Season Finale of Unreal Was AWESOME!

Unreal Finale

Most TV critics are really panned the second season of UnReal.  I think they just set their expectations two high. It’s like they don’t get the second season slump. It’s like a movie sequel. You will never love it as much as the first one.  Season two of UnReal is a bit more over the top bad soap opera than usual. But for reality fans, the behind the scenes manipulations are just fascinating to watch.  The fact that Chris Harrison despises this show makes me like it even more. His disdain, to me gives the show more credibility than anything. I wish Lifetime would do a similar show on the housewives.  Surely they could get some disgruntled producers from that franchise.

The season ended with a car crash, we really didn’t get to see. But all the usual assholes made it out alive and lived as happily ever after as one can in that sort of industry.

Unreal Jeremy
The great thing about this show is that every new season is a new season of the show within a show. So while they do have very long story arcs regarding the main characters, each season is a fresh start to do better. I’m just worried that much like The Bachelor, they will feel the need to top themselves each season.

During season two they were a bit more campy than the first season.  I think the producers of UnReal need to know that a lot of viewers take this show more seriously than they do. The need to tone down things just a touch.

That said, for me it was another fabulous season, and I am quite excited about season three.  How about you?


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12 responses to “Season Finale of Unreal Was AWESOME!

  1. Katherine 2.0

    It’s a nighttime soap that I adore. I don’t care that it strained believability and just went with it. The show just sinks lower every season – and you’re right, TT, I hope writers don’t get stuck in that upward spiral of crazy. Can’t wait for S3!

  2. JennLovesAndy

    I haven’t had a chance to watch but will try to tomorrow. Thanks for turning me on to that show as well as Vice Principals Tamara!

  3. CancerP8NT

    That was the best episode of scripted TV in a long time…cannot wait for season 3

  4. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    I thought season 2 was excellent! I haven’t read any reviews so wasn’t even aware critics were panning it.

  5. Fizz

    Love this show!! I wasn’t crazy about the car crash but, I’m glad they wrapped up that storyline. For now at least. I can’t wait to see what they do next season!

  6. Fuck, I missed it 😞 Any reruns?

  7. Indeed, the season finale was UNREAL! Love this show & looking forward to season 3!

  8. monica

    I wondered how they were going to wrap up this season & now I can’t wait for the next one!

  9. Portlandia

    Excellent story arcs, pithy dialogue and tremendous performances by the cast. Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer are flawless in embodying the often broken, haunted and driven production team in the officially fictional reality show Everlasting. Roman a’ clef television, anyone? Stunning skewering of all reality driven television….. Attention Bravo production teams
    and cohorts: The audience is in on it. We all know how the sausage is made–

  10. I was a little disappointed this season but I just marathoned the last 3 episodes & wow! Great ending. Totally turned things around for me. Now I’m even more obsessed with getting a “money, dick, power” tattoo.

  11. Yaaaaay so glad you were watching TT. I wasn’t disappointed in the Season one bit, thought it was excellent and really delivered! The actress who plays Rachael was on WWHL with, I think, a HW (maybe Melissa Gorga?) who said that the production team for the HW’s was nothing like what’s depicted on UnReal. I remember wondering how Andy could keep a straight face, lol.

    Loved the finale and especially who Darius chose. The actor playing Jeremy did a GREAT job too – he actually was scaring me in some scenes – without speaking a word.

    I saw unfavorable critics and comments on another forum and just smdh. What’s not to love?

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