Luann And Ramona Duel Over Tom In Their Bravo Blogs

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It must be so infuriating for Luann to post all of these great photos  of her new adventures with Tom, only to have people who have no idea about their relationship leaving nasty comments. It’s clear as day they are together all the time, and constantly traveling and spending a lot of time on Tom’s boats when they are in New York.  Whether or not Tom sucked face with a playboy bunny  two days before the engagement party, they’ve clearly moved past whatever dirt Bethenny dug up on Tom. Luann is clearly happier than she’s been in years.  Why do so many people have to be so critical of their relationship. They look happy in the Hamptons over the weekend. They looked happy all over the world in the last month. They seem happy to me, and yet this seems to make a lot of people miserable.

Let’s take a look at her most recent blog.

LU: It’s one thing to rock the boat and another to sink the ship.

Actually, rocking the boat is bad enough. Why not just be happy for Lu?

LU: I had a lot of fun with the girls even though Ramona and Sonja wouldn’t stop obsessing about Tom. I felt bad that I lost my temper with Ramona, but I’d had enough of her making a couple of dates with Tom into something it wasn’t.

RHONY Luann tom

Ramona: People seem to be missing the point! It is so clear that Tom has not been truthful. I have been saying this for weeks.

Why on earth are you so hellbent on insisting that you went out four or five times rather than two? You claim you did not sleep with him. Clearly, it was just a couple of dates, or perhaps a handful. What difference does it make? Even you agree there was no relationship there. Why can’t you shut up about it?

Ramona: Why would I or even Sonja say we were dating him/or being a friend with some benefits? Women don’t lie about these things! I especially have no reason to.

Women lie about these things all the time! How many times have we heard Sonja talk about partying with “John John” on her yacht in an attempt to make it seem like they were good friends?  She also tried to make us believe that Madonna came to her fashion show.  Both of you attempt to insert yourself into any storyline you can. This is no exception.

Ramona: You can clearly see in the flashback from 10 years ago what a flirt he was — and still is.

He wasn’t flirting with you. In fact he said you looked lazy. You were sure flirting with him though and you were married at the time. Last time I checked, single men flirting with women in a bar is pretty much their whole reason for going out. 

Ramona: You can see in last night’s episode that, although he might have seemed awkward when seeing me, that’s because the guilt of his untruthfulness is shining through. When he talked to Sonja he was especially uncomfortable! Did you see his response when she asked him to find a guy for her after he got married. He looked like a deer in headlights, because he has gotten caught in all of his own BS, that he can’t even get out of it. 

Actually, I didn’t see any of those things. I saw him telling you he only went out with you twice. I don’t know much about him, but I do know some things about you. Like your desire to make everything about you. 

Ramona: As he became more comfortable, just watch his body language. That speaks thousands of words. At this point this is Luann’s problem, responsibility or whatever she may call it. She is an adult, yes, and she can make her own choices. All I or anyone else wanted to do was express our concerns. For some reason she is resisting hearing anything that went on prior to BL even if it overlapped with her time with Tom. So no matter what, how or how many times, she turns a deaf ear.

She’s heard you a thousand times. When are you going to accept the adult choice that she has made and shutup?


rhony luann

None of this is about me! I don’t want to see her in pain or hurt by the type of guy Tom is. But I am not sure that at 50 years old, never been married and has been around the block more than once , why on earth is Tom going to be any different now that he has put a ring on her finger?

Perhaps because he is in love and wants to be in a marriage now? 

Lu: As for Sonja, I understand that in the past she enjoyed Tom’s company and their friendship, and I want them to still be friends…just different kinds of friends!

That is kinder than I would be. I wouldn’t want them to be friends at all. She clearly wants to sabotage your relationship.

Lu: Sonja’s rude comments about my party guests shows that while she’s cordial on the outside, on the inside she’s angry with me for taking Tom off the market. I invited an eclectic group of friends: gay, straight, socialites and silver foxes, and everyone had a great time, even Sonja who had fun chatting up a bachelor friend of mine. I loved watching Ramona dance to her own drummer and Jules working the bar like a pro! Tom enjoyed the night as well, and he was blissfully unaware that Ramona and Sonja were still focusing on him. That’s why I love him! His comment to Ramona about smelling like a grapefruit was innocent, and he was trying to be nice. I can assure you, the only gazing Tom did across the room that night was at me!

Sonja did not blog this week.

Lu: We left Palm Beach after breakfast and headed down to Miami for the rest of the weekend. As usual, there was room drama but I was more interested in having a bite to eat and relaxing. When I arrived, I went to see how Bethenny was feeling and our conversation was very weird. Why would she ask if Tom and I are monogamous? We are engaged to be married! I felt like Bethenny was being very coy with me, not mean, not argumentative, but coy and it unsettled me. We’ve all had situations where we had to decide whether or not to tell a friend about something we’ve heard, and every situation is different. I’m still unsure if Bethenny’s heart is in the right place.

I’m not convinced she has a heart at all.

I feel the same about Andy. He is completely gleeful about the upcoming final episodes. He cannot stop talking about them on WWHL. How is destroying an engagement the best storyline ever?


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109 responses to “Luann And Ramona Duel Over Tom In Their Bravo Blogs

  1. I see Tom and Lu’s happiness, and it makes me happy — and I don’t even know her.

  2. Ramona is a bitter, jealous, spiteful woman. Ever since Mario dumped her, which had to have been a real blow to her already oversized ego, she’s been angry at the happiness of others. I doubt there’s a man out there who’s willing to take her on, with her eye-rolling and inappropriate behavior, especially if he’s watched the show. I can see why being named as a “friend with benefits” of Tom would upset her – it certainly won’t help her dating life, and I agree she should have called for an immediate retraction. Sonja is hurt that Tom would consider Luann marriage material, but not her – still, when you’ve been giving the milk away free for ten years, and acting like it’s a very casual thing for you, then that’s the way he’s going to respond. Luann apparently has a much better game plan, and I wish her and Tom great happiness.

    • I actually think Ramona being called a “friend with benefits” would help Ramona’s dating life. Every creep in New York will be lined up to be one of the guys wanting benefits. Ramona may even like one of those creeps or a couple of non-creeps might slip in. Who knows? Since Ramona is pretty creepy herself, she just might find another mate–although that seems pretty far fetched. At the very least, Ramona might stop focusing on Lu’s and everyone else’s life, forget about the un-fabulous Mario and begin to focus on how her eccentricities are keeping her alone. I doubt Ramona will ever become semi-normal but we can only hope because she’s certainly becoming loonier by the season.

      • Margarett

        I love your post, onegaes! I agree completely especially about Ramona getting “loonier”. She wears me out just watching her. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be with her up close and live!

  3. JustJenn

    Luanne was dealt the shittest of hands this season and she’s handled herself soo well right down to this blog. She’s probably seething inside, I would be, but nothing will make bitter bitches fly into a rage faster than giving them absolutely nothing to react to.

    • Librarygirl

      I too am very happy for Lu and love the way that she has been handling this difficult time, but then again a new relationship and great sex will have you ready to conquer the world! I absolutely hate the act of shit stirring disguised as concern between women. It sets my radar off like nothing else. And yes, Andy is getting a chubby just thinking about the drama that is about to unfold at Lu’s expense. If not for Lu, there would have been nothing of interest this season. On the other hand, I get a perverse pleasure out of Lu seemingly pushing Beth’s buttons this season, without even trying. Just by being happy, and ignoring much of what Beth has to say. Beth fancies herself HBIC, but is fact being played, which I find just delicious.

    • Margarette, I’ve had my fill of loony friends so I know a loon when I see one. Ramona, however, gets the Insanity Award. I really believe she may have some kind of Borderline Personality Disorder. I’ve thought that since season 1. Ramona is also a pathological liar. Carole lies out of insecurity, which isn’t really pathological. But Ramona’s lies are a part of her personality. Pathological liars can’t help themselves and most times they can’t tell the difference between a lie and the truth. I think that’s how Ramona lies; she seems completely unaware of the truth. The time that Bethenny’s dress which magically flew out of Ramona’s trunk comes to mind. That’s just one example. There are so many, it makes me wonder how Mario put up with her for so long. Mario has probably been cheating on Ramona for years. Can we blame him? Of course, he should’ve left her. But Mario isn’t the smartest tool in the shed, so maybe he believed her or he just ignored her constant ramblings. Hard to tell.

  4. Minky

    Ramona is a loon. But as much of a loon as I believe Ramona is, I still think she’s being prompted to keep drawing attention to Tom’s past. The reason I feel this way is because while it’s typical spastic behavior for Ramona, it’s still out of her character.

    By talking ad nauseum about Tom, Ramona is shifting focus AWAY from her and onto Luanne. Usually Ramona concentrates on making herself the center of attention. I believe that Ramona is convinced that she’s obligated to keep the doubting-Tom train a-rollin’ because otherwise Bethenny will give her the ax.

    I think that Andy is gleeful about destroying something, but it’s not Luanne’s engagement. He’s gleeful about destroying Bethenny. She’s being portrayed as a mentally disturbed, rabid witch this season. She’s being shown in the worst light possible. That can’t be by coincidence. Was Andy sore about it when Bethenny left RHNY for her own talk show?

    • Hmmm… Interesting viewpoint about Andy being gleeful about Bethenny’s portrayal.

      When they had scenes like with her handing her bloody pillow to her driver, I thought it was the producers throwing it in there as payback for how horrible she treats the filming crew. Tit for tat or something like that.

      • Minky

        The bloody pillow is WAY too reminiscent of Kim Richards’ shitty pillow. For both the aim of featuring it was to shame the owner of the pillow (and bodily fluids), but in Bethenny’s case it was to expose her as a Leona Helmsley “Queen of Mean” clone. Again, they could have left that out.

        Also, as Auntie Velvet very astutely pointed out a couple of posts ago, Bethenny was shown cavorting about in a tiny bikini. But the minute her company showed up she wrapped herself in a shawl and started to fake cough. A la Yolanda. In addition, she acted surprised/defensive when whoever visited her told her she looked good. That’s because she was trying to look ill. Again, I believe production is trying to expose Bethenny as a desperate phony and humiliate her.

      • Miguel

        I hadn’t thought of Bethenny’s portrayal in this way, Minky!!! If true, THIS would be some delicious tea 😉

      • Librarygirl

        Andy can not be happy with the scheduling changes made because Beth conveniently could not attend scheduled vacations, hence they were cancelled. Other housewives have missed vacations, but the entire crew did not have to cancel. There is so much that is either shady or unhinged about Beth this season. She has made public accusations of drug use amongst the cast. She has taunted a woman suffering a serious illness. Called our Lu in a manner that goes beyond what Brandi ever said while filming. Beth is already on her apology tour concerning her behavior at the reunion, so something is very amiss, and it is not strep throat, lol. The woman has tons of excuses for her irrational behavior. She is totally unwatchable and viewing has become a chore. Who needs the agrivation, really.

    • Jaded

      I too believe Andy puts and keeps people on the show just to publicly show their demise.

      • Librarygirl, regarding Bethenny s mentions of medications this season, Jules made them all aware of what she was taking. If Jules would have never mentioned medications when they were making pizza I would have guessed she had to be on something, after baking a fork, knife and measuring cup in a calzone. That was the craziest thing I have ever seen in my life, I didn’t think it was funny and I would say I have a pretty good sense of humor.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @cathyrenner I agree that was one of the most BIZARRE things I’ve ever seen someone do. How could Carole and Bethenny be expected to pretend it didn’t happen?

      • Sabrina

        cathyrenner and Artist, I could not agree more. That calzone event was subject for a psychiatrists’ chair,that night. And if you watched WWHL when Dorinda and Jules were on, you saw quite a sight- Jules’ one eye was at half-mast most of the time and she was unable to answer some questions at all, essentially in the zone the majority of the show. There were two women with very serious substance issues present that night, as I see it- no one else. . No one could pretend the calzone event didn’t happen- or the WWHL one, for that matter. When these women make their issues visible in public they should be discussed- by any one interested i n helping them, not hurting them.

        And I will continue to go against the grain here- I’m a classic romantic, and frankly will continue to say I think in general Luann is too pragmatic for that. She has had a lousy couple of years, in my mind, has become desperate for men, which we have witnessed, going to travelling with guys at levels I would never ever considered her peers.

        Whatever her motivation, if she is fully informed and making a choice that makes her happy, God Bless- I wish her well. But that woman is not the one we met in Season 1, and she continues to appear- even on the boat- so giddy about being engaged and planning a wedding that it makes me worry whether she is in love with love, rather than Tom. The tape we see runs into just the first few months of the year, when she had known him only briefly, so she has now had more time with him, and if it is going well, great. But I know the difference- and hope she does. Being in love with love lasts a while, but not that long- she may be making a strategic choice, and that is her call, too.

        All that aside, let’s not pretend, in our wish to celebrate over her jo that Lu has been a loving, generous, kind, best friend tot he women. I have not seen that, period. Lu looks out for Lu- and has gone out of her way to be self-focused in this instance, in failing to give Sonja a heads up while living with her, in my mind. Heck, whether for pretense for filming purposes, or for real, Sonja invited her to live in her Manhattan UES home- where is common thoughtfulness? Where are Lu’s manners? It’s just the right thing to do, to not put guests in uncomfortbale situations- which she did on the yacht.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Sabrina I agree with your take on Luann as well.

    • Librarygirl

      Now Minky that is an interesting take. It dawned on me recently that the reason Andy asked Vicky to return was to watch her getting torn to shreds by the other women. And to give her a sidekick that is absolutely deranged. Perhaps he has been setting up Beth for a great tumble by giving her ample rope with which to hang herself. It could very well be that she, just like Jill, proposed a vicious story line that he did not think was in the best interest of the show. Beth has threatened or gone for Lu, Sonja, Jules, Dorinda, John, etc. The only ones who have been safe are Carole and Ramona. She has managed to turn Sonja, Dorinda and Ramona into ass kissing boot lickers. The result has not been good, so I think that you are on to something.

      • Jill manufactured a story that was a absolute lie to all of America watching that Bethenny had no Knowledge of. Bethenny doesn’t do that she’s honest whether it’s good bad or whatever it is I don’t think she lies about anything I really don’t. There are better ways that Bethenny could use to get a point across other than say the fight at Dorindas with LU but it was what it was. You only need rope to hang yourself if your not telling the truth about something. I think Bethenny speaks the truth I think she could have not been so harsh with her words though, that was a pretty nasty fight.

      • Karen

        Bethany speaks her version of the truth…which is always open to interpretation.

      • Nila

        What story did Jill manufacture? Asking I. A sincere way as I don’t know.

    • I disagree, how can Bethenny give her the axe? I’m not following and I’ve watched the show from season one to where we’re at now. There’s many things I question about Andy, I don’t think he’s paying Bethenny back by leaving the housewifes because she went on to do her own show by Bravo. When she left that to do her own talk show he was able to have dinner with her since she was no longer employed in anyway by Bravo. Now she’s back he should be happy, but who knows. I know that they are friends but he’s also friends with other housewives. He just doesn’t hang out with them if they are involved with the show. Anyway just my opinion.

      • Minky

        You’re right. Bethenny can’t give anybody the ax. It’s probably ultimately Bravo’s decision. But she’s behaving as though she can. And the others that are kowtowing to her seem to believe it too. I don’t know, but maybe someone put that idea in her head. Has she been made a producer?

        Even if Bethenny has a producer credit, that still doesn’t mean much. Mariah was a producer on M2M. That didn’t work out too well for her.

        Andy is playing games with these women that most of them are probably not aware of. Jill has been gone from the show for several seasons. Andy has made no bones about expressing his disdain for Jill. She thought she was the boss just like Bethenny does now. All she ended up doing was shooting herself in the foot. Does Bethenny’s truth-cannon of a mouth have the safety on it?

        The ones who see through Andy’s games keep their mouths shut, show up on time, and do their job. Kenya is the only one who has come close to one-upping Andy and foiling his game. But she can’t go all the way with that and still keep her job. She still refuses to be made a fool of or abused by the likes of people who should be behind bars. That’s why Andy treats her like crap.

        Bethenny’s “honesty” is only used to expose others. But never herself.

      • JustJenn

        Mindy Andy stated on Twitter that Bethenny does not have a producer credit when asked and further specified thst she has no power when further questioned. He seems to love the meanest housewives until the audience turns on them, then he backs away.

      • Librarygirl

        Cathy, Andy regularly hangs out with his good friends Beth and Carole. He has also visited LVP in CA. I was not referring to Jules’ drug use, which is apparently Dr. prescribed as well as monitored. I was talking about the references that Beth has made about the cast in general abusing coke, “pills”, meth, and mixing them with alcohol. It is one thing when cast members on a show choose “teams”, but the entire season is thrown off when sides are determined by who is friends, or has producer connections, with the boss.

    • I completely agree with the first half of your assessment: Ramona is stirring up shit because it’s what Bethenny wants. Ramona along with Sonja have become Bethenny’s little soldiers in Bethenny’s war against Lu–probably because Bethenny has led all of the not so bright co-stars into believing she has more power than she actually has. Because Bethenny’s thing is control. Bethenny might actually believe she has that power. She doesn’t. Bethenny is pretty delusional about herself. She always has been. Plus, Andy has encouraged this delusion, no matter what he says publicly. As for why Andy takes glee in watching Lu’s happiness get trampled on, it might be because he thinks it makes good TV. It doesn’t. Or it could be that Andy is setting up Bethenny for her eventual downfall. With Bethenny’s recent acting out at Coldplay, I wouldn’t be surprised if what Andy really wants is for Bethenny to destroy herself. That saves him from Bethenny’s wrath when or if Bravo dumps her. Andy can throw his arms up in the air and tell Bethenny, “Hey, you did this to yourself. It’s out of my hands. I can’t save you this time.” If this isn’t the case, then Andy’s just as big of a shit as Bethenny and they deserve each other–until Andy gets demoted or his precious WWHL is in jeopardy. Then he’ll be more than happy to kick Bethenny to the curve and save himself. Isn’t that the way showbiz works?

    • Mindy, I agree. Ramona is crazy but she isn’t stupid. I think Ramona is being easily swayed by Bethenny. I think in a non-Bethenny scenario, Ramona wouldn’t give two f**cks about Tom and Lu (except for envy). But Ramona is all about Ramona. She doesn’t usually get this involved unless there is some kind of benefit for her. The only benefit Ramona is getting by harping on and on about Tom’s past is that she gets more camera time and she’s aligning herself with Bethenny–the supposed star of the show. Unfortunately for Ramona, the Bethenny star is imploding–hopefully leaving a black hole in its place.

      • Margarett

        I know y’all weren’t talking to me, but those “looney” friends can sure hurt a person’s feelings. Most of us have probably been there.

      • Minky

        Of course we weren’t talking to you Margarett. But those looney friends, which we’ve all encountered, positively LIVE to burst bubbles. Everyone has at least an auntie or a cousin who’s a bitch that tries to piss all over your good news.

        For example:

        Me: “I got a job that I love. It’s great fun and I’m so happy to finally be doing what I went to school to do! And I really feel like I’m helping people.”

        Auntie/Cousin: “Oh, that’s nice. Now you can maybe finally get a better car. And when are you going to get married? Maybe you should focus on finding a husband as much as you do on your career. You’re not getting any younger.”

        Me (inner monologue): CUNT! CUNT! CUNT! CUNT! CUNT!…..

      • Margarett

        I was just kidding Onegaes because she had my name on a comment that I didn’t have a clue about, Minky,

        I figured it was one of those comments that “fall” into the wrong spot for replies. I think I had commented about what felt like to me was a lot of losses for our fellow commenters.

  5. Happy gal

    Best comment ever TT – not sure she has a heart – lmao

  6. Why do they keep saying that flashback was 10 years ago? The RHONY premiered in 2008.

    • therealdeb

      yes but they filmed much earlier than that

    • Plus, according to Sonja…she’s been dicking around with Tom when she was supposedly with Harry Dubin and young Dominique. According to Sonja, the Dominique fling lasted nine months. That was last year. Sonja’s ten year timeline is very suspect. How long has Sonja been divorced? Pretty soon we’ll hear that Ramona’s been out with Tom twenty times and Sonja has been getting benefits for fifteen years. Tom must have an inexhaustible amount of sexual energy. Good for Lu!

  7. i think you meant ramona in your title.

  8. Margarett

    Ramona will never wake up and smell the coffee as far as self awareness goes. Sometimes I admire her blind confidence.

    I was looking through the health and fitness offerings on On Demand…wonder if that counts as a workout. Anyway, I was stunned to see that Bethhenny has a series of programs that say you can have a body like Bethenny’s. Of course, the titles are “Skinny Girl…” I decided to take a pass on that!

    • There are plenty of bodies just like Bethenny’s in eating disorder clinics across America. Does Bethenny give laxative recipes in her book? Anyone that wants to look like Bethenny does now, needs help. Bethenny needs help. As much as I detest this woman, I actually hope she gets help. Her body is screaming for nutrients. That could be one of the reason’s why Bethenny is behaving like a lunatic. Her brain needs protein and it’s not getting enough. That might partially explain Bethenny’s erratic, messy behavior.

      • Minky

        @Margarett Workout show? Jesus Christ!

        @Onegaes Yeah, Bethenny needs some serious counseling. And NOT from Andy! Again, as much as she, and a number of other HW, annoy me I really don’t want to open up TT’s and see a report about any of them being dead.

        Bethenny is, I believe, on some type of appetite suppressant drug that also makes her wile out and rage. There was the case of Maya Deren, gorgeous dancer and experimental film maker from the 40s and 50s. She was on Dr. Feelgood’s drug cocktails that included stuff like amphetamines so she wouldn’t eat. She was also an ED sufferer and died at the age of 44. If you look up any pictures of her she did not look sickly thin at all. Just a toned, svelte dancer’s figure. Like one of TT’s blinds exposed Sonja of being on diet pills. And Sonja does not look anorexic, at least on TV.

      • Margarett

        Yeppers, Minky, workout shows. I love doing yoga and have for years. So I check Gaiam network every now and then to see what’s new.

        Yoga has been proven as a way of achieving calmness. I would certainly want a few deep, calming breaths if helicopters were buzzing my neighborhood. I felt so sorry for you when I read your comment about that. Have a peaceful weekend l.

      • Minky

        You’re a total sweetie Margarett. Unfortunately summer time brings out the crazy in all of us. I live really close to the ocean, and there are cliffs there. Come to find out that a lot of those helicopters were search and rescue missions for people who ended up having committed suicide by jumping. The frequency of it is what’s so shocking. So goddamn sad.

        I need to get into a yoga class. I used to workout at the gym for about an hour every day, mostly the elliptical. But this year my body just said to me “No bitch. Remain seated!” Haha! 😂

  9. If Luann is happy then good for her. Hopefully things will turn out the way she wants them to, however if they don’t she can never say her friends didn’t try to warn her. I actually liked the two part special on Luanns life before Housewifes.

    I read somewhere on this site that Bethenny dug something up. That’s not true, she didn’t dig anything up, she clearly said she was sent a text and it seems there’s a photo with it. She was also clearly upset about it and having a hard time with the information. When Romona ran off laughing Bethenny face said I can’t believe she’s laughing. I don’t think for a moment that Bethenny wanted to hurt Luann I think she was very concerned. It was a difficult position to be in.

    • I think if Bethenny was really concerned about Lu none of this would have been done on camera.

      • Librarygirl

        Exactly. Someone Sussed out this info for the purpose of having it broadcast. If not, there was no reason to make three tack on episodes to have all of this trumped up intrigue brought to light. The whole thing seems really idiotic when we know that in real time Lu is sailing around on Tom’s boat planning her wedding. Above and beyond that, none of this info was Beth’s to share with anyone, especially on camera. It was another lapse of judgement on Beth’s part, and another item to add to her already long list of fails.

    • “I don’t believe for a moment Bethenny wanted to hurt Luann” I refer you to the 2 episodes this season when the ladies stayed at Dorinda’s home in the Berkshires. Bethenny went after Luann like a rabid pit bull (no offense to pit bulls). It was disgusting.
      No, I don’t think she has a problem attacking Luann. Anything that appears to the contrary is just an act.

      • I agree, Slice. Bethenny obviously holds grudges. She called Lu a snake season 2 (for no reason that I could see) and Bethenny has always held an envious grudge over the countess thing. Bethenny has gone out of her way to be the anti-countess–the Truth Cannon. The only truths that Bethenny spouts are fabricated lies that make her look good in any scenario, such as reaching out to her estranged mother. Bryn was curious about the grandmother she’s never met, so Bethenny handed Bryn the phone. That can hardly be called “reaching out.” Bethenny is a spin shyster, spinning fabrications to her advantage. Notice how Bethenny’s hissy fits are always someone else’s fault: the drink Bethenny threw at the Coldplay concert, according to a Bethenny tweet, was the media’s fault. Because the media always exaggerates. Bethenny is a bad piece of work. Too many nuts and bolts are missing.

  10. 25

    Sad as it may be, destroying an engagement might really be bravo’s best storyline as of late. It competes with multiple medical issues doubted/faked/debated for entire seasons, and a young mother being emotionally broken down for fun. Destruction of engagement wins.

    • Margarett

      I agree,25, that the hateful heifers is indeed an improvement over the medical malarkey storylines. I must have missed something or forgotten something (May I blame that on my age?) . What young mother was mistreated?

      Thanks in advance.

      • 25

        A sidetrack from the HW!–I was referencing Kathryn from Southern Charm

      • Margarett

        Of course! Thanks, 25! It would be so nice to see a bit of happily ever after there. I’m not sure who needs to grow up Kathryn or Thomas or both.
        Southern Charm is one of my favorites! My brain took a little vacation.

  11. CoBe

    I’ve been one of the last hold outs for Andy. I don’t think he can be blamed for the bad actions of his cast members. But his utter glee at the shout down in the Berkshires as well as his excitement about the upcoming painful revelation is the final straw. It’s just not a good look and it is taking all of these housewives franchises down. Not everyone wants to watch screeching matches. I like pleasant interactions and reasonable responses to conflict. If I wanted wine glass throwing and vicious take downs, I’d find some Jerry Springer reruns. At least those were only moderately scripted.

    I find Bethenny to be evil. I always have. She targets victims and takes them down. Her only redeeming quality in the early years was that she was funny. Now even that is buried beneath a pile of narcissistic rage, envy, arrogance, and irrational attacks on others.

    As to the theory that Andy is trying to show Bethenny in her real light, I disagree. He has stated that the audience will see the “hurt of a small child” and “vulnerability beneath it all” that he claims to have seen in Bethenny. What I see is a person with a personality disorder who has likely told Andy (who is an ultimate softie) about real or imagined abuse she has suffered as the reason why she is the way she is today. This is a calling card of folks with personality disorders. Their bad behaviour can always be pinned on someone else and the better victim story they can come up with, the more their behaviour is excused.

    I have no doubt a story like that told “in confidence” to Andy is the reason Bethenny will keep her job even though viewers, crew, and most of the cast can see right through her.

    Kudos to editing and post-production though for giving us all of the little peeks they can get away with. “Vulnerable beneath it all wounded souls” do not arrogantly toss their bloody pillow to the driver to get it cleaned. That’s the milieu of a Cluster B personality.

    Andy, WAKE UP. You don’t have to lose your sensitivity to other people to utilise good common sense and discretion in dealing with vicious personality types. Bethenny has bitten every hand that fed her (Martha, Jason, Ellen, Jill) and you are begging to be next.

    • Minky

      I agree with a good bit of what you’ve written here. But, do you really believe that Andy is a softie? Like, really? I just can’t see him that way. Maybe I’m missing something.

    • Great post Co-Be. I go back and forth on Andy’s reason for keeping Bethenny on RHONY to his own detriment. I want to believe Andy is setting Bethenny up. Unfortunately, it’s hard to swallow. Andy is enjoying the antics of his protege way too much. Maybe when Andy receives a strong-worded letter from the CEO of production, he’ll realize the damage that Bethenny is doing to his precious show and begin to see that Bethenny will take him down with her without qualm. Maybe then, Andy will wake up in a cold sweat and do what the fans want: get rid of Bethenny before Bravo gets rid of Andy and Bethenny. The thing about show business is that everyone is replaceable, even Andy.

  12. Shae

    Ramona has really been disgusting with this whole thing. She made her point, she told Lu, Sonja told Lu, they informed her of their “history” with him and then they should’ve let it be. If he lies, he lies, it’s her problem and out of their hands.

    The only person with NEW information is Bethenny and she is in a different spot, because if this guy was making out with some tramp just recently, that is “after lu” not before, and it matters. I can’t imagine a woman about to marry a man would not want to know the day before their engagement he was “allegedly” sucking face with some young thing in a bar. So in that regard, Bethenny should tell her, what Lu does with it is her business.

    But she should not tell her then HARP on it endlessly as Ramona and Sonja have done. You turn the info over and you wash your hands of it. I think Ramona is malicious about it and i think Sonja is just delusional and hurt that she was never more than a hookup for Tom. I understand that, but you’ve no right to badger Lu and Tom with it.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Good points, Shae. My take is much more simple when it comes to Ramona and Sonja – neither one of them has much of a storyline this year so they are squeezing themselves into Lu’s.

    • What I don’t get about Bethenny’s two am text and supposed video is that a lot of fans assume that Bethenny is telling the truth. Until I see the video or text, I won’t believe anything that comes out of Bethenny’s agenda-driven mouth. It is so obvious that Bethenny is going after Lu for past real or imagined slights. Let’s think back to season two or three when Bethenny called Lu a snake. Why? Because Lu was a countess, married and the image of the kind of class Bethenny could never have? And it’s pure bullshit to believe that Bethenny didn’t covet and envy Lu, the countess. We also witnessed how Bethenny treated Kelly Bensimon. Kelly certainly had some issues that Bethenny was more than happy to exploit. What’s that saying about children and lunatics? Something about how children and lunatics are able to see what adults and normal people can’t. Children and lunatics lack our filter so they’re able to see unedited versions of fake people. I think that Kelly’s mind saw Bethenny for what she really was: a fake media whore envious of anyone that had more than Bethenny did. And wasn’t Kelly’s take down right after she posed for playboy? And was dating pretty-boy Max? Kelly Bensimon was everything Bethenny wasn’t: a tall, beautiful model with a house in the Hamptons and connections everywhere. Bethenny took care of all of that. After Scary Island, Kelly became NY kryptonite. And wasn’t Lu in Kelly’s camp? So is Bethenny going after Lu to even up old scores? I think so. I really do. I think Bethenny is that deranged.

      • Minky

        Careful Onegaes. You’re making a little too much sense there.

        I can’t remember very much about the show from over the years, because even when I did watch, it was sporadically. What I do remember is being annoyed by Bethenny. A lot.

        She’s always been a spaz with a huge chip on her shoulder, thinking the world owes her whatever she happens to want at that point in time. Very similar to Vicki from OC. Whatever displeases her gets her screeching shrew treatment. I keep waiting for Bethenny to claim she’s being martyred because of Luanne’s engagement, and then demand the first living canonization in history from the Vatican. Sheesh!

        She called Luanne the “Dis-Countess” a long ass time ago. Like, Seasons 1 or 2? That should be some indication of how long she’s been harboring her ill will towards Luanne.

      • Misha11

        And, since you mentioned Kelly Bensimon, remember when Kelly called Beth a “ho-bag” and everyone thought Kelly shouldn’t have said that. Well Beth called luann a “ho-bag” during her rant when she also called luann a slut, etc. Well I thought that was pretty funny. She actually used the words of the person she called crazy.

      • Margarett

        Good catch, Misha11!

  13. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  14. DalaiMama

    Huzzah for TT for refusing to stand by idly while the bitterest of these broads try to Bogart Lu’s happy days. Ramona has Elaine-danced straight into megalomania. Even her manufactured outrage is built on quicksand – she is enraged Lu didn’t apprise her of socializing with a man she dated, the details of which she provides in excruciating detail, then in the same breath becomes apoplectic over her name in the papers, because of her alleged discretion vis a vis all things romantic, and her insistence that she never tells a soul who she’s dating. Both statements can’t be true. She recoils in mock turtle-time horror when Beth mentions the other woman, then cackles with glee when B says she has a photo – schadenfreude on steroids. But the ugliest moment is seeing her manipulate Sonja, goading her over and over again to get her upset, when Sonja has been acting like a true champ for the entire miserable outing.

  15. Twilly

    Ramona and Bethenny are just bitter hags.

  16. Deb B

    None of them – including LuAnn – are worthy of defending here. For every snipe LuAnn has received she’s inserted a knife and turned it in both Sonja and Ramona tenfold. If LuAnn was as happy as she pretends to be she’d be too distracted to care what they say. Sore losers aren’t “cool,” but gloating winners are intolerable. LuAnn didn’t need to keep demeaning Sonja as just some object he screwed but gave no thought to was unnecessary and mean. And as much as Ramona exaggerates, she actually named about 6 places he’s taken her. I can see her exaggerating a couple of dates into a few more, but I don’t think she’d make that up places he’d taken her. And since when is it an indication of being in love that a man makes out with some girl in public when he’s engaged to another woman?

    • DalaiMama

      You’re right about the places Ramona has named, but I seem to remember someone, maybe Ramona or Sonja, saying if you went out for drinks then went for dinner, it counted as “two dates”, etc. I get the distinct feeling Ramona has some hanging chads on the tally of her drinks/dinner/backgammon night and counts it as three dates.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Deb B I couldn’t agree with you more. LuAnn really disgusted me the last episode the way she treated Sonja – “well he’s marrying ME, isn’t he!” This is what LuAnn is all about. Her little overblown ego is so fragile that stealing a man from Sonja, of all people, gives her such narcissistic glee. She’s got her N supply for many months from this. I also don’t think Ramona is exaggerating about how many dates she had with Tom. Tom was VERY OBVIOUSLY uncomfortable at the party around Ramona and Sonja. I don’t know whether to chalk that up to Lu having previously informed him that they won’t stop talking about their interactions with him, and him expecting an ambush, or what. But he was definitely much more relaxed around Ramona by the end.

      • tamaratattles

        ROFLMAO at “stealing a man from Sonja”

      • Sabrina

        Deb B, I agree as well- they all have made their fair share of mistakes here. But Lu’s have gone rarely if at all mentioned- and that does not mean I don’t think Ramona isn’t making way too much of this, etc- any pride should lead both Ramona and Sonja to move on without comment and be over it. Period.

        But I am truly bothered by Luann’s behavior this time- on several levels. She has never been the women’s best friend- but it has been unkind to be so thoughtless, and lacking in manners and social grace of any kind- and so unlike the Countess with Class. Tom was clearly uncomfortable at the party on the yacht- and the primary role of any hostess- and the honoree- is to be sure their guests are at ease. To ensure that, it would have made sense for Sonja and Tom to meet beforehand, and Ramona as well, to the extent necessary. Yes, I know it is a reality show and the key is making everyone uncomfortable, . If it was important to LU to have them at the yacht party celebrating her engagement- then it is important enough to prepare properly

        To me, these continue to indicate that Luann is not at her best or herself. But I sincerely hope ibrings her joy. Most brides I know who are in that happy planning joyful phase go out of heir way to be kind and considerate of others- LU seems to have zero concern about such things.

      • tamaratattles

        Yes because a bride hosting her own engagement party really should make sure that all of her finace’s prior dates feel comfortable and not overshadowed at their engagement party. It really should be all about making prior acquaintances happy and not the future bride and groom.

        Y’all really do live in an alternate universe. Is Bethenny your neighbor?

      • Margarett

        OMGoodness. Chile, you crack me up! You have a way of pointing out our silliness that forces us to reevaluate. Thanks for demanding that my brain gets into gear.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @TT, I know you and I differ on this whole Luann thing, but I honestly think that was a big part of Luann’s motivation. She’s a certain type of woman.

      • tamaratattles

        Yep, She’s happy.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Well, I can agree with you on that. She seems happy with herself.

      • JustJenn

        Is Ramona counting the time she flirted with Tom while still married as a date? What constitutes as a date for her? Was Sonja exclusively with Tom during their friends with benefits time or still “seeing” other guys? And Bethenny of all people has the most gall dating her the husband of someone she only knew in high school, but she’s known Tom for 27 years and threw him a birthday party while he was still with his wife. But let’s all focus on Luann’s relationship 😂

      • It seems to me that it may be impossible for Ramona, Lu, Bethenny or Avery for that matter, to find a man in New York that HASN’T been with Sonja at some point..

    • Librarygirl

      Mona listed about five places that Tom used to frequent. But she only described one date. As for Sonja, much like Mona, their stories are embellished with each passing episode. It makes for good TV, it pleases Beth, it puts money in pockets, and it hurts Lu. Mission accomplished. No one is allowed to be happy in this bunch since Commandant Beth rode into town. It really is a drag.

  17. Great read Tamara! Not only did you hit the nail on the head – you knocked the ball out of the park on this!

  18. Cat

    I wish Tom and Luann the best. I would rather read about someone’s happy relationship/engagement than whether or not Porsha fainted.

  19. RHofND

    Maybe it’s true that Ramona didn’t have a connection with Tom, but that doesn’t stop her from being insanely jealous that Luann is happy with him. Go for it, Luann. Living well is the best revenge.

  20. bria

    T.T as always 🙌 I enjoy reading the purple pen read more than the show or cast blog combine.Your purple pen is everything 😂.

  21. cammierari

    Are you kidding TT? Luanne is a huge phony and completely insecure about her relationship with Tom. It’s pretty obvious she wants to get married before she hears something about him that would prevent that, so she’s trying to run away from the many red flags she sees flying. Stupid. She’s acting like a love struck teenager and that can never be a good look when you’re actually a middle aged woman who has been around the block. Her anger at the HW’s for not ignoring those red flags is typical and can you imagine how Lu would act if she hadn’t been the “victor” in the Tom sweepstakes and then had to attend the party to celebrate his picking Sonja-who has been a real champ despite her disappointment in losing a relationship that she considered still viable.
    Pretty sure she knows what B is going to tell her anyway after the “are you guys monogamous” question, she just doesn’t want to hear anything that would prevent her from putting a ring on it which she is desperate to do. Sad, but oh well. She’s a big girl and can close her eyes to whatever she wants to stay happy, but she doesn’t have the right to insist others ignore what she won’t see.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes, she is RUSHING to that alter fifteen months after she got engaged so that she doesn’t hear anything about him. Dodging red flags all the way.

      Or maybe she knows more about their relationship that people who watch her on TV. Couldn’t possibly be that. The viewers, Bethenny and Ramonja have a much better grasp of her relationship than she does.

      • Bethenny et all don’t watch her on tv. They’re right there and have known Lu for years, and yeah sorry, Luanne is trying to get a ring on Tom’s finger before she hears something she doesn’t want to IMO from what I see, and hear on tv, unlike you who I’m sure had oysters with LuLu last week in the Hamptons. We’re here to judge people we see on tv-since when has that bothered you? Do you have a soft spot for the Countess? Is it right next to that hair you have across your behind for Bethenny? I don’t wish anything bad on Luanne but come on-you don’t think you would tell her if someone sent you a video of your friend’s fiancee making out in public with a Playboy Bunny?

      • tamaratattles

        First of all Bethenny doesn’t have any friends. She has employees, coworkers willing to let her take them on vacations and well, that’s about it. No one mysteriously calls Bethenny at 2 am to give her information. She put someone on Tom to get some dirt.

        Secondly, Luann and Tom are blissfully happy. They are somewhere every weekend. Often times it’s at he mother’s place, or in Florida with Tom’s family. This is after she has been “told something she does not want to hear.

        Again, she is not rushing to the altar in Vegas. She’s spending more than a year planning the wedding because she did not have a wedding with the Count and she is thrilled to get to do the whole dress and ceremony thing with Tom.

        Bethenny is not a friend trying to make a difficult decision about her good friend Luann. She is out for revenge against Lu for announcing her engagement before Bethenny could announce here. Bethenny has always hated Lu. Her “turmoil” about whether or not to tell her the dirt she dug up is dramatic acting that you are believing.

        Finally, I’m not big on oysters unless they are fried and they are currently off season.

      • cammierari

        I hope we don’t have to break up over this but you’re incorrect. Bethenny has friends-I’ve seen her on tv with them, and I don’t mean the fake ones like Luanne. As far as being in love, eh. I’m not buying it due to Luanne seeming too focused on the perks of having a man declare her his own, oh and also the fact that her man was sucking face with a playboy bunny in public. I’ve never eaten an oyster in my life, fried or otherwise, but they sure look gross :)

      • tamaratattles

        Please regale us with these friends you have seen her filming with. BWAHAHHAHAHAHHA was one of the the wife of her new fiance? Because it seems she could not muster a soul to go with her to the Cold Play concert. Just saying. But that was off camera. Maybe Dennis was lurking in the shadows.

      • cammierari

        You assume she has no friends because no one wanted to see Coldplay but you think Tom is happy and in love with Lu even tho he was publically making out with some skank bunny in public so that one of Bethenny’s no friends could spot him and rat him out with a video. I see said the blind man as he picked up the hammer and saw…

      • tamaratattles

        Bethenny has no friends. She has paid Carole three time to vacay with her and taken Ramona skiing. Her storyline was supposed to end with the big reveal with her engagement. LOL.

        Lu beat her at her own game. You are a “casual” an casuals bring the ratings. The rest of us know what is going on.

        Poor, sad Lu and all her vacations with the love of her life all around the world, Surely the months and months with Lu and Tom with her mother and HIS mother and all their travels is just fake shit housewives do on their down time.

        It’s not that I know what the real deal is or anything. But please, turn in to next weeks show and tell us how wrong we all were.

        Why are you SOFA KING invested in Lu’s unhappiness….?

  22. cammierari

    Are you kidding TT? Luanne is a huge phony and completely insecure about her relationship with Tom. It’s pretty obvious she wants to get married before she hears something about him that would prevent that, so she’s trying to run away from the many red flags she sees flying. Stupid. She’s acting like a love struck teenager and that can never be a good look when you’re actually a middle aged woman who has been around the block. Her anger at the HW’s for not ignoring those red flags is typical and can you imagine how Lu would act if she hadn’t been the “victor” in the Tom sweepstakes and then had to attend the party to celebrate his picking Sonja-who has been a real champ despite her disappointment in losing a relationship that she considered still viable.
    Pretty sure she knows what B is going to tell her anyway after the “are you guys monogamous” question, she just doesn’t want to hear anything that would prevent her from putting a ring on it which she is desperate to do. Sad, but oh well. She’s a big girl and can close her eyes to whatever she wants to stay happy, but she doesn’t have the right to insist others ignore what she won’t see.

    • OmgOmg

      She’s acting the opposite of a love struck teenager. She moves in savvy circles and has her eyes wide open. They are all jealous b–tches.

  23. OmgOmg

    Great post, agree 100% which is why I keep coming back for the tea! Whomever commented that Luann is too pragmatic to be in love — that makes no sense imho. No one over the age of say 22 is in love like puppy love — it’s harder as an adult, so I’m. It sure what you’re saying? If you’re trying to say Luann wants a man — so what? If she was lonely and is ecstatically happy now? Um yes isn’t that the point? Luann is “faking”? To what end? I just don’t get the comments criticizing Luann. She’s happy and in love and I think it’s close to the best storyline on housewives of all time. Bethenny is upset because it is supplanting her. She thought her story was the best of all time but it’s he’s ago and she’s being upstaged. She comes off as a psycho.
    On WWHL Andy had a cardboard Luann playing voice recordings of glee bout her engagement totally insanely mocking her — I don’t get it. Andy is definitely trying to destroy it and gleeful about it. Really awful. There is no way Andy is against Bethenny they are good friends and so are Ramona and Bethenny. I heard her radio show and she was “interviewing” Andy and Ramona called in. This was pre reunion taping (but it just aired) and they’re good friends you can tell and I will say this Bethenny sounded a bit more normal and not so crazed but still as crass as ever. (She asked Ramona who was in Nantucket if it was Nanf—-it.”) I will say this — on the radio she has one of the most grating voices I’ve ever heard. There is something about her vile visciousness and overly cocksure attitude that has everyone scratching their heads. I ahe believes she’s the Queen and is all-powerful to Andy and Bravo and I think they are shocked that she is now hated by her fans who can see clearly that she ruined the show.

  24. OmgOmg

    Sorry — One last point about Luann — I deeply admire her grace under pressure. To me the others jumping on her engagement so quickly felt so quick that it seems scripted/produced but the assault on her is below the pale and she has handled herself with aplomb. She was nearly fired off RHONY and came back and took over the show from the insane Bethenny — who’s had to resort to a phony baloney illness storyline! No small feat to steal the spotlight from B!

    • Lu graciously accepting the invitation to Mexico that Bethenny never offered was one of my favorite RHONY moments of all time.

      • tamaratattles

        FYI! I have two comments of my own in moderation today. This being one. Am I in WLS? :(

      • Margarett

        Nope! They look normal to me.

        Hope you and Banjo are enjoying the games today.

      • Flowerchild

        TT that moment was pure gold. Luann has been owning her interactions with the other housewives like a boss. As someone who has a history of letting bullies push my buttons and control me and our interactions, I saw that and thought “WOW. Learn from this woman.” She remains human and vulnerable and kind but refuses to let these witches control her reactions or steal her joy. She ignores the cattiness and remains in control of herself and that is why despite all of their efforts to sh** all over her, she is the only one who came out of this season smelling like a rose.

      • Librarygirl

        Yes! Beth silenced, mouth agape. Pissed, confused and alone. WTF just happened, lol.

  25. Erica

    I do think Ramona and Sonja should drop the whole Tom thing – but I thought the same thing over Luann last season when she was doing the same thing – only she didn’t date Adam, her niece did. (Who Carole does not know). She was so fucking annoying when she wouldn’t stop with the whole “Adam dated my niece! You hurt her feelings!” and “You are a pedophile!” bullshit. At least Ramona and Sonja aren’t taking it THAT far.

  26. Dexterpie

    Luanne is cool. Others are so uncool. Jules the timid mouse is the lion that roared putting mean Bethy in her place.

  27. T D

    Human inperfection is an inperceivable concept to egotiists. Luann owns the faults, she knows we all have them. A divine understanding.

  28. Tika

    I used to be a fan of Bethany but I can’t stand her this season she is truly a mean girl and Carol is nothing more than her puppet and phoney and her young man is looking for nothing more than a meal ticket and exposure every time he is on camera he is showcasing his food. As far as the other ladies go I think they are jealous whether Tom and Luann’s relationship works or not she got him not only that she got him to put a ring on it.. ALL Sonja managed to do was get laid and Romana is delusional as usual.

  29. Margarett

    Okay, I’ve been here and posted too many times, I had talked about Ramon’s getting loonier.

    I’m sorry, bowing out, and slinking away to take a couple of aspirins and a break!

  30. Trish

    Been away, so I’m late to post on this. These over medicated, jealous bitches can’t stand to see anyone happy. I wish they would just fire Ramona – she is looking younger than her own daughter – she will end up a lonely old woman. Who gives a s*** who was with whom, as long as Lou is happy. These jealous women make me sick. BTW: renewal ceremonies seem to be a kiss of death.

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