Kenya Moore Agrees to Match GoFundMe For Howard Student


RHOA Kenya and Howard Student, DJ


Kenya Moore has done a lot to support educational causes. She played for Detroit Schools on Celebrity Apprentice, and then kept her part of a challenge from Nene Leakes to donate $20,000 from her own pocket to the charity of her choice, and Nene would match it.  Kenya kept her end of the bargain; however, we have never heard from Nene on the topic other than for her to say that she does things on her own time.  Since Nene hasn’t turned up to any filming on RHOA yt,  you would think she would have a lot of time on her hands.

This week, Kenya has again reached out to a young woman who was having difficulty coming up with tuition money for fall semester due to no fault of her own. She has agreed to match money raised for her fees dollar for dollar to help her meet her goal.

Isn’t it nice to have a feel good story from a housewife?

Click through for what the GofundMe account has to say:

Due to the many knives life throws at you fulfilling the responsibility of paying for my education alone has become a burden that is keeping me from enrolling for a new year.

In August of 2015, I started my college career with 18 college credits after being a part of a gifted program in high school. My freshman year, I acquired various roles within my university and community. I was also able to find work as an intern at a local consulate in D.C. only to not be paid for my services as promised by my superior which greatly crippled me making it impossible for me to pay for my portion of financial aid.

I have worked all of summer 2016 in hopes of acquiring the funds to continue my education at my dream school Howard University in the fall of 2016.

I cannot apply for any scholarships because of the hold on my transcripts and scholarship season being over at this time. I’ve exhausted all other means as well and have no other option.

I respectfully hope that you would consider my accomplishments and goals while moving to assist me in my educational endeavors.

So far, $1,307 of the $4,270 goal on the GoFundMe page has been raised. The deadline for DJ to pay is Thursday.

In other news, Kenya is in L.A. again. She claims to be shopping for rugs for Moore Manor. While I am doubtful that is her only reason for being there, why on earth would she buy a rug there and have shipped back to Atlanta? This makes no sense to me.  Kenya seems to spend and save her money wisely. Is it just me being my frugal self?  Does this make sense to y’all?


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25 responses to “Kenya Moore Agrees to Match GoFundMe For Howard Student

  1. I’m sure you will get a lot of comments from Kenya’s haters, but in the mean time we are still waiting for NayNay’s matching $20,000 check for the Detroit Public Schools. Go Kenya!!

  2. Jack

    Kenya is a wonderful actress. She knows what makes for fantastic television and she delivers it time and time again which i why she continually gets asked back and is able to do the wonderful things she does for charity. Shes quite the character but you can never say she isnt giving.

  3. mzjulesaz

    WTG Kenya!

  4. Margaret Shepard

    I have always liked Kenya, she makes her own money unlike so many of the housewives and she is very smart. I do wish she could find a good guy, with her sad Motherless childhood I would love to see her married and having a family.

  5. Jen

    Maybe someone is paying her to come and shop at their store so they can get on the show.

  6. Fizz

    There are quite a few high end rug stores here that have “sales” on a consistent basis. I put sales in quotes because, they’re still very expensive. I’m sure there are nice rug stores in Atlanta, so I don’t get buying an overpriced rug and shipping it. Maybe she knows someone who’s giving her a really nice discount? I hope everything works out for the student she’s helping and that she can get a scholarship for next semester. Fingers crossed for her.

  7. SaraSally

    At the rate Nene’s nose keeps growing back, she will never be able to afford anything but her next nose job & the balloon mortgage payments on her over priced house.
    As far as Kenya, I believe only a portion of what she claims to do or say for that matter.

    • tamaratattles

      Well, in every positive situation there is someone who wants to take a random shit in the middle of the human kindness. Congrats on being that person!

      • Skeeter

        That sounds like a Hallmark Card!

      • SaraSally

        Clarification: My comment was in reference to0 the LA trip to buy floor coverings for a home in GA. It doesn’t add up.
        I’m glad about the matching funds edu project. We do pay as she goes for kid’s college. Its killing us. So the effort to assist this child is a noble one.

  8. Ms.Minnie

    I’m very proud of Kenya and any of the girls on the show who takes time to give back and help people in need. I do believe that once Kenya’s time on RHOA is up she’ll move back to LA, she loves it there.

  9. Matzah60

    I am always impressed with how much Kenya does to help those without, particularly children/young ladies. It is unfortunate that this young lady wasn’t paid for her work at the DC consulate, but there are very few, if any paid ‘internships’ left anywhere in the country.

    I am a big believer in GoFundMe. My son had to pay his own plane/living expenses to do medical check ups in a small village in Peru. Unfortunately, most people are weary about donating money to someone whom they don’t know who may or may not use the money as intended, so you end up with friends and family being the only donors. As soon as I get paid on Thursday, I will donate money to this young lady and hope that many will help her have the opportunity to go back to college this year. Having Kenya’s name behind this gal’s GoFundMe page will add a lot of credibility and hopefully, many more donations.

    If you have the ability to donate even $5, you’d be doing this young lady a great service and a nice jump start. Numbers of donations no matter the amount add up and will push this gal closer to her goal of attending college.

    Thanks for the uplifting story, Tamara!! Nice to hear!!

  10. SharewLove

    This is the Kenya I know and what a noble cause. If anyone can help this student please do so, I’m going to see how I can help too…

  11. Minky

    This really is a very touching story. This girl is working so hard to get her education and she deserves all the help and support she can get. Go girl! And go Kenya! Yay!

  12. Beckster

    Do not a whole lot to give, but just donated 23 dollars and it got her to 1620.00. Hopefully if a handful more people give she will get to continue her education another semester!

  13. I hope this child gets enough for her tuition – and finds other ways to pay for the rest of her education. And good on Kenya for stepping up for her.

  14. K.

    Wow, we should each donate $20.00 at least

  15. T D

    Far better to give than to receive True intentions resonate within one’s soul. Plant with love and reap what you sow. In the end the giver receives more.

  16. tamaratattles


  17. Oh, didn’t realize we were supposed to support Kenya. I’ll pass on that.

  18. Miguel

    Great post, TT – truly altruistic :)

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