Nene Leakes Is The Latest #RHOA To Get An IRS Tax Lien !

Nene Bringing in the Money


According to Daily Mail Linnethia Monique Leakes, was hit with a Federal Tax Lien on July 22 in Georgia court. The IRS wants a total of $824,366.01 in back taxes for the year 2014, according to court documents. How could she possibly owe that much in taxes? Well, in 2014 she was paid well under a million dollars by RHOA, but also received a six figure income from DWTS where she placed seventh on the show. She also had income from her role on Cinderella that year and got an advance on her clothing line which also began in 2014.  And she did a few other paid appearances and sold a bunch of t-shirts and crap.  In nearly every one of those instances, Nene was paid as an independent contractor which means she got the checks with no taxes taken out and received a copy of the 1099 which was sent to the IRS by the employers. I guess she thought she just didn’t need to file taxes.

According to my calculations, using the tax amount as the known variable, Nene make approximately $2.1 million in 2014 and did not file a tax return.  She did buy that giant house where she never lives.  And the IRS is grateful for that, because they have placed a lien on the property.

According to the lien, it looks like she has ten years to refile.  But I would not count on that. The IRS will be quite unhappy with the lack of filings and will now look into her previous and future years very closely. Something tells me this was not a one time thing.

RHOA Nene bri of frankenstien

And, in addition to the tax she owes in the amount of $824,366.01, she will also incur major fines and penalties.  Those penalties can include jail time.  Lengthy jail time. Don’t believe me? Just ask Wesley Snipes, Richard Hatch,  and Lauren Hill just to name a few who pop to mind.

You can expect Nene to be wheeling and dealing with Bravo now begging to come back this season. She has been saying in her stand up routines that she is not coming back for “no part-time check.” I have a feeling she will be changing her mind really fast. You know she didn’t save a dime of that money.

Who will get locked up first, Sheree or Nene?  I think the IRS has been on Sheree long enough that she should be in there first to save Nene a seat.  Sheree kept trying to dodge the IRS by changing the ownership of Chateau Sheree. She should have told Nene to put hers in a shell LLC when she bought it.  You can’t outsmart the IRS though. Sheree must be feeling poor since her first IRS lien was only around $40k .

Oh and filing bankruptcy would have no effect on an IRS debt. Uncle Sam will come for everything you have. Believe that. Bloop!



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72 responses to “Nene Leakes Is The Latest #RHOA To Get An IRS Tax Lien !

    • Barb

      Well as they say, what goes around comes around! Karma is a B! Last but not least, when you think you’re better than everyone else, something or someone /IRS will come through and knock you right off that pedestal really really quick, and show you what humility looks like. This is the type of thing that happens when you put yourself on a higher pedestal then you can afford! Lol.😁

    • Barb

      Well as they say, what goes around comes around! Karma is a B! Last but not least, when you think you’re better than everyone else, something or someone /IRS will come through and knock you right off that pedestal really really quick, and show you what humility looks like. This is the type of thing that happens when you put yourself on a higher pedestal then you can afford! Lol.😁

  1. Swizzle

    Can we just start a list of HWs who don’t owe the IRS or are filing bankruptcy?

    I’m also self employed and receive 1099s. Doing taxes is a PIA and you have to do quarterly estimated taxes, not just pay at the end of the year. You’d think a rich bitch like Nene would have better financial advisors.

  2. Minky

    Good Lord!!! Does Nene NOT have an accountant or something? Is Gregg’s doing her books in between his naps and housekeeping duties? Bloop indeed.

  3. More Tea Please!

    In the words of Leona Helmsly…”only the little people pay taxes!” Maybe Nene forgot to read the rest of the story?

  4. Matzah60

    OMG! Great tea, Tamara. When you wrote that “you know she didn’t save” any of the money from RHOA, I was thinking the same thing about all of the money she makes or has made. I’m sure all the money she has made is long gone. Once you get an audit like, as you said, they automatically audit you for the next three years and may go back as far as 7 years to see what other shady things she has or hasn’t claimed as income.

    You don’t fuck with the IRS. The most recent reminder of this is Teresa. Not filing your taxes is just plain stupid.

  5. AKA Riley

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. :)

  6. newjerzeyboy

    This is what happens when people who have nothing suddenly come into money. Instead of paying their taxes and saving for the future, they just keep spending thinking the cash will never stop coming in.

  7. Theresa

    don’t fuck with the IRS. Do people forget that the only way the mega criminals like organized crime bosses get popped it for taxes? Anyone hear of Capone? No getting around the tax man. I missed a $2167 on income on a 1099 and it cost me $1400!! Changed credits and tax brackets and all sorts of stupid stuff. That was without any penalties and fees since I paid it immediately as an error.

    I giggle at the thought that Sheree is trying to get a bigger tax lien to keep up

  8. The Shadiest Grove

    That explains why she could never meet her end of the bargain re : Kenya’s charity of choice. Where all those coinzzzzz she’s always referring to ? God does not like ugly and in this case neither does the IRS. Po’ NeNe.

  9. More Tea Please!

    The State of Georgia can’t be far behind…

  10. Well, thank you for the come around tea time TT. Meaning what goes around comes around. You said it as soon as she bought that house that she’d lose it the next year. Nene is uneducated and the typical type whose never had anything and would rather die than part from her cash. I wonder if she’d rather die than go to prison. Hmm, pay IRS or prison. Hmm smart people pay their tax tab. No one can say she’s not a dreamer, but soon we will have another bravo felon. They falling fast.

  11. Trashbox

    Wow! I’m pretty sure the IRS warns you to get it right before they file your business in public court for TT to air. But what would I know, I just pay my taxes like a poor person. Great tea!

  12. Crazy in NC

    I had to check the date when I read the headline. She’s had tons of tax issues with Georgia in the past, if I recall correctly.
    I always owe since I am self-employed. The first year was a very painful shock. She’s been playing this game for years, though. Does she not use an accountant?

    • tamaratattles

      Yes and the state of California has come after her several times as well because she doesn’t seem to understand that when she works in LA she has to pay state taxes there as well.

      • Does she also have to file in New York? She was on BraWay.

      • beth

        OMG, owing the IRS was bad enough, but Georgia, California, and New York too? Come on Nene, you cannot really be this clueless.

      • Laura Midkiff

        @justanothermary when my dad worked in NYC and we lived in NJ, he had to pay NY state and NYC income tax on top of NJ. I don’t know if it is only for a particular income level. The taxes were brutal, along with the commute and stress. That is how my family ended up in SE VA.

      • tamaratattles

        State income tax is due in the state where it is earned.

      • Valour

        And it must be filed in the state where you live and the state where you work. She would have multiple filings every year.

  13. beth

    I’m surprised to hear the IRS will give her as long as 10 years to re-file; why not just seize the house and be done with it?

    • beth

      What are the odds that she has kept up with property taxes and mortgage payments?

    • tamaratattles

      Beth I read on the lien a date in 2025 that said last day to refile. HOWEVER, I don’t think the IRS lets people go ten years without paying them either. It must be some sort of technical thing that doesn’t mean exactly what it says. I need to brush up on my tax law. :)

      • They get a pretty hefty interest rate on the unpaid amount so maybe they do take their time.

      • Probably refile date is to just an allowance to refile the return/s in question that racked up the tax debt if, say, you do not agree with the assessment. But 10 years of penalties and interest, is like saying I’m not attached to any of my belongings, just take them. Nene is just plain sloppy and needy.

      • Denise

        Not to file the returns. To refile the tax lien or it expires in 10 years. The IRS has 10 years to collect the amount owed to them. 10 years from the date that the amount became due.

      • Denise

        That means the IRS has to refile the tax lien or it expires in 10 years.

      • tamaratattles

        Thanks Denise, someone explained that upstream somewhere. THAT makes sense. It was super late when I wrote this post and I couldn’t wrap my head around that date. I knew my interpretation made no sense, but I couldn’t get to the actual meaning.

  14. Shae

    jesus, how do people really think they’re going to get away with this?

  15. That last date to refile of 2025 is the date for the IRS to refile the lien if it goes unpaid. If they don’t refile the lien then it is automatically released. Also, if you check the state of Georgia tax liens Gregg also has one.

    • tamaratattles

      THANK YOU! I knew someone would explain that to me. It was very late last night when I wrote this post and I was half asleep. That 2015 date was bugging the crap out of me.

  16. JustJenn

    Some businesswoman Nene is. If I were her I would refile asap to make sure the amount that they are claiming is correct and either pay them IF she can, or make payment arrangements.

    Does Nene have a full time gig now? I can see getting sick of the show and quitting, but only if you are financially secure to do so, otherwise you basically were made a fool of on national TV for nothing.

  17. Margaret Shepard

    I have run into her in the suburbs near her house . Not a nice person. Rich bitch? More like just bitch.

  18. Jrleaguer

    Karma is a cruel mistress.

  19. RunJackieRun

    Hello! Long time reader, first time commenter. I work for a tax law firm: She could have been placed into noncollectible or hardship status (Where your expenses are more than your monthly income and you don’t have any equity or assets that can be used to satisfy the debt, they freeze the balance for the year and put a stay of collections enforcement on it) by the IRS. There is a ten year statute of limitations for the balance once they notice it, thus the 10 years to refile. After 10 years, the balance no longer exists and is wiped clean. When you’re placed into noncollectible they file a lien on your property, typixally, but that doesn’t mean that they are auditing you or even actively looking at your taxes. However, that’s an insanely high liability so they will probably keep close tabs on her from here on out, if that is the case.

    • tamaratattles

      Her expenses are nowhere near her income. They would have to be BUSINESS expenses and she has VERY few of those. Her agents, clearly she has no lawyers or accountants, and the occasional business trip for her clothing line. And she has assets. She has enough in the house to cover the amount and swears that she has an 11 carat (or some such)”diamond” ring that I would love them to test, and she purchased two luxury vehicles that year, and I’ve seen the IRS take designer bags, unfortunately she doesn’t have a real Hermes yet, bless her heart. She is in no way qualifies for “hardship status.”

      • RunJackieRun

        They do not necessarily have to be business expenses… They’ll look at your mortgage payments, car payments, utility bills, attorney fees, as well as your business expenses, and if those are more than your monthly income, you might have a shot. I’ve seen some ridiculous cases with people with high incomes getting put into non-collectible before, and with some of our clients we actually encourage them to start paying on something expensive (usually we tell them to get expensive health insurance, but one of our clients bought a car for the reoccuring payment) to boost their monthly expenses.

        I just wonder if any of her assets are actually paid for – like if she really has that much equity in her home, if those cars are paid for in full rather than leased, etc. If she got a large payout, though, from one of her many jobzzzzz, they would more than likely revoke non-collectible ASAP. She definitely /shouldn’t/ qualify for hardship status, but the IRS is a lot lazier than they used to be back in the 90s. They’re more prone to garnish your paycheck than to seize your physical assets nowadays. You also need to show some serious intent (more than “I didn’t feel like it,” which is how I would imagine her attitude to be) to defraud them before they consider criminal charges.

      • More Tea Please!

        Birkin Bag = Business Expense, right?

  20. Happy gal

    I’m sure she will attempt a negotiated settlement w the irs the problem is that to do that you either have to have a lump sum of money or agree to a payment plan .

    If they agree to a payment plan and that is a big if they will not give you much of a reduction on the amount you owe so her only hope of a big reduction is a lump sum and as TT said she spent all her money so where is that money going to come from?

    This is not like trying to get a designer dress or rug for free. Saying to the IRS don’t you know who I am isn’t going to help Nene get out of this one

  21. Too bad she doesn’t live in New Jersey, Gov. Christie might sympathize with her like he did Trump. Trump’s state bill went down for $30M to just a mere $5.

  22. Wampascat

    She needs a Trump check! Pronto! 🎱

  23. Sandra

    Nene only cares that she looks rich while she’s on tv. Once she can’t find a camera to stand in front of she won’t care what happens to that house since she allegedly does not live there anyway. Giving Nene 10 years to refile may play right into that posers schemes.

  24. lori

    Great tea Tamara. Damn! No fake divorce is gonna help her now. Don’t mess with the IRS. Oops.

  25. she’s cashing “Trump Checks”……LOL…

  26. JentheAUBURNfan

    I remember her and Theresa both mentioning how nene was being a friend and offering support before Theresa left for camp. Maybe nene asked Theresa some questions like “I got all the checks to put in the bank and nothing showing taxes being taken out. Does this mean it’s the same as grabbing up dollars when I worked the strip pole and didn’t have to claim?” And Theresa’s educated response of course “if you are given a paper or check with amount of money on it, it has to be right because it’s there in black and white”

  27. Cat

    Not filing is scary. I haven’t had to since I went on disability, and I’m always very jumpy and nervous around April 15th (and beyond), even though Social Security has sent me a notice saying I do not need to file.

    I can’t imagine how I would feel if I didn’t send in a tax form, knowing I was supposed to.

  28. #on her way to ITS …..

  29. V

    I don’t know why anyone believes that the IRS wont catch them. Isn’t it easier to just pay when you’re suppose to rather than letting that debt build up ?

  30. Liza

    I just don’t get how you forget to file. You would think all the Housewives would be on notice that they actually aren’t the special and make sure they are on the up and up

    • More Tea Please!

      Excuse me? When you got federal tax lien back in 2013 you don’t “forget to file” and get in trouble for 014 taxes. No way! She’s a stoopid, arrogant bitch!

      • Minky

        That’s what gets me. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that you MUST file a tax return, unless you’ve got some extraordinary circumstances in your life. If you don’t like sorting through receipts, doing Excel spreadsheets or filling out forms you hire an accountant. It’s not that much money. Especially when you weigh it against getting audited or facing the idea of going to prison.

        And there are probably all kinds of loopholes where you can claim stuff as expenses or charity work. An accountant would know about those things. Sheesh! What a doofus!!!

    • SaraSally

      Plus if her kid by chance wants to go to college & apply for scholarships, they have to base the FASFA info on their returns. Selfish.

      • tamaratattles

        LOL Nene’s kid will not qualify for scholarships or financial aid. My parents refused to release their income to the school. It was a PITA for me.

  31. Rose

    I just saw this on Facebook and immediately came here to see what TT had to say. IRS called NeNe and said who’s the rich bitch now? I can’t stand when celebs think they can get away with not paying taxes. Wow, NeNe owes more in taxes than Sheree. I bet Andy was on the phone begging her to return when the news broke.

  32. Honey

    The nouveau riche. They just don’t know any better.

  33. I AM OK NOW

    Did Nene really not know that each gig that paid her sent a wage transcript to the IRS as required by law when you are a 1099? I thought Greg was an accountant?

  34. I can’t imagine either Nene or Gregg knowing how to complete their tax forms. She probably just ignored the 1099’s instead of giving to her accountant. Guess she now knows the IRS receives a copy. I hope she saved some of those Trump checks.

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