Blind Item: Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Black

This once lovely show went completely off the damn rails last season, in part due to the stupid and vile acts of one of the biggest bitches in reality TV history. Despite bringing NOTHING at all to the show except fake storylines that were absurdly obvious, and hatred of another cast member. She is being rewarded.

She’s getting a new, fake, male suitor. This new “Beau” apparently doesn’t give a hot damn about his reputation, because he’s agreed to take a check to date her for the upcoming season.  She is portrayed as a whore, stupid, and controlled by an elder cast member.

It gets worse…

She’s universally hated. And yet. She is back and set to film with someone who was hired to take her to an event her first season. He is well-known and well liked and has everything to lose and nothing to gain by doing this. Well unless STIs are considered something to gain. Allegedly. I am not her doctor. I’m simply observing her on a TV show. The fake boyfriend is supposedly salt of the earth and a great guy. WHY IS HE DOING THIS?  THis is what everyone is asking.


In even worse news, her vile advisor will have and expanded role. But the worst news of all?

Our very favorite, but not often shown cast member will not be back. I hope that is not because our other favorite cast mate who is full-time will not either.

This sucks. Which is why I delayed sharing.


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51 responses to “Blind Item: Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Black

  1. Jennifer N

    I can never guess these! So I will patiently sit back and wait to read the other comments! Thanks for the tea 😬😬

  2. Whyowhy

    Haha… sorry, TT. Can you delete that comment? Autocorrect changed my comment to an email address.

  3. Landon from Southern Charm.

  4. Emory

    Is it Landon?

  5. Forgot to add, Patricia as the advisor and Kathryn is not coming back nor Thomas.

  6. The Shadiest Grove

    Porsha/Phaedra Parks. I’m lost on the fave cast member part. Is it Cynthia or Kenya ? I hope not. The new guy that Porsha has been seen around with lately who she claims to be her best friend seems like a really good guy.

  7. Landon from southern charm.

  8. I’m still tripped up on “once-lovely show”. I can’t think of a single one that meets that description.

  9. Happygal

    I am a bad guesser but Porsha w Pherda as her advisor and Kenya is not coming back along w Nene?

    No guess on the man

  10. SLM

    Is K Cooper Ray not coming back to Southern Charm??????? NO!!!!!!! I love him!!!

  11. Anastasia_Beave

    Patricia- elder
    K Cooper Ray- hardly seen cast member
    Kathryn- Full time cadt member

    My guess

    • Chloe

      My guess too…and am not happy about it. 😣 This is a very wrong move for the show.

    • I think you’re right. Is it true that Kathryn isn’t coming back? She was the only bright spot in the entire show this past season. I don’t know that I’ll be able to watch another year of Landon – what a nasty, squinty-eyed, excuse for a woman. Craig is a joke, Whitney is dull, Shep is an over-sized frat boy masquerading as a man, and Thomas? Well, he’s definitely interesting, but a complete piece of work Too be honest, I probably will watch at first, but it won’t take much to turn me completely off. Kathryn should have her own series – that would show all those fake, money-can’t-give–you-class, ex-castmates of hers who the interesting one really is.

  12. Tara

    OmGoodness I can’t even type it. Wtf?? If it Coop that isn’t coming back, I do not blame him. He is honestly way too good for that damn show.
    Landin makes me sick! That damn smug look she gets on her face makes me want to place my foot on her esophagus.

  13. Sali

    This blows. There is no show without Kathryn and I loved having Cooperon the show. I can’t stand Landon. I can’t figure out who was hired to escort her to an event her first season? I used to love this show. I won’t watch without Kathryn.

  14. jellybelly

    Southern Charm….another one down…

  15. Diane

    Landon and the BF
    Patricia ala advisor
    Kathryn and Cooper are not coming back
    This sucks and I will no longer watch this wreck of a show

  16. Allison

    If it’s Kathryn that isnt coming back, that sucks, but it’s probably in her best interest with everything going on in her life right now-and dealing with the likes of Landon and Patricia cannot be healthy or help matters for her. I feel for her-hopefully she does well.

    Landon is useless, gross, and pointless, I pity the “beau” who’s life she’s about to ruin.

  17. bella

    Trying to remember who this guy is who accompanied Landon to an event during her first season on southern charm??

  18. Tori

    With Kathryn & Cooper gone, who will the cast exclude & bully this season?

    Jennifer Snowden will also be full time I’m assuming.

    How boring: Landon, Cameran, Patricia, Shep, Thomas, Craig & Jennifer. I will fall a sleep

  19. Blondesense

    Southern Charm with MORE Yankee Pat and no Kathryn or K. Cooper will suck. More than it did last season, which I thought was impossible. The social media hate toward Landon was so negative that there is no way Bravo would skip an opportunity to humiliate her for a season. The tweets from fans calling for Landon to be fired got hundreds upon hundreds of ‘likes’ and Andy loves trial by Twitter. I suppose being off the show is best for those babies but it’s a shame Kathryn will lose her income. I will continue to fast forward Patricia until her ass is sat in a chair and she answers some proper questions. I get quite the kick out of watching Whitney pretend to be straight. Ok I’m done.

  20. Wow. This infuriates me. Will not watch. In fact, this may be the last straw to wean me off the Bravo teat. Andy can eat shit.

  21. Dancing Matisse

    Oh, no. I can’t handle baby dolphin voice Landon getting more screen time. But more importantly I’ll miss the wonderful Southern drawl and impeccable style of my beloved K Cooper Ray.

  22. If the guesses are right, its one less show on Bravo for me. Southern Charm would not be the same without Kathryn, As much as the cast may not want to admit it, she is the star. I am sure its what is best for her own well being.

  23. Minky

    This has got to be about the Southern Charm cast. It sounds similar to RHOA, but no. Why is Bravo making the worst casting decisions for just about every show? Are they trying to run it all into the ground?

  24. Snowflake

    Ugh. Landon. I’m trying to figure out her first escort and I thought it was Shep that escorted her on her first appearance. I though she was so pretty in her first scene and also thought she was awkward nervous with the never ending giggly squeak. Now here we are with this crap. No. Just no.

    Please, anyone! Please pick up a new show with Kathryn and Cooper Ray showing glamorous parties and true style. Kathryn is a natural comedian. Southern Charm is now dead to me.

  25. Anna H

    Landon’s date was a guy named Beau I think. It was to the ball. I remember he was a bit nerdy but seemed nice. I can’t believe they have to pay someone to date her. How embarassing.

  26. Kristen

    Does anyone remember who Landon’s date was at the first Founders Ball?

  27. Mags

    It has to be Landon – yawn!! I already fast forward thru her scenes as it is. Cameron and Whitney are completely useless because we know nothing about their lives.

  28. michelle

    Maybe Brandi? She said she wouldn’t film without a boyfriend in some tabloid I can’t recall.

  29. Buttercream

    If this is Southern Charm .. and no Katherine .. No show .. Landon couldn’t carry a paper bag without leaking her garbage all over the place ..

  30. RealE

    Southern Charm
    Disliked cast mate with now fake BF…… Landon
    Elder Advisor…… Patricia
    Castmate not coming back, favorite & SELDOM shown……. K Cooper
    Regular, favorite castmate hoping comes back……. Kathryn

    Now about that Tea: So disappointed that Landon is coming back and now sounds like with more of a storyline and a fake one at that. She is vile. I detest her more than Pat, and Whit and even Porsha combined. Okay she may be on equal footing with Porsha. I love K Cooper for being so real and for doing something never done in reality TV and rarely in life, pissing off the person with power because it’s what is right! Not happy he is leaving the show. It will now just be a bigger kiss Pat and Whit’s a$$ show.

    On opinion alone, I would think they would want Kathryn back, even Whitney. I think that’s the reason he was so cordial to her on the reunion. An attempt to passify her to return, like a Venus fly trap trying to whisper sweet nothings to a moth.

  31. ZenJen55

    Southern What……..

  32. 25

    I’m out if the next season is everyone pretending that Landon has any redeeming qualities that make her date-able. Bye Felicia. I hope she froze her eggs after she got fired as a stepmother.

    • Sabrina

      I agree with the general consensus, unfortunately. This is great tea form a got it standpoint, TT- lousy news for the loyal watchers like me. , Landon has a hired stud, Kathryn no longer in the cast, Patti the aging harlot, and Cooper, alas, also gone.

      So this leaves us with mostly weak links, less interesting characters, and very few true Southerners.

      I am deeply disappointed and won’t watch- while she had a way to go, Kathryn provided real fire, energy and truth- and love to the show, and deep, real Southern roots of substance. She has grown a great deal in recent years and her evolution would h ave been fascinating this year. .

      Instead we are left with disappointing two women who have proven profoundly disappointing, Landon and Cameron, each of whom has become colorless save for the catty comments about Kathryn, T Rav, who was emaciated and sick by season end , who brings nothing to the table save ugliness if he is going to keep searching for women while his children and their mother are missing form the sh ow that has watched them being born- a fundamental error in casting,.

      Craig was again fading into ruin, Shep an aging immature bon vivant without soul, and then there is Whitney- enough said. JD, who I gather has a very ugly past, remains ambiguous,

      Any effort to introduce the Southern world at its most interesting is gone- as is any desire to watch growth occur. Meanwhile the sarcophagus known as Patti continues to stupify/settle as life goes on around her and she teaches Landon how to be a better harlot.

      I am so sorry to hear it, hope we find Cooper and Kathryn soon, and would love what Tea you can further muster, TT MY guess is a combination of Thomas looking so bad at the end, plus a Whitney who lost control of the show, whose anger was enhanced by that of his aging mother, are the source of this. It will self- destruct a show whose purpose and direction were free- flowing anyway. . Kathryn’s evolution and the potential for T Rav to straighten out were the two strong arcs in this . Without his young famiiy, neither are in place now.

  33. I’m so disappointed to hear this. I need K Cooper Ray in my life.

  34. Lisette Leroux

    Oh no…surely they wouldn’t let Kathryn go!!! That would not only be aggressively stupid, but it would be like getting rid of Theresa on RHONJ? Boycotting the show if Kathryn’s gone. Unless, she’s getting her own show!!! 🙏🙏🙏 I need more info!!!

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