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Catfish Jayme Lucas
I can’t believe there is another season of this show, but I am very excited to recap it. I get all sorts of random people dropping by from my Catfish because of all the reruns, they are the most “evergreen” posts on my site.  So let’s do this. There are two new shows in a row tonight! The commercials for this season look amazing!

Despite the fact that the episode is called Many and Lucas, the email is from a woman named Jayme who is a 29-year-old mother of two and wants to report her boyfriend as a catfish!  This is new already.  She met him on Tinder. They don’t always tell the site but they literally both shout out Tinder. They must not like them at all.  She lives in Portland, and Lucas lives in St Louis but was planning to relocate to Portland. He claimed to move to Portland, but was too busy to meet her. Her friends did a reverse image search and determined he was not  the guy in the photos. Jayme wants to confront him in person.

For more Catfish recaps and explanations about my wall color obsession click here! I’ve been at this a while. 

Jayme is cute with the largest mouth and the most teeth I have ever seen. “Lucas” is hot. Jayme says that another girl contacted her to warn her about him. He asks all the girls for private photos and they all stupidly send them.  So off we go to Portlandia. Jayme has a stripper pole in the kids nursery. She claims to currently be a stripper who was a former Playboy model.  So we have a Playboy model and stripper worried about nude photos? I don’t buy the fake crying. This story is fake as fuck already.

Catfish Nev and Max


The boys face chat with Ursula who gives a nearly identical story only she says she booked a ticket to St Louis to meet him and he came clean to her and said he was not the guy in the photos. She had sent him nude photos as well. Ursula is coming to Portland to go with them all to confront Lucas.  Oh DUH. I get it now, Lucas and “Many” is about his many conquests. I’m so used to fucked up spellings of names on this show, I figured it was Manny or short for Amanda.

Sidenote: the CGI wall color this season appears to be mid shade of blue.

Lucas is probably a guy name Zac who is a computer major and kind of a loser.  Since he has blocked both Jayme and Ursula for discovering him, the boys decide to have two hot girls from production to friend him. Why not just text or call him? They both have his phone number.

Ursula and Jayme both had phone sex with the guy. He used his computer skills to download and upload snapchats of the hot guy to prove he is who he claims to be.  Ursula says Lucas has confessed that he catfished over 400 girls. Yeah, that never happens. They just rush off to the next one. The boys get a call from a girl named Sarah who has also been catfished. She joins the mob to confront Lucas not Lucas.  I think this is all bullshit and is a publicity stunt for Jayme, the poor playboy model and stripper with two kids. She’s trying to get work. So this episode is solved as far as I am concerned.

 This is probably the most read Catfish recap EVER. 

Once in St. Louis with all three girls, Lucas invites them all to his parents house.  Nev tells Max, “Let’s gather the posse!” Am I the only one whose mind went there?

We have the usual confrontation with Zac in the front yard of his parents house where he likely  posts from his mother’s basement. Then he tells the usual low self-esteem story. He admits to catfishing over 400 girls. Nev checks out his phone and all of his notes on the girls and their photos.  Will Nev break another phone? He hasn’t done that in a couple of seasons.   And that guy is in prison now. As they leave to take the first day break and head back to their hotel, Zac says goodbye to them by saying “Miss you all!” This enrages Nev.  Back at the hotel Max wants to make Zac confess under their supervision on all of the Lucas accounts and then change his password for him and not tell him what it is.

On day two we go into the house and the CGIed walls are a boring beige color. The couch does not even look new. Dammit!  The production changes are my favorite part of these shows. The couch that Max is on might be new. There are two couches there. The girls are furious. The boys change the password and put up his new photo.

Jayme was the only girl who has a follow-up. Zac did a follow-up with a new haircut.

I had great hopes for this episode, but it turned out to be lamer than most.


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11 responses to “Catfish Lucas and Many

  1. lori

    This episode sucked. I was just so sad to hear that a previous catfish, Ashley Sawyer died at only 23 years of age. The guy who was also catfishing her (and they ended up actually continuing the relationship as themselves) died 3 years earlier (2013) from am embolism. Although nothing has been confirmed, there is speculation that she died of a drug overdose (it was already known that she had a struggle with drugs). She (and her story) were probably my favorite from this show. She was so sweet and vulnerable. So sad.

  2. Ms.Minnie

    The first couple of seasons were good but I’m over the show now, we get it MTV people aren’t always who they say they are.

    • Anica

      Not just MTV people…right? Many people pretend to be more than one person while commenting too, having conversations with themselves, agreeing with themselves, upvoting themselves, etc… know what I mean…..

      • Ms.Minnie

        Girl bye, your response is irrelevant and implications are off. I said what I said, bye Anica ✌

  3. Kenney

    After reading that this show is not what it appears (the CATFISH actually contacts MTV, not the “victim”), I lost all interest. show is fake.

    • lori

      I hear ya. I’ve known that for a long time. Trust me, I’ve had this convo here, as well as spoke about the whole article about not only the show, but the movie too, yet I still watch knowing all of this… knowing that so much is fake, but that’s 80% of reality tv now a days (which I also still watch knowing that). It’s a waste of life, but LOL. As far as this show goes, now that we are so many seasons in, you would think that they would have no need to do it the old, fake way, since they must get millions of emails from actual victims wanting to know the truth. I hope that we will start seeing more genuine episodes. It’s very easy to tell when they are so obviously fake. Every time as I’m watching I constantly say to myself “Why the Hell are you even watching this crap?” Good for you that you don’t watch anymore though. I have no excuses.

  4. Fizz

    My husband said that the guy who’s pictures and snap chat etc were used is a Vine “star”.

  5. Blondesense

    Tamara you’ve got me obsessed with the (CGI?) paint and couches now too. The pics of ‘Drew’ were the same guy used to catfish Meri on Sister Wives – Kody Brown’s 1st wife. Nec did a special Catfish episode on her and the Catfish, Jackie Overton who also has a sock puppet called… Drew!. I can see Jayme thinking she could land a hottie but Meri? Please don’t judge me for watching that show. That information stays here 😉

  6. Cornel Jabroni

    If it was real, what I found hilarious was that stripper whore-mom weeps profusely because dude is fugly. But if a man is disappointed you’re a water buffalo, he’s shallow.

  7. Jane

    I like to troll websites. I have been sent to the WLS. Please start a GoFundMe so I can afford Windex to clean the snot off the glass.

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