Blind Item: Making Waves

This reality show participant, who certainly thinks he is the star of the show, really enjoys being noticed in his adopted hometown. Word on the street is that he likes to show up alone at the local bars and restaurants and strut around until he is recognized by someone and then gather them around to buy him food and drinks.

When he is not successful in reeling people in, or when he comes in to eat a meal during off peak hours, he is extremely high maintenance with the wait staff. You know the type,. He’s that person that always wants to change the menu. To top it all off, he is a terrible tipper. The type no on wants him seated in their section.  It seems like with each season of the show he becomes even more of an unbearable prick.

What makes things even worse is that he of all people should know how to treat members of the service industry.



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59 responses to “Blind Item: Making Waves

  1. Erica

    I was first thinking Reza, until the service industry comment. Jax.

  2. JD

    Ben from below deck?

  3. Erica


    Oh Ben, Ben, Ben…. don’t become someone I don’t like. I already disliked how you played Hannah a little.

    • Ben will be on the regular Below Deck that premiers next month. I think he would have had to go back to work right away in order to begin filming and wouldn’t have had much time at all to go home and make a fool of himself.

      • Erica

        Filming has ended, I’m sure… he could have been making an ass of himself last week for all we know…. plus being on BOTH shows could give him a big head.

      • JoJoFLL

        They film Below Deck during season which is February.

    • Matzah60

      Good going, Erica. Prick and Reza seemed to go hand in hand, but you were astute enough to pick up on making waves. Well done!!!

    • Definitely Ben! I used to kind of like him, but now I think he’s a bit of a bastard for the way he treats women. Plus, having grown up in England, I think he’s being phony about not wanting to be considered an upper class twit. If he didn’t want us to know he came from a privileged background, he wouldn’t have bragged about playing with William and Harry when he was little (if that’s even true). Methinks thou doth protest too much, Benjamin. You don’t come off as an average working man when you let us know which elite school you attended, who your father is, and carry on (complete with tears in your eyes) about not wanting to be treated as someone special. Just keep your mouth shut and do your job. Julia had you pegged right off the bat.

  4. That sounds a lot like Below Deck Mediterranean Bobby Giancola’s personality to me. I had read that he had gone back home to pay back all the hours he traded with his co-firemen so he could be on the show.

  5. JRob

    It’s got to be Peter from Atlanta

    • Deb in SF

      That’s exactly who I thought of immediately. Yes, Peter.

    • Latina2014

      I agree, I think it’s Peter.
      Adopted town, he’s been away from Atl opening n closing bars.
      Service, he should know that wait staff depends on tips. Buuut Mbe that’s one of the reasons his bars have not been a success.
      IMO he is a Taker n not a Giver. Won’t succeed like that. Man he has really drank his own koolaid and thinks he’s Arrived! It’s not HouseBand of Atlanta!

    • Miguel

      I was thinking the same thing, JRob – though, I’m often stumped by these!

  6. Jen

    Could be Ben, Jax or Peter! Although it’s probably James from VPR, who thinks he is the star but clearly isn’t.

  7. Amy V

    Yeah Erica…I was also thinking Reza. He told GIG at the reunion to get off his show. Until I came across the service industry bit. I agree it’s Jax.

  8. Auntie Velvet

    I would say Ben, with the water allusions…and I guess Florida? They all seem to live in there between yachting gigs.

  9. MsBB

    Sounds like Peter Thomas to me.

  10. KittyGlitter

    I hope it’s not Shep from Southern Charm who likes to surf and owns a couple of establishments. Or could it be Whitney from LA?

  11. Adopted hometown…. Service industry…needs to strut to be recognized. Shouldn’t be Jax then bc I think he is quite recogd everywhere these days. It’s the adopted hometown part that keeps me wondering.

  12. Chiisaimiss


  13. Chiisaimiss could be Ben..The English are horrible tippers😡

  14. Ruthie

    I’m sad. This has to be Ben. The references to service industry, menu, adopted hometown, and waves. I still love him though but I have a thing for jerks. Lol!

  15. RealE

    Peter. And I guess I’m a high maintence orderer too cuz I always change things 😁

    • Ruthie

      As a former server, changing things is no big deal unless it’s insane. The key is as a customer just know it will be a bit of a longer wait and tip your server a little more. It takes extra work for the server Ronald sure the cooks or chefs get it right. 😉😁

  16. Siamukha

    This struck me as Peter of RHOA (who thinks he’s a housewife aka star himself) and his adopted city would be Charlotte where he owns bars and or restaurants. I just don’t get how the title fits him.

  17. Diane

    I say Bobby or the one who got tossed? Danny? Already a lost memory for me.

    I don’t see Ben behaving this way. He had a little breakdown on Below Deck Med when he was thought to be a toff and elitist. He left Britain to get away from people who behave like that as he didn’t like it…so I cannot see him doing this. Also you never see Ben putting himself upfront on the shows. He stays behind the scenes.

    • Ruthie

      But it says “with each season of the show….” Both Bobby and Danny are first time cast. It’s got to be Ben in my opinion.

  18. I do think Ben said Fla. was his adopted home town. Too bad

  19. Malbec31

    Whitney from Southern Charm. Wasn’t he supposed to be opening a restaurant?

  20. Karebear

    I think it’s Danny from below deck he would be the one creepin for attention and a free meal

  21. Lou

    Peter and his adopted hometown is Charlotte..,,

  22. Rex Yachty

    Sounds like Whitney from Southern Charm. An attention whore who’s mad that his 21 yr old fling has become the center storyline of the show every season! Sorry Whitney you’re just not that interesting and neither is your mom who’s stuck in her 1950 sexist mindset

  23. Rex Yachty

    & Whitney is not a Charleston native. It’s not hard to believe that he feels more important/famous than he really is due to the fact he’s a producer/created the show. & if the tumors are true he should be familiar w/ the service industry since it’s alleged that his “girlfriend” is just some paid for/rental arm candy & nothing more

  24. Beckster

    It couldn’t be someone we have only seen for one season, with the reference to each season it getting worse.. My guess would be Ben be of the water, menu, and service industry references. If so, that is really sad and proves that what we see on these shows isn’t always how the person truly is, and that reality TV stardom really gets to people’s heads and makes them think they are ‘stars’ and should be treated as such.

  25. Twilly

    Reeks of Whitney to me for some reason.

  26. Rach

    Definitely sounds like Peter Thomas

  27. TMC

    It has to be Peter from Atlanta!

  28. TD

    I can only think of Peter since I don’t watch VPR, Below Deck and Shahs so I wouldn’t know.

  29. Demeter

    Maybe it’s the captain.

    • Auntie Velvet

      LOL, it would kill me if was Captain Lee. But he’s not in the “service industry,” so I think we’re safe.

  30. Roberta

    Sounds like John to me. Doesn’t he show up without Dorinda?

  31. Michelle

    I going to hazard a guess of James from Vanderpump Rules

  32. JoJoFLL

    Peter from Vanderpump Rules. He has that wavy hair and is in the service industry.

  33. Meredith


  34. I really like that picture; very Magritte-esque.

    That is all.

  35. Debbie

    J.D. from Southern Charm? He originally from Coloardo was a major prick this season and owns a resturant.

  36. Perturbed

    Jax from Vanderpump Rules?

  37. Reeling people in = water = Ben

  38. Sierra

    JAx! He said I’m the number one guy- thinks he is the star of the show. And goes to bar- drunky Jax and it cannot be Ben because TT likes Ben- and this article is nothing but shade. I hate Jax.

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