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I don’t think this Baby Daddy has ever been on the show. He probably should have stayed OFF. Because he thought he was coming on to push his latest female singer, he was really lured on after getting some action that half of the metro area has already had.

He was hoping for some support from his former baby mama, but now that she has found out about his fucking around with her rival castmate, she is not going to give him the platform they previously discussed.

Neither of them are hurting for money, so everyone is scratching their head over why he would show up on his long ago exes show.  I could see them agreeing to this. But what I don’t understand is why he would decide to fuck the THOT when he is currently living with his baby mama and her three kids. Maybe she already kicked him out?

Either way, his bad choices rival those of Bravo who also made a REALLY bad choice bringing the THOT back.

I don’t think he will get the good publicity he was trying to get and she was trying to allow. It’s worse than I previously reported.

What a blockhead he is.


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18 responses to “Blind Item: Blockhead

  1. Twilly

    Sounds like Riley’s dad. Is he back in HER life at least? Or just making business deals with Kandi and banging Porsha?

  2. SxxyRed

    Yep, that’s who it sounds like to me too!!!

  3. Tina

    I suck at these but enjoy the guesses

  4. Ms.Minnie

    Every scene porsha has with her new man I will ignore, at least Claudia and Kenya kept there shenanigans down low. I have zero respect for that cumm dump and her thinking sleeping with everyone’s man and show executives is cute but it’s not.

  5. Allison

    clever-Kandi’s ex/Riley’s father goes by the name “Block”. Well played, TT, well played. He also heads Block Entertainment. Wonder who the singer is that he’s pushing, and what was he thinking with Porsha. He’s got the money she’s looking for, at least.

  6. Minky

    This guy is a totally blockhead. What I don’t get is how/why the cast mate(Kandi) and the THOT (Porsha) became rivals. I thought they were friendly?

    • Miele

      I think due to the issues between Kandi and Phaedra… Porsha was part of the big to-do about Phaedra’s debt to Todd with Don Juan (IIRC) outside of Kenya’s(again iirc) event.

      • Minky

        OMG!!! Porsha is extremely petty. And so is that felonious idiot Phaedra. That’s still no reason to go messing around with Kandi’s ex. I hope Kandi will “go in and let have” this season. I really do. She’s gonna need Aunt Bertha and Nora and Don Juan for back up, though.

      • Miele

        Yes! Of Porsha had a lick of sense, she would’ve stayed on Kandi’s good side, no matter what. But she didn’t. (Did Porsha’s role in Kandi’s production go well, I don’t remember?) But I wonder how much of who is/ has been with whom Porsha even bothers to know as she makes her way through clients… She seems too stupid to care, so it surprises me she hasn’t made any major enemies yet. Yeah, now that Kandi isn’t pregnant AND she’s Phaedra-free, I’d love to see her go ahead and let loose on people this season. I’d like to add Mama Joyce to your excellent list of backup options!

      • Minky

        I’d be willing to bet that Cynthia is one of at least a few of Porsha’s enemies. That fight on the boat had to have been about Peter the peter. Haha! See what I did there? 😜

        When people were trying to hold Porsha back on the boat and she, in typical idiot form, said something like “No!!! I have to let her know what he’s doing to her!” WTF was that all about? And if Porsha gave a flying shit about Cynthia she wouldn’t have gotten into a physical fight with her. She would have backed off and told her privately off-camera.

        And the weird thing about Porsha and Kandi is that I thought she was on Kandi’s good side, or at least not on her bad side. I figured that the argument was between Porsha and Don Juan and that Kandi wanted to keep it moving. I think Porsha throws her coochie around to prove to the others that she’s better than them. Why she believes that fucking for shoes and handbags makes her better, I still can’t figure out.

        Like Kenya basically told her at the reunion before last: Porsha doesn’t even know how to hoe lucratively. If she had a shred of sense she wouldn’t shit where she eats, as Yoya perfectly described it. She would keep her RHOA life and her “business” dealings separate. And she wouldn’t so obviously go after any of her cast mates’ men. First Peter, now Block. Who’s next? Gregg Leakes?!!!

        I wouldn’t want Mama Joyce involved because I don’t want her to have an aneurism. And she would probably kill Porsha too. Mama Joyce is not one to be fucked with. I wouldn’t even try it with her. 😂

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Minky, Kandi wasn’t exactly team Porsha at the reunion, when she stated if Porsha came for her there would be hell to pay (when they were all talking about Porsha’s little physical altercation problem). I had thought they were pretty cool up until then also. I wonder if this happened before the reunion (Porsha and Block)? I was a bit surprised that Kandi came out so strong with Kenya and Nene.

        I’m called back to a couple seasons ago when Porsha got all bent out of shape when Claudia was flirting with Kordell. As if Claudia owed Porsha some kind of “girl code” when Porsha made it loud and clear that Claudia was not her friend and she wanted nothing to do with her, AND Claudia had known Kordell way before Porsha ever entered the picture. Doesn’t the bible say something like “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you”? You’d think a former preacher would know that one.

      • Minky

        There you go making sense again Yoya. Haha! 😂

        Everybody at the last reunion, save Phaedra, basically said they were “Operation Stop Porsha”. Apparently their resolve has faltered, which is disappointing. But with this Porsha/Block thing, I wonder how far Kandi will go. Knowing that Kandi is very close with Shamea, Porsha’s friend, I wonder just how much Kandi knows about Porsha’s “work”.

        Porsha doesn’t want anybody hanging out with Kordell because he knows too much. He divorced her, with no alimony (and won!), for a reason. It wasn’t just because she’s a dumb-dumb. Kordel might not be a genius, but he’s way smarter than Porsha. He was also smart enough to pull out of Peter’s bar. Porsha was probably embarrassing him publicly with her slutty behavior.

        Do you remember all the tears that Kandi has shed over Phaedra and the demise of their friendship? What was that all about? Kandi is a tough broad who’s been to hell and back in the music industry. And she doesn’t let her emotions control her, from what I can tell. The only other relationship that makes her cry is the one with her mother. I have a sinking feeling that Phaedra was/is blackmailing Kandi something awful.

  7. BB

    So Riley has 3 other siblings outside of Ace and Todd’s daughter? lawd. This is some strong tea but ill keep sipping it

  8. Rach

    I really dislike Porsha!!!!

  9. Happygal

    I think Andy needs to do housewives of the bunny ranch you know that famous ho house in Nevada

    He can offer Porsche a staring role and fill in w a few other others from maybe Brandi would like to earn some cash ?

  10. Lori

    When I first saw that brothel pic, I thought this was about the basketball dudes in Rio.

  11. Ooooooops my above post should be deleted as I posted it on the wrong page :-{

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