Big Brother 18 Recap and Live Feed Updates: Jersey Girl


BB18 jersey_girl

By Lime Brain

This recap isn’t going to be so much about last night’s show, but just some items to fill in the gaps from my last recap and what has been going on in the house since Jersey Paulie has been nominated. You see, I may not be a Jersey girl, but I know Jersey boys and he’s been pulling typical Jersey boy moves. (Think Joe Gorga, Juicy Joe and the Manzo boys from RHONJ.)

Nicole and Michele had a fight about a deal 24 hours before eviction. They show James confronting Paulie about his inappropriate advances towards Natalie. Paulie then goes to confront Natalie. There’s a lot of bleeping and Jersey girl insults on Paulie’s part. BB is not holding back on showing Paulie in a bad light.(Should I feel bad about not feeling bad about this?)  Maybe there’s a lot of Jersey girls on the BB staff. Or maybe it’s just that there is a lot of women on the staff period. Paulie is such a douchebag towards women in general. He promises that Natalie is going next.

While the confrontation is continuing (Bridgette is now calmly pointing out that Paulie is getting personal with his attacks, Paul and Victor are lying in the HOH bed watching this all and eating Cheetos. I feel like they are part of The People’s Couch. This was the best part of the episode and I wonder how much Cheetos paid for their product placement.

Ninety minutes before the eviction, James tells Paulie that Z is going. He doesn’t want to blindside him because he doesn’t want Paulie going after him when this is all said and done.  James tells him that this was the girl’s idea and he is standing by them because that is the Texas code. (Huh? I thought he was from North Carolina.)

BB18 Victor danceNow back to the present time. Paulie apologizes to James. Paul and Victor are playing the middle between the two warring sides of the house. Paul says that Paulie is crazy and he is tip-toeing around him.

Finally, they have the HoH comp called Hollywood Squirrels. Vic won. Yay!  I’m rooting for him to win now. Sorry, TT. Both Paulie and Paul are happy he won, but for totally different agendas.

Paul convinces Vic to target Paulie and Corey for the noms and forget the girls. It’s better for their end game. They have to pick a side and show their cards.

The care package arrives and hits Natalie in the head as it lands. Nicole won and she has to wear a safety unitard to be safe for the week. As she wears it, I wonder wait a pain in the neck it is if you have to pee a lot like I do.

On to the Nom ceremony. This is going to be good. First key is Paulie. He was nominated because he is the strongest competitor. Second key is Corey. He’s nominated because he is guilty by association.

BB ends the show with Paulie crying in the DR room (typical Jersey Boy behavior) and we are told Zingbot is coming. Yay!


Now onto what has happened since the show. When Paulie spoke with Victor, Vic explained that Paulie was in to many different alliances and floating between them all, while Victor was only in one. He also told him that Victor was voted out 9-1 and doesn’t owe anybody anything. Victor is giving Paulie the chance to play in the veto.  An option Victor was not given.

Natalie and Paulie had a talk about their fight. Natalie ends up apologizing to Paulie for any hurt she caused him. Paulie sort of apologizes to her. He starts planting seeds about James to her, saying that James was in the men’s alliance and that he had info that he didn’t share with her. She goes back to James and tells him that Paulie is full of shit and that he thinks he can do no wrong. Paulie comes and talks to James and tells him how much James has hurt him because he never expected James to turn on him. Paulie still wants to stick with the guys alliance.

Btw, the have nots are Natalie, Michelle and Nicole. Natalie doesn’t count because she has the pass.

The next day is the veto comp. Before the comp, Paul is going to rattle Paulie so he doesn’t compete well. The houseguests start getting on Paulie’s case about how he kept throwing their names out to other to get them to distrust each other. Paulie blames Michelle for turning the guys on him. She tells him that he did it on his own and that he is no Cody or Derrick. (Zing!)

Paulie keeps insisting that he was/is still loyal to the guys and wanted to get the girls out. Michelle wants to shoot herself in the head if he says loyalty one more time. He insists he can say it all he wants to because he is.

This goes on and on but basically he admits that Corey is his Cody and that if after the veto the noms stay the same, to keep Corey. Ha! You don’t even have to ask. Your ass is grass.

BB18 Victor danceVictor won the veto comp! Yay! Zingbot was also there. As far as I can tell, James won $5000 which Nicole thinks is sketchy. Later on when she confronts him about it, he says last time he didn’t take it, his baby momma was pissed because he only lasted one more week in the house and the baby needed a new pair of shoes!

Nicole won a trip anywhere in the US and she’s not sure if Hawaii is part of the US. Corey has to wear a Patriotard that doesn’t fit in his nether regions and he has to keep his hand up an eagle’s butt.

Paul has to wear a secret service outfit and pat everyone down when there is a red alert. And poor Paulie has to bake apple pies when bb tells him to. They are all still planning on getting Paulie out esp. since Victor passed up the $5,000.

Paulie has been acting weird and later that evening Nicole tells Corey that she thinks that Paulie is going to quit. Since, Corey has nothing up there, he doesn’t believe it. Paulie joins them and says he wants Victor to use the veto on Corey. This way, if Victor puts someone else up, he has a chance to get the votes. Paulie is also worried about people trashing him and being harsh in their goodbye messages. What a wuss!

Later on Paulie talks with Nicole and he is telling her that he is losing it. That if he is evicted, he plans on only staying in the jury house until he knows he has no chance for returning to the game. He says he will go insane if he stays any longer in that house. I think he is afraid of Z and Bridgette. Or maybe he’s afraid of sleeping alone in his bed. I’ve never seen him sleep alone.

BB18 Davonne laughing

Now Paulie is telling her that he spoke with his psychiatrist before coming on the show and the Dr told him he would be playing with fire if he came on the show. That he lied to BB about never having seen a psychiatrist. (I start to inch away listening to this.) That he is playing this game because he needs the money for his poor aunt’s cancer treatment. (Hey Paulie, stop it with the cancer sympathy card. Just about everybody in this day and age needs the money for a dying cancer family member. Get in line!)

Victor, Paul, James and Natalie have a final four deal. Paul and Victor are convinced they can beat Natalie and James. (Ah, but will Paul stay true to Victor at the end? Hmmm…)

Nicole is still worried about Paulie self evicting.  Paulie is working on Michelle to get her to flip by making her feel guilty. Michelle always makes me feel worried she will. She seems to fall for sob stories. She’s to gullible. Paulie wants Vic to take Corey down and put up Natalie. But Michelle likes Natalie now and doesn’t know if she could do it. (Ack! I knew not to trust Michelle.) He’s trying to convince her that Victor needs to go because no one will be able to beat him in comps. That Michelle needs him to help get Victor out and next week is their only chance because he can’t play for HOH. Natalie and James notice how much those two talk together and are now leery of Michelle so they are going to be careful about passing info to her.

Now we are up to yesterday’s events. Paulie tried working on Victor to take Corey down and put someone else up. Victor doesn’t want to change anything and chance that Paulie might stay. With Corey on the block, he knows Nicole will vote Paulie to leave.  Paulie keeps trying different tactics to get Victor to take Corey down. Victor holds his ground and basically tells Paulie to deal with it. It will be a lot easier in the end for him.

Now Paulie moves on to Paul to convince him that Victor has a great chance of winning all the rest of the comps, so save him to beat Victor. Then he moves on to James, seeming to have accepted defeat. He wants James to stick with Corey. James tells him that Paulie is basically going home this week. Paulie starts going on about the jury house again and how he can’t handle it. James tries to tell him how wonderful it is. They will give you whatever you want. And it is big so you aren’t on top of each other.

James, Nicole and Corey get together. Both Nicole and James can’t believe that Paulie grabbed the veto away from Corey in the Veto comp. It was stupid because you knew that someone would grab it from him. Corey doesn’t like the new Paulie that he is seeing.

BB18 Paulie misogyby

Later in the evening, BB called Paulie to the DR. He wouldn’t get up to go.  They had to call him 3 times. When he came out, he started baking his pie. I guess he talked about his ex-girlfriend, who didn’t sign a release, the whole time, so they made him do a second one. He refused to and got called to the DR.

When he got back, Corey talked to him. Told him he had to change his attitude and start being nice to people. Corey said he was pissed himself for being screwed over and put on the block but he accepted it. That it’s a game. Corey is actually giving some good advice. Paulie agrees with Corey and says he will do better. That it was a matter of pride that he was acting so horrible.

Of course, Paulie doesn’t take Corey’s advice and starts throwing James under the bus to Victor. He also starts bringing his dying aunt up again. This gets the rest of the house pissed again and they really, really want Paulie gone now, more than ever.

And, that’s all I got! I’m pooped!


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55 responses to “Big Brother 18 Recap and Live Feed Updates: Jersey Girl

  1. lori

    Thanks again for another write up limebrain. I truly cannot stand having to hear the sound of Paulie’s voice for another second. I can’t wait until he’s gone. He better not come back either!

    As to what you wrote above, I can’t imagine Michelle ever intending to do anything to help Paulie. She can’t stand him. Also, I’m curious about the final 4 with P, V, J and N that you mentioned. Last night on bbad, Paul and Victor were talking in the HOH and they said something about them and Michelle. I was thinking that of course they wouldn’t have enough numbers with just 3 of them as of now, but I’m wondering if they see her with them final 3? I’m just trying to make sense of what they were talking about.

    • lori

      Oh, and I love love love the GIF of Da’Vonne. Perfect.

    • Deb in SF

      They’ve said both a final four with James and Natalie, which they have talked to J & N about, and a final 3 with Michelle, which I think they’re more serious about. Then again, things change by the moment, so we shall see. They’re exploring their options, which is smart. I’m currently rooting for Victor and Paul making it to final 2.

      • lori

        Got it. Thanks. I’m pretty much wanting those two as final 2 as well. I’m surprised at how much I ended up liking Paul. TT was right.

      • tamaratattles

        What was that Lori? Did you say something?

      • lori

        Ummmmmm… “Got it. Thanks”?????


        TT’s right! TT’s right! TT’s right!

        For nowwwwwwwww. *wink wink

      • lori

        Seriously, Paul getting the secret service punishment is one of the best things to ever happen in the bb house. I can’t get enough of him on the live feeds. The way he turns Pablo’s head to look around the corners. Hysterical! He continues to come up with ways to make me belly laugh. His zing was definitely the best of them all too. And then him putting Pablo on zinbot. God he is so entertaining. I would be very happy with him winning.

  2. Ms.Minnie

    A couple of things, the feeds have been so good since everyone realized Paulie was full of it and running the house, I really do believe he has some mental issues that should have been checked out before he joined the show. Him refusing to stay in the jury house is crazy but I would love to know why? It was interesting to see him and Corey rubbing and caressing each other while Nicole’s back was turned, maybe some of that anger comes from him not being able to come out the closet and be free? Idk. I do believe though the producers will slip him that roundtrip ticket to piss everyone off.

    • lori

      That picture of the two of them holding hands literally behind her back is so crazy! There’s something going on there. Just so strange.

      • Jill

        I saw your comment here about that so I had to scour Twitter for the video of that and O.M.G. It was the most telling exchanges I ever have seen. Look, Corey, be yourself and don’t be stroking another guy’s arm, holding his hand literally, not figuratively, behind her back. #TeamTooMuch I loathe Nicole and that video of Paulie and Corey exchanging arm strokes and a hand hold definitely screams “on the DL” the me. Then knowing Paulie cried about Corey maybe going home and not Zak…his comments about sex with her, disrespect for women in general. It all makes me wonder about what Paulie is really feeling about his “chosen partners.” Just accept your feelings, man. It’ll be ok. #PsychoanalysisTuesday

    • 25

      Oh fuck me I forgot about the RT ticket

  3. If Paulie has the round trip, this will be my last comment ever on the WWW. I am going to end it all. I’ll see you all in hell.

  4. Theresa

    Limebrain! this was worth the wait! I kept refreshing because I was dying to talk about this. you covered it all. I’ve been watching him slowly go insane and it’s been awesome.

    James has been in TX since leaving the military I think. I remember him talking about it on his last season.

  5. Happy gal

    Fantastic recap!!! I am praying Paulie does not have the ticket back in ! I could not take another week of that douch bag!!!

  6. Great job limebrain. I am sooo over Paulie. I am over Michelle. Nicole has Cory fever way too bad. Cory …meh. Natalia is a sweetheart,AFP in my book. James is ok. Paul is a very funny security agent and one smart cookie. Victor cooks,cleans,twerks and is a comp monster. I am voting for Victor to get ACP and I hope he gets to the finale.

  7. I’m listening to the feeds right now. Paulie, Corey and Nichole out at the hottub. A lot of James bashing and rewriting of bb history on Paulie’s part.

    Anyway, he can’t understand why James took the $5,000. That its not a lot of money. He makes that in one night being a DJ.

    Well, if that’s true, why doesn’t Paulie use that money for his sick aunt?

    Nichole says she has to work 10 weeks full time to make $5,000. If that’s true, it makes me wonder how Briana from rhooc makes 6 figures as an emergency nurse.

    They are back to bashing James again.

    • Deb in SF

      I cannot imagine that Nicole and Briana are the same level of ER nurse. Nicole seems brain dead. If what she says is true, she only would earn $25,000 a year as an ER nurse. Does that seem close to right? I wonder how many hours “full time” is in that position. I bet she’s not an RN.

    • SaraSally

      Not sure what kind of Mom& Pop shop ER pays their RNs $12.50 an hour. 10 x 40 hr per week = 400 hours divided into $5,000. Well, I guess you get paid at the rate that the employer values your worth. The value of Unions in the workplace cannot be understated. Case in point …Nichole’s dead end job.

      • tamaratattles

        I hate to bring out the nurses, because they are a vicious bunch online and I’ve done it before. However, Nicole is as dumb as a box of rocks. It’s really hard for me to believe she is a nursing assistant.

        Although, (and this is the comment that pisses off the nurses here) I used to teach nursing students as a reading specialist at the college level and it made me terrified to ever go to a hospital. There were just like Nicole who admits she only found out last year that New Orleans “was not a real state” and wondered this year if Hawaii was part of the US.

        Nicole on several occasions has shown she has less medical knowledge than the average mother.

      • SaraSally

        I’ve been in plenty of nurse wars. I worked as a supervisor on the medical side of our county health dept. It gets pretty bad when They turn on each other. A bunch of little whiners & snitches. They are an interesting group to work with & some who will cut you quick. They believe they are the end all of the medical profession , and actually believe their own bullshyt publicity.
        Nicole falls short when showing her compassion & knowledge or medical acuity. When Bridgette hurt herself, Nicole sat there motionless, as if her batteries died. When Bridgette was dressing her ankle, Nic never offered to assist. The only time I’ve noticed her talking medical was with Frank about his hernia.
        With that said I’ve had nurses help me back to health that were both good & bad. Too bad the idiots ruin for the others.

      • Cat

        I had a doctor once who acted like she was 12 years old. She giggled to her nurse during the entire exam, and would literally flit across the room from me to her computer.

        I have never been so uncomfortable in my life.

  8. 25

    GREAT recap, limebrain! I have to say, I had a dark laugh at the line about everyone having family member dying of cancer. True–come up with something hip & original, Paulie!

    I fine some poetic justice in the fact that Paulie is such a blubbering mess the first time things haven’t gone his way in 2 months. What a whiney baby he is! He’s really conforming to the anti-feminist archetype who needs his mommy & a bottle, wahhh. I really hope he does bail from the jury house because I don’t give one shit about his vote and I don’t want him to feel like he holds any remaining power over this season.

  9. tamaratattles

    8/16 3:59 am cam 1/2

    Paul asks Paulie if he “completed” each of the FIVE TIMES HE HAD SEX WITH Z IN THE HOUSE.


    She’s totally gonna be knocked up.

    Paul was incredulous… asked how it is even possible

    Paulie: Skill. lots of skill. After an X amount of days, It was very simple to the first time (completion). Uses slapping noises to indicate how long the first for lasts.I was like (to Zakiyah during sex): “Shut-up, shut the fuck up, stop making noises, there are cameras, turn around, turn a-round, she tried to kiss me and I was like no, no, no, can’t kiss me”(demonstrates covering her mouth) … Ok, just put the covers over.. (demonstrates covers on, covers off) It just looked like we were spooning.

    • Theresa

      does he not realize that it didn’t look like they were spooning. Ugh!he truly thinks he’s smarter than anyone watching the feeds

    • Wonder if this was before or after her disgusting maxipad incident? Lol! Let’s all do the math together because we all know they’re both too stupid to use protection. I wonder if Z is itching/burning in jury house! Omg I’m a terrible person.

      • Sherry

        OKAY….Why don’t I know about this?? WHAT Maxipad incident?

      • tamaratattles

        I posted Z changing her maxi pad in her bikini in the storage room while chatting away with some people and then going to eat chips without washing her hands somewhere. I tried to find it let me see if I can post it again here.

  10. lori

    Ewwwww. Between her maxi pad and the bag of chips and him peeing in the hot tub, they’re a disgusting match made in… well…. somewhere.

  11. lori

    You know, this show would be so much better if they released (at least to the live feeders) all of the twists at the beginning of the season. I’m sick of them making up twists as they go. All of these chances to get back in the game this season is a bit much, and irritating. Now if it was something that was announced at the beginning (to us, not hg’s of course), then it would be fair game.

    • tamaratattles

      Lori, they have always rigged BB. BB dos not consider itself a “game show” but a “reality show” where the hamsters know production interferes in the game.

      When Victor came out of the DR after telling them he was putting up Paulie he told Paul they told him not to. He did it anyway.

      • lori

        I knnnooowwww. I’ve been watching since the beginning. It is just getting worse and worse every year at the level of obviousness of their interference. I am just venting I guess, ahead of time for what I’m afraid will happen this week with Paulie. And they daydreaming outloud about how nice it would be if they did that. Then we would know that it was much more organic. That’s all. I know CBS doesn’t give a rat’s ass if it annoys us or not. They’re too busy out dancing in the dollah dollah bill rain. This 100% online season 19 should be interesting to say the least. Maybe they will care a little bit then, at least, since the only people watching will be paying (or not paying).

        But, to make myself feel better, we were all so sure that production was going to see to it that Amanda won, and she didn’t, so…. hopefully Paulie will truly be gone. And if they send him in as a buy back, someone should take him back out and get a refund.

  12. lori

    You know, this show would be so much better if they released (at least to the live feeders) all of the twists at the beginning of the season. I’m sick of them making up twists as they go. All of these chances to get back in the game this season is a bit much, and irritating. Now if it was something that was announced at the beginning (to us, not hg’s of course), then it would be fair game.

  13. Guest Appearance

    I’m waiting to hear Corey’s confessional about not having a serious interest in Nicole. Her always asking for cuddle time so he had to take it for the team. He really wanted to cuddle with Victor (referring to DR comment on Day 1).

    The strange thing about Corey and Nicole is they both hate everybody for little to no reason. They connected with very few people and now they are so bothered to maintain trivial conversations.

  14. Guest Appearance

    Lime brain,
    Thanks for the updates. Victor was doing more dancing today. Please give us more video updates anytime. 🙄

    • Thanks for the thanks, but I gotta let you know. Tamara is the one who comes up with and and puts up these perfect and hilarious pictures, gifs and videos. I love the Davonne one up above.

      And I agree, we could use more dancing Victor gifs. :)

  15. Happy gal

    Wow I have watched every Season of BB and had no idea that production interfered w the show as in told them who and who not to put up until I read it HERE!! And I read one other hour by hour recap site !!!

    And this is why I love this site !!!!

    • tamaratattles

      In season one live feeds were free to all and we got to decide who was nominated by voting online. The hamsters then had to vote someone out. The reason we old timers call them hamsters is that at first the house pets were hamsters in a habittrail and lets just say when the hamsters would die it was more tramautic than fish. It was also sort of a metaphor for the humans in the habitrail that we watched on the treadmill.

      • Happy gal

        This is just amazing information! Thank you for sharing. I had often wondered why the name!! I had totally forgotten they had pets season one.

      • Bravocueen

        Wow. This takes me back. A LOOOOONG time ago. My son was at his first boyscout camp and now he’s a grown up state patrolman. Where has the time gone? <>

  16. Shame on CBS production for that bullshit edit of Paulie on tonight’s show. The casual viewers have no clue how awful he truly is. Maddening!

    • lori

      There is also some speculation that Friday’s show may showcase some more of Paulie’s horrible behavior. It would be amazing if they put together a two minute collage type piece just showing him and all of his horrible behavior. That would be awesome!

  17. Ms.Minnie

    Paulie is only interested in being around Corey and him only, it’s clear there both on the DL but I wonder when they started having a thing for each other. He probably bi and would date both Corey and Z if he could, I’m hoping if he does have the RT the house bands together to get him right back out.

    I’m happy Natalie is feeling better and being honest with James about waiting until they leave the house to date and see if there really compatible.

    • Ms.Minnie

      Paulie literally went from quiet and aloof to high ball busting energy once he came out of that diary room, so what does that tell you 💅☕

  18. lori

    I would say that the numbered envelopes that Paulie and Corey chose do not contain the rt ticket. Since obviously production already knows if it was or wasn’t in the # envelopes that they chose, they needed to come up with another way to get another jury member back into the house so that they can have the second double eviction later on. I swear it better not be Paulie! So I will be shocked of Friday’s show doesn’t bring someone back.

    On another note, it would make great tv if when Paulie hands Julie his ticket, she just tears it up, nice and slowly, without even opening it. Then looks at him and simply says “Goodbye Paulie”.

  19. Guest Appearance

    Awesome gift and videos Tamara. Victor is hilarious with “Baldwin.” Paulie and the Red Alerts are good too. I can’t wait to see what you guys post next.

  20. lori

    I’d be shocked if James and Natalie don’t end up on the amazing race.

  21. lori

    Paulie on feeds in bed with Corey last night saying how sorry all of the other hg’s are gonna be that they fucked them over because they will wish that they could hang out with them on the outside. Lmfao. I can’t wait for the rude awakening that he is in store for.

  22. lori

    Approx 9:35pm bb time, Victor as Baldwin the eagle through the phone booth glass is really funny and worth the watch if you want a good laugh.

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