Kathryn Dennis Returns To Charleston !

Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis


It’s about time for some good news! Tamara Tattles can exclusively report Kathryn Dennis is home after spending some time in Malibu recuperating from all the Southern Charm drama.  After much sunlight, hiking and healthy living she is home healthy and in good spirits. Southern Charm as not made any final casting decisions yet. It’s not time to film yet and you know how they do. There is some test shooting going on with a new male cast member and that is all I know for sure right now.

I would not care to watch the show without Kathryn, her kids and  K. Cooper Ray, so lets selfishly keep our fingers crossed that happens just the way we want.  Realistically, I think it would be in her best interest to stay far, far away from all the ghastly people on that show full of poseurs.  It’s not good for her health to be around all of that nonsense. But I’m sure the won’t be willing to turn down the paycheck.

Southern Charm Kathryn Kiss


In the meantime, she has a new court hearing coming up regarding child custody and child support. Something tells me that Thomas having the kids for a full month might keep him from being so demanding about custody issues.

I read a link someone sent me on from Reddit where a woman posted that her husband was Thomas’ Uber driver recently and picked up Thomas and some other drunk chick at a bar and was being totally Thomas in the back seat.  He supposedly asked the woman if she had “hardwood floors” or “carpet” (down there) as they anticipated the evening’s adventures.  He was insulting her while trying to impress her with his “knowledge” of French.  That last part made me suspect about the whole story because sure that fake French is just scripted comedy for the show. Right?

Things should be heating up again in Charleston really soon, one way or the other.


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50 responses to “Kathryn Dennis Returns To Charleston !

  1. Thank you Tamara! This gives me hope! 😊

  2. OmgOmg

    TY! Her health is way more impo than a show but I’d love to see her back, strong & living well (which is the best revenge)! I love K Cooper!! No one will watch if they aren’t back!!!

  3. Snowflake

    I vote New Show for K and Cooper Ray! Lots of traveling. Some kind of business…….stylist? Event planner!! Take us to the Rich and Famous and let us hear K’s take on all of it!

  4. spk

    I find her equal parts sassy-entertaining and unhinged. Hopefully this doesn’t break the commenting rules. But a while back I was reading some lengthy political article and a bit in it mentioned John C Calhoun. This sent me off to read more about him and the first painting referenced in his wikibio immediately made me think of Kathryn–especially when she’s incensed and wagging her finger at Landon. Gave me such a giggle to see facial characteristics so far down the family tree.

    • Navymommy

      Apparently, she is not descended from that Calhoun although her family is South Carolina pedogreed.

      • JoJoFLL

        Navymommy, can you elaborate?

        One of my girlfriends is a direct descendant of John Calhoun and she and Katheryn are distant cousins through their fathers. Both

      • spk

        Interesting — because they sure look like their ancestors drank from the same well.

        Family trees get so squirrely. Like my stepdad is a descendant of the Delano Roosevelts, but there is a side of the family that spelled it Delanor(e).

      • Bee

        See comment below.

  5. Nanaintn

    It makes me feel better to know that Kathryn has been able to get away from the hell for a bit! I can’t imagine Southern Charm without her. I had to stop watching most of last season and rely on TT’s recaps and the comments because their treatment of her made me physically ill. I did try to watch the reunion, but , Landon’s screechy ass, Patti the crone, and Cameron the newly minted cu*t left me wanting to slap somebody, so thanks again TT. I’d love to see Kathryn back, happy and healthy and with Cooper Ray’s support, mopping up the floor with all of them. Of course, I know that’s only in my dreams because….. Bravo/Andy.

  6. Bee

    A friend of mine dated TR a few times long ago. Reports are that speaking French to impress is his thing…Sadly! Remember the scenes of him practicing in the mirror before taking Danni out? Then KD saying on a WWHL interview that part of what “got her” was Thomas speaking French to her?Nope, think thats really part of his pick-up repertoire!
    So hope KD is rested and clear-headed for a come back!!

  7. I’m probably the only one, but I’m looking forward to Southern Charm without Kathryn. First off, she doesn’t need the aggravation of being ganged up and shit on by the other cast mates.

    Second off, I want to see what fake storylines they come up without her and to openly mock the show the way I do with Bachelor in Paradise. It could be a lot of fun. Come on, we can all do a shot every time Landon squeals like a dolphin.

  8. Shannon Benson

    Catherine IS Southern Charm…

  9. Diane

    I have been tweeting with Coop and he has said he will not return unless the group has a ‘come to Jesus moment’. He doesn’t want the drama. When I said I wouldn’t watch without he and Kathryn he said that I would find him somewhere ? He has spent the Summer in NY and I have thought about spying LOL as he is only a few hours from me and I am familiar with the area. But that would be wrong? Right? 😂 he went to NYC and said he was off to discuss clothes etc etc etc and TV?

    Hope they both appear somewhere together. He has been a goos friend to Kathryn and she needs good friends in that nest of vipers.

  10. Shae

    Omg, I can feel the sleaze that is Thomas through my computer. What an insufferable creep.

  11. Twilly

    Nannies have been caring for those kids, not Thomas. Which is for the best since he’s a hazard and a mess. Kathryn looks great and I hope she’s in a good place, mentally. Being away from her kids for a month must have been very difficult.

    • Patricia's martini glass

      I agree on nannies being best under these circumstances. That nanny from last season seemed to be the calm in the storm. I hope they pay her well- because a lot of that seemed to be beyond child care. I sincerely hope Kathryn keeps her endearing quirks but finds a good, healthy path for her and her children. She’s young, I have faith in her. Now for men of T Rav’s age who are still acting foolish? Not much hope there.

    • tbk

      Nannies were caring for the first kid and then both kids when they were with Katherine. Because she is a hazard and a mess.

  12. Twilly

    Oh and the new male cast member must be Landon’s new fake boyfriend.

  13. JoJoFLL

    I wonder who they’ve gotten for Landon’s fake boyfriend? I’m trying to think of all the locals I know in that age range and moneyed bracket and the only ones I can come up with are married or gay.

    One of the Lee Brothers maybe?

    • Please keep Tamara and the gang posted: I can’t imagine what man of serious means and substance would swoop Landon up as a love interest , given how much she showed herself to be a donkey this season. Now I have heard of many a man falling for a stark raving mad woman because he was perhaps drunk on her beauty, addicted to her sex, and falls for when she purrs like a kitten, but there is nothing about Landon beguiling or even kind enough to look beyond those dreadful dolphin squeals and regressed adolescent behaviours of hers.

      • JoJoFLL

        I’m thinking of a gay man of means who has something they want to promote or is a famewhore.

      • Babs0909

        You said it! Landon has lost any chance of meeting someone decent b/c of the reality show. Her shallow character reared its ugly head fast.

  14. Major James

    OMG. More fake Charlestonians. Aren’t they living in NYC? The famous boiled peanut bros.
    They can’t cook worth a crap. Doesn’t one of them have a newborn?

    • Auntie Velvet

      Unless you know something we don’t, KCD is about as old Carolina as it gets…and Thomas too, for that matter.

      • Auntie Velvet

        Computer crashing may have killed my follow-up comment, but long story short on “fake Charlestonians….” Thomas’ family goes back so far that there is a persistent rumor that Poe’s “Annabel Lee” was written for Anna Ravenel.

    • JoJoFLL

      But wouldn’t one of the Lee Brothers make perfect sense?

  15. SabrinaToo

    I love Kathryn. I wont watch if she isn’t back. I think Kathryn and Shep make the show. But since Whitney is a producer I wonder if he gets to make casting decisions.

    • tamaratattles

      Sabrina, thanks for commenting. We have a long time poster here that uses Sabrina, so I changed your name to SabrinaToo to avoid confusion. You can use that or change it to whatever you would like. I hope you understand that we try not to have two people with the same nick here. That’s all.

  16. RealE

    I would love to see her back on the show, but for her sake I hope she walks from it. If she stays I hope there is a way for her to at least negotiate a kinder edit or cast truly being kinder to her and treating her humanely.
    I hope while in Malibu she found real treatment so she can be in the road to gaining back custody of her kids.

  17. SLM

    I 💟 Kathryn and KCR! I would be all in for a fun show featuring just them. The thought of TRav picking up women and asking about the condition of their lady bits makes me projectile barf out of every hole on my head. Kathryn is amazing and young and has her whole life ahead of her. She’s better off rid of him and I’m crossing my fingers that her new court hearing gets her her kids back and the ordered child support she deserves!

  18. Tracy H.

    K. Cooper Ray just tweeted a link about this article. Thank the lord I follow him on Twitter.

  19. Vet

    I love K. Cooper Ray and Katherine. Cooper is the only one on the show that has any class. I won’t watch either. I really cannot stand the Dolphin and the Hypocrite.

  20. Shae

    I don’t see how she could afford to walk. With Thomas being a stingy miser and her not having a job outside of the show, I don’t think she could comfortably support herself otherwise.

    • Patricia's martini glass

      I think if she funnels her energy towards herself and her children, Kathryn will land on her feet with or without Bravo.

  21. Dee

    Thanks Tamara, happy to hear she is home! The show is nothing without Cooper and Kathryn!

  22. I think Thomas really does believe he speaks French well! His accent is atrocious. As a woman who studied French for six years in English schools, and could do well on paper, but whose accent sounded like someone who had never learned a word of the language, I can truthfully say he sounds even worse that I did. So glad to hear that there’s still a chance that Kathryn will come back – the show just wouldn’t be the same without her. Love that girl! Landon is like an annoying person scratching chalk on a chalkboard – plus you have to add in a healthy dollop of spitefulness, cluelessness and just plain jealous bitchiness to come anywhere close to the irritation level she provokes in people. How can that group stand her and not see through the evil that is Landon? I really love this show, despite the immature male cast members, although I think we could watch it for fifty years and not see any improvement in Thomas. He is what he is – a man who could be quite charming if it weren’t for the overwhelming levels of toxic douchiness in his personality. Terminal case – no cure in sight. Sad for Kathryn and their children. He could be sooooooo much better.

  23. T D

    This bravo show is a source of southen harm. The lowlands are known for fever. If bravo wanted charm the should have looked in the country for civil folk.

  24. Anna H

    His name is Beau as I recall. He took her to the ball her first season. He has dark hair. I’m sure he’s in her photos from that time. That must be the new chump they are paying to date her.

  25. Bee

    Kathryn is a descendant of John C. Calhoun. Her grandfather was a prominent SC Senator. The family pedigree is there, but her parents are just regular folks. They both work for the local power company.

  26. Sali

    I love KCD! I hope she’s stronger, wiser and more mature and she comes back to make the show again.

    • Lisette Leroux

      Well said. They want her to look bad so the better she gains control of herself and her temper, the better she’ll show them all what she’s made of! Don’t let them see you sweat KCD! We are rooting for you and your sweet babies!!!

  27. Lisette Leroux

    Why is Patricia shading Kathryn almost daily on Twitter? Kathryn doesn’t talk about her! She’s such a bitter bully towards Kathryn!!

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