Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Of My Kitchen!

(Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

(Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

It’s time to head back to New Jersey to hang out with our favorite Felons By Bravo.  Frankly, we are off to a dull season. Sure Jac is going to stir the pot tonight, but I’m really not interested in anyone else’s storyline yet. I need Dolores and Siggy to deliver, because it doesn’t seem like Teresa can carry this show.  There are only five women, which is something I have always wanted, but they have to be five established women with interesting storylines.

PSA: Teresa and Sonja, who are probably two of the most delusional housewives of all time are on WWHL tonight. Who will spin the most lies? WOW. Huge time delay due to Olymipic Tennis, about 34 minutes. I don’t know how this will effect WWHL tonight. I went ahead and started watching Big Brother and it is a magnificent episode so far. I thought they would try to edit Paulie a bit better but they are showing it all.


Just like most of us, Milania has had enough scenes with Tre yammering on about yoga. Melissa calls to invite Teresa and Milania to NYFW where Melissa’s kids will be walking in someone’s show.

RHONJ Dolores on Teresa



I’m sorry, I can’t handling dying dog storylines. I must forward through this.

I don’t understand Frank still supporting Dolores post divorce but I do think it is a lovely thing. They might as well be married still.  I also get why the son is so into fitness now, it’s the family business and his day used to be Mr. New Jersey. In addition to being a partner in three of Frank’s gym, she now has one that is completely hers. She meets with her gym manager who tells her that she needs to be more hands on and be in the gym every day.


Melissa and Joe take their kids to a Nike store to get fitted for the runway show. During this time, Melissa has the kids point out that when Joe drives them to school, he drives them to the wrong school. OUCH! Joe and Melissa talk about Melissa’s relationship progress with Teresa. Melissa says so far so good but she has yet to voice any disagreements with her opinions on things.

The fashion show was cute, but I found it odd that they blurred all the brands.  After dinner they all went out for dinner. Joe was sick and running a high fever. He should have stayed home in bed. But other than that, they all get along well. Baby Joey announces that he loves everyone at the table. It was sweet.


Siggy and her daughter Sophie stop in to visit with Jac and Chris.  Siggy is struggling with parenting a thirteen year old girl on Instagram. I don’t think Jac is the go to person for advice.

Later, Siggy gets detention for the second time for using her phone in school. So Siggy takes her phone away indefinitely. Sophie just laughs and asks to stop at Dunkin Donuts. She know Siggy will not follow through.

Siggy takes Josh and Sophie to a diner where she eats every day and has the same chopped salad with the same waiter. They talk about their phone usage. Josh tells his mom they are not on their phones when they are with their father because, basically they have pleasant interactions. On the other hand with Siggy, it is always about her and she never listens to them. Siggy says in her confessional that it is because he is a weekend Dad who is only around for the fun stuff. Josh says his dad goes away for the weekend and lets him have girls spend the night and leaves them money. WOW.

Next each kid asks to talk to their mother for five minutes uninterrupted. Sophie goes first and Siggy can’t do it. Siggy cries when they point out they don’t listen to them.  Siggy says that two minutes is as long as she can listen.

RHONJ teresa ashlee


Jac is looking forward to having Teresa and Joe over for dinner. Chris called Joe and invited them over on the last episode. 

I really don’t see the point of recapping the latest product launch with Chris and Jac. I am so tired of hearing Chris blame their financial problems on their boy with autism.  They didn’t seem to care about his treatment when they were allegedly siphoning money from their business and spending it on private jets and other elaborate expenses.

Before the big dinner, Joe is egging on Milania and the littlest one who are wrestling. Milania runs to get her inflatable sumo wrestling outfit, because they have endless family resources for things like that.

Just before the dinner both couples talk about how they want to put everything behind them and just have fun. Joe brings a cooler with a case or so of wines that he made. I bet he will be the best at making prison hooch in the toilet. His inmate buddies probably love him!

What the hell? Have we ever seen this thirteen year old son of Jac’s named C.J.? I swear I never knew he existed. Then it is time to wake up Nicholas and parade him around and get him overstimulated.

Finally, the guys head off to bond over some vino and the girls can’t go five minutes without starting something. Mainly, Teresa. Neither one of these women were feeling particularly warmly toward each other to start with, but Teresa starts to bring up things from five years ago when Teresa’s trouble began and air her feeling once more about Jac interrogating her. I hate to be team Jac, but I must in this instance. If someone I was close with and saw on a regular basis who was almost like family was all over the headlines as facing serious criminal charges, I’d think I would bring it up even if they didn’t. It would be ridiculous to pretend it wasn’t happening.

Teresa says she doesn’t want to talk about the past and that seems to mean she doesn’t want Jac to respond with her opinion as she goes on and on about how everyone ganged up on her during the time she was being investigated by the FEDS.  Teresa says she felt ambushed by Caroline showing up.  Jac said all she asked was if it was true she was going to jail. At the time Teresa said it was not true and absolutely nothing was going on, and yet it was true and she went to jail. Teresa says at the time she had no idea about any of it. Maybe it is just me, but if I were on the cover of magazines with “Tamara is Going To Prison!”  blazed over my photo, I might feel the need to find out if it were true and explain the story one way or another and not just shrug and say, “Nothing is going on.”

Then Teresa says, “Obviously, there was a disconnect between you and me, because my real friends knew what was going on.”  Wow. What happened to Teresa talking about them as Lucy and Ethel all of those years? Did Lucy have real friends that Ethel was not a part of?  No, no she did not.  Teresa takes the first blood. And it’s on.

Jac says that Teresa told her she was the one putting the articles out there.  Tre says she didn’t “pose for that jail article!” Jac says how is she to know which ones she is selling and which are fake if Teresa doesn’t acknowledge anything is going on?

In Teresa’s confessional she says that the last thing she wanted to do was rehash everything. However, she is the one that opened up this discussion and keeps blaming everyone for prying into “her private business” that is splashed over newsstands everywhere.  Teresa is very defensive about her comments that nothing was going on at the time. She asks why she would lie if she knew? How could her friend question that? That is why she was so hurt! So which is it? She didn’t tell Jac because she was not a real friend, or she had no idea that the FEDS were investigating her and she can’t believe Jac would ask the question? Both options are absurd.

So now she blames it on her brother Joe.  She claims he said that her true, true, true, friends would never go against them and that he said she should not trust Jac. Wow. She is all over the place here. When Jac is the sanest person in the room, and you are in the room, you might want to get your head checked. Jac says that Joe Gorga told her that she shouldn’t trust Teresa. Teresa says he would never say that, that’s my brother. Jac says, “Should I call him?” and picks up the phone. This places Jac back in the running for most fucked up person in the room. And she actually calls him! And Joe tries to play it off, but basically he agrees with what Jac said.  This pisses Tre off and she gets on the phone. Joe says that when it comes to today, they need to decide how to move forward together.

After the call to Joe, Teresa is barely holding it together and starts back on her circular logic again. Despite the hugely passive aggressive move to call Joe, Jac remains calm and mostly reasonable.

Teresa says, “You get it, so don’t play stupid.” Really? How is Jac the one playing stupid?

Jac says, “I wasn’t the one playing stupid.”  True. That would be the one who said, “Nothing is going on.”

Teresa says, “I would never ask you your personal business!”

RHONJ Dinner with Jac
Jac points out that it is not personal business if you are selling the information to the tabloids. This causes Tre to rant about who cares what she got paid for, She doesn’t care what Jac got paid for!  She totally missed the whole point about the definition of personal business.  Once you get paid for a story it becomes a very public matter!  Teresa is exhausting.

Teresa starts in on Jac’s personal business and says, “You were going through legal issues, I never asked you a question!”

Jac says in a very calm voice, “Mine was not a criminal case. I didn’t file a fraudulent bankruptcy like you did.”

This infuriates Teresa even more.  Teresa says that is a low blow. No, Theresa, it’s simply the truth.  Teresa is furious and goes to get Joe and tells him they are leaving.  As they are leaving Teresa says, “I didn’t file fraudulent things.”

[Maury Povitch Voice]  “And the lie detector said, That’s a lie! ” [/Maury Povitch Voice]

Then ten seconds later Teresa says, “I own it I did my time.”

Jac tells her she doesn’t she blames it on everyone else. Teresa wants to know who she is blaming it on.  Well, I need to get back to Big Brother so I don’t have time to list them all, but first it was  her brother and sister in law,  and most recently it was the bankruptcy lawyer, and in between there were tons of others she blamed, including her husband.

Ha!  When I hit play, Jac says she knows she blamed her brother at one time, and Melissa….

Teresa cuts her off calls her crazy and makes Joe take her home.  I guess she should not have asked who she blamed it on if she didn’t want the list. And it is way longer than that.

Joe Guidice hugs both Chris and Jac on his way out and downs his wine as Teresa rants alone outside. Gotta love Juicy he has good manners.

When Teresa and Joe are gone, Chris asked what happened.  Jac says, “She had a curfew anyway.”

Dammit Bravo, don’t make me start liking Jac again!


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91 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Of My Kitchen!

  1. 25

    To me, Jacqueline was always playing stupid/acting like a fan when she got on Teresa for the articles. Teresa was(/is…) so desperate for money that she was selling stories about her own family, and that’s embarrassing. A real friend wouldn’t harp on that by constantly asking, in front of cameras, what was true & what was lies. Did she want Teresa to admit on camera they were all sold lies? I’m sure she couldn’t do that by contract. Come on. It’s common sense you don’t put your friend on blast like that when they’re going through an embarrassing time.

    I think the difference between Caroline & Jac is that Caroline didn’t care about the articles until Teresa started to drag their names into then. Jac was always coming from this selfish angle of wanting to constantly be in the know of Teresa’s business. Jac’s issue is she gets so obsessive & feels entitled to all the details of people’s personal lives. That would turn any friend off.

    • Swizzle

      Jack never asked Teresa about the articles because she was concerned about her. She did it for TV. Pretending anything else is dumb. If Jac really cared she could have simply said there’s a lot of stuff being printed about you. Are you ok? Is there anything I can do? But Jac had to interrogate Teresa on her deck with Caroline waiting to jump in.

      • 100% Swizzle!

        If “a friend” MUST know – “a friend” asks “those questions” when no cameras are around.

        Otherwise friends ask, “Are you okay?” “Can I help you with anything?”

        I was shocked when Jac took it to the next level by bringing up fraudulent claims. Even Chris was shaking his head about what Jac was saying and doing. Teresa did her time – the slate is wiped clean…time to move on.

      • rainidaze

        I’ve always felt the whole questioning of Tre on the deck that nite was producer driven / set up. If Tre wants to really blame anyone I think she should be blaming them, but of course they can’t break through that invisible wall while they’re being filmed.

      • Which season are we watching? This season or 2 seasons ago when the “porch” incident occurred? Regardless, I agree with Jaq, at that time all she wanted was some clarification, based on Magazine articles. Tre was a liar and Sociopath then and not much has changed since her time at Danburry. The only difference is now Teresa has a victim story she had time to create for herself to add to her list of various psychiatric issues.

    • Bravocueen

      I completely agree with this. I, for one (and maybe the only one), would like to drop all the bullshit from the past. I quit watching for the very reasons that I did not find it ONE SINGLE BIT entertaining and I DON’T CARE about any of it. Clearly, Jac only wants a spot on the show, not to be a real friend. And the way she was acting when questioning Teresa again proved it to me. Her job this season is to stir shit up and I don’t find it interesting AT ALL.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I can’t stand Teresa and think she’s a terrible human being, but I agree with this. Jaqueline is absolutely deranged. It’s pretty obvious to me she doesn’t want Teresa’s friendship – she wants her spot on TV back. I’m not sure how she figures she’s got the moral high ground when they bled their corporation’s credit dry so they could pretend they were rich. It’s not that different to me.

      • Minky

        Jacqueline boils my broccoli. She lazy as hell and can’t wait to start passive aggressive shit. The only thing she’s ever done right is put Teresa on the spot. But let’s face it, that was also probably producer driven.

        I know Jacqueline hates Teresa and vice versa, but if anyone’s gonna bring up those difficult topics with Teresa, it’s going to be her nemesis. And they have to be brought up. Bravo knows that a good segment of the viewers are nauseated by Teresa and her refusal to acknowledge her crimes as crimes. So, here come’s Jacqueline with her flints so she can spark a fire.

      • I think if Teresa has learned anything it’s not to admit something on camera, especially when it comes to her legal issues. I mean come on, I wouldn’t if I was her.

      • Miguel

        Agreed, Minky! It seemed like Chris knew this had to be done for their paycheck & was uncomfortable with it; while, Jac was shameless!!!

    • Taralyn215

      I couldn’t have said it better my self. When Jac and Tre were outside at the table and she kept asking if it was true TRE was going to jail what was she trying to accomplish ? Why would a real friend do that on camera? That was my issue. Do it off camera. something was shady about that. 2 be quite honest I can’t stand either one of these 2 Teresa is a conceited airhead and Jac is just plain out immature. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I agree with Teresa on this 1

  2. Minky

    Oooooooh. That was some good shit. Fuck the olympic tennis. The back and forth between Teresa and Jaq sounds a lot more exciting. I’m never going to be a fan of Jaq, but she sure did hit every ball that was pitched to her out of the park this episode. Wow.

    There was an episode of “I Love Lucy” where Ethel feels left out because Lucy has friendships that Ethel is not a part of. This is after the Ricardo’s had moved to Connecticut, and the friend in question is Betty Ramsey. To make Ethel feel better Lucy has both Betty and Ethel over for lunch. Well, Betty and Ethel find out that they’re both from Albuquerque and become great friends instantly. Then Lucy is the one who ends up feeling left out and friendless.

    So if Teresa and Jaq are like Lucy and Ethel, who’s the Betty?! I say it’s Melissa.

    Yes, I know. I have a good memory and a bit too much time on my idle hands. 😩

    • Matzah60

      I was and will always be an I Love Lucy fan. I never tire of watching the very old reruns on TV and I clearly remember blond-haired Betty Ramsey. Your theory is totally on point, Minky, but having seen the trailer, I believe that the feud ends up uniting Melissa and Teresa in an all out assault on Jacqueline. I sort of remember while filming was going on that Tamara had a post about how Jacqueline didn’t show up for the finale episode after having a big fight with Melissa and Teresa, but my memory may be off.

      Like you, I willl never be a Jacqueline fan. I despise her and actually feel that Jaq and Caroline spent all of Season 4 trying to get Teresa to admit on camera that she was in big trouble with her bankruptcy. Even though I know Teresa and Joe are completely guilty and deserve the time they got in jail, I find it appalling for Jaq to say on camera that she “didn’t file a fraudulent bankruptcy.” That negated everything that was said prior to that big ‘ol lie. In fact, it was about the exact same time that Jaq, along with Chris, his brother Joseph and Joseph’s wife Anita and one other brother/wife were named as defendants in bankruptcy fraud. It’s my opinion that their bankruptcy is even worse because they actually had enough money in Signature Apparell LLC to pay their creditor, but diverted every single fucking cent to family members including Jaq, the Albie brothers to fund BLK, Chris, Joseph and Anita and their children. They bought a private jet for business, continued to live an opulent lifestyle and screwed over more than 100 creditors to the tune of billions of dollars.

      I’d like to see Jaq go to jail. That would be karma for me.

      • Minky

        Okay, this Jacqueline bankruptcy mess is all news to me. Goodness!!! Well, shoot. Ms. Pot, I’d like to introduce you to Ms. Kettle, your felonious sister from another mister. Haha! Jaq Pot! Get it? 😂 I crack myself up sometimes.

        BTW Jaqueline is an idiot. If she and Chris did ALL of that, the last thing to do is bring attention to it again. Especially since Caroline’s kids are involved. And I know that there are A LOT of Caroline fans here, including TT herself. But I just can’t with her. That woman’s hands are not clean. Look how she treated Danielle and her kids. Is Caroline still close with Jacqueline? I’ll go ahead and guess that she is.

      • Taralyn215

        I can’t stand Caroline Manzo and the fact that her n her boring familia gets a show on Bravo is so annoying. The worst show ever

  3. Nila

    I agree with 25. I thought Jac was so out of line and so low for calling her brother. I don’t think Jac realized that Melissa & Joe switched teams and now they are pro Tre. I think she is realizing that the villain is no longer Teresa. That fact that she is doing interviews now and bringing up the damn christening is ridiculous. Jac is an asshole. What is up with Chris’ eyes????

    • Minky

      Melissa is not, has never been, and never will be pro Tre. IMO. Teresa cannot stand her sister-in-law, and the feeling is mutual. The projected alliance between the two this season will be one borne out of necessity. They each probably have so much shit on the other that they could fertilize all the farmlands from here to Timbuktu.

      Jacqueline, while gloating over Teresa’s misfortunes, is doing herself no favors. She put Teresa in her place tonight, which should have been done by someone a long time ago, but like I said, it was a fluke. Chris is probably sick with worry over the mess that is his life and he’s probably turned to drink. He did spend the evening tippin’ ’em back with Joe Guidice, right?

      • Anastasia_Beave

        They’re getting along for the sake of their family. My SIL can’t stand me, and I can’t stand her. When we are together we always hug, act polite, have meaningless chit chat, because there are kids watching , and parents, and that’s what grown-ups do. Sometimes you just gotta take one for the team.
        Side-note, if Teresa Guidice was my sister in law I’d move to another state.

      • Exactly, your relationship with your sil is different. Sometimes you just need to fake it to make it. Maybe in time it will become more genuine?

      • Minky

        Put her in a box and send her to Abu Dhabi like Garfield the cat did to Nermal. Haha! It wouldn’t even stop some people. Nermal always came back anyway.

  4. Lisa j

    I’m prepared for the press back but I’ve always liked Jacqueline. She’s a shit mom but she wears her heart on her sleeve. She WAS a good friend to Teresa, better than she deserved in my opinion. Ashley was right, Teresa 2.0 is the same.

    • Matzah60

      I think Ashley 2.0 is the same old Ashley. Jaq was never a mother, let alone a good mother to Ashley. She called her despicable names and threw her out of the house because Ashlee was out of line, out of hand. The truth is Jaq never had any boundaries with her kids, none of them. Tamara, I think CJ is from Jaq’s first short-lived marriage when she was around 18.

      I believe it was on the last show that Ashlee said to Jaq that she was so loud when she was having sex with Chris. Totally inappropriate. Again, no boundaries.

  5. Matzah60

    Tamara, an incredible recap. I loved the line, “This places Jac back in the running for most fucked up person in the room.” I LOVED that you said that!! Wildly passive aggressive and crazy, I might add.

  6. Nila

    CJ is actually names after Jac’s husband Chris. He is only 13.

  7. Krystle

    Jaq has been coming for Teresa since day 1. If I remember correctly she did ask Caroline to show up on her porch. Point blank if your friends you don’t demand your friends talk to you about something you heard about from any source if they don’t want to. It’s called respect. You are not obligated to tell your friends every detail of your life. Especially on camera. You should protect your family first. Why would she sell her and her family out to save a friendship with Jaq. That’s just crazy to think she wouldn’t be a friend for doing so. Also… Teresa didn’t say Jaq filled a fraudulent bankruptcy but that she didn’t pry into her legal issue that pertain to Jaq’s family and are none of her business. I believe Jaq got so defensive because she is just as fraudulent as Tre. She just cleaned her crap up when she saw what happened to Tre. Isn’t she still being sued for being a fraud? The guilty one does always point the finger.

  8. Jrleaguer

    I felt sorry for Siggy. It is tough to compete with a Disney Land dad.

    • Ktina

      Siggy is too much – she tires me and I’m sure her kids are tired of her harping too.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I don’t think I like her. Her scenes with her kids last episode seemed very fake. This episode she is tiring.

      • Matzah60

        Her voice is grating and she is a ‘self-proclaimed relationship expert. She did a VH1 reality show in 2011 on dating. It was never renewed. She has a BA in communication from Monmouth. She is certainly not the sharpest tool in the box.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        She does not strike me as someone who should be giving advice on any type of relationship to anyone!

      • Miguel

        For sure, Yoya – I keep wondering why she’s so weird with her kids. Maybe this family dynamic & their forced interactions are a put on for the show?

  9. Victoria

    I don’t think Teresa is mad because Jacqueline asked about the articles. She was mad she kept bringing it up on camera. That’s not the showings of a good friend. That’s a setup. No friend will set you up on tv for a storyline. Teresa knows who her real friends vs Camera friends are.

    • Exactly! “Friends” don’t set them up for a fall on camera!

      Jac needs to back off and be her sweet self and quit coming for people. It’s just not a good look for her.

    • Susie

      That’s it! She tried to explain that she did not do that to Jac (bring it up on camer) but Jac wasn’t having it. As badly as the Lauritas need to sell snacks, you would think she would try to get along with Teresa.

  10. Madashell

    I thought Jacqueline was so out of line tonight! She calls Teresa”s brother to get in the middle of their fight and throws her crime in her face? Felt like a complete set-up to destroy her. I could feel Teresa thinking …get me out of here before I choke her and violate my probation! Jacqueline has messy legal issues… yet is always the first to throw a stone at Teresa. Tisk tisk.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      And the smirk on her face after they left. Ugh.

    • And yet…Teresa brought up the past first –
      It’s always ok for Teresa to talk about the past, to talk about the, “Camp”, to make nasty passive aggressive digs (if I hear about toxic friends again, I’m gonna scream) but if someone else calls her out-she starts acting like a squawking chicken. It drives me crazy.

      • tamaratattles

        Exactly. Teresa wasn’t there for five minutes before she stared with the whole “The last time I was at this house you attacked me!” I realize Jac is pretty hateable, but all she did was respond to the jabs Teresa was taking.

        Jac “No, I asked you if it was true that you are facing prison time. It kind of something your BFF would expect to know before you sold stories to the tabloids.”


        Jac That you were selling to the tabloids.


        Jac I mean I just wanted to know if it was true… I was supposed to be your BFF…

        Tre I said nothing was happening!

        Jac And yet…. you went to prison….

        Tre I don’t ask you about your stuff

        Jac I’m not headed to prison for criminal acts, I have a civil issue I’m dealing with


        and scene.

        How on earth is that Jac’s fault on any planet?

      • Susie

        TT, thanks for pointing that out again. 😇 I don’t know … it seems like she wanted to address what happened. Jac told her that she did not set her up. That seems reasonable to talk about and put to rest if the two wanted to be buddies again.

      • Susie

        TT, always love to read your outlook on these shows and your personal adventures. Now that is reality! 🐣🐥🐥

      • I felt that she brought it up to move on from it, like let’s not go to that place again. Kind of like the conversation she had with Melissa. Tre isn’t the best at communicating :) her and Melissa went back and forth for a moment but it was really, to not go to that place again.
        Jac’s wanted to hard core go back to that place, Tre was trying to correct how she was saying things, “I felt ambushed”.
        I think ultimately they both handled this improperly but I feel Teresa was trying to move on from it, when Jac’s really didn’t.

    • Susie

      Agree! Calling her brother to contront him on the phone was just crazy rude. It is unbelievable how much people use Teresa to create conflict because they have no story line otherwise.

  11. Carl

    Jesus! Although I cannot abide Jacqueline, I loved that she threw it down to Tre; it drives me up the wall that Teresa still will not admit to her crime(s), especially considering it’s in the court documents & she WAS CONVICTED for God’s sake! What is her reasoning? If she’d just say something to the effect of “I was wrong, I did this/that & I’ve learned my lesson/done my time,” at least we wouldn’t all bec screaming at the TV so damned loud. T’s definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed but Lord, at least ask someone (ANYONE) to help come up with some concise response. I think we’ll just be circling the Tre Drain from now till doomsday.😩🙏🏻

    • Susie

      “Circling the drain” is a great line to describe how it will ne from now on, just like dealing with Vicky in Orange County is being on the hamster wheel spinning and getting no where. Neither gets it or is capable of taking full responsibility for their own behavior.

    • misery chick

      🙋 WORD 🙋

  12. Jrleaguer

    Delores reminds of what Dina would look like with her natural hair color.

    • Susie

      Agree! Delores looks somuch like Dina that at first I thought she was Dina but with darker more natural hair color! Strong resemblance.

      • Jrleaguer

        @Susie- I did a double take when I saw her tonight.

      • Nila

        Off topic, but I love your avatar, we just adopted a 6 year old bulldog!

      • Jrleaguer

        @Nila – Congrats on your new money pit, um, I mean new furbaby. That is Sophie. We also have George. They are both nine. Kuddos to you for getting a rescue. Back when we got these two, we did not know about rescues…or breed specific rescue organizations. :)

  13. Susie

    Tamra, I enjoyed your recap and getting your perspective because suprisingly I missed most of what really happened. In spite of not being a fan of Teresa in recent years, I found myself sympathetic towards her and unhappy with Jac. As hostess, it seens like Jac could have let Teresa vent and try to express her feelings. But you are right, Tre started it. Maybe I am sympathetic because Jac imitated Tre & her voice several episodes ago when reading her note out loud to Chris. That wasn’t very nice! Then she shows up st Tre’s house unannounced. That was wrong.

    It is obvious that Jac needs her BRAVO paycheck every bit as much as Tre does. Her action show that she is using Teresa to create a story line (again) to try to stay relevant. On the other hand, Teresa seemed genuinely interested in being friends.

    What Jac doesn’t get is that Tre did not want to talk about everything on camera (bankruptcy) in spite of it being a reality show, where as Jac likes to broadcast everything. The two are like oil and water.

    Again, thanks! Your take on this is more realistic. I am disappointed that Jac is so combative & argumentative with Tre who is as dense, illogical, and on a hamster wheel to try to reason with as Vickie in Orange County. 🍊🍊🍊

  14. Amy

    Watching now:
    WHY do people let their kids be on this show. I think Siggy’s (?) kids came across as really mean to her. Not something I would want memorialized for al eternity for my teenagers.

    • Nila

      I agree! I try not to comment on the kid’s behaviors but there is no way my mother would sit quiet for five minutes why I told her what I thought of her parenting!

      • Susie

        Agree with both of you. I guess that is what happens when you bring your kids on the show for a bigger paycheck. You have to take the good with the bad, like your ex creating problems by being their buddy.

      • My mother used to encourage us to stay AWAY from her after school – we were actually encouraged to, “have a few cookies and go watch TV” Lol.

    • Susie

      Awful. Maybe that is why she cried.

  15. beauxblue

    this whole whether or not it is appropriate to bring up something on camera makes no sense. These women are on a reality show, it is what they do for a living, they get paid to do this. it’s like being a lawyer but saying you won’t do you work that you are paid for at the law office or in the court room, or a someone who is paid to be a teacher but won’t teach in the classroom. these women are as boring as white bread and not much brighter. From the very first season when Tre and Juicy showed up with wads of cash that Juicy was making as a successful developer at the height of a terrible recession that came about because of the collapse of the real estate industry I knew they were frauds and ultimately this whole story is their arc, otherwise they are as bland as the white bread. They need these stories of their bankruptcy, jail, and all of this other nonsense to make themselves relevant and to have a story so they can stay the show and make a living. The idea that they can’t, should, don’t want to, won’t talk about this stuff in front of the camera when their livelihood is being themselves in front of a camera is absurd.

  16. Twilly

    And the lesson, as always, is Teresa is a horrible person and straight up garbage.

    • Susie

      Yeah, she is a “bad person” while everyone scrambles to continue to get a paycheck for being connected to her. It is like a BRAVO welfare check that they are all addicted to so while they continue to malign her, they need her. After all, the show was held up until Tre was available to resume shooting.

      Isn’t it weird that all of the hanger-on-ers were at a New Years Eve party at the Laurita’s house — together? “We want a piece of Teresa’s pie for knowing her or being related to her!”. What they were celebrating was that the show resumed and they were getting airtime and a paycheck again.

      Like you said, the storyline continues to be that Tre is scum but not the scum-sucking parasites who feed off of her. All are patasites except Rosie. She is the only one not trying to sell a product! Think about it.

      • Good to know the Tree-huggers are alive and well – still unable to tell the difference between an apple and an orange.

        There’s no need to think about it.

        They may be all lined up for a paycheck but there’s a big difference- to my knowledge none of them are convicted felons. BRAVO called THEM and they all had an opportunity to earn money – LEGALLY. Are they hangers on-sure! But there’s nothing illegal about it.

        I just don’t view picking up an easy paycheck vs defrauding banks of millions of dollars and as I reside in Northern NJ – what really pisses me off — taking money from lower income people to fix their homes after Storm Sandy and absconding with the money or performing shoddy work — on the same level as Teresa’s cousins appearing on the show.

        Apples and Oranges.

    • Toni

      I don’t think that at all. Teresa made some criminally bad choices based on greed. She’s a vain, egocentric person. But Teresa is also a good daughter and wife and she quite obviously loves her daughters. The problem is she doesn’t value anything beyond that. Friendships are expendable and are only valuable as long as there’s a tangible benefit to Teresa

      If Jac would have just acquiesced and moved the conversation away from the past, she and Teresa would be good. Jac insisted upon defending her actions (some of which were not defensible). Jac wants a true deep friendship, Teresa wants to go shop or lunch and go home to her family.

      • Twilly

        I’m not talking about Jac. I didn’t watch and haven’t been able to stomach this show for a while. Im just saying that Teresa is an evil, greedy, mean, selfish cunt all the way to her core. Her kind of evil doesn’t change. She’ll be evil til the day she dies.

      • Miguel

        Kinda harsh, Twilly – ouch!!!

  17. Susie

    Hey, is anyone else waiting to see Kat & Richie’s new house? I got the feeling that they were trying to play “catch up” on living large. One of Kat’s redeeming wualities was that she lived within her means in a normal house. She blew that by building an over-the-top mini mansion. I wonder how that is working for them?

    • Toni

      Pretty well I imagine. Kathy was just showing off her massive closet on some tv show and the Wakiles took a family trip to Spain.

      I like Kathy and Rich. And Rosie. They seem like nice people, probably too nice for this show. Kathy said some things she shouldn’t when she was angry but who isn’t guilty of that?

    • Wow! How’d you get ahold of their of their 1040’s?
      I’m familiar with Wayne -they bought their house low in the mid ’90’s and then put it on the market for double. One would assume their income has increased in the 20 years since they purchased the house. She’s written several cook books and has a her frozen desert treats plus a few other things I’ve forgotten.

      Respectfully, your comments sound bitter and jealous-especially if it has to do with Teresa’s family. They have lovely children & after 20 years have built their dream home.

      • Susie

        No, I am not bitter or jealous, just curious about what the finished product actually looks like. While under construction it looked massive. So big it looked ridiculous.

        Maybe the new house is Kat’s way of making Richie pay for his rude comment about her.

        Respectfully, you remind me of “skinny girl” trying to tell people off all the time because she is a miserable person. Maybe you are a hungry person who should try eating instead of looking for someone to beat down for posting a comment about your precious NJ buddy.

  18. Anastasia_Beave

    Teresa needed to hear every word that came out of Jacqueline’s mouth. Her delusion is disturbing.

  19. Margaret Shepard

    So over this old drama with Jaw and Teresa. Jaq needs the paycheck for her plastic surgeries. When Chris said they had to sell their watches, he neglected to give the total for his wife’s vanity. Siggy gets on my last nerve. She needs to take and breath, talks too damn much, plus her I am nice and sunny all the time is OLD. I wanna see her true colors, guessing we will soon enough.

    • Toni

      They get that shit free in exchange for publicity. Real celebs get plastic surgery and liposculpt stuff quite often but they pay for it and don’t publicize it.

      They also get paid to advertise crap on their instagrams. I’d bank that not one of them has actually drank that flat tummy tea

  20. Nila

    I was thinking Uber must be a sponsor, then and some espresso machine because the first episode everyone was talking about how they needed a shot of espresso and would you like an espresso? So annoying.

    We have a good friend who got a third dui, he had to do six months in jail. We never bring it up. We know he felt a lot of remorse but he also needed help with his drinking. When he got out we had a bbq, no one brought it up past the “I missed you” and the standard “how are you doing?”. We’re his friends, not his judge and jury. He never says jail, close he’ll go is “when I was a way”, I don’t think of it as him not taking responsibility. It was a difficult time and he’d like to forget it. I don’t understand why Jac did what she did it why she had them over. Chris had discussed this with we prior to their arrival. What to say and what not to bring up because they are dealing with Joe going away soon. I was enjoying seeing Joe and Chris.

    I was so thankful we didn’t have to hear about Joe not wanting Melissa to work.. Melissa has to be team Tre because she knows that’s where the pay out is. I think she realized this when filming stopped without Teresa. I don’t think Jac banked on that happening.

    If Dolores co owns three gyms, why does she need her husband to pay for her remodel? Or does he physically do the remodel? I was confused as to why she was telling him what she wanted.

  21. Gapeachinsc

    I never understood why Jac, as a friend, expected Tre to discuss her crime or possible incarceration on the show. Most lawyers would advise against it. I don’t believe Jac was her friend and like another person posted above, filming was held until Tre got out. Folks want to be paid and it wouldn’t have happened if Tre didn’t end up on the show again. The others despise her but need her in order to get paid. In my opinion, Jac is a mess and should be investing in her family instead of worrying about Tre or her lack of accountability. Tre owes her nothing. And perhaps Jac should worry about her own family and her own accountability before she makes demands on others.

  22. Rach

    If they brought Jac back to rehash boring storylines from 2011 then people will stop watching. No one is interested in Jac and her drama from 5 years ago. She’s an irritant. Always has and always will be. How someone could get so much joy in their brother talking crap about them. Who cares if Joe Gorga said Tre isn’t to be trusted. He’s said that to Tre’s face before. They’ve hashed it out now and moved on.

  23. captivagrl

    Why does Teresa constantly bring up the past if she doesn’t want to talk about it? There’s a million things they could talk about. It wasn’t like Jac started the evening with questions about Tre’s criminal past. The husbands genuinely enjoy time together. People just don’t need to be “best friends” to enjoy a dinner party. If others don’t allow Teresa to yammer on with her lies, she rejects them. Nothing new.

    • Toni

      ^^This!!! I thought Jac (cue Dorinda) tried to make it nice. Brought the kids in to say hi. Teresa started this one but Jac kept it going. These two are not meant to be friends. I question if they were ever really good friends.

  24. I get it about Tre’s denial, but jac shld have never asked her those things on camera, this is the issue. Back then when it actually happened with the whole deck scene the reason put out there that jac & Caroline summoned teresa over there was to exploit her issues because they were both so freaking angry over the cookbook debacle as supposedly this was Caroline’s original idea but jac was also going to be in on writing this cookbook aledgedly. I remember how angry every1 else was that teresa was steamrolling every1 making tons of money & in one of jacs many blogs she admitted this about the cookbook but did say teresa was really good @ getting things done, so admittedly there were sour grapes & the deck scene along wth lurcher Chris was a major setup &!teresa knew that.

  25. generalPsi

    Teresa and Jac both have this mentality that being friends with someone is like being in a clique with some kind of rulebook where they all put each other first. And that’s just not realistic. Everyone doesn’t always get along and that’s why people have unique personalities and character traits. Not everyone is going to like everything about everyone elses friend or family member.
    For instance I really can’t stand Jacqueline and her constant emo feelings and harping on stupid meaningless stuff. And I can’t stand listening to their retarded kid try to talk either. They shouldn’t be exploiting him on television like that. It’s terrible.

  26. I don’t know, I’m enjoying this Season – especially the newcomers. NJ has been such a shit show for so long, it’s more like the original “Jersey” stuff/people that initially had me watching. Can’t stand either the Gorga’s or the Laurita’s tho’, hope both Siggy and Dolores replace them.

  27. Jac was calm because she was being passive.
    I don’t get how anyone can excuse jac’s behavior.
    In 2015/6 she’s saying that the stories are what teresa sold to the tabloids. She didn’t know of that in 2011 when she was airing her dirty laundry out.
    Jac’s intentions in 2011 were just as shady as they were in this episode.
    She’s been unnecessarily shady this season towards Teresa.
    Jac talked about things that were not in a tabloid and tried to “expose” Teresa too many times and all she has to say is taht they “both” said mean things to each other.
    No, you spent way more effort trying to say mean things which is not what a firend does even when they are on the outs.
    She doesn’t think Teresa takes accountability for prison but she pretends her talking about Joe cheating on her and getting hit was just tit for tat. there are a few rumors about jac’s husband that could easily have been put on camera and teresa didn’t do that.
    Teresa is a fraud but she was also not the same way Jac was to her.

    and Jac’s daughter is no better and yet thee quote of her being fed lines from her mother is there as if it’s a quote from a credible person.
    Ashlees has enough issues of her own to deal with but it seems ok that she is involed I guess. LOL.

    One of the few times I can side with teresa. Jac only used teresa to have a storyline for this season and get money to keep her home.
    I can’t believe how mean she’s gotten. she seemed so nice and believable her first season.

    Good riddances, Jac. Hopefully it’s the end.

  28. Yamoah Asiedu

    Nice recap TT. Thank you. I agree. how can Jacqueline be the voice of reason? What on earth is going on!!?

    Teresa was so ridiculous and passive aggressive in the kitchen segment. (She also needs to update that heavy style. She and LVP need a brand new look, IJS) That ‘confrontation/conversation was the most interesting part of the episode. The dynamic between the two former BFFs is/was toxic and as the wise sage, Joe Guidice said, they should just go their separate ways. That friendship is done and dusted.

    The thing is, even though Teresa did time, she’s still not getting the ‘you need to do penance/show remorse to satisfy your friends #cough Jac #cough who still have issues with you.

    Calling Jo Gorga to settle an argument? Surely if you invite your friend to dinner to rekindle the friendship that you claim to crave, the last thing you would do is alienate said friend (however delusional or clueless) she is.

    Teresa is extremely defensive and immature. If she was less this way, it might be possible for her to have an adult conversation and admit to what was going on back then OFF CAMERA, but no. So this is where their friendship went left and opened the door to a new dynamic duo. Teresa and Melissa. Que!?

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