Everything You Need To Know Before Tonight’s Big Brother 18 Live Eviction

BB18 Paulie crying



3:12 a.m BBT Cam 1/2  Paulie climbs in bed with Corey and seems to be grasping at straws. Then he says  his only hope is the return ticket, but even if he gets back in it will still be 3 against 5. Fish for just over a minute and cameras come back and Paulie is crying and Corey is hugging him.  Paulie says, ” People are gonna wish they didn’t screw with them cause people will wanna be with them outside the house. Fuckin’ Marksmen.” ( I guess he named him and Corey the Marksmen at some point) Paulie was super restless and eventually gets up around 3:30 a.m. to go to the bathroom. On the way back he pushes the button for the DR.  We see Corey sit up and look around and go back to sleep. around 4 am Skippy took the feeds off the Tokyo room and put it on the Have Not room.

 Paulie could have returned to the Tokyo room off camera. However, the reason people are so suspicious is that he was not seen this morning at all. And after they played the wake up music, the feeds have not returned. Usually on eviction days we get a couple hours at least after they wake up before the feeds are cut. So now there is rampant speculation. Didi Paulie self evict this morning because he is too chicken shit to meet Julie and go to the jury house? I’m pretty sure the crowd for this eviction is all CBS employees so that he won’t be traumatized by being booed.  What a pussy this guy is. Has anyone ever been too  to walk out the front door before? I don’t think so. \

Never mind, Paulie was just shown in the kitchen begging for votes. The new theory is that Paulie was probably naked on top of the covers and the cameras turned off the room.

By Lime Brain

I’m not doing a recap of last night’s show, instead, this is a recap of events that happened since I last posted to get you up to speed on what’s going on behind the scenes leading up to tonight’s eviction. So let’s get this started!

We left off with Paulie finally baking his pies. I don’t know when this happened (or why) but at one point Paulie was making them naked except for the apron he was wearing. Hopefully, TT can find the picture going around the internet with his butt cheeks hanging out. ( I did but I put it after the fold)  I really hope nobody is eating those pies between that and his constant ball scratching/adjusting and nose picking.

Paulie and Corey discussed James. Paulie thinks that James got the America’s Care Package because America knew that they were talking about back dooring James.  Paulie tells Corey that he can still trust James because he told James to work with them and he thinks James would nominate Victor and Paul if he becomes HoH. James later told Paul about it and then Paul told Victor about it.  Paul told Victor not to worry because Natalie has turned James against Corey.  They want to stay loyal to James and Nat to final five and then get rid of Michelle if they get the chance. (I don’t believe it.)

Michelle is upset that Paulie is telling people that she is willing to vote Natalie out if she goes up as a replacement nom.


Nichole and Corey believe that James flipped on them because of Paulie’s verbal abuse of Natalie and making fun of her boobs.  They now blame Paulie for ruining their game. They still think that James should stick with them and try to get out Victor and Paul since they are the strongest competitors. ( Who knew that James would be so important strategically? Don’t blow it, James! Though he probably will. ) Nicole and Corey are trying to come up with ideas of why the others should keep them if one of the others become HoH.  (Hey! How about schlepping out of bed and socialize a bit? That might help your game.)

Paul tells America that he needs to win HOH so he can keep him and Victor safe. The more Nicole, Corey and Paulie talk, he sees just what snakes they are.

Meanwhile, Paulie is still scheming to get Victor to use the veto. Since Vic didn’t go for the Natalie idea, he is gunning for James since he believes James backstabbed him. But he needs Paul to convince Victor.

It didn’t work. And Paul and Victor are planning on getting Corey then Nicole out next.

We are finally up to Monday in the BB house. It’s veto day. Paulie campaigned some more to Paul about putting up James but it didn’t work. Victor stuck to his guns and kept the noms the same. YAY!

After the veto ceremony, Paul told Natalie and James about Paulie going after James. That they all need to win the HoH comp, otherwise, NiCorey will put up James and Natalie. They plan on rattling NiCorey before the comp so they lose. With Victor joining the group, Paul tells them that they should hang out with Paulie to make NiCorey uncomfortable. (Would they even notice since they are always in bed?)

Paul fills Michelle in on the plan of making NiCorey paranoid about who will be going home this week, though Paulie will definitely be going home.

BB18 Paulie bare butt

Paulie is campaigning/not campaigning to Paul, trying to convince Paul to keep him because he will be the bigger target in the house. He is swearing on his dying aunt again. (I hope his aunt doesn’t know that he is doing this. I wouldn’t want a lying piece of shit swearing on my life.)

Now Paulie has to cover his ass with NiCorey by telling them that the others are trying to get him to campaign against Corey so if he has the return trip ticket they can say that Paulie lied and did campaign against Corey. I think Paulie’s brain is completely bonkers.

Paulie moves on to campaign to Natalie and James. He tells him that if he stays, he will put up whoever the house wants. He only wants to stay to help other people’s games. (Yeah, right.)

Around 4 pm BB time, the HGs have a party in the back yard that wasn’t on the feeds. Ziggy Marley was the musical guest. They also had carnival games and played for prizes, perks and power. I think this is what the Friday episode will be about.

After the party, Paulie is back to campaigning. Nicole hopes that Paulie has the round trip ticket because if he doesn’t and there is a jury buy back and any of the other evicted house guests come back, she is screwed.  Paulie is throwing Paul under the bus to them saying that Paul is playing both sides of the fence and that they should hook up with James and Natalie using the “They will be going after the couples next” theory. James might fall for it, but I doubt Natalie will.  Nicole wants Paul out next and she says she will start hanging out with the girls to work on them. Corey is going to start hanging out with James.


Michele talked to America telling us her strategy. She thinks she’s in a good place with the final five and she wants to stick with Paul and Victor and get them to go after James and Natalie first. She’s doing an Evel Dick strategy of having people hate her so she will be taken as a final two.

Natalie somehow hurt her neck and doesn’t think she will be able to compete in the next HoH comp. Paulie is back to campaigning to James, swearing on his aunt again. (Maybe everyone should do a shot when he swears on her.)  James plans on telling Corey that Paulie is campaigning against him to get closer to him in case Corey does win HoH.

In the evening, Nicole tells Corey that she is going to do what it takes to make sure that Corey stays this week. And Paul and Victor talk about what to do during a double eviction and if they should go after James then. (Ha! I knew they wouldn’t stick to the final five.) And finally, Paulie is campaigning to Paul for a sympathy vote.

BB18 Nat and James


Paulie is still campaigning to anyone who will listen. He’s working on Natalie now. He’ll talk to Michele later. James lets Corey know that Paulie is campaigning against him. He tells Corey that he needs to talk to Natalie since James always tells her to vote the way she wants to. Corey lets Nicole know about Paulie’s campaigning and how he is going to ask her for a sympathy vote. She says she would never do it because he threatened to self-evict. Corey did go to talk to Natalie later on and she told him that she has no problems with him and doesn’t think he will go after her.

Nicole was crying after she did her goodbye message to Corey. (Barf!)

If Corey stays and wins a care package, the plan is to put up Nicole and Michelle. If Nicole wins HoH she wants to put up Victor and Paul for revenge. If Paulie has the round trip ticket, he plans on doing the same with James as an alternative.

Paulie worked on Michele that it would be best for her to team up with Nicole and Corey and to go after Victor and Paul. He lets her know that the others are using her for info but they aren’t giving her any. He told her if they study the days with her, to give them wrong answers.

So hopefully, I got everything important before tonight’s eviction show. I’m not going to do a recap of the show, so just add anything that’s happening and any spoilers that you want to. My next recap will be done on Monday. So post away!

TT PS BBAD was GREAT last night. Particularly the second hour. Lots of fun with puppets. Here is Victor working “Baldwin” the angry eagle.

Paul did a roast of every single BB18 hamster but I’m still looking for that. It was long.


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137 responses to “Everything You Need To Know Before Tonight’s Big Brother 18 Live Eviction

  1. Cat

    If Paulie has the round trip ticket, that will be horrible.

  2. sherry

    This has been the longest week on the feeds. UGH! Paulie is crazy/unstable. I would think it was torture for the rest of them to have to listen to him all week. I am SOOOO Happy it is Thursday. I really hope Paulie goes to Jury and I want to see it happen. Z will jump up and hug him because, dumb!

    I do not know why Paulie didn’t get in trouble for refusing to make the pies and go to DR for so long. They should have let him Self Evict! That would have been interesting.

    Thanks for the update and a place to vent!!!

  3. Theresa

    I cannot wait for tonight! the feeds have been epic. I saw the roast and it was fantasticly funny and spot on. I have grown to love Paul. He was one of my faves at beginning, then I didn’t like him and now he’s my fav.

  4. Last I heard Paulie was still campaigning to stay. Natalie stood her ground and told him that she was voting him out. The boys wouldn’t outright say it. They have to check with the house. Wusses. :)

  5. Paul’s puppet roast starts at the 1:28 mark of last night’s BBAD. Hilarious!

  6. Ms.Minnie

    Idk guy’s I think Paulie has that roundtrip, he disappeared and then reappeared with so much energy and assurance like he knows something. Tomorrow’s episode will most likely just be the fair and concert from earlier this week, something just seems off but hey I could be wrong.

    • If he had the round trip ticket, I don’t think he would still be campaigning. (I’m trying to hold onto some hope.)

      • Ms.Minnie

        You also have to remember, if he does have it they probably told him to not say anything so of course he would campaign to not make anything obvious. Some feel the game was rigged from the beginning for Paul to win and Victor and Paul were told not to put him up by the producer’s. If he has that ticket the rigged rumors are true.

      • Dann you for crushing what little hope I had.


      • Ms.Minnie

        Lol I mean for Paulie to win not Paul.

  7. Sherry

    Okay so Paul and Vic are talking about being mad and Cody for not campaigning. HUH? Now they are saying it is like a F* to them. Acting like they want to flip it. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  8. sherry

    edit ***mad about Cody for Not campaigning…

  9. Sherry

    Oh my gosh…I can’t speak, type..nothing! You get what I am trying to say. HA

  10. I just watched the clip you put up with the puppet. That is hysterical!

  11. tamaratattles

    Here we go!!! Paulie crying over butterflies! I love this episode already! And they are showing Paulie refusing to do the apple pie punishment!

  12. Rose

    So glad Vic set this in motion! Please don’t let naked chef Paulie have the return ticket. Switching gears, Paul is super HOT and yummylicious as Secret Service.

  13. Guest Appearance

    Sometimes it takes humble pie or CBS

  14. tamaratattles

    I DON’T NEED TO SEE BRENCHEL. WHAT THE HELL ARE WE WAITING FOR? It looks like it’s going to be a battle back that starts tonight and finishes tomorrow with Paulie and the three girls in jury. I mean why are they waiting so long and doing the eviction at the end otherwise?

  15. tamaratattles

    Are the feeds going to be down all night? WTF?

  16. tamaratattles

    If someone drags Big Meech to the final 2 thinking she is a goat, she has three votes to win right there.

  17. tamaratattles

    It it were Paul and Meech I think my boy would lose. Meech would have the four girls, Nicole would vote with the guys. If Nat could pull James to vote for Meech then Meech would win.

    If Paul takes Victor I think Paul would win.

  18. tamaratattles

    Victor didn’t even put a shirt on for the live show?

  19. Didn’t Julie tell Paulie to make a short statement? Cut him off!

  20. Thank goodness Meesh was wearing shorts with that kiss.

  21. tamaratattles

    Jesus Christ. What a long ass speech. Then Paulie dips Meech and gives her a kiss. Ew. These two need to shut up. What did they give Paulie to amp him up and keep him from crying? Does he know he has the RT ?


  22. The girls aren’t dressed for a physical comp.

  23. Theresa

    he has to know he has rt ticket. he’s too happy. and last day for tickets? ugh

  24. tamaratattles

    I need to see tears not showboating!

  25. Theresa

    whew. I’m actually shocked. one way thank God

  26. tamaratattles

    Jesus Christ, he picked up the Chenbot and she’s pissed already. YES! ONE WAY TICKET!

  27. Julie hasn’t mentioned that he has a chance to return to the game. Yay!

  28. He’s still lying. Saying that the way he acted this week was all strategy. Bullshit!

  29. tamaratattles

    YES JULIE! Asking why he threatened to quit. He says all the crying was strategy. OMG. What a douche. DAMN no Natalie goodbye and the fake audience cheered the motherfucker.

    • They must have filled the audience with his family members or something.

      There’s no way a regular audience would have cheered at all. Unless they were cheering because he was evicted.

      • SaraSally

        In the past, they had an audience primarily consisting of cbs employees. I think it was the racist season that they did it.

    • Cat

      His crying was strategy….how does that work when he’s crying like a baby in the DR? The others don’t see that, right?

      Paulie is a super-liar…lying about lying.

  30. tamaratattles

    There is going to be some sort of competition tomorrow, she has said NOTHING about HOH. Maybe whoever has the RT is the HOH? So they could toss it to Corey or Nicole???

  31. This is ridiculous. The whole show.

    The only good thing about it is that Paulie is gone.

  32. tamaratattles


  33. tamaratattles

    SHIT. THere is a damn buy back next week. It better be a tampon changing contest or a applying false eyelashes contest.

  34. I hope Day and Bridgette give Paulie hell in the jury house this week.

    • Guest Appearance

      If Day and Bridget can’t convince Z about this loser I’m volunteering to shake some sense into her. I’m hoping James (winning HOH) will be serving the next dish of humble pie.

      Paul just grows on me and I can’t help but want him there all the way to the end.

      Why do I ever need to see Rachel again, but babies are wonderful, poor love sick Brandon.

  35. Rose

    Yes! He’s out. Doing my happy dance!

  36. Paul, Natalie and Michelle in the storage room. Talking ng about what Paulie has been saying. Natalie has to make sure Nicorey don’t take James to their side.

  37. Guest Appearance

    Right now CBS rigging the HOH for Nicole or Corey to win.

  38. Theresa

    dear lord, please do not let Paulie win the battle back. amen

  39. Theresa

    what’s the count down until Z is back in bed with him?

  40. Natalie and Paul in the London room. Paul is telling her that he trusts her. Don’t listen to what Paulie said. He’s worried what Nichole is talking to James about.

    I guess Paulie told Paul that Natalie spilled the beans about the plan to him. She is pissed.

    Now they are wondering who told Paulie the plan. Paul guessed Z.

  41. Ms.Minnie

    I knew BB wasn’t going to let Paulie go just like that, he had to have known about Battle Back because he was so happy but in a weird kind of way if that makes sense. I’m hoping someone other than Paulie returns and really need Michelle, Paul, James or Natalie to win HOH.

  42. ZenJen55

    Julies eyes distracts me. One is squinty and the other is wide, very wide open. I simply don’t understand this whole filler, botox crap. Eventually its asymmetrical and too tight. I love the actresses who has opted not to do this.

    Big Brother is making me miss Flipping Out and I’m think I’m over Big Brother, its not a cast of every genre but generic, young millennials.

  43. Paulie showed his ass in more ways than one.

    • Yay! But is she going to have to share it this week?

      When I fell asleep watching feeds last night, Nat and James were discussing that they trust Victor but not Paul.

      Before I fell asleep last night, Natalie and James were talking and I guess they believe what Nichole told Nat that Paul wanted James out and talked about her boobs along with Paulie.

      • Yep. When I fell asleep that was how she was thinking. Think Paul’s big mouth may have gotten the best of him as she was talikng about backdooring him. But, we don’t know who gets ACP/coHOH yet.

        Finally, a game is being played! Although, I’m not happy about the jury buy back, esp since it seems this is first we’re told about it. Too many chances to get back in this season imo.

      • I’m hoping that that the other jurors mess with Paulies head and Z doesn’t let get any sleep and Bridgette beats his ass in the comp.

      • Just realized if there is a buy back then there will have to be another double eviction! Hope if paulie wins buy back that he gets voted right back out immediately & that either nic or corey go. I cannot stand any of the three of them & will puke if I have to watch another entire week with all of them back together!

  44. Michele and Victor in bathroom talking right now. They are worried that Natalie has gone to the dark side. That Nichole has been telling lies to Nat and being really friendly to her.

    Now, Vic is saying when they asked her if she is sticking to the plan, she was acting really sketchy. Victor doesn’t like flip floppers and will go after her if she flips. He is going to wait to see what the care package is first.

    He admits that he is feeling paranoid because he’s been safe the past two weeks.

    He also cleaned the showers before taking one in the downstairs bathroom.

  45. Jill

    I was cussing my TV when Julie mentioned someone in the Jury getting back in the game. Now who besides Paulie in the Jury can win comps?? Come on, Day will always be my girl but sometimes I feel like she couldn’t win one if she was the only participant. Our only hope will be Bridget pulls out a miracle to keep Paulie out. Damn I was pissed. Other years I really had hoped that there was something like this in play but this year of all years, it’s totally unnecessary.

  46. Oh, oh! Sounds like Natalie and James are coming up with reasons for putting up Paul!

    I know in some ways it would be a good move for her because Paul is playing all sides. But the timing is wrong and it’s going to bite her in the butt with a returnee coming back and Victor will turn on her, if her reasons are not good enough.

    Is the person evicted this week also get a chance to battle back? I’m assuming so. So maybe it is a good week to get rid of Paul since it will most likely be Paulie coming back in. No! They need to stay four strong to get Paulie back out. Ack!

    At any rate, at least she’s playing the game!

  47. Had to turn off the feeds now. Corey and Nichole are starting to get it on under the covers.

    But it was funny to watch her right before to go run to the bathroom to brush her teeth first and as she was running through the kitchen on the way back she kept repeating to BB not to call her out. That she’s not gonna sleep,. Over and over again. She doesn’t want the other hgs to know that they’ve been up all night talking for some reason.

  48. It seems Nat is leaning toward the dark side :( But, the care package will hopefully get her back on track. I agree, at least she is playing the game…. She would have a better chance at winning sitting next to nic or corey.

  49. Guest Appearance

    Paul is too much fun to leave. Paul and Victor need to camp out in the HOH to do damage control. James needs to give better game advice. Obviously I want Corey out.

    Corey and Nicole should be on the block but I don’t mind two guys. Paul/Victor needs the package, then Corey goes. Corey will beat Paulie in a battle back.

    I’m glad CBS didn’t pick a winner.

  50. Rosesandgin

    I’m so happy he is gone! And I really pray he doesn’t get back in. I said in the beginning of the season that he was cute and I liked him. Talk about eating my words. He’s absolutely terrible for what he said and did to Natalie. She handled herself really well. I would have lost it. And probably would have stooped to his level. She stirred the pot, but he took it to a whole other level. And calling her FT all summer was completely unacceptable. As a Jersey girl, I’m personally offended by all his comments about us and how we are. I can confidently say we’d be happy to see him leave Jersey, and never come back!

  51. tamaratattles

    How am I just now reading this. NOT MY PAUL!!!!

    Vic will get HOH and put up Corey.

    I woke up at 2 am wide awake so I just got up and started working and cooking. I need a nap! I thought feeds would be down until after the show tonight!

    • Natalie just went into the London room to get her stuff and paul just asked her again if everything is OK.

      She went back to the hoh room asked James how many times is he going to ask me? Its annoying.

      It seems she’s pissed that she caught him eavesdropping on her.

      Now Paul is ttelling Victor that hes right that something is up.

  52. I read that Victor encouraged Meesh to go talk to Natalie and tell her all the horrible things the NiCorey have been saying about Natalie. Let’s hope she does it soon.

    Now Victor just told Paul that if either of them win some kind of power today and James and Nat want to talk to them then, it will be real sketchy.

    • amisteree

      I am too invested. It’s killing me. I NEED Michele to convince Natalie to expel NiCorey! I NEED Nicole to GO! Not Paul! But then again, someone strong has to beat Paulie back and away from re-entering the house. Oy Vey!

  53. sherry

    This will be a tricky week with dual HOH. I just wish it was Nicole and Cody going up. Today we should find out who got the care package.

  54. OK, I was wrong. It was James that caught Paul eavesdropping and told Natalie. He suggested that she go talk to him about it and say she saw him in the mirrors.

    Also, I read that after she talked to Nichole she promised her that she wouldn’t put her up. Ugh. But then again, Natalie does want a guy to go home this week.

    I just hope that she does talk to Paul first before the nomination and they work it out.

  55. For those with cox cable, at least in CST zone, tonight’s show will be pre-empted by football. BB will be shown at 1:47am Saturday morning.

    Please spoil tonight’s show for those of us who are being pre-empted!

  56. Guest Appearance

    I’m hoping Michelle saves Natalie grok herself, please.

  57. Meesh won the care package! Well, at least SHE didn’t promise to not put up Nichole. Lol!

  58. lori

    We need a strong guy voted out. It’s the only chance we have for Paulie not coming back. God how I wish we could see Paulie’s first 12 hours in the jury house. So many questions on how that will go down. I would pay to see that. Chances are good since Nicole is the only girl eligible to be voted out.

  59. Sherry

    Micheal is our ACP Winner! She will be Co-HOH! Interesting. Can’t wait to see how this plays out!

  60. Cat

    Um…hello? What is so special about this “special” Friday night episode? I am so BORED!!!

  61. I’m confused about this county fair. Wasn’t Paulie still in the house when it was filmed? I thought I heard that Paulie won a TV.

    Did they edit him completely out?

    • lori

      I just finished watching that crap fest, and I couldn’t figure that out either. I noticed that they had Corey on the end a lot, so I’m guessing that they had Paulie at the other end, just so they could edit them out more easily. That show was a total waste of time. I would so much have rather watched them all in the black box for an hour.

  62. Natalie is showing Paulie her boob wrinkles. And later on she got upset that he was inappropriate towards her and had to tell Z?

  63. The nomination ceremony must be going on now.

    Last I heard, Victor was offering to throw the veto if they don’t put him up.

    I also heard that bb told Natalie in the DR to nominate these two. This really sucks.

  64. Feeds are back! Paul is losing it in the kitchen.

  65. Paul is upset at Michele’s speech for calling him a liar and a manipulator. He would have been fine if they had just said he was a strong competitor.

    He’s calming down now and they are starting to laugh.

  66. Paul is up in the hoh room now with Nat, James and Michele trying to find out why he was put up and why did they listen to things that NiCorey said. He says that he has never lied.

    He’s bummed that they got to them.

    He says whether he leaves or stays do not trust them. He says he’s never played both sides. Now if Paulie comes back it was a waste of a week.

    Nat asks Paul “Did you tell Paulie that James was going to clip Nichole and Corey?”

    Paul says I can’t believe you fell for them pitting us against each other.

    Paul is doing a good job making them feel bad about their choice.

  67. Natalie is crying now and saying she never should have won hoh. She screwed it up.

  68. Paulie is giving Natalie a pep talk now. Telling her not to second guess her decision.

    She is stuck on that Paul said that Corey said something insulting about her. She won’t let it drop. Paul refuses to tell her. Just drop it Natalie.

  69. For some unknown reason all 4 cameras switched to the kitchen where Nichole just left to take a shit and Victor and Corey are making tacos.

  70. Ms.Minnie

    The way they edited Paulie out of tonight’s episode, I was like damn they could teach other networks a few things when cutting people out of a show. James and Paul are both Gemini’s, James is jealous because Paul is the funny guy this season and not him, allegedly in the diary room the producer’s basically forced Natalie to nominate Paul and Victor, why? I have no clue.

  71. lori

    So annoying that bb, one again, influenced the hoh on who to put up. Unlike Victor, she listened. Also, I’ve been thinking… with 2 bb vets and a super fan in the house, they have to know that there will be a second double eviction still to come, which would mean they should have figured out that a jury member will be coming back in. I hope they get it, and that they use that knowledge to make the best decision. Between Victor and Paul, one of them has a pretty good chance at winning pov. This will be an interesting week ahead. I don’t know how to feel about all of this. If Vic or Paul go, I def want them back, but if not them, I wouldn’t mind seeing Da or Bridgette get back in.

  72. Ms.Minnie

    Victor and Michelle would make some pretty babies. (Random Thought)

  73. Ms.Minnie

    The fact that Natalie has a big brother duffle bag on her shoulder and is in the pantry grocery shopping is hilarious, she is literally going through things to take upstairs 😂

  74. tamaratattles

    So on I think Friday morning I woke up at 2:30 after going to be exhausted Thursday night around 11:30 or 12:30. I was wide awake so I stayed up and then at 2pm I crashed. I thought I would take a nap and get up and blog primetime and be back on schedule. Except I slept until 4:30 am Saturday morning like a log.

    So um, I just zipped through the ridiculous Friday show, and am catching up on live feeds. I am hoping that the BACKDOOR COREY PLAN works. I’ve been a Paul fan all season, and this cannot stand.

  75. tamaratattles

    The veto is memory. Production is giving STORM UPDATES all night long. They have to remember the weather details for a true or false type comp. Fucking Nicole is good at these. I think Victor and Paul will be good too. Let us pray.

    • Prayers may be answered. Only one not playing in veto is nicole. Plan is now to backdoor Corey.

      Happy dance!

      • tamaratattles


      • lori

        I’m just catching up on my bbad from last night. Of course I had already caught up on my bb reading throughout the day. Anyway, my heart is breaking for Paul as I’m watching, with everyone just saying right in front of him how they all feel so bad that they put Victor on the block and how if any of them win they’re taking Victor down. Poor Paul. :( Him and Pablo are just wandering around the house looking so sad. I’m officially 100% aboard the Paul train now. He has really won me over the last few days. I like Victor too, but I’d rather see Paul win this game over anyone else. We have got vote vote vote like crazy for Paul to win the next care package if he survives, and definitely for America’s favorite player. I am just dying for these veto results. I’m so nervous.

      • lori

        It HAS to be any minute now.

      • lori

        Oh, and I LOVED Pail confronting Nicole last night. So good.

  76. Feeds are back and I think I saw Paul wearing the veto necklace!

  77. Yup! He won. Corey will be going up.

    And Vic just told James that James is the deciding vote. He is going to have to pick a side.

    • lori

      Yay Paul! Michelle needs to keep in mind the cate package. Nicole can’t get it. Corey can. Use your brain Michelle. Plus, we need at least a chance that the person going out can beat Paulie. Don’t screw this up Michelle.

  78. Michele is telling James, Nat and Paul that she would rather put up Nichole over Corey. She’s the one who gets to decide.

  79. Sounds like Natalie still wants Paul out and still wants to work with NiCorey. She says Paul and Victor will win the game.

    She and James are discussing who would be better to put up, Nic or Corey.

    She wants Nic up so they will have Corey as a strong person still on their side.

  80. Guest Appearance

    I’m so frustrated with Natalie and James…make up your freaking mind. I’m looking forward to Victor’s eviction and return after the battle back. The look on Natalie and James when he returns will be worth all my stress for the week.

    And the care package and HOH for Paul/Victor are a must win for the coming week.

    CBS is trying to keep Mr. America Corey and the RoadKill Queen Nicole just to make me burn my tablet.

  81. Happy gal

    I was starting to like Natalie but now I think she really is as dumb as I orignally suspected. James is also a merky diamond. I pray victor comes back from jury and goes the distance w paul.

    I did want Michelle since she blew up Paulies game but she is just too much of a flip flopper and as much as I would like to see a female win there are none I can support in this batch

  82. Just so everyone knows, Paul told Victor that that they have to win hoh next week so they can get James out. They want a final 3 with Michele

    So, as much as I hate that Nat and James are thinking of getting out Victor, it really is better for their game.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes, logically, getting Victor out is the best move for everyone’s game except for Paul. But I am Team Paul and with Paulie or Victor coming back, he still may have a prayer. He needs to be better at physical comps though.

      • I woke up this morning, around 6:30 and turned on the feeds. Natalie, James, Michelle,Paul and Victor were in the hoh room talking.

        Nichole walked in and said that bb told her that she had to come in and tell James that shes not allowed to buy him anything. She turned around and left the room.

        Right after that, James got called to the DR. He came back and said he wasn’t allowed to buy anyone anything.

        Either Paul or Victor said bb just blew your whole game. James was trying to say that Nichole was saying that she was going to buy something for everybody. Paul and Victor dropped it pretty quick because they know those two have a deal but nitwits Michele and Natalie wouldn’t. Natalie kept saying I don’t understand, you keep saying you will buy me something.

        Paul and Victor started talking about game show rules and the original case where it started, kinda to not pursue the topic. As they were talking, Natalie kept pestering James about it, and he kept asking her to drop it. She wouldn’t and you could tell he was getting pissed. He finally said, I asked you to drop it so drop it. I think she got annoyed that he asked her to drop it.

        Then I had to get up, so I won’t be able to see Victor and Paul discuss this later.

  83. tamaratattles

    Check out this interview with Paulie by the Charlotte Observer.

    Q. How mentally exhausting was the “Big Brother” experience for you? (Note: This question was originally set up with this statement: “For the first half of the summer, you came across as so level-headed and fun-loving, but as the season progressed, you seemed to get more easily rattled by others and generally more emotional.” CBS appears to have presented the question to Calafiore without that set-up.)

    It was really easy. It was an experience of a lifetime that I can only describe as the most fun I have ever had. Being able to make yourself into someone that you may not always be in the name of strategy and gaming is a beautiful thing. My mind has always been built for these type of situations and games.

    Q. The phrase “I can forgive, but I can’t forget” was tossed around quite a bit in the house, first by you (in putting Victor on the block). Which of the remaining houseguests will be the MOST difficult for you to forgive (i.e. which betrayal hurt worst), and which of the remaining houseguests is in your opinion the most forgettable (i.e. which of them meant the least to you)?

    At the end of the day it is a game and so to take anything from the game into real life would be really foolish and tacky on my part. In real life I can be friends with everybody. However, if you show me a certain side of you in real life that I don’t like, the beauty of that is I never have to see you or speak to you again. Whereas in the BB house I did.

    Q. In hindsight, would you make the same decision to not use the Power of Veto to remove Zakiyah from the block? And in the same vein but more generally speaking, do you see your relationship with Zakiyah as an asset or a liability in terms of how far you were ultimately able to make it in the game?

    In hindsight, I still wouldn’t have used the veto because my alliance was calling for her to go home. Had I have known the storm that was coming than yes, I would have used it. She was a liability to my game. Ultimately, in the sense that she made all the other girls afraid to interact with me. That made me an easy target for them to try and demonize when the time came.

    Q. James and Natalie both accused you directly of flirting with everyone in the house and of – in their eyes – not being respectful of your relationship with Zakiyah. Was that strategy, or personality? And now that you’re out of the house, would you characterize what you had with Zakiyah strictly as a “showmance,” or is she someone you actually intend to try to pursue outside of the house?

    My personality is very friendly and flirty. I have nothing to say about Natalie because if she is going to be that way while being in a situation with James she has no right to question why I would be doing it. That is both hypocritical and phony. James on the other hand, was saying that in a sense to defend me. If he wasn’t than shame on him because the girl he was talking to was doing the exact same thing and I can say not being respectful of his feelings. There should be no double standard.

    Only time will tell what Zakiyah and I can have outside of the house.

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/entertainment/tv/article96868142.html#storylink=cpy

    • lori

      Thanks for sharing that. Everything that comes out of his mouth is so self serving and such a crock of shit though. No surprises in this interview. Please PLEASE do not let this ass come back into the game! As anoutsider, the house has such a more breathable feeling without him there.

      • Happy gal

        He seems to have gained some composer here in trying to spin things so he does not appear to the the POS he really is. Or someone, the BB production team has coached him on what to say so that when be returns to the house the fans don’t hate him as much? So that when and if he wins according to the BB script he has been washed anew w this bs

        This was a dmange control interview and frankly he is not smart enough to have angered that way in my opinion wo coaching

  84. lori

    James is an awful player. Last time he played, I thought it was just his strategy, and I thought it was cute. I like him and all, but he really doesn’t seem very bright. He does not deserve America’s favorite player this time around. That 100% needs to go to Paul, if for nothing else, his continual entertainment to feed watchers. The feeds would have been so boring and icky without him.

    In a way, this upcoming all access season may be really satisfying, because there won’t be the “TV only” crowd to murky the viewer participation. At first I thought I might not watch, but now I’ve decided that I really want to be a part of the experiment. I read an interesting article that said that competitions are going to a lot less extravagant (due to budget), that the show is going to be more fast paced, as the season will be shorter. I think I’m most excited that Robyn Kass won’t be in charge of casting. I just wish that we had more than a two week break in between.

  85. Fudge. I just posted something important in the wrong spot. Go 5 posts up. It’s right over TT’s interview post.

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