Big Brother Recap And Live Feed Discussion

Photochop by UNCDavid

Photochop by UNCDavid

By Lime Brain
We left off with Davonne being evicted last Thursday.
These are some off the house guests reactions to it:
Nichole feels that Day leaving is good for her game but feels super guilty about Z and Meesh being blindsided. (Ha!)
Z feels blindsided and that Paulie’s been using her. (True!)
Paulie says Z is visibly upset about not knowing the whole house voting against Day because he didn’t want the info getting back to Day. (Douchebag) He needs to drop out of the hoh comp after Z so she doesn’t win because he doesn’t know what she will do if she wins hoh.
Michelle feels like everyone screwed her over and she needs to win hoh to get revenge and keep her bestie safe. In fact all the house guests feel like they need to win.

BB18 Paulie
Paulie says as outgoing HOH he can’t play, he just blindsided Day, pissed off 2 of her friends and he doesn’t want Bridgette, Z or Michelle to win. Paulie tells us that the night before the HOH the boys got together to solidify the alliance and the power stays in the right hands. Haven’t they done this a million times already?
I notice that Paulie has no beard in this Diary room scene. Aha! They are using an earlier dr for this scene because a few seconds later he has his beard again. Unless he shaved the next morning. This is sad. I am more interested in Paulie’s beard than the show itself.  (And I’m talking about his facial beard and not Z.)
Paulie, Paul and Victor are vibing right now in the hoh room. Paulie thinks this is the biggest bromance ever because it also includes James and Corey. I hate the word bromance.
They are sitting around thinking of a name for their alliance and come up with the executives.
They come up with silly names for themselves. Victor is the Chief executive officer. Paulie is the director of social affairs. Corey is the Chief event coordinator. A title that is usually given to to somebody who does nothing all day. Esp. in the big brother house where there is nothing to do or coordinate. James is the chief of operations. And Paul is the CFO. Chief Friendship Operator. Ha. Ha. That boy is just so clever.
Back to the HOH challenge. The one where they are standing on the discs and holding onto a rope as it spins in a circle. The Internet trolls come out to harass them.
James is struggling and falls off first. He says he doesn’t like the comp.
Bridgette is next. But she has the bad knee and ankle. I can’t blame her. She thinks she will be safe if the boys win.
Corey is the next one off. These first 3 are the have-nots.

This is how I feel right now.

Now Michelle is getting dizzy and nauseous. She starts puking. They actually show us. She comes down and pukes in the bucket. James tells us that she had pizza for lunch. This show is just so sad. Michelle is crying hysterically again.
Nicole is the next one off. She almost fell on the vomit. To bad she missed.
Z feels it’s genuinely just her and Michelle and needs to win. Paulie has no idea what Z is thinking since Day left. (That was about a half hour ago. He has no beard again, but he is wearing a red hat now. I don’t think he was wearing it before, but I’m not rewinding to look.) Anyway, he doesn’t want her “emotional agression” directed at him so he needs to last longer than her. Z makes a deal with all of them not to put her up if she drops. They all agree but Victor tells us that he was voted out 9 to 1 so he is going to be bouncing checks all day. Z drops off. Now that Z is down, Paulie immediately falls off and Z says how much more obvious can it be that he did it on purpose.
Natalie and Victor are the last two left. Nat is whining and begging Victor to let her win. What kind of strategy is that?
James is afraid to vocally support her. He has to be super secretive so no one knows they are a power couple. (Huh? You will throw her under the bus for the boys when they tell you to.) Natalie finally drops off after 1 hour 49 minutes. At least Victor covered her from the Internet trolls.
Paulie is thrilled Victor won. He will tell him who to put up. Victor wants to put up someone who is a big threat to his game. (This makes me laugh out loud).
Z feels betrayed by everyone but Michelle. She’s pissed at Paulie and feels played.Paulie goes to hug her in the bedroom. She didn’t think Paulie would do this to her. James and Natalie are in the London room and he is comforting her.
Must you hate the winner of BB18?

Must you hate the winner of BB18?

Bridgette completely trusts Paul and she needs to repay him. Because everything he’s said so far has happened. (Didn’t he want her gone last week over Day?)
Michelle and Z are in the bathroom and Michelle is crying again. Neither one can believe they were so out of the loop. Even Victor knew!
Paul asks Victor what Day said to him when she left the house. Victor tells him that Day said they were coming after him in the double eviction. Problem is, is that Day didn’t say who “they” are. So he is going to trust Paul and Paulie. Ha! Ha! Ha!
So, Paul starts throwing Natalie under the bus to Victor. “We know her game. She says she “can’t”. But she almost won. (I don’t think this is strategy. She can’t.) Paulie is now throwing Z and Michelle under the bus. If Z comes down, put Bridgette up. Victor does not want to put her up. But he still wants a girl to go home because they are such threats. He is so clueless. The boys plot together who to put up and they get Paulie’s blessing to put up Z.
Nicole goes to apologize to Michelle about keeping her out of the loop for damage control. She says that Day was coming after her and Corey. She’s trying to stay off Michelle’s radar.
Z and Paulie in safari room talking about the vote. She asks if he fell off on purpose. He lies. She is going to give him an ounce of trust but keep one eye open when she sleeps.
Victor in his red hoh robe (thank goodness bb gives them new robes) is with the two Ps. The boys need to get to the final five and Victor thinks he will be part of the final three with the Peepees. Paul tells us that PeePee will be the final 2 and Victor doesn’t need to know that. They are going to call themselves the Board. I like the name Bro-migos better.
Hamsters in the kitchen and James walks into the kitchen and pulls Michelles snotty tissues out of Michelles jacket he is wearing. She asks him not to wear it anymore. She did say please. Last time he wore something of hers he put a hole in them. He retorts that the last time she wore his khakis she stained them. She denies it. I say who cares? Not like you guys have anywhere to go or see. James says whatever. Victor is in the upstairs hallway with a bowl of cereal and is staring at the both of them. Ominous music is playing in the background loudly so you can’t miss it.
Paul starts saying, “Did you see that? See how she’s being?” James says she’s being really mean.  God forbid a woman says anything.
Cut to a picture of the moon. So, I guess that means it’s later in the evening. James goes to Michelle in her bed and asks her if he pissed her off about something. She says yes he did. He asks what? She says they can talk about the votes. What about the votes? James says Day already knew about his vote. She says guess who didn’t know about the votes? He says why are you upset? That’s Day’s business. She says you guys all lied to me. He asks if she is going to treat them all like crap? She says she can’t trust them. (And guess who is creeping up in the hallway to listen? Yep. It’s Paul.) James asks if Michelle asked him how he was voting. She says no. She assumed they were all voting one way. If she had known, she would have voted with the house. (Smh). James sarcastically says sorry for not checking in with you. She asks him how would you feel if the house blindsided you by not telling you how they were voting? Michelle, give it up. James has to listen to Natalie whine all day. He doesn’t need more crap from you. Besides, James is the chief of operations. You need to talk to Paul, the chief of friendship.  James apologizes to Michelle. She feels better. Now James thinks she’s to emotional and needs to get her into the jury house. Yep. That’s the job for a chief of operations.
So James runs to Paulie to tell about his chat battle.  Paulie is now in the Dr with a red headband on telling us Michelle is a loose cannon. So she needs to go before Z. Yes, Paulie, you let the guys think you want to get rid of Z, but you never will. You just keep dangling her out there for them, so when it’s time to get rid of their showmance, you can say you were always willing to get rid of yours. Now I hope Z wins.  James falls for it.
Time for the Americas care package award. They are called to the backyard. James won. He wins the right to cancel 2 votes in the next eviction vote. He also got some big underwear and some tube socks. James is nervous. Natalie is happy he got underwear because he keeps stealing hers.
Finally! Time for the nomination ceremony. He puts up Z and Michelle.  Now for Victor’s nomination speech. He starts off “Nine to One”. Do these numbers ring a bell? Oh, my, he is giving it in poem form. Basically, Z only gives Pauly affection. (Paulie drops his head in shame) and Michelle is nominated because she’s rude to him and yesterday wasn’t the day to piss people off. The looks on everyone’s face is hilarious. Now he is taking friendship beads out of his pocket to offer to them. (Was this bb’s idea? They must have supplied them).
Michelle is starting to cry (again). She says she’s the worst super fan in history. Z says she’s not surprised to be on the block. She is not going to lay down and die.
Victor wants Z gone. Paulie is planning on using James extra votes to get Michelle out. And that’s it!
They don’t call it the PeePee Alliance for Nuthing
8:54:34p, cam 3
BB18 Paulie pees in hot tub


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71 responses to “Big Brother Recap And Live Feed Discussion

  1. tamaratattles

    Victor threw Mardi Gras beads at the girls. He is from New Orleans and got beads and a Mardi Gras hat in his HOH basket.

  2. Rose

    Natalie shouldn’t have dropped and let Victor won HOH. Z stand strong girl and sum that jersey Paulie.

  3. timtoodles

    Ugh! Natalie’s begging to have Victor throw her the HOH was embarrassing. “Pleassse this is the only way I gonna win an HOH!”

    Is that really how she wants to win a competition? She should have been put up just for that!

  4. Susan

    The look on Zakiyah’s face as Victors beads rolled on the table toward her and fell to the floor was priceless.

  5. Auntie Velvet

    I definitely took it as Mardis Gras “show us your boobies” beads. Which was just gilding the douche-lily by that point.

    More importantly, great recap! It filled in a lot of blanks.

  6. Corey got his hair cut in the same style as PeePees. Now I can’t tell him apart from Paulie when I see him on the feeds. Its very annoying.

    These feeds are so boring. Right now I am noticing how well the basil plant is doing. The lights in the bb house must be pretty strong for it to grow so well and not being near a window.

    Lol! Just as I wrote that, Bridget sat at the table to eat alone, and she placed Mr. Jenkins ( the plant) next to her to keep her company.

    Wait, she is giving it water with her straw.

    Mr. Jenkins for the win!

  7. Thank you for the recap limebrain. My little dog was trying to hog the bed while my husband snored all night so I hope this makes sense as I am sleep deprived. Victor and Bridgette seem to be the only ones who do dishes and clean .Paul, Victor and Bridgette cook. What the others do all day is beyond me. If they would put as much effort into playing for $500,000 as they do at playing under the sheets it would be a much more interesting season. My face twitches when I hear the word friendship and I just want to smack the offending party in the back of their head. Tamara ,I hope you and your little tail wagger have a great day.

  8. sandra

    Z’s plan is to hook her way to the final two. The night before Day left Z told her “I guess, I will settle for 2nd place.” Day told Z, that is really sad. Early the next morning, Paulie and Paul were playing pool and Z came out in a pink bikini, strutting around the yard. Paulie looked at her once and Paul looked Pissed, nobody said a word. Z left BY and came back out still in bikini with unzipped hoodie, kneesocks and a long scarf. She began to flirt and swing the scarf at Paulie. Paul remained silent and pissed (he wants her gone so bad). Z needs to be voted out before she does more damage to her reputation. I know “The Damage Is Done,” but it may give her mother some peace. Or not!

  9. sandra

    Last night Paulie and Paul were in the backyard and Paulie being the nasty POS that he is, walked over to the hot tub and peed in it. Yep, that happened. And at this point I’m not surprised at all.

    • Jill

      O.M.G. And BB didn’t put a stop to that??

      • sandra

        Paulie wore his underwear all day, (maybe he gets paid for his Calvins) strange behavior. Anyway, he was in the backyard, strolled over to the ho tub stepped in and peed. So, the water is about to his hips, but it turns yellow.

    • krystina

      That was so gross. Have you seen the floor of the BB shower.Ugh.

      • rainidaze

        The shower is disgustingly gross. Add to that the fact that Michelle said she thought it was normal that everyone peed in the shower and I’m sickened just thinking how anyone could step foot in it. It skeeves me out just thinking about it – can you imagine showering in it? ICK Everyone complains how filthy the house is, even Paul said he worries about his back zits getting infected because of the dirt in the house.

      • If Paul is so worried about his back zits, then he can jolly well pick up a bucket, sponge and some bleach and clean.

        When Victor was ragging on Natalie about the kitchen, she says she’s cleaned the bathroom and a toilet trumps dishes.

  10. krystina

    I think the way these men are behaving is disgusting. It is beyond game play at this point. The fact that Paulie gave the advice, “fuck it out of her,” hooks up with Zakiyah then throws her under the bus, while using her actual feelings against her, not to mention the fact that Paulies’ ugly interior is slowly showing in his face, shows these are some grade A, misogynistic, dude-bro, assholes.

  11. Jill

    I feel like in the pic above, Paulie’s hair looks like he’s got a dollop of whipped cream on the top of his head. Something ain’t right about that hair. Mmm mmm NOPE. Or as my kids might say, it looks like a “dollop of “Daisy” like the Daisy Sour Cream commericals.

    Anyway, this house is all very “Lord of the Flies” now and I have zero hope the women will wake up before it’s too late. They are too weak in self-confidence, too fractured to get along as a group of women to put their differences aside and stick up for themselves and each other and put a stop to the bullish behavior going on in the house. It started when Frank was telling them what to eat and when to eat it. They allowed themselves to be treated like that and now I feel like the guys have continued to act like turds and the women don’t object because it’s easier to “go along to get along.”

    I get sick of hearing about “women being too emotional” so they become labeled. I have seen alot of these folks still only playing with “immediate” game in mind, no one is thinking about the “long game” and how to leave an impression with someone as they go to Jury.

    Dick Donato has a 2-3 time a week video podcast with old BB castmates from all seasons. They talk all the time about spending hours and hours with people they didn’t like, people different from them, laying ground work, getting to know them, not just tolerating them, because they were playing the long game because they might need their votes in a few weeks from now or on jury. I see none of that. ZIP. Short-sighted as hell.

    I sure hope that short game thinking pays Paul and Paulie back.

  12. Sherry

    I am so sad for Z. The things I was reading (live feed updates) she was saying are just sad. She is so pretty but really has no self-respect. Do they really forget they are being filmed? I don’t really want to quote what she said because I didn’t hear and see it with my own eyes. Paulie was going off about Meech and being angry (lots of ranting). I just wish the girls had a chance. But really no one is to be trusted. Everyone throws Everyone under the bus. Nic, James, Paulie, Z, Paul, Corey, Vic (because he is so dumb and really thinks the boys are on his side). Brad, Nat are the only ones that really don’t rat people out to the degree the others do. There is no safe spot. Only if you can win HOH a lot and Veto a lot are you safe. I don’t have anyone to root for.

  13. Sherry

    I think it is a joke and it is for Meech. I missed why that happened but thats who Corey was doing it for yesterday morning. He left it by her bed and she thanked him.

  14. Cat

    I’m sick of all the crying. Buck up, Buttercup. The name of the game is to eliminate others before they eliminate you. To be crushed that no one is your friend is stupid.

  15. tamaratattles

    Post updated with the Paulie PeePeeing in the hot tub. They don’t call it the PeePee alliance for nuthing.

    • The sad thing is that he can’t even blame it on being drunk! Lol!

      His parents must be so proud.

      • tamaratattles

        They really must be. He’s on national TV degradining young women, getting blow jobs, having sex, fingerbanging, wandering around in his boxers pissing in hot tubs… he’s a real charmer, that one.

    • Jill

      ACK! Receipts for sure. Yellow water, takes his hands out of the water, turns around, tries to play it off, cam zooms out. What a dope. This is BASIC hygiene/respect for other people here.

      My mama told us we were never too old to be spanked (ha), as a teenager. For shit like that, there would at least be some smacking on the back of the head or pinching of the skin on the back of your arms for that for the embarrassment brought upon the family. I think the problem is he grew up with any kind of discipline or manners in his life.

    • krystina

      Paulie has continued to show that game aside, he is just a d-bag. These boys need to be taken out by the women. For a bunch of momma’s boys you would think they would have a tad more respect.

  16. sherry

    I can not stand Paulie. He is so rude, so gross! I really really need him to be put up and NOT win Veto and sent to Jury. That would be soooooo funny, if a girl did that to him. I just smile at the thought.

  17. Unfortunately the girls are never, ever going to wake up. They are too busy chasing the guys. So my vote is for Mr. Jenkins as well, the basil plant!

  18. Aerin

    I’m so disgusted by this season. Paulie and Paul are gross and rude to the women. The women have fallen apart. There seems to be no actual gamesmanship other than selling friends out. And can someone please explain this stupid friendship thing?

  19. tamaratattles

    How am I just noticing the spacing on this story? Sorry, Lime Brain. It’s because either you sent it in email or I didn’t open it with Google Docs. It’s super time consuming to fix when it is coded this way and since it is 2000 words I can’t even attempt it.

    Anyway, I am watch BBAD and they are in the hot tub and I am having to FF. Because, pee.

    • I didn’t even notice the spacing until you mentioned it. Lol!

      Paulie is ratting out his conversation with Bridgette to Paulie about taking out the couples right now.

      • That should read that Paul is ratting to Paulie.

        I also wanted to add that Paul was trying to make it clear to Paulie that when Bridgette mentioned taking out couples, she meant taking out the girl portion of the couples not the men.

        Paulie is convinced Bridgette is gunning for him.

    • lori

      How can production allow the house guests to continue to go in hot tub. There’s no way they don’t know about this? I would be fucking PISSED (no pun intended) if I got or I’d the house and knew that BB allowed that to happen. Unless, (and I hope to God they did) drained and cleaned it after his nasty ass did that.

  20. Paulie and Paul want to put up Nichole in the double eviction. No matter what, they are putting up girls.

    Paulie wants James gone also because he’s been selfish by throwing comps.

  21. Its official. Peepee are icing out Nichole. No more info is to be given to Nichole or Corey until Nichole is gone.

  22. Now Paulie is telling Victor that Nichole is going next. Z just came up to the hoh and broke up the conversation. Victor left and Z is telling Paul about her conversation with Michelle.

    Michelle told Z that if Z left, all Paulie will lose is a cuddle buddy. Paulie is acting outraged at the thought.

    Wait, what? Paulie is said that Michelle had made up a fake profile and fake boyfriend so she could hit on girls?

    Earlier when Z was talking to Nichole about Michelle, Z said she would never go against Paulie. That made me sad.

  23. Paulie is to her that he wants Bridgette out next. She keeps throwing some shade at Paul. Not a good move.

    Now he’s telling her that James or Nichole will take the first shot at them as a couple. I think he’s working on her as to who to put up in case of a miracle happens and she wins hoh in the double eviction.

    He tells her he would put up Natalie and Nicole up and if someone comes down, put up James.

  24. Z left Paulie and Victor came back in. He started working on him about putting Nichole up. He mentioned that he wanted to put Bridgette up originally and Victor didn’t like that. Paulie plans on talking to Bridgette today to see where her head is at. Then they started throwing James under the bus.

    Paul and Bridgette just entered the room. Earlier, when Bridgette was with the girls, she didn’t giggle once. Now that she’s with the boys, she can’t stop that annoying giggle. Especially when they mention the word penis. She says she’s learning a lot about boys from them. That giggle has to be part of her strategy, right?

    BTW, all the other girls are in the hot tub right now. I really hope bb cleaned it today when they had a lock down.

  25. I’m done now. I can’t listen to them talking about fucking ear holes and such things.

  26. Poor Nichole. She’s with Corey and James in the Tokyo room. She’s trying to convince James to use his 2 cancelling votes for what’s good for his game and not what America wants.

    She tells James she would never put up him, Corey or PAULIE. Little does she know that the plan is for her to go next.

  27. Going on right now, Natalie and James are in the storage room. I missed the beginning of it and left because of the fishes.

    But she is trying to convince James to keep Michelle. If Z stays, it will be Z and Natalie on the block next week and Natalie will be going home.

    James doesn’t want shit stirred up in the house and says that Paulie is only keeping Z because of Michelle’s speech.

    Natalie tells him that Paulie has an excuse every week to keep Z. She tells him that the shit had already started in the house and the time to act is now! Paulie is running the house and everyone trusts him and they don’t talk to each other.

    She says that Paulie is telling the singles to go after the couples and telling the couples to go after the singles. That he is a big bb fan and has watched all the shows and feeds, was coached by Derrick and is an mc and that is a job where you lie all day.

    That Paulie didn’t tell the newbies that he was Cody’s brother until after the vets came in because he knew the vets would know he was his brother.

    James really doesn’t want to hear this. He says he sleeps all day so he doesn’t have to know what’s going on.

    This info seems to be falling on deaf ears. Sigh.

  28. Omg! The cat is out of the bag!

    Around 9:30 am, Bridgette, Paul, Michelle Natalie and James are discussing Paulie and all the final deals he has. They all feel boned!

    They are going to keep Michelle. Let’s hope they stick together and do it.

    I was scared at first when they were telling Paul, but they told him they have deals with Paulie that don’t include him.

    I hope Paul doesn’t run back to him!

    • Jill

      Omg, good reporting! Thank you! I appreciate you, Limey!

      On CBS’s website, this week’s America’s care package is you essentially get to save a person for the next week. The week after that is a co-hoh prize. Those two could be pivotal prizes if handed to first Michelle and second to Z or flipped. I’d love to see how the chips would fall then.

      • Jill

        Gee, my sense of time is messed up, it doesn’t get doled out til Sunday, which will be too late for this week. Ugh. Never mind me.

  29. I wonder if production interfered and suggested that these guys all talk to each other to get Paulie out because they don’t want to have to clean the hot tub again. Lol!

    Now they are trying to figure out the way to vote and who to cancel out so Paulie isn’t tipped off that something is going on.

    I’m out of here for the next hour or so.

    • Sherry

      YAY!!!! I am so hopeful! Way to go NAT! I just caught up on the feeds. This is amazing! I really hope this happens. James is such chicken though. He better follow through. And I really hope Paul does not turn around and run to Paulie. I think it might happen. Flip this House!

      • I’m not so worried about Paul right now. God, how I hope I’m not wrong.

        I’m more worried about James fucking everything up. He never wanted to be involved, know what’s going on and his whole BB world has just turned upside down.

        He has his loyalty to Paulie and Nichole.

        James is definitely the one to worry about.

        Let’s just hope he sleeps all day.

  30. Sabrina

    Lime, thanks so much for the updates- they’re so insightful! So glad Paulie is being caught with his underwear showing!! It is interesting that Paul talked with a group with women this time- let’s hope it gets the women thinking.

    I’d love to think that if shared with Nichole it might wake her up- but I am probably just dreaming wishfully. She has been a real disappointment this year. Hopefully all the women wake up!

    • The women have woken up. It was all Bridgette and Natalie!

      They went to Paul and James and blew Paulie’s game up!

    • Paul just told Natalie and Michelle (they are the only ones left in the London room) that he didn’t study child psychology but studied philosophy. But he does work with kids. And he knows Z isn’t a preschool teacher by the way she over reacts to things.

      Now they are talking about Corey and his app. How he was supposed to be on the bachelor. He’s on the show to promote his app and he will be cashing out. About how smart he is.

      I think they are going to cause some drama by Paul saying if he wins hoh he is going to put up Natalie and Nichole. He says he got boned and he is going to bone back harder. Hes in here to play a game and have fun. Fuck the money.

      Natalie says she loves this game and if she goes home tomorrow at least she tried.

      Paul is going to talk to the exec tomorrow with a few of them to let him know what’s going on.

  31. Oh, my!

    Natalie is supposed to blow up Z’s shit tomorrow. I think she’s supposed to tell Z how Paulie has been hitting on Natalie. (Which I think is true from what I heard, not sure)

    That way if she had the return ticket she will come back and be pissed at Paulie. Natalie says she feels bad. Paul says that’s what happens when you go on a game show and after 50 days you want to have their baby.

    There is so much its hard to follow.

  32. Natalie is sort of shading James. She’s telling them that he is a floater to the end. How happy she has someone to play the game with. That she’s been waiting.

  33. Paul left to go get batteries. Nat told Misch that it was her speech that rev’d up and inspired Natalie and the way Misch handled herself afterwards. She makes misch promise to have confidence in herself. That she can do it.

    Misch says she will. She was ready to go home and she doesn’t care anymore.

    Paul comes back in. All three of them agree that they don’t give a fuck and want to shake things up and have fun.

    Paul still wants to bone everybody. Lol!

  34. Corey pissed off Paul once because Paul told him that he does charity for homeless. Corey told him that all homeless are liars and shady and lazy and do drugs. They choose to be homeless. Paul tried to talk to him about it and Corey was basically an asshole about it.

  35. Sherry

    So very excited for today! I can’t wait to see what continues to happen. It cannot be Thursday fast enough!

  36. Thank goodness! All the hamsters are finally asleep.

  37. Omg! TY LIMEBRAIN!
    Finally, the game might actually begin after two months of absolute crap. If they chicken out I will be even more disappointed after this glimmer of hope!

  38. Guest Appearance

    I’m so happy that Z is going to be evicted to save the little dignity she has left. Now that Natalie is talking game like a pro she is who I want to win. I can’t wait til Nicole is voted out or at least nominated so she will have to suck up to all the girls she has dissed.

    • Sherry

      Yes, I agree about that, Z is so blinded. She will be upset when she sees all of this when she is out. I have been a dumb girl for guys many times so I feel bad for her. Paulie is just Rotten! I really really hope that this all happens (go against Paulie). I now have someone to root for. Way to go NAT! She is the only one with the guts and able to rally them together. She is smart and observant. With her bubbly personality you can mistake that for dumb. She has her game brain on!!! This is their only choice. They either go without a fight or fight!

  39. tamaratattles

    I stayed up way too late watching the drama last night and even when I shut it down trying to go to bed I watched two episodes of Law and Order. UGH. My days and nights are completely flipped. The school buses were going by when I went to bed.

    Paulie just told Z that Natalie told James who told Paulie that Paulie flirts with Natalie. Did you follow that? Paulie says it is so funny that Natalie is lying about that because Natalie is always flirting with him and Corey “when no one is around.”

    James breached Natalie’s confidence if that is really how Paulie found out about the rumors of him flirting with Natalie. I’m still kind of lost and need more time to catch up.

    James and Natalie had a several hours long circular argument last night about why they didn’t hang out yesterday and who was ignoring whom. I think James was blowing her off for some reason.

    FINALLY things are getting good.

    I think I am going to vote for Bridgette for the CP this week.

  40. tamaratattles

    Nicole and Z just has a quick chat about Natalie. They are both SO jealous of her and are convinced she is trying to come for their man. Natalie wants to talk to Z later about something. I suppose she is going to tell her about Paulie and that is why Paulie went to her first to cover his ass. He spent a whole five minutes with her and she is back to picking out baby names.

  41. Sherry

    Yes, James asked Paulie about it. Kinda in a way that Paulie wouldn’t think James was upset and it sorta felt like he just threw Nat under the bus about it. LAME!

    Paul has asked Nat to please tell Z that Paulie is playing her. Nat feels very badly for her and agreed. It won’t make a difference to Z, she won’t hear it. Nat will get yelled at by Paulie. I wish they would just vote Z out to save her from this mess.

  42. Ms.Minnie

    Natalie knows one of Paulie’s ex girlfriends and that’s why he’s saying what he’s saying about her. He cheated on his fiance with 5 different women, I’m living for this Tea bitch lol.

  43. sherry

    Its STILL ON!! What a night! Paulie is crazy stupid! Thanks for the twitter link TT. Figures he wouldn’t be saying the entire truth. How embarrassing for his family. He is just terrible.

  44. Jill

    I must have missed what kicked off all the drama. I’ve gone back through from Wed early and I can’t figure out at what time this all kicked off & what was the start of it? Anyone? I need a starting point. I’ve pretty much read up on Wed/Thurs overnight but would love to know what kicked it off. Thanks.

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