Blind Item: Old Lady and Her Threeways

BLind whore
The emails that led to me getting this blind item reminded me that when I was an undergrad at UGA as a psych major, there was wildly popular and hard to get into course called something like The Psychology of Sex.  It was a completely perverted course taught by a total pervert. I enjoyed it immensely.  It should be noted I was VERY hot then. I’m just saying. So I remember going to discuss my paper with the professor in his office. It was COVERED with porn. There were tits and ass and dicks everywhere you looked. It was a grad and undergrad course and I was an undergrad trying to make a good impression. So I wrote on his area of study at the time AIDS. I got an A. I was not happy with my A. He said in comments, “It was the best paper I could expect, FROM AN UNDERGRAD.”  I still hate that perverted piece of shit. My mother also appalled when I got the highest marks possible for a class about sex.

Anyway I digress.

But what I was trying to get to was we would have two movies going behind the professor every day. One was usually outright porn and the other was “art”.  So one day both films, bear in mind I am often sitting with the hottest guys on the football team that I did not know, were geriatric films. Old people porn and naked old people art. It was shocking for a Baptist girl of 20.

So lately I have gotten emails that made me think of this.  Perhaps due to Bravo paying too much attention to an old cunt with a shitty attitude and a chameleon personality who is claiming a town as her own despite being ELEVENTY BILLION years old, her arch nemesis is frantically emailing me.

The nemesis is claiming that the ancient dusty cunt used to participate in three ways in DC (and she named NAMES) and she says that the yankee gadfly pisspot used to sell FAKE ART!  And there were the usual accusations about making money on her back.

I’m pretty sure what pissed off the emailer is that Bravo is touting the old had like she is some sort of Southern Belle. Oh and she is, like I am pissed that the cunt sent a cease and desist and never sued her.  Because we both have the receipts.

Bring it bitch.


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46 responses to “Blind Item: Old Lady and Her Threeways

    • Great blind item and loved your story, Tamara. Absolutely Patricia! I’m sure you know that any women calling another woman a whore is projecting. And that old cunt, Patricia, does love to project (but has no idea she’s doing it).

  1. Minky

    Oh my goodness. Ew. But yeah, that Patricia woman.

  2. Snowflake

    Yummy!!! I love this well deserved up-commence! Not that there is anything wrong with dallying. But the vile attack on another cast member is reason enough to celebrate this occasion. Thank you, Jesus!!

    Now, if only there was a video…….

  3. Girlgonemild

    Long time lurker, first time poster. My guess is Patricia from Southern Charm.

  4. pete'sgirl

    Okay. I usually can never get these. But Patricia. Lol

  5. More Tea Please!

    No doubt it’s Patricia from Southern Charm, but who is the nemesis? Is Suzanne Kent Cook stirring the pot again? Please pass the tea!

  6. hannahkingrose

    Patricia of course. Just curious what the arch nemesis did specifically to receive a cease and desist letter too.

  7. jen

    Patti in her moo moo

    Is Kathryn emailing you?

  8. Theresa

    Patricia and susan cook. Patricia is a HUGE crook allegedly if you research the dizzying trail of her life. she’s a quite fascinating study.

  9. Sherry

    Patricia! And I am super excited to think its Kathyrn sending you the scoop. Hummmm..

  10. I’ve participated in three-ways in DC too.

    So what?

  11. Kristen

    100% Patricia. I remember Whitney yammering on about her “involvement in the arts” in season 1. Not surprised she ripped off people with knock offs.

    It amazes me how people with such skeletons in their closets think going on reality tv is a good idea. I know there are worse things than consensual group sex, but if you are going to play the part of the Grand Dame of southern etiquette and moral superiority, you might want to cover your tracks 😒

  12. Deirdre

    Pat and Whitney Juat took it way too far with their attempts to steal lineage to intimidate other “lesser mortals.” Whitney Smith (with Pat’s prodding I’m sure) changed his name in adulthood since Whit Smith wasn’t good enough, he tattooed a family crest on his arm to a bloodline he has no part of, he brags about the Fleming family’s relation to General Lee (GeneralLee-simo anyone?) and talks about how he’s part of ” a small ruling minority in Charleston.” Gross. Whitney would probably be a sweet, funny gay guy enjoying his life being his true self if he had stayed with his Dad Lin Smith.

  13. JoJoFLL

    Patricia having three ways doesn’t surprise me but selling fake art??? Holy shit! What a grifter!

  14. missypoo

    pattypoo. no relation to missypoo.

  15. OmgOmg


  16. Dee

    Uh oh, I’m in moderation😭

  17. Twilly

    Can someone please expose the old witch, for real? I’m talking with receipts, names, places, etc. Things that can’t be denied or at least not believably so.

  18. Patricia! I hate that old lying broad. Hope someone nails her to a cross…no offense to Vicki, the original cross sacrafice.

  19. therealdeb

    Holy what the fuck! omg, epic tea!!!!!!

  20. Buttercream

    Love to read this on a Manic Monday at work!

    GREAT TIME FOR TEA! Waiting for the details on Patricia with her vodka filled oxygen dream machine … fake art .. just like she’s a fake southern belle …

  21. Sabrina

    TT, was the cease and desist to you? I missed that part of this- I can see Pat wanting to send one to Kathryn- but God knows she is owed one from Kathryn much more.

    I would think by now, Pat would want to shrink in a corner and shut up- it has all gone too far. Her desire to be a doyenne of Southern Society has failed as her true history, with men, last names, and lineage became well known – and the fact that she has no family with a 100 year history as members of Southern blue book/peerage.

    Just reading the revises of Whitney’s Halston film, let alone any of his other productions, would prove all this a hopeless cause. Then his proposed show here became something else entirely, which is not abnormal for reality TV.

    If I were Patricia, I would cease and desist- and move . They are a laughing stock. And delusional.

  22. ZenJen55

    I’m pretty sure Patricia sent TT a cease and desist letter if my memory serves me correct. I remember at the time I thought to myself “PattyPat has no idea who she’s f***king with”,TT’s lawyer mopped the floor with Sheree!!! I was waiting for a showdown but Patty slinked down, giggles!!!

    • Sabrina

      i didn’t know that and am delighted to hear it- it must really bother her as she is outed-will go back over TT’s history to find the ones that might have prompted it! Patti must have a few attorneys on auto-dial, as I remember some pretty revealing article sin NY papers- they must have prompted a slew of vitriol! The truth can be such a wonderful weapon.

      Good going, TT!!

  23. 25

    Sip sip ahh!!
    But this actually makes me like Pattycake more. What a nutter! She belongs on RHONY, her real adopted town.

  24. Babs0909

    Since she’s fake about everything, are her Berkin bags fake too?

  25. Blondesense

    Hi Kathryn! Love you!

  26. Shay

    Love this post, TT. Your story leading up to the blind clues and TT’s life tidbits were the best parts! I would love a weekly TT’s Tea about yourself, experiences, daily events and errands… you’re so interesting and super funny when you get chatty and or go on tangents.

  27. I don’t know. Everyone is saying Patricia. But Lisa Vanderpump has:

    Called herself the queen of Beverly Hills
    Made multiple references to not considering pussy a naughty word
    Had an entire conversation on VPR about the “kids” going to a place called The Pink Pussy.
    She has an arch nemesis–Brandi–who has said “Bring it, bitch” repeatedly
    Her nickname is Lisa Vandercunt
    Bravo pays a lot of attention to her
    She has a chameleon personality
    Her attitude sucks

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