Daily Tea (Open Forum): Housewives Detox

Image Allison Brosh Hyperbole and a Half http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.ca/2011/10/adventures-in-depression.html

Image Allison Brosh Hyperbole and a Half

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Well, it seems we have managed to go a week without Bravo TV.  Was it as hard as you thought? For me it has been like a vacation!  In fact I was trying to get to the mountains for a few days but I was expecting some things in the mail that I didn’t want to leave unattended.  Plus, my days and nights are completely backward. I went to bed at 7:30 am this morning!  I can’t seem to get back to a normal sleep pattern.  Frankly, I’m not really trying that hard. It’s much cooler at night.

Not much excitement in the entertainment world this week. I’m not sure why the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce is being tried on TMZ with five or six stories about it every day. It’s like they are live recapping the whole sordid mess.

Bethenny Frankel was the cause of some sort of disruption in the Hamptons this week at a very exclusive pop up concert by Cold Play.  She allegedly threw a drink on three women who were standing too near to her, or some such.

Big Brother live feeds were really good, with the evil little prick, Paulie finally feeling some pain. I think we should enjoy that now, because Grodner probably has his name engraved on the return ticket.

I used all my time that the Olympics freed up to watch live feeds and sleep the days away. What have y’all been up to?


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  1. Dan

    I kind of didn’t have a life without Bravo this week… Not gonna lie…

  2. beth

    I’m a bit concerned for Allie Brosh – 2 tweets in 2015, last post on Facebook in 2014, last post on her blog in 2013 … maybe nothing in it, but …

    • hokiechick

      I know, me too. :( I discovered her blog early on and loved it, I got her book for Christmas right after it came out and it made me laugh until I cried so many times. “Sneaky Hate Spiral” was one of the funniest things I ever read. I hope she is okay and that she is able to return to writing again soon.

  3. Betsy

    Hi TT — was wondering if you had a chance to watch “60 Days In — Six Months Later”?

    Robert was unbelievable!!

  4. Miguel

    Although I’ve been enjoying the Olympics, I have to admit I’ve been “jonesing for” the HW! Only, and I mean ONLY – because I sorely miss the recaps and commenters. In the beginning, it was seriously like detox – has it been just one week??? YIKESSSSSSSSS!!!

  5. CoolMama

    The whole family was hit with a summer cold, so I was in bed for four days with NO Bravo! Aaaacckk!!! It was awful. I caught up with Vice Prinicpals which is hilarious. I also started Animal Kingdom. It’s a Point Break/Sons of Anarchy hybrid and I’m not quite sure about it yet. I’m sucked in to figure it out. Too bad I was all caught up on Unreal. That would have been a great sicky binge.

    • Sweet T

      I’ve been sick and I have been at home watching the first four seasons of housewives on nyc. I like how Kelly was pointing out sonjas living in the past pretty early on.

  6. Sherry

    I have not missed Bravo one bit! But….it is ONLY because of BB18. This week was a really good week for BB so that helps! Still waiting for Veto winner. Sigh. Went to the fair (thought about BB). Friends are coming over tonight to hang out and BBQ. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Everybody!

  7. Margarett

    I haven’t missed Bravo. Partly because so many of the shows have lost me…just too hateful too often. I do read the recaps here because Tamara.

    I’m glad you have enjoyed your time for you and Mr. Banjo. I’m one of the folks who helped make it possible. The Olympics have held me captive.

  8. JustJenn

    I have been just been working and hysterically crying as one of my dogs died and I miss him so much.

    Other than that I hung out with my friend who I haven’t seen in a few years and later he told me it was a date. I thought we were just spending time together as friends although he did ask to hold my hand at one point, but I laughed him off. Which makes me think of Ramona and Tom. Or maybe I just forgot how to date..I was never been very good at it in the first place with my awkward self.

    • Minky

      That is toooooooo cute!!! He asked if he could hold your hand?! That, my dear woman, is a gentleman. Ramona wishes her date was that hot. 🤓

    • Margarett

      I bet you’re not awkward at all, JustJenn!

      Please, accept condolences and hugs on the loss of your family members.

    • I started dating last year at the age of 72 & it is just as awkward as it felt at 15. Two widowed old folks, now we are looking for a house together. There is a lid for every pot, but you have to put yourself out there a bit.

    • AKA Riley

      Damn Jenn. So sorry to hear about your dog. My dog is getting on up in age and is starting to have health problems. I get so down thinking about how he may not be around for much longer
      I love this guy. He is truly my best friend. My heart goes out to you.

    • hannahkingrose

      JustJen, so sorry for your loss. They are our babies and their loss is felt on such a deep level. I’ll be sending positive thoughts your way. Hope things go well with your friend if you decide that you are interested in dating.

    • Lawstangel

      Im so sorry for you’re loss Jenn, I lost two dogs within a few months of each other. It is just awful. I hope it gets better for you.

    • I’m so sorry, Jenn. It’s a truly special love…

    • JustJenn

      Thank you all so much for your kindness…I really appreciate it.


    Too much Olympics.
    I’m jonesen for my Bravo crazy.
    Totally get it if you’re a blogger.

  10. Blondesense

    I have enjoyed the break from bitches. My son has been home sick so we had a Gordon Ramsay marathon. I went out into the world and went on my first date in 10 years. It was nerve wracking and was the first time I have kissed a wrinkled person. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

  11. I really missed all the Bravo shows – just not into the Summer Olympics, but thanks for all the posts on shows I probably would have missed. This is the first year in forever that I haven’t kept up with Big Brother – probably because, unlike most people, I didn’t like Day, and the rest of the crew left me kind of uninspired. I remember the days of Rachel and Brendon, Dirty Dick, Dr. Will, Derrick Levasseur (even though I couldn’t stand him), Donny, Ian, Andy Herren, Boogie, Ian Terry, and Chicken George. Those were the days of interesting players. Maybe I’ll give it another try next year – I really miss the interaction with BB fans. So glad the Housewives and others are back – love all of them. Sorry you didn’t make it to the mountains, Tamara.

  12. More Tea Please!

    Our woods are full of delicious wild mushrooms so we’ve spent a ton of time hunting, cleaning and cooking chanterelles and black trumpets. I feel like Forest Gump. Mushroom quiche, mushroom pâté, mushroom scrambled eggs, mushroom chowder, cream of mushroom soup, papardelle with chanterelles, mushroom risotto!

    • Lindsay

      I’m incredibly jealous of this. I bet the hunt for them is really fun. <just made me think of *whitney's* truffle hunting dog so I guess I'm missing Bravo? 😜

    • Pitypat

      There is a town in Pennsylvania that is the mushroom capital of the world. Going into restaurants there is like your Forest Gump reference.

    • Oh, yum! Good memories. I had relatives in Dorset in the South of England who had land where cattle grazed. Don’t know what it was about that cow poop, but in the fall, after the cattle had been moved there were huge mushrooms EVERYWHERE – they looked like portabellos, but even bigger, and had a rich earthy flavor. We picked hundreds, some to eat then and some to take home. My aunt cooked them with English bacon, home fried potatoes, farm eggs, with home made bread and local butter. That, and a nice cup of tea – what a feast! Sorry,Tamara, totally off topic. Glad all the shows are back!

      • Minky

        That sound like a scrumptious breakfast. I love good food. And there’s nothing quite like farm fresh produce and dairy products.

        I have some mushrooms in the fridge now. I think I’m gonna make my primavera risotto, in which the mushrooms will play a starring role.

      • tamaratattles

        Nothing to be sorry about at all! This is the open forum I try to have one a week at least, and this was my favorite post by far. I love happy cooking posts.

        Even though, I eat pretty much everything but mushrooms.

    • Babs0909

      Oh yum yummy, yummier! I love fresh picked ‘shrooms, cooked in butter, served on toast. And all the others you mentioned. When I tried to make it from store bought chanterelles, didn’t taste the same at all.

  13. Pallid Polly

    Coming out of my BB haze.
    Perhaps since you went to bed at 7:30am, you might have missed to fireworks on BB at around 9:30am for about an hour. Paulie was grilled. Worth the watch.

  14. Colleen

    I have not missed the Real Housewives at all. I’ve quit watching RHNY — too mean. I rely on TT’s recaps here to get the tea. Today is my first day off in nine days and I’ve been binge watching My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Whitney just keeps on hanging in there. I’m working a 12-hour shift tomorrow. Today, I’m living vicariously through everyone here. Have a great rest of your weekends!

  15. Toni Lee Gildea

    I ventured out into the real world this week and got on an airplane for the first time since the 80’s.
    As luck would have it, my husband picked our first red tomato of the season today. It’s been hard waiting for them to ripen! Thankfully, I remembered to grad a few jars of Dukes while I’m visiting.
    BLT’s will be on the menu Tuesday!

  16. JoJoFLL

    Still trying to get over the loss of my sweet kitty. Still broken hearted.

    Work, work, work and I’ve got some fool client that thinks my time is his own.

    • hannahkingrose

      So sorry about the loss of your kitty baby. I still can cry from the loss of my Bogey dog and it’s been 4 years and we have 3 other dogs and 2 cats. He was my baby boy and I miss him.

    • Misha11

      Jojo so sorry you lost your baby kitty. I, too, lost one of my babies to kidney disease two weeks ago. He was pure joy. Brought so much happiness to my life. Do yourself a favor and adopt another kitty when you can. So many need homes and they give you so much love.

      • Margarett

        Oh my goodness. So many losses. I truly understand the pain and loneliness.

        The Sweeties, are our most loyal friends and most trustworthy confidants. They give us unconditional love and always think we are wonderful (even when we’re less than lovely).

        Be gentle with yourselves.

  17. Lindsay

    I do freelance and got a call to work a huge antique show for a week a couple of days ago. I leave early tomorrow. I’ve spent the last two days sweating and packing my car in between these crazy five minute rainstorms we’ve been having. I think I’ve got some good shit people will buy and either way I’m getting paid so am looking forward to it. Just stopped by to get a little tea before bed.
    Also, feeling bad for those here in the comments who have lost pets, it’s the worst.

    • Lindsay

      I also wanted to ask if anyone watched the Luann special that was on Bravo? My DVR recorded it and I’m wondering if it’s worth “protecting” from getting erased in my absence. Did I miss it being reviewed/capped here?

  18. Georgia

    JustJenn I am so sorry for your loss. My sister lost her 17 yr old beloved Scottie this week and was inconsolable. It’s like loosing a child, your little furry baby. So very sorry. XOXO

  19. monica

    I am tickled pink that Big Bully Paulie has been exposed.
    What a crybaby loser. His ego did him in!

  20. Shay

    I’m no Bethenny fan, but I think that story probably went more like: Bethenny bumped into Girl 1. Girl 1 *almost* spilled her drink on herself. Girl 1 tells Girls 2 and 3 what happened. OMGs ensued. Allegedly.

  21. Lawstangel

    Ive been enjoying the Olympics because then I do not have to listen to the political shows, at this point I just cant deal with it any more (either side). A week and a half ago my former mother-in-law died. She was the kindest person I knew. I lost my parents when I was young so my MIL always called me her “another daughter.” She loved me and never forgot my birthday. The funeral was last Tuesday, she filled up the church. She never worked, was just a housewife, but there is definitely honor in taking care of your family. She was 91. I’m really going to miss her. So…the Olympics and Big Brother have been a decent diversion. I was up until 5:00 a.m. last night.It’ll get better!

  22. Susie

    Tamra, it sounds like you have the same sleep schedule as me! Awake all night. I took vacation tbis week and you are right! It has been a vacation away from new episodes. Well, maybe the delay will score Andy a huge audience when Luann learns about Tom. We already know they are still together so … apparenty it is no big deal. Three wedding dresses are planned! Tamra, your news about B throwing a drink is just precious. She really is a diva! A little too high strung.

  23. Susie

    Oh! I am totally in love with the Great British Bake Off. I adore Mary and Paul. Of course, I am smitten by Paul. He is gorgeous. I want to take a bite of him! I used to love to bake and this has me interested again. I recommend the show. 🍰 This week gave me a chance to view prior episodes.

    • i have also been watching the great british bake-off! they are old shows, but i don’t care i love them!

      • Susie

        I was happy to see there are old shows on demand. I wish there was a way for me to queue them up one right after the other! Maybe there is if I update my cable equipment. Thanks for posting that you ste enjoying the bake-off as well!

    • kallen253

      I love The Great British Bake-Off, also. The things they make and most I’ve never even heard of! Love listening to the words they use. When Mary said one cake was scrummy it was hilarious. But it meant she really liked it. You can watch it On Demand if you have Comcast.

      • Susie

        Hi! After I saw the first one by accident, I viewed more “on demand”. Wow! It is totally amazing to watch! I wonder where one can get the wuick bread recipe and others?

      • Susie

        Hi! After I saw the first one by accident, I viewed more “on demand”. Wow! It is totally amazing to watch! I wonder where one can get the QUICK bread recipe and others? Have you ever made a quick bread? My mom made Bisquick biscuits! That is the closest thing I have tried. My thing is baking pies.

  24. Aimless

    I’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother UK, which is an episode a day. It’s a total train wreck but I can’t look away!

  25. Margaret Shepard

    At first I missed Bravo , then I got into swimming at Rio. Wow that body on Phelps lol. So proud of our teams in all areas but favor the swimming. So sorry about losing your dogs. I lost my dauchand Max 2 yrs ago and although I have my big rescue Bear, I really miss Max’s unique , feisty personality. Someone once wrote somthing about even though our hearts break every time we lose our dogs we keep going through it cause of all the unconditional love they give us. I have lost several but as long as I am able to take care of one, I will always have them. Tamara I hear ya about the mountains, hoping to get up to Cashiers for some cool air. So sick of this damn heat.

  26. Katherine 2.0

    Haven’t been watching much TV since hubby got an Xbox, which is fine with me. Been reading a lot, listening to music, catching up on correspondence and spending way too much time on the computer. :) [Thanks, TT! ]
    Watched some Olympics highlights – swimming and gymnastics – and am proud of Team USA. We needed this moment of escapism and national pride.
    Heat’s breaking here next week and I cannot wait to get back to the woods with the dog. We are both a bit stir crazy, having to settle for quick early morning and late evening walks. Headed out to see Star Trek today, and do a little shopping.
    I feel for all of you who have lost your beloved pets. <3.

  27. Michelle

    BB live feeds have me sleep deprived. Housewives who?

  28. Rose

    Not missing a thing on Bravo! I’ve been watching The Night Of on HBO as well as the Olympics.

  29. Cat

    I have been reading a lot. I realized that the library not only has computers with free wifi, but they have books, too. :)

    My tablet resets on the 19th. But I may reserve my data time for when my sister comes out next month. She has an itinerary for us. An ITINERARY. God, help me.

    Other than that, I’ve been hiding from the heat and hanging out with the cats. Jesse bumped my tall glass of blueberry juice. It went all over my beige carpet. Now, I’m madly trying to get the stains out. Suggestions?

    • tamaratattles

      Oddly, this remedy is specifically for blueberry stains. I’m NOT EVEN KIDDING.


      1. Mix one tablespoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent with two cups of warm water.

      2. Using a clean white cloth, sponge the stain with the detergent solution.

      3. Blot until the liquid is absorbed.

      4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until the stain disappears or is no longer absorbed into the cloth.

      5. If the stain remains, mix one tablespoon of ammonia (Caution: Never mix chlorine bleach and ammonia – the resulting fumes are hazardous) with two cups of cold water.

      6. Sponge the stain with the ammonia solution.

      7. Blot until the liquid is absorbed.

      8. Sponge with cold water and blot dry.

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