Real Housewives of Melbourne Recap: Gamble’s Big Day


RHOMel  Gamble Rick
For some reason Bravo decided to air Gamble’s Wedding episode on a Wednesday night without telling us.  I think this is because now that we don’t have to worry about WWHL starting at eleven every night (it’s on hiatus) the 75 minute show won’t pose as much of an issue.  The US stations air a whopping twenty minutes of commercials for every hour-long show, much more than other countries. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Gamble is having her wedding on Byron Bay in New South Wales. It’s a very picturesque place that is perfect for wedding nuptials.  It’s about a two-hour flight north of Melbourne. They most not have had their flights comped because there was no film of the airline.

Gamble is making sure the prenup is in place, but Rick finds it hard to talk about. Aw, Rick is just the best.


Gina is going to “conduct” the ceremony even though she doesn’t have the credentials.  There will be someone there to actually officiate it.

She is packing three outfits for each of the four days. I will never as long as I live understand this. Her assistant is standing next to a rack of clothes full of boas and sequins. Her assistant has no idea where her accessories are and looks clueless. Apparently, they did not run through his script ahead of time.


RHOMel Gamble's Wedding Guests

Byron Bay

The resort they are staying at in Byron Bay, aptly named The Byron, is a stunning ultra modern place nestled in tons of lush tropical plants.  It’s odd to me how modern and chic the homes and resorts are in Australia while the hair, makeup and wardrobe seems to lag decades behind the US.

Was that a school of narwhals in the water? How cool is that?

The wedding planner, Alin leads the wedding party down the path to the sea where the wedding will be held. They walk across planks and beach with Gamble and Gina both is six-inch stilettos. Alin seems to have done no planning for the wedding. He has literally planted a dozen white folding chairs in the sand and is now sticking white flowers on the end. That is it. There is bad weather rolling in and Alin has no plan for a rain alternative.

Gamble asked Jackie for her psychic vision about how the ceremony would go. Jackie refused because it is her night off. The Long Island Medium would never do that.

Who is that pretty girl listening to Petti complain about absolutely everything? Oh it’s Susie. The boring one. She cleans up nicely doesn’t she?

Gina has filmed Celebrity Apprentice Australia and the first episode is about to air.  I wish we could have actual international channels here like every other country in the fucking universe. Gina wants to watch the episode in her room and duck out on the party. It starts at 8:40 p.m. I don’t see the problem with that, she can get in her glamorous night attire that I envision being accessorized with lots of boas and watch the show and turn in early refreshed for her duties at the wedding the next day. Chyka is not amused by this plan.

RHOMel Gamble dinner table

The next morning they have a champagne breakfast at the resort which Gamble informs us is set in the rainforest. Oh, that is why it is so spectacularly green!  Will they see or touch any monkeys?  (Throw back David Letterman joke for the old people. Gamble’s mom is absolutely adorable. Her scene with Rick was so sweet. Gina taught Gamble how to keep her boobs in her dress for a change. All in all it was a lovely little scene.

For some reason the ladies start talking about babies and Gina tells us how she had laid her two-week old son down after burping him and had laid him down and noticed some brown liquid on the side of his head coming out of his ear. As it turns out, she had laid him down on a poop filled diaper.  Then all the moms try to one up each other with gross stories of motherhood. Jackie is trying not to puke and/or pass out. So, um, it was a lovely scene.

Gamble so far has said something to Rick about what she will do at her next marriage, told the ladies that “forever” is not very long when it comes to marrying someone Rick’s age, and now announces that she hasn’t given a thought to her vows and expected someone just to hand her something to say. Really, Gamble? Prepare for mean tweets.

I guess there is one more night before the wedding. The gang runs out to a beach bar to celebrate and the bottom drops out of the sky.  Janet arrives, she was a day late because her son had an appointment with his specialist. Janet’s husband is heading up to the wedding. I didn’t think that was weird until I found out that the wedding was a two-hour plane trip away.

Petti seems thrilled by the possibility that the rain will ruin Gamble’s hair on her wedding day. I finally get my Lydia scene and it is one with her apologizing to Petti. NO! LYIDIOT! NO!  Turn away from the dark side. Whatever, the make up. Lydia shares the story about what was wrong with her husband.  He was bitten by a mosquito on a vacation and caught a blood infection that went to his heart valve and he had to have valve replacement surgery could have died. Wow. And to make this scene even worse, Jackie shows up and breaks up a serious conversation to unload her own big fat feelings onto Lydia.

Gina tells Gamble she has to leave and go to her room. I think she says she brought her boys and tomorrow is one of their birthdays and she never spends time with them.  But we all know she is off to watch Celebrity Apprentice!  Lydia tries to cover to Gina.

RHOMel Gamble's Wedding
The next morning all the gossip is that Gina left to go back to her room to watch Celebrity Apprentice.  As it turns out, it really was her son’s birthday. But she didn’t just go back to the room and hang out with her boys and watch the show. She invited a dozen or so guests from the wedding to a viewing party in her room. Oh the horrors! Okay, it is kind of bad considering she is so close to Gamble, but the pre wedding bash was literally a wash out so I imagine they all dispersed pretty quickly.  This feels like the beginning of a “Gina has a big head from being on Celebrity Apprentice” storyline.

Later while Gina is supposed to be going over the ceremony with the officiant, she is reading all the tweets about the Celebrity Apprentice premiere. She straight up denies watching it to Gamble. Now there is going to be a problem. She is reading all of the positive tweets out loud to the bride, the groom and the officiant.

Rick and his son Luke are so cute together. I am glad to hear how much Luke likes Gamble and how Gamble helped pull the family back together after his mother died.

All of the husbands and even an ex husband’s show up except for Lydia’s husband. Hmmmmm. Luke does an amazing job escorting the ladies in heels across the beach.  Of all the things one might find to jab at Petti about, these ladies have no business mocking her dress. I mean sure it’s a bit full, but Gina’s comment about her thinking she is the bride is the biggest hoot as Gina stands at the altar in a white gown of her own.

Gamble looks lovely and for me, that white orchid bouquet stole the whole show. It was amazing. So was the fact that she dragged a handmade wedding gown through the wet sand with absolutely no runner between the boardwalk and the altar making it a dirty wet mess on arrival to her groom who is much too lovely to even notice.  Why didn’t one of the girls carry her train? Luke ends up doing that job after the ceremony.

It turned out to be a lovely wedding.

But on Friday, everything goes to hell when the reception is rained out, the giant cake is in jeopardy and the ladies confront Gina on her lies.


































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18 responses to “Real Housewives of Melbourne Recap: Gamble’s Big Day

  1. Love this show! Such a refreshing change from RHONY and RHONJ – people actually being fairly decent and polite to each other – what a novel concept! Gina continues to be a colossal and self-centered piece of work – rude as shit to take a bunch of people back to her room for a “premiere party”. Rick is a lovely man – he and Gamble are a lovely couple, and her mother was charming. Pettifleur (or was it Jackie?) was a bitch to say she couldn’t see any resemblance between them. I can see very clearly where Gamble got her soft-spoken ways. Wishing the happy couple years of happiness – they deserve it. As we remain in the middle of a terrible drought, that storm looked absolutely lovely to this rain-starved and shriveled 69-year-old in California. I would have ripped my clothes off and stood right in the middle of it (while praying that lightning didn’t hit me) – might have scared the guests and local wildlife off, but that’s the price they would pay for my craziness and instant self-gratification. Thanks again for the great recap, Tamara. You always notice tons of things I missed.

  2. Jeremy

    Just a quick comment re the dated hair and makeup you are seeking on the show – on a whole, outside of New York maybe, I would say that the fashion and makeup in Australia is probably more current than most cities in America. These women just aren’t a great reflection of that. I do think Lydia has her moments.

    • Lisafromoz

      Yes yes yes to your comment- fellow Aussie perhaps??? I think it is a prerequisite of the show to audition in gowns al a dynasty and the like or Miami vice for the men- Bruce lol. Can’t wait to see what Sydney turns out, hopefully some funky designers will get to promote their wares but somehow I doubt it

      • Gabriella

        I think it’s only Gina’s make up that lets the girls down, it’s far too heavy. I’m in Sydney, so looking forward to that, and I think the forthcoming Auckland one looks very promising from the preview/advert.

  3. pete'sgirl

    This season gets better and better. Stay fricking tuned !!!! It’s awesome

    • Meri

      I just cannot get into this show. Although I appreciate the great recaps, I can’t relate to these women. I guess I am just used to Americans and how we speak and act but I have really tied to like these people but can’t. Even their names throw me off. It’s much more entertaining for me to read your recaps than to sit through a show.

      • Nick

        I’m American and I just can’t believe this! You must live in the Midwest or something. The best hw show right now, easily!

  4. Diane

    I really like the Melbourne series. They are quirky and fun and have their moments but generally no one is pushing their ‘brand’ ad nauseum. Or having drunken rages! I could make a list!

    The wedding was sweet. Gamble looked beautiful and that Rick is a keeper!

    Now Gina.. oh girl you should not have done that….

    Jackie has lost her shine shine shine 😐

    I do remember Lydia being so ‘lydiot’ in the past? She cracks me up however😆

    Last night was a nice surprise but they seem to air all the shows last night and made for difficult choosing as I am a fan of Little Women LA also …I wish you would write some tea on that group TT.

  5. Jessica White

    I did love seeing the old photos of everyone on their wedding day last episode. I’m confused by the ages that these women claim though, Janet is 55?? Gamble is 45?? Wow, living down under must cause rapid aging. lol

  6. Holly

    I really wanted to like the housewives. But I can barely even watch an entire episode!! The makeup and the hair… IS THAT? Theyre all bitchy and rude and completely OBNOXIOUS!

  7. Katherine 2.0

    I adore this show. Chyka is always so chic. Gorgeous episode. How refreshing to see woman being mostly kind to each other. The poopy diaper scene was funny and authentic.

    • tripleOGpearl

      Chyka manages to look so expensive, chic, and fabulously refined yet relateable.

      As for their FAA-SHUNS Lydia seems to be the most modern and simple in regards to her personal style if we can forget those gaudy earrings she wore when they all met up in their wedding gowns .

      And geesh…..Rick and Gamble really do appear to be the real deal. Rick clearly adores her. Sweet and lovely does not even begin to describe the way he looks at her. That wedding was actually the most endearing reality show moments that I have witnessed.

  8. Yeah, really disappointed that Gina stole Gamble’s thunder by having a screening in her room instead of joining up with the party. Gina is so self-absorbed this season and what is up with her “assistant”? Is he on drugs? He clearly misses every thing that she throws out to him.

    Beautiful wedding dress. I was really impressed by it.

  9. AUDGE

    Gina should have been truthful to Gamble cuz that’s going to come back to bite her, (I agree TT this has the markings of Gina has gotten a swollen head story line), but I find Janet is always quick to thrown Gina under the bus as she did last night, and Jackie also enjoys jumping in to pile on Gina. I was really starting to like Janet after the last two episodes and Jackie was annoying me a little less until last night.

  10. Mia

    Love this show! Chyka and Jackie my ultimate faves! I really like all the women thou except Lydiot and Petti!

    • tamaratattles

      Hey now! It’s a rule here that you have to love my Lydiot! :) Just kidding. But she’s my girl.

      • Gabriella

        I like Lydia as well TT! She’s definitely not the sharpest knife in the box, but she’s so pretty I can let her off.

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