Real Housewives of New York Recap: Tomfoolery

RHONY Bethenny angry
It’s time for Andy’s favorite moment of the season, when Bethenny rips Lu’s heart out of her chest and eats it. It has come down to this because Luann has remained unbothered by each and every escalating attack all season even when the entire pack has attacked at once. Luann must pay, so Bethenny has put out feelers or perhaps hired a P.I. to tail Tom and get her some dirt.  If you don’t believe that, then you must believe Bethenny has lots of friends who happen to be strategically located wherever Tom is who feel comfortable calling a woman with a small child sleeping in the house at 2 a.m.  If you believe that you must also believe that Bethenny has tons of friends who are mutual acquaintances of every who just so happen to tell her about things like Jules marriage.

Speaking of Bethenny, I have been asleep for almost 18 hours, I woke up to several emails saying that Bethenny is thinking of leaving the show because she is butthurt over the reunion and some legal issues with Bravo.  While I could see her quitting over the first one, if you go to the ET story that is the source, she is referring to the fact that some of the other housewives refuse to show all of their personal lives on the show and keep some things “behind a do not cross police line.”  That’s an odd comment from someone whose ex husband wisely will not let her pimp her daughter on the show.  Bethenny wants to  control her edit and she clearly can’t do that on RHONY. If she leaves, it will be because she has a radio show now, where she has total control of the content.  That said, Bethenny’s dramatic comments always seem to come on a show day.  Take that as you will.

And now, I am going to try to do a decent job on this recap as I get it is a very important episode. But, I’m working at half speed so apologies in advance.

RHONY Luann bury the hatchet


We begin with Bethenny reclined on her bed fiercely battling her fatal case of fibroids like a champ, her minions surrounding her as she gleefully reveals that she has a picture (I thought it was a video) of Tom kissing the playboy bunny. Ramona makes it all about Ramona. No surprise there. Bethenny says in confessional, “What are the odds that I would get a photo like this just before heading off to an engagement party? It’s unbelievable.”  It sure is, Bethenny. It sure is. Her unbelievable source says that Tom was making out with the bunny for over an hour.  Now it is two or three photos. Carole advises Bethenny not to tell Lu.

Ramona and Lu get mani/pedis together so that Ramona can beat Bethenny to the punch. While Bethenny shows Carole the photo. Carole gives us the positive ID on Tom. Because the guy is bald. So it has to be Tom. Bethenny doesn’t know when to tell Luann.  I know when she is going to do it. She’ll do it at the end of the episode.

First we will suffer through many awkward scenes where Ramona will tell everyone and Luann will be the last to know.  We will start at dinner. Normally, I love the Miami episodes and seeing all the cool restaurants, but this episode I’m just waiting to get this horrific storyline over. We start with Bethenny trashing Luann’s engagement to Ramona and Sonja. Bethenny quickly figures out that Ramona has told Sonja. Bethenny is not stupid. That is exactly why she told Ramona. I’m surprised Ramona hasn’t told Luann yet. Maybe she has.  My favorite part of this scene is when Bethenny Frankel called Luann “manic.”  Sonja reminds everyone that she just slept with Tom three months ago. They go over this every fucking episode as if it is new information.

Carole apparently held up Luann and Jules with some sort of wardrobe malfunction. Bethenny is loaded for bear to about the lateness and has rifle pointed at Luann. The first three start eating appetizers without them. As they walk in Ramona has the first smart idea of her life as Bethenny is trying to avoid sitting next to the latecomers and suggests they move to the dinner table. Production had to suggest that.  Bethenny finds out that it was Carole who caused the hour delay and screams at her. Carole gives it right back. Sidenote: Bethenny has been traveling all summer with Carole. No sign of her other million “friends in common” anywhere.   Jesus, Bethenny continues to scream at Carole like she is five years old.

RHONY Bethenny
So we are all there and Bethennny has perpetual, terminal, PMS before Luann’s butt ever hits a chair.  Dorinda is already wasted. There was no dinner chatter, just the pre dinner bout.  Bethenny left to return to her deathbed, Sonja went with her in case Bethenny needed someone to dash out for maxipads, and everyone else with to party.  Did I mention Dorinda is already drunk? Jules gets on stage with the band and humps a saxophone. Not a guy playing a saxophone, the saxophone itself. I guess her pistachio is healed.

Sonja joins Bethenny on her deathbed for some sleepytime tea where she actually says to Sonja that she feels like a private detective. There is a reason for that. In her confessional she says,”There is a part of me that is gloating.”  So at least she has some degree of self-awareness.  Sonja convinces Bethenny to call Tom and confront him first.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, Ramona has already gone home with some dude, Dorinda and Luann are missing their men.  Dorinda is probably missing the snow in NYC. And Jules doesn’t miss Michael at all and is wasted wearing some sort of vase (?) on her head and drunk dialing home  I think.  Lu decides to drunk dial Tom.  We are supposed to believe that Lu and Bethenny are calling Tom simultaneously and that Tom is not expecting the calls. Well, apparently he doesn’t know because he doesn’t answer. At least he doesn’t answer Bethenny.

The next day the girls are going on a boat out to a sand bar to eat and drink and play on a little island. But first, everyone must rehash when Luann and Tom started dating and who else he was sleeping with and how Tom minimizes Sonja and Ramona’s relationship.  Dorinda feels like we do. Why don’t they just shut up about all this? They are in Miami!  Bethenny keeps on and on toward to Dorinda about all the details of  Luann’s life. She also tells Dorinda that she is going with Ramona to a French restaurant instead of joining the girls on the sand bar trip that Dorinda planned. Has there been one event that Dorinda planned that Bethenny didn’t shit on? No. Noe there has not. And then she calls Dorinda, “the village idiot” over and over and over.  Well Bethenny,  it she is the village idiot for going along with the ride and trying to have fun, you are the town crier who is constantly screaming about negative news and ruining everyone’s good time.

Carole, Luann, Jules and Dorinda go to the sand bar. Dorinda is very salty about Ramona, Sonja and Bethenny refusing to participate. Of course the French restaurant was mentioned eleventy billion times for promotion and this was the plan all along.  And everyone knew it.  I do think Carole actually got to pick going to the sand bar as it is the younger, hipper way more fun option that escargot with Bethenny.

RHONY Bethenny

At the restaurant, Bethenny says she thinks this has been a very nice trip.  She actually believes that. She has invited her friend in Miami, Sarah to join them. She filmed with this girl the last time she was in Miami. She must be thrilled to be there for the tear down of Luann and the sex talk and the planning of the ambush.

On the boat, some people cruise by and someone screams, “Chic C’est La Vie!” and Luann is thrilled. I’m glad the bitches didn’t go. This way Luann can be happy for a few hours.  They arrive at the sand bar at  high tide and have to be kayaked over to the floating snack bar.  Sadly, we go back to the same conversations.  Carole brings up that Luann and the Count had an open marriage. Luann said she didn’t want to have an open marriage, it just happened.

It’s the last night. Thank GAWD.  Dorinda is pissed about Ramona leading the charge not to go on her boat trip. She says she has had it with her. Ramona is a dog that bites, Dorinda says she will pat her on the ass but she’s not going near her face.

Bethenny makes fun of Ramona and Sonja’s outfit for the evening before dashing off to meet another “friend” a guy named Ramero who is a “world famous artist” and “King of Miami.”  The last time someone claimed to be King of Miami he was a giant douchebag who appeared on Real Housewives of Miami for publicity. He shows up in a car with the loudest paint job I’ve ever seen. He screams pretentious douchebag looking for TV time. I assume he was introduced to Bethenny five minutes before they filmed their parking lot greeting. She said it would not be appropriate for Luann to come at her during this particular dinner.  Wait, she thinks Luann is coming at HER?  What is wrong with Bethenny? Like seriously.  Is seems like more than a plain old case of narcissistic personality disorder.

As Luann points out, this assclown has no place at dinner. Dorinda is pissed because this was her trip and Bethenny keeps counter planning everything she does. Dorinda just wants to go back to the hotel and spend time with the girls like normal people. Dorinda goes in on Ramona. Bethenny tells Dorinda to stop yelling. She was not yelling. Why does Bethenny tell everyone how to behave, and what to wear and insult them all the time.

Bethenny, Ramona and Sonja have a secret but very loud laugh about Tom cheating on Luann right in front of her. They think this whole thing is hilarious.

Next we film in Bethenny’s hospital hotel room. One again Bethenny decides to display her skin sack of bones in her bra and underwear for the camera. Clearly, she thinks this is an attractive look.  This is outfit she has chosen to wear for the confrontation of Luann. Just when you think Bethenny could not be any more mentally ill. She does this. Isn’t she supposed to be bleeding like a stuck pig?  Why is she laying on white sheets in a teeny tiny pair of panties and a strapless bra?

Luann comes in and she sits up cross-legged on the bed so that the camera can get a good crotch shot. This is some serious mental disorder we are witnessing here. The bra top might be a bathing suit.  Bethenny went out to a hip hop club the night before. She is reclined and suddenly seems to be near death once again.

Luann very calmly tells Bethenny that the way she talks about her marriage to the count was a cruel attempt to tarnish her marriage. Bethenny says she is sorry for  doing that. She says her marriage is none of her business. But apparently her engagement to Tom is.

Luann runs out before Bethenny can tell her.

So we will go through all of this again next week.


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160 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap: Tomfoolery

  1. Chrissy

    Man I’m so over Sonja talking about she lost a lover ….. Very nice ladies laughing about how and when to tell Luann her man is cheating .. I mean heheheh .. not

    • BartonFink

      And when Sonja said that “Now I have no one” I fell off my chair. She literally only one hookup?

      • SLM

        I thought the same thing, BartonFink! Isn’t Sonja the same chick who tells everyone how she has legions of men just busting their zippers to get a chance with her every night of the week???? Plus, HOW does Sonja think she has some sort of ownership over Tom, who she admits was a FWB…? She’s always trying to make everyone think she leads this sophisticated, sexy lifestyle, but nothing she ever says adds up 🤔🤔🤔

      • OH BartonFink. You made my day, I keep read it over and laugh all over again! Poor Sonja😂

    • CoBe

      I’m guessing old Tom was helping Sonja with her bills.

      • Matzah60

        Wow! Good read, CoBe. I never ever thought of that. It was so weird how torn up Sonja was about this one man, out of oodles of guys she has slept with through the years. I am very impressed!! I would cry too….lol

      • Bridgett

        Torn up = relevant to storyline

        Her choices for storyline seem to be Receiving end of wrath of Bethenney or
        Other woman in love triangle

    • Sweet T

      Why does anyone believe Sonja slept with tom repeatedly? (I know why – because they are evil bitches). She claimed to have slept with Carole’s boyfriend Russ and no one really believed that one.

    • Angela Pruitt

      I’m so with u on this horse shyt…’s a bunch of foul and meanness going on.I feel awful for lu I know she’s fuming inside and she still handles herself with poise and class…..Bethany let that new money go to her manic ass bossing and ordering around her cast mates like their hired help…..mmmm

  2. Christina

    How about Bethany’s very odd product pushing in that hospital/hotel room, when she had to straighten the red capped “skinny girl” bottles on the dresser?!? So very annoying….

    • Diane

      Yesssss! Every single episode! She owns Bravo apparently. They are so far up her arse ! It is so obvious! Ugh

      • Minky

        Lemme say this: If the reunion has Bethenny this shook, I cannot wait to see and/or read about it here at TT’s. According to what TT has written above, and her report about Jules and Dorinda looking happy and relaxed after the reunion when they appeared on WWHL, makes me think that it’s gonna be real, real good. Like, a deluxe brownie with a big scoop of ice cream topped with caramel sauce, whipped cream, chopped nuts and a maraschino cherry, washed down with a yummy iced latte good. Yes, I’m up very late, and I’m craving sweets. 🍰 🍪 🍩 🍦🍫

    • Gloria Benson

      Me thinks the Mexican bash Bethenny is planning for the girls is to introduce her Skinnygirl tequila that she was going to research with the girls on the Mexico trip that got cancelled.

  3. Diane

    It is all so exhausting 😑😝😥😣😪 I am so ready for this to end. It just never ends. They have just dragged this out so long. Sick of Sonja and Ramona whining. Obviously they have no story line. It was nice to see a warmer Carole~ the old Carole that I really liked until this season.

    I am ready to just write a check to Bravo to just speed up the final episode so we can all stop watching this crap. I really feel for Luann.

  4. JoJoFLL

    I really dislike Ramona. She ruins this show for me more than anyone.

  5. Minky

    Well, damn. They’re really dragging this shit out, aren’t they? It’s still not cute. Is anybody surprised that Bethenny turned on Carole?

    I guess that in addition to SG product placement Bethenny is modeling Victoria Secret’s new fibroid friendly line of unmentionables. What, no cartwheels and somersaults and pussy poppin’ hand stands?

    • I screamed at the pussy popping sentence. Then while picturing her middle aged ass doing this, it dawned on me that this bitch actually did it. In public. In a restaurant.

      • In public. In a restaurant. On camera.

      • Minky

        I know, right? Why? Just, why?!!! She’s making a spectacle of herself.

      • SaraSally

        Bethany is long-time besties with Kyle of BH. Kyle rarely passes up an opp on tv or at a party, to create a snail trail on a table while doing the splits.
        All the while looking around with pleading eyes, “Look at me! Look at me!”

      • Babs0909

        Snail trail, lol! Kyle loves to show her one-trick-pony-splits every chance she gets. I kind of like Kyle though, show off splits, Faye Resnick, and all. She’s loyal to her friends. When Brandi’s chihuahua went missing (or was stolen), Kyle & her daughters came over & helped look, put up flyers, etc.

    • Shae

      To be fair, I don’t really think being angry at your friend for being 1.5 hours late to dinner is “turning” on them. You get pissed, it’s over, you deal. I don’t think their friendship is in tatters over it lol

      • Sierra

        A deal breaker for me would be coming back with no hot dog. lol. I thought bethanny wearing something so revealing of her fibroid crotch was nasty. and I feel for sonja because the same thing happened to her and Harry when Lu left the party with him. She is a baracuda who will do anything for love, sad really.

    • Bethenney is so desperate for friends, I’m sure she apologized 100 times along with a life supply of SG Oh Carol, you’re my BFF and I’m sorry BUT you know how stressed and crazy so please don’t take it personal. I talk to my friends like that you should be honored Love BF

  6. JoJoFLL

    OMG!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Bethenny is such a liar!!!

    Britto is a HUGE artist, known worldwide. He’s a pop art artist and actually has a huge sculpture when you enter South Beach. It is of a palm tree and the sun painted just like his car. All of his stuff is painted just like his car. He’s worth millions.

    Bethenny has never, ever met this man in her life.

    A huge deal is that his name is pronounced BREE-oh not Brit-toe how Bethanny pronounced it!

    If Bethenny knew this man at all she would know how to pronounce his name, it is a big deal to him.

    • Auntie Velvet

      She does know him. She got Jason a god-awful (in my opinion) painting by Romero Britton, which Jason had liked, as a wedding present.

      • Auntie Velvet

        Sorry, I know that *I* just got his name wrong 😉 But anyway, I vividly remember the unveiling of that painting.

      • JoJoFLL

        Just because she bought the painting doesn’t mean she knows him. He’s like the McDonalds of the art world. People screw up his name a lot and the pronunciation is a huge deal down here. She met the man five minutes before taping.

    • Dexter

      If Bethenny met me in an elevator and I laughed at some crude comment she made she would say I was her friend. She thinks an acquaintance not repulsed by her is a friend.

    • Auntie Velvet

      I don’t know why it would be a black mark on her character one way or another in her eyes, but they do describe each other as close friends, and he recently designed a Skinny Girl bottle for her.

  7. Bindijean

    I kind of get the feeling Bethanny is going for the “Scorched Earth” policy. Just burn the rest of the bitches, and out she goes.

  8. I honestly believe that Bethenny sans real clothing, while holding a Skinnygirl product, is “Hey, look at me. Drink this. You’ll look like me too”. I refuse to accept any other reasoning. And lol at Dorinda missing the snow in NYC. Plus, how the hell is she never filmed hung over? I mean every other episode, she’s trashed. Bitch is a pro. Back it up and back it up quick!

  9. J Stone

    They have drawn out these last three episodes… with LAME cliffhangerszzzZZZzzzzz. Ok now I’m sleep

  10. Matzah60

    Ramona is horny 24 hours a day. All she ever talks about and thinks about is men. I am unclear when Sonja is telling the truth, exaggerating, or outright lying. Ramona and Sonja are very shallow, simple-minded women with little substance or character. I like Carole when she isn’t with Bethenny and she seems to have been the newest victim of Bethenny’s rancor and is trying to get along with the other women. I liked Carole tonight and last week as well. Dorinda is always drunk and that seems to be her crutch for dealing with her life and ongoing depression of her husband’s death. She takes a lot of bashing from Bethenny and I was confused and annoyed that Bethenny called Dorinda the village idiot. What provoked Bethenny to say something that mean to Dorinda?

    Bethenny hijacked the entire vacation. The girls really never went on a big vacation as they normally do because of Bethenny and still, she came to Miami to sabotage the vacation, put everyone in their place, yelled at them for being late, for what they were wearing, what they were saying and so on and so on. While it was clear that Bethenny took a bit of delight in telling Luann this information about Tom, Luann had suspected all along (in my opinion) that something was awry. She was uncomfortable with the conversation that she had initially with Bethenny and all the questions posed to her about whether she was sure about Tom, if he was loyal, monogamous, etc.

    Despite Bethenny’s malevolent intent to ruin the vacation and sabotage Luann’s good time, I sensed that Luann already knew that Tom was untrustworthy. I think that is why she is so crazed about getting married as soon as possible. Just because she fell in love with her husband and got married after two weeks the first time does indicate that this is a good idea with Tom. I also believe that Luann rushing out of the room crying was because she knew that there was lots of information out there about Tom from more sources than just the ladies from NY.

    Luann seems to have tunnel vision and talks of nothing else but Tom and how much she loves Tom and how insanely in love he is with her. She talks about it non-stop, frantically, and endlessly. I think Luann is doing drugs and I think Bethenny is as well. I suspect that Dorinda might be doing drugs as well….what I don’t know, but surely, their individual and collective behavior is very questionable.

    I am hoping Bethenny decides to leave the show. She is controlling the cast’s behavior in part because of their fear of her power or perceived power to have them ousted from the show. Nothing is evolving naturally at all anymore.

    • Minky

      Oh I think they’re all on something. Most of the cast drink too much. We already know about the pills with one cast member, strongly assume coke with another one, and a third is a pretty obvious pot head. They all seem to be at least mildly self-medicating. Bethenny has got to be on the booze-coke-pills trifecta, IMO. Nobody has that much energy naturally. Although, I’m still surprised that they’re so jacked up all the time. I’ve known some coke heads. They can be talkative and very energetic, yes. But they also can be very still sometimes, so I don’t know.

      Interesting take on Luanne’s way of dealing with the Tom situation. I still believe that she doesn’t care that much. I think she’s sexually free-spirited, and might even be in an open relationship or swinging with Tom, but she doesn’t necessarily feel that everyone in TV land, or any of the Wives, need to know the details of her sex life. Whatever the case may be, it’s her man, it’s her bedroom and it’s her business. Maybe Sonja and Ramona are bent out of shape because they weren’t invited to any orgies? Haha!!!

      • Laura Midkiff

        I think BF is on Adderall. Explains the skinny and manic personality. If she ingested all of her overprocessed crap, she would have poisoned herself. Like YoFo and her supplements.

      • Minky

        I can see what you mean with that Laura. There are also medicines that are prescribed for one ailment, but can double as a diet pill, like some antidepressants and migraine medications. And I would be terrified of drinking that much chemically processed swill. Regular alcohol is bad enough already.

        Yolanda was doing natural, holistic treatments. And, IMO, she was going ham with those because she knew for sure that they were ineffective, and that they would neither harm nor help her, i.e. useless.

        Just like when I do my supplement cocktails. (Yes, I’m a Californian granola girl, dammit ☺️) I figure, these vitamins and herbs and super foods might help me, but if they don’t I’m pretty sure they won’t make me sick. It’s all psychological, like a supplemental placebo effect.

    • iloveearlgrey

      Great post!!

      I can’t believe Bethenny was calling Dorinda the village idiot. She’s so hostile and nasty. Bethenny Frankel is, plain and simple, a miserable cunt.

      • Beignet

        Yes, the “Bloody Queen” who sits on her pillowed throne and judges her peasants: “Off with their HEADS!”

      • Beignet

        But she is the “Bloody Queen” sitting on her “pillowed” throne judging all her peasants and yelling, “Off with their HEADS!”

      • RENOB

        Agreed. Bethenny is so miserable she needs to gather the village idiots for “dinners, etc.” to bring them all down too. It is sad. Ramona has to go. Please Bravo get rid of her and her buggy eyes. She is so narcissistic and has absolutely NO story line. She said she went out with Tom but didn’t sleep with him. I bet that is why Mario cheated, she is NOT having sex with dudes and her claiming she is so “horny” and needs guys is so unbelievable. She just needs to out all the time because she is an attention seeking egomaniac!

      • tamaratattles

        RENOB, Ramona couldn’t even go on a work trip to Miami with out picking up a man at the bar and leaving with him for a “date.” I am sure she just screams about not sleeping with anyone because of her daughter.

      • That truly was unbelievable. She is so freaking rude and nasty. She was being all superior over Martha Stewart and how she is equal to her now on WWHL awhile ago. Because she treated Martha badly. This woman treats EVERYONE badly. Who does she think SHE is? I was offended for Dorinda. I would rather be the village idiot than the village witch. (which Dorinda is neither)

      • Sorry my brain is on over drive per earlier reply. Bethany was upset because Martha had treated her so badly.

      • BlaseBlase

        Holy moly iloveearlgrey! You said it!

    • Observer2

      Just wondering why it isn’t okay for Luann to be over-the-moon happy about having just gotten engaged? I think everyone who has ever gotten engaged has been that way too.

      You’re right about Bethenny – I’m starting to see a parallel between Bethenny and Reza. He thought it was HIS show! Clearly Bethenny thinks this is HER show!

      • Observer2, I’ve been saying the same thing about any female that’s been around a just engaged woman. They’re annoying as hell in their over-the-top happiness but if you’re their friend or even their co-worker, you endure their momentary insanity because that’s what normal women do. Of course, these women aren’t exactly normal and they’re being paid to bicker and destroy each other so I guess all’s not fair on a reality TV show. However, what bother’s me the most about this whole Lu take-down is Bethenny’s undeniable glee. Bethenny is enjoying every second of Lu’s humiliation, especially because Bethenny instigated it. When Bethenny put her head down between those fleshless bones, she calls legs, she wasn’t crying. I’m sure Bethenny was biting her tongue, trying like hell not to laugh out loud. Bethenny has probably been waiting years to settle her imaginary score with the countess. Only because Lu is a countess and Bethenny is a cunt-less. There’s a world of difference and Bethenny has always been aware of her sheer classlessness which Bethenny is now letting us see in all of it’s goriness.

    • theartistformerlyknownasyoya

      Matzah I think you’re spot on. I can’t decide whether I can believe Luann has a drug problem or she’s having some kind of psychotic break. But I agree with you abot her motivations with Tom.

  11. KaraW

    Yes, Lu seems frantic to recapture what she had with the Count.

    In other news, to be way more shallow than the rest of you…. I thought Bethenny looked beautiful tonight in her gray dress, and she seems happier and more settled lately to me. I loved Dorinda’s zebra top. And I really want Ramona to get rid of her extensions. They age her. Jules.. ha ha… nice to see her having fun. She looked so great on WWHL that time with Dorinda. I think she’s going to do well without Michael.

    Sorry not to have more intelligent commentary. My closed captioning isn’t working and I can’t follow this show without it. They talk over each other a lot. Thank you so much for the recap!

    • I can’t see anything resembling beauty in Bethenny because in my book, beauty has to come from the inside. I know it’s a standard cliche but it’s one I’ve always believed in. To me Bethenny looks like an aging, miserable crone with the beginnings of a dowager’s hump. It must be because I know too much about Bethenny’s inner ugliness. I never thought that much of Bethenny to begin with. I found her voice grating and her sense of humor bizarre. I thought it might be an East coast thing. I didn’t find her funny at all. Plus, Bethenny is very difficult to listen to. My son’s dog used to run out the room whenever he heard Bethenny’s voice on TV. And OMG, Bethenny and Jill Zarin together? It was enough to make my ears bleed. Aside from that high, nasally voice, however, just knowing what I know now about Bethenny makes her incredibly ugly. I can’t be impartial about it. And, I’ve got to tell you, Bethenny is getting uglier and uglier by the week.

      • kallen253

        If you’ve never personally met someone and gotten know them I just don’t see how you can make blanket statements like that. And Bethenny’s undeniable glee?? I see Ramona’s glee but not so much Bethenny’s. I don’t understand how so many people watch these HW shows and then do nothing but trash the women on them. The television was invented with an off button for a reason. I don’t think any of the women are exceptionally nice all of the time but who of us is? Just my own opinion, like yours is.

      • Dexter

        I did not have to meet and get to know Hitler to know he was a monster. I know I don’t like Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot, not because I ever met them, but because I can judge them by their words and deeds. I know their actions. From that I can deduce they, like Bthenny, are nasty

      • OmgOmg

        I give “zero fvcks” about what you’re saying & if you don’t agree with me keep it to yourself and get off my jock!

      • Matzah60

        I totally agree, onegaes. Objectively, I don’t find Bethenny good-looking in the traditional sense, but she is well put together, but there’s nothing appealing about her when I look at her. When you meet someone who is very beautiful/handsome, their looks become secondary when they possess a dark soul like Bethenny. She has unwittingly become the person she hated so much, Jill Zarin. Both have dark hearts.

  12. MARC

    Do you think it might be someone involved with Bravo production that sent Bethany those photos ?

    • Observer2

      Not a doubt in my mind. They gotta keep the drama rolling…except they’ve way overdone it this time. How many episodes have we had to listen to Sonja’s ever-expanding role with Tom?

    • Nah. I think Bethenny either had Tom followed, there are no pics, or Bethenny hired a Tom look-a-like (isn’t Bethenny’s married paramour also bald?). Or Bethenny found out Tom was having a bachelor party. The playboy bunny suggests a bachelor party. I would imagine that Playboy bunnies are usually working, not making out with the customers unless handsomely paid. And btw: did Bethenny have an egg timer attached to Tom? A whole hour, Bethenny? Really? How could you possibly know how long Tom was making out with the bunny from your deathbed? Unless you paid someone to actually time him? There’s something fishy about this whole story (of course it could just be Bethenny’s bloody underwear. Unless that’s a crock of BS, also).

  13. Mm in OC

    Lets just say it. Bethenny has ruined the rhonyc. She doesnt even try to hide hie she manipulates the agenda, women, etc. Andy sucks for bringing her back. Im tired of the other women kissing her ass to ensure screen time. Her fibroid story is bs. Thanks tamara for calling her out on that scene with the tiny thong bikini bottoms and white sheets. There is no way she would be wearing that if she was having the issues shes described. Vant wait for this season to be over and hopefully beth is gone for good.

    • Minky

      Please don’t shoot me if I’m wrong about this: But I think the reason Bethenny came back to RHONY is because Andy wouldn’t let her have her own show. She certainly wanted to have and all Bethenny show, but Andy thought this would be better, and she decided to take it rather than nothing at all. I could be completely wrong about all of that.

      • SLM

        No, Minky, you are 100 percent right about this. I’m the “diary” book Andy wrote (which was mostly boring as hell, in my opinion) he had an entry where he recounted that Bethenny came to him with an idea for a continuation of her solo series that would be her life after divorce. I think she even suggested it be called something like, “Bethenny Starting Over,” or similar nonsense. He told her he wasn’t interested, but if she wanted to comeback to housewives, he would make it happen. I think her cold little nugget of a fame whore, money-grubbing heart decided this was better than nothing. I think she also decided RHONY was going to be ALL HERS. Uck.

      • Matzah60

        Minky and SLM, this truly makes sense. This would explain her overbearing presence in every scene and storyline. She seems to have some sort of ‘artistic’ control over each episode. Great observation, ladies!!!!!

    • PeachyKeen

      Don’r think her fibroid story was bs Maybe she came up with a new line of tampons the size of cucumbers? But when you are that ill..all you want to do do is lay on the couch and try to eat steaks to help your anemia!

      • BlaseBlase

        Your comment “new line of tampons the size of cucumbers” Holy crap, that would be a huge f-in tampon! lol!

  14. Trish

    I really hate to say this, but I miss Jill. Jill would have the balls to tell Bethanny to shut the f up! I am so over this whole storyline. I am so happy Jason is free of Bethanny. I can see why Mario had had enough of Ramona. Why was Jules there? Sonya seems to be the only sane one this season. Reunion should be interesting.

  15. Observer2

    I’m with you Tamara – Bethenny leaving over the fact that some are not putting all their personal lives out there is laughable. Isn’t she almost engaged – yet we haven’t even met her fiance? I think she’s wanting to leave because she got the bitch edit this season and clearly can’t control it.

    Bravo is grasping at straws these days. When they have to devote almost an entire season to trying to ruin one castmember’s engagement, they are clearly hard up. Yet they are clearly missing the 2 diamonds-in-the-rough right under their noses.

    I’ve thought several times that this NYC cast (minus Bethenny, Carole, Sonja and Ramona) could be the perfect rebirth of the RHO franchises and set a classier tone for reality TV’s future. But they are clearly happy to try to maintain the failing status quo…go figure.

    • Observer2

      Oops, left out the part that there would definitely need to be some tweaking, but for sure the fake dramatics could be omitted and there could be a great show worth watching.

  16. Erica

    I’m too tired and full of multiple glasses of wine to go into a lot of this episode. I think I’m going to have to rewatch tomorrow to get everything.

    BUT – in terms of B’s functionality and non-functionality because of heavy bleeding, I can talk with some authority.

    From the get go, my Aunt Flo was a heavy bitch. In the beginning, had a few embarrassing “leak” situation that made me glad that I lived in an era that tying your coat or sweatshirt around your waist could be a fashion statement. the only time that it wasn’t a problem was a time in my 30s where I now realize that my thyroid (and therefore my hormones) were out of whack. It is back again now that my thyroid levels are more normal again.

    Bethenny could wear and film the way she did I F there were frequent bathroom breaks. Even in very heavy bleeding, there are ultra super tampons that will work for at least an hour or half hour when paired with a pad or panty liner.

    So, B could easily do a land based restaurant or experience where you could Uber back to the hotel in no time flat – but a boat with probably no bathroom ( or a real small ‘head’) and ging back to the hotel meant EVERYONE would have to go back would be a no go.

    • tamaratattles

      Clearly, you are never too tired or drunk to write a five paragraph essay on menstruation 101 for a group of grown women. I mean who knew that there were feminine hygiene products available? Anyone? Anyone? This means no more girded our loins with ripped sheets or garter belts to hold up giant washcloths. It’s 1920!!!!

      • Minky

        Now, now Tamara. I for one am actually glad to know that there are tampons as wide as tree stumps that I can use the next time I’m bleeding like a slaughter house through my cooch. Mama didn’t tell my ass about this! My only question is: Where can I get these new fangled, heavy-duty, industrial strength cunt stoppers? Do they sell them at the Home Depot?

      • Shay

        TT, you forgot the sweatshirt around the waste. That’s a cover up and pad in one. Thanks for the tips!

      • Matzah60

        Lol, Tamara!! Epic comment!!! I love it!!

      • BKSweetheart

        @Minky – LMAOOO!!

      • Dexter

        In all fairness it’s a viable explanation for why she did not go to sandbar although why not just say it. I am a boy with no familiarity of feminine hygiene products other than they exist. But I did think she was swashing around in gallons of blood by giant mutant fibroids never before seen by medical science.

      • BlaseBlase

        Jeez Louise Minky!!! I have no words! LMAO!!!!!! 😂

  17. megan

    Great synopsis lol. B needed to have a radio show,too? What is she running from? It’s odd to see someone keep themselves that busy when they don’t financially need to.

    Her bra and thong garb is not her first attempt at a pathetically ploy for attention. Humble much? She posed in equally, unnecessarily barely clothed pics on her twitter page with the same shallow, narcissistic quotes Doin’ it right’. Truly disappointed in her this season and have veared away bc of her. Bravo has financially rewarded her direct say it like it is behavior with her fat payday. She is pumping it to the limit, as to corner the market on it, and is coming across as a know it all bully.

    All of the RH franchises seem to be fueled by women looking to make a quick buck off of pushing their overpriced crapbag make-up lines.

    Waiting for Kim Z.’s’s house to eventually go in to foreclosure as she spends more just on wigs alone than Kroy’s football checks bring in. Does she regret her airing her dirty laundry storyline that lead her to reality TV notoriety was fueled by the fact that she was dating a mysterious married man that paid her bills as long as she blew him and didn’t give him any flack for being married. Keep encouraging Brielle to develop her own brand and follow in your skanky, big titty, fish lip footsteps. I’m sure any job you can persuade E! to give her will vanish the moment your show dries up and they aren’t receiving the free crossover exposure. The little money you have left would be well invested in her college education than selfish of her wearing waist trainers.

    I dig Shannon Bead or and think she has a good heart. As for all of the rest of the housewives franchises? Their cheap shameless plugs are exhausting.

  18. spk

    It’s just me but I can’t get Lu’s revelation out of my brain–that she maybe had a thing with Berlusconi back in the day. Ick

    Otherwise, “I guess her pistachio is healed”, For The Win!

  19. Shae

    I’m pretty sure that was a bathing suit she was wearing in the last scene. I thought about the bleeding too, I don’t doubt her fibroids or health issue, though. She prob had a tampon. She was in a bathing suit for most of the time in her room it seemed.

    I really don’t understand why blame for upsetting Lu or tearing down her relationship with this material is being placed anywhere but Tom. It’s not bethenny’s fault his stupid ass was making out with some airhead at a bar they frequent all the time- full of people they know. It’s his fault. They’ve been speaking about their engagement non stop, and he appears in a public place, in their neighborhood, with some hussy and he doesn’t think it’s going to get back to her? Bethenny’s the messenger and it would be pretty shady of her not to tell Luann your fiance was messing around on you while you’re down here planning and hosting engagement parties.

    Now Ramona and Sonja have been tacky in their pursuit of bringing tom and Luann down. I get they accuse him of lying, and maybe he has, but they should butt out. I don’t think bethenny falls into the same category. I don’t think she solicited this information. Again, she didn’t make him cheat, he did it. I don’t remember hearing a video mentioned, just photos.

    It’s gross, and judging by the promos for next week it’s true because Luann lays into him. I can’t believe she’d proceed with a marriage when he did something like that. You’re about to come meet me to celebrate our engagement and you’re sucking face with playboy bunnies?

    No. Just no. I do feel badly for Luann and I feel especially badly if she lets him off the hook and marries him anyway. She doesn’t deserve this bs.

    • Sabrina

      I agree completely – it is their relationship and Tom is responsible, no one else. Bethenny owes it to her to share this with her, Many of us might have done it differently, but that’s the reality. She is telling her what Luann needs to know- unless she prefers to live in a vacuum.

      I’d like to add a couple of other likely to be unpopular points.:
      1) I think it was Ramona who wanted to go to Bagatelle- Bethenny took the option to go with her in order to avoid facing Lu in public settings where she might ask question Bethenny didn’t want to deal with in public. Every element of Ramona’s behaviour on that move( to go to the restaurant instead of the boat trip Dorinda had planned) was wrong, selfish, shallow,. childish, and ugly.
      2) While she should not have said anything to anyone other than Lu, and the laughter/ jokes were unconscionable, , I don’t think Bethenny was trying to hurt Luann. I know many will disagree.

      I do think she was moving the storyline forward as someone needed to- but she need not be blamed for that- someone had to. Tom is responsible for his actions.
      3 )I felt this was a more balanced night again. In fairness Bethenny’s delivery in the Berkshires, well overshadows the rest of the season as many viewers see it ,which is a shame. I think tonight, like a number of other nights, several people have had their fair share of challenges.
      Dorinda has not just been high- she has a very serious problem and is apparently unaware of it.
      We suspected as the season began that most were abusing/using multiple substances,and it would have been a good topic for the season, along with relationship issues/women- on a more constructive plain.
      4) I hope Luann sees this clearly, for what it is, and makes a decisions he can be happy about. She used “the countess’ again last night and it reminded me how much she gives uo, in her sense of self, as she loses the use of htat title.

      • Shae

        Agreed! It drove me crazy that Ramona acted so astonished that Dorinda would be upset with her. 1) You should make the effort to go on the outing your friend planned 2) if you absolutely insist on doing something else, at least be HONEST about it and don’t add insult to injury by offering up pathetic lies.

        If she felt that strongly about going to Bagatelle should should’ve just been a grown up and said so. She is the epitome of rude, self-entitlement.

      • I totally agree that she needed to hear what was happening and that this needs to come to some conclusion. I will never think the way that this was handled was proper or that Bethany didn’t have ulterior motives. Just saying….

  20. RHofND

    Does anyone have any Intel on Bethenny’s claim that some housewives aren’t putting their whole lives out there? What are we missing???

  21. JustJenn

    Oh, Bethenny..always the malicious cunt. Could the reason for not wanting to return (fingers crossed) have anything to do with the fact that she doesn’t want her relationship with Dennis Shields under the same scrutiny? I’m sure it was done with nothing but good intentions when Bethenny inserted herself in the middle of both Luann and Dorinda’s relationships..maybe she’s afraid that they will return the favor?

    • Dexter

      Put Bethenny Brandi and Kim Richards on a show with the Dirtiest Jobs guy. They do the dirty jobs for half an hour then have to answer viewer questions for half an hour.

  22. M&M

    I hope this isn’t a stupid question, but how do we know that the pictures of Tom were taken that week? There’s a possibility that it IS him, but that they were taken before he and Lu even got together. Am I missing something?

    My biggest fear about the reunion is that Andy/Bravo will play favourites with the edit, and try to make Bethenny look good. Which is what I feel they’ve been doing all season. I really hope she genuinely wants to leave the show. And does. It’s been hard to enjoy this season, when she’s just so toxic and mean.

  23. Bushwick

    Bad move on Britto’s PR team to use Bethenny as his conduit for promotion. His bag was near her SG display, along with a catalog with his name on it on her bed. I will forever associate him with Bethenny, the judgemental, evil & sanctimonious bitch.

  24. RENOB

    Lu is definitely on drugs. My guess is coke. Tom is probably her supplier. Dorinda is a total lush, total drunk. That is the only time I find her gross. The new skinny one getting a divorce is a brainless twit. She was trying so hard to get attention by humping a musical instrument and trying to make it look like she was “fun”. It was horrifying to watch. She never says anything of value, looks were clearly all she was born with. Bethanny is just a totally unhappy miserable human being. She is probably more like her mother than she ever dreamed she would be. She brings everyone around her down, she cannot stand it when someone is happy. She really needs a better therapist, one who will give her a mirror to see her ugly soul. Carole is a washed up nobody who thinks her sh”t doesn’t stink. What is with her Madonna gloves all the time? All she cares about is her wardrobe and looking the part… BORING. She is too old to be acting like a carefree teenager. It is not entertaining to me at all. How is she even that rich? She hasn’t worked since she was 20. That’s my take. Thanks TT for the always entertaining recaps and comments!!

    • Shae

      Carole’s husband was very wealthy and passed away. I imagine that’s where she got much of her wealth. She also made quite a lot off both of her books.

      • I’m sure Adam is enjoying Carole’s wealth, left to her by Anthony. Unless you’re Steven King or your book is made into a movie or you’re a prolific writer, there’s not that much money in one memoir. Carole’s other books didn’t do that well. And her cookbook is a bad joke. Actually, Carole is a bad joke.

      • SLM

        I know…Carole’s “cook book…” As if any of us want to take food advice from Skeletor and her Deadpan Hippy 😒

    • CoBe

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Lu is snorting coke. Just like, you know, THE ENTIRE REST OF THE CAST. Thing is though, Lu can clearly handle it. She makes no bones about liking to party and get her freak on. I can respect that.

      When you get to Bethenny, you see a hypocrite who is obviously lit up on Adderall and is a hard core social predator.

      This is the difference between them–Luann who is living her life and enjoying herself while sometimes making bad decisions and Bethenny who is clearly miserable and attacking anyone around her at random.

      • tamaratattles

        Agreed. I don’t think Lu is doing coke. I’m sure she did in the 80s like um, everyone else but she shows no signs of being coked up. She is happy. And people on the show and some here seem to find that unbearable.

      • Nila

        Completely agree. I also do t think getting married. Year after your proposal is “rushing it”.

      • RENOB

        Hard core social predator! FUNNY! I do agree that Lu is having a lot more fun than any of those ladies!

      • Shae

        I don’t think Luann looks coked up, Ramona perhaps lol

      • Sabrina

        Cleary, though, Dorinda is on more than alcohol- some were guessing coke with John when we saw them together early in the season- and the guess was he is the supplier- what do we think now?

        TT, I really struggle with something I would welcome your opinion on- you know much more about behind the scenes than we do. When these women see themselves on camera- like Dorinda, Sonya, Ramona- don’t they see, especially after it has been drummed into their heads at the reunions, don’t they see their problems and work on them? If they are personality issues maybe they decide it is who it is, but for the habits that might be changed, are they just not getting it, choosing to ignore it and not believe it is as the women say- why not fix it?

        Ramona’s shallow selfish ugly unsociable clod has been visible and discussed so often- and Dorinda had seen her early-season drunk episodes before the most recent were filmed- why not fix it when given the chance? I understand it assumes they are honest with themselves and that they want to fix it- why don’t they? Why be so anxious to have an audience and be noticed/admired, and then not fix the weaknesses others see in you?

        Thanks in advance for your thoughts, if you have time/the interest.

      • tamaratattles

        They have no self awareness. They think they are celebrities and that their behavior is why they are infamous.

      • Don’t think Luann is on coke, but Bethenny clearly looks like she’s definitely on something. Her skin/complexion is awful – a lot worse than RHOBH’s Kim’s while she was not sober.

        btw Tamara, do you know when/if Bethenny got her jawbones shaved or something? She used to have such a square pointy jawbone that was so distracting – she doesn’t look that way anymore.

      • theartistformerlyknownasyoya

        Bethenny says she has botox injections to loosen the tight muscles of her jaw, giving it a less square look. I think she started between this season and last?

      • Gabriella

        She’s lying – she’s obviously had her jaw shaved – her face used to look like an equilateral triangle

      • Shay

        Gabriella: I found it to be more like a trapezoid

      • lori

        I definitely think that she had surgery on her jaw. That thing was HUGE. I always found it so distracting. Earlier this season I pulled up jet before and after pics, and her chin is also smaller than it used to be. I don’t see how botox could possibly make that much of a difference.

      • CoBe

        I should clarify–nothing I’ve seen in Luann appears to me that she is using coke. My blasé attitude is simply that if she is, she has it under control. I don’t think it is all that rare to snort a bit here and there and IF that is the case with Luann, I hope she is having a ball!!!

        Bethenny’s (alleged) drug use is very obvious and it is quite obviously a problem for her. I find it absolutely appalling to see her calling out others for THEIR (alleged) drug use when Ray Charles could see that she is hopped up on something. I’m guessing she feels morally superior because her drug of choice is a prescription drug, but the fact is that any drug that does what Adderall (allegedly) does to Bethenny is a frightful thing to behold.

        Party on, Luann.

        Your happiness is like Kryptonite to the evil demon succubus seeking to take you down.

    • I don’t think Lu is on drugs. Druggies aren’t as composed as Lu. We’d see her much more frantic–kinda of like Bethenny. Even Xanax and benzos have side effects where people become aggressive (again, like Bethenny). Lu is excited, in a good mood and always composed. Drug addicts don’t act that way. If Lu was doing coke, she’d be in the bathroom most of the time. Remember Kim?

  25. I spoke to my bro and sis-in-law that LOVE the NY franchise, they said they had to stop watching because of Bethenny. My brother said, she never takes a breath, eats with her mouth open and seems like a slob. I thought, perfect description!

  26. I cannot listen to Sonja and her bemoaning of Tom another second. She was his bed buddy that is it. Consenting adults. There was not a connection on a deeper level than that. End of story. I HATE HATE HATE that LuAnne is being hurt like this.
    Also, I am not buying the sweet Carol all of a sudden routine. Either she knew prior that B might not be back (perhaps with her own nuptials on the way Bravo is working something new out with Bethany. And this is all calculated on her part) and decided to cozy up to the “group” again. OR she was sent by Bethany (who we know is in the spy game -coincidence my patukie) to make sure everything on the sandbar trip was kosher and get in info Luann might spill. She just did a 360 way to quickly and that was not believable to me.
    Ramona is a tool. She really is. I just cannot with her. I can see her and B being Frenemies because I think they are way too much a like to ever be truly close. Too much testosterone in those two.
    Lu is breaking my heart. That scene at dinner with those cackling hens bringing up AGAIN TOM, and Sonja and TOM and Lady Morgan and then laughing. With the knowledge that they have is just sickening. I agree that B knew what she was doing when she told Ramona. Remember in the car on the phone with Carol when she said, I just want you there. I just want to tell you. Then all of a sudden Ramona is there and Beth didn’t say a word like she wanted to talk to Carol privately. Bethany is manipulative and downright sneaky and a hypocrite. I believe this is all because she is not the center of attention and it isn’t her “love story” being explained away. UGH.

  27. Lolajanegyrl

    When you find out that a “friend’s” brand new fiance has been making out with someone else, and you know that your friend has previously been in an open relationship, asking if their current relationship is open is 100% appropriate. If the answer is no, you sure as hell better tell your friend that their fiance has been kissing someone else. Especially if the fiance in question has been sleeping with the whole Upper East Side for decades and has been making his way through your friend group.

    I kind of like Luann. And I’m sorry that she’s marrying someone who seems a bit sketchy. Also, her over the top “I’M IN LOVE” rings a bit false. Everyone I know who acted like that after their engagement either ended up calling off the wedding or getting divorced shortly after. For her sake, I hope this is different. But I doubt it.

  28. PeachyKeen

    Just read Lu’s comments on the SANDBAR .. TT got the lyrics right for “Chic C’est la vie!” how come lu wrote Chic ce la vie… different meaning maybe she had a “ghost” for her lyrics??

  29. Happy gal

    With all the publicity surrounding the playboy bunny Tom was making out with I’m rather surprised she has not come forward to calitalize on it

  30. Tamara, I really enjoy your recaps. They’re insightful but most importantly they’re hilarious (unlike most of the dry crap that tries to imitate important news). One problem, I can’t read them while drinking coffee. When I read “Bethenny left to return to her deathbed,” I almost spewed coffee all over my new iPad. Oh, shit, I thought. I’ll have to send Tamara a bill. She won’t like that–kidding, of course. Love your style and your wit. I don’t know how you do so many recaps. I’d have a nervous disorder and then a breakdown. As for Bethenny leaving the show…do you think she’s serious or just pulling a Vanderpump? Lisa has been leaving RHOBH since 2011. So as for Bethenny leaving, my hopes aren’t high. However, I can imagine Bethenny wanting to be the female version of Howard Stern. Good luck with that one. Bethenny’s voice isn’t her best asset. But then, Bethenny has no best asset (unless playing the evil bitch counts. And, damn…she does that well. Unfortunately for Bethenny, I don’t think it’s an act).

  31. Aj

    I have never heard someone tout their ‘honesty’ and forthrightness while sharing approximately nada about her own life. (Save for the going son in her couch.) bethenny keeps the focus on everyone else so she can get her free advertising and trash talking in while not having to be in the limelight at all. Andy must feel like a castrated producer and I don’t understand what’s in it for him. She’s dragging him and the whole series down. I stopped watching when this outrage re: Luann’s fiancé became their big ratings lowpoint. What’s the bottom here? Someone commiting suicide on camera?

  32. Wouldn’t it funny if the bald guy making out with the playboy bunny is Bethenny’s boyfriend and not Tom.

  33. Yamoah Asiedu

    This is the penultimate episode? It was good. Thanks for the recap TT. I love your recaps. Understatement!! 18 hours of sleep? You could have gone to Australia in the same amount of time!

    I feel sorry for Luann, she was so happy throughout the episode. Her whole face changed in the last 5 minutes. Bethenny seemed a little bit too invested in (potentially) ruining Luann’s engagement weekend and future marriage. If she really felt bad about it, she wouldn’t have drawn it out, telling the other HW conspiratorially and reprimanding Ramona for telling Sonja. What did Bethenny think would happen!?
    Luann’s reaction in the preview suggests that she knows that Tom has dalliances, she just doesn’t want anyone else to know. They’re adults, let them get on with it!

    Dorinda is a lush. (she’s got a great wardrobe) her warbled speech. Jules had a lot of fun on the trombone. She needs to get out with real friends and enjoy herself on a regular basis. It looks good on her. I like her talking heads about Bethenny. She’s spot on.

    Sidenote, it’s so distasteful for Sonja to keep mentioning that Tom was her lover. We get it girl. It was 10 years on and off. He enjoyed you physically but didn’t want to marry you. Harsh, but sweetie move on. Aren’t there loads of single guys in NY? If not, relocate to London. The high end men would eat her up! She has a great personality and get snapped up in days. Personally I don’t know any eligible men in my circles but I’m sure Sonja could easily replace Tom.

    Carol, ‘Eating all the Hotdogs Flower child’ showed me a little mean girl side. Her questions at the last dinner were intrusive. I think their comment is true, when she’s away from Bethenny, she behaves differently.

    Sidenote, how rude to show up 90 minutes late for dinner. Just so rude.

  34. Bridgett

    I, too, am so over this storyline. All the harpees’ actions toward Lu are deplorable, what would totally put me over the edge (if I was Lu) though is someone calling to confront my man. You bring my business to me first, you for damn sure do not call a man you hardly know in an attempt to get the story…take a seat!

    • librarygirl

      That Beth was trying to call Tom was truly obnoxious. Tom and Lu’s relationship is none of her business, on the show or off. I get it, that this was cooked up for a story line. However, the terrible trio are feeling themselves way too much to have it be believable. So over the top with playing this out. We get it ladies, there was nothing going on with any of you that you deemed to share with the show. If you don’t want to do that, see you later. Ramona and Beth, I am looking at you.

      • SLM

        I agree, librarygirl! If some hateful bitch co-worker/acquaintance/frenemy of mine tried to CALL my financee for ANY REASON other than to plan a surprise party for me, it would be ON like seven kinds of donkey kong!!!! REALLY!! 😠😠😠

      • Minky

        Seven??? Goddamn that’s a lot of Donkey Kong! 😂

      • SLM

        Ahahahaha!! Minky, you always crack me up!!! 😂😂😂 And, yes, SEVEN. HAHAHA! 😂

  35. Next week is the season finale. Bethenny and Andy keep telling us that this season is the best ever. I don’t get it. All we’ve been given to watch is 50 plus year old women fighting over LuAnn’s fiance, and the Skinnygirl mogul bleeding profusely wherever she goes (while wearing a teeny bikini and exhibiting no signs of abdominal bloating in spite of her fibroids). Everyone and everything else has been secondary.
    This show has definitely jumped the shark.

  36. captivagrl

    Bethenny is an asshole (obnoxious, boring asshole). Luann isn’t convincing anyone with the “love of my life” nonsense. Carole gets worse with every episode, what the hell is her deal? Drugs? No idea. Ramona looks great for an almost sixty year old woman, GREAT.

  37. Bethenny will expand her brand to red boxed tampons next …

  38. CoBe

    May I just say that Luann is my spirit animal? All of these bitter bitches scowling and plotting to bring her down and she just trips along happily.

    It seems to me she has had an amazing life and it just seems to be getting better.

    She has clearly had pain and disappointment in the past, but instead of dwelling there or becoming bitter and abusive, she throws on her big girl panties and breezes through to the next adventure.

    Since I have a sneaking feeling that she reads this blog, I’d just like to say “Keep it up, Luann. The high road may be a little tougher to climb, but from up there, the view is magnificent!”

  39. Is Carol a lesbian ? Her dress-up never looks quite right and her dress down is really down but she seems more comfortable .. The clothes and make-up are not the only reason I am asking there is other things too..

    New to commenting and scurrred … LOL

  40. Kay

    Okay. Beth IMO has a history of eating disorders. No one has blown out jaws like she had in old seasons. No doubt in my mind. Been around too many people to not be able to see the obvious signs. Botox does not get rid of the blown out jaws. Also, how could she possibly call someone out for eating disorders, when she is so obviously knows first hand what it is and what it looks like. She IMO had her jaws shaved so she would not have to explain that she had no right to call another cast member out on it. She is trying to cover her ass. I also think that she had a not so successful nose job. Beth needs some very serious help. She appears to not be able to deal with her own life issues, so she deflects and tries to bring everyone down to her own level of self loathing. Very sad. The first step is to acknowledge that you need help, not more money to define your self worth.

  41. Jess

    Whats worse, this or last season of Beverly Hills?

  42. lori

    I just watched this mess tonight. When it was over I was in the WORST mood possible. I had to take my dog for a walk to shake it off. I can’t stand when watching a show leaves me feel completely icky/dirty. This one did that to the max. I hope Bethenny gets slaughtered at the reunion. She’s such a fucking bitch. I wish her all the misery she’s purposefully trying to throw Luann into. I have a good feeling about karma and Bethenny’s current relationship. I feel very sorry for that man!

  43. Did Jules onstage, humping the saxophone, remind anyone of the club scene in Never Been Kissed? Drew Barrymore (as Josie Grossey) got seriously upstaged. Hysterical!

  44. Susie

    Hello all🌷. I can’t help wondering if someone set Tom up by having a “bunny” come on to him so they could take pictures. You know, like what happened to Frank Gifford? Someone wanted to take Kathy Gifford down so they baited Frank. Both he and Tom took the bait, as expected. Otherwise, why make out in a public place for over an hour if not to take photos?

  45. Susie

    TT, you have great insight on this entire show … yeah someone followed Tom around to catch him on camera. That’s why she cannot name her source. That’s a lot of trouble to go through but it shows how bad they want to improve the show’s ratings.

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