Drama Is Released on Bond After Bomb Threat Involving Phaedra Parks

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While we had some uplifting news about Kenya Moore today, the latest news about Phaedra Parks is, as usual, about a felon.  As you recall, while Phaedra Parks was in Washington with all the other political idiots at the DNC, her former client and Angela Stanton’s former boyfriend was hunting her down in Atlanta. Drama (aka Terence Cook) was in the building where Phaedra keeps her latest law office last month, but in the wrong office, apparently her name is not on the directory of the building, or the door of the main office where she rents space, or he was just confused or high or all of the above.  While there, he became agitated when he was told she didn’t work in the office he was in. He said something about having a bomb strapped to his leg and had to be arrested by the police while SWAT did a bomb search that showed up nothing.

After that, both Phaedra and Drama’s mama contacted TMZ to let them know it was all a big misunderstanding.  Or that the cops racially profiled him as a gang member based on his long white t-shirt or that he was just dropping off a CD or perhaps it was a mixed tape.  At any rate, Drama is totally innocent and Phaedra was going to hunt down a real live criminal attorney to represent him.


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Last week Drama was released on a $25,000 bond.  He was ordered to wear an ankle bracelet, and was given a restraining order requiring him to stay at least 200 yards away from Phaedra and her office (the real one? the fake one? Both?)

The judge also ordered a psychiatric evaluation on Drama.

I suppose we can expect some more commentary from Phaedra about what really went down when she was six states away.  Perhaps, she will compare it to some poor victim of police brutality somewhere and start selling FREE DRAMA! and JUSTICE FOR DRAMA! t-shirts.

This is going to be her storyline, isn’t it.  UGH.


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17 responses to “Drama Is Released on Bond After Bomb Threat Involving Phaedra Parks

  1. bria

    Hilarious T.T, anything is possible with Phaedra Parks. This lady has nine lives…

  2. Laura

    Why was Phaedra with the DNC in Washington? Was there a big event?

  3. JoJoFLL

    Phaedra is shady as hell. Why didn’t the judge order a psychiatric evaluation on Phaedra?

    Something will eventually blow wide open with this one.

    • Matzah60

      Agree. Drama is after Phaedra, but not to drop off any CD. Phaedra is shady, but her hands are dirty too and something bad is going to happen or some news outlet is going to blow the lid wide open on what really happened with Stanton, Drama, and Phaedra.

  4. Minky

    At this point I’m convinced that Phaedra could use orphaned children who are also refugees from the Congo and sick with yellow fever for slave labor and she’d still get away with it scot free, while spinning it as some sort of charity where she’s helping people in need.

    It is very interesting, however, the way she’s treating this Drama situation. If someone was trying to kill me I’d be scared shitless. Not Phaedra. She’s getting him a lawyer, paying his bail, claiming he’s a victim of racial profiling, but still somehow keeping him a safe distance away from her, with the restring order and the psych evaluation. Huh? How the fuck did she do all of that?!!!

  5. Margaret Shepard

    Fakdra. Fakdra. Just waiting till all her shady and illegal ways are uncovered.

  6. Margaret Shepard


  7. Sandra

    So, Drama is a good friend who was just a victim of a misunderstanding yet, Phaedra felt she needed a restraining order? Yeah ok. LOL! Was it out of Phedra’s hands? Surely, she could convince a judge that she was absolutely NOT in any danger. Major side eye.

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