Exclusive #RHOA Filming Update: Drama in Charlotte

RHOA Kenya and Matt Filming


I swear, all I hear about Kenya Moore filming RHOA lately is drama.  It seems like most, but not all. of it has to do with Matt. I am over Matt. I’ve heard of at least three incidents where there has been an on camera argument between Matt and Kenya.  Kenya has been filming with her father a lot lately.  It’s unclear whether he is down for an extended visit or if he has decided to relocate.  Around the same time she bought her house, she bought another modest home in the suburbs. Perhaps that was for her father?  At the time I thought it might have been for Aunt Lori.  I’m not sure. Anyway he is here. And he is filming with her. The photo above was sent to me about two weeks ago. That is supposed to be her father with his back to us in a white shirt. I can’t confirm that, in more recent photos his head was not clean-shaven. Maybe she gets her fast hair growth from her Daddy.

The photo above was filmed outside a restaurant in Atlanta where Matt was having one of his tantrums, arms folded like a toddler. I liked Matt with Kenya at first, but he is just too young for him.  She needs a man, not a boy who takes all of their arguments to social media looking to rally people to his side for sympathy.  I can also tell you the past dramatics by Matt where he claimed he was showing up at Kenya’s for a reconciliation (weeks ago) and was ambushed by the TV cameras was completely false. He had been staying at Moore Manor for the better part of a month when he went on that tirade.  He likes to act like he move to L.A. but no.  He traveled with her to L.A. and they have been very on again off again since the Mexico trip from hell. 

Click through for Saturday night’s drama in Charlotte.

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Tonight’s drama centers around Peter having an on camera opening of Club One Charlotte.  I believe it had a soft opening weeks ago.  Kenya Moore and Todd Tucker were the official hosts of the event. Why? I have no idea. Maybe Kandi wanted to stay home with the kids.  It was a black tie, VIP event.  Because, as you can see above, Peter Thomas is not a Frailer. Seriously? Moving on…

Kenya invited her “man” despite numerous recent social media meltdowns  to join her in Charlotte. It did not go well. In fact, it started another social media meltdown hours before the event.  Some versions of the story tonight say that Matt was supposed to host but when he could not get it together and get to the airport with Kenya, Todd agreed to be the substitute host.  Not sure if that is true, or how much is production driven, but Matt’s constant meltdowns on social media seem genuine.


It looks like #KenyaMoore and her on and off again boo #MattJordan are back at it again! 👀 #RHOA

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I can’t begin to tell you how many problems there are with this tantrum.  First of all, you can’t run through a terminal at Hartsfield without a ticket in your hand.  Gone are the days when you received a paper ticket in the mail, or from a travel agent. Everyone checks in at a kiosk or a with a gate agent to get their ticket that allows them to clear security and get to the concourse.  Even an e-ticket requires a boarding pass to be printed. Next, it is about a three and a half hour drive to Charlotte.  By the time you drive yourself, as he seems to have done, to the airport,  checked-in and clear the long security lines for domestic flights, you are already three hours in.  Then you have an hour or so flight, followed by getting yourself from the airport in Charlotte to your destination. It’s actually a longer travel time to fly than it is to drive.  I hate driving in Atlanta, so I probably would book a ticket.  You can take a very nice car service for $100 each way to the airport that pays for itself in parking fees very quickly, and they put you in a lovely car where you can relax and have a drink.  Arrive, check in, get your first class upgrade on your Delta Amex, go to the Sky Lounge have a nice lite meal and free drinks,  board first, have some champagne and maybe some warm nuts, get a limo to the hotel and arrive buzzed, fed and well rested.

What you don’t do is drive your hooptie to Hartsfield jog the miles from economy parking to the check in sweating like a pig and looking like the unibomber, late.  Even if your ticket was waiting on you,  you will be shook at security.  But Matt didn’t make it to security because as he says Kenya Moore cancelled his ticket.  Now how could she do that? She could do that if she paid for the ticket.  Tickets to Charlotte are currently $225  in coach  or a full price first class ticket would be just over $300.  So he gets there allegedly packed and ready to fly and he has to leave because “she” cancelled his ticket.  Sounds like she did not want him to go.  If she did, they would have gone to the airport together. So he has three options. Take out his Delta Amex and plonk down $300, sit his dumb ass in first class and arrive fresh as a daisy, get in his hooptie and drive to Charlotte and be there almost as fast, or whine like a little bitch online.  He chose the third one. He posted something on his social media about wasting gas going to the airport because of her. Bless his heart.

He also said after the ticket cancellation, “Then when I break something or yell or  act aggressive y’all wonder why! I get upset and y’all wonder why I am bashing her online! ”

Yes because yelling, breaking things and acting aggressively is how real men deal with not having gas money to get to Charlotte. Fun fact, gas is less than $2 a gallon many places in Atlanta right now. Todd Tucker drove up, you could have thumbed a ride!


So Kenya sent him $20 for gas. HILARIOUS. The fact that he posted the Chase receipt on social media? Juvenile. Kenya posted the above Instagram in response. Dump this boy, Kenya and quit making excuses for him.

That said, I believe most of this to be manufactured drama. A Tamara Tattles exclusive spy has now verified that Matt was in Charlotte hours before the event a the cast and crew hotel.  That doesn’t change the fact that every time Matt has a meltdown there are overtones of aggressive behavior on his part, or contrite posts for previous aggressive behavior. If Kenya wants to have a kid, she needs her man to be a man and not a whiny little boy. This is not a good look for Kenya.  I feel like Matt will be kept around for the season, regardless. As much as he tries to cry that he doesn’t want to be filmed or her storyline, that is exactly what he wants. He has some issues. He needs to grow up. He needs to get his emotions under control. And even if he does all of that, I still think at this point  Kenya needs to fish again. A nice older man on equal or better financial footing.  Or just stay single.  Single is the wave of the future. The whole “something must be wrong with you if you are not married”  mindset is old school.  The new mindset is be happy. Do you.

RHOA Cynthia.jpg-large


As of this morning, I have been watching this sitch all night, there are very few photos from anyone other than Cynthia and Todd because photos were not allowed during filming.  But I do know that filming went VERY long which means it will be a dramatic scene on the upcoming season.  People were still there at 4 a.m. Oh, and that guy with Cynthia, I was not there with Cynthia. I’m pretty sure he is a partner in Peter’s coffee business. He took photos with Todd, Cynthia and Peter.  I have seen no photos of Kenya at the event. But it doesn’t sound like it was a “frailer.”

What do you think of the Kenya and Matt situation?


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42 responses to “Exclusive #RHOA Filming Update: Drama in Charlotte

  1. Chris

    Matt is apparently a bum. He wouldn’t had the issue of a cancelled plane ticket if he purchased it himself. Kenya deserves the humiliation going for too young muscle man instead of a businessman closer to her age. Matt is a hot-head immature scammer.

    • Marie G

      Huh? Wtfrance? She deserves this because he’s too young? He is in his 30’s, if he can father a child, serve in the army and claim to be a man, he should be able to know what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. You’re right, he is a scammer. He is Malo’s friend after all. She introduced them on camera, if I remember correctly. She is alleged to be a scammer herself. Birds of a feather as the saying goes.

  2. Marie G

    Matt is a man child. I don’t think he loves Kenya, he is infatuated with her. The things he’s done is not love. It’s scary and its abusive. One time he’s posting negative things, and the next he is defending her, stating she is his “queen”.
    I believe all of this stems from his insecurity, in my opinion, in his wildest dreams he did not think he would meet someone like Kenya.

    Most of the women, black women, are saying Kenya can’t keep a man. They seem to have first hand knowledge. Having a man to the people who feed of this drama is validation.
    May of the women were saying that Kenya is the source of his breakdowns on Instagram and she is not treating him as he deserves to be treated. Because the value of a woman is having a man and do whatever you can to “stay together.” What bullocks!

    Immediately after Kenya’s response he deleted his post. Apparently, someone in the know who responded to the post (maybe the reason he deleted the post) stated she saved him many times, from eviction and paid he’s child support dues. She also met his parents who liked her and encouraged him to do better.

    Kenya may be a handful, she may not know how to treat a man or the host of things said about her. So why not leave Matt? You said you are going to appear aggressive in RHOA, because you are aggressive! Maybe Kenya is truly using you as you claim. I would. You’ve embarrassed her with your Instagram post many times. Maybe she is just keeping you around for a story line, then she’ll dump your childish, sorry, 5 minutes of fame hugging behind. The ultimate revenge, because apparently you’ve done a lot, so this is warranted.

  3. Keya

    As much as I support Kenya, I have to express my disappointment in choosing this loser. Damn. Out of all the men she can date, her choice was a poor one. And I must say, NOTHING he has done surprises me. The first time I saw him on bravo with her, something didn’t sit well with me. I never, ever liked him. And yes, his age is a factor. His issues are another factor. Why she thought it wise to date him, I’ll never know. But he is a good example if an insecure, abusive “man” who finds a reason to assault his woman. She needs to cut her loss while she can and move on.

    I have a homegirl in Ga who is now 37. She decided years ago to date a 22yr old. Theyre 11yrs apart. She’s had a lot of problems with that stupid little boy. And I told her, you’re the older and wiser one but you chose to be with a little boy. Now you’re mad because he can’t be the “man” you want. Hmmm….who is that fair to? You want him to step up, but you fail to realize that you stepped down.

    Kenya Moore, you have to do better.

  4. I don’t think his age is a factor and age shouldn’t matter in most cases. But Kenya should run for her life. Breaking and throwing things and having tantrums is a sign of mental illness or being immature. I feel she deserves better, but most of all she has to feel she deserves better!

  5. Home

    I think Matt is a sociopath! They can be very charming the the next thing you know you’re dealing with a MAD person. I don’t know how long its going to take her to “run” but I hope its soon. This is no longer a good look…smh

  6. Valour

    Matt is in his twenties. When I was in my early thirties I dated someone his age and the immaturity was overwhelming. Matt’s actions and responses remind so much of that very short time in my life. I had to finally tell the guy I was dating that he needed to be a man and make decisions that he had to live with instead of pouting and having tantrums like a toddler. At their age there is still a great deal of selfishness and entitlement that a woman in her 40’s wouldn’t be remotely attracted to. I’ve said it since day one that Matt is just too young for Kenya, even if he was the nicest guy in the world. Add to that his lack of financial stability and this relationship should’ve been over long before it started.

  7. JoJoFLL

    You don’t need a paper boarding pass to fly because they just scan your phone.

    If you are going to date younger men, you are going to get pulled into their drama.

    • Matzah60

      Amen! It took me years to start dating post divorce, and when I finally did, it was with a guy ten years my junior. He was immature to being with, wasn’t financially secure, and would have a tantrum just about every time I saw him within around three months of dating. I was never interested in getting remarried and I never brought him to my house to meet my kids. I only saw him at his place when my kids were with their father for the weekend. The only thing he had going for him was his looks and the fact that my ego was inflated by the fact that a young guy would be interested in me, especially when my ex husband had rejected me.

      Like Kenya, I went out with him on and off for four years. I realized that he wasn’t really as entranced with me than I thought. He had someone to go to when he was financially stuck which was becoming an ever increasing need. I am not wealthy, but I had a good job and steady income. Even worse, he wasn’t my intellectual equal. I am not claiming to be a genius, but I want someone that is capable of having a substantial conversation about current affairs, books, news, social issues, etc. Even the sex was mediocre. I know, TMI, but if the sex didn’t do it, then why. I called him that night and told him I was disappointed he didn’t help out with some of the expenses of a recent weekend skiing trip. He got sullen and told me he wasn’t going to see me again and he knew that I’d do this to him. Do what? Ask him to help with the financial expenses of dating. Ask him to man up, grow up, and act mature.

      Matt is not an equal to Kenya in maturity, finances, and intellect. She should cut her losses. It still hurts when you break up even when it doesn’t work out as planned, but he was an on again, off again kind of guy who came around when he needed me and I was sadly too needy. In some ways, I think Kenya is too needy and so she keeps him around. We keep people in our lives because they serve a purpose.

    • tamaratattles

      Negative. There would be nothing in his phone related to this ticket.

  8. Tika

    Yes Matt is young perhaps immature but Kenya is not innocent there is a reason why Kenya has not been able to find a solid relationship she is nearing 50 it’s time to do some soul searching she seems to date the same type of man no matter if they’re in their 20’s or 40’s none of these men at the end of day want her once they see the person she really is..

    • Matzah60

      How do you know she never had a solid relationship before appearing on RHOA and who says she has to…..society? Tom, now engaged to Luann is 50 and is getting married for the first time. Why don’t we ask the same question about him. Marriage isn’t for everybody and just because Kenya hasn’t met the man of her dreams, doesn’t mean she has to settle for someone just to get married or live with them. That is so old school and in many ways, a demeaning way to view women who aren’t married. I was married 20 years and have been divorced 17 years. I haven’t been happier than I am on the other side of divorce.

      • Minky

        Yes Matzah! Yes to all of that!

        So, the assumption is that a woman’s worth is measured by whether or not she’s married? And that all women are desperate to get married to anyone? Like, anyone! In this day and age?!!! Why not just go back to burning us at the stake when we don’t conform to these ridiculous social norms? Much simpler and way less messy.

      • Matzah60

        @Minky, You said it way better than I did. I love how you write and what you write! It is amazing that in 2016 a “woman’s worth is measured by whether or not she’s married.” It is inane. 😉

    • Sandra

      Not true. Kenyas dad and aunt on seperate occasions spoke of the many relationships that Kenya had with men who were wealthy and considered great catches in their opinions….men who wanted the relationship but Kenya was the one who always walked away.

      The whole “Kenya can’t get/keep a man” is ridiculous especially considering the awful personalities on that show who supposedly are able to. Kenya has admitted to trust issues which may prohibit her from maintaining a relationship but, it’s not because she can’t get a man to stay with her. Just because it’s repeated on a loop doesn’t make it true.

  9. FreeSpirit

    Things like this should remain private, why are Kenya and Matt airing there private business out for a storyline? There both at fault because for one I thought Kenya was trying to have a baby and start a family, she has made it seem like she’s been pregnant for most of the year. I believed her storyline was gonna be similar to Meghan from “RHOC” but Kenya can never focus on one thing and finish through with anything but her haircare line.

    I’m disappointed that Kenya has let her career demolish just to be on a damn Atlanta reality show, what’s up with your production company and what happened to “Life Twirls On”? If Matt lives in LA Kenya that’s were you should be, not in Atlanta just for a sinking reality show. This show has done nothing but tarnish Kenya’s image and name but she seems to have nothing to lose and is desperate at this point, after that dirty slut Porsha pulled your hair I thought you would’ve rolled out but I was wrong. I hope she doesn’t return for season 10 and moves on and gets her life in order, the checks might be good Kenya but losing family, friends, relationships and business deals isn’t worth it in the end.

  10. Coco

    Kenya is so desperate to have a man that she settles for Matt and his childish ways. I think Kenya would be better off with an older man with a good, established job and some class that knows how to treat a woman. They are out there…

  11. Miguel

    Peter is illiterate – thanks for the “frailer” trailer, TT!!! Matt & his antics are so beneath Kenya; so I hope this is all for the show!

    Or perhaps, using the logic of the “teacher-commenter” whom brilliantly (sarcasm, which goes WAY above his/her pointed head) schooled me: this HW scene is being filmed in advanced to be shown months later; thus, it is meant to be private???

    It’s been approximately two weeks, and I hope by sharing/spreading the stupidity, I may bring a smile to some faces!!!

    • Minky

      Huh? Oh my goodness. I had some trouble following that, but I finally got it. Was that “teacher” comment written by Apollo or Porsha?

      That sounds like Daffy Duck logic. Remember? When Bugs says “Would you like to shoot me now, or when you get home?” Either way, Daffy’s gonna get shot.

      • Miguel

        Love the Daffy reference, Minky!!! Where were you when I needed that wit??? Check out TT’s Aug 1st post, on the OC – it’s quite a hoot 😉

  12. Happy gal

    I think Kenya has self esteem issues that she covers up by pushing people away – surely stemming from the rejection of her mother the rejection that is ongoing today

    As someone who was often told I possessed physical beauty and intelligence but never believed it myself I too settled for jerks on my past until finally I got into therapy and realized I had abandonment issues. Once I faced those and appreciated my own self worth I choose wisely and am now happily married to a wonderful man

    It really has nothing to do with how petty or smart she is it is how you feel about yourself and only Kenya knows that and I am quite sure Matt is able to use this knowledge to his advantage and that is how he is able to get her to take him back. When you think in your soul nobody else may ever want you you are reluctant to let the one you do have go even if that one is abusive which Matt is and dangerous as well

    I hope Kenya can met a man worthy of her and I hope she can realize she is worthy of so much more

    • Happy gal

      People tend to think that women in abusive relationships fit a certain mold or that women w low self esteem look a certain way. That is simply not true. You can look like a beauty queen and have a high IQ and a well paying job – that is what makes it so frustrating and why people are so judgemental of the women at times

      A fear of abandonment can cripple you and keep you in a place and with someone you should never be with no matter what you look like or how intelligent or successful you appear to be

  13. Amy

    The concept of marriage lasting for ever came about at a time when people had a very short life expectancy.

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. In addition to being an institution where the husband basically bought his wife, as one would with livestock, which in effect made a woman her husband’s property. A.k.a. a form of slavery. If it wasn’t like that then it was a contractual business arrangement meant for the purpose of pooling wealth. That’s why I get angry at the wedding industry. THAT’S what’s being glamorized! Slavery and corporate mergers. How romantic!

  14. BKSweetheart

    Sigh. I saw this yesterday all over social media and I was wondering if TT was going to address it. I have never liked Matt from the beginning. There was always something ‘off’ about him and he doesn’t seem very intelligent either. He couldn’t even hold it together after getting a little ‘ribbing’ from Peter when they were in Jamaica. He starting bowing up, ready to take it outside. What a baby. Dude might also be on them ‘roids, just saying. Not to mention, there seemed to be zero chemistry between him and Kenya. Ugh I hate this for her! Prior to meeting my husband, I was in a relationship with a younger guy for a few years and it was constant drama. Meltdowns at the drop of a hat, tantrums, public screaming matches… I just couldn’t do it anymore. It’s no coincidence that my husband is 9 years older than me. Lol.

    Kenya needs to drop this loser.

    • BKSweetheart

      Also this story makes no sense. First of all, you wouldn’t be ‘racing through the terminal’ with no ticket. Maybe rushing from the parking lot to the check in counter, but you wouldn’t even get past security with no ticket. If the ticket was purchased for him, he would still have to go to the check in counter to get the boarding pass and it would have ended there (but seriously, who doesn’t do these things online now?) OR if Kenya had somehow secretly cancelled his flight after he had already checked in and got a mobile boarding pass on his phone, he may have been able to bypass the check in counter if he wasn’t checking any bags, but he still would have got stopped at security when they went to scan his ticket and it came up invalid.

      And you’re right TT – a grown a$$ man should have enough money to buy a new ticket or at least have a credit card for emergencies he could have charged it to. Again – L.O.S.E.R.

  15. Dexter

    Telling the world a woman cancelled your ticket is so embarrassing. Buy your own ticket, Matt.

  16. Blondesense

    I have no idea what the top meme from Peter says. I lived in the states for many years so I don’t think it’s because I am Australian.

    Yes, Matt is younger than Kenya but he isn’t a teenager, he is just an idiot. There are very successful young men his age, or they can at least spring for an Uber.

  17. tamaratattles

    I get it has been super on trend to label women with low self esteem for quite some time now. Even if a woman exhibits confidence, society will still label her with low self esteem that she is hiding with fake confidence. A lot of times I find the low self esteem label to be blaming the victim.

    To use the Kenya and Matt situation as an example, I am not saying that Kenya is a victim of Matt as much she is a victim of childhood trauma that drives her decision making.

    Here is how it works, a childhood trauma makes you fearful and nontrusting of other to keep you safe. Safety becomes your number one priority. So, when a man comes along and makes you feel safe, you are happy but guarded. You are constantly on high alert for signs that your safety will fail. You unconsciously test your safety net trying to get to the point where you don’t have to be anxious anymore. This will wear on your partner and the relationship in general. This in turn makes you feel less safe, and you end the relationship, often in spectacular fashion that seems over the top for those observing.

    Meet someone else, things start out great, lather rinse repeat.

    All of this happens regardless of self esteem. You can have plenty of self esteem and be quite willing to create your own safety and go it alone and then think you have met someone you can feel safe with and repeat the process again. The core issue is not self esteem. The core issue is that something happened in childhood that made you feel unsafe and unprotected. It very hard to get over those deep traumas.

    Also, Kenya has never been one to “stay in bad relationships” she is in it for the cycle to play out. Then SHE will end it through direct means or through sabotaging the relationship.

    Don’t ask me how I know this.

    • Sandra

      Brilliant. That is all.

    • Kelly

      DAMN. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes because of this, TT. I was in my first relationship post-divorce with someone who experienced a great deal of childhood trauma. Things would be spectacular with us- I’d never been happier and felt more at home with another person in my life. Then, seemingly out of nowhere something tiny would happen (a random disagreement or issue that I felt was completely normal in any relationship) and it was as if someone flipped a switch and I’d be on the other side- the unsafe side. We broke up twice- the first time this person told me they realized they were no longer in love with me and wanted nothing to do with my son or I. I don’t have experience with childhood trauma, but as a therapist and someone who was in a terribly abusive marriage (this comment thread has me ALL in my feelings) I had an idea what was happening. We got back together after they apologized because they felt like they needed to protect themself- I got it. Relationship continued, we actually moved in together, merged families, were discussing the details of when we’d get married. Then one day (after a lot of little things- again that I felt were normal occurrences after moving in with someone that also had a child) it was over. In a VERY extreme way, one that angered my friends and family who didn’t understand and felt protective of me. It’s been two months now, and I keep thinking back and wondering what I did wrong, what I could’ve done better to make this person feel safer. I feel like an absolute failure and no one understands why I can’t “just get over” this person after what they did. I still love them. And your comment really made me understand their perspective and lessened some of the guilt I wrestle with daily.

  18. Karebear

    My take is she kinda likes the challenge and the fight to prove her “love” = “validation ” in her perspective. Is it logical maybe not but this is how some people think of relationships she has not had the best of childhoods and wants to be a care giver that she never had very sad from an outsiders view

    • Minky

      Kenya is a lioness and she needs someone who can handle all of that energy. The good, the bad, and the ugly. In other words, she needs to meet her match. Someone who can’t joust with her on the same level is sure to bore her. And someone who lets her win will disgust and infuriate her.

      A man who is up to that challenge, and is smart, educated, successful, confident and who isn’t a dishrag is not easy to find. I think Kenya will get it right eventually. It’s her life. SHE’S the one who needs to be happy and only she can determine what happiness means for her.

  19. O.O

    Peter is the new Apollo with his hooked on phonics phrases and the making up of new words with out knowing that ,that’s what he’s doing . What an idiot .

    • Minky

      Quick, somebody ask Peter how many days there are in a non-leap year! To be fair you can give him a hint: The answer is a multiple of 365. Go!

  20. Karebear

    I want the best for her as well, hopefully she will grow from this challenge and rise from it realize the inner beauty and strength she already has in her! Life is all about the journey right?!

  21. K.

    I think Kenya is playing Matt like a piano. She knows he’s immature and volatile so she’s keeping him around for the show, using him to give her a big storyline. She probably wanted to end it months ago but he makes such good television.

    • Marie G

      It’s in my opinion too this is what’s she’s up to. She’s very cunning when crossed and playing him for the show is the ultimate pay back. Humiliate him as he’s done her with his Instagram posts. Matt knows this, it could explain he’s statement that she rejects his “positive stimuli”

      As for the desperate for a man. Come on look at this woman do you think she’s short of suitors? She most likely dated Matt because she wanted to try something new. She’s dated successful men before.

      Again people, a man does NOT validate a woman. Rather be single and happy than eternally miserable in coupledom. Some if not most married women with children wish they were single.

  22. DarkThoughts

    How I wish Kenya would have a baby. All this love that Kenya has would be bestowed on her child and make them a little happy family of two. I pray Kenya does not chose Matt as Father material.

  23. Guest Appearance

    Thankfully there a a few successful reality stars relationships. I like how million dollar listing New York, Ryan, proposed to Emilia. She that didn’t put up with his crap and she got a ring out of it. Watching the show over the years, he didn’t treat ladies with much respect.

    Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd on Big Brother 11. Rob and Amber from Survivor.

    These are relationships that have played out on television but we can see his the chemistry worked and the ladies were respected by the men that fell in love with them. I’m betting on James and Natalie from BB18.

  24. The Shadiest Grove

    TT, I love your observations. Always on point. I really long to see Kenya happy with a child. Matt is definitely not the one, I’m sorry. She needs a MAN who will stay, a MAN who will tell her straight that he sees her and he loves all of her, even the parts that she might not love about herself. He needs to let her know that this too shall pass but I’m here and I’m here to stay. I just want her to be wrapped in love. I agree with you TT, there are some traumas that scar too deep. Matt is a cornball and I swear something is off with him. I’ve been watching season 8 in prep for season 9 and that boy has ticker eyes, something in the buttermilk ain’t clean and I really hope Kenya doesn’t close herself off from other MEN while dealing with this teenage boy.

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