Married At First Sight: Just Married

MAFS Season 4


Tom and Lillian

We didn’t see any issues with Tom and Lillian getting across the threshold. They have a lot of sexual chemistry and are trying to move slow. They start with feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries.  This could not be going better. The next morning, during their first diary cam they are very affectionate, Lillian kisses Tom a lot.  Sonia is already falling in love with him. Tom is visibly worried already about the living situation. You can just tell. They did not have sex on the first night.

Tom and Lillian will be honeymooning in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Their first fight is apparently going to be about how to squeeze the toothpaste tube.  Lillian is a bit critical about Tom’s packing skills as well. In the production initiated shirt ironing test, Lillian irons Toms shirt.  At their brunch with their families and friends, everyone seems to feel, as we do, that they are a great match.

Rachel meets with them to give them homework assignments for their honeymoon. On the way to the airport, Tom starts asking Lillian if she is good living on a small sailboat, or a tiny house. She says she thinks she could live anywhere. Once in Jamaica, Tom continues to be very stressed about the bus he calls home.  Next week, Lillian gets offende by Tom.

MAFS Derrick and Heather

Derek and Heather

Heather explains to Derek after being carried across the threshold, “Just so you know it was like 20 pounds of dress.” Derek says, “Oh I know, thirty pounds!” I’m not sure if that would comfort or insult the bride. It could go either way. Heather says that Derek is good looking but she doesn’t have an instant chemistry with him.  Their first married diary cam the next morning exemplifies their lack of chemistry. They did not consummate the marriage. There was not even cuddling. Derek has a corny sense of humor. It’s cute. Heather thinks he is really funny. I think it would grow old pretty fast.

Derek and Heather will be honeymooning in Puerto Rico. Heather seems a lot more likeable this episode. I am willing to write her wedding episode off as nerves.   Derek doesn’t have a passport (you don’t need one for Puerto Rico) and Heather is a flight attendant. I think the matchmakers are a bit off base with this pair.

At their brunch, Heather seems to be distant from her mother.

Rachel checks in with them before their honeymoon to see how things are going and offer advice. It’s a wasted scene. She gives them homework for their honeymoon.  Once in Puerto Rico, Heather tries not to be nitpicky and let’s Derek drive and take her gambling. Two things she would rather not do.  Then she keeps being nitpicky. Derek wants to go to the hot tub, she wants to go to the ocean. She is being very permissive which is making her bit internally hostile.  She also has discovered that Derek smokes.  She told the matchmakers that she didn’t mind if her partner smoked occasionally. Derek says he smokes occasionally.  She says she has road rage occasionally.  She’s often impatient.

MAFS Nick SOnia

Nick and Sonia

Sonia refused to let Nick carry her over the threshold which made things awkward. Sonia was worried about her weight and thought he might drop her. I can so relate to that!  This was a concern of mine when I was young, 5’9″ and 125 pounds. It’s even greater now when I think about having to call 911 and be put on a stretcher. Which is a crazy thing to have anxiety over. So now that I think about it, am I relating to Sonia because she is as crazy as I am? For Nick’s sake I hope not.  As I diagnosed with no license mentioned before, Nick has some social anxiety issues himself and seems to have difficulty expressing himself and misreading social clues.

Nick and Sonia go for the whiskey. Sonia knocks hers back in one gulp. She seems to have a lot of nerves. The whiskey seems to help. She also seems like she needs constant reassurance that Nick likes her, this is something Nick struggles to verbalize.  The next morning they do their first diary cam in bed. They kiss.  They did not consummate their marriage.

Nick and Sonia will be honeymooning in the Dominican Republic. This will be Nick’s first trip out of the country.

Sonia is already talking about his “girly ways”  because apparently ironing his own shirt makes him meterosexual. Sonia seemed confused by the entire ironing process.

At their brunch with their families and friends, everyone says they feel like one big family already.

Rachel meets with Nick and Sonia and for some reason she makes them do an exercise on camera. She wants Sonia to look at Nick and say, “You’re my husband.” She struggles with this.  I was worried about Nick with the whole looking in her eyes thing, but he did it just fine.  Rachel talks about showing your insecurities and this makes Sonia cry. She seems to have a lot of insecurities when it comes to relationships.  Ah there it is, she is afraid to trust because her last serious relationship cheated on her.  Sonia wants a very masculine man who does not show his emotions and makes her feel safe.  I’m not sure if Nick is up for all of that. I don’t see him as very experienced with women.

On the way to the airport, Sonia is already worried that they might get injured in an activity like zip lining or horseback riding. Sonia remains very affectionate with Nick.


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27 responses to “Married At First Sight: Just Married

  1. lavidaLinda

    hmmm…..something tells me it’s not cigarettes he’s smoking…..just sayin is all

  2. Shyla

    What’s with showing ironing twice? Who irons these days? I use mine every 10 months or so.

    • I’m with you, Shyla! It’s uncivilized and unAmerican to iron LOL…

    • tamaratattles

      production gives all three couples the sames events, Ironing, brunch with family etc. I usually set thing up that way, i,e. “the brunch” the ironing, the car ride to the airport. the therapist arrives It’s scripted in that sense.

    • tripleOGpearl

      I iron everyday. I immediately notice when other people don’t iron and it drives me nuts. Lol!

  3. Buttercream

    Occasionally smokes … when Heather mentioned the smoking before dinner meal followed by the scene with the Therapist eluding Heather didn’t mind someone smoking on occasion .. huh .. makes me think there’s more there … Not sure this couple is going to make it .. just my prediction based on the four episodes so far ..
    Liking Tom and Lilian for the long haul .. Sonia emotional wet rag doesn’t help she’s paired with mute ..

    • I agree with you on both couples Buttercream.

      Heather seemed to have a very big problem with the smoking, even though she told the therapists she didn’t have a problem with the occasional usage. Kinda reminds me of the couple last year where the guy said he’d be willing to relocate until it actually came time for him to relocate. The “No problem” turned in to a “Non-negotiable”. Hope the same doesn’t happen here.

      I like Tom and Lilian overall. I just hope that Lilian can get past her issues. Time will tell.

      • Oops, I got it wrong. Instead of Tom & Lilian – I meant Nick & Sonia…it should’ve read:

        “I like Nick & Sonia and hope Sonja can get past her issues. Time will tell”

      • Lisa Gardner

        I think Heather should have said that she would only accept a non-smoker as a husband. Derek has only smoked a few cigarettes over a couple of days and it is not like he is a chain smoker. She is already starting on her road rage! I don’t think their marriage will make it!

  4. Theresa

    I’m loving this show! poor Derek and heather seem so poorly matched but a home run for tom and Lillian. I will be crushed if they don’t make it. I’m meh about Sonia and Nick.

  5. Christine

    I love that you recap this show. I love it too. Jury is still out on all couples. I am not getting the same fireworks others are seeing with Tom and Lilian. They are kind of getting gross with all the kissing without any get to know you conversation. Derek’s tattoos are just gross, I certainly hope that was a question and Heather said she was fine with a lot of ink. Dying to know the outcomes, but no spoilers for sure.

  6. Lisa j

    Excited for the season!! Someone tried to tell me today a spoiler on it and I punched him in the arm, I want to be surprised!

  7. BeetsWhy

    Love this show, no spoilers here and not ready to predict outcomes yet!

  8. Lady_Bug

    Definitely too much kissing between Tom and Lillian. You know nada about this guy to make you so compulsive with the constant need to kiss.
    Heather and Derek have #FAIL written all over them. It’s just a matter of time before we witness their demise.
    I’m feeling like Sonia and Nick also might not make it. They are both really struggling. Unless there is some major turning point, those two will be saying adios just like I know Heather and Derek will be.

  9. Theresa

    this is the 1st time I’m watching this and I am curious, are they contractually obligated to stay married and together until a certain date? gosh how uncomfortable. I am assuming if they bailed before end of show, there wouldn’t be much show. what are the specifics of this?

  10. Louie

    Boy, did I get this wrong… When they first announced the match-ups, I thought Sonia and Nick would hit it off immediately, Heather and Derek (who I think is the hottest of the three grooms) would have instant sexual chemistry and Lillian and Tom would be awkward especially with the living situation (which looks like will be their downfall by the looks of the previews). I still don’t understand how everyone can be all for the marriage without meeting and then forget what they signed up for once the wedding is over.

  11. Dancing Matisse

    Let’s be clear that I am Tom’s perfect match … Twenty years ago. I would have been crazy for him and his silly bus.

    How they think a realtor would be ok with that living situation, I don’t know.

  12. Hopefully Tom will be just as willing to change his living arrangements as he he wanting Lilian to be.

    He wants to live in his bus to be close to the beach so he can surf…since Lilian’s in real estate, perhaps she can find them a place to live near the beach that they’ll both comfortable with.

    Marriage is all about compromise.

  13. Heather is more mature than Derek.

    He was pie eyed already when he said he wanted another Mojito and get in the hot tub.

    Heather was really turned off by that.

    He comes across as a passenger on a flight who she is already tired of catering to.

    Not a good match at all, in my public service opinion ~

  14. MNMarie

    Pretty sure Heather wouldn’t be that upset over “regular” cigarettes. Just sayin… If she is, than the the experts should have been able to determine that she was far too uptight and inflexible to participate in a social experiment that time has proven will only work for those who can compromise and approach differences with an open mind. If it’s true that both Heather and Derek have had past run-ins with the law than perhaps they should each have learned that even the best of us have moments where, in hindsight, we know we have made some questionable choices or bad decisions. I am a believer in second chances and lessons learned and everyone deserves to find someone who chooses to focus on our positive loveable qualities and to look beyond the faults & past mistakes that make us human. If it doesn’t work out for Derek & Heather – I hope they can watch the show back and learn some valuable lessons that will help them to eventually learn a few things about communication, patience & understanding so that they can find happiness in a healthy relationship in the future.

    • tamaratattles

      SIDE NOTE TO ALL (Not sure where this will fall) I am apparently sick and have been asleep for over 17 hours. I just forced myself to get up to blog tonight’s HWs shows.

      I had planned to recapp MAFS this afternoon. I have not seen it yet but am excited to watch and recap it as soon as I can. ~tt

  15. Jean

    Derek’s smoking is more than occasionally, his deep voice speaks volumes. I don’t understand why the experts matched a smoker & a non-smoker. Sorry Derek people who don’t smoke gets majorly grossed out by cigarette breath. You acted so disturbed by your new wives reaction. I can’t figure out why you think she wants to be affectionate with an ashtray. If you want to keep your wife, QUIT! Just saying.

    • Diane

      Umm we are not talking about cigarettes here Jean. It is pretty clear he is smoking weed.

      • Jessica

        Thank you, Diane! I was going to say the same thing. I’m pretty surprised people think he’s referring to cigarettes, lol. I thought it was pretty obvious.

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