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It’s time for season four of Married at First Sight! It’s actually been on for a couple weeks but it was the whole picking the couples crap and it doesn’t get good until they actually get married. And that happens on this episode, which is why I am recapping now.  I can’t promise speedy delivery on this show, but I will get it up eventually (that’s what he said). AND there is the added bonus that you will be my favorite commenters due to your discerning taste for watching with me.  The ups and downs of Sam and Neil last season (and arguing with you fucktards over my devotion to these to working it out) was probably the most invested I have ever been about at stupid reality show. I can’t imagine me being any more interested in the couples than I was during season three. But I hope these people are just as engaging.

Tom and Lillian

This season of MAFS takes place in Miami. If you have ever vacationed in Florida, it probably rained on you at least once a day. Weather patterns move in and out very quickly there. Unfortunately, these two have an outdoor marriage planned and the bottom has dropped out of the sky and it is raining HARD.  Also, the bride is from Nicaragua and in their culture, pearls are a bad omen and should not be part of a wedding ceremony. Not on a dress, or as a necklace. So Lillian had to forgo her first choice of wedding dress only to have her groom unknowingly send her a pearl necklace (cough production cough) as his gift to her on their wedding day.  She struggled a lot with her decision not to wear it. Lillian also doesn’t seem to know the  American train of thought that rain on your wedding day, is considered a good omen. Welcome to America, Lillian. Quit crying and go marry your husband. He’s super cute!

Neither the bride or the grooms father showed up for similar reasons. But Lillian forges ahead in the huge deluge. Apparently, there are exactly two umbrellas available at the wedding site. One for the bride and the other for the groom. The others are on their own. The minister literally uses his bible to save his hairdo.


MAFS Tom and Lillian

I already LOVE these two. The sun came out during their vows. They are both very genuine. I have a good feeling about them.

Tom is the one who lives on a bus. I honestly don’t think Lily will have much of an issue with this. I also think Tom has stacks on stack on stacks that he wants to wait until the right time to reveal because he doesn’t care that much about money. The wedding photos with these two seem genuine. I know I use that word a lot with these two.  They kiss a lot during photos.

Production had Lily send cigars and there was one for Tom’s father. So they prodded her to ask about him at the reception. They bond about being abandoned by their fathers. Really, production? Did that need to be a Wedding Day storyline?

These two are so cute together. I’m worried about all this happiness in the editing at the beginning. I feel like they are setting me up to be heartbroken again.  Lily’s oldest sister was not part of her wedding party because Lily did not invite here. There is an issue there.  Most of it is drama. The bridesmaid procession (if there even was one) was not even shown. And for all we know she was in it. Tom handled it perfectly. Both families LOVE the other.

Tom and Lily both seem to be DTF on their wedding night.

MAFS Derrick and Heather


Derek and Heather

I’m worried about Heather right away. The number of tattoos on her bridesmaid bothers me. After the high I felt about Lillian and Tom,  Heather gives me an emotional downer. I’m basing this off a one minute scene. Let’s hope I am wrong about her, for Derek’s sake. Derek is a hot groom in an awesome bow tie who, in is talking head hopes for someone as committed as he is, who just wants someone to love him.  My heart is breaking for him already. This editing is not making me hopeful.

Okay, this is getting better. They are both attracted to each other. Both seem happy. I love how the kiss or the not kiss is such a big deal. They did kiss.  If you are going to TAKE VOWS with at stranger and go through with it, it would seem ridiculous to me to not kiss. It’s a wedding kiss not a makeout sesh.  His mama doesn’t seem to sure about this. I’m going to keep a stern eye on Heather.

During the photo session, Derek is WAY too kissy, kissy. It’s making Heather really uncomfortable and Derek can’t catch a clue. Because I like Derek I’ll write it off to too much champagne. But really. I’m starting to side eye Derek now.  Things go better during the first dance.  Oh! I like Heather much more out of her bridal look.

After many drinks, Heather seems DTF and Derek has been that way from the beginning.

MAFS Nick SOnia

Nick and Sonia

As far as just the brides go, I like Sonia the best I think. She’s a social worker and she has a bit of a wild side. I would have married Nick and either of the other two if I were this age and on this show.  I think the guys are all attractive with makes me wonder, “What’s wrong with them?” A running theme with all three marriages is too many tattoos and ugly flower arrangements in the bridal family.  I’m worried Nick may be in this for the TV cameras.  Did I mention the bridal bouquet because OMG NOE. JUST NOE. I would not fake or real marry anyone with that bouquet. If I get married (SHUT UP! IT COULD HAPPEN!) my current (imaginary) gay husband would be doing the flowers. I have some background in that area, but his taste is impeccable.

Sonia is going to be the one who has to be coaxed into this. But she gets herself together. I find it annoying when the officiant asks WILL YOU and the bride and groom answer I do (instead of I will) The officiant should ask DO YOU TAKE… At any rate they both say I do.

Nick’s vows were terrible and he never looked her in the eyes once, that we saw.  His vows were basically, “YOLO! Let’s do this shit!” Not a good sign.  He did look at her when she read her vows which were equally, “Whatever hope this works out, why not!”  Also not a good sign. But at least she looked at him.  And hey at least they are going in full of high expectations.

Nick is shifty-eyed.

Cheek kiss. Sonia is terrified. Nick says he is introverted. He talks about his dogs. Sonia is afraid of dogs. Sonia is worried that Nick said nothing nice about her appearance. She is worried she didn’t make a mistake. To be fair, Nick said she as very pretty in his confessional. They both seem a bit socially awkward. Nick is not loosened up enough after a couple bottles of champagne to look interested in his wife during the photo shoot.  Let’s just hope he is “on the spectrum” as we say and is a super smart but socially awkward dude. But Sonia is for sure wondering if he is in to her.

Sonia and Nick are the most awkward together. Nick’s mother’s toast gives me hope about Nick. He’s on the spectrum introverted.  After many drinks in a scene with the bridesmaids he blurts out that the loves her. Aw. Then he sort of retracts it to mean he is super happy with her. Then in confessional he says, “I think I might have found love at first sight.”  Nick’s conversations loosen up A LOT once he gets some alcohol in him. He’s super respectful and says there will be no consummation of the marriage until she is ready. Now that I factor in his possible Aspergers…. I might just love him the best.

The season previews make it seem like it all goes to shit for everyone. But I’m going to call editing on that. Right now I TOTALLY think they all have a chance.

Please leave me your unspoilery comments. 


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44 responses to “Married At First Sight Season 4 Recap: The Weddings

  1. Thanks so much, Tamara, for asking people not to disclose spoilers. I hate those damned things, unless I’m actively searching them out and, even then, I don’t pass them on. I was going to leave a few opinions but you did such a fantastic job, that I’d just be reinventing the wheel. I agree with absolutely everything you said – great job.

  2. Thanks for not allowing spoilers.

    I liked Nick the best because of how he acted at his Bachelor’s Party in the first episode. Clearly his friends were trying to get him to go in on the stripper, but he wouldn’t even get close because he said he wouldn’t want his bride to do that either.

    During the ceremony he seemed to really be watching her to gauge her reaction to him and the vows. Seemed he was concerned when it took 3 times for Sonia to answer. I would be concerned about that too.

    Hopefully they’ll both come out of their shells soon.

  3. lavidaLinda

    Nick I think is extremely shy, and he thinks she’s pretty, so he literally cannot look at her. It’s cute and endearing.

    I think they did a great job this time around….I too would’ve at least chatted up in a bar all 3 grooms. I think this season will be interesting to see people actually trying to make it work.

  4. Barbara R

    I always go into these seasons with great hope, to see it dashed to pieces by the end. Let’s say it – this year will be perfect!!!

  5. judilu

    I am excited about Tom and Lillian and of course Sonia and Nick…. Nick reminds me of my son and I want them to work out. I was very unsure about Heather, at first I thought it was going to be an Ashley situation, but I am hoping that maybe all three couples have a happy ending.

  6. Gigi

    That one bride who marries the guy who lives in the trailer is bald

  7. Jessica

    I love this show. I watch it with my grandma as we maken our predictions. I also didn’t like heather at first but warmed up to her at the end. I also think nick is super shy, but Sonia will bring it out of him… I’m so excited for this season.

  8. Daintyfeets

    I don’t think Derek and Heather stand a chance. She appears cold and aloof to me. And bitchy. And high maintenance. He seems like a nice guy but I don’t think he’ll allow Heather to call the shots. Which, again, is just my impression of her.

  9. kms

    Yay I’m so glad you’re recalling this again!!! I don’t like Lillian, not sure why. I do love her husband though. Heather seems iffy, like she might regress into the “I’m not attracted to you” area, and Derek is on the line as well, bordering on the “creepy husband” like. I don’t like Sonia AT ALL, and nicks mom looks like she might be a meddling issue.

  10. Yay! I’ve been waiting for your recap. I have a huge crush on Derek. I can’t explain it but Heather better treat him right. I really like the other couples too. I think they matched better this season. I hope at least some of them stay married.

  11. Heather

    If I squint just right, Derek reminds me of Robert Downey Jr.

  12. Lady_Bug

    Really good job on your perspective, Tamara!

    My insides are anxiously in a twist after being introduced to Heather, and also to Nick. I think that if their respective marriages desolve, it will be due to something negative on each of their parts.

    My fingers and toes are double crossed for Tom and Lillian. Their connection was immediate and appears very much genuine.

  13. Brentjohn

    Nick, Nick, Nick! I was left wondering if his refusal to compliment Sonia was a passive aggressive coping mechanism designed to keep him in control of the relationship and Sonia off kilter. Time will tell.

  14. I LOVE this show and I was absolutely crushed when Sam and Neil didn’t stay together. I too was rooting for them.

    I’m liking all the couples so far and my only takeaway is that Derek looks perpetually high.

  15. Buttercream

    I like the couples so far this season. Even like the two new relationship experts – the guy talks about religion – which did not appear to be a consideration in the equation from the last two seasons. Interesting take on the no pearls on your wedding day and the groom sends over the pearl necklace ..wonder if that’s an omen the show will be playing on if their relationship doesn’t work. The couple going to live in a Trailer/Bus .. hope he is open to living in a box house to make his marriage work .. looking forward to your re-caps.

  16. JKR

    I somewhat watched the episodes leading up to this, but I actually got a little excited and hopeful watching this episode. Heather rubbed me the wrong way at first, but after a little explanation and putting myself in their shoes, maybe it was a reasonable reaction? Nerves, cameras, marriage to a stranger..
    Is it weird I still check Sam and Neil’s twitters? I don’t even have twitter..

    • tamaratattles

      Do the still hang out? Is it weird i am so obsessed with them?

      • JKR

        She makes it seem like they still do… He doesn’t post so much. She responds to a lot of fans saying things about them getting back together. A lot of “maybe one day!” and “we enjoy each others company!” She tags him (is that what they call it on twitter?) in everything, and retweets a majority of the things he does post.
        It makes me sad that she still wants him back. Because he obviously doesn’t. I think maybe I see myself in them both, and that’s why I still check back.
        On another note, I think you were certainly right about Tre. I checked back on Vanessa’s page a few weeks ago too. Why am I so invested in a show I started watching by accident, that ended six months ago?! If there’s not a happy ending this season, it’s gonna do weird things to my morale.

      • tamaratattles

        I totally get it. I am the opposite of those bitches on RHONY. I continue to want to see a happy ending.

        I am always disappointed.

      • JKR

        I hear you, TT. It’s so disheartening. Sometimes even the small woes of the world seem heavy..
        On a different note- what is the aversion to the tattoos? I’m not offended, but I’m pretty heavily tattooed myself. I find a well-done tattoo beautiful. Decorating your temple and all that. Just curious to hear your point of view.

    • Sue k

      I still check on them too. Neil really grew on me. I wish they were together.
      Also Tom reminds me of Adam Levine

  17. momoffourkidd

    I can’t find this, please tell me what channel carries it. THANKS I know I watched other seasons but real life has been kicking my butt and I just can’t think clearly

  18. Megsca67

    After Season 2 I was feeling burned and skipped Season 3 but I’m over it now and will watch along.

  19. I’ve sped through the first two episodes and am ready to “start the show” in Heidi Klum’s voice ~

    Since reading every single comment, I know this will be good.

    I will be especially checking out the couple with a dog that only ONE

  20. Liza

    I love this show, what I dont like is the weird start time that messes up my DVR!

  21. Rose

    Heather seems like she will be a bitch to Derek. Tom and Lilian are super cute together and have hot chemistry but they’re going to crash and burn. Sonia and Nick are cute and I think they’ll work. Her quirkiness will help loosen him uplay but I don’t get her insecurities over him telling her she’s beautiful. Yeah, they’re marked but they just met. I’m liking the new MAFS team better this season so far.. hey seem more vested in the process.

  22. Theresa

    thank you so much for this!! I’ve been wanting to watch and always forget. dvr is set, I am caught up and ready for tonight

  23. Lika

    Tamara…thanks for the spoiler-freeness of this. Glad I stumbled on the site. Binge watched the season so far and will comment based on that.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with Nick. He seems like a nice guy that friends love to be around but has social awkwardness/spectrum issues that he’s just learned to cope with/friends find endearing. I think that could make him a perfect match for Sonia. Over here on FYI they have some sort of recap show with friends and family. The family commented on how the experts missed the dog issue…OR DID THEY? Perhaps this was and intentional way to build the trust between them. Sonia already admitted to trust issues and showcased it with the physical insecurity. He does seem to drink a lot (coping?), seems like that may be an issue for more than one couple this season. The editing makes it seem like Sonia doesn’t notice and thinks him being drunk is part of his personality. I know Tom and Lillian SHOW all the physical intimacy but I think Sonia and Nick HAVE the most potential for physical chemistry. I honestly think he was floored by how beautiful she was (in a REAL WOMAN way) and just didn’t know how to handle it. That is why when drunk he couldn’t control his thoughts with her friends and was so awkward about her very forward lay on bed move! That was not him being respectful…that was him punking out! I was also surprised at how much the sex doctor advocated for how attracted to him Sonia would be during matching episode. She said that he was exactly what Sonia was looking for. Opposite from what the best friend said the type she normally sees Sonia with. Perhaps we Sonia admitted to some deep desires! She was clearly excited about his look and totally nervous abt her attraction to her. We will see but clearly I am invested. As for production..I find it hilarious that the show is trying to right the wrongs of Ashley and David by casting for the exact same types! Social worker…party promoter…etc. etc. You are forgiven.

    Agree to what EVERYONE said about Heather. She doesn’t seem open at all but Derek seems way more genuine than the David dude came across as. Maybe that will help her drop the wall. She’d mentioned in the earlier specials that she thinks she might be running the men off. Very self aware (“don’t want to start getting pissy”), so that gives me hope. I was hoping her parents would be able to provide more insight to Derek like Nick’s mother did. My sense is that Derek’s mother is already picking up on her negative energy so is divesting.

    I don’t have hope for Tom and Lillian and disappointed but worry that Lillian is just too young to understand herself and what she needs. This could be editing painting her that way though. Regardless, they are gonna butt some serious heads. But…the commitment and family factor they both have may trump all for them and push them to work it all out. As long as something so negative isn’t said that grievously injures one or both that they can’t recover from (e.g. sam and neil). Whoever said Tom is loaded should win a prize!!! There was something I couldn’t put my finger on and that is totally it. I think the experts also know this. They went too easy on the basement situation from a couple seasons back to not guard against this. Plus the friends/family interviews after the shows have his closest friends and they come off as 100% endearing, cool, and down to earth…but also definitely well-educated and wealthy (in the most positive ways…not a dig). We will see, but I think the commenter above called it! If anyone caught that show Coupled on Fox this summer (still on demand), Tom and Lillian 100% remind me of a couple on the show. I do not want to spoil it for those who may still watch it…but if exec. producers were doing their job…this was a SMART casting decision to compete in the larger reality dating show market.

    I want to add that the two new experts are HILARIOUS! And so much more genuine and relatable. Kudos for finding a sex expert twin who seems much more real as Pepper always has seemed. ‘I don’t want to throw Tom under the bus, but…”

    PS if you like the understated humor of this show…check out the mini friends/family interviews that come on right before (or maybe after?) the episode. I think this is a sign that this season goes well and they may be casting/setting the stage for supporting characters in an updated installment if MAFS: the first year.

  24. Kimberly

    I think heather is just rude I swear if smoking is an issue tell them before they set you up she is witch ding like her can you tell she reminds you of air steward who God forbid you ask for water gives a look like ugh really do I have too like it isn’t there jobs don’t like don’t like live her hubby though

  25. Katz

    The powers that be really screwed Derek bad. Heather is a stuck up bitch plain and simple. Knowing what an inflexible Anal Annie she is, she had no business participating in “Married @ First Sight”. This is for people who know how to compromise. If smoking and gambling are so bad (she acts like they’re right up there with murder and grand theft auto) why didn’t you put it in your “no way in hell” file. She can drink all day on vaca, but he can’t smoke??!!!! Its a stressful sitch so obviously he would be smoking more than usual. This guy is so awesome, my heart goes out to him. He’s gorgeous, laid back, considerate, caring, loving, fun…..omg this bitch is going to kill his spirit. Hang in there big guy….plenty of women will be hitting you up after this show ends. Run….just run!!!!

  26. Maggie

    If smoking was such a big a deal to her, She should have been more specific. She’s too picky. Doing the process means being flexible and open. She already got on him about his clothes not being in a drawer. How can you conquer the big things if you constantly sweating the small stuff. She’s not giving him a chance. I feel so bad for Derek. She reminds of Ashley, not willing to really try to make things work.

    • JKR

      My thoughts exactly Katz and Maggie. They asked specifically about smoking in the beginning. You can’t lie and say it’s fine, then complain later. I warmed up to her a little after the wedding, but after Tuesday’s episode? I am not a fan. She’s a cold fish, and a judgmental one at that. I don’t smoke all the time, but if I am stressed or drinking I’ll smoke more than usual. Poor guy.

  27. Lauren

    You do realize Heather’s issue is he smokes pot right? When they keep saying smoking they are not talking about cigarettes.

  28. Martane

    I agree with Tamara’s 8/7/16 commentary that Nick may have Aspergers. That could be a real challenge in a marriage especially for an emotionally vibrant woman like Sonia. Wondering if the matchmakers talked about this possibility.

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