idiot? That he belongs on a Real Housewives show? That he is just another famewhore?
    Next thing you know he’ll be entering rehab and claiming a blackout. Maybe he can go rescue horses with Kim Richards.
    I know they won’t strip him of his medals (nor should they) but I hope he loses some really big endorsement deals.

  28. Lindsay

    Strip him of his medals. Full stop. Between family beater/Zika campaigner Hope Solo and Ryan “Jeah I’m an idiot” Lochte I think we’ve embarrassed ourselves enough for this year.

  29. Chloe

    Totally agree! He owes Rio and the United States an apology. I hope he loses any and all endorsement deals.

  30. Dee3

    His behavior reeks of arrogance and a lack of respect. Having spent a large amount of my life living and traveling overseas, I heartily dislike Americans who contribute to the cliche of rudeness we get hit with, even if a lot of it is untrue. Most Americans I’ve run into in foreign countries are polite and curious, definitely not rude. His behavior however has generally been poor throughout the years and I’m not really that surprised. Disgusted, yes. Surprised, definitely not.

    Perhaps he does have issues he needs to work on and I hope he gets help if that’s true. Otherwise he needs to read some books on combating narcissism. The younger guys should have spoken up immediately, since they’re all at the age when they should know better, but they may have been intimidated. Still, really casts a bad image on Americans and athletes.

    That said, I do take issue with the way the writer referred to ‘Billy Bob and Maisey from Kentucky’. It comes off as condescending. When I have encountered uncouth Americans overseas, FAR MORE have come from large cities, predominately on the East and West coasts, than from the Midwestern, Plains or Southern states. And I live in one of those aforementioned big cities.

    Putting that aside, I don’t think any of them will face any major consequences. Lochte will likely brazen it out. The other guys may end up a bit blackballed. It just doesn’t end the Olympics on the kind of note we’d like to see.

    • tamaratattles

      Nic changed to Dee3 because we have a very active commenter here using Dee. You are free to change it to whatever on your next comment to avoid confusion.


      Maisey from Kentucky

  31. ALP

    Forgive me if I am repeating people, I have not read all the comments…but…

    Ryan Locthe and James Feigen are NOT boys, they are 32 and 26 years old respectively. Heck, in some families based on life-span, Lochte may be considered middle aged! The other two young men were 20 and 21, young men for sure, but still not boys. Bentz and Conger are college-aged men, old enough to join the military, marry, have children, represent their country at the Olympics. While Bentz and Conger may be enamored with Lochte and Feigen, they should have had the presence of mind to tell someone, anyone the truth about that evening. A parent or coach could have helped them and the US Olympic team save face.

    This is Lochte’s fourth and final Olympics, and now thanks to his need to exaggerate these events, it could possibly be the final Olympics for Bentz and Conger. Rather than going home proud of their Olympic accomplishments, Feigen, Bentz and Conger were pulled from a plane and questioned by the police. Their Olympic experience has been tarnished forever.

    Additionally, Lochte’s embellishments have now put a question mark on the horrors of the true victims of violence at these Olympics.

    This entire story has put a stain on the US Olympic team…

  32. T D

    No Wheaties Box For any of You! After sinking so low when you all were doing swimmingly.

  33. Barbara

    When this first came out I wondered why a sane human being (Ryan Lochte) would not obey a police officer who had a gun to their head? Not in the US but in another country? I can’t even comprehend this stupid lie. You were drunk, urinated on a gas station door, broke down this door and then called called your mommy and lied? What the hell is wrong with you?

    You should have: apologized to the security officers, paid for the damage, hoped to high heaven no press found out. Again; what the hell is wrong with you?

  34. Diva Dee

    LMAO @ Billy Bob & Maisey from KY! Perhaps because I’m from KY, & I know this couple oh so well…they’re on every mountain in Eastern KY, @ every Wal-Mart in Western KY, & occupy every meth riddled trailer park in Northern KY! Believe me, there are some fully evolved individuals in KY who own shoes, aren’t attracted to our 1st cousins, have all 32 teeth, read beyond an embryo level, & know the grass is no more blue than any other states…we are few & far between but we do exist….I’m so disappointed w/Ryan Lochte, but I knew that white hair he donned for Rio was somehow an indication his ass had quietly lost his s**t! I’m more aggravated than confused about that night’s events…if u’ ve been clubbing it up til 5:30a, & now u have to piss like a racehorse in the KY Derby w/a glue truck in hot pursuit, ur taxi pulls over u get out go inside, ask to use their facility…ok cool, they will not give u a key because ur not a customer….no problem, u obviously have money..buy 4 waters, & surprise ur magically customers now, do ur biz, return to ur taxi, return to the village, & take ur drunk asses to bed, America wins…but no, this 32yr old man child wants to lie to mommy, & mommy who probably knows her kids been a pathological liar since he took his 1st lap in the pool, reports this weak holey drunken frat boy tale! Sure she did this w/no facts but the ones given by Pinocchio…if she thought this really happened to the golden boy, why would he have not called the police himself?! Young, American, Gold Metalist, in the Brazilian hood gettin Deboed?! The Brazilian gov’t & law enforcement would have had a televised flogging after every Olympic event until they got the right guy who robbed any Amerian, let alone 4 well off, famous, ones! These kids were definitely Ryan Lochte’s victims as well…peer pressure much Lochte? U were the adult in this sitch, & u dropped the ball, then returned home while they got interrogated, humiliated, & verbally castrated, unable to leave Rio…I’m so glad they did not lose their medals although I don’t know any of the rules in that realm, but if they were Miss Universe, America, or World that crown would b passed to the nxt lady who didn’t choose ratchet over royalty! Ryan & his overly anxious mom should b made to hold a press conference apologizing, makin contribitions, shaking babies/kissing hands(lol), & kissing Michael & Boomer Phelps asses for waking them up, upsetting them, while only starvin for attention & sympathy for a bold faced lie u didn’t bud nip!

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