Below Deck’s Kate Chastain Says She’s The Victim

Below Deck Kate Chastain
Kate Chastain is attempting a much-needed public relations makeover ahead of the upcoming season of Below Deck. The trailer for the upcoming season is already out and includes a brief clip of Kate hugging her ex girlfriend Ro, with a voiceover of Kate saying, “Am I a lesbian? It’s complicated.” It was released shortly after coverage of the alleged assault that occurred in June. 

Last week, Florida State Attorney’s Office charged Chastain with domestic battery by strangulation and domestic battery according to  FLORIDA TODAY, a local subsidiary of USA TODAY. Domestic battery by strangulation is a felony charge. Chastain was originally charged with that felony on June 13, the date of the incident according to public records.  The second charge was apparently added by the States’s Attorney’s office last week according to FLORIDA TODAY.  In my opinion, the second charge may have been added to allow for a plea deal.

After their initial news reports, Chastain’s lawyer, Gary Frese of Melbourne, emailed FLORIDA TODAY with the following statement, “Ms. Kate Chastain regrets the incident that occurred between her and Ms. (Rocio) Hernandez. The version of the incident told to the police by Ms. Hernandez is completely fictitious. Ms. Hernandez, a former professional fitness trainer over six feet tall, physically attacked Ms. Chastain who tried her best to defend herself during the attack. Ms. Chastain is of very slight build and is 5 foot 7 inches tall. At no time was Ms. Chastain the aggressor in the altercation. When all the actual facts are determined in the legal process Ms. Chastain will be completely vindicated and Ms. Hernandez will be shown to have a history of violent behavior and to have completely misrepresented the facts to the police about Ms. Chastain’s actions.”

It is interesting that Gary Frese is an established attorney in Melbourne whose practice is focused on Real Estate and Tax Law and does not advertise as a criminal attorney. Local Tamara Tattles sources stated that although Kate knows a few lawyers, none of them seemed to want to get involved. 

Let’s review the facts:

  • There was an altercation at the joint residence which led to the police being called.
  • The police arrived and made an assessment and arrested Kate and for domestic violence by strangulation. This suggests the police had observed some evidence of strangulation on the victim
  • The police filed a report that documented multiple bite marks on Hernandez
  • No charges were filed against Hernandez.
  • I detect no signs of attack on Kate in her mugshot.

Kate’s defense seems to be, “I could not have done this because Ro is three inches taller than me and in better shape than I am.” and/or “She started it.” and/or “She’s lying.”

Ro gave her statement to the police when they arrived at the incident. Local Tamara Tattles sources have stated that she did not want to press charges; however, Florida police training on domestic violence instructs the officers not to ask the victim if they plan to cooperate with prosecution and to tell the aggressor that the victim has no role in the prosecution. In the event an officer suspects or is informed of strangulation, all signs of strangulation are to be recorded by the police officer.  Florida officers are strongly dissuaded from dual arrests in the event the aggressor says she was also the victim.  In other words, if you call in a domestic dispute in Florida, someone is going to jail.

Kate was tweeting today that FLORIDA TODAY was refusing to put up the statement from her attorney. She also tweeted that the FLORIDA TODAY journalist posted her “private comments” to her that she sent in an email. That is the email where she apparently contacted a journalist to let them know she would not be giving any interviews as that would be an annoyance on her end.

Captain Lee, who has always been one of Kate’s biggest supporters, continues to tweet his support and urge his followers to withhold judgement until all the facts are in. I must say the facts I have seen look pretty damning; however, innocent until proven guilty…

Below Deck premiers September 6, on Bravo with a completely overhauled cast.  Captain Lee, Ben, Kate  and former deckhand Kelly (with the) Johnson are the returning familiar faces.

Chastain is scheduled to appear in court September 13 at the Moore Justice Center in Viera.


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26 responses to “Below Deck’s Kate Chastain Says She’s The Victim

  1. I too will wait for the facts, but in my opinion when u bite somr1 it’s becauseu have no strength to do anything else. Why didn’t the girlfriend initially press charges? Most likely I feel she was the aggressor. Surely Kate could have walked away as she shld hav but she was drinking or something else which then developed rage afte her girlfriend hit her.

    • tamaratattles

      You should read my site more often. This is AT LEAST the fourth mugshot I have seen of Kate.

      I love Captain Lee but I was appalled by his constant trash talking of Rocky. ‘

      I’m pretty sure Rocky doesn’t have a long criminal back ground.

      I’m concerned about Captain Lee’s long support of Kate. And his constant jabs at Rocky. As far as I know, Rocky has a clean record and is sweet an quirky girl whose dives off the boat were AWESOME. yet he has always been up Kate’s butt. I am NOT happy about that. I love that he is loyal. But his treatment of Rocky upset me.

      • Dexterpie

        Yeah but Rocky was annoying.

      • Tracy

        I too have been disgusted at Cpt. Lee’s aggressive and constant condensending attitude and very public attacks on Rocky. It started at the reunion while Kate enjoyed every look of disgust Capt. Gave rocky followed by a dressing down. Here is this man picking and picking at this silly young girl. Her actions did not warrant his reaction… so he is now saying hold judgement on Kate!!! The thing is we now have a (TV) history with Kate. We have seen her pattern of behavior and how she treats others. Her nasty remarks in her interviews. Her superior attitude and that changing enhanced face. She presents an air and attitude that if you don’t fit her materialistic – standards you are not worthy of her time. But I expected more out of the capt. He obviously has blurred judgement when it comes to Kate. i wonder why?? He didn’t even go after Eddie like he did Rocky. I wonder if he has a daughter. At first I thought this was just TV produced stuff. But as he has continued to berate rocky and join in bashing her with people on social media it became clear this was not just for tv. While I am not condoning the silly and sometimes dangerous behavior -who knows what she was coached to do by a producer off camera ( 2 sides 2 every story right CAPT. Lee) but it was not felonious!! Like was pointed out- I haven’t seen repeated mug shots of her with very serious charges attached. CAPT. Lee why does rocky not deserve the benefit of the doubt?? But you publicly say reserve judgement on Kate!!

    • tamaratattles

      Kate was blackballed from the yachting industry WAY before this incident. She was never going to work in the industry before this. I have no idea why Captain Lee continues to defend her and her violence.

  2. T D

    So Ro’s flesh hurt Kate’s teeth, repeatedly, each time she was bitten? Will she board ship strapped to a hand truck with a hockey mask covering the bitch face that never rests? A victim of her own actions.

  3. Sequoia

    I just knew she couldn’t have done it. I just knew it..I’m glad she finally cleared up the emails and… oh wait, wrong innocent strong woman.

  4. T D

    Begging Captain Lee’s pardon, sir, did you hit your head or drag it through two miles of broken glass?

    • Kika

      Captain Lee just wants to make sure that “the show must go on”!!

    • CoBe

      He is right to withhold judgement until all of the facts are in. So far we have just seen the initial reports and claims in a police report.

      Doesn’t look good for her, but this will be tried in court.

      I’m not always a Captain Lee fan, but in this case, he is using good common sense.

  5. T D

    Kate’s not qualified to look after a killi pot. Nor microwave popcorn. She also has to watch out for people aggresssively trying to floss her teeth with their bodily parts.

  6. Domestic violence is a tragedy. I hope Kate us innocent, but if she isn’t, I hope she gets the help (and punishment) she needs.

    • Matzah60

      I agree with Tamara. The second charge was a misdemeanor and I do think that it will result in a plea deal. There seems to be another side to Kate that was alluded to on the last season. While I was not fan of Rocky, she was the one who was telling the truth about the oven fire. She said something about Kate saying she was going down to her room to have a drink and also that a drink was on the counter. I am not sure of the particulars, but I remember that Tamara wrote about it.

      I’ve gotta admit that you were right about Kate all along, Tamara. She fooled me. As I have said in the past, I am not a good judge of people’s character and by then it’s too late. I’ve been had and feel betrayed. Though, this is not personal to me, it does change my whole attitude towards Kate. I don’t know what happened and the only two people who do are Kate and her ex Ro. I also was not a fan of the chef, but he really wasn’t doing anything wrong. All the guests were happy with his food. Clearly, Kate didn’t like him and wanted Ben on board, but it wasn’t a call she had the right to make.

      I make reference to all these events because it makes one question Kate’s motives and integrity in general. She has obviously been dishonest on the show, to her fellow ‘yachties’ and that gives me pause to wonder if she is lying about this whole situation. I just don’t know. I do know that it has diminished her likability factor and I’m wondering how Bravo is going to deal with someone who has been accused of violence.

      • LA_in_KY

        I remembered reading somewhere that she has been arrested a few times prior to this. I don’t know if she was ever convicted. It was on a not so reliable wesite.

      • Matzah60

        @LA_in_KY You are correct. She has been arrested at least twice if not three times before. She has had a DUI, a probation, a probation violation, possession of Xanax without a prescription which I think was discovered when she was stopped for drunk driving. She is no saint. Tamara has written about her prior arrests. She definitely has a dark side.

      • Erica

        You had me until the oven fire… Kate was not responsible for how filthy that was…

      • Spunky2015

        Erica: you are right. Dirty oven and kitchen. Rocky was an idiot anyway.

      • Katherine 2.0

        We’ve already seen how Bravo handles those who actually commit violence on camera – three times, no less. They reward the behavior.
        But this situation is different. If Kate is found guilty, I expect that charter customers might not want her around, so there are off-season consequences.
        This story is so crazy, I am going to have to wait for the full story to pass judgement.

      • Dexterpie

        Yes. The chef. If he makes the best beef cheek I want to eat it and not be deprived of it because another charter I know nothing about it also had it.

  7. Dancing Matisse

    Kelly with the Johnson. Now that is hilarious.

  8. JoJoFLL

    Kate definitely has holes.

  9. T D

    Chasten Chastain for chastisement? Andy just throws her a dentabone.

  10. Anastasia_Beave

    I hate Kelly. Haaaaate. I may be skipping this season.

  11. Kate has quite an overbite in her pictures ( lots of men find that attractive ).

    Kate likes to drink wine from a coffe cup.

    No judgement…those are 2 things about her I notice.

  12. Bill Kirwan

    Kate is the most annoying person I’ve ever seen. She is a world class bitch! If I see her purse her lips one more time I’m going to shoot myself. No class what so ever. The most snobbish person ever

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