Jill Zarin Has Already Booked Her Trip For Luann’s Wedding

I got an email this morning from the folks over at Andys Girls about their recent podcast with Jill Zarin.  I really tried to find the time to get over there and listen, but the #BB18 livefeeds have my full attention today.  Click the  link and let me know all the tea in comments.
Here are some quotes from the podcast, and I have to do a little bit of purple pen.
On being invited to Luann de Lesseps’ wedding (10:33)

“I’ll be at LuAnn’s wedding…I got my save the date. They have to get married because it’s a non-refundable three day extravaganza at the hotel, and I will be really mad if I’m going to be there by myself, so she’s definitely getting married.”
Clearly, the wedding must happen as to not inconvenience Jill Zarin.

On LuAnn’s fiancé Tom D’Agostino Jr. (10:54)
“I really like her fiancé. Love Tom. Love him, love him, love him, love him, love him. She really got lucky….He’s not a fraud. He’s totally the real deal.”
On reality TV making her a monster, and leaving to protect her marriage to Bobby Zarin (16:20)
“The reason I left was because Bobby and I realized that I was not becoming the person I wanted to be or should be, and I needed to leave. It was like I was becoming a monster. It was terrible. My whole life was consumed by story lines and plot lines, and what I should do, and who I should be talking to, and plotting with. And it was just terrible. It was just unhealthy.”
Yay!  Jill Zarin is now a better person! Oh and she didn’t get fired, she quit to work on herself! 


On Bethenny Frankel not showing her daughter on the show (12:35)
“I don’t think it’s fair that kids are kept off the show. If you’re on the show, you’ve got to put it all out there. And I don’t think it’s fair when they don’t. I understand on a certain level you want to protect your children, and I think you should, and certainly I did, or I didn’t in the beginning because I didn’t know what I was doing…I think it’s unfair when people are able to not put their kids on, and some do.”
On a certain level you have to protect your kids. But hey, put them on a reality TV show as props! What could possibly go wrong?
 On Jules Wainstein’s divorce (23:20)

 “When I met her and her husband, the first thing I said to both of them is, ‘I hope you have a really good marriage, because if you don’t you’ll never make it.’ And they both looked at me, and in a weird way, I did not feel confident that they had a good marriage. I walked out of there and I said to my husband, ‘They are gonna end up divorced.’ I knew it…Sometimes I get a feeling with some of the Housewives, when I meet them prior to the show, that the women are doing it to escape a bad marriage. Like I almost feel like she might have known her marriage was not for the long, and when she got this offer to do the show, she knew it was her escape.”
Why was she meeting them in the first place? She sure learned all about their marriage in that short meeting. 

On the tone of RHONY changing since the beginning (19:25)
“I love watching it. And I’m so happy I did it, and I’m so glad I was on it when I was. Because I probably would not have come on, if it was Season 4 and I had seen the show, i never would have auditioned for it. Because it changed. It wasn’t what i was told. I was told it was a story about moms and daughters, called “Manhattan Moms.” This glamorous, great live we have. I didn’t know it was going to be what it evolved into.”
Yet you are constantly begging Andy to let you back on. Odd. 
On the cast of RHONY focusing on Lu’s relationship on the show (12:00)
“I think it’s not fair. I think not everybody is putting it out there. I mean, you know, some of the girls are not dating on TV, even though they’re dating in real life, or have secret boyfriends and such.”
Jill thinks a lot of things are unfair. 

On Bethenny discussing her on the 100th episode special (18:15)
“Bethenny said some pretty nasty things. She shot some bullets at me for no reason. I haven’t done anything to her. I don’t even know her anymore. I haven’t seen her in years…She threw daggers at me, and I was unarmed.”
I don’t even remember what Bethenny said. But I am not seeing this new and improved version of Jill Zarin, are you?

Let me know if I missed anything good on the Podcast in comments.


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51 responses to “Jill Zarin Has Already Booked Her Trip For Luann’s Wedding

  1. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Oh OF COURSE Jill Zarin booked her ticket immediately. Bravo cameras are going to be there.

  2. JoJoFLL

    Once a fame whore, always a fame whore.

    • Meri

      She never changes. Totally self-absorbed and looking for camera time. If the wedding is filmed I hope that the cameras ignore her.

  3. Librarygirl

    Same old Jill. Everyone saw what Jill did to others during her time on NY. She was a pig, and she is still at it.

    • Lawstangel

      Honestly, I don’t think she was any worse than the rest of them. Now that I have seen who Bethenney really is, I see their fight very differently.

      • Sharon

        Lawstangel-I couldn’t agree more with what you said! Seeing Bethanny’s brutality these last 2 seasins have made me see re-evaluate my opinion of what went down with her and Bethanny.I am not saying Jill had no fault in it however we only saw what was edited by production. I wouldnt mind re watching her last season however I am not that invested in it.

      • PaganChick

        My personal issue with Jill is that she invented th whole “team” thing with the housewives. Jill was the first housewife to declare a team – does anyone else remember the “Team Jill” shirts? She even recruited Bravolebrities from other shows to be on her side. She convinced NeNe, Teresa G, and Patti Stanger to wear those shirts in pap pics.

        Let’s also not forget that Jill invented the “I won’t film with you” tactic of icing a HW out of her job.

        She wasn’t successful with Ramona or Betheny (even though she tried her best and even got LuAnn andKelly to act on her behalf), but she sure went hard on Alex. Most of the things I dislike about these shows – the teams, the fake meet ups, the drama for drama’s sake – were all introduced by Jill.

        Let’s not forget Amazon-gate where Jill not only gave herself fake positive ratings, but also used her aliases to give negative ratings to her housewife “enemies” like Betheny, Alex, and Ramona.

        Hell, even Kelly called Jill out about that.

      • Same here. I’ve been watching re-runs and knowing what I know of Bethenny now, I don’t see Jill as this huge villain. Yes, Jill liked the cameras. Who didn’t? But the difference between Jill and Bethenny is that Jill isn’t hateful. Jill doesn’t spew venom for the fun of it. Bethenny does. Jill actually didn’t lose Bethenny’s friendship. She never had it. Bethenny is incapable of being anyone’s friend. Jill is. We know that now. And wasn’t it Bethenny that dropped Jill as soon as she had a man in her life? Didn’t Bethenny tell Jill to get a hobby when Bobby was in the hospital? Bethenny sent flowers. That’s what the doorman does, not a good friend. I might be missing something with Jill. I never especially liked her. I just don’t find her to be as horrible as Bethenny. According to Bethenny (and I don’t believe a syllable that comes out of that nasally voice), Jill became a pest, calling gigs that Bethenny got and asking why Bethenny and not her. But this is a Bethenny story. Two minutes later, Bethenny would say she hadn’t seen or heard from Jill in months. So which is it, Bethenny? Jill was pestering you but you hadn’t heard from her? Was Jill telepathic? Was Jill at the hospital worried about her husband or was she busy following your career? Bethenny’s stories don’t add up. But are we surprised? Jill has remained friends with Lu and Kelly off camera. Bethenny has paid assistants that don’t last. I’m not buying Bethenny’s version of events. If I had to choose as to who’s story to believe, it would be Jill’s. We also watched what Bethenny did to Kelly. It’s in the same vein of what Bethenny is doing to Lu and Tom. Only Lu is stronger. Kelly didn’t have a chance against monster-Bethenny. Not too many do. Ask Jason. Let’s ask Jill Shields. We’ll probably be asking Dennis Shields in less than a year.

    • Erica

      I agree, Librarygirl – I think it confirms Bethenny’s decision to forgive, but not have Jill in her life.

      Lawstangel – you see the feud differently – the one that JILL admitted was fake and Bethenny had no clue JILL had planned it that way???

      It usually takes 2 to fight – I will give you that on pretty much any other housewife argument. But Jill FAKED this one 100%.

      I still think that the bewildered look of “what did I really do wrong?” look on Bethenny’s face, and the tears when Jill kicked her out, were real.

      • Lawstangel

        You know what’s funny? All the anti-Jill people say she lies about everything, yet when it is detrimental to her she is to be believed? I never said Jill did nothing wrong, not once. I do not believe she faked the story line, she’s not that good an actress!! I think she made up the story (about faking it) to cover her ass after the whole world came down on her. I do think she told people not to film with Bethenney, she was hurt for whatever wrong she perceived happened. Bethenney cried, so what? lots of women cry on these shows, its not the end of the world. I just don’t think she is any worse than Ramona, Bethenney or the rest of them. I also don’t find it odd she is going to Luann’s wedding they have remained friends, If you all want to waste the energy hating her, have at it, I don’t really care.

      • Microop

        I completely 100% agree. She is absolutely no worse than any of them. And Luanne was a loyal friend to her when it was the unpopular thing to do, so of course Jill will be at her wedding. I think Jill was good tv when it boiled down to it. Annoying, but entertaining. She is too sensitive for the whole thing, but I do feel for her. She had a hate site built around her and People stalker her for fighting with our proven rose, Bethenny. I’m going to cut her some slack. I think she’s gotten it worse than any housewife for doing the same shit.

      • I’m sorry but its difficult to believe that Bethenny knows anything about forgiveness. She knows a lot about grudges and hate. Forgiveness? Not a chance.

      • Minky

        Okay, so Jill is a demon for doing almost exactly the same thing several seasons ago that Bethenny is doing now? (i.e. being maniacally abusive to someone for reasons that are slyly being kept a secret from both that person and the audience)

        By that I mean, Bethenny is PISSED about Luanne’s engagement storyline. So she’s doing everything in her power, and the power of all of the other cast members who are too terrified of her to question her demands, to fuck with Luanne. All with Andy’s unequivocal blessing. That makes her better than Jill because….?

        Is Bethenny being honest about the reason she’s going after Luanne? Not a chance! First she called Luanne a slut, repeatedly, and now she wants people to believe that she’s got Luanne’s best interests at heart and doesn’t want her to get hurt by Tom. Seriously?!!! This is obvious from Bethenny’s behavior and it’s what TT has told us in her writing. That same bewildered look that was on Bethenny’s face is now on Luanne’s.

  4. T D

    Original victim may want to work on that whole monster thing.

  5. T D

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Much easier to stroll without Frankenstien footwear. Although a well placed boot in the end zone would put her on the path to humility.

  6. Erica

    If I recall correctly, Bethenny responded to the information (from Jill and her WWHL interview) that Jill planned the feud, etc. Simply said that Jill was cunning in a way she didn’t see when they were friends – and she said they were friends because of the show but beyond the show (got together off season). I also think that she said that she held no ill will towards Jill, but just decided to not renew the friendship. I thought she was actually kind of gracious and forgiving.

    • Psylocke

      I just watched the 100th anniversary the other day – Bethenny did say some pretty nasty things. I also don’t think Jill is as desperate to come back as everyone likes to think if she passed up on doing that special.

      I think Jill was entertaining and I’ll leave it at that. I rewatched all the old seasons on Hulu recently and she never really did anything that severe to deserve all the hate she got – but then again I don’t think 99% of the people the vultures of social media go after deserve it. I think she was foiled against “Bethenny the underdog” and just wasn’t positioned to come out on top.

      • I agree, Psylocke. I never saw the “horrible Jill” side. Everyone thought Bethenny was this fragile, little underdog. The fragile underdog has grown into a full-blown vicious, rabid dog. I believe she was always this way. Bethenny has planted stories about everyone that has supposedly slighted her, including Jill. I watched Jill protect herself from being hurt after Bethenny dumped her. And Jill was vilified for it. Yet, Jill still has friends and family. Bethenny has no one.

  7. Margarett

    I really don’t remember what the big fight was about, but I love the purple pen.

    • Microop

      Jill’s husband got sick, and Bethenny never called to see how they were doing. In addition as Bethennys success grew she began to feel left out of Bethennys life. Bethenny instead of saying, “I’m so sorry I didn’t call, and although I can’t be present in the same way as a friend anymore, I care about you,” basically got very competitive accused Jill of trying to take credit for her success and steal her spotlight and then told her to “get a life.” Jill was tremendously hurt and acted like a trainwreck after.

      • Erica


        Jill has admitted that B was out of town, and when she heard of the news, sent Bobby flowers, and gave him a phone call.

        JILL herself stated she faked the fight, and she confirmed with Andy that he told her not to stage such a nasty argument – that people loved them as a Lucy and Ethel couple. Ethel would have NEVER been as nasty as Jill was to Bethenny if Fred was ill, and Lucy didn’t acknowledge it right away because she was on tour (with Ricky).

        In sum everyone involed – Jill, Bethenny, Bobby, Andy especially – have corroborated the story that Jill made up and over exaggerated the fight between Jill and Bethanny. Everyone agrees that B sent flowers and called Bobby when she heard he had been diagnosed with cancer. Jill and Andy both agreed that he told her not to fake a fight, especially without Bethenny’s knowledge. Both have confirmed that B had NO IDEA that Jill was going to fake being upset with Bethenny.

        The disagreement now is that Jill doesn’t think that Bethenny should avoid her like the plague.

        Jill IS cunning – it is cunning and somewhat evil to wait MONTHS to voice a problem you have with a friend so that there were cameras involved. To not give said friend even the slightest of heads up of an issue you have with them.

      • Exactly. At least I’m not the only one seeing it this way. Thanks, Microop.

      • Sabriina

        Thanks, Erica- I appreciate the correct narration of events. . There were six or eight other elements/stories that ultimately had similar outcomes, despite multiple versions of each story.

  8. Miguel

    Amazing purple pen, TT – as always!!!

  9. cammierari

    Oy vey she’s still exactly the same! Bobby must be so relieved (not.) Is Luanne’s wedding being filmed for RHONY, cuz you KNOW Jill wouldn’t miss that. Wonder if Bethenny will skip it.

  10. Blondesense

    Of course Jill tried to leach into the Wainsteins. I imagine Jill Zarin flocks to any possible Bravo shoot or personality desperately hunting for a camera or microphone. Run Jules!

  11. CoBe

    Huh. I binge watched the earlier seasons and really liked Jill. I’m not sure what was happening in real time to make so many people hate her.

    She’s not perfect, but seems to have a good head on her shoulders and a loving family.

    I wish her all the best.

  12. Rach

    I didn’t think Jill was that bad. Compared to the HWs now would it be such a big deal that Jill was plotting and scheming. I much prefer Jill to Ramona.

    • It was her off camera antics that really got a bunch of us riled up. She went on Amazon and wrote glowing reviews of her book under an assumed name. She threatened bloggers and really got into with a nut job who was a big part of Lynn’s blog and who lived in New York. I will always think that the fame went to her head and she just couldn’t handle it.

      • Microop

        I think she had a mental breakdown and sadly the public didn’t treat her with compassion.

      • Now, that I didn’t know. But are you sure Jill actually did this? Remember, Bethenny and Andy are good friends. They might have concocted this whole story to make Bethenny look good and Jill look evil. Bethenny dumped Jill as soon as she found Jason, didn’t she? Bethenny said a lot of horrible things about Jill before she decided she wanted to make Jill look like the villain before Bethenny wanted to make amends with Jill. So, I’m not sure I’d believe anything Bethenny or Andy say.

  13. tamaratattles

    I think my very first post was about Jill Zarin and she commented or tweeted me about it. Like Day fucking ONE.

    • Katherine 2.0

      She was a very thirsty gal, from what I recall. Annoyingly, obsessively so. Remember all the phony praise on Amazon for her book? Turns out she was behind the fake reviews. I don’t really have any antipathy for her, but she’s not very good at introspection. And she’s still thirsty.

  14. Auntie Velvet

    She has always been so open about liking to see herself in the papers and liking the attention (literally, from Episode 1 onward) that I just can’t find it in myself to be snarky. It’s kind of endearing.

  15. Aubrey

    Sush up, Jill Zarin.

  16. Barbara R

    Jill thinks it’s unfair that housewives can keep their children off the show??? I’m sure her daughter loved having the world watch her mother shipping her off to fat camp. Jill has no empathy for anyone other than herself.

  17. I say bring her on next season as FOHW. I’d like to see if she’d try to go toe to toe with Bethenny for throwing daggers or try to steal Carole’s spot up Bethenny’s asshole.

    • tamaratattles

      I think she would make Carole disappear and pursue the affections of Bethenny with the passion of ten thousand sunds.

  18. Meri

    One word describes Jill Zarin……YENTA.

  19. Lawstangel

    My goodness some of you are really dug into you’re hatred….@ Erica…Bethenney IS (IMHO) the most cunning out of all of them. She tried to eviscerate Luann this season as recapped here by TT and prior to the divorce, she was just awful to her husband, not to mention her numerous other outbursts and struggles with other HW’s over the last several seasons.

    I don’t agree with you further assessment of what happened between Jill & Bethenney because I went back and watched several of those interviews yesterday on YouTube. I’m bored with the tit and tat of that argument at this point, so I am not going to continue it. I don’t think Andy Cohen is objective because he is clearly biased as he and Bethenney are friends. Actually to me cunning is too mild a word for her, Beth is pretty ruthless and now has what she wants- fame and she will do anything to keep it. I doubt she will every marry again because she is too controlling.

    • Erica

      Hatred? I don’t have hatred toward Jill. Either You’re or your.

      My dislike is based on her behavior and her description of what happened, not Bethenny’s. Whether or not Andy is “right” -Jill herself said that he said not to create the ugly argument between her and Bethenny. Jill secretly taped the entire interview with Andy. .. and couldn’t deny a single thing Bravo or Bethenny said about her.

  20. Rach

    Unpopular opinion alert, I say bring back Aviva and Jill.

    • Minky

      And bouquets of flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. That’s what they always did on Jerry Springer. Beat each other with flower bouquets.

  21. iloveearlgrey

    Still delusional as ever I see. Everytime I start to miss her, she crawls up from her hole and reminds us why it’s a good thing she was fired.

  22. Sweet T

    I always liked Jill but the need for attention really got to her head. Her relationship with bethanny would have ended even without the exaggerated fight. I was on Jill’s side the whole time because the idea that you wouldn’t check in on someone with cancer is crazy to me. Bethanny’s defense was that Jill said it wasn’t a big deal.. That is denial. Cancer is always a big deal. My viewpoint is that Jill is flawed but bethanny is downright cruel.

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