Kim Richards Finally Begins Community Labor

RHOBH Kim Horse red
Kim Richards continues to have a lot of legal issues to resolve.  From the latest dog bite case just last month,  to her two criminal cases that remain open pending her compliance with her plea deals, you can bet that someone is shelling out some big bucks on attorneys fees.

Back in late April,  some six months after her first sentencing took place  and five months after her second,  a bench warrant was issued for Kim due to failure to produce any evidence of compliance with her plea deal agreement. Her lawyer went to court and admitted there was no proof of compliance and a new hearing was set for the first week in June.  I heard nothing about that hearing actually occurring and feel like the date was likely pushed again. At issue were Kim’s community LABOR  and AA meeting attendance.

One of  Kim’s judges, the one in the Beverly  Hills Hotel case,  was adamant that she complete thirty days of community labor and not community service to be ensure that Kim “have some actual consequences.” The hold up seemed to be an agreement as to what could count as her “labor.”

RHOBH Kim Horse
Apparently, she will be doing her thirty hours at Skydog Sanctuary, a non-profit Mustang sanctuary that rescues at risk wild horses from all across America. The photos from her Instagram as well as Skydog’s Instagram indicate that she has been working with the horses. She will be going with organization to rescue wild horses in Oregon soon.

Did I mention RHOBH is filming and Kyle has already indicated that Kim will be filming?

So does it count as community labor if you are paid by Bravo to film your community labor?  That is an interesting legal question.

Let’s hope that the horses will be very therapeutic for Kim and that she will benefit from her labor. Maybe, if she is going to meetings finally and the combination will  work well for her.


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42 responses to “Kim Richards Finally Begins Community Labor

  1. I am a 100% Kim supporter..but I am not an expectation is that she take accountability for her actions that negatively affect others…so far Kim does Kim….she super believes she knows best..just like she “loves her sobriety”..she is the best type of alcoholic..she controls everything around her and manipulates anything she can…and it has worked.

    What I don’t the fact that her behavior is so odd..and I end up asking she doing drugs..drinking..or other things again?..and that is her manipulation!

    my question is..does this story mean …she will be completing 30 hour of 30 day community work?

    • missypoo

      Well said on all points. I’m shaking my head at the fact that Kim is posting these lovely photos to social media…this is not her job or volunteer work!!! This is not about Kim. This is about accountability for breaking the law and a red flag alerting her to the state of her life and choices. She needs to get there on time, sober and ready to help. Not the time to post beautiful photos of yourself and innocent animals. Would not sit well with me if I ran that wonderful program. Kim is a flawed and sick human, and I have sympathy for her, but she needs to help herself as we all must do. She is no exception.

      • hi missypoo…yeah her posting these pics is deceptive…I didn’t know that she was confirmed to return to RHOBH…the place that she stated herself..that we the viewers and the show..are two of her triggers..why return. …how is that respecting her sobriety…should it exist.

      • mzjulesaz

        I completely disagree on posting the photos as this is a program that can greatly benefit from publicity it would not otherwise receive. My mother runs a program that utilizes horses to work with disabled Vets that have PTSD and publicity allows her to continue to fund the program. Do I think that’s why she is doing it, probably not — but it’s not a bad thing.

      • missypoo

        Mzjulesaz, thank you for showing me that side of it. I’m glad that Kims’ actions are helping causes that need it. I remain frustrated with Kims’ seeming lack of accountability and proper restitution for her actions, its nice to know her actions are having positive consequences.

    • Ruthie

      I am confused on this, too, actually. 30 hours or thirty full day’s work? Either way this could have been completed already with time to spare. Ridiculous.

      • hi Ruthie… are so right..either way 30 hours/ could have been done min. 6 times…I wonder if she did this because…she tried to say she couldn’t do community labout..due to the cast/boot on her foot? and she got caught in her lie

      • tamaratattles

        SHe has been assigned 30 hours of community labor. It appears to me it is going to be fulfilled by a trip to Oregon to help Sky Sanctuary move horses from their Malibu ranch to their new main sanctuary near Bend Oregon. The move on Thursday so a long weekend with the organization MIGHT qualify for her “labor.”

        The speculation about this being her labor fulfillment COULD be completely wrong. There are many celebrities on their Instagram and it is possible that they have a therapeutic relationship with some of the many rehab facilities in Malibu. Drug and Alcohol rehabs often use animal therapies as a way to relieve anxiety. That would mean that Kim was actively participating in a program which would be great.

        I do know that she is going to Oregon on Thursday with the organization. I also know that when you are assigned community service/labor you have some degree of choice of where to participate. This isn’t special treatment for Kim. If you pick a program you like and fail to do what you said you were going to do then the judge can make a new choice for you. Remember that time LiLo didn’t do her cushy service acts and the judge made her do her hours in the county morgue? Yep that happened. But at first, most of the time the offender can choose from several places. There are often choices to work with animal rescue organizations. So it would be a legit gig if that is what she is doing.

        It’s still a trip to Oregon to play with horses, but it will count.

      • thanks for that information what a cool assignment/activity…Kim likes riding horses..that would be such an awesome view..from BH to Oregon!!

    • Dixie Sugabaker

      I love that phrasing – supporter not enabler. I hope her family and friends learn the distinction for her sake.

      • thanks Dixie Sugabaker…..her that is dysfunction mixed with love..

      • Erica

        What is sad is that I think Kyle is attempting to do that – she did say at one point (either on Twitter or WWHL) when someone suggested Al-Anon, that she had gone, it helped, but didn’t want to go into details. I also think she caught a ton of shit from family who aren’t ready to stop enabling – Kathy for sure.

  2. Minky

    I’m a cynical bitch. Yes dammit, that’s what I am. I want Kim to stop making all of these stupid mistakes and get her shit together. But she just won’t.

    Why does her community labor have to be negotiated? I don’t understand that. Why does she get to choose her “punishment”? One that she’s gonna get a good paycheck for (from Bravo) and that’s basically just a photo-op and not any real work. To me that smacks of elitist entitlement. It makes me very angry.

    • Ruthie

      I agree Minky! I also don’t understand why it is so hard to get this done. 30 hours is not even a full week of work! She could have been done with this months ago. It’s absolutely shameful and I’m over Kim. I don’t even route for her anymore. Done and I don’t want to see her on BH anymore.

    • missypoo


    • Hi Minky..Kim abused our trust in…of course we are cynical..I join that group for sure..she is more than capable of being accountable..but she has been ditching responsibility .

  3. JoJoFLL

    Kim is showing no signs of admitting she is an abuser of drugs and alcohol and as much as I’d like to see her get in recovery, she is far from it.

    My husband has about 1/3 of his staff is some kind of program so I see a lot of it.

    Kim is very manipulative.

    At this point I’d say she is closer to another meltdown than she is to sobriety.

    • hannahkingrose

      Is Kim getting down and dirty by doing things like mucking out stalls (cleaning up horse manure) or is she just riding with the staff to pick up horses and posing for pictures showing what an empathetic person she is by spending time with these “sad creatures”? All I see are photo ops not community labor or any labor at all.

  4. Jrleaguer

    Sadly, she owns up to her $h!t about as much as Teresa does.

  5. So a Dude Ranch counts as community labor.

  6. Spunky2015

    Hope her job there is cleaning up horse shit.

    • BeetsWhy

      EXACTLY Spunky! Why the fuck is this bitch not mucking stalls and dealing with all things shit related? I mean are there no legitimate volunteers there that would LOVE to go pick up the new horses?

      Jesus, I swear I’m moving to California and going on some wild and crazy shoplifting spree in Target so I can do the glam work at animal shelters…cuz I don’t do poop either.

      • hannahkingrose

        BeetsWhy that was my same question just a little further up. Seems like a photo op instead of any labor at all. How does she always get out of the “shit work” literally this time?

  7. T D

    Bravo’s original dog and pony act was suppossed to feature Kingsley. Can’t blame this repeat offender on anyone but the owner. His rap sheet prohibits public appearance. So his stage mule jumped at the opportunity.

  8. ZenJen55

    I’m skeptical that Kim’s paying her lawyer bill, more believable is Kathy is paying Kim’s lawyer bills.

    Community Service in my city consists of maintaining the garbage off of the streets and ditches, construction laborers at the schools, upkeep of the county graveyard but most certainly they do not get to chose a charity of their choice. They are assigned their community service tasks.

  9. CoBe

    While both horses are beautiful, neither of them look particularly pleased to be forced to take photos for Kim Richards’ PR campaign.


    I’m guessing most folks see Kim Richards for who she is.

    It is a good by product that people will hear about the organization she is “working” for. Seems like a good cause.

  10. CoBe

    My take on these pictures is the KR thrives on flaunting her immunity to consequences. She is having a vacay with some wild horses while pretending to do charitable WORK. She knows it’s a farce, we know its a farce, hell, the courts know its a farce, but there’s not a lot anyone can do. It’s TECHNICALLY community labor.

    And she gets off on letting the “little people” know that she’s skating once again.

  11. Kika

    Look at all the bangles/bracelets on each arm. Why would she be bejeweled for Community Service?

    • Sabrina

      We know why- because there is no community service involved- and let’s remember the first judge wanted COMMUNITY LABOR which Kim’s attorney had reduced to community SERVICE-which is clearly what Kim wanted it to be. Because she has defined SERVICE to be about pretty pictures of KIm.

      FARCE is the key word CoBe- you are so right- and it is as offensive and unreachable for us- another example of our government not doing what it should be. She has been in jail twice and broken the law twice. She should be paying a REAL PAINFUL price for it. Instead, first she lied and said her foot was sore so she could not do labor- but no records could prove that one. Her attorneys spent so much time delaying this that the real issue has not been addressed- she should repay the community for her crimes, but after two arrests in four months, her judges should be ensuring she is being TREATED. She has yet to complete any single rehab program, apparently remains on drugs and booze- and has had multiple additional events since that time that will be litigated in court. She has had at least one episode that was filmed this spring when she required hospitalization for abuse of substances, how many more were not filmed? Where is the prosecutor pushing the judge to ensure she is in a detox program and getting the help she needs?????

      While on her most recent TV show, Kim’s daughter Kimberly shared that Kim has always been most focused on how things look, that she demands the true story not be visible to “the public( anyone outside their circle)” when there are vulnerabilities/problems. She lies, hides, falsifies, even puts friends’ health at risk to ensure the true story of mistakes/substance abuse/vulnerabilities /dog bites never be made public. This entire story is a perfect example- they delay, delay, delay to the point when they hope no one remembers, especially the judge and prosecutor. Then they change the story/content/issues to best suit them. Then they make a public version that tells a positive story- so she has portrait photographers generate a love story portrait- with special lighting and focus- classic Hollywood dynamics- and sneak it in months later praying no one ties the truth to it.

      So Kim apparently got what she wanted again- a positive spin to a story that is a lie-they bought the California legal system lock stock and barrel- and she hid the truth again. Congrats. But her family continues to support her effort to run from the truth and from health- toward serious consequences and possible permanent damage to herself and/or others. She remains
      without rehab, on “her own program”, which translates to none, and an imminent danger to herself and others.
      Bravo and her family better not try to pull any sob stories when the next problems emerge- they are aiding and abetting Kim. The depth of her sickness is clear in their inability/unwillingness to force her into treatment- that’s how sick she is and how much she needs serious immediate help. The fact that there are new lawsuits and events every few months makes it clear this is escalating. If Bravo truly is filming any of this, and giving her money for doing court-ordered service, they are further exacerbating the problems by giving her money and more flexibility, to do as she chooses. At least the Hiltons should have some control when she needs their money. Andy, you are responsible for your actions here- aiding and abetting her illness. No one wants to see her on TV except Kyle- deal with her and keep it off our screen.

      Well, Kim got a lovely portrait out of it. And avoided any minute spent contemplating any responsibility she has . Bet Kim just loves that. Another example of our government failing to work. Why is it an alcohol and drug abuser has this much ability to foil our judicial system? Where are the judges? There are now four cases I can count that she has been involved in during the past year -why is it that in NJ , being on a TV show worked to make their abuses more overt, while in California she hides behind her role and “fame” ?

      I wish Kim and her family well and sincerely hope they can take this seriously, to get her well. Unfortunately, every action they take goes in the opposite direction.

      • Someone needs to get a life and not use all brain energy arguing with their own demons.

        We all have them. To keep such a petty tally seems shallow and unnecessary.

      • Sabrina

        We are each entitled to our own point of view,and your comments make it clear you feel Kim has been “punished” enough, and this is a “dead horse”, as you say.

        That is where we differ-Both I, and many of the posters here, are concerned about KIm’s welfare, and that no further harm come to her or to those she puts at risk when she abuses substances or animals she fails to control responsibly. Anyone who has lost a loved one to substance abuse will tell you it it neither petty nor minor .

        She is terrorizing her loved ones when she abuses as she does, Lori, – no joke, and you are blessed if you have not experienced any of it in your lifetime.


      • I thought it was great. Everything I’ve ever thought about Kim and family and Cali legal system but never bothered to put into words.

  12. Lori Flack

    Those horses are frightened.

    When I first saw the picture, my IMMEDIATE thought, was of how good Kim is around those huge animals.

    She is already being punished for her disgressions in many ways.
    Why keep beating a dead horse, people!

    She isn’t a terrorist for God’s sake.

  13. John Farmer

    Seems like a nice place trying to do good work, but equine-assisted therapy is probably bogus.

  14. Nikki Johnson

    Kim has some sort of mental issue that is not limited to her addiction; it might have been caused by years of drug and alcohol abuse. I think her family enabled her, and facilitated her not owning her shit, because Kim had been the breadwinner for the whole Richards clan, and they were not prepared to bite the hand that fed them. Now, they just feel guilt that they didn’t do anything to truly help her when she was much younger instead being on the tit.

  15. JustJenn

    I think this is great for Kim no matter the reason she’s there. Horses are a lot of work other than mucking barns. Wild Mustangs are quite flighty so even just grooming them and spending time with them is helping.

  16. Cherry Bomb

    About four months ago I was attacked by two of my neighbors dogs. The dogs were allowed to roam free and I had one dog on each leg. I have been through a couple of bad hurricanes in my life, during the last one my roof was blown off my house and part of my ceiling collapsed. I have been through a tornado that blew the roof off of my building that I was working in and the ceiling started collapsing down on us and being that my company was on the top floor we all had to escape by running down the stairs. I have been through several small earthquakes in California….. After going through all those horrible frightening things the most terrifying was watching two dogs bite down on me tearing my jeans and feeling like they were going to jump at my face and rip that up as well. If Kim Richards had any accountability and or concern for all the people that she has put in harm’s way by exposing her aggressive dog to them she would have immediately gotten rid of her very dangerous dog. I don’t understand why animal control in her city / town has not permanently removed the dog. She will not change because she is continuously allowed to get away with not accepting responsibility for actions. I’m sure every person that her dog attacked was just as frightened as I was and she just doesn’t care.

  17. Dexter

    Give her a broom shovel and trash bags. Let her pick up garbage.

    There are no consequences. She gets to go back to the hotel that banned her and play with pretty horses for kicking a cop and driving around drunk.
    Maybe if she kills someone next time she is out driving around drunk they will send her to Disneyland and make her swim with dolphins! Mark my words. A DUI with someone hurt or dead are in her future.

  18. Being paid by Bravo to take your picture with the pretty horses should not count as community labor. Just goes to show, if you’re somehow related to the Hilton’s, normal laws and acceptable behavior don’t apply. RHOBH is now officially off my list (not that it matters in the overall scheme of things, but makes me feel better to write it).

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