Jules Wainstein Calls 911 on Michael Wainstein Again

It looks like TMZ is going to continue to post one non-story a day or so about Bravo shows during the Olympic hiatus in an attempt to keep them on our minds. Today, TMZ is reporting that Jules called 911 on Michael again this morning around 8 a.m.  No other information was provided, because it is a non-story.

However,  Page Six recently quoted their sources  who said that Michael is essentially living with his mistress in a brownstone and comes home every morning at five a.m.to shower and dress and then goes to work at 6:30. His office is in the same building as their marital home as we learned on RHONY.  Their sources say he never sees the kids.

On my WWHL recap with Dorinda and Jules,  I discussed the living situation with Jules and Michael. Basically, she said nothing and Dorinda answered the questions. She confirmed that they were getting a divorce. When he asked if he was still living there she got quiet and Dorinda said she could confirm that. Jules is wisely staying very quiet about everything while Michael’s lawyer makes ridiculous statements.

Michael’s lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, continues to deny that Michael has had an affair.  He told Page Six “in order to avoid all the drama she creates . . . he is trying to absence himself when he believes she is in a dramatic stage. He has been trying to stay with his parents on certain occasions.”

RHONY Jules and Michael 2
A dramatic stage?  Seriously? Michael is screwing around on his wife and neglecting his children and she is just in a dramatic stage?

Meanwhile, paparazzi has snapped photos of Michael and the alleged mistress all over town.

By the time the police arrived at the house this morning Michael was already gone. You would think, if he was at work, they would have walked downstairs to question him.

Or you know, check on his well-being considering his “diminutive stature” that his lawyer keeps pointing out. Much like Kate Chastain, he’s apparently too short to be aggressive.  It will be interesting to see if TMZ covers the latest Kate Chastain drama this week.


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64 responses to “Jules Wainstein Calls 911 on Michael Wainstein Again

  1. Rach

    I really feel for Jules. He’s parading around Manhattan with his girlfriend, whilst she’s left looking after the kids. It must hurt. I really hope she has support right now.

  2. Opela88

    Ugh he’s a manipulator, he looks and acts like my ex husband . A little small penis syndrome jagaloons. Poor Jules, watching him parse a dollar store version of her around town, while his kids cry for him.

  3. Ruthie

    I think it’s hysterical that his attorney is the same Baffoon that Lindsay Lohan had to hire after the long suffering Shawn Holley quit for nonpayment. He’s a moron. Lol! I think Jules will make out just fine in the end.

  4. Sequoia

    This is all Bethenny’s fault. And her all wipe Carol too. Bethenny simply has to be involved because everything is her fault. And she doesn’t like her X in laws either the bitch…

    • Sequoia

      Ass wipe. Carol’s an ass wipe. She’s a bitch too.

    • I dislike Bethenny as much as the average viewer (maybe more) but I fail to understand how she is, “at fault” or responsible for Michael’s deplorable behavior and their divorce….

      • Minky

        Um…Sliceo’pie? I think Sequoia is being a tad sarcastic. Because of the alleged Bethenny “bashing” lately. Sequoia is still a fan of her and I assume of Carole too.

      • Sequoia

        Alleged? Oh brother. Two or three posts per week, every week, are hardly alleged? And please don’t assume things about me. For the record, I’m not a particular fan of either Carol or Bethenny this season. I just don’t like the constant harping on them week after week. But when the X in-laws are used to bash Bethenny, it takes on an air of obsessive take down. It’s really not necessary because we get it.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Bethenny’s in-laws kinda seemed like dicks to me.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh and humorous example of Poe’s law at work here. Lol!

      • Minky

        Yeah, alleged. I don’t believe there’s been any bashing going on. Lots and lots of criticism, and most of it I believe she deserves, but no bashing.

        I assumed you were a Bethenny and Carole fan because your posts seemed to indicate that you enjoy their behavior. I guess I was wrong. Sorry for my mistake.

      • Charlie

        Yoya- I totally agree with you about the in-laws! I never could stand them, even though they have the appearance of being kind and gracious. I cannot articulate what it is that makes me dislike them. I am wondering, what is it about them that makes you say they seem kinda like dicks? My friend who I shared that opinion with completely disagreed with me.

      • Sequoia

        Minky, since you’re one of the biggest Bethenny bashers with your incessant postings, I’m not surprised you don’t want to call it what it is.

        I stand by my post.

      • Minky

        Good for you Sequoia.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Charlie I think they came across as *too* nice. Like unbelievably so. My spidey senses were tingling. I also could COMPLETELY understand how Bethenny felt smothered by their expectations of time spent together. They really seemed smothering to me. Now that stories about the father in law participating in Jason’s occupation of the apartment came out, and the mother in law forging Bethenny’s signature, I feel like I was right about them.

  5. Diane

    The sooner she is rid of this asswipe the better. Those kids deserve better as does Jules.

  6. T D

    Michael’s most diminutive feature, petite man bits, with bad posture,struggling to stand up straight, with cubic zirconia accents on either side.

  7. Miguel

    Definitely Team Jules, in this one!!! Her husband is a mini douchebag!!!

  8. Katie

    This happened two years ago. It just came out today.

  9. Lisa j

    This is gas lighting at its finest. Praying for you Jules 💗

    • Matzah60

      Totally agree. Been through this with my ex. To this day, he denies he had an affair with the woman who became his second wife. He also got rid of her as he was having an affair with another woman while married to his second wife.

      My ex would come home around 10 PM when the kids were sound asleep. He wouldn’t speak to me or he would make threats to me about never seeing the kids again. He wasn’t interested in the kids but he didn’t want me to have custody. It was all about him; a control freak who actually wanted to stay in the house without any contact with myself or the kids. He’d leave the house around 11 or 12 midnight. I would hear the garage door go up. He’d come home around 5 or 6 to shower and change. When he finally left, he would block the driveway with his car and I had to run carpools every morning.

      I’m not so sure Jules will make out that well. Michael’s lawyer is trying to make her sound like a deranged, unhinged woman who is making up this crap about Michael. The court will order a psychiatric history on her, will speak to the kids separately out of court, and will probably do a psychiatric history on Michael too. The family court LOVES mediation and likes to try and make the two parties work out child custody and visitation by themselves. It’s insane to think that two people that hate each other can work out anything together.

      Anyway, my heart goes out to her. This is going to be a long haul, and certainly a tough road with Michael working in the office downstairs in the building. I’m sure he owns a lot of real estate and I think it would be best if her lawyer files an emergency motion to have the court order him to move his office from the building where they live. It’s a recipe for disaster for him to stroll in and out of the apartment to shower and change and then work downstairs. He needs to find a new location for his office.

      • Ruthie

        His lawyer has a very sketchy past. I hope that this will work out in jules’ favor. I’m team Jules all the way.

      • Matzah60

        @Ruthie, That is good news. It holds a lot of weight in the outcome of the divorce. My ex used a criminal attorney who only took divorces with men who had deep pockets. There’s an old saying, “He who owns the gold, makes the golden rule.”

        Once Jules can get Michael out of the house, it will definitely be more peaceful for her. It will still be stressful, but she won’t have to have daily contact with him which is a big plus.

  10. Spunky2015

    I hope Jules organic drink is a big success after the divorce is final.

    • Unfortunately, if it is successful, I’m afraid Michael will go after a share of the profits as the idea was conceived during their marriage…

      • Minky

        Oh I hope Jules has got all of that worked out already. Maybe Michael should hire Phaedra to be his divorce attorney? Wouldn’t that be great?! Haha!!! 😂

      • Kika

        I thought they were her mother’s recipes! Hardly sounds fair if he gets involved.

      • Patricia's martini glass

        Ugh. The idea of that guy profiting from her mom’s recipes is awful to even consider.

  11. Babs0909

    When those kids cried on the phone about not seeing their daddy, when she was on the yacht, my heart broke. Jules is going to have to step up being a mom and a dad to the kids. It’s one thing for slick Napoleon to walk out on his wife, but to abandon the kids is cold & callous.

  12. God, divorce sucks. Add in kids and it is even worse. I feel for this family and hope the situation improves.

  13. Bridgett

    Jules looked fantastic on WWHL. She didn’t appear to be any skinnier, which I hope means that she has great support while going through this mess.

  14. LA_in_KY

    I like Jules, and I hope she gets a lot of his money.

  15. captivagrl

    Two questions: anyone know if there’s a prenup? and, is the girlfriend pregnant? I’ve only seen one photo and she’s wearing a loose outfit. I feel sorry for Jules.

    • SamT

      She did look pregnant in that dress. But, as Tamara pointed out, there was another shot that day of her smoking. So I’m guessing she isn’t. Or at least I hope so.

  16. KatherineNola

    I find this so sad for jules and hope she takes him to the cleaners. She needs the best divorce attorney in town. I really like her and hope she pulls through this in a healthy way. My divorce was absolutely brutal. He was a cop, the dept wouldn’t enforce his violation of restraining order (claiming they weren’t there to protect me-lovely) and the 9 women he cheated with-I was clueless but now he tells everyone it never happened. I had to move to Texas to get away and have a fresh start. But I will say I had a killer shark attorney and he basically left within 3 items. Lol

  17. KatherineNola

    Apologies for the typos…too much wine!

  18. CoBe

    I find all of the Michael hate confusing. It seems to be based upon anonymous tips to gossip sources. I don’t see any nasty leaks about her coming from his side (with the exception of his attorney’s defence of him. I am also not a fan of his attorney, so there’s that . . . ).

    My personal take on Jules was that she was very calculating and made sure to state on camera several times that Michael was a bad father (although it was shown that he takes the to school every morning). She made allegation after allegation when he wasn’t around. In fact, bashing Michael has been her only story line.

    It was very obvious to me that she has been planning an out since the show began. I believe this was in the works and I believe she is making these phone calls in an effort to place herself in a better situation in family court.

    She is seriously mentally ill with an ACTIVE eating disorder (according to HER), does not seem to be physically ABLE to care for her own children, and appears to have a drug problem. She could hardly speak on WWHL and her purse is a mini pharmacy on its own.

    Ultimately, this is a case for the family courts to decide, but I’m really shocked that public opinion has already executed this guy.

    Looks like he cheated on his wife. Not a good look, but something that happens with shocking regularity in bad marriages. We don’t know what led up to it or what the circumstances in the home were. Cheating on your wife does not necessarily make a bad father. Nor does it necessarily make that person the villain. There are many many ways to betray your spouse in a marriage (for the record, cheating is a terrible betrayal, it is just not the ONLY one. Other betrayals would include tearing down your spouse repeatedly in a public forum to gain better traction in the divorce you are planning out).

    The only thing I can go by for my own take on things is that Jules showed herself to be very manipulative, secretive (who creates an entire business without informing their spouse?), and opportunistic. He may not be anyone’s hero, but I just don’t think he is the only villain here. The fact that it is him and has been him that takes the kids to school (while working a full time job) makes him an involved dad in my eyes. He took on a lot of responsibility for those kids while she was busily lecturing on how much she should be paid for being a “full time mother”, something that she didn’t seem to show much aptitude for.

    • Jane

      +1 They have been separated for a while now, they split before the show began filming.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      CoBe I think you make some good points. I’m also hesitant to jump on the “poor Jules” bandwagon too quickly. Personally I thought it was wrong of her to tell her son that she would call daddy right now and tell him to come home. If he can’t for whatever reason, he’s then the bad guy and she’s the good guy in the child’s eyes. I don’t know if that was intentional manipulation or if she’s just dense. All we have to go on is her word.

      That being said, I DO hold Michael responsible for the things his lawyer has been saying. They’re only serving to make Michael look like a slimeball idiot. I didn’t find his parenting any more impressive than Jules’. Going to the freezer and taking a popsicle after your mom said no is “negotiating” and something to be proud of? Oh hell no. And I don’t think taking kids to school every day makes one an involved parent. From what we were shown I think it’s very hard to tell if either of them is really an involved parent. But I agree Bravo and/or Jules were trying to portray Michael in a certain negative light, and it is very interesting.

      • CoBe

        Good points, Artist.

        Not really a fan of either of them. I’m just really surprised at how many folks will buy a victim story.

        I think Michael’s lawyer is a sleaze ball and you are right that ultimately, Michael is responsible for what comes out of his lawyer’s mouth.

        Mostly, I just feel sorry for those kids.

  19. Anica

    Jules seems like a genuinely kind person. I truly feel sorry for her dealing with all her issues AND having a selfish cheating POS husband on top of it all. Good riddance to him, she is better off without that short, lying deadbeat dad!

  20. Jessica white

    I think Jules deserves an academy award if people think she came on this season with an agenda to get divorced and make Michael look like an ass of a husband . He did that all on his own .

    • Jessica,

      totally agree with you. Playing devil’s advocate, if Jules did plan this out as some others have suggested, then good for her! It doesn’t make Michael any less of a POS. Since when is adultery just no big deal? Taking your own children to school does not make him an involved father, either. He clearly chose his side piece over his kids regardless of when this started.

      My heart breaks for the kids & no matter what has happened up to now, it is Jules that will be raising them to adulthood. I am completely team Jules and she is the one who will need the most support going forward. Being a single mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world. I hope she takes him to the cleaners. He will inevitably cheat on the side piece eventually so hope Jules gets his $$$ before he starts procreating again with someone else.

      So what if she has an eating disorder? If it was a prerequisite for someone to be perfect before pro-creating, well, there wouldn’t be anyone….

      She seems smart & genuine and IMO she will be the one to step up and act responsibly on the kids’ behalf. The “diminutive one” couldn’t even be bothered to change a diaper, much less change or bathe them before putting them to bed. Smh.

  21. AshK

    Jules has Bethenny’s divorce attorney. B is going to be soo mad if Jules divorce is anything like hers – because you know, hers in the worst divorce in history and all..

    • Kika

      I will bet that Jules parents are helping her out through this. She appears to have a loving mother and father.

      • Vet

        I believe that her brother and sister live in New York. She said her brother took her to the hospital when she hurt herself.

    • Good job bashing Bethenny on a post that has fuck-all to do with her. Do you do that on all posts? Below Deck, Southern Charm, Big Brother…surely you can find a way to turn discussion of those shows around to find nasty things to say about Bethenny there too? You can do it!

  22. Cgal38

    My theory is neither parent was all that involved and the kids were being raised by nannies, but now Jules is setting him up to look bad. Am not on his side but happily married people rarely cheat, and this seems like a case of 3 sides of the story – hers, his, and the truth.

    • Patricia's martini glass

      No need to cheat, lie, go to dinner and act like a Kardashian preening for your cell phone in the corner of a restaurant. Divorce. Be discreet. If you are the sane one- act like it. Endings of marriages rarely seem to be black and white, they usually seem to have a death spiral ending. Not always, of course. And that phone call with her child crying on the phone did not sound like he was used to having no parents around. I seriously doubt that was acting.

  23. Happy gal

    I think he is trying to push her over the edge so she will have a total relapse into her eating disorder then he can claim the kids should be w him full time because she is in the throes of an active illness and thus he will not have to pay child support only for nannies at his parents home where he will surely leave them

    • Kika

      I am sure Michael has an attorney by now and the attorney could very well be advising Michael what to do every step of the way from now on, eg., be sure to take the children to school every day, etc.

  24. Louie

    Anyone who says a “diminutive stature” cannot be aggressive has obviously never met a Chihuahua before. And that’s what I compare Michael to, a midget trying to overcompensate for his stature with lots of barking and sniping. What a piece of shit he is to make his children cry.
    And for those suggesting that Jules’ whole plan was to discredit him publicly on the show are really reaching. Not saying she’s dumb but I don’t think she’s as clever and calculating to enact that type of scheme (others on the show, yes). And besides, even if she was, he did it to himself. You can put a knife in somebody’s hands but they have only nobody to blame for stabbing themselves.

    • Shae

      Jules does not strike me as manipulative or calculating at all. I don’t think she could be even if she wanted to.

      • TBD

        I agree Jules seems likable, and Michael isn’t. But that doesn’t mean Jules is incapable of manipulative behavior. We are all capable of it whether we own it or not. (Pardon the psychobabble.)

        But I must say my heart hurts reading some the posts, and the comments (like Matza60’s story). People go through hell.

  25. CupcakeScholar

    Yet another Real Housewives marriage bites the dust. Are these people masochists?

  26. Toddy

    Is the brownstone sans running water? Only one closet, filled to the gills with the hussy’s things? I didn’t take Adultery 101;I don’t get the coming home to shower and dress.

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