Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Things Get A Bit Raw

RHOOC Cast Season 11

I’m not sure I am ready for the housewives to return, but ready are not, here they come. Tonight we return to RHOOC.


This new girl Kelly really seems to know how to play the game.  She’s not clinging to Meghan to defend Meghan from all the backlash of her Nancy Drew act last season, she is branching out and building alliances in her new role as Vicki’s number one minion.  I’m happy about that.  So we start with Kelly dropping by Tamra’s house.  Tamra’s already drinking and chatting with Kelly about the Insemination Party tonight. Kelly explains to Tamra that Shannon set her up at the Mrs. Roper Party.  Tamra, shit stirrer extraordinaire delivers her line from production with glee, ” That girl at the party thinks you suck dick to pay your bills.”  Is that girl going to be an FOH to Shannon all season? Will I have to remember her stupid name or can we just keep calling her “that girl”?

Tamra calls Meghan about Vicki being at her Insemination Party and Meghan has a meltdown. She doesn’t want Vicki at the party. Tamra tells us that Meghan said it was fine the day before, but if that is true, why did she call Meghan and ask her again the next day. This was a poorly written scene to foreshadow Vicki pissing off everyone at the party. This pisses Tamra off.


Meanwhile at Vicki’s house she is ignoring her dying daughter and flogging the children. Oh wait, no. No she is not. She is having a lovely family dinner while Briana whines about how difficult the renovation of her house is.  It’s always a good idea to renovate a home while you have serious medical issues in your life.   Aren’t there supposed to be two boys? Did someone eat one of her young? Vicki wants a new husband. She wants a younger one that she can have sex and travel with. This seems like a good idea to me. Briana  wants her to get back with Don.


RHOOC Yacht Meghan Heather



Meghan goes to holistic doctor who has a wall full of degrees, one of which is M.D., but he is very out there. Shannon recommended him, obviously.  Shannon and Tamra both show up to his office which is apparently in a fitness center. He was at the Mrs. Roper Party and they start the trash talking of Vicki. Shannon is furious that Vicki is coming to Meghan’s party.  Shannon is being such a hypocrite about this since she invited her to the Mrs. Roper Party.  Tamra says she is just doing what Jesus would do because she’s a spiritual gangster.


Vicki goes to Kelly’s house on the beach and takes the elevator up to the fourth floor and can’t get out.  These scenes with Vicki and Heather provide a lot of much needed comic relief.  Kelly shows Vicki her elaborate wine bottle opener and some other kitchen gadgets, and then neither of them can figure out how to use a bottle of peppercorns from the grocery store.  Kelly tells Vicki about that girl saying she was a prostitute.  She says it really pissed off her husband and Kelly texted Shannon saying she’s going to hire a lawyer to sue her (the girl) for defamation.

Shannon calls Tamra about the defamation text. Tamra planted the seed and now she wants to stay out it and watch things germinate.  Shannon is pissed at Tamra now.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen with Kelly and Vicki, they start talking about David and how he was so aggressive with her. Production replays Kelly saying he looks like a pedophile. Kelly and Vicki talk about his wonky eyes and Kelly says Shannon kind of has them too. They are made for each other. And then production does a side by side screenshot of them both screaming with their eyeballs bulging out.  I’m gonna guess production doesn’t like them either.

Vicki and Kelly sit down to eat the healthy dinner of roasted salmon, cauliflower and asparagus. It looked great, but I remember seeing Kelly cutting up whole heads of garlic and wonder what she was going to do with them since she didn’t peel the cloves.  Apparently it was for the tiny amount of cauliflower she made and it was way too much garlic according to Vicki. Personally, I’m not sure there is such a thing as too much garlic, but you do have to peel the cloves or just buy it minced in a jar like I do.  Vicki says she is going in on David Beador the next time sees him.  And then says he is scary. If a man is scary Vicki, you avoid him. You don’t poke the bear.

RHOOC  Meghan

The Insemination Party at the Sushi Place

I find it weird that Tamra is filming with Sarah, her daughter in law that keeps having police issues with her son.   Vicki brings Meghan a gift and another apology. Everyone is bracing for war. Meghan is being inseminate with two embryos. After chatting about impregnating Meghan for a bit, Kelly chimes in and wants the fake psychic guy to come read everyone.  That guy, Scott doesn’t even pretend to be a psychic in real life, just on the show.  The should get the kid from E!  who has his own show dazzling celebrities with his conversations with the dead.  The fake psychic said Meghan would only have one baby.

Kelly starts to rant about that girl. She’s drunk and sweaty. Shannon opens her stupid little mouth and Kelly tells her to shut the fuck up and calls her a cunt.  Kelly is way over served, sweating like someone who sucks dick to pay her bills in church, and begins sobbing hysterically. Tamra says if you are going to dish shit out you have to be able to take it and Kelly loses her damn mind.  Tamra asks if the lies that girl told affected Kelly’s life and she screams at Tamra, “Yes you dumb fuck!”

RHOC heather fun gif
Heather, sensing she is getting zero camera time at this clusterfuck, jumps up and says she is not doing this, goes on a sanctimonious rant and appears to be leaving. Then it seems she realizes that is counterproductive to her maximizing her screen time, so in a bizarre turn of events she throws Kelly out of the party.  Kelly looks at her and says, “So you are the boss?”  Heather storms off dramatically and Tamra and Shannon scamper after her.  Heather screams at Tamra, “I have four children, a husband and a very nice life!”   Because she hides that information so well every episode. Every decides the party is over and heads out to sit outside on the curb with Heather.  Heather continues her rant to Vicki and oddly points to Shannon and says “No matter how much I love this one, I told her that the way David spoke to her was inappropriate and the way Michael spoke to her (Shannon) was inappropriate.”

Vicki is calmly applying lip gloss as everyone is going nuts around her. “I’m not going to go there,” says Vicki. I think the plan was for her to go there but drunk ass Kelly too things to a whole new level.  Then Heather does a 180 on Vicki and tells her she has a lot of things to apologize for as well.  Heather is ranting just like Kelly but without all the bad language.   Speaking of Kelly, she apologizes to Shannon for calling her a cunt. Tamra thinks that Kelly has anger from a bad marriage and gets drunk and takes them out on others.

The show ends with Heather crying to Terry on the phone in the car home, while Kelly does an impression of Heather for Vicki and Tamra at the Sushi joint. Both scenes are PRICELESS.

Next Week:  It’s a vow renewal for David and Shannon. The bad news is we have to watch. The good news is that is the first harbinger of divorce.


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186 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Things Get A Bit Raw

  1. Jessica

    I have to say that even after tonight’s episode I like Kelly Dodd!

    • She is crazy on steroids. I can appreciate that.

      • Me too! Get rid of Heater ASAP! If that was “crying” – then she is the worst actress out there (honey we saw no tears). Heather’s behaviour was the worse than Kelly’s (and condescending all the time to everyone especially her husband and it has gotten tired fast)

      • Miguel

        Shelly, I kept thinking: And Heather’s an actress in real life? She needs to hone her craft; or, perhaps, she couldn’t be bothered with committing to the “fake tear fest?”

    • J Stone

      The OC has gone Gangsta… don’t know which was more awkward Heather attempting to kick out Kelly (Fail!) or her “crying” in the car to Terry.

      Dodd is good reality TV but she is an angry drunk. Maybe she saw “red” from the glasses’ reflection of that loud jumpsuit she wore.

      Vicki- loves liquor and drama. That’s why her and Kelly get along so well.

      Tamra- carrier pigeon this season.

      Shannon came out looking the most sane this episode.

    • Tika

      I agree Kelly brings it and I love it..

    • Lu

      Me too. I think she speaks to all of us when we at some low point in our lives just lost the plot and said the first thing that comes to mind in the heat of the moment. Very human and relatable. And if you did not say it, you sure as hell think it

    • Bravocueen

      WORD! I love the crazy!!

  2. Kelly went nuts, and it was quite enjoyable. Why Heather had to interfere then very about it was a mystery. Did the word “cunt” undo her composure?

  3. Kelly scares me, I see bad things happening with her. She gets way to violent and vulgar way to quick. And Tamara, she’s just the shit stirrer. Jesus my ass. That’s not what Jesus would do.

  4. J Stone

    The OC has gone Gangsta… don’t know which was more awkward Heather attempting to kick out Kelly (Fail!) or her “crying” in the car to Terry.

    Dodd is good reality TV but she is an angry drunk. Maybe she saw “red” from the glasses’ reflection of that loud jumpsuit she wore.

    Vicki- loves liquor and drama. That’s why her and Kelly get along so well.

    Tamra- carrier pigeon this season.

    Shannon came out looking the most sane this episode.

  5. Ms.Minnie

    I just can’t express how much I love Kelly, this episode tonight was great. She is Kenya 2.0 and not afraid to say what she feels, I do feel that Heather needs to take that stick out of her fake ass and loosen up. I’m pretty sure Kelly isn’t the first person you’ve been around who is outspoken, I love how the producer’s didn’t let this become another bash Vicki season and gave her an person who isn’t all about taking side’s. Keep doing you Kelly boo boo, get these wanna be bougie women together and Shannon’s robot ass.

    • Matzah60

      Kenya isn’t an alcoholic and she doesn’t call other people a cunt in a shrieking voice in a public restaurant. Kenya is accomplished and makes her own money. If Kelly is fucking angry in her marriage then she should her college degree and find a job to sustain herself and her daughter. If she thinks her daughter will be adversely affected by rumors that her mother is a prostitute, Kelly should know that her daughter will actually be adversely affected by her drunken, vulgar behavior on TV this year.

      I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for Kelly. She stayed in that marriage so she didn’t have get off her ass and work and so she could continue to live the high life in n her husband’s money.

      Vicki and Kelly are two thugs in a cocktail dress….I think that line came from RHNY but I may be mistaken.

  6. Diane

    I am just disgusted by the Kelly person. She is truly a disturbed person. Out of control. No class. The more she says she has been a millionare for years the more I think she does ‘blow’ . She is blowfish spewing bullshit and hate. I dislike her so much. She was a bad addition to this show. Plus Vickie is not helping her cause by being pals with this crazy woman. Kelly Dodd is a trashy ugly woman. There is nothing right about talking that way to any person. No excuses. Personally this season is probably my last watching. Its a trainwreck and there is nothing that is remotely fun or reality. Its a complete cluster fubar.

    We have felony housewives
    We have sharing the man houswives
    We have bully housewives
    We have the thug life housewives
    We have the trailer trash housewives
    Bravo is a dumping ground these days


    • Carol Davies

      Tell us how you really feel Shannon, I mean Diane

    • Kristen

      Duh. That’s exactly why we watch.

      You sound a little too invested in Kelly…are you “that girl?”

      • What is “that girl”. and I don’t watch for catfights, I like seeing the beautiful homes, the families, the extravagant vacations…. I guess I must be stupid.

      • Sierra

        You may want to try the travel channel! Nothing but cat fights here. And I never see the families anymore like the first season, not very real, just bitching and surgery. Kelly is a bloody red train wreck.

      • Diane

        I am no ones girl !

        I don’t mind some of the drama but let’s be real here. These shows are 51 minutea of yelling and bitching. I watch for some fun. If I want to listen to all this BS I can just find that on here. I listen to back stabbing bitchiness everyday. TV is for some relaxation.

        The wives are becoming like every other trashy reality show. Its like watching the Flavor of Love girls or the Bad Girls Club. These wive shows are supposed to have class. JMHO

      • Diane

        Clarification ….I can find that “out here” as in my own little piece of the world.

    • I agree with you, don’t let this chick bully you over it.

      • Sabrina

        As do I. We all look for a variety of things from these shows- we are getting enough ugliness on the news. Why would we continue to give an audience to angry offensive women like Kelly? Vicki is already a lost cause- heck, Tamra said correctly that her daughter needs to raise Vicki as well as her toddlers. Vicki is seeking another loser soul mate and Kelly is it for the moment- she seemed on something as she screamed from the elevator-Vicki is as lost as Kelly is- and the odds are not good that either of them can sort their lives out.

        We have learned over time about how lost Vicki is, how in need of a man, even a loser she has to write the judge to keep out of jail, she is; every week the info that comes out about Kelly and her “marriage” is more ridiculous sounding. These two have found each other- they should leave the show and be codependent on their own. They share the same needs/losses/traits- alcohol, men, money, self- confidence and self-absorption/narcissism.

    • I agree too. More often than not after watching lately I feel unsettled. I have an addiction to these shows and I don’t know why. They certainly don’t entertain me in the least. It makes me sad. Yet, I watch. I actually have stopped watching some of them and truly enjoy Kim Zoliack, Jeff Lewis and all the listings. But the housewives, they do not portray women in a good light at all. It doesn’t matter who you are , where you live, how much money or class you are “supposed ” to have they all end up in the same place sooner or later as they bullies or the bullied. It’s made me take a look at my own friendships …but no…we aren’t like this .

  7. Carol Davies

    Heather drunk sobbing ,Priceless! When they show scenes of the giraffe, I mute sound. If I hear IVF one more time…….her gay husband no where to be found. I also mute Shannon and Dr Moon. Vikki is in heaven! The shark has been jumped 100%. Next week will be unbearable…get your barf bags people.

    • mdm

      Yaaaassss, WTH was Heather doing?!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh god, I’m sorry but that was hilarious. It’s not like anyone yelled at HER, nothing to sob hysterically over.

    • CupcakeScholar

      That drunken scream scene was the wives fighting for camera time. Did Heather win? I see an Oscar in her future.

      • Kimoe

        I read something about Heather not wanting to do another season of HW but she did it because Terry wanted her to for exposure etc. Her career outside HW has seems to have gotten better compared to when she started. Maybe she’s worried how this will affect her career and that’s why she was upset. I don’t blame her for leaving. I would’ve especially after seeing years of train wreck dinners then this one diving to the depths of cunt calling, drunk word vomit and sloppy apologies expecting it all to be forgiven. Kelly is a mess that needs to be mopped up and thrown out. I’m sure Bravo thought they had a gold mine when they saw a bar on every floor of her house and in her closet. I like Heather. For me she gives what I want out of HW. Class, glam, the behind scenes of her life, beautiful home, etc. say what you will but she seems to keep everything in a balanced place. She doesn’t expose her kids as much a some for example.

      • Sierra

        I agree 100% with trash everywhere women like heather are rare, some call it fake, i call it class. Everyone today feels like they have to say whatever is on their mind… No, no we don’t. It’s called “society” and “civilization” and the C word has no place at a public/national dinner table.

  8. Kristen

    ” Tamra says she is just doing what Jesus would do because she’s a spiritual gangster.”


  9. Happy gal

    Heather had no tears only the sounds of fake crying. No wonder she never really made it as an actress if this is the best she can do

    • Julie

      Amen !!
      I noticed right away not one tear

    • Couldn’t help but notice she paused her crying long enough to look @ the camera angle and never moved an inch after that. LOL

      I don’t much care for Heather, but I must say I totally agreed with her reaction to Kelly and Vicki at the dinner. This type of drama on reality shows has gotten really old. I think the audience has tired of it, and is looking for higher quality storylines. Or maybe it’s just me.

      • You aren’t alone. I’m tired of it too

      • Sabrina

        It’s not just you. There are lot of us.

        I have zero time and energy for ugly behavior from women who should know better. Bravo surely has been given that message often enough- but appears to have not fully appreciated it. Hence, the ratings will each them.

      • Diane

        I am tired of it as well!

      • Same here. It is just so draining. Every time they are going on a trip or out to dinner or have a party inside I am thinking here we go again. And it’s all the franchises not just this one. I hate that they make women look like this I really do. Does this happen to you guys in real life? I mean I know stuff happens once in awhile …but come on! And Andy is just getting nastier and nastier with these women on WWHL. They truly have all sold their souls to the Devil’s advocate.

      • I agree with you, Andy is getting nastier, and the women are out of control from all the housewives.

      • Something Clever

        I was surprised by Heather’s emotions in the car, but I cheered her outrage when she was in the restaurant. I think it came from a place of “what the fuck am I doing here?” As she said herself to Terry, she has a husband, four kids and a nice life. So why does she need to associate with trashy, crazy bitches? Just as Kelly supposedly worries about what her daughter will think of her on the show, Heather doesn’t want to have to explain this level of crazy to her relatively well adjusted kids. It is too embarrassing for healthy people, even if most viewers realize that much of the shenanigans are scripted (like Kelly wasn’t really Meghan’s friend, and “that girl” was invited to the 70s party because Bravo told Shannon to invite her). I think Heather had a major gut check. I wouldn’t be surprised of this is her last season.

    • Sierra

      Omg everyone it’s too much Botox. My husband worked at a plastic surgeons office, when women have a lot of fresh Botox the tear ducts are essentially paralyzed he noticed that right away and he noticed she kept covering her face because she has a giant blue giant vein running down her forehead, the fact it was throbbing indicates she was probably crying. BOTOX.

    • Lawstangel

      Prior to marrying Terry in the early 2000’s she worked on 4 or 5 different tv shows with 20-30 appearances on each one. She may not be a movie star but up until she married she was an accomplished television actress.

  10. Chiisaimiss

    I’m still trying to figure out Heather’s reaction to all of this..too much Champs?! IDK, I don’t get it, the crying w/ Terry on the phone seemed..bizarre..

  11. BlaseBlase

    Ok. Going to sound like an a-hole here but did Heather look like she was trying not to crack up laughing when she was “sobbing uncontrollably” in the car on her way home?

  12. RHofND

    Heather must have been hoping for the rebirth of Malibu Country with that bad acting in the car. She was hysterically sobbing while covering her face to hide the fact she wasn’t shedding any tears. The only thing she was upset about was her lack of camera time.
    Kelly would make Brandi Glanville proud. I think the ladies at the end were correct…she’s displacing a lot of pain and anger from her own life.

    • Laurette

      I also think Kelly is dealing with a little too much a very very nice person but alcohol takes her to another level

    • Matzah60

      Isn’t Brandi’s foul mouth and disgusting drunk behavior precisely why everyone wanted her off the show??? What makes Kelly’s behavior a better version of Brandi.

      While I am a big fan of college and beyond, being a college graduate doesn’t necessarily indicate you are bright or better than anyone without the degree. A BA no longer has any correlation with a person’s intellect. When you can get in to college with an SAT under 1000, you are no Einstein.

      • Something Clever

        I love Brandi. She came on the show as an underdog, and those bitches sure we’re mean to her right away. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. And I found her funny and truthful. I recognized the manipulation she described with Lisa V. She genuinely loves deeply and had a realness about her – remember the love for her boys and how she cried when her dog was missing? Too bad she took on the wrong Wife.

    • Rita

      No, she was trying to hide that ugly botox squish crying face. I’m not joking.

    • lori

      Ever since Bravo aired that showed in which the producers told us that the night when all of the hw’s ganged up on Alexis, that Heather was literally chasing after them, trying to get them to fire Alexis and trying to sell people who she wanted them to replace her with… that was the moment that truly sealed the deal for my dislike of Heather. She is such a pretentious phony. I really wished WWHL wasn’t on vacation tonight. Don’t know which hw I would have wanted to hear from, but hopefully TT will purple pen some blogs this week.

      • Sabrina

        I never heard that- true?

      • lori

        Yep. Watch that show show that they recently aired covering behind the scenes (or secrets of, or whatever they called it) of season 8 rhoc. They showed a clip from that episode and said “What fans don’t know is that while this was going on Heather was… (what I wrote above). They even showed a quick bit of her doing it.

      • Bravocueen

        I completely agree with this. That sealed the deal for me!!!!!

      • Lawstangel

        Yes. I saw that show, they also said that Vicki treats the producers like crap, with her demands and hissy fits.

    • Lawstangel

      What does she have to be angry about?

  13. Ruthie

    Why would anyone in their right mind renew their vows on a housewives show?? Pump is the only one it has worked out for. Kiss of death.

  14. Kelly is a mean drunk. Shannon was right, no one called her a prostitute. IMO that Nina woman meant this is how Kelly stays in her marriage. Kelly ranting how her child will see this and then acts that way at dinner is too much.

    Vicki and her love tank again. Ugh. Can’t stand looking at that vile excuse for a human being.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t like Vicki, she’s over stayed her welcome. I do love her daughter though. And Kelly, she’s got problems.

      • Minky

        My concern is that Kelly is going to be the OC version of Porsha. It’s a show about allegedly rich and allegedly fabulous housewives, not the WWE.

    • Jenn

      Totally agree about Kelly. If she’s concerned about being a role model to her daughter, she doesn’t show it with that foul mouth. She called David a pedo and Shannon a c*nt. Kelly definitely has issues. The whole comment from Shannon’s friend clearly struck a chord because it’s true. She is staying with her husband for money, not love. She seems to barely tolerate him. She brings the drama and it’s entertaining to watch, but she seems like a pretty disgusting human being.

      • Sabrina

        Minky, exactly right. And the only reason Porsha has had a peach has been that she is on Atlanta- she’d have been tossed from any other of the HW shows. We need no more examples of trashy women screaming obscenities- it didn’t work for Brandi, production brought Kelly here to pivot away from Vicki and her lunacy. Now they have each other- so get off the show !

    • Janet

      I’m giving spunky2015 post the big thumbs up! Kelly makes herself look bad, and using the mother excuse is laughable. I’m a mother too and I still find it dumb. The woman at the party was talking about being in a loveless marriage not prostition. Kelly is the one who said she was only with him because he was fighting her with attorneys and wouldn’t roll over and give her a nice settlement. And Vickie is just hung up on dick, which I allways suspected with all her love tank talk and her low brow Brooks obsession. That’s all fine and good, but that’s not necessarily a big love for her, to grow older with, that’s sex. And It works both ways, and if you want to be shallow men are pretty shallow right back at yeah and will trade her in too, just like she did to Donn. I am not a big Heather fan, but I was fine with her leaving. I would have too. I avoid women like Kelly.

    • Matzah60

      As others have said here, Word, as to everything you said above, Spunky.

    • PaganChick

      If someone nastily says “at least I don’t suck dick to pay my bills” to me, I am assuming that I am being called a prostitute. And if you are right and she was making a judgement call on Kelly’s marriage, then equating someones marriage to prostitution especially when she had no real insight into Kelly’s marriage was just as, if not more, insulting as the words she actually used.

      I do think that Kelly needs to tone down the drunken rage, but I also think she had every right to be upset about what the chick said.

      • I kinda thought that girl was saying that in general, not specifically referring to Kelly…I get the idea that that is the common theme for OC, there is something to that saying, “When you marry for money, you earn every penny of it.”

      • Diane

        That was how I took the comment to be also… a generalized comment. She did not say Kelly Dodd as far as I can remember. I say Kelly protest a little tok much. Maybe she can borrow Shannons streaking outfit and she and Vickie can play ‘love tank’ blech bahahaaa
        They are meant to be together!

      • Matzah60

        Kelly said she knew the woman who made the comment about sucking dick to pay the bills. It is a judgement call whether she knows her or not, but they do know each other and they have met before. It was my understanding that “that girl” who is a woman named Nina was Jim’s second wife, but I have no idea if that is true or not. This woman seemed to make a point of trying to put Kelly in her place by moving her purse and making that comment while miked up for the show.

      • Sierra

        I thought the same thing about the purse but when I watched it again it seems she didn’t know whose purse it was and moved it to the side because drunky just left it there and they were all filming and talking at that cocktail table with their drinks on it and some randoms purse. I would have moved it too. Other people’s purses are gross.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Agreed PaganChick.

      • Lu

        Even though ‘that girl’ did not name Kelly she def inferred to her as they were talking about her. The other implication of being called a prosti is also clear to me. That is the implication when used as ‘sucking…’ blah blah blah’. I do agree that Kelly has to tone it down, both the lang and the boozing. People are talking about her husband and or her marriage, that’s off limits. If you do not walk in her shoes you lose the right to have any input on that front.

      • PaganChick

        @Observer2, it could have been a generalized comment. But, Kelly was going on what Tamra told her. And Tamra told her the woman said it about Kelly. So whether it was a generalized comment is moot.

      • You’re absolutely right PaganChick (@9:30), Kelly was reacting to what Tamra (the pot stirrer extraordinaire) told her; I was referring to the actual conversation. But it is definitely open to interpretation.

      • Miguel

        Agreed, PaganChick!!!

  15. Linda newsom

    Kelly is to vulgar for me yuck. I want her gone

    • Janet

      That’s how I felt too,and I think that was Heather’s reason for leaving. Kelly is an out of control drunk and a coke head with a personality disorder, and it’s pathetic to watch. Not classy unless you’re Jerry Springer.

      • swizzle

        Jerry Springer is where Kelly belongs. She’s such trash. We’ve seen it on the show and off. I would have left too if I were there. Who needs that shit?

  16. Noellemybelle

    I enjoyed tonight’s episode and this season has proven to be more enjoyable than RHONY or RHONJ so far. They were all over served, and some handle it better than others. Heather fake crying was priceless, but I think she was drunk of Champs as well. Shannon was speechless at the table for once so Heather took that as her opportunity to jump in. It never occurred to Shannon once to simply apologize to Kelly about “that girl” who doesn’t know her speaking ill of her at her party, but she gets made a Tamara for telling her? None of this makes sense to me.

    • Lawstangel

      Shannon apologized the week prior when they met to hash out what happened. Kelly even mentioned it before she spun out with her “despicable” and “disgusting” remarks.

  17. Polly

    Great reality tv tonight. True to real housewives heart and soul(less).

    I do notice Kelly has a really botched coke nose and might explain her explicits and temper.

    I think Heather’s anger and tears were sincere from a production standpoint. She sees Kelly is the breakout star and center of drama, using the words cunt and Fuck to express yourself is trashy. Heather doesn’t want that tarnishing RHOC (even though Tamra made it trashy years ago) or her and Terry’s skin amt lifestyle brand.

  18. Cherry Bomb

    Shannon has no logic to her way of thinking. She gets angry for the oddest things, it’s as if she truly doesn’t understand what is being said. She became angry when Kelly said she was a college graduate…. Out of all the crazy and vile crap that comes out of Kelly’s mouth that’s what bothered her ? And she was angry when Kelly said USC stood for University of Spoiled Children… How did she not know that was a joke? Shannon is such a weirdo and not in the cool Austin Texas kind of way.

    • Shae

      She did know it was a joke, she joked back that it was “successful” not “spoiled”. My impression was that she just didn’t take to Kelly’s types of “jokes” upon first meeting her. I think she came on way too strong, I would’ve been put off myself.

      Joking between friends, established friends, is another thing altogether.

  19. Skeeter

    No TT, there is no such-a-thing as “too much garlic” :)

  20. Shae

    Kelly is such trash, I can’t stomach it. If you know you’re a loud, sloppy, obnoxious drunk- stop getting smashed on camera all the time and embarrassing yourself. Not a good look.

  21. Dan

    Brandi Glanville – Welcome to the OC Housewives in the form of Kelly Dodd! I love it!

  22. rainidaze

    I want to know if Brianna is going to be on every single episode this season. GMAB, are they grooming her (and us viewers) for a full HW position and contract for next season? So far, she’s been front and center with full scenes (with her own storyline) with Vicki each episode. UGH

  23. SaraK

    I am a fancy pants fan. Is she pretentious..yep always has been. Yet loved Kelly’s “Are you the boss?” And Tamra’s response to Shannon “don’t condem other for doing what you did” when talking about inviting Vickie. Two great one liners!

  24. Shae

    I’m not a mother, but if I was, I would think twice about appearing on national tv screaming “cunt” at women, calling them “ugly” and whatnot in a drunken fit. That’s really what you want your kid to see? How a lady should act? I mean, all housewives do some outlandish stuff but I think there’s a line. I would not want my daughter or son to see that. Gross.

    • Kika

      This show is becoming another “Mob Wives”. Won’t be long before they are physically assaulting each other and pulling out hair.

    • Susie

      Yes, gross. She needs to clean up that trash mouth of hers. She is an embarrassment to moms everywhere. Today is my grandma’s birthday. She was born 116 years ago today. She told me to always act like a lady. I don’t alwaysbut it is what I aspire to and I am not a mom. Kelly, if you read this, please sober up.

  25. Untreated perimenopause, which occurs much earlier than most women realize, & menopause result in women self-medicating with alcohol & other substances. I spent most of my life in Orange County & I guess if I was having a party there now I would pass around a bowl of Premarin instead of peanuts. Truthfully, it is difficult to see so many women in pain, blowing up their own worlds when what they really need is a referral to a good endocrinologist before they destroy themselves & their families.

    • I should have mentioned in my post that uncontrollable rage is a strong sign of estrogen deprivation. Both men & women have both feminizing & masculinizing hormones, & they act like anti-hormones with each other & the balance is delicate indeed. For example, testosterone (masculinizing hormone) exerts a greater influence on the individual when there is less estrogen in the body, because the estrogen has been keeping the testosterone in check. This is likely the reason many women only reach their sexual/orgasmic potential in the 40’s, when the estrogen levels decrease. (Remember, in both sexes testosterone is the “horny hormone.” Unfortunately, this is why we also start to get strange hair patterns/extra hair some places, & less on the top of the head. Just as in adolescence when our bodies start taking over our lives, the same thing happens later in life, & it is mostly hormones. Once you learn the behavioral symptoms, it is easy to spot sexual hormone imbalances, even in complete strangers, & especially on reality shows where you see a lot of situational/behavioral sequences. Tip #1: Get a baseline hormone test in very early 30’s so that changes can be charted at annual physical. Pay attention to progesterone, too; too much can not only result in gawdawful depression, but it caues weight gain & suppresses orgasm. Jazz (“My Name is Jazz” on TLC) had a horrible time when she was given progesterone in an attempt to suppress testosterone. You & your doc will know what is “normal” for you, & be able take action when levels get wonky. Tip #2: Start taking an over-the-counter naturally occurring hormone, DHEA (less than $8 a bottle at Walmart) after 25 or so, when your body starts to decrease its natural output. The job of DHEA in your body is to be the substance from which the body makes sex hormones naturally; i.e. it is a precursor for your naturally made sex hormones. I also recommend DHEA (50-100 mg. daily) for men (my 80 yr. old boyfriend is on it because of my recommendation. Good attitude & personality are important for happiness in life, but they cannot overcome the tumult when our hormones are out of whack. Some of you probably watched the public meltdown of Rosie O’Donnell a few years ago. She took a huge hit on her family, her career & her health (even a heart attack). Have you seen her since she started taking estrogen? Turned her life around big time. When you get your body back in hormonal balance it doesn’t seem like you are have changed a bit; it is just that the rest of the world has made a huge turnaround for your benefit. So which reality divas do you think should be sucking up Premarin with a straw? I’ll nominate Kelly Dodd & Bethenny Frankel to start, but Shannon’s recent weight gain could be excess progesterone–she’s a bit of a rager, too.

      • Janet

        What you said makes a ton of sense. The only thing where I would differ at all, with what you’ve said is, there are some women in life, who are very destructive ,competitive, snakes in the grass, and that’s allways been their MO. I don’t think hormones will alter that much. Another thing I’ve noticed at work though, over the years in my personal observations is, that when women age into their mid thirties they all tend to become more unhappy and unsatisfied in general. This change causes them to be more catty, gossipy and trouble making. You can almost set your watch by it. I guess its the hormones.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I nominate Brandi Glanville, what do you think?

      • Janet

        Brandi is a good one to nominate for hormonal help. She’s drinking and medicating and angry and depressed.

  26. RHofND

    Does anyone else think that doctor in the gym was super creepy? He may have many credentials after his name but that doesn’t make him any less shady.

    • Yes! Creepy indeed. I was relieved when Shanna and Tamara showed up.

    • Sabrina

      Not only was he super creepy, but he said he had an “MD-DS ” I think I heard, which is Dr of Science, I think, and am not sure whether that is a practicing MD or not- will find out.
      I though Meghan’s way- over -the- top- response to his touches truly gross ; she appeared to be close to ecstasy as he touched her- what the heck was that all about? I kept expecting someone to explain but it never happened-

      • swizzle

        I think he said MD, DC, and the DC is for chiropractor. He’s an odd bird. He does those workout videos on Facebook with Shannon and he’s always dressed like Bob the Builder.

      • lori

        I’ve never seen that, but now I may have to. That’s funny.

      • Jo

        I think he said he was a MD DO DC. DO’s are doctors of osteopathic medicine. They believe in malipulation as do DC’s

      • Miguel

        Hahaha, swizzle!

      • Matzah60

        Chiropractors refer to themselves as doctors. Doctors don’t do physical therapy at the gym. He was on the show before. Shannon went to him to lose her ‘gut’….Shannon’s words. He was helping her get back in shape. I have never seen Shannon go to an Eastern medical doctor. She is strictly into holistic health. Most of it is based on some ancient practices, but after watching the Olympics, I was stunned to see almost the entire swimming team engaged in cupping. Maybe Shannon is on to something.

      • mddc

        He’s a doctor of sports medicine and it’s not a gym, it’s for physical therapy. He’s also not holistic btw.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh look! It’s the doc from the gym!

    • Lawstangel

      Lord……where does Shannon find these people…..

  27. Twilly

    An insemination party? Good Lord, that’s tacky.

  28. Linda

    Well the only other thing Heather had to offer was the anal/vag steaming photo of her and Terry on national TV. I found that quite odd.

  29. Kara123

    I thought this episode was great, it had me yelling at my TV and cracking me up. Meghan is fucking boring as well as Heather who I would love to punch in the throat. But I loved seeing Shannon shocked that Tamara and Meghan were I guess starting to forgive Vicki. I like Vicki and Shannon is just being a dick about everything. My favorite part of the episode was Kelly yelling at Shannon at dinner, it was fucking awesome, all those chicks with their mouths wide open, priceless. And then Kelly telling Heather, who made u the boss, lol, I loved it.

    • Lu

      Kara123, I loved the episode too!. Shannon is such a sour-p, chastising everyone that remotely looks as if they are talking to Vicki. I loved that Tamra put her in her place. They all seem to have evolved into the mean group that bond together over their common dislike of someone else, but don’t you dare venture a little bit outside of the lines.

    • Kimoe

      Until this episode I just thought Megan had gotten bad edit with regard to her IQ. Her obvious lack of intelligence to follow the fight was evident and a bit sad really. I would bet my bottom dollar she has NO idea her husband is gay. Not a clue.

    • Miguel

      I couldn’t agree more! You’ve said it ALL, Kara123 – so funny & succinct!!!

  30. Margaret Shepard

    So David and Shannon are gonna have a vow renewal. Ugg. Maybe they forgot Vicki and Don had one a few years back and voila, divorce followed. I find Meghan so boring and her husband is the most distant and uninteresting husband I have ever seen . They should dump them both.

  31. BlaseBlase

    Hahaha! Ol’ Shannon walking around like a jealous side chick cause Tamara’s softening up toward Vicki! Loved your comment by the way Kara123!

  32. PeachyKeen

    Worse than I thought…Kelly Dodd and booze not a good combo!
    ALso had to reflect on prior episode when Kelly seemed to have a number of RX bottles in the
    drawer in the bathroom…maybe were for her pain the a**?
    If I hear Mc more time; or Vickies “gloves off” I’ll go back to watching reruns
    of Three’s COmpany…

  33. Happy gal

    Heather so wanted Vicki to mess up this episode and when she didn’t she tried to throw I her face that she really has not appologized

    I happen to be in the minority and I like Vicki and love that she did not take the bait and calmly continued to apply lip gloss !

    The only thing Vicki will need to do to get them to forget about her is let Kelly continue to be herself

    In a way I like that Kelly will stand up to Shannon and Heather – I might not like her drunken delivery but at least she does not run with pack too afriad to call Shannon out for her shittery or even miss fancy pants Heather either who acts as if her viginal ears have never heard the words cunt or fuck before. Maybe if she said them herself a few times I the bedroom Terry would stay home more 😉

  34. Amy Gardner

    I want to like Kelly, but I can’t get past that video that surfaced of her outside a bar back in January.

  35. Rach

    Vicky being the mean girl and letting Kelly do all her dirty work. All fool Kelly. Mean drunk who seems very sad on the inside.

  36. Susie

    TT, I had to stop reading to comment on your very original “spiritual gangster”. STAR! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Funny.!

  37. Susie

    TT, you nailed this!

    Next Week: It’s a vow renewal for David and Shannon. The bad news is we have to watch. The good news is that is the first harbinger of divorce.

    Ha! So true.

  38. I am pissed that Kelly Dodd said what she said on that video. I am pissed because I want to like her. I am pissed because I am a black woman that wants to like her. I am pissed because I can’t stand Shannon, and Kelly gives it to her, and I want to like her for that. I am pissed because I can’t un-see that video, that made me not want to like her. I am pissed because everytime I see Kelly in a scene, especially with Vickie, I giggle and then quickly remember the video. I look like Kanye when he catches himself smiling. I am pissed.

    • Noellemybelle

      What video? I must have missed it. I’m afraid to ask, because I kinda like her.

    • StubbyG

      NFLNana, This video makes me sick, so I understand what you are saying. It’s sad but interesting when we see people for what they truly are. My mom always said a drunk never tells lies. I believe Kelly shows us what she really feels about people, and herself. No class. I would think Bravo would be able to find a better quality of women for these shows, but I think the classy ladies don’t want to come near this train wreck.

    • OmgOmg

      Don’t feel bad, she’s trash. Heather is right it’s low base BS. I found her sincere. I wanted to like Kelly too but she is a wacakado, like batsh1t nut job, imho. I’ve been gone for 6 weeks and missed watching Bravo but didn’t miss it! It used to be a guilty pleasure and now I just fast forward and skip entire episodes. It’s gone off the rails. More and more is coming out about how produced and set up it is. Meghan is awful a total bore and I think that it’s jumped the shark. It can’t go on forever. It had a good run.

  39. timtoodles

    Heather was sobbing in the car and saying no words at first but yet Terry understood her! Funny!

    Anyone notice Tamra’s belly button is barely visible. It almost looked like it was pixelated out. You can’t see mine either but for the opposite reason.

    • Jo

      Tamara doesn’t really have a normal bellybutton.

    • Shae

      She had some type of health problem that required emergency surgery on her stomach, and she said that’s why her belly button is basically non-existent now. I don’t remember what the surgey was, but it wasn’t elective.

    • Kimoe

      Apparently she had some emergency surgery due to abdominal pain. She called Terry and he said go to ER and if she’d waited it would’ve been really serious like she’d be dead serious. So this surgery left her belly the way it is in general.

  40. Nila

    Of course there is a vow renewal, Shannon needs the mistress to see this..

    I don’t feel like Megan and Kelly were really friends. Wouldn’t it have been better for Megan to be introduced as a friend if Vicki’s? I dont see any friend chemistry between them?

    Heather was ridiculous. I imagine for the rest of the season were going to have to listen to heather complain about how Kelly owes her (and Terry) an apology..because Heather loves apologies.

    I love how Brianna talks about that Vicku bought the house but there using their savings to fix it. It sort of have me the impression she thought her mom bought her a money pit, be grateful! I enjoy Vicki with her grandsons. Brianna isn’t in every scene, she’s in the ones at her mother’s house because she lives there!

    Kelly is trying to too hard, she over plays her scenes.

    • tamaratattles

      If Kelly would have been introduced as Vicki’s friend by production, They would have been able to just ostracize her. Instead, Kelly has been in lots of scenes with all the others, defending Vicki and attacking Shannon on her behalf. This appears to be the point when the ostracization can now begin forcing Vicki and Kelly into a lonely twosome, which was what the others wanted all along.

    • Shae

      Briana’s said a ton of times that Vicki just fronted the money for the purchase until their home in OK sells, then they are “buying” it back from her. Vicki didn’t “buy” and give them a home. Briana and Ryan are paying for it, and the renovations. She also said they had to buy a fixer-upper because most of the homes in orange county are out of their price range, so they knew it would require work.

      It was very helpful and generous of Vicki to do that though, so Briana could come home sooner and get the house ready. I imagine it would’ve taken a while to sell the home in OK and then move.

  41. PeachyKeen

    Got pissed off for S. Beador when she came with Heather and Heater left her to get her own
    car to get back home… Rude Ms. Dubrow!

    • Lawstangel

      How do you know they had not pre arranged going home separatly? Shannon didn’t call a taxi. Production arranged for the cars.

  42. Margaret Shepard

    That video was really bad. She’s racist, apparently alcoholic and is only in her marriage for his money. That married but available comment etc, all really awful. She’s one giant train wreck but bravo loves that kinda crap right?

    • swizzle

      Only in the marriage for money = sucks dick for money. Own it Kelly. And she is not a multimillionaire, her husband is. Kelly did nothing to make her own money, her husband did. Yes, they are loaded, but who spouts off about being a multimillionaire? Kelly is classless trash.

      • Dusty

        So she claims she doesn’t know That Girl, but she said that That Girl has a child in school. How does she know that? I know she has a restraining order against a mom at her kids school. Might be the same Girl?

      • tamaratattles

        So you just assume all the money is MIchael’s and don’t believe Kelly’s resume that she listed as a reason she was so offended that her accomplishments were overlooked?

      • Janet

        I agree. Michael is the one with the buisness that he retired from, never heard what Kelly does for a living. She only talked about Michaels career and didnt mention what she ever did to make money. Also, it’s tacky and tasteless to describe yourself by your wealth or your husbands income. I didn’t understand what bringing it up (Nina’s remark), at that party was supposed to accomplish anyway. The woman who said it wasnt even there. Vickie sure is in her element with Kelly, as she showed she has zero shame and will do anything for a drunken good time. Funny, how she wanted to reconcile with Donn last year and now makes a stink face and says I dont want to kiss Donn. I personally, think Vickie wants to get together with Kelly’s brother.

      • Jo

        Like when she was taking off her shoes at the sushi restaurant and told the waitresses to keep an eye on her shoes as they were very expensive. What, we’re all the other gals wearing keds??

      • Jessica white

        Kelly was the media consultant at the Orange County register. She must have made her multimillion dollars off of that salary 😉

    • Matzah60

      It is all Michael’s money. He was the COO of Leapfrog. He made a ton when he sold out his share of ownership. She is described on as a housewife who stays home to raise her daughter, Jolie.

  43. OMG Kelly with the post-chemical peel face was priceless! These girls have no shame.

  44. Opela88

    OMG I LOVE Kelly and she said everything I want to say about Shannon! I only hate she apologized for it. Heathers crying was the worst acting I’ve seen on any housewives franchise !

    • Kara123

      Me too, I was pissed she apologized, she had the balls to say it she should have had the balls to stick with it, she still made it a great show

  45. tripleOGpearl

    Kelly strikes me as a coked out drunk.

    • Shae

      And that’s being generously kind IMO. She’s just gross. She’s all bent out of shape that some nobody who doesn’t know her talked shit and her kid might hear it, but she’s fine screaming at women calling them cunts and ugly and dumb/fuck you, etc. on national tv? Ok for your daughter to see and hear you doing that? Makes total sense, so long as she doesn’t think mom is a prostitute, it’s ok for her to see she’s classless trash.

      Ugh. Then she apologizes like Shannon’s just supposed to go, “oh, ok, you were upset at someone else and therefore called me a fucking cunt, right, sure, water under the bridge” lol. No.

  46. cheychey

    I was just wondering what kind of “classy” woman tries to leave an event where there is someone screaming and ranting by screaming and ranting at everyone themselves at a public place then goes outside and doesn’t leave immediately but continues to complain and rant to the people around you in the front of the restaurant. As a classy women wouldn’t you just politely excuse yourself and leave? I think so. Now as an attention seeker, who realized all eyes are not on me let me make this more about my life and how it all affects me Mrs Heather.

  47. Arizona

    I think the Countess said it best, “Money can’t buy you cla-ass!”

  48. Nila

    I think Heather’s issue was more, crap I don’t want to be associated with this girl! Heather cares a lot about her image. I’m sure her crying was all for the camera, she didn’t want “her show” to be like this. Remember when she was lecturing Alexis on how to speak about money? Don’t say private jet, just say they flew with you…but it’s okay for fancy pants to go on and on about her over priced home. Or when she didn’t want people to think her and Shannon lived in the same development? Heather wants to be top dog always and in charge. Heather has no story line other then Terry working.. I think she knows this and she’s panicking.

    I don’t think Kelly was even drunk. I think she was playing up for the camera, just like Brandi, but not sure where the limit was. She was way too calm when she apologized to Shannon moments later.

  49. PeachyKeen

    My take on the sushi issue.. Kelly loaded up to attack…Love her choice of clothing.. when she ventures out strapless and/ or backless for her blog… black and white neat school girl dresses for trying to have a half ass sorry. SO obvious..

    My take on the future of RHOC… maybe Vicky might eventually get that 2 alpha people .. Kelly and Vick eventually can’t be the Numero Uno .. Bravo brought Kelly on to maybe take Vicks place over? I don’t know.. The two of the can not maintain a best buds forever!

    Flashback to a Briana in Bed moment with son Troy.. when he demanded a doughnut from Vick…really and 2 seconds later he does a Mommie dearest moment with “please Nana Dear” really!!!

  50. PeachyKeen

    Sorry about the “really” stuff nothing about this show is Real

  51. OmgOmg

    It’s run its course. It seems all fake and semi-scripted. Tamra seems to be phoning it in — not invested at all. Kelly is yucky awful. I don’t see the point. I can’t with all the HW lately I’m over it! OC used to be my fave next to NY & all the fame has gone to all of their heads so it’s all just really fake feeling.

  52. Kimoe

    Someone commented on Tamra’s daughter in law is on the show a lot. She’s probably trying to get Sarah (?) a FOH or HW spot so there is support for her grandkid. Eddie has stated he’s not going to support an adult man and his family (and I think he’s right). So since Ryan will never man up to life Tamra has decided she can give money to them by using her influence and getting Sarah on show to some degree.

  53. Bottomline for me is that Kelly is Vicki Jr – the screeching Vicki that was the reason I quit watching RHOC to begin with. I only started watching again last season because she had calmed down.

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