Big Night for Team USA in Rio Tonight!

Image: NBC Twitter

Image: NBC Twitter


As usual I am in love with the women’s gymnastics team. I’m oddly also very into watching Ledecky swim. She is UNBELIEVABLE! I’m not such a huge fan of our scowling male swimmer, Michael Phelps.  He is kind of a dick.  And possibly insane.

Are y’all watching this tonight? I had to do a lot of shuffling of shows to have a channel open to watch on. I’ll be putting up discussion posts for MAFS and BiP as time allows, so please don’t spoil me!



Let’s talk about the Olympics, y’all. It’s actual reality that is kind of uplifting.  I, for one, needed the mental health break.

Also, what is up with land four? Seems to be the winning lane last night. Tonight it is lane five. Is there a reason for that? Do they put the fastest people in those two lanes?


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46 responses to “Big Night for Team USA in Rio Tonight!

  1. Mimi

    They compete for the spots.

  2. Christina

    I was just thinking the same thing about Phelps after he won the individual gold tonight.

    • Kika

      Those stupid “cupping” marks all over Phelp’s body, LOL! Terry Dubrow stated on WWHL that he and heather tried it and it is complete “bullshit”!

      • Diane

        The male gymnast team for USA also are doing the cupping btw ~

        It is ancient treatment that many cultures use today. I think if it was “bullshit” it would not be thousands of years old and still going strong. I do believe that much of holistic medicine is based on a mental acceptance of treatment. I have had acupuncture and they called that “bullshit” 20 years ago too….so… if the althletes belief that it helps then yay for them.

      • Diane

        Believe not belief ~

      • Kika

        Blood letting is still happening today also. Let’s hope it doesn’t become popular like cupping.

      • Billie_bee

        I don’t get why cupping is such a thing. I remember my grandpa and dad doing it back in the day. And we’re talking wayyyy back in the day. It’s like they discovered something completely new…

      • Swizzle

        I had physical therapy tonight and my therapist did cupping on my leg. Hurt like a bitch at first. Seemed to help a bit with the pain, but who knows. Massaging the muscle could have done the same thing.

      • librarygirl

        I remember my girlfriend’s grandma doing this to her back in the day. Except a coin was wrapped in paper, the paper set on fire, and the cup placed on top, creating a vacuum. Not sure how successful it was, but I remember the marks that it left. I can’t imagine why it was being done on a 12 yr old.

  3. I think the fastest times are put in lane four or five but I am not sure why. I am really enjoying watching tonight’s events with the family! :)

    • Weirdiskate

      The reason is because lane four and five get less wake from all the swimmers so it’s the benefit of placing high

    • Matzah60

      Historically, gold medals are won in the middle lanes. Swimmers compete for lanes based on their time. The fastest times will get lane 4, then 5, with lane 8 being the least favored. Swimming in the center lanes gives you the ability to see other competitors better as opposed to wall lanes where you can get tossed around by the waves that bounce off the side walls. This is what is was told when when one of my sons was on the swim team back in high school. Lane 8 is the least desirable lane though world records have been set in lane 8.

  4. Robin

    Yes, fastest swimmer is in lane 4 or 5 (depends on meet which one), then it alternates moving outward so that lanes 1&8 are slowest. If someone in the outer lanes places, it is always a surprise and an upset!

  5. leka

    My husband said the middle lanes are advantageous because the swimmers can see where everyone else is. And I love Phelps. He’s a dick but his game face is hysterical. 20 gold medals and I’d probably be a dick, too.

  6. Babs0909

    I’m loving the gymnastics. The girls are cute little pixies, they inspire me to eat salad right now! (Instead of pizza). The boys are overly muscular ef, bi-cepped, but who doesn’t admire a trim waist and abs like they have? And how they fly through the air on those parallel bars! It is so fun to watch.

    Re: cupping: I first experienced it from my Accupuncture guy (not like Shannon Beador’s guy!). I think it works better on me than massages, which leave me feeling bruised the next few days. And while getting the massage, I get irritated, not relaxed. So cupping brings blood to the area, like traditional massage, and loosens the tight muscles. I liked it so much I bought a set online for $25. After 28 yrs of desk jobs, my neck & back need all the help I can get. Don’t knock it till you try it.

    And lastly, I can’t look at Phelps’s ugly face. He is scary to look at, the smile, the franken-jaw, the smarmy looks. Maybe he is insane! I laughed so hard when I read that. There isn’t anything likable about him, to me, but who cares. I’ll watch the kids in gymnastics.

  7. Swizzle

    I love everything about the Olympics. I’ve always wanted to go. Just made my husband to commit to going on 2024. I’m not so interested in going to Japan in 2020, but all the remaining cities in the running for 2024 would be great.

    I love the more obscure sports like archery, table tennis, equestrian. Watching diving on the late night show now. The pool water is green. WTF? They say it’s not anything dangerous, but Ick.

    • BeetsWhy

      I heard about the green water, I would be amped up on antibiotics if I were competing in any sport down there. Scary.

  8. I am all volleyball, ping pong, horses, and shooting things, then gimnastics, running.

  9. BeetsWhy

    Phelps is the male version of the female Butterface. His bod is rockin’ but his face not so much.

    • Jill

      I like this comment because it’s real. Real talk. I always wondered if he’d ever grow out of that baby face…hmmm nope.

      Side note, getting sick of NBC commentators backhanded comments on the USA ladies (or ladies in gen) who’ve basically been carrying a lot of USA men right now. Looking at you USA men’s gymnastics & beach v-ball.

      Swim commentators made a huge deal on a medalist’s hubby, not her saying “that’s the guy responsible for her gold medal…” So-and-so’s husband really turned Houssau’s swimming around and allowed her to win Gold.” Uhhhh, what??? I have kinda wanted to barf. Last I checked, she swam the race.

      The comments from Al Troutwig about Simone Biles parents not being her parents because they are her grandparents who adopted her. Then reiterating his stupidity on Twitter. Why???

      Whenever these sports idiots go off script of & try to tell people what they think, that’s where they screw up. Just stop. Your stupid is showing.

      • BeetsWhy

        And let’s not forget the crazy over abundance of coverage in 2012 of Gaby Douglas’ mother sending her to live with a sponsor family to be close to a great coach. It was as if she had no talent, just a story.

      • VioletBlue

        I was watching beach volley ball the other night and the commentators were talking about Kerri Walsh and how great she looked and what fantastic shape she was in. One said, “Look! There’s not an ounce of fat on her.”

  10. Jill

    I thought I heard one of the swim commentators saw on Sunday that if you qualify 1st going into the finals of any swim event, you get lane choice. So most swimmers prefer lane 4 it looks like but I have noticed a couple other number 1s in lane 5 or 3. May just depend on their other competition, if they have a teammate in it too, if they are for sure expected to win it over their teammate as they might give their teammate the better lane (swim dude mentioned that.) He also mentioned if someone is a “symmetrical swimmer” like Phelps or has a dominant side. Meaning Phelps can breathe on either side swimming freestyle & it doesn’t jack up the stroke. (Heh, stroke) Others only can breathe to their dominate side, rights to their right might do better in lanes 3-4 than 5-6 if they are strong starters & blah finishers. They sure blab a lot about this stuff when they are filling time & I’m the only dummy awake they are usually talking to.

  11. Blahblahblogeh

    For the swimming AND track and field semi finals and finals lane assignments are based on time. The very first heats (prelims) are random draw for lanes and then the time qualifiers are put in the middle for both sports. It is particularly advantageous in track and field for the Sprint events as you can have clear visibility of your competition left and right (lane 1 would not be able to peripherally view lanes 6-8, etc.) And with the cameras centered in the pool/track it makes for a much more marketable photo.

  12. Erica

    I’m forgiving of Michael Phelps in your face attitude tonight because Le Clos (and his father) have been such dicks. le Close deserved it – and even though I am all about good sportsmanship in the Olympics, I am so happy he got his ass handed to him and he didn’t even medal. MP is a BEAST and for me a joy to watch. I just generally always love the USA swim team because they are FUN (if you follow them on Social Media… I think they genuinely have fun togeter out of the water and are a real team.)

    Al Troutwig – I don’t even know what he looks like but I read what he said about Simone’s parents. He deserves to be fired. What a fucking asshat and an insult to any family who has adopted.

    I’m hoping Leslie Jones gets to Rio in time to interact with Aly Reisman’s parents!!!

    • Shae

      Agreed, it’s amazing to watch Phelps. I think the way he is with his fiance and new baby is sweet. I read they had broken up a few times in the past and he fought hard to get her back, charming story lol. Can you imagine being a little boy growing up with a dad who has 25 gold medals? jesus lol

    • Mm in OC

      In hindsight, im glad the idiot said it because it’s created great exposure for adoption. Tons of social media stuff over the last few days. There should be no stigma around adoption. It should be celebrated!

      • Shae

        No of course, no stigma, but it can be a sensitive issue. Saying something like that can be insanely hurtful. My mother is adopted and if anyone ever insinuated that my grandparents were not her “parents” they’d be crushed.

    • Lawstangel

      I like Phelps as well, I saw what Le Clos was saying about him and the night before he was taunting him while they were waiting to swim in the prelims. The night of the closing ceremonies they interviewed MP on late night and he discussed being in rehab, what he learned and how he has fought personal demons to improve his life. He loves his baby dearly and credited his fiancé with making him a better person. He is such an amazing swimmer! I’m glad he is on our team!

      • Shae

        Wonderful. There is no shame in getting treatment, though people would have you think there should be. He addressed an issue and is stronger for it. Wonderful.

  13. MaggieG

    The multiple issues/problems surrounding Brazil (including those that besieged the games) originally made me disinterested in this year’s Olympics. I’d discounted how awesome the competitions are, especially when watching the phenomenal Final Five gymnastics team. I’ve been drawn back in by the athletes who sacrificed so much to be there & are giving the audience such exciting performances in spite of everything.

    I can only imagine that Karoli is leaving her position gratified by the major impact she (& her husband) have made in transforming U.S. ladies gymnastics.

    • Lawstangel

      Ive watched gymnastics for a very long time. I remember when we had our asses handed to us by the Russian team. I like that we are now doing the handing….I love all the girls, they are crazy talented and humble. GO USA!

  14. Bravocueen

    I could watch Phelps swim all day. I don’t care if he’s a dick. A lot of people think my husband is a dick but I think he’s funny lol. I could also watch the American beach volleyball team. They are crazy talented and those bodies. . . I have major envy and maybe a little lust :)

  15. Margarett

    I, too, love the games. Katie Ledeky is just awesome. I like Phelps. Someone compared him to Darth Vader when LaClos was being so silly. Watching volleyball (both kinds) has been fun for me.

    The other night I saw the North and South Korean gymnasts taking selfies together. Can anyone ask for more?

  16. RHofND

    I am beyond proud of all our athletes. Go team USA!! That being said, am I the only one who is bummed that the Olympics are on Bravo too and we are missing Housewives? I’m going through withdrawal.

    • Bravocueen

      ME! I didn’t know and usually watch Big Brother on Sunday nights then watch DVR’d Jersey on Monday nights. Imagine my disappointment :(

      • RHofND

        Exactly! There are many other channels which carry the Olympics and I just thought that Bravo was an odd station to carry it.

  17. Mm in OC

    Phelps looks like gomer pile

  18. Behoro

    Late to the convo but I love watching the olympics! Also, as a former competitive swimmer this is how the lanes are assigned: lane 4 is the top seeded time (fastest), lane 5 is next fastest, then 3, 6, 2, 7, 1, 8 (fastest to slowest). The reasons have pretty much been written up above….. For being the fastest, you’re kind of rewarded for that by having less interference from other swimmer’s waves (although the lane lines are supposed to reduce such interference but can’t reduce 100%). Also, while you can look to your left or right to see where the other swimmers are, our coach always told us that if he caught us looking, we’d get the whip.

  19. Piper

    I absolutely love the summer olympics! Am I the only one who cries when the girls gymnastic team competes? I just love their spunk!

    • Margarett

      I’m sure you’re not alone, Piper! I tear up during the medal ceremonies. I don’t miss the “regularly scheduled programs. The Olympics are only every 2 or 4 years after all.

      The Winter Olympics are actually a slight favorite for me. I absolutely love the cross country ski and shoot biathlon.

  20. ChancesR

    oops! sorry…

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