#BB18 House Implodes! Aka: The Shit hits the Fan!

BB18 Paulie

By Lime Brain

I am so glad I was too lazy to cancel my feeds like I swore I would do. Some shit stirring finally happened starting yesterday morning.  You can read my live feed reporting in the comments section HERE around 10 am when Paulie’s game started being blown out of the water. And the house decides to flip.

The hamsters finally went to sleep around 9:45 their time. I will do my best to recap what happened after they woke up.

At some point (was it yesterday? Today?) James spoke to Paulie about Natalie telling him about how inappropriate Paulie has been to Natalie and hitting on her all summer. Paulie knows this is not good and starts Paulie on the offensive to start covering his tracks.

First, Paulie tells about his convo with James to Corey.  Corey sees no problem with a Bro hitting on his girlfriend because, well, it’s Corey. They start talking about who to put up next and Nichole joins them. She lets Paulie know that Natalie wants to speak to Z alone later.  Now Paulie goes into operation damage control. Thanks a lot Nichole!

Paulie gets to Z first and tells Z about Natalie’s accusations. But he tells her it’s really the other way around. That Natalie was flirting with him and Corey and how Natalie has been using James all summer for strategy. (Pot calling kettle black, Paulie?)  I think through all of Paulie’s tirades tonight, he is constantly insulting all Jersey girls, except for his sisters of course.)

Around 4 pm BB time, Bridgette talks with Victor and fills him in about the house flipping to keep Michelle. Victor is on board because he always wanted Z to go in the first place.

BB18 Paulie pees in hot tub

Paul’s plan for double eviction is to put up Nichole and Corey and to try to backdoor Paulie. He then goes to Victor and tells him about all the final deals that Paulie has with everybody. Paul is setting him and Victor up to be the neutral pair between the other two warring sides in the house after Z leaves the house.  He wants a girl to get rid of Paulie so he can keep his hands clean and get Paulie (and Z’s by default) jury vote.

Finally around 6:30 bb time Natalie gets Z alone to talk. I still don’t understand the whole reason of this conversation, but Paul and James egged her on. Z would have figured it out in the jury house with Day. Natalie starts telling Z about all the ways Paulie has been hitting on her and all the horrible things Paulie has been saying about Z, yadda, yadda, yadda… It was painful to watch. Afterwards, Z thanked her and told her that she believed her. That she already knew this stuff but needed it confirmed. I foolishly believe Z.

After their talk, Nichole gets Z alone and asks her what is wrong. Nichole basically screws with Z’s head and implies that everything Natalie said is for strategy. So, of course, after this, Z runs straight to Paulie to let him know what happened. Paulie starts ragging on Natalie, saying she’s pulling a typical Jersey move. Calling her and her titties fake. Nichole and Corey join them. Nichole doesn’t understand why Natalie got involved. Paulie says Nat just wants to float to the end.

Paulie then goes to see Victor, telling him about Natalie and how she’s been hitting on him and Corey. Insulting Jersey girls again.

The fighting goes on all night with James caught in the middle of the he said/ she said with both sides trying to get James to do what they want. Paulie keeps insulting Natalie all night and I just wish James would grow a pair of balls and punch Paulie in the nuts. But unfortunately that doesn’t happen.


BB18 James and Nat


Later on Paul asks what Paulie was saying to him earlier. James lets him know that Paulie was throwing him under the bus saying that Paul and Bridgette are trying to get Paul out. This makes me happy because I hope this severs their relationship for good.

Paulie starts insulting Natalie again and her boobs. I hope Z is paying attention to how obsessed Paulie is with her boobs and gets a clue that Natalie wasn’t lying earlier.

Natalie joins them and Paulie goes off on her. James doesn’t come to her defense, again, and Natalie gives it back to him, You go, Jersey Girl!!!

Natalie leaves and Paul starts making it about himself but Bridgette jumps in when Paulie starts back up with Natalie’s boobs and gets the train back on track and stands up to Paulie and defends Natalie since James won’t do it. A few more Jersey girl insults and Bridgette tells Z that Paulie’s original plan was to keep Michelle all along because she can’t win comps. (Michelle will prove that theory true later tonight.)

Paulie gets on James case about Natalie and how she shouldn’t have said anything to Z at all. He’s still insisting it was Natalie that started the flirting. James finally wakes up and says even if that’s true, Paulie should have come to him and let him know.

Bridgette’s upset that when she defended Natalie, nobody backed her up.

Later on, Natalie and Victor get together to talk about Natalie’s goodbye message. She was upset because she really liked him at first but then he didn’t want to be with her. He said he knew the connection wasn’t there and it was better to nip it in the bud. She apologizes and tells him that she will make it up to him when she gets out of the house. They are good now.

The plan is still on to vote out Z.


Julie tells us that emotions are still running high. Z is voted out. No round trip ticket. They have the HOH contest with questions. Paulie is out on the first question. I start having high hopes. On the second question everyone gets it wrong but Corey. It was a trick question. That’s why he won. He nominates Michelle and Bridgette. All the Executives got together to discuss it in another room. Not one girl went in there. They are all on the Bro train again. They have the POV comp. Corey wins again! WTF is going on? Noms stay the same. Michelle rags on Nichole in her speech calling her a snake. She is expecting to go home.  They vote and Bridgette is out. Nichole looked like shit and out of it. Michelle is shocked that she is safe and starts to cry. Bridgette doesn’t have a round trip ticket and I am sad.

TT was also sad.

TT was also sad.

Then my cable conked out and I missed her interview with Julie.  But I can tell you that the next episode will be all about what happened. They just need a way to cut out all the Fucks that were said and still have sentences that are understandable.

Right now on the live feeds, Natalie apologized to Paulie. Now she is packing Bridgette’s bags for her. I see Mr. Jenkins next to the suit case. I guess he got evicted also.

Good Bye Mr. Jenkins. ☹

Apologies for the delay buy my Internet went out. I have a triple play phone, Internet and Cable and JUST the Internet went out. It was SUPER scary ya’ll!  I thought something was wrong with my new expensive laptop that I still am learning all the setting for!  xo ~ tt

Oh and one more thing from tt,  Paulie was apparently ENGAGED when he came on the show!



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91 responses to “#BB18 House Implodes! Aka: The Shit hits the Fan!

  1. tamaratattles

    VICTOR WON HOH! Paulie is PISSED. lololololololololol

  2. tamaratattles

    Some tt thoughts…

    James came in expecting to get America’s Favorite Player again. After last night, that will likely not happen. Sites that rank fan favorites have ALL the girls in front of ALL the boys. James is the favorite male player. Natalie is the favorite followed by BIG MEECH! Paulie is only second to last though at last count. VICTOR is last, but I think his poll numbers will improve now that he has HOH. I am listening to the boys now planning to put up Natalie and Michelle. Fuckers.

    In sad news, I’m worried Nicole will get safety this week. The polls mentioned above are from hardcore sites where people have the feeds. We call people with no feeds “casuals” AKA people who JUST watch the show with no feeds and no Internet site viewing. They have a TOTALLY different take on things. THEY apparently are voting for Nicole. I am not sure how this is know, but I believe it when I hear it.

    MY BOY PAUL is in a good place. I love me some Paul. If only he would stop telling stories where his family wealth is obvious. Stop talking about your clothing line and your fabulous house, dumbass. Paul was a recruit, meaning he is not a fan and did not apply he was recruited. Just as hardcore fans like me (I think I posted here about the year I applied and got through round one and got terrified and dropped out) who have watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE since season one hate on “the casuals” we also hate recruits. Paul has only watched at maximum the two seasons they gave them to watch in preshow sequester. He said he didn’t watch all of it because he wanted to go in with fresh eyes or some dumb shit.

    I really hope Paul and Victor back door Paulie this week. But I’m not optimistic. But Paul is totally over Paul and down with Victor.

    It’s finally getting good.

  3. tamaratattles

    Paulie and Corey are pissed at James for sending Z home. They feel safe with Victor as HOH. I hope there is a blindside.

  4. tamaratattles


  5. tamaratattles

    Are James and Paul lying to Natalie that Victor is putting up Paulie and Corey? I can’t believe this.

  6. MzKRB

    He wasn’t engaged when he came on the show.. Even by the tweet it doesn’t say that.

    • 25

      I refuse to believe that any viewer, casual or not, would like Nicole. She doesn’t do anything. I think Michelle will get a big boost after her 2 eviction speeches. I don’t think she’ll like that super safety suit though 😁

  7. I threw my votes to Victor. I decided I’m rooting for him now.

    I hate the way this voting thing is set up. I wasted my votes on the hoh.

    I also hate the fact that Nichole is so loyal to Paulie and it will end up working out for her. He was planning on getting rid of her this week before the house flip.

    • Lawstangel

      First, Lime thank you for the informative and entertaining recaps! I was not going to watch any more as I declared two weeks ago. BUT when I heard a blindside was afoot I tuned in last night (skipped last week though). I cannot be down with Victor because that speech and throwing those beads in the girls faces was jus too damn mean for my taste. Then he and the rest of he wretched crew laughed about it! It irritates me that BB does all this “stunt casting” do they really have no one qualified applying? I just find that hard to believe! It will be an interesting convo in the jury house when the two girls arrive!

      • BeetsWhy

        I’m sure they have enough applicants, those applicants are just not photogenic enough, single enough, outgoing enough, thin enough, etc. Reality is only for the better looking people.

  8. Theresa

    ooooo thanks for the lead to Tiffany’s twitter. OMG she and krista have some good tea. looks like Paulie has been blown open. I’ve been waiting for a flip to happen and something excited. About time. I can’t believe I loved Nicole in her season and see her today and want to smack her.

  9. sandra

    Paulie said he can’t believe Bridgette admitted to being a feminist. He said that is the same as saying she is a racist and she should not be around men. He said as an ER Nurse she shouldn’t be allowed to treat men. Corey believes the same thing. Paulie and Corey are pigs, I can’t wait for them to be voted out along with Nicole, (she is just as bad), great to watch them sweat.

  10. I heard that Paulie boned (his words) Z her last high in the house. smh.

  11. sherry

    So the flip is back! I was so upset last night when the boys were back in power. So Victor is putting up Corey and Paulie!!!! TODAY!!!! So excited!!! If one of them wins Veto it will be Nicole going up. Back to the happy dance.

    Oh and yes, Pualie did say that (boned Z) to different people. He first said he was kidding but then went in another room and said it again and again and did not appear to be kidding. And did you see Z with Julie…I hope there is a chance they can date outside the house. GROSS!!! That girl, she has some serious low self esteem.

    • Law

      For her sake I hope he dumps her! Da said she really thought of Z as a “little sister” maybe she can talk some sense into her?

    • Nicole is safe for the week. She won the care package. Veto can only be used on either Corey or Paulie, so one of them will go regardless bc the other side has numbers. But, don’t forget there’s still a round trip ticket left.

  12. Bravocueen

    I wish I could understand why Z has such low self esteem.

  13. Happy gal

    Paulies mom must be so proud of him and how he treats woman

    • Agreed, Happy gal. For all his “jersey girl” bashing, he’s not representing jersey “boys” very well. (That is, if the rest of us were to generalize ppl like he does) He is just gross & nasty on all counts. Hope they backdoor him & fast. Ugh! Hope for the girls sake, there isn’t a hot tub in jury house for him to pee in. Then again, he & Z will prob “bone” again there. Lol! Hope Day talks some sense into Z before Paulie shows up at jury. They could make his stay there very uncomfortable–which would please me.

  14. sherry

    The sad thing is, Z will go back to him, if he will take her. I think even if she watched the show and live feeds, she still would. She would let him explain his comments and he would say it was just to throw the boys off and editing. She will believe him because she chooses too. But I think she is safe from Paulie once the show if over, he will not continue to date her.

  15. Rose

    What an update! This explains a lot of big gaps for me from last night’s show. I don’t get the live feeds so miss all the behind the scenes action. I didn’t understand what Meech was talking about, nor what Bridgette said before walking out the door. Sad after reading this that James didn’t defend Natalie…I thought better of him. I do hope Paul (who I didn’t like at first but now love) flips on scumbag Paulie. After reading this now I think I understand why Julie said they’ll fill us in next episode. Every year I say I’m not getting the live feed then stuff like this happens and I wish I had them! Lol

    • Rose

      I felt so bad for Z who told Julie she is still hopeful for scumbag Paulie on the outside. Hoping Day will talk some sense into her! She’s too smart and pretty to want someone like him.

  16. Team Natalie! I was so happy she thought about letting Z know that she was being played. Even though it didn’t do any good. Maybe Day can help her in the jury house, but I doubt it! Thanks for the recap!

  17. Nicole won the care package. Ugh. But she isn’t the target this week. It’s Paulie and Corey seated next to him. If they put those two up together and ANYBODY but Paulie wins the veto, he goes. But first, there is one more round trip ticket left. Fingers crossed he doesn’t have it.

    • tamaratattles

      I knew NIcole would win safety. The casuals love her.

      • I prefer to call them The Basics….

      • Cat

        I am a “casual”. And Nicole is one of my least favorites. But then, I read here.

        Paulie crying at the end was disturbingly satisfying. Crybaby. Like he will really sacrifice himself to save Corey. Nope. Not buying that, at all.

        I’m predicting that Paulie will be voted out…then have the round trip ticket. I hope not, but that seems to be the way things will go.

        I, too, am starting to like Paul. I’m glad he’s turning on Paulie. The whole “PP” thing was stupid, and annoying.

        I’m also liking Victor, and that surprises me. He’s being pretty bold, and is not afraid to make big moves. Not like the others. I wish James would step up.

      • lori

        What’s this rumor I hear going around about a show this Friday? I swear if they pull a rabbit out of a hat to get Paulie back into the house I’m gonna be pissed. Even before all of his antics the last two days most of us would be pissed, but now… I can’t even fathom that they would do that. Just the thought makes me ill.

      • lori

        I guess if the round trip ticket doesn’t show up, they have to bring someone back from jury to fill the extra week? I guess I don’t mind anyone else coming back (although all of these chances to come back in is a bit much overall), but if they’re trying to get Paulie back in after the crap he’s pulled??? I can’t imagine that BB would want him back after all of his threats and supposed lying about psychiatric issues, etc. That would be a huge slap in the face to everyone.

  18. tamaratattles

    Paulie is rehearsing some speech to Michelle and the girls. It’s all about how great he is, how the boys won all the comps and ever since Frank left they are have been targeting the girls and how the five guys are just sending them home one by one. blah blah blah…. you Michelle are so dumb and didn’t know a thing about my game and did I mention I have five comp wins? HE IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE.

  19. Guest Appearance

    Thanks for explaining the reason Nicole was picked for the CP. She is the next girl that needs to go because she is embarrassing herself as well. I know James didn’t defend Natalie the way he should have but he may be using a passive aggressive strategy by focusing on the objective to eliminate the other alpha males. I know that was a stretch.

    I have hope Z’s brain take over her VJ.

    Michelle and Paul better win the next two CPs or this is CBS interference.

    • tamaratattles

      Michelle and Paul would be perfect, sadly the casuals are retarded. They vote with no idea of what is really going on based on who they think is cute.

      Victor would be a good person to vote for this week to keep him safe after getting a guy out. But he is less popular that ALL of them for some reason.

      • Victor is less popular because CBS airs his mess. Also, he is forever more attached to Jozea. They wouldn’t dare air all of the bullshit Paulie spews, because he is the golden child for viewers that are clueless. I wish they all knew about him and that nasally lying Nicole, that I can’t stand.

      • Nevermind. That was clearly sarcasm.

      • BeetsWhy

        I don’t watch the live feeds but I have been going to a recap site since season two, they tell you the conversations line by line as it happens. Love it, it means I only watch the live show and can FF thru the taped episodes to see what CBS thinks is important! I think I’d lose my mind if I only watched the CBS shows, they skip over way too much.

    • @Guest Appearance,

      Sorry, but I LOLed at your CBS interference comment! Say it isn’t so! Production would NEVER interfere with BB, just as Bravo production & Andy would NEVER interefere with RHwives shows! LMAO! (This said dripping in sarcasm! It is what angers me the most about so-called reality shows in this day & age!) And, don’t think for one minute they will not hesitate to rig the return ticket just as they rigged the Roadkill comps before they were forced to stop fixing shit for Frank. Allegedly. 😕

  20. Shelley

    Paulie- what a disgusting, user PIG. I liked him at first but that first run in they showed with Z where he threatened to sleep with Paul was all I needed to see. Womanizing pig finds insecure, hot girl to disrespect. Wow, that little, cocky POS is going to feel “the love” when he gets out of there. Can’t wait to see it!

  21. tamaratattles


  22. Paulie and Corey are nominated and Paulie is flipping his shit! Now directing it towards Meech.

  23. Guest Appearance

    Would somebody please hand Paulie a mop and bucket for those tears.

    Paulie is still trying to insult Michelle for her best line this week….
    Paulie: I was bread for this game
    Michelle: Your game is toast

  24. Sherry

    Oh my goodness! I was at the Fair all day and was sorta freaking out about what was happening back in the BB house. How sad I am. HA! Okay so caught up on the feeds (I read them). YES….Victor did it! I am BUMMED about Nicole! BUMMED!!! But its not terrible as long as Paulie does not win Veto. Corey going home is fine, but not as good as Paulie going. Who is gonna snag this Veto? Will they make it so Paulie will win? He is so gross, why would they want him?

  25. Guest Appearance

    I’m almost starting to feel sorry for Paulie, his mind is completely defeated. He even mentioned walking away from jury. And he acknowledged he was wrong not to use the veto on Z. He sounds like he has feelings for her although he told people about boning her numerous times. I would still put him on slop just to make sure he stays down.

    The wicked witch of RoadKill, Nicole, can’t tell one believable lie. Nicole to Paul – I knew about the guy alliance and I don’t care to be voted out. Nicole to Natalie – I’m stand offish; it’s not that I don’t want to be your friend.

  26. I started to have an ounce of pity for Paulie, but re-watched BBAD where in one room he tells Vic that his plan was to pick James off first once they got down to five guys. Two hours later he tell James he was planning to take him all the way to the end. Smacked me back into the reality that Paulie is a lying, pathetic d-bag who deserves to be stuck in jury with all the women he shit on.

  27. LoveMyBb

    TT you need post a link to the feeds. I get them every year and would love to subscribe through your site..

    • tamaratattles

      Thanks, but the feeds haven’t worked like that in years. They are on CBS All Access now.

      • LoveMyBB

        Really? I got my feeds from a CBSAllAccess link on a BB fan site the last couple of years and they claim they get a cut. Who knew?

  28. tamaratattles

    FEEDS BACK INTERMITTENTLY. Paulie is PISSED looks like he didn’t win. I hope it was Victor!

  29. tamaratattles


  30. tamaratattles

    It was the prize/punishments comp.

    James got $5,000.

    Paul got some kind of punishment.

  31. tamaratattles

    Victor turned down the 5K to keep the veto. Allegedly.

  32. tamaratattles

    Paulie has to wear a unitard WHICH HE WILL WEAR TO MEET JULIE! It just keeps getting better.

  33. tamaratattles

    Paul’s punishment we THINK is five Zingbot discs on the floor throughout house, 1 and 5 are upstairs. When directed he has to go to each one and do something.

  34. tamaratattles

    Paulie spent a LOT of time int the DR, probably crying after the comp. He came out and went to bed. He told Nicorey that he was “being set up for bad goodbye messages.” It’s like he doesn’t really get that we see all of his crappy treatment of the girls and the goodbye messages will be the first time anyone knows what a douchebag he is. He is back to trashing Natalie again saying she is going to leave him one like she left Victor. (she told him he needed to treat women better). He should be more concerned about Big Meech.

  35. tamaratattles


    It looks like COREY got the unitard (so now both Corey and Nic will be in unitards. )

    And Paulie has to make pies or something everytime a bell rings???

    James got 5 K

    Victor got Veto

    Paul has the punishment where he has to do something in five places in the house when a bell rings.

    Nicole won a trip.

    Natalie was the host.

  36. tamaratattles

    Paulie was threatening to refuse to go to jury yesterday. After losing the veto he has said if he doesn’t get a return ticket and goes to jury and there is no buy back, he is going to DOR.

    Sorry piece of shit with no respect for the game.

  37. Happy gal

    Wow I cannot believe he said he would not go to jury!! Well yes I can because he is such a dick ! I would think that meant he broke his contract and he would get zero money for his time in the BB house which would be awesome

    I don’t get the live feeds but I read the recaps here and very detailed ones on another site daily.

    For some reason he made fun of Natalie having breast implants well all the males did and I am not sure why they were calling her FT for fake titties and it really hurt her feelings

    Nicole feels superior to her but Natalie acted like a lady w James in her showmance and Nicole has acted like a tramp w Corey giving him hand jobs under the covers so I’m not sure why she feels so superior to Natalie

  38. Guest Appearance

    Paulie behavior is turning out to be quite concerning. He said his psychiatrist told him not to do the show. He also mentioned that he lied to BB about every seeing a psychiatrist. He admits not eating and not sleeping. He is under stress, feeling ganged up on by everybody, and confined. He likely did not tell BB that he needs medication to maintain good mental health. I wish they would call him to the DR to get to the bottom of this before he get worse.

  39. tamaratattles

    Paulie-i asked psychiatrist if i would be ok in here and they said i would be playing with fire

  40. tamaratattles

    The trip that Nicole one is to Hawaii. Neither Nicole or Corey know whether or not Hawaii is part of the United States.

  41. So it’s ok to talk the BB18 game here? I don’t want to be a spoiler and get in trouble with TT, so hear it goes, Victor won the veto too! Yeah! Hopefully he will leave nominations the same! And Paulie will be sent packing, but he may have the return ticket. Paulie being in the house with Z, will not be good for her because she is easily manipulated.

  42. Happy gal

    If Paulie self evicts before the vote do they still vote someone out? I could see him maybe doing that just to mess w everyone and saying he needed to get out of the house for his mental health

    • I’m pretty sure if he self-evicts before the live vote on Thursday, Victor will have to put someone else on the block next to Corey. I heard Nicole whispering this scenario to Corey last night. But, I’m not 100 % sure that’s how it works.

  43. Guest Appearance

    Paulie is at breaking point with the punishment to make pies. He made one and less than 10 minutes later he is required to do another and he had said no twice.

  44. Guest Appearance

    Paulie is refusing to go to DR.

  45. tamaratattles

    Paulie was in the DR for two hours before he finally came out and made a damn pie. BUT he talked about his ex girlfriend the whole time who did not sign a release and he knows it so it went to fish and they can’t use the footage. After he finished the first one, the made him do another one 20 minutes later. I am not sure if he has made two or three at this point.

    He continues to threaten to DOR.

    Then tonight Paulie went to Vic and begged for one more week. He swore on his aunt with cancer that both Paul and Vic would be safe. He just needs one more week in the house because he can’t do five weeks in jury. Apparently he can do four. At one point when he told Paul he said grandmother instead of aunt. He wants Vic to send JAMES home in his place.

    EVERYONE is pissed at Paulie, especially Vic and Paul. Corey and Nicole got caught in the crossfire as well because no one believes they were not in on the plan, even though they were not in on it. This is great news because Vic has a soft spot for Nicole.

    There is trouble in paradise between Nat and James today. Nothing major and when Nat heard that Paulie wanted James to go home she was very defensive of James. Basically Nat has gained weight in the house and is VERY distressed about it. She says she can’t fit in her clothes and is stuck in an ugly body and can’t lose weight. To compound problems James invited Corey to come to Texas and they can go out to bars and talk to girls. This made Nat jealous/mad. Frankly, I think she is just about to get her period. James is sort of pissed but not really at her because he is trying to be kind and helpful and she just wants to isolate and cry.

    My boy Paul remains in the best position to win this game.

    Meesh feels sorry for Paulie. She is always on the verge of tears about something. Nat is in her own world and failing her job of keeping Big Meech on track with the plan.

    Corey and Nic are FINALLY starting to play the game and be social with other people and distance themselves from Paulie. Too little to late.

    • lori

      And when he was doing that whole “I can’t do 5 weeks in jury” thing, he also threw in a “keep me here for at least another week, that way I won’t refuse to go to jury and I’ll be around to give you my vote at the end”. What a scum bag. I am so tired of hearing his voice I can’t even take it anymore. I ff through 90% of him talking at this point.

  46. lori

    Paul’s Red Alert last night was by far one of the most entertaining parts of this season for me. I could watch it again and again. The way he was jumping over the couches and sliding across the counter tops. I was dying! But the best part was when he pulled a baggie of white powder from behind Nicole’s back. No one else could hold a candle to Paul, had someone else received that job. Perfect.

  47. krystina

    I heard on the feeds that Production told Victor not to nominate Paulie. Paulie has also been trying to convince all the houseguests to open the roundtrip tickets, thus making them void. He is so full of himself.

  48. krystina

    Victor to Paul after leaving the DR, Lori.
    I believe it. I feel like Production has pre-season faves they want to protect or they want to keep a ratings draw. Paulie is just not a good person. It shows in his rapidly depleted attractiveness from the first show to now.

    • lori

      Thanks! Goooooooo Victor! Going rogue! We need more like him.

      They definitely do have their faves, and their fingers are in so much of what happens. It’s very aggravating and often insulting because it’s just so obvious. I heard that Allison made a comment recently about Da’Vonne leaving so early, and she said something that sounded like perhaps we haven’t seen the last of her this season. I also can’t imagine that they could possibly want Paulie to come back at this point. He’s become a liability to, at the very least, playing by the rules and holding up his end of the deal. UNLESS they had him believe that he was guaranteed final 3 before the show started or something like that. IDK… nothing surprises me when it comes to big brother game interference.

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